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Catchy songs

we don’t want to catch

By Colleen Parker

Everyone has that one catchy song that they just said, “I like the ‘Happy’ song because the message is

cannot stand. Whether it’s “Happy,” “Friday,” or “Call ‘be happy.’ The ‘Friday’ song is entertaining.” Moss

Me Maybe,” there’s most likely a song that irks you and

never seems to go away.

Catchy songs are like clingy clothes; they’re

embarrassing and stick to you like glue.

Senior Josetta Ver said ‘Watch Me’ by Silento and

‘Planes’ by Jeremiah are some catchy songs she often

remembers. Sophomore Samantha Moss chose ‘Uma

Thurman’ by Fall Out Boy because “[it] is always on

the radio.” Cathy Van Valzah exclaimed, “‘Who Let the

Dogs Out!’ I absolutely hate that song! I don’t know why

commented, “Great the first time, after the fifth time

can’t stand them.”

Ver further explained, “The rhythm/the beat, [and]

the chorus because everyone sings the chorus,” makes

a song catchy. Moss thinks it’s “the song’s rhythm and

relatable lyrics” that make these tunes so attractive.

Whether you love these songs, or hate them with a

passion, they are certainly here to stay…..until the next

one is released!

BP student-selected catchy songs

people listen to it.”

People have differing opinions on catchy songs. Ver

How to clear your head of tacky tunes:

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on social media




The lights dimmed as

the remainder of the crowd

shuffled in, and performers

and audience members alike

chatted with excitement.

As the crowd quieted,

Collective Mind staff

members Yessica Bonilla and

Kaitlyn Commes stepped

out to start with the show.

After an inspiring speech by

the two co-editors and the

introduction from hosts Matt

Cooper and Lane Williams,

the show began! Cooper and

Williams definitely made sure

the crowd had something to

look forward to with amazing

comedy and silly small talk.

The first act, Amara

Bottleson, started the show

off on a good note… literally!

The crowd was pleased with

her performance of “Please

Don’t Say You Love Me” by

Gabrielle Aplin, and some

might say that she was too.

Student Expression Night

The next act, senior

Sean Thornton, was

definitely one to take

the crowd by surprise.

Thornton impressed the

crowd with a spoken word

song, the lyrics written in one

night by his own hand, and

the guitar chords written by

a friend. It started out quite

gravitating, and as he went

on, the emotion in his voice

grew, making it an uplifting

performance from beginning

to end.

“It took one night from 12

a.m. to 5 a.m. I had the lyrics

prewritten and my friend

pretty much just helped me

record it,” Thornton said.

Brooke Point’s drumline

also made an impact with

their school spirit, intense

drum beats, and energetic


Then, Bridget Saysay

took the stage, and as her

confidence grew, so did her

voice, which is why the crowd

gave her a huge round of

applause! After her bold and

emotional performance of

By Virginia Lusker - Photos by Lindsay Bakum

“Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson,

the crowd remained starstruck

throughout the night.

“I actually had my younger

sisters as my audience and

just practiced over and over

and over again,” Saysay


The next act, junior

Ian Logan, was definitely

a showstopper. With his

stunning vocal and guitar

cover of “Budapest” by George

Ezra, the audience was in awe

of his performance.

Brooke Point’s jazz band

really got the crowd going

again after intermission.

With amazing solos, terrific

harmony, and spirited outfits

to top it off.

Michael Hatfield then

put on an astounding

performance by singing

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the

Mirror.” Everyone was quite

taken aback by his powerful

voice, and one just couldn’t

help but be pulled into the

melodic vibe. “I just really

wanted to see others perform

and express themselves so




that I could audition and

express myself musically,”

Hatfield admitted.

Autumn Smock’s dance

to “Shooting Star” by Kari

Kimmel was definitely one to

be called breathtaking. The

two dance acts of the night

were quite different, but both

were very well done.

Last but not least was

Amber Marshall, and there

were tears among audience

members during this

beautiful performance. It

was a great way to end the

night - a night filled with

comedy, fun, emotion, beauty,

and performances from our

talented Black-Hawks.

1. Try to listen to other songs.

2. Listen to an even more catchy song.

3. Turn off the radio when the song plays.

4. Keep denying that you hate the song.

5. Find yourself listening to the song.

6. Find yourself singing along to the song.

7. Realize that the song won’t go away.

8. Admit you like the song.

9. Sing the song proudly.

10. Accept defeat & download song on iTunes.

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