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product review TITANIA

product review TITANIA PAWS STUDIO 3.2.2 SMEs daunted by data protection regulations and the looming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can rest easy with Titania's Paws Studio. Very keenly priced, it's capable of auditing all Windows, macOS and Linux systems, and offers an impressive range of highly detailed regulatory compliance and vulnerability reports. This latest version delivers a wealth of new features, as, along with report modules for SANS, NSA, NERC, STIG and OVAL, it supports the PCI-DSS 3.2 standard. It now audits to the CIS benchmark requirements and Cyber Essentials best practices guidelines, plus Titania includes a DCPP module in the Enterprise version. Paws Studio supports any host system running Windows 7 upwards, macOS Sierra or Linux. We loaded it on a Windows Server 2012 R2 host and had it licensed and ready for action in five minutes. The supported device list for auditing is equally impressive and includes Windows 10 workstations. Furthermore, businesses still running legacy Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003 systems (and there's plenty that are) can use Paws Studio to ensure they aren't a major security risk. On first contact, we could see the console had received a design refresh, making it even easier to use. Creating a new audit was simple, as we chose compliance modules from the list presented or created our own custom policies and applied them to selected systems. We could choose local and remote target systems, and options are provided for manually adding devices, running a network discovery, scanning an IP address range or importing multiple systems from a CSV file. And that's all there is to do, as Paws Studio now gets on with auditing the systems. It pushes a small footprint Data Collector to each system, which gathers the relevant information and sends it back to the host for report creation. For isolated systems, you can export the Data Collector tool, along with the required audit policies, run it locally and import the results back into the host. Paws Studio is quick, too, as a report combining Cyber Essentials, SANS and NERC audits on four networked Windows 10 workstations took less than a minute. The console displays the completed report in the centre and right-hand panes, making it even easier to see which checks were passed or which failed. For our workstations, we could see immediately from the SANS audit that, although they all had anti-virus protection, users were allowed to install software on them, and our password length and complexity policies were lax at best. Choose an entry with a red cross next to it in the right-hand pane and it'll be loaded in the central pane, along with details of why the check failed and sage advice on remedial action. Yet another new feature is the option to clear a failure from a report after you've remedied the issue, so you don't have to run the whole audit again. Reports can be saved off, as Paws Studio 'blueprints' are exported to the host's default web browser or saved in a range of formats, including HTML, XML and CSV - there's even an option to export just the report page being viewed. Along with accurate OS identification, the Data Collector delivers detailed hardware and software inventory. Choose a system in the report and you can view its BIOS version, CPU, memory, hard disks, network adapters, installed software, running programs and indeed a whole lot more. SMEs that want tight security and compliance with the latest data protection regulations will find Titania's Paws Studio an ideal partner. It's very easy to use, capable of delivering highly detailed audit reports for a raft of regulations and beats enterprise solutions hands down on price. CS Product: Paws Studio 3.2.2 Supplier: Titania Ltd Telephone: +44 (0)1905 888785 Web site: Price: 25 devices/3 years, £791 ex VAT 28 computing security March/April 2018 @CSMagAndAwards

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