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on a mission SOLDIER'S

on a mission SOLDIER'S FIGHTING QUEST DORSET-BASED CYBER-SECURITY COMPANY C3IA SOLUTIONS IS BACKING THE EFFORTS OF A BRITISH SOLDIER WHO WANTS TO BUILD A LIBRARY IN HIS IMPOVERISHED HOME TOWN IN GHANA Blandford, Dorset, says: "I am so grateful to C3IA Solutions for their support and donation - it will make a huge difference to so many people. As an IT professional within the Royal Corps of Signals, I felt that I had a lot more to offer the community where I was raised and educated. "In August 2014, I founded the Assuon Foundation Trust, a registered charity, in order to set up a library and an IT suite, and to introduce additional IT into the schools. With the corruption, money donated goes to the wrong people, but, with AFT, there is no third party involvement, hence all money donated will go towards the library project and will be spent properly. Sony at the library at Blandford Camp, which has resources he wants to provide for his home town in Ghana. The place that Sony was educated in Ghana where he wants to build a library. Nyame Ayeh Assuon, known as Sony, a Lance Corporal in the Royal Corps of Signals, is trying to raise £35,000 for a library and IT suite to serve 10 schools and 3,500 children in his native Ghana. Sony, 36, a married father of three, comes from Nsuaem in the Wasa West district in the western region of Ghana. He has set up an educational charity, the Assuon Foundation Trust (AFT), and organised numerous fundraising events in pursuit of his dream. He already has permission to build the library and the site is on the same spot where he was taught under a tree. Matt Horan, security director of C3IA Solutions, based in Poole, is a former Royal Signaller himself and, along with fellow director Keith Parsons, met Sony. After hearing about his missiont, the company donated £2,000, with the promise of ongoing support. Sony, who is based in "When I go there, I tell the children I was like them and now I'm a communications systems engineer in the British Army, currently reading a foundation degree programme with the University of Bournemouth. I tell them that they should follow their dreams, and this starts with education. But it would be so much easier, if they had a library and computers." Matt Horan comments: "Sony came to see us and showed us photos of his home town, and explained what he wanted to do. We decided at once to get on board and make a donation. We said that we'll also help out with storage units for the equipment during the building process. Sony has managed to set up a registered charity, learned how to build a website himself, got mayors and MPs to support him, and organises fundraising events. He is quite an inspiration and he is pleading with the general public for support. I hope others get behind him." For more information: 32 computing security March/April 2017 @CSMagAndAwards

cloud-based service THREAT DETECTION - AND RESPONSE MANY COMPANIES' ENDPOINTS REPRESENT UNDER-SECURED, UNNECESSARY RISKS. A NEW CLOUD-BASED SERVICE IS AIMING TO HELP REMEDY THAT Acloud-based service has been launched to give small and midsize businesses, distributed enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs) the ability to detect advanced threats on endpoints, correlate this with data collected from the network and respond at speed. Available with the WatchGuard Total Security Suite (TSS), Threat Detection and Response (TDR) pairs detection and response capabilities on the endpoint with a comprehensive set of Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security services. "As cyber criminals continue to leverage increasingly varied and sophisticated threat vectors, many companies' endpoints represent under-secured, unnecessary risks for customers, partners and internal users," says Andrew Young, SVP of product management at WatchGuard. "By correlating our enterprise-grade network security services with data collected from each individual device, WatchGuard can now provide actionable intelligence that enables comprehensive security from the network to the endpoint." TDR allows organisations to protect themselves from cyber threats by correlating events from their UTM appliances and their endpoints. This pinpoints malicious behaviour by using heuristics and threat intelligence, and scores them by risk and severity. TDR also enables MSSPs and valueadded resellers to increase the value of their product and service offerings, with the ability to provide detection, correlation and response services from the network to the endpoint; manage subscriber accounts with ease; and offer a single security solution through the Total Security Suite. "Threat Detection and Response tightly and easily integrates with network defences to add powerful correlation capabilities," said Dave Ashton, Sales Director at WatchGuard channel partner Sec-1 Limited. "The correlated detection and automated response features add a missing layer to the security stack which will enable our customers to immediately detect infections, such as Ransomware, APTs, Trojans and keyloggers, automatically preventing them from spreading within the network." The new service includes: ThreatSync - provides real-time threat detection and policy-based automated response through cloud-based correlation and scoring. Lightweight Host Sensors - extends organisations' visibility and management to the endpoint by continuously scanning and monitoring security events on devices, and sending them back to ThreatSync for analysis, scoring and remediation. UTM Network Security Services - adds another layer of intelligence into the correlation and scoring process. Host Ransomware Prevention (HRP) module - enables industry-leading Andrew Young, SVP of product management, WatchGuard: enabling comprehensive security from the network to the endpoint. prevention against ransomware attacks. HRP, along with the advanced malware protection provided through APT Blocker, blocks the execution of ransomware before file encryption takes place on the endpoint, mitigating the ransomware attack before any damage is done. Additional Security Layer to Existing Antivirus (AV) - means that users or MSSPs don't need to replace existing AV solutions already deployed. TDR works in tandem with existing AV, bringing an additional layer of threat detection and event correlation to catch anything AV might miss or be unable to remediate. @CSMagAndAwards March/April 2017 computing security 33