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Indian Restaurants allege discrimination

Undue Work Visa delays cause distaste

Venkat Raman

Owners of Indian restaurants

in New Zealand are

fast running out of spice,

with many of them facing

a bleak future with the allegation

that Immigration New Zealand

(INZ) is targeting them.

Many of them have complained

of undue delays in processing

applications for work visas- either

filed by them on behalf of their

employees or by migrants directly

with job offers.

“Since the ‘Masala Episode’

erupted two years ago, all Indian

restaurants are being painted with

the same black brush. We operate

an honest, healthy business, paying

our employees in accordance with

the laws in force. If they have the

right to inspect our premises, check

our records and be satisfied with

our compliance. It is not fair to

keep us hanging,” the owner of a

popular restaurant brand, told us

requesting anonymity.

He was not alone with his cagrin

over INZ.

There is a growing feeling of

insecurity and anxiety among

Indian restaurant owners in New

Zealand – at least in Auckland

which accounts for not less than

300 Indian restaurants of varying

sophistication, levels of service and

of course quality.

The average diner is spoilt for

choice and Indian cuisine has its



*Conditions Apply


632 Dominion Road


19/185 Great South Road


32, Queen Street


302, Great South Road


195, NewWindsor Road


233-237 Lambton Quay

widespread draw.

At the other end of the scale are

restaurant owners who constantly

flout the law, force their workers

(mostly on work visas) to work

long hours, pay them far less than

the minimum wage and expect

them to do jobs for which they

have been contracted.

Posers to INZ

We wrote to INZ the following: 1.

INZ is targeting Indian businesses

in general and Indian Restaurants

in particular, suspecting everyone

as ‘Masala.’ Decisions on Visa

applications are either inordinately

delayed or declined 2. Some

restaurants have not had the

benefit of any response- approval

or denial – for their work visa

applications for more than nine

months 3. According to three

restaurants (names supplied), they

have stood down staff since their

work visas have expired but applications

for work visas have not

been processed for the past nine

or so months. 4. These restaurant

owners have said that anyone from

INZ, IRD or Labour Inspectorate

can visit their restaurants and

satisfy themselves of legality of

their operations, compliance with

all laws in force.

Following was response from

INZ Area Manager Darren Calder:

INZ rejects any assertion that it

discriminates against businesses

in India.

INZ is committed to delivering

Kindness like the Ganges flowed

Tribute to a departed friend

on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at He migrated to New Zealand

Venkat Raman

the Pukekohe Indian Association more than 55 years ago.

Centre followed by a private

He was perhaps the first and


only dairy, fruit and vegetable shop

How do you write about

He left this world rather early- he owner in Albany (North Shore City)

the death of a dear

was just 79, short of three months in 1962. About eight years later,

friend? Do you know

to becoming an octogenarian – just he moved to Pukekohe to become

how fast it takes a human

as he was early to come into this a market gardener, a profession

to feel helpless at the hands

of fate? How you seen a grown up

man cry?

Ganges Singh was a different

kind of person – never at odds

with the good, never anchored

ill-will and ever ready to help.

He passed into a better world

on Sunday, August 21, 2016 after a

brief illness.


Early arrival

Born at sea aboard ‘SS Ganges’

carrying his parents (the late

Bakshi and Udam Kaur Singh)

migrating from Punjab in India

to Fiji, he needed special care as a

baby who arrived a little too soon.

His passion for hard work took his

career through a variety of jobs

that he pursued for the next three

decades. He launched his working

life with the late Juwula Singh, who

was to become his father-in-law a

while later.

Farewell, Ganges, my friend, you

made not just your wife Pritam

Kaur, son Rashpal, daughters

Tasbir and Parjeet and four

grandchildren poor, but many of us

More than 2000 people attended Ganges Singh

beginning with the Public Works as well.

a ‘Celebration of Service’ held

(Photo Courtesy: Dave Pope Photography) Department in Fiji.

I would forever cherish the long

the fastest possible service for

visa applicants. Over the past 12

months, INZ has processed over

80% of temporary visa applications

within 24 days on receipt of an

application. However, as with all

applications, processing times will

always depend on the complexity

of an application or where more

information is needed.

Without specific details we

are unable to comment on the

allegation that an application has

taken over nine months to process.

We would encourage anyone with

concerns on their application to

talk directly to INZ.

Additional reading: Our Leader,

‘Delays spoil the taste at Indian

Restaurants’ under Viewlink.

Qualityadviceisassured through

ateam of Licensed Immigration Adviser /Ex-Immigration Officer.

We provide tailor-made solutions to individual

migrant and their families seeking to study,work,

invest,dobusiness and livein

NewZealand permanently

meetings and telephone conversations

that we entertained with each

other for almost 17 years.

Several Firsts

New Zealand will not forget that

you had a series of firsts to your

credit. You were the first Punjabi

to be awarded a Queen’s Service

Medal (QSM), the first Trade Union

Leader to represent the Indian

community, the first person of Indian

origin to be elected President

of the Association of the Justices of

Peace Inc and many others.

Your list of accolades, citations

and awards is too long to be

listed here. Suffice to say that

you deserved more.

09 272 4424 021 144 6641

Mone Transfers • Money Exchange •Wire Transfers

Dial: 0508 41 11 11

Fast. Reliable. Friendly Service.

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Mumbai shipping manager refutes sailor’s reports

Another three part-series of Iraqi occupation of Kuwait | Related Story under Viewlink

Following the release of ‘Airlift,’ a Hindi film which was based on the Gulf War of 1991 following the

occupation of Kuwait by Iraq in August 1990, we had run a series of three articles from Captain Zain

Juvale, who was the Captain of ‘MV Safeer,’ a Cargo ship that was at that time in the Kuwaiti waters.

The series appeared in our February 15, March 1 and March 15, 2016 issues. Some of his comments were

challenged (Indian Newslink, April 1, 2016) by Suresh Mal Mathur who was Second Secretary at the Kuwaiti

Embassy in Safat, Kuwait during the occupation.

Now, Hanif Mohammed Ibrahim Modak, son of the late Captain Ibrahim Hussain Modak, Joint Owner

of ‘MV Safeer’ has further refuted some of the claims of Captain Juvale. His comments, which he says

‘clarifies issues’ appear on this page, under Viewlink and in our next one or two editions.

Some basic credentials

Hanif Mohammed

Ibrahim Modak


have been actively involved

in ship management services

since 1981.

I have managed ships of The

National Iranian Tanker Company

(an undertaking of the Iranian

government), The Shipping Corporation

of India (an undertaking of

the Indian government) and ships

of several other owners.

Regarding the evacuation of

Indian nationals on ‘M V Safeer’

from Kuwait, I was fully involved

with the mission assisting Captain

V R Kekobad (Joint Owner). He

was negotiating with the Ministries

of Shipping and External

Affairs of the Indian government

and Iraqi authorities from India.

Late Captain Ibrahim H Modak

was negotiating with various

authorities from the owner’s office

in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

I am in possession of all the

original documents such as ship’s

log book, original radio messages

sent by the Master (Captain Zain

Juvale) and correspondence with

government authorities.

Suresh Mal Mathur, Second

Secretary at the Indian Embassy

in Kuwait had boarded M V Safeer

on August 11, 1990 and August 21,


These are the basic facts. I

would now like to answer and

clarify some of the statements and

comments made by Captain Juvale

in Indian Newslink.

Sorry, no guns

The derogatory statements

made by Captain Juvale regarding

the Indian government need to

be corrected and put out in the

public domain.

He had said, “I was the Captain

of ‘Safeer,’ a cargo ship in the

Kuwaiti waters. I was captured

along with my crew at gunpoint

and held captives for 35 days in


However, only August 2, 1990

(the day Iraq invaded Kuwait), the

officers and crew were mustered

outside the ship on the jetty and

held at gunpoint. On the same day,

the crew returned to ‘Safeer,’ and

no guns were pointed at them until

they sailed away on September

3, 1990. In fact, the Iraqi soldiers

were friendly to them.

Not the first evacuation

Captain Juvale had said,

“Through sheer determination,

persuasion, and tactful handling

of the Iraqi forces, I managed

not only to get my crew and ship

released but also rescued 725

Indians on board my small cargo

ship, through mined waters. This

was the first batch of Indians to

be successfully rescued out of


This is incorrect. The first

batch of Indians left Kuwait with

Inder Kumar Gujral, External

Affairs Minister, who had visited

Kuwait and Iraq, met President

Saddam Hussain and obtained his

permission for Indians living in

Kuwait and Iraq to leave by road,

sea or air under arrangement with

the Indian government for for safe

evacuation of its citizens.

Editor’s Note: Captain Zain Juvale’s

three-part article that appeared

in our February 15, March 1

and March 15, 2016 issues was

triggered by ‘Airlift,’ an Akshay

Kumar film in Hindi, which

over-dramatised and over-stated

the hero in the Kuwaiti Theatre.

Those of us who lived in Kuwait

and/or covered the occupation

of the Arab Gulf State by Iraq

from August 2, 1990 and the ‘Gulf

Storm’, the First Gulf War that

led to the liberation of Kuwait on

February 28, 1991 (after five days

of war), would know that the film

was far from depicting what really

happened during those days.

While the evacuation of Indians

from Kuwait through Amman, Jordan

and not through Saudi Arabia

(which would have been easier

and faster) was undoubtedly the

single largest human exercise of

the modern era, it was nothing

like what the film portrayed. I was

among those who was in Kuwait

in the days following its liberation

and what I saw and reported was

more heart-rending and tragic

than anyone could have imagined.

Sanjeev Kohli, now High Commissioner

of India in Wellington,

was a Second Secretary at the

Indian Embassy in Kuwait, which

was closed by Inder Kumar Gujral,

External Affairs Minister following

his meeting with Saddam Hussein

in late August 1990. Mr Kohli was

sent to Amman, Jordan, to oversee

evacuation of Indians who arrived

from Kuwait. The evacuation was

also overseen by Charles Manuel,

who was at that time Manager of

Air India in Bahrain, which looked

after Jordan, an offline station.

Please read the continuation of

the report by Hanif Mohammed

Ibrahim Modak under Viewlink

and in our next one or two


If you have been involved in

the Kuwaiti Theatre during the

Iraqi occupation, please write


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Abandoned child soars to heights of care and share

An inspiring story of love and care from Mother Teresa

Venkat Raman

New Zealanders will have a unique

opportunity of listening to one of

the most interesting personalities

who has won the hearts of people

all over the world despite a difficult and

challenging childhood.

Gautam Lewis, Chief Executive of ‘Freedom

in Air,’ a not-for-profit organisation that

helps physically challenged people become

qualified pilots in the United Kingdom, will

be the Guest Speaker at the Seventh Annual

Mother Teresa Interfaith Meeting and the

Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards to be held in November.

While the Interfaith Meeting will be held

at St Paul’s College, 183 Richmond Road,

Ponsonby, Auckland at 230 pm on Sunday,

November 27, 2016, the Business Awards

Ceremony will begin at 5 pm on Monday,

November 28, 2016 at Sky City Convention


Interfaith Committee

Mother Teresa Interfaith Committee

Chairman Wenceslaus Anthony said that

the Interfaith Meeting this year acquires a

special status since Mother Teresa would be

canonised by Pope Francis on September 4,


“Mother Teresa stood for peace, love and

harmony and worked hard throughout her

life for the poor and the needy. Those with

special needs received her special attention

and it is appropriate that Mr Lewis is with us

this year,” he said.

Born in Kolkata in 1977, Mr Lewis

contracted polio when he was three years

old and was abandoned. He was raised at

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in

Kolkata for two years and thereafter at the

Rehabilitation Centre outside the City for

another two years. It was here that his life


Dr Patricia Lewis, a nuclear physicist

adopted him and they moved permanently

to England, where he attended the prestigious

Bedales School.

After obtaining a business degree, Mr Lewis

entered the music industry and worked for

renowned management agencies including

Ricochet Artist Management, Creation

Management and Poptones Records.

While working with Alan McGee (the

driving force behind Oasis) at Creation

Management, he co-managed groups such as

‘The Beta Band’ and the Libertines.

In 2007, Mr Lewis fulfilled his childhood

dream and became a qualified pilot, passing

all his ground and air examinations in just

six months.

Still dependent on crutches from his childhood

battle with polio, he founded ‘Freedom

in the Air,’ a flying school for people with a

range of disabilities.

The not-for-profit organisation is committed

to empowering disabled people through

the freedom that flight offers, benefitting at

emotional, physical and professional levels.

Mother’s Memory

“It is impossible for me to forget Mother

Teresa, soon to be Saint Teresa of Kolkata.

Mother gave me a chance to escape poverty

and to a different destiny in London, England,”

Mr Lewis said.

Mother Teresa would have been pleased

to see the rise in stature of an abandoned

boy who is today a source of inspiration to

hundreds of people.

Throughout her life, Mother believed in

the human effort to lift the downtrodden.

Gautam Lewis

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Bishop Patrick Dunn DD

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland and Members of the Mother Teresa

Interfaith Committee invite you to attend an Interfaith Meeting

On SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 2016 at 2.30 pm

At St Paul’s College, 183 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

Guest Speaker

Gautam Lewis

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Freedom in the Air,

Community Interest Company Ltd - London

Elstree Aerodrome | Cranfield Airport

Henstridge Airfield | Copenhagen

It’s impossible for me to forget Mother Teresa – soon to be Saint Teresa of

Kolkata. At three years old I was abandoned after contracting polio and spent

two years at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Mother gave me a

chance to escape poverty and to a different destiny in London, England”

Love and Faith Conquer Hardships

For further details, contact Arthy at

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LOCAL ELECTIONS-auckland mayoralty

Auckland needs more police on the beat

Phil Goff

For more than three years, I have

been battling to get government

recognition of the critical shortage

of Police in Auckland.

I have raised it in questions to the

Minister, in the Annual Financial

Review and Budget estimates debates,

and in the media.

Year after year, the response has

been denial that there is any problem.

Police Minister Judith Collins has

repeatedly said that the Police had

adequate resources. Crime, she said, is

going down.

Unfortunately for the Minister, the

weight of evidence against her position

has been growing and will become


Indian retailers worry

Indian retailers have for a long time

been complaining that crime and

violence have been increasing and

statistics back them up. Robberies,

burglaries and assaults have been

rising across Auckland. There have

been 13% more burglaries per year,

12% more robberies and 6.5% more

assaults this year than last.

The Police response to growing crime

has fallen short of what we need.

People reporting crime and even

giving evidence to Police that identifies

offenders have too often been told that

Police are too busy to help.

Crime resolution figures have

steadily been getting worse over the

last four years with more than 92%

of burglaries across Auckland going


Falling ratio

In a press statement on the eve of

the 2008 General election, John Key

promised, and I quote directly, ‘We

will boost overall New Zealand Police

numbers so there is one officer for

every 500 people, and we will keep this

ratio as the population grows’ (October

20, 2008).”

In fact, the reverse has happened.

The ratio of police officers to

population was 1:486. Today it is 1:504.

Research findings

According to research done for me

by the independent Parliamentary

Library, we need 630 additional police

officers in Auckland to achieve the ratio

promised by the Prime Minister.

Police Association President Inspector

Greg O’Connor admits that there is a

serious shortage of frontline staff. He

attributes rising crime to having too

few Police to deter criminals from


This situation simply isn’t good

enough. People have the right to feel

safe in their homes and businesses and

out in the community.

As I move around Auckland meeting

thousands of people, I get constant

feedback from the public that they

want a more effective and better

resourced response to crime.

I agree with that absolutely.

Auckland in particular has once again

suffered because rapid population

growth has not been matched by the

resources to cope with it.

Policing is a central, not a local

government, responsibility.

However, as Mayor, I will be a strong

advocate for our City getting increased

Police resources which match our

share of the Country’s population and

its growth.

Given my track record of

campaigning for this in Parliament,

central government (led by either

Party) will be on notice for what they

can expect to hear from the incoming

Mayor and Council.

All we want is a fair go.

Phil Goff is a candidate for Auckland



Veto power will hold the

Council to account

Mark Thomas

Only 15% of Aucklanders

are satisfied

with the Auckland

Council and just 17%

trust it to make good decisions.

Only 8% of people say they are

advocates for Council!

If this was the real world, the

Auckland Council would have

gone out of business.

This problem has been

getting worse since the Council

was established in 2010 and

urgent steps are needed to

change it. We are supposed to

be Local Government, but our

actions are actually moving

us further away from this


Declining power

To address this, I have

announced that I will establish

new citizen veto powers by

introducing binding referenda,

move to greater on-line decision-making

and dramatically

boost Local Board powers.

I will introduce a new

veto power, where 15,000

Aucklanders can require

the Council to run a poll to

overturn a decision made.

The result will be binding on


Local boards, which I will

rename local councils to better

describe their purpose, will

have ability by working together

to block any governing

body decision they disagree

with and propose an alternate


This will happen automatically

unless the Councillors

vote by 75% to override.

I will also make it easier for

Aucklanders to require action

from councils by initiating

polls on key issues.

Reducing costs

About 90% of the 27,000

people who submitted on

the current ten-year budget

wanted governance and

administration costs reduced.

Nothing changed and we are

fooling ourselves if we think

we can continue to ask people

what they want and then not

deliver it.

I have based some of these

ideas from Switzerland’s

‘direct democracy’ model of

local government and also

the online engagement taking

place in some American cities.

I toured Switzerland

earlier in my career and saw

firsthand the benefits a welldesigned,

direct democracy

system could have building

much greater engagement.

The purpose here is not to

stop good decision-making by

have citizen’s regularly reject

council decisions. The effect of

my policy will be to improve

the quality of the Council’s

decisions and better connect it

to the people it is supposed to


Setting priorities

My new council budget

setting approach will automatically

include the top five local

board priorities in the ten-year


I will also directly poll Aucklanders

on key issues each

year and require this to be

included in decision-making.

I will transfer all local

decision making power to local

councils, including all facilities,

parks and libraries. They will

sit together with the Councillors

as joint decision-makers

on a new council Business

Committee which will decide

contracts and procurement.

The current disillusion

with the Council has spread

to the mayoral election, with

only name recognition driving


The Auckland Council has

enormous potential, but is on

life support at the moment.

Radical surgery is essential

and that is what my plans will


Mark Thomas is a candidate

for the Auckland


HOMELINK-auckland mayoralty





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Labour delegates promise accountability

Dr Ashraf Choudhary

Democracy is government

by the people for

the people, and is a precious

right, hard won

down through history. But democracy

has a price. It is for

all of us to take part in the process

of voting for the right


Auckland government is

headed by a Mayor, who is elected

by everyone.

This is the only position for

which all Aucklanders vote.

There are 20 Councillors elected

with the Mayor to govern the

whole region.

They are chosen on a ward

basis rather like electorate MPs.

Local Boards

The second level or tier of

government is local; where

Local Boards are the ruling bodies.

Their jurisdiction is over

roads, drainage, parks, libraries

and so on.

They are also responsible

for local planning and


At the local level people are

elected to the local boards to

look after their areas. While

their powers to affect matters

are limited, they have significant

influence on what the

council does in their patch.

Labour Team’s four candidates

are standing for election

to the Otara-Papatoetoe Local

Board (Papatoetoe Ward) in the

coming local body elections.

Our candidates are Ivoni

Fuimaono, a Christian Pastor,

and very active in the Pasifika

community in many ways; Ross

Robertson, a current Otara-

Papatoetoe Local Board Deputy

Chair, and retired Member of

Parliament for the Manukau

East electorate which includes

Papatoetoe; Dawn Trenberth,

a childcare teacher who has

a lifetime involvement in the

Papatoetoe community; and myself

(Dr Ashraf Choudhary) with

a distinguished academic career

with many years as a Professor

at Massey University and a former

Member of Parliament for

9 years.

All of us are family people.

Community service

Our team emphasises the importance

of community in local

government. For some their primary

focus is on the costs especially

through rates. While this

is a legitimate concern one of

the effects of such thinking in

the past for Auckland has been

that the community has suffered,

including in respect of

local services such as the traditional

functions of roads, drainage

and transport.

While council rates cannot be

allowed to increase at an unacceptable

level, it is proper to invest

in the future of Auckland;

where individuals, families or

central government cannot supply

needs for our communities

by themselves, it often falls to

local government to do so.

Among these are facilities

such as libraries, social gathering

centres, sports including

playing fields and Citizens

Advice Bureaux.

Furthermore, the local board

can support other initiatives in

different ways. These are paid

for mainly by rates levied by the

council on those who own properties

in the area.

Our Labour Team stands for

Dr. Ashraf Choudhary Ivoni Fuimaono Ross Robertson Dawn Trenberth

accountability of actions of local

board members and enhancement

of transparency in


We will not tolerate conflict of

interest when making decisions

for welfare of our community.

We will promote unity in diversity,

justice and equity in our


Dr Ashraf Choudhary is a

Candidate for Otara-Papatoetoe

Local Board (Papatoetoe

Ward) and a Candidate for

Counties Manukau District

Health Board.


Diversity ticks in Howick Board election



The Seven Contestants (from left) Alan Papprill, Tofik Mamedov, Baljit Kaur, Gyanandra Kumar, Mark Johnson,

Allan Hawea and Tania Mahoney.

The Labour Party wants to reflect the

evolving and diverse community in

Howick (East Auckland) and hence is

contesting in the Howick Local Board

election with seven candidates.

Alan Papprill, who has lived in Howick for

more than 17 years, said that the current

Board needs a shake up to reflect the cultural


“It needs new faces and fresh ideas,” he said.

Mr Papprill, who has taught English at Howick

College for six years, has a personal interest

in being a strong voice for the arts, culture and

heritage groups in the Howick Ward to create a

more vibrant community.

“I was talking to a local businessman recently

who, just like me, wished Howick had more of

a heart. He suggested filling Cook Street with

stalls and entertainers at the Saturday Market

so that Howick Village becomes the place to

meet every weekend. It is fantastic ideas like

these that not only create a vibrant community,

but also deserve to be heard by a responsive

and community focused Local Board,” he said.

Tofik Mamedov, who has extensive community

service and governance experience, is

contesting in the Howick Ward and Auckland


“I am passionate about Auckland and committed

to working across political boundaries

to achieve the best for Howick and its people,”

he said.

Publisher Mark Johnson, who has a young

family, is contesting in the Botany Ward as a

resident for the past decade. The former high

school teacher from Botany Secondary College

South Auckland is a huge and diverse

place undeserving of its negative


But unfortunately it has become a

metaphor for poverty and deprivation

About 10% of Pacific peoples aged over 15

years are diagnosed with diabetes, approximately

three times diagnosis rate of the total

New Zealand population.

Our citizens of Indian descent are no


Obesity figures bloat

Obesity in New Zealand has also become

an important national health concern in

recent years. According to the World Health

Organization (WHO), New Zealand has the second-highest

prevalence of overweight adults.

New Zealand Health Survey of 2014/15 also

found that almost one in three adults (aged 15

years and over) were obese.

The reasons for the relatively poor health of

Pacific peoples in New Zealand are numerous

and complex. Poor housing conditions and

poverty are major factors associated with many

health issues.

Keeping pace

These are some of the challenges facing the

governing board of the Counties Manukau

District Health Board in their decision-making

to make our region a healthier place to live.

Population in our region is growing fast and

becoming diverse, and our health services must

keep pace with these demographic changes.

is committed to the development of inclusive

communities for the younger generations.

“I cannot think of one public space in this

area dedicated to young residents and their

families. We need a community centre,” he


Baljit Kaur, a resident of Ormiston, is contesting

for the first time on Labour ticket.

The Medical Underwriter for Southern

Cross Health Society is focusing on bringing

more cultural diversity to the board and make

positive links within community groups.

“As a Chairperson for New Zealand Sikh

Women Association Otahuhu, we support

families experiencing the dynamics of domestic

violence to lead productive and harmonious

lives,” she said.

Passionate about public safety, lobbying for

better transport systems, stronger community

links and heritage preservation is former

Policeman Gyanandra Kumar, contesting the

Botany Ward and Auckland Council.

Allan Hawea, is standing in the Pakuranga


“I want to bring to the local board greater

representation of the growing multi-cultural

and tangata whenua face of the Ward,” he said.

The ordained Anglican minister serving

South Auckland, has held positions on numerous

health and social services organisations at

the governance level.

Tania Mahoney wants to see more community

connectivity and more emphasis on cultural

diversity in Pakuranga.

“I believe Pakuranga needs to regain

community spirit.”

Manukau Health Board needs quick remedy

Labour candidates for the Counties Manukau District Health Board election (from left) Barry Kirker, Mohanan

Morghanan, Apulu Reece Autagavaia, Ala Bakulich, Alistaire Hall, Dr Ashraf Choudhary, and Dr Neru Leavasa

Labour Party has put up a team of competent

candidates to stand for the forthcoming

elections of the governing board of the Counties

Manukau District Health Board.

We are delighted to have medical and legal

experts, policy makers and community representatives

in our highly diverse team.

We aim to provide high calibre leadership for

decision-making in the CMDHB governance.

The Mission

We stand for (1) Improved community

services for elderly care and medical chronic

conditions (2) Improved community programs

to combat obesity and reduce the risk of

obesity related illnesses (3) Better integration

of services between primary and secondary

care to treat Type II diabetes (4) Faster access

to cancer treatment (5) Better integration with

social services to provide health care that

addresses the social determinants of health and

(6) Retention of all CMDHB land assets for the

use of public health services.

Unlike the Local Council election where

voting is by the First Past the Post system where

you give a tick for the candidates, voting for the

CMDHB is by Single Transferable Vote (STV)


Please Rank Labour candidates, of your

choice, by giving each person a different number

between 1-7. Number 1 is the highest rank.

Dr Ashraf Choudhary is a candidate in the

Counties Manukau District Health Board




Land That Job Now!




Free job placement service for all students

Flexible online learning in all Industry Programmes:





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Hindi week to highlight language value

Staff Reporter

The Hindi Language Week will

be celebrated in Auckland

next weekend.

About 15 schools in the

Auckland region are expected to

participate in the resource based

programme organised by the Hindi

Language and Culture Trust of New

Zealand and Teach Hindi New


The Hindi Language Week will

be held from September 12 to September

16, 2016 in the participating

schools throughout New Zealand.

It will also recognise September 14,

2016 as ‘World Hindi Day.’


MP forManukau East

Growing importance

The Programme will be held at

Primary, Intermediate and High

Schools, covering a wide range of

subjects that will appeal to the young


Schools Programme Director

Satya Dutt said that the weeklong

‘National Hindi Language

Celebrations’ has been growing from

strength to strength since it was held

in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Papatoetoe High School (located

at Nicholson Avenue, Papatoetoe)

will conduct the Programme from

September 12 to September 16, 2016.

Varied activities

“The Programme will include

Electorate Office

7FultonCres, Otara

09 274 9231 or 278 9972



YouthLine Building,

145 St

George Street,Papatoetoe


mornings 9.30am to 12pm


Otahuhu Town Hall,

10-12 high street,Otahuhu

Monday morning 9am to 12pm

Authorised by JennySalesa

Parliament Buildings,Wellington

Participants in the Hindi Week 2015

speeches, introduction to Hindi,

simple translation, dance drama,

yoga, posters, Hindi film music and

a number of other activities. The resources

can be used each day for five


designers ltd

architectural designer.

64 edgewater drive, pakuranga, auckland 2010.

Contact: 09 5772171 /021 687162



our strengths

member of ADNZ -recognised professional body

well equipped &established with good reputation

overall personal service

technical competency &professional experience.

to 10 minutes or as it suits the school.

The resources can blend well with

other languages. Maori, Samoan and

Tongan languages are used wherever

possible,” Mr Dutt said. The Hindi

Learn English with us!

Join our English for Migrants programme

Did you pre-pay Immigration

NZ for English lessons?

· Learn English at home

· Our professionally-qualified

teachers teach in your house

· Learn at your own pace,

in your own time

· Learn the English you

need for life here

Language Week will commence

with Meet & Greet and Relationship

on September 12, followed by Days

of the week, Numbers and Colours

(September 13), Classroom objects

(September 14), Food and Time

(September 15) and Parts of the Body

(September 16).

Other activities would include a

speech competition between 930 am

and 230 pm on September 14 and

a cultural programme between 630

pm and 10 pm on September 16.

Further information can be

obtained from Satya Dutt on 021-


Email: praveena_prasad1@yahoo.

Hindi is 4th Language of New Zealand

and 3rd language of Auckland


to contact your local centre

Papatoetoe needs strong leadership

Narinder Singla

The ensuing local government


are important to all

of us in New Zealand,

for once in three years, we

get an opportunity to select

people who we believe can

work in our best interests.

Local elections acquire

importance not just for the

office of the Mayor and

Councillors but also that of

Local Boards and District

Health Boards. These

local bodies are even more

important because they

immediately impact on our

lives. They are concerned

with our immediate areas,

streets, educational institutions

and neighbourhoods.

It is therefore important

that all of us who are eligible

to vote, must exercise our

franchise so that we live in

safer, healthier and progressive


Similarly, District Health

Boards, elections to which

are a part of the local

government polling, are

also important, because

they ensure that all of us

receive improved health

care through better primary,

secondary and specialist


Celebrating diversity

As an Independent Candidate

for the Papatoetoe

Local Board and Counties

Manukau Health Board, I

am keen that our region

receives the facilities that it


I am also keen that ethnic

communities receive the

attention and services that

they deserve; and that their

lot is improved.

As a resident of Papatoetoe

for the past 14 years,

I have experienced its

challenges and problems, as

much as I have witnessed it


I am also aware of the

growing needs of the Indian

community, which accounts

for almost a third of the local


At public gatherings, social

events and other places, I

hear our people saying that

they often feel neglected.

They believe that despite

a constant rise in rates and

cost of living, they have not

seen much improvement in

amenities and facilities.

High growth potential

Papatoetoe is home to

a large number of Indian

businesses, professionals

and others who contribute

significantly to the local


As a Justice of the Peace

and Marriage Celebrant, I

am keen to promote sound

family values; as Chairman

of the Hunters Corner

Town Centre Society Inc, I

work with Council officials,

businesses, educational

institutions and community

groups to create a more

congenial commercial

and social environment.

We need to act together to

reduce social ills. We must

strengthen the bylaws to

regulate street prostitution,

violence and make our

residential areas safer.

Strong commitment

If elected to the Local

Board, I will work to (a)

make our streets, public

places and homes safer (b)

improve healthcare, create

better civil and community

facilities and amenities (c)

tighten Council bylaws to

control street prostitution,

graffiti and other social challenges

(d) facilitate growth

of businesses (e) improve

our roads, drainage system,

parks, libraries, sports

centres and swimming pools

I will work for better

sports and recreational


I will exercise all efforts to

reopen the Citizens Advice

Bureau in Papatoetoe, so

that people can benefit from

its various services.

I will certainly work for

enhancement of transparency

in governance and for

welfare of our community. I

will promote unity in diversity,

strengthen and protect

our vibrant communities.

Narinder Singla is a candidate

in the ensuing Papatoetoe

Local Board and

Counties Manukau District

Health Board elections.


Auckland teachers awarded study scholarship

Zayed College for Girls Board of Trustees Chairperson Shahela Qureshi, Thara Ebrahim,

Fawziyyah, Principal Regina Rasheed, Elena Bernardo and Head Girl Hannah Alkotub

Venkat Raman

Four teachers at Zayed College

for Girls in Auckland

have been granted four

Auckland Airport 50th

Anniversary Scholarships for

further tertiary studies.

Among the recipients were

Principal Regina Rasheed

($10,000 to pursue Masters

of Educational Leadership),

Head of Physical Education

Elena Bernardo ($3000 for

a Postgraduate Certificate

in Digital and Collaborative

Learning), Head of English Tara

Ebrahim ($10,000 towards her

PhD in Education and Science),

Teacher Fawziyyah Rafiq ($7427

for Postgraduate Diploma in


The Scholarships were

awarded as a part of the 50th

Anniversary Celebrations of

Auckland Airport, with which

the School has a close working


Improved teaching

Zayed College for Girls

Teacher and Career Advisor

Fawziyyah Rafiq said that the

Scholarships will allow teachers

to explore and implement

pedagogical practices relevant to

students in the 21st century.

“This will enhance student

achievement and provide

greater opportunities and

increased pathways into tertiary

studies for our young women.

Zayed College for Girls is excited

to work closely with Auckland

Airport over the next two

years,” she said.

She said that Auckland Airport

will help the students of the

College in 2016-2017 in employment

and higher education

and training and support its

education programmes.

Graduate Programme

“We have in place a Graduate

Scholarship Programme under

which our Year 13 students will

be eligible to apply for one of

the eight scholarships offered

by Auckland Airport in 2016.

Graduate scholars gain paid

summer employment at the

Airport working as Passenger

Experience Assistants. The

Airport also gives them a

laptop and $2000 towards their

tertiary fees,” Ms Rafiq said.

The agreement with Auckland

Airport will also allow

Year 13 students of Zayed College

to apply for paid Summer

Internships with retailers at the

Airport, subject to confirmation

from the retailers.

Summer Interns

“Auckland Airport is also

working with the Airport Jobs

and Skills Hub and employers

to confirm opportunities to

expand work placements on

the airport development,” Ms

Rafiq said.

Ms Rasheed said, “We

truly appreciate the Airport’s

support for our school. We

want our students to integrate

and contribute positively to

New Zealand and the local

community, and these Scholarships

will help our teachers

support students to achieve our


Read related report under




Student group highlights race

relations with a differenc

Staff Reporter

You can access the video on


group of students called,

‘the Auckland Law

Revue’ has produced a

video to highlight and

raise discussion around race

relations in New Zealand.

John Kingi, a law student at the

University of Auckland said that

the video is a parody of ‘Sorry

Video’ of Justin Bieber based on

the Treaty of Waitangi.

“New Zealand is the poster

child of strong race relations, as

we proudly trumpet our record

of exemplary human rights on

the world stage. And yet, over

the 170 years since the Treaty of

Waitangi was signed, our government

is yet to issue an apology

to Maori for the mishandling of

the Treaty of Waitangi, not to

mention the endemic marginalisation,

dislocation and alienation

that has flowed since,” Kingi said.

Irony not lost

He said that the irony was not

lost on the Auckland Law Revue,

which decided to take a look

at what a formal apology from

our government might look like

(assuming that our members of

government were half as talented

as our wonderful cast).

“In the two days since the

release of this video we have

had over 100,000 views across

various platforms, thousands of

shares and thousands of people

discussing this video and the

issues raised,” he said.

Mr Kingi said that the Auckland

Law Revue is a non-political

group and is just keen on raising

awareness among the current

generation to ensure that the

‘same mistakes of the past are


“The video brings to light the

contentious history between

Māori and Pākehā that has

existed for more than 170 years.

It uses wit and humour to call

out a tokenistic approach by

government in its efforts as a

Treaty partner,” he said.




We could do better as a Cooperative Economy

Venkat Raman

The success of corporate

giants such as Fonterra

and Foodstuffs New

Zealand has triggered the

expansion of the concept to other

sectors of the economy and

the move of two major universities

could see a paradigm shift in

the corporate world.

While Fonterra has led to the

success of companies like ‘Amul’

(Anand Milk Union Limited) in

India, there are larger cooperatives

in America and Europe

(Examples: Credit Agricole

Group of France with revenues

of US$ 105 billion and Zen-Noh

of Japan with annual earnings of

US$ 60 billion) that could encourage

the establishment of more

cooperatives in New Zealand.

Universities Study

A major step in this direction

was taken last week with an announcement

that researchers

from the University of Auckland

are joining forces with colleagues

at Massey University

and the sector body, Cooperative

Business New Zealand, to produce

the first ever comprehensive

analysis of the cooperative


A University of Auckland press

note said, “Ask the person next

to you and chances are they can

rattle off the names of two or

three New Zealand cooperatives.

But, ask what cooperatives offer

New Zealand, and you might

have them stumped.”

Cooperatives are member-owned


meaning that the users of the cooperative

are also the shareholders

in the organisation.

Cooperative Business New

Zealand describes Cooperatives

as business owned and democratically

controlled by their

members –people who use cooperative

services or buy its goods

but have a number of special


“They return surplus revenues

to their members in proportion to

their use of the cooperative, not

in proportion to their investment

or share ownership. Cooperatives

are conscious of the need to operate

profitably rather than at

a loss. Cooperatives must meet

their members’ needs either by

their produce at the best price or

by providing affordable and high

quality goods and services, rather

than maximising profit.”

A joint report, called,

‘Cooperative Economy of New

Zealand,’ from University of

Auckland and Massey University

is expected to be released in


Comprehensive data

The report will synthesise data

from three years of surveys and

case studies from both universities,

as well as fresh data collected

about the top 30 New Zealand


The study is being funded

by Fonterra (lead sponsor),

Ballance Agri-Nutrients, CDC

Pharmaceuticals, Coop Money

NZ, Farmlands, Farmers Mutual

Group, Foodstuffs – South Island,

Market Gardeners, Mitre 10,

Ravensdown and Silver Fern


Dr Lisa Callagher, Senior

Top 10 Cooperatives in New Zealand

Financial Year 2014-2015 Annual revenue in NZ$

1 Fonterra 18,845,000,000

2 Foodstuffs North Island 6,238,889,000

3 Foodstuffs South Island 2,721,341,000

4 Silver Fern Farms 2,434,417,000

5 Farmlands Cooperative 2,210,035,000

6 Alliance Group 1,501,593,000

7 Mitre 10 (New Zealand) 1,135,000,000

8 Ballance Agri-Nutrients 892,795,000

9 Southern Cross Healthcare 817,823,000

10 Independent Timber Merchants 750,000,000

Lecturer in Management and

International Business at the

University of Auckland said that

the report will provide accurate

facts and figures about what

coops contribute to the country,

which goes beyond dollars and


“Within the sector, organisations

are aware of some of the

real social and economic value

cooperatives provide their

members and their communities.

Examples were highlighted

at Cooperative Business New

Zealand’s annual awards dinner

last month,” she said.

‘Cooperative Leader of the Year’

Mark McHardy, General Manager

of Farmlands Fuel, was recognised

with an award not only for

leveraging the Cooperative’s collective

buying power and for

its health and safety record, but

also for bringing Super Rugby

back to grassroots with pre-season

trainings and matches hosted

on paddocks owned by one of

Farmlands’ shareholders.

Good Governance

Phil McKendry, chairman

of Ashburton Trading Society,

received the Outstanding

Cooperative Contribution award

for years of championing both the

commercial and social interests

of the society’s members.

“Our own case studies highlight

some exemplary practices around

governance training, and support

for innovation,” Dr Callagher


“What this report will do is

move beyond anecdote and case

studies to identify strengths and

needs across co-ops, and inform

key stakeholders about the nature,

extent and importance of cooperatives

in New Zealand. It will

also create a benchmark method

for monitoring cooperatives’ ongoing




The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

Issue 353 | September 1, 2016

Delays spoil the taste

at Indian Restaurants

Our front page story in this issue has the potential to make

you angry – either at Immigration New Zealand (INZ) or at

employers who depend on migrant labour to conduct their


There are then political parties such as Labour, Greens and New

Zealand First, who believe that immigration must be kept under

check and that we have the right to choose the type of migrants we

need and not the other way around.

The ruling National Party and its allies, supported by mainstream

media, are of the view that we should allow more migrants so that

the economy can continue to grow.

Hard Questions

Some sections of the media say that migrant labourers who are

victimised must go to the authorities and complain and that the

government should deport the erring employers if they are migrants


No one of course asks the question, “Since most of these employers

are New Zealand citizens, how can you deport them?’ or ‘A few

education agents or advisors make false promises to students that

they can secure jobs and permanent residence as soon as they arrive

in New Zealand. Who is supervising such people?”

From whichever standpoint you may view, the issue rests on

sticky thorns.

Reports of migrants being overworked and underpaid – not just

by owners of restaurants but also by other retailers, manufacturers

and others – are heard, read and seen from time to time. Again,

these are not confined to the Indian community.

Silent sufferers

Exploitation of workers has always existed, and will continue to

exist, so long as victims willingly submit themselves to such exploitation.

There is little that anyone can do if these people – migrant

workers, students and even overstayers, remain silent for fear

of reprisal and even deportation.

There are processes within the government, law-enforcing authorities,

through the Human Rights Commission, Indian associations

and groups and also this newspaper – processes that can

bring justice to the victims and ensure that perpetrators are punished

according to the law.

But the issue that we have raised on our front page relates to exploitation

of another kind- if indeed such exploitation exists.

It is the allegation of exploitation by a government agency – INZ

– of a business community that, according to those affected, has

been targeted for ‘exclusion.’

Too long to bear

Several restaurant owners have told us during the past months

that the applications of potential workers have been pending with

INZ for nine or more months for no rhyme or reason.

“It should not take a government department this long to decide

on work visa applications. If this government wants small businesses

to thrive, they should then ensure that such discrimination

does not exist. Let INZ decline these applications but should give us

valid reasons for doing so,” they said.

This newspaper is aware of at least three Indians who came to

New Zealand on ‘Work to Residence Visa’ (another undesirable way

of granting permits) had to wait for two years before their work permits

could be issued despite submitting genuine job offers and all

other documents. Two of them returned home highly frustrated,

while the third man managed to obtain permanent residence after a

long struggle.

Workers’ Rights

According to Martin Ruhs of Oxford University, countries with

more rights for migrant workers tend to be less keen on admitting

new ones.

In the Arab Gulf States and Singapore, where migrants have few

rights on paper, the foreign workforce is huge: 94% of workers in

Qatar were born abroad. Sweden and Norway, where migrants can

use public services, claim welfare benefits and bring in dependents,

admit relatively few purely economic migrants.

There is a vigorous—and sometimes ill-tempered—debate among

academics about the impact of low-skilled migration, both legal

and illegal, on wages.

This dispute, however, is only part of a much broader debate.

Most other research finds that immigrant flows harm at least some

workers, as economic theory usually predicts they should when immigration

changes the balance of skills in an economy. The debate

is over precisely who suffers, and how much.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra

Editor & General Manager: Venkat Raman;

Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Graphic Designer: Shine Kumar

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


“Thank Indian Government for

rescue in Kuwait”

Mumbai shipper refutes skipper’s comments in Indian Newslink

First of Three Parts

“Unfortunately, in the past 25 years, successive governments at the Centre and the State

levels in India have failed to acknowledge my humanitarian mission, as I defied their warning

and went ahead with my mission. Its success was a slap in the face of the prophets of doom,”

Captain Juvale had said in his three-series of articles that appeared in February 15, March 1

and March 15, 2016 issues of Indian Newslink.

Hanif Mohammed

Ibrahim Modak

MV Safeer was released

due to the intervention

of the Indian government.

The ship’s owners first met the

Iraqi Consular representative in

Mumbai with a request to allow

consular access by an official from

the Indian Embassy in Kuwait to

visit ‘MV Safeer.’ Their prime concern

was the safety and welfare

of the crew and then that of the

vessel and its cargo. The owners

also requested the Iraqi authorities

to help with the eventual release

of the vessel.

The Iraqi representative told

the owners to request the Indian

government to contact the Iraqi

Embassy in New Delhi. They took

up this matter immediately with

the Shipping and External Affairs


Preparing for evacuation

On August 30, 1990, on the

instructions of K P Fabian, Joint

Secretary (Gulf) at the External

Affairs Ministry, Captain Kekobad

The following letter (sent to us

by Hanif Modak) was reportedly

written by Nazir Mulla, who was the

Chief Officer aboard ‘MV Safeer’ to

Captain Zain Juvale on March 13,

2016 following the latter’s articles in

Indian Newslink.

Dear Captain Zainul Abideen

Hearty Congratulations for ‘The

Unsung Hero Community Award.’

As you are aware, the evacuation of

722 Indians on ‘MV Safeer’ was once

again in limelight in Midday issue

dated February 6, 2016. All this momentum

was caught after release of

the movie ‘Air Lift.’ Also, Oyster had

called media and ‘Safeer’ was again

in news after 25 years. However, I

was out of India during this period.

Recently I was in Oyster’s office and

to my surprise, I happened to view

‘Safeer’ logbook signed by us. Also,

I read some of your writings that

you have released in news. I see that

few things are unfairly exaggerated,

exploited and not in line with actual

facts that we faced in Iraq occupied

Kuwait. Following are some for


During the first military action,

where all crew was captured by Iraqi

sent a detailed message to the

Master of ‘MV Safeer’ regarding

evacuation. This message

was sent from the External

Affairs Ministry to the Indian

Embassy in Kuwait.

The Master communicated

to Captain Kekobad on August

31, 1990 through the Indian

Embassy in Kuwait and also

spoke to Mr Fabian regarding

preparations for the evacuation.

He again communicated

to Mr Fabian on the following

day (September 1, 1990) after

Captain Mathew, Nautical Advisor

to the Kuwaiti government

visited the vessel and checked

its preparedness to undertake

the voyage.

All the above are facts,

entered in the Ship’s Log Book,

duly signed by Captain Juvale

and Chief Officer Nazir Mulla.

Original Logbook

I have in my possession the

ship’s original logbook signed

by Captain Zain Juvale and

Chief Officer Nazir Mulla, radio

messages sent by the Master to

the External Affairs Ministry

on departure from Kuwait, the

Indian Consulate in Dubai and

to owner’s office in Dubai. All

Soldiers and was forced to line up on

wharf in surrendered position with

our hands on our heads. After this,

there was no any harassment to the

crew. None of the crew faced a gun

six inches from his eyes with soldiers

fingers ready on the trigger nor did

any crew face soldiers standing

behind them pointing gun on their

heads at a blank range.

On no occasion during our 35 days

of stay in Kuwait did the ship run

short of food. ‘Safeer’ being a rice

carrier, had stores full of rejected/torn

bags sufficient for the entire crew to

survive for at least nine months in

dire situations. Later, the soldiers had

opened a canteen in Port Shuwaikh

and poured boxes of chicken and

other stuff on the ship. In fact, some

Iraqi authorities and soldiers used to

have their meals from the vessel.

Where were the mined waters? Had

Iraqis laid mines in Kuwaiti waters?

No. We had no such briefing when we

left Kuwait with 722 Indian refugees.

Also, vessel had followed the same

route out with reverse courses when it

sailed from Kuwait.

I also read/heard somewhere that the

vessel had a welcome message with

other relevant documentation

pertaining to the negotiations

with the Indian government

and the Iraqi authorities were

also dispatched.

If the Master was claiming

to defy the Indian government,

then why were all

these communications sent

requesting to arrange for safe

disembarkation of 722 Indian

nationals who were evacuated

from Kuwait?

Indian Newslink had carried

an article by Suresh Mal

Mathur, former Second Secretary

at the Indian Embassy

in Kuwait in its April 1, 2016

issue in which he had said that

intensive discussions were held

with the concerned ministries

of the Indian government with

the involvement of the owners

of ‘MV Safeer.’

He has also confirmed that

the Master’s claims (that the

international shipping industry

had ignored his plight) are

incorrect and exaggerated.

He had taken Captain Juvale

to meet External Affairs Minister

Inder Kumar Gujral when

he visited Kuwait on August 21,


Mr Mathur can vouch to all

the facts since Mr Gujral is no


Hanif Modak is Managing

Director, Oyster Ship Management

Private Limited

based in Mumbai, India. He

has provided us extensive

information on ‘MV Safeer’

of which his late father was

one of the owners. He has

also provided newspaper

clippings of the evacuation

story that appeared in Indian

newspapers. These and another

part of his article will

appear in our next issue.

music from a UAE Naval ship when

she berthed in Dubai, which is not


I must emphasise that the unprecedented

operation that led to successful

evacuation of 722 Indians from

Kuwait on a small cargo ship was not

a one-man show.

It was not all about ‘I,’ ’Me’ and


It was a joint effort, a diligent and

extra ordinary team work by all the

crew of ‘Safeer,’ who had poured

this success at the Master’s feet and

they all deserve to be called unsung


The mission was unique in its nature.

In addition, the Indian Embassy,

community workers in Kuwait,

Iraqi Authorities and extremely

cooperative Iraqi soldiers, Indian

government authorities in New Delhi

and the Ship owners played a crucial

role in making the ‘Safeer Mission’


It is needless to say that the Mission

would not have been possible had the

Owners rejected or objected carriage

of passengers on their cargo ship.

Best Regards

Captain Nazir A I Mulla


Mukesh Arora

Accountants perform

the crucial role

of assisting

businesses to comply with

tax and related laws and

remain open for official

scrutiny. Their performance

is directly related to

the financial health of

their clients. However,

accountants who are also

entrepreneurs, offer greater

assistance to their clients, since they understand the

challenges and problems of businesses better.

Qualified & Proficient

Among them is Mukesh Arora, Managing Director,

Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited, Tally

Accounting & Business Solutions’ with its office at

116B Cavendish Drive in Manukau City.

His qualifications are impressive and inspire confidence

among his clients. He is a Chartered Accountant

Australia & New Zealand, a Fellow Chartered

Certified Accountant (FCCA) UK, and Cost and Works

Accountant (AICWA) India.

The firm serves a growing list of clients of diverse

backgrounds and Mr Arora’s high proficiency in

English, Hindi and Punjabi is a distinct advantage.

Name Change

The Company was earlier known as ‘Tally Accounting

& Business Solutions Limited’ but the change in the

name occurred to avoid confusion over its association

with ‘Tally,’ a world renowned accounting software

‘Tally.’ As well as performing routine accounting

functions such as Bookkeeping, PAYE and GST

returns, Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors provides

several specialist services including Payroll, KiwiSaver,

Company Start-Up, Setting up Look Through

Companies, Trusts, Business Valuation, Special Purpose

Accounts, Cash Flow Projections, Financial Statement

Analysis and many others.

Mukesh Arora can be contacted on Freephone 0800-

825599 or 021-1290810




Accounting and Taxes

• Are you uptodate with your end of year

accounts and tax returns?

• Are you paying the right amount of tax?

• Are you growing the value of business?

• Is your business struggling to make profit?

• Have you priced your products or

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Contact Mukesh Arora

Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited

116 B, Cavendish Drive, Manukau, Auckland 2104


• Is your charge-out rate too low or too high?

• Do you need any cash flow finance or working

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• Are you spending too much time on paperwork

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Dinesh Raniga

Patel & Associates

Limited (PAL)

was incorporated

in 2001 by late

Mr Jetendra M Patel who

founded this business

to provide quality and

timely service to his

clients. To ensure that the

vision and success of the

corporation continued

at a high calibre, Dinesh

Raniga the New Managing Director, was appointed

as a Business Partner in 2010. Both Jetendra and

Dinesh’s vision was to specialize in small to medium

sized businesses and give a complete business solution

for all Accounting, Legal, Finance, Immigration

and Insurance needs. Upon Jetendra’s departure in

November 2015, the legacy of PAL continues under

the able leadership of his Business Partner Dinesh

Raniga and his team Nilima Sahai, Monark Panchal &

Rashmi Patel.

PAL continues to provide upmost products and

services for all clients and ensure that stakeholder

management is on par with what the market provides.

PAL has a vision to grow throughout New Zealand

and hold the brand high while helping the multicultural

society we live in today.

With Inland Revenue paying closer attention into

the compliance sector of all businesses, we at PAL

add value, bridge the gap for clients to help enhance

their day-today running of their business, improve

performance and profitability and continue to ensure

their business operate under the rules and regulations.

Patel and Associates encourages all taxpayers to

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Contact Dinesh Raniga on 021 709 884 or

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With A Complete Package of Solutions

• Accounting • Taxation • Consultancy • IT Systems & Support

• Trust & Estate Planning • Immigration

• Company Formation & Secretarial Service

• Acquisition, Mergers & much more

Unit D - Level 1-12 Amera Place, Huntington Park, Botany, Auckland 2013

Ph: +64 9 271 4466 | Mob: 021 709884

Email: | Website:

PHome Loans: New and Refinancing

Buying a new house is always filled with mixed

emotions – from excitement to nervousness.

As professional mortgage advisors we are

not linked with any one bank or lender and work

in your best interests to provide you with unbiased

advice whether you are purchasing your first home,

upgrading to a new home, buying an investment

property, or looking at refinancing your mortgage.

We deal with all the major lenders in the market and

do all the leg work to ensure that you receive the best

available outcome for your situation.

Debt Structuring

Whether you have a home loan, commercial loan, or

looking at consolidating debt, it is vitally important to

ensure that the loan is structured correctly to enable

you to get optimum benefit. As professional advisors

we work closely with other professionals such as tax

specialist, accountants, solicitors, banks, registered

valuers to provide you with the best advice and

solution for your situation.

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is designed to protect what can be

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your health, your lifestyle and your future. This can

be especially important at pivotal moments such as

getting married, buying a home, or starting a family

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unexpected happen.

Who would take care of the mortgage and other

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We can help protect you and your family, no matter

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wide range of products and suppliers to suit your

individual needs. Some protect again pre-mature

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The RIGHT Policy, with the RIGHT benefits, at a

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your family at the time of need.

Time Vision has been in the financial advisory business for the last 38 years

and specializes in Personal & General Insurance as well as Commercial

Business Insurance and Business & Residential property lending.

Niraj Singh

Director / Financial Adviser

Our personalized service is designed to provide

you with tailor made financial solutions.

Extensive Insurance products and

services with expert advice.

P: +64 9 629 1000

Navid Singh

Director / Financial Adviser

Level 1 T88 - North West Shopping Centre, 7 Fred Taylor Drive

PO Box 84237, Westgate Auckland 0657, New Zealand

Vijay Talekar, Chartered Accountant

Need an Expert in

Accounting and

Tax Return?

We are Chartered

Accountants and Tax

Accountants located in

the heart of Papatoetoe,

just opposite Hunters

Plaza in Manukau,


We offer a personalised

taxation service - you

can expect quality work completed in a timely

manner and to professional standards.

We always aim to add value to your Investment

and Business.

Extensive Services

Our clientele includes Property Investors and

Developers, Professionals, Real Estate Agents,

Retail Businesses, Retirement Villages, Childcare

Centres and Charitable Companies and Trusts.

We specialise in property taxation - both property

Trading and Property Investments (Residential

and Commercial).

Our prices are most affordable and competitive.

Tax Experts are Chartered Accountants and

Members of Chartered Accountants Australia and

New Zealand.

The Directors are qualified and experienced with

specialisation in Tax Planning and Administration

with a focus on Wealth Maximisation.

Firm commitment

We at Tax Experts are committed to provide

our clients with a high quality service in tax

compliance. When you invest in expertise of

Tax Experts, you will be in the safe hands with

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We have expertise in Tax, Audit and Trust


Why choose Tax Experts Limited?

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Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

• Business Accounts and Tax Returns • Rental Property Returns

• Loss Attributing Qualifying Companies (LAQC)

• Trust Accounting & Administration • Tax Planning & Tax Management

Leading Accounting firm offering full range of Taxation, Audit,

Accounting and Business Advisory Services.

Call: Vijay

Phone: (09) 279 2987• (09) 271 3112Fax: (09) 271 3114 • Mob: 021 141 9112

Level 1, 208 Great South Rd, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025

P O Box 23221, Hunters Corner 2155 Auckland •Web:



Food Mission brings a

unique flavour of


Venkat Raman

Importers, wholesalers,

distributors and other major

players in New Zealand’s

food industry would have

an opportunity to understand

and undertake dealership of a

wide range of products from

Taiwan this month.

The Taiwan Food Trade Mission

will be at Langham Hotel

(83 Symonds Street) in Central

Auckland from 10 am to 1 pm

on Monday, September 19, 2016.

The Trade Mission is being

organised by the Bureau of

External Trade of the Ministry

of Economic Affairs of the

Government of the Republic of

China (Taiwan) in association

with the Taiwan External Trade

Development Council (TAITRA)

and Taiwan Trade Centre,


Extensive range

The visiting companies will

showcase a wide range of products

including Rice & Cereals,

Noodles, Frozen Seafood, Prepared

Food, Preserved & Canned

Food, Sauces & Dressings,

Confectioneries, Drinks, and Tea


New Zealand importers

and traders will be able to

meet the visiting company

representatives on one-to-one

basis and consider possibilities

of mutually beneficial business


Taiwan's food and beverage

sector has been experiencing

healthy growth, posting record

sales of US$ 3.40 billion in the

January-¬March 2016 quarter,

up by 3.1% over the previous

year. The sales were mostly

from restaurants, takeaways

and Taiwan’s ubiquitous tea


Taiwan is New Zealand’s tenth

largest trade partner (after India)

with annual two-way trade

of about $1.25 billion as at the

end of September 2015. Of these,

goods accounted for about

$1.1 billion. There is immense

potential for increasing trade.

Preferential Tariff

Taiwan’s products are known

for their high quality of production,

hygiene and rigid controls,

enhanced by the friendly

attitude of its manufacturers and


New Zealand and Taiwan

agreed a comprehensive free

trade pact on July 10, 2013 in

Wellington. Called, ‘ANZTEC’

(Agreement between New Zealand

and the Separate Customs

Territory of Taiwan, Penghu,

Kinmen and Matsu on Economic

Cooperation) it aims to facilitate

mutually beneficial economic

co-operation and enhance

bilateral and regional trade.

ANZTEC delivers preferential

tariff access that gives New

Zealand exporters a key competitive

advantage in an important

‘Affluent-Asia’ market of 23

million people. It also includes

innovative provisions on film

and television, indigenous

cooperation and air links that

will expand existing creative,

cultural and people-to-people


A Taiwan government spokesperson

said that trade liberalisation

has opened up dual-market

opportunities, providing options

for consumers in two places.

“We recognise that professionals

in the Food & Beverage

industry in New Zealand

regularly come across a wide

range of emerging trends and

products. The visiting delegation

of Taiwanese vendors will exhibit

their latest, most innovative

and finest products. This event

will provide an opportunity to

discover what is new, but most

importantly, provide businesses

with the knowledge and

information that will give them

a competitive edge within the


Global flavours

As home to ethnic diversity,

Taiwan has incorporated the essence

and flavours of foods from

all over the world and developed

well-known food processing

industries, ensuring consumers

safe, quality, and healthy foods.

The visiting delegation will

showcase their latest and best.

Founded in 1970 to help

promote foreign trade, TAITRA

is the foremost non-profit trade

and investment promotion

organisation in Taiwan.

It boasts of a well-coordinated

trade promotion and information

network of over 1200

trained specialists stationed

throughout its Taipei headquarters,

four local branch offices in

Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and

Kaohsiung, and over 50 overseas

branches worldwide.

Together with its sister organisations,

the Taiwan Trade Center

and Taipei World Trade Center,

TAITRA has created a wealth

of trade opportunities through

effective promotion strategies.

Websites: www.taiwantrade.;

Court upholds Solicitor’s appointment

Supplied Content

In a recent case concerning

a business rivalry between

two companies, the plaintiff

company, among other

things, had alleged that the

respondent company and its

Directors/Shareholders had used

confidential information for their

benefit in breach of contractual

and fiduciary duties.

Following this, ex-parte search

and discovery orders were made

by the High Court to conduct

a search at the business and

residential premises of some of

the defendants.

Justice John Faire of the High

Court appointed Gurbrinder

Aulakh, Barrister & Solicitor as the

independent solicitor to supervise

the carrying out of the orders.

He was also authorised to

assist the Government Registered

Private Investigators in the implementation

of the Search Order.

Search warrant

Following this, Mr Aulakh,

accompanied by the government

registered private investigators,

conducted the search of the business

and residential addresses of

the defendants mentioned in the


They also seized the material

that was the subject of these


A report of the search and

seizure was then filed to the High


Some of the electronic equipment

seized during the search

were not accessible.

Justice Ed Wylie made consent

orders requiring the defendants

to provide all the passwords, to

Mr Aulakh, to access computers

seized during the search.

He was also authorised to assist

the investigators in copying relevant

material from documents

and equipment seized.

When the matter came before

Duty Judge Justice Patricia Courtney,

the defendants, through their

lawyer claimed that the appointed

independent solicitor lacked the

requisite independence due to his

proximity with the counsel for the


Judges’ Notes

Later, Justice Matthew Muir

made timetabling orders for the

production of affidavits.

The matter then came up for

hearing before Justice Christian

Whata at the High Court on

August 3, 2016.

He took note of the High Court

rules and the relevant authority

that the execution of the order

should be supervised by an experienced

solicitor from a firm other

than the plaintiff’s solicitor.

He took note of the memorandum

filed by the independent

solicitor. The memorandum

noted that he re-qualified in New

Zealand and had now been practicing

as a barrister & solicitor

independently of any other firm.

The Judge considered the

certificate of the President of the

High Court Bar Association in

India certifying that Mr Aulakh,

his good friend, has been a lawyer

since 1998 and remained on the

executive committee of the High

Court Bar Association in 2001.

Experience certified

Justice Whata, having consid-

Gurbrinder Aulakh

ered the application and relevant

documents made the observation

that “………I am satisfied that Mr

Aulakh, having been practicing

as a solicitor in India and then in

this country for 18 years is amply

experienced to bring the requisite

independent judgement to the

execution process………….”

The High Court upheld Mr

Aulakh’s appointment as the independent

solicitor and dismissed

the application of the defendants.

The defendants have been

directed to provide further and

better particulars and complete

the discovery, while the plaintiffs’

counsel is to provide a detailed

explanation as to his interests in

the first plaintiff company.

Verdict on

$9.2 million

mortgage fraud

Supplied Content

Serious Fraud Office

A case involving a series

of fraudulent property sales

and purchases conducted

by an Auckland woman and

a number of her relatives

and associates concluded in

sentencing at the Auckland

District Court on August 17,


Eli Devoy (aka Ellie Stone,

AKA Eli Ghorbani, AKA

Elaheh Ghorbani Sar Sangi)

was sentenced to five years’

imprisonment with a minimum

period of imprisonment

of two years and

six months (50% of the


She was the principal defendant

in an extensive

mortgage fraud scheme

prosecuted by the Serious

Fraud Office (SFO) where

five defendants were guilty

of Crimes Act charges. A

ten-week trial was held in

the Auckland District Court

from February to June this


The additional defendants

who participated in

Mrs Devoy’s scheme were

Mehrdad Ghorbani (aka

Mohammad Ghorbani

Sarsangi), who was sentenced

to two years and seven

months’ imprisonment,

Mehrzad Ghorbani (aka

Mehdi Ghorbani) who was

sentenced to 10 months’

home detention and Mehran

Ghorbani (aka Massoud

Ghorbani, aka Ken Williams)

who received seven months’

home detention.

A further defendant,

Nasrin Kardani, has been

remanded on bail until

9 September 2016 for


The group conducted a series

of sales and purchases

of 11 properties in the

Auckland area between July

2007 and December 2010.

They deceived lending institutions

into approving

mortgage applications that

contained false information

and supporting documents

and the offending amounted

to approximately $9.2


SFO Chief Executive Julie

Read said, “We welcome

the decisions of His Honour

Judge Gibson today which

demonstrates that there

are significant penalties

for those who do not provide

truthful information to

banks and lenders.”

-Serious Fraud Office Press




Spying law should be fair and intelligent


David Shearer

Last fortnight in

Parliament, I spoke on

the first reading of the

Bill intended to reform

our intelligence agencies.

The ‘Intelligence and Security

Bill’ is intended to bring our intelligence

laws into line with today’s

environment and context.

Terrorism continues to

change and evolve, and the increase

in cybersecurity attacks

on our government departments

and organisations has

been staggering.

We need the best defence to

protect Kiwis, but there is possibly

no more sensitive an issue

than the work of our intelligence


Ensuring safety

The challenge we face is this:

We need to make sure New

Zealanders are safe and secure

and our basic rights and freedoms

from attack are protected,

while at the same time ensuring

that our privacy is maintained.

In a positive move, the government

has sought the support

of Labour over the proposed bill

and has left some fundamental

decisions – for example the

definition of national security –

to be defined through the select

committee process after listening

to submitters.

A bipartisan approach will

help to ensure the resulting

laws will be strong and robust.

As one of the five members

of the Intelligence and Security

Committee, I welcome this new

direction taken by Attorney

General Chris Finlayson.

Three years ago, (Prime

Minister) John Key rammed

new spy laws through

Parliament with a majority of

just one. That short-sighted

move eroded the confidence of

the New Zealand public in our

intelligence agencies.

Dangerous situations

We need and want our agencies

to have the broadest possible

powers to combat threats

to New Zealanders, but to only

be permitted to use those powers

in carefully-defined circumstances

and with a full range of

checks on what they are doing.

For example, it is currently

illegal for the Government

Communications Security

Bureau (GCSB) to use its electronic

expertise to spy on any

New Zealander.

That has thrown up some

problems: imagine a New

Zealander is taken hostage

in Syria and we detect a New

Zealand telephone being used

there and believe it is linked to

the hostage situation. Sadly, we

cannot listen to any conversations

because the phone might

belong to a New Zealander and

the GCSB is forbidden to spy on

New Zealanders.

The same problem could occur

if a New Zealander travels

overseas to join the Islamic

State. It would be illegal for

GCSB to listen to that person’s

phone despite the fact it could

pose a security threat.

Under the new legislation,

New Zealanders will be able to

be spied up on by the GCSB but

only in exceptional and highly

regulated situations.

GCSB must obtain a warrant

from the Attorney General and

the Commissioner of Warrants,

who is a retired judge.

On top of that, every warrant

will later be scrutinised by the

Inspector of Intelligence to ensure

that it was justified.

Striking the balance

In this way, we strike a balance

between enabling the

agencies to combat terrorism

and stamp out people trafficking

and other heinous crimes

by giving them the powers they

need to do that, but ensure that

New Zealanders going about

their everyday business can

never be spied upon – or ever

fear they are.

The Bill will go through the

Select Committee of which I am

a member.

There are aspects of the

Bill we will scrutinise closely,

and will want to obtain advice

on from experts such as the

Privacy Commissioner, the Law

Commission and others, to ensure

that it is rigorous but enables

the agencies to do their jobs.

However, I have said on many

occasions that when it comes to

terrorism, intelligence agencies

can only do so much.

The terrorism that we have

seen around the world stems

from people who are isolated

and disenfranchised in the communities

they live, and many

of them have mental health


It is the strength of our relationships

with every member of

our community, in particular the

Muslim community, that is our

first and most important line of

defence against terrorism.

Overwhelmingly New

Zealand’s Muslim community is

law-abiding, hard-working, family

oriented and puts a premium

on good education for their children

so that they can prosper

and contribute to New Zealand.

Having strong, fair intelligence

laws is vitally important, but it’s

only part of the picture.

David Shearer is an elected

Member of Parliament from

Mt Albert in Auckland and

Labour Party’s spokesman for

Foreign Affairs.




Oporto family sharpens focus

on better communities

Oporto is rebuilding for a brighter future in New

Zealand and modernising the brand, bringing our

family back together with sharpened focus over the

next 18 months.

Oporto is rebuilding for a

brighter future in New

Zealand and modernising

the brand, bringing

our family back together with

sharpened focus over the next

18 months.

The Oporto Family

Oporto started as a family

business 30 years ago at Bondi


Today it is the Seventh largest

brand in Australasia, with 150


Most of the franchisees’

families work for Oporto.

The Oporto family is made up

of Customers, Franchisees, Team

Members, Suppliers and the


Their success is determined

by competence, commitment,

quality of service and unity.

A Turning Point

This year was a turning point

for Oporto New Zealand.

Oporto New Zealand is a top

performer with a growth in

business by 12%.

The Company launched its

state-of-the-art website (www. with analytical

capabilities and nutrition


The Company also also

upgraded its POS System and

Chef-mate Kitchen Ordering

System to Version 6 for faster

processing and instore product


Family Recipe

The New Zealand stores also

witnessed the return of the

‘Original Chilli Sauce.’

This is the recipe of the family

of Founder Antonio Cerqueira,

which made the brand famous

on both sides of the Tasman.

Oporto will advance its menu

by adding a Dinner Day Party

focus to its famous Portuguese

Flame Grilled Chicken and new


Spicy Portuguese campaigns

highlight Oporto’s ‘Live Spicy,

Leverage Our Portuguese Origins’

showcasing unique quality

and taste.

As a company that caters

to the evolving tastes of its

The strength of life and business partnership-

Lawrence & Erica Perera

customers, Oporto launched its

‘Food Court Trial,’ to understand

market preference and improve

its market share.

The feedback will be the basis

of significant changes in the


Uniform Status

Among the significant and

noticeable changes effected

related to the Oporto uniforms,

which literally came out of the


Customers say, “Members of

the Oporto family not only look

smart in their new uniform but

also wear it with pride. They are


System Improvement

The change in ownership and

management of Oporto New

Zealand last year accorded

an opportunity to review the

performance of the Company,

its stores, products and services

not only to be in line with the

Every Oporto Story has the family flavour Rebecca, Rachel and Reuben Pereira at the

Indian Newslink IBA 2015

Franchise Engagement

exacting standards of the Oporto

brand, but also profitability and

market status in New Zealand.

The exhaustive review

enabled the Company to benchmark

standards and practices

to improve productivity and


Career Progress

Implementation of ‘Pathways’

has enabled Oporto New

Zealand to have in place career

advancement opportunities

from staff level to that of being

a successful franchisee. Oporto

Management considers its both

a privilege and responsibility to

shape the careers of people and

make them successful members

of the community. A new, worldclass

training platform provides

the appropriate learning tools

and support to enable every

member of the Oporto team to

skills development and management


The most significant achievement

of Oporto New Zealand is

its renewed Franchisee Engagement

and faith in the brand.

Currently, in Auckland, Franchise

opportunities are available

in Glenfield Mall Auckland

(North Shore), Hunters Plaza

(Manukau), Drive through site

in East Auckland and four other

sites under review in Auckland.

Sites are also available in

Palmerston North, Lower Hutt,

Rotorua and Hamilton.

For further information,

please contact Rebecca

Perera. Email: Franchise@

Oporto New Zealand is the

Sponsor of ‘Business Excellence

in Retail Trade’ Category

of Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards for the

second successive year.

Bot is next coming up on your screen?

Anand Mokashi

The Board of Governance ofGandhi Nivas

has the pleasure of welcoming you to a

Fund Raising Dinner

Tickets: $150 plus GST per person

Tables seating ten persons each

at $1500 plus GST available

(With Entertainment, Raffles and Auction)

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 630 pm

At Waipuna Conference Suites

60 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki

Guest Speaker

Vic Tamati

Lead Voice of ‘It’s Not OK’ Campaign

Exciting Auction By

Melissa Lee

Member of Parliament

Contact: Ranjna Patel

Phone: (09) 2747823; 027-2788111


Just as we were coming to terms

with the takeover of traditional

marketing by social media, we

find ourselves in the midst of ‘Bot


The way in which bots (origin-robots)

are proliferating the worldwide

web is indicative of their potential to

become the next big thing.

I got interested in bots a couple of

months ago and started studying and

understanding them. Many companies

are now starting off with bots and

this will only grow further.

What is a bot?

A Bot is a small programme that

can interact with anyone as if it were

a trained human being. To start

using a bot, you would just open a

conversation as if you are chatting

with a friend.

The difference is that instead of a

person on the other side there would

be a programme with a certain level of

artificial intelligence to handle pre-set


Think of bots as apps (small programs)

with a chat interface (conversational

user interface).

The concept is of course not new.

The reason for its sudden revival is

that, now smartphones have become

the centre of daily life for communication,

entertainment, information

sourcing, planning and even conducting


Due to this paradigm shift, Mobile

Apps development has grown significantly.

We now have apps for banking,

weather, payments and so on.

These apps crowd the mobile desk

top, making them cumbersome to use.

This is where bots come in. They make interactions

with apps easier and more conversational.

Webgiants like Techcrunch have already coined

a term for this explosion. They call this the dawn of

‘Conversational Economy.’

Apps like Facebook messenger and Wechat now

allow third party bots to be developed and used along

with the app.

For example, Wechat, highly popular in China,

supports bots that facilitate instore payments, hailing

a taxi, transfer money, split a bill and do many more


Chinese call the app ‘Wechat Universe.’

What can a bot do?

In short anything. You can talk to a bot and it will

give a smart answer.

Bots can show you images, videos, send you links

and sell you stuff.

You can ask them about the weather, tell them to

send you a joke, play with you, make a payment or

even purchase directly from a bot.

(Image source: TechCrunch “Forget Apps, Now the

Bots Take Over”)

Is it complicated?

Not anymore! Even for those who are not technically

savvy, user-friendly services like and make it easy to develop bots. Both allow

creation of bot interactions like flowcharts. Of course,

there is a bit of learning involved but then, that is only

to be expected.

Bots are here to stay.

Can we do something about them?

Yes, make friends with them, they will outlast us.

Anand Mokashi is an IT Lecturer, Consultant and

Digital Media Specialist with a passion for all things

online. Email:




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Financial muscle strengthens

small business bodies

Harry Ferreira


am often amused when I

hear large businesses talking

about how they know

small business and what it is

like to run a small business.

There might be some parallels;

however, there are some really

big differences as well.

We are a bank, a big business

and our role is not to try to be

like a small business or say, ‘We

understand you.’

Our role is to nurture and support

small businesses and lend

our resources to providing them

with what they need to grow –

advice, great service and innovative

products that enhance

the way they do business.

Starring role

Small businesses have the

starring role, they are the life

blood of this economy and bigger

businesses should be using

their size, scale and resources to

understand what they need, and

not pay lip service to ‘understanding


I am proud to say that is something

my team and I truly do

look to achieve.

This year we have been

Harry Ferreira (left) Jose George General

Manager, Canstar New Zealand

awarded Canstar’s ‘New

Zealand’s Best Small Business’

bank for the Sixth year in a

row. As part of the awards process,

I have been able to reflect

on what we have been doing

to continue to improve how we

serve small business owners in

New Zealand.

The award suggests that our

efforts are continuing to pay off.

Our ambition for small businesses

in New Zealand is to help

nurture and support and only

deliver solutions that will enhance

the way we do business

with our customers and they do

business with their customers.

This in turn will create a different

banking experience for

our small business customers.

Beneficial initiatives

Over the last few years, we

have introduced a number of

pretty cool initiatives focused on

helping New Zealand businesses

be good with money.

We run ‘BNZ Connect’ events

that help small businesses connect

with one another.

Our Canstar award-winning

suite of products such as

‘PayClip’ and our ‘Business First

Credit Cards’ give our customers

access to ground-breaking product


In the last year, we have expanded

our business to better

meet our customers’ needs,

opening new centralised business

hubs for small businesses

in Hamilton and Christchurch.

Canstar highlighted our innovative

products and services as

one of the main reasons they see

us at the forefront of small business

banking in New Zealand.

This gives us the drive and

motivation to keep making

things better and to keep


Investment in Innovation

We invest heavily in innovation.

We have a team with the

scope to think holistically about

the customer experience both

personally and commercially

with a brief to think beyond


Technology is playing an ever

increasing part in providing

customers with better access to

business mangers when they

need them and a better ability

to transact when it suits them.

We also spend a lot of time

away from our desks visiting

our small business customers

and listening to their ideas and

plans for the future. This helps

drive us to work with them to

achieve their goals.

Through this approach, our

offering has become about more

than just banking.

We believe that this is our key

difference, as this philosophy allows

us to remove the perceptions

around what a bank is and

lets us think creatively about

what a bank could be.

Harry Ferreira is Head of

Small Business at BNZ.

BNZ is the Title Sponsor of the

Ninth Annual Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards and

‘Supreme Business of the

Year’ and ‘Best Large Business’

category. BNZ was also

the Title Sponsor of the Sixth

Annual Indian Newslink Sir

Anand Satyanand Lecture

held on July 25, 2016 at Pullman

Hotel Auckland.



We provide a wide range

of services for potential

immigrants, from assessing

whether you are eligible

for a residence visa, right

through to providing

you with advice on

New Zealand law.

As part of our service we can:

Manage all your visa


Quickly and cost-effectively

assess if you meet the

Government’s criteria for a

residence visa

Provide practical advice on

investing in New Zealand

Introduce investors to

reputable Merchant Banks

Help resolve problems you

may have with Immigration

New Zealand

Assist in re-uniting family


Advise on all aspects of

New Zealand law, including

business, tax, estate, property,

and trusts.


Start with a Dream… Finish with a Future…

Mr. Prince Kumar 12-7-3/1,

Lane beside St. Anthony’s Church,

Secunderabad 500017, India.

Email :

Ph : +91-40-49500017,

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Goddess Saraswathi begins new

chapter in Auckland

Noothana Kumbhabishegam at Sri Subramaniyar Aalayam

Venkat Raman

Hindus will have a

unique experience of

witnessing the ‘installation’

of the Deity of

Goddess Saraswathi at a series

of events currently being held

at Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam

located at 69 Tidal Road in

Mangere, Auckland.

It is understood that this

would be the first time that

the ‘Murthi’ or ‘Vigraha’ of the

Goddess of Knowledge is being

installed at at Temple in New


The ceremony, which ‘energies’

the Deity, constitutes an

important event in the history of

a Temple and is always accompanied

by a series of religious

rituals, prayers, Aartis and

Maha Prasad.

A marriage like environment

prevails in the place of worship,

marked by piety, goodwill and

community participation.

A member of the the Priests

and Temple Committee of Thiru

Subramaniyar Aalayam said

that the preparation for the ‘Installation

Ceremony,’ known as

‘Noothana Kumbhabishegam,’

began on August 14, 2016.

“The ceremony commenced

with ‘Jalathivasam,’ at which

the Murthi was placed in a

sleeping position under water

for 11 days. On August 25, 2016,

the Deity was made to sleep on

a bed of rice during an observance

called, ‘Dhanyathivasam.’

The Main Prayer will start on

September 2, 2016,” he said.

He said that devotees will be

able to offer oil to the Goddess

after 8 pm on September

3, participate in the Maha

Kumbhabishegam between 11

am and 12 pm on September 4

and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

on September 5, 2016.

“The highlight of the events

would be the ‘Noothana

Kumbhabishegam Ceremony’

on September 4 conducted by

our Temple Priests Maharajan,

aka Manikandan (or Mani)

and Ganapathy Subramaniam


“We are actively seeking

the participation of artistes to

perform music or dance on this

occasion, as ‘Upacharam,’ (Obeisance)

to Goddess Saraswathi,”

he said.

Sponsorship for conducting

various Poojas, Homam and

‘Mandalabhishegam’ is also

available, he added.

‘Breathing Life’

Hinduism specifies special

‘Installation Ceremony’ for Goddess Saraswathi

The Deities at Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam

ceremonies in which sacred

images are formally installed in

Temples. These ceremonies are

given two names: ‘Murthi Sthapanam’

and ‘Prana Pratishta.’

‘Murthi’ denotes ‘Sacred Image,’

while ‘Sthapanam’ means


‘Prana Pratishta’ means

‘Breathe Life.’ In other words, it

is bringing the Sacred Image to


‘Murthi Sthapanam’ is now

Om Sivamayam

Om Saravana Bhavaya

Thiru Subramaniyar Aalayam

69 Tidal Road, Mangere, Auckland

Lord Hanuman at Thiru Subramaniyar


common outside India because

of the growing number of

Hindus and the increasing

involvement of young people

in traditional ceremonies. Such

ceremonies are elaborate in

Temples involving priests from

the community and include

immersing the Sacred Image in

water, rice, and flowers; bathing

the Sacred Image in milk,

yogurt, clarified butter (ghee)

and other sacred substances.

Havans and Homams are also

becoming more significant.

Murthi Sthapanam ceremony

is not usually performed in

private homes.

An Agreement

There are two ways to understand

the Murthi Sthapanam


The first is as a contract.

An Agreement is established

Noothana Saraswathi Devi Kumbabishegam

Installation of Saraswati Devi | September 4, 2016

between the Deity and a Temple

congregation. The Deity ‘agrees

to descend’ into the Sacred Image

and the congregation agrees

to care for the Deity in the form

of service (Seva).

The ceremony denotes

‘Awakening of the Deity’ within

the stone or metal.

The other view is more


By definition, God is all-pervading

and omnipresent and

hence the idea of establishing

the breath of the Deity within an

image is impossible.

“God is already there!” theologians


Awakening the mind

“The purpose of the ceremony

is not to establish the Deity

within the image, but to awaken

the mind of the participants

through the power of ritual,

to the presence of Divinity

within the Sacred image. At

the beginning of the ceremony

people see only stone or metal,

but at the end they see God! The

real installation takes place not

in the stone or metal image, but

in the minds and hearts of the


This is the power of ritual.

The culmination of such a

ceremony is when the ‘eyes’ of

the image are actually opened.

In some instances, a sculptor

will chip away at the eyes of the

image and ‘open’ them up.

In some Temples, a dignitary

will be invited to remove a

covering from the eyes of the

image with a golden coin or

similar object. The first thing the

newly infused Deity will see is

an image of Him or Herself as a

mirror is held before the newly

“awakened” image.


September 2, 2016

10.00 am to

12.00 pm

6.30 pm

to 8.30 pm

Aacharya Varuman, Sangalpam, Vigneshwara Pooja, Punniyaga Vaachanam,

Deva Anughnyai, Maha Ganapathi Homam, Navagraha Homam,

Sri Mahalakshmi Homam Poornakuthi, Deeparaathanai, Prasaatham Distribution.

Vigneshwara Poojai, Thirthasanhiriharanam, Vasthu Shanthi, Pravesapali, Angurarpanam, Rakshbhandanam,

Kumba Alangaram, Kadamba Yagasalai Pravesam, Yagasaalai Poojai (First) Saraswathi Moolamanthira Homam,

Poornakuthi, Deeparaathanai, Prasaatham Distribution.


Vishnu Priya Mallela

at 7:30pm


September 3, 2016

10.00 am to

12.00 pm

6.30 pm

Vigneshwara Poojai, Punniyagavaachanam, Yagasaalai Poojai (Second),

Thiraviyakuthi, Poornakuthi, Deeparaathanai, Prasaatham Distribution.

Vigneshwara Poojai, Punniyagavaachanam, Yagasaalai Poojai (Third),Kanya Poojai, Suvasini Poojai, Thiraviyakuthi,

Poornakuthi, Deeparaathanai, Prasaatham Distribution. Rathna niyasam (offering of precious metal & Navaratna to God),

Ashtabhanthanam. Applying oil by Devotees - Saraswathi Devi Ennai Kappu


Akshay Narayan and team

at 11:00am

Veena Recital by

smt. Bhavani’s Students

at 7.30 pm


September 4, 2016

9.30 am

11.00 am

Vigneshwara Poojai, Bhimba Suthi, Murthi Rakshabhandanam, Yagasaalai Poojai (Fourth), Naadi Santhanam,

Sabarsakuthi, Thiraviyakuthi, Poornakuthi, Yathrathanam, Deeparaathanai, Maha Kumbabishegam.

Noothana Saraswathi Devi Maha Kumbabishegam, Maha Abishegam,

Alangaram, Maha Deeparathanai, Prasaatham Distribution.


Bobby Naidoo

Andra Bhajans

Dance Recital:

Ratna Venkat

For further details please contact,

Ilango Krishnamoorthy – 09 263 8854 / 021 739 879 | Charanya Mohanakrishnan – 09 962 7777 / 02 1025 30397

Subbiah Mahalingam – 09 579 9094 / 021 2050 347 Rajaguru Rajamanickam – 09 845 8243 / 09 845 8243

Rajkumar Velu – 022 1873 807 | Karthik Gurukkal - 022 184 6144 | Mani Gurukkal - 022 161 7692

Mandalabishegam for Saraswathi Devi

45 days Mandalapoojai Starts on September 5 , 2016

Sponsors Welcome • Performances Welcome on these days.



Experience Ramayan as a manifestation of your self

The biggest ever local production from September 30


Swami Atulananda

From time immemorial,

storytelling has arguably

been man’s most valuable

tool to stoke the dormant

fires of his imagination, inspiring

the great minds of the ages

and ultimately, history itself.

Why are stories so effective at

influencing us?

The greatest tales break all the

human barriers.

The greatest tales, when

brought to life by a master

storyteller, can hold a restless

child at rapt attention and give

the grizzled veteran a knowing

smile simultaneously.

The greatest tales tell the story

of life itself.

Triumph of imagination

The Ramayan is seen by

some as a triumph of human

imagination and others as history

(Itihaasa), but the realised

minds revel in it as His story.

Whichever way it is seen, it

is undoubtedly one of the most

influential ancient epics of mankind

- one that has provided the

building blocks of Indian culture

for thousands of years.

The story of Ram, the flag

holder of virtue, duty and nobility

takes the listener on a journey

through the entire gamut of

human emotion.

There is love, betrayal, tragedy,

crime, friendship, deceit,


You name it, the Ramayan has


However, what takes this

epic into the upper echelons of

human achievement is its subtle

life lessons to man.

The Ramayan is not a mere

story. It is the path to human

perfection, manifest as Ram.

Today they are immortalised

as Gods, but in essence, each of

the colourful cast in the story

are symbols of the various states

of mind that we all go through.

The unfailingly noble Ram, dedicated

Sita, the single-pointed

focus of Lakshman, devoted

Hanuman, arrogant and proud

Ravan and weak-minded

Kaikeyi among many others are

the personification of our very

own mindset at various stages

in life, under all manner of


To understand the strengths

and weaknesses of our own

mind through the fates of these

characters, and rise above

them to attain the perfection of

Ram is the journey of the inner


Youth Venture

This month, the youth of

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand,

formally named ‘Chinmaya

King Janak’s court for Sita Swayamvar

Yuva Kendra’ (CHYK) take the

epic to the stage in a unique, all

English production on the scale

rarely seen for Indian drama in

New Zealand.

Featuring a cast and crew of

over 60 local youth, the 150-minute

performance showcases a

mix of modern dialogue and

dance to present the epic.

The script brings out the

essence of the subtleties without

the intensive vocabulary, and

will appeal to the young and old


Colourful costumes, stunning

choreography incorporating

many styles of dance and a

powerful soundtrack make

this a complete experience that

cannot be missed.

The Mission

Founded in 1951 by the disciples

of Swami Chinmayananda

under his name, Chinmaya

Mission is a spiritual movement

that aims for inner growth at

individual and collective levels.

Ravan kicks his brother Vibhishan

Today, the Mission benefits

millions worldwide by offering

a wide array of Vedanta study

forums for all ages, promoting

Indian classical art forms, and

operating numerous social

service projects worldwide.

Chinmaya Nikunj, the

Auckland ashram located in

Mangere, has been operational

for over seven years under

the resident teacher, Swami


Plans are underway to expand

the facilities by building a new

activity centre for additional


Reliving the Legend

It is to fundraise for this noble

endeavour that Ramayan - The

Legend Relived was conceived.

The Auckland CHYKs have

successfully held various

fundraising events over the

years, from stage productions

to garba and quiz nights with

the purpose of expanding their

activity base and attracting new

youth to get inspired by the

teachings of Vedanta.

These events are entirely

organised by the youngsters

and offered as their sincere

dedication to the cause, but this

year’s stage production is on

a bigger scale than any other

CHYK fundraiser in Auckland.

Several months in the making,

this promises to be a truly

special event, and all the funds

raised go towards a highly noble


If you are looking for a night

of enlightening entertainment,

then come with your family and

friends - there are three shows

to choose.

Marketing material for the

event has been setting social

media on fire!

Witness the timeless values

and culture of ancient India

brought to life.

We have heard the story, now

relive the legend!



Prophetic Prayers and Meetings

with Master Healers

Sister Sunila Prasad

Paul and Evangeline Dhinakaran with their children

Jason and Sunila Prasad with Alick Narayan at the Prayer Tower

Music has the power of Prayer

Dr Paul Dhinakaran,

his wife Evangeline,

their son Samuel and

daughter Stella Ramola

(Sweety) will be in Auckland

from September 8 to September

10, 2016.

They will conduct a Prophetic

Prayer Conference and Blessing

Healing meetings at Church

Unlimited, 3 Te Atatu Road,


A Youth Meeting will be held

on Sunday, September 11, 2016

with Sam and Sweety at Indian

Christian Life Centre, 8/23

Springs Street, East Tamaki.

Elders who have a passion for

worship and music are also


God has been using the

Dhinakaran family to bring His

Word to His people in a powerful

way and confirming His

Word through signs, wonders

and miracles.

Prophetic Prayer

This is a wonderful opportunity

for Ministry leaders and

church pastors to bring their

leadership teams, especially

young people to attend the

Prophetic Prayer Training.

Dr Dhinakaran describes

Prophetic Prayer as ‘knowing

the mind of God and praying


That is what will bring the

Kingdom of God upon the


That is the grace of God given

to you to fulfil His plans for you

even before the foundations of

the earth.

Praying for the prophecies

to come to pass in this natural

world in a supernatural way is

in itself a Ministry. This is called

Prophetic Prayer.

Prayer Conference

Jesus Calls Prophetic Prayer

Conference, which will be

held from 930 am to 430 pm,

will teach participants how to

hear the word of the Lord and

be filled with the Holy Spirit’s

overflowing power. They will

receive the prophetic anointing

and experience the presence of

God in a new way.

Nine gifts of the Holy Spirit

will be taught including how to

use them daily.

There is minimum registration

fee, applicable to one day

or all three days.

Please call (09) 6207160;


Blessing Healing Meetings

These are evening meetings

open to all, scheduled to

be held from 7 pm on Friday,

September 9 and from 6 pm on

Saturday, September 10, 2016.

We expect a large crowd on

both days and hence early seating

is advised.

Jesus Calls Prayer Tower

‘Jesus Calls,’ is a Ministry

that attracts millions of people

around the world to pray

for someone who is in distress

– not just out of physical ailment

but out of mental agony,

marital incompatibility, physical

deficiencies and a thousand

of problems, complaints and

hopeless situations. Hundreds

of priests, prayer-leaders, volunteers

and community workers

engage themselves in prayer

and community service, seeking

God’s Mercy, almost always

for people who they neither

know nor met. And almost always

Prayer works. Believing is


Jesus Calls New Zealand

Prayer Tower is located at

1/80 Carr Road, Mt Roskill

and is open from Monday to

Friday (9 am to 6 pm) to offer

prayers for those who call

or visit. After hour prayers

are offered through 24/7 free

phone line 0800- 537872 (0800


Healing Blessing Meetings are

held every Tuesday from 7 pm at

the Prayer Tower.

A different person minsters

the Word of God each week.

Each week there is a different

person ministering the Word of

God. Every person attending can

receive individual prayers.

As Dr Paul Dhinakaran (Co-

Founder & President of the

Ministry) told us during his visit

to Auckland earlier this year

(Indian Newslink, February 15,

2013), “God relieves us from the

burden of all ailments. There is

no greater power on earth than

prayers, offered by people who

surrender themselves completely

at the Lord’s feet.”

Jesus ordains

It is understood that his father,

the late DGS Dhinakaran

was ‘personally ordained’ by

Jesus Christ through a ‘vision’ to

bring comfort to people through


Dr Paul Dhinakaran and his

late father established Karunya

University in 1986 as per the

‘Divine Vision’ given to them.

The mission of Karunya is to

raise prophets and leaders like

Daniels, Josephs and Esthers

who will hold high positions in

the government and corporate

sectors. Karunya is located in a

lush green valley of 700 acres

near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Dr Dhinakaran’s wife

Evangeline also brings healing

and God’s anointing to

multitudes of people through

her prayer. She inspires others

by her simple ways and


Christ’s Message

There are many ‘miracles’ that

occurred in his life, the most significant

of which was ‘The Call,’

which he received from Jesus

Christ a few weeks after the

death of his father on February

20, 2008. It was the same vision,

with the same message that his

father had experienced several

years earlier.

The Voice said: “I have started

a new era now. The old era has

ended with your father. The new

era is the one that has to prepare

the world for My Second

Coming. I will raise millions of

prophets and apostles. I will operate

the apostolic power and

the prophetic gifts in the world.”

One of his early successes

was the attention that he

drew with the management of

‘Doordarshan,’ the state-owned

television channels. ‘Jesus Calls’

is now televised through private

channels throughout India,

Europe and the Middle East.

Sister Sunila Prasad and her

husband Brother Jason Prasad

manage Jesus Calls Prayer

Tower in New Zealand. They

are helped by ‘Volunteer

Prayer Warriors,’ who visit

during the day to intercede in

the name of Jesus.


Jesus Calls






Conference Speakers

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Sis Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran & Family

This page has been kindly sponsored by


Friday 9 September - 7 pm

Saturday 10 September - 6 pm



Limited Seating Register Today!

September 2016

9.30am - 4.30 Pm

Thursaday 8, Friday 9 & Saturday 10

For Further Information Contact:

M: 027 4 772937 Or 021 120 8581

P: +64 9 6207160


Morning & Afternoon Tea

Lunch Plus Conference Pack


Church Unlimited

3 Te Atatu Road, Glendene

Auckland, New Zealand

24X7 PRAYER LINE 0800 53 78 72 (0800JESUSCALLS)








Out of Control organisations frustrate Aucklanders

Vic Crone

Council Controlled


(CCOs) are

failing to provide

Aucklanders value

for money. A lack of

unison, efficiency

and duplication of

activities amongst the

CCOs, means our city is

unable to reach its true


It is time we started

taking back control of

the six CCOs, namely

Watercare, Auckland

Transport, Panuku

Development Auckland,

Auckland Council

Investments, Auckland

Tourism, Events and

Economic Development

(ATEED) and Regional

Facilities Auckland.

Promise undelivered

We are far from the

efficient Super City that

we were promised six

years ago and much

of that has to do with

the way our CCOs are


On top of this, there

are increasing concerns

about the performance

and accountability

of the organisations,

specifically not working

well together and

not being run with

the productivity of a


For example, from

what I have seen, there

are a number of ATEED

functions duplicating

activities in other

council organisations

such as the innovation


The last thing

Aucklanders want is

their rates funding


Therefore, we need

to do a better job at

organising the activities

of the core CCOs,

which make up 50%

of Council’s annual

operating budget ($3.48


Action needed

We cannot elect

a Mayor who will

champion the status


We need a visionary

leader who is able

to drive efficiencies

within the CCOs,

reduce the duplication

of resources and

activities and ensure

the organisations work

effectively together

toward aligned goals.

To guarantee Council

is delivering the world

class outcomes that

Auckland deserves, the

CCOs need to be judged

on a world class scale.

As Mayor, I will

be working with

Councillors on the


and Performance

Committee and will

introduce stronger,

more ambitious targets

for CCOs that will be

benchmarked against

international standards.

We need to see a lift in


Taking it Local

At the moment,

there is a growing

disconnection between

CCOs, Council,

elected members

and Aucklanders,

Local boards are

also increasingly

being tagged as an

afterthought by many


As a result,

Aucklanders are

frustrated with how

their communities are


It is important that

we put neighbourhood

development back

in the hands of

communities where it


Local boards know

their communities

and are answerable

to the public for CCO

activities. This needs to

be reflected in the way

CCOs undertake crucial

local decisions.

Auckland has the

potential to be a world

class city but we need

strong, fresh leadership

to pave the way.

Vic Crone is a candidate

for Auckland

Mayoralty. Related

stories appear under


Airport promotes

Islamic Awareness

Auckland Airport marked

‘Islamic Awareness

Week’ last month.

Many organisations

throughout the country supported

the programme held from

August 22 to August 27, 2016.

Auckland Airport General

Manager (People & Safety) Anna

Cassels-Brown said that her organisation

was proud of the role

it plays in bringing people together

and is building strong relationships

with international

and local Muslim communities.

“Countries with large Muslim

populations like Indonesia,

Malaysia and the Middle East are

important emerging markets for

New Zealand. We are welcoming

increasing numbers of business

and leisure travellers from

these countries through our airport.

We are also continuing to

diversify our team to meet the

needs of these and other customers,”

she said.

She said that Auckland Airport

is also building local relationships

with Zayed College for Girls

and Al-Madinah School, two institutions

located close to the


“We were delighted to

award Auckland Airport 50th

Anniversary Scholarships to four

teachers from Zayed College to

support their professional development,”

she said.

Read related report under


Special Workshops

for music enthusiasts

Sangam donates

$10,000 to cyclone


Sandhya Badakere

Venkat Raman

Music lovers keen

to improve their

singing ability will

have a unique

opportunity of attending three


Auckland based Swar

Sadhana Music Academy is

conducting the Workshops on

three consecutive Sundays-

September 18, September 25

and October 2, 2016.

The venue is still being

finalised but it would be in

the Mt Roskill area and the

Workshops will be held from 11

am to 3 pm on all the days.

Academy Director and

Principal Sandhya Rao will

conduct the Workshop with the

guidance of Mayur Tendulkar

and Vibha Trivedi, both

qualified teachers and the

support of established singers

including Ritika Badakere,

Mayuri Bhole, Ekta Kumar and

Srishaa Iyer.

Understanding Music

“The Workshops are in

effect an interactive course

which provides for essential

understanding of the musical

notations, voice training and

voice production technique and

music notation and its practical

relevance,” she said.

Workshop participants will

be able to sing confidently, she


“The sessions are designed

to provide an encouraging and

enjoyable learning experience.

On conclusion of the course,

all participants will receive

a valuable training guide,

including a CD and booklet to

continue practicing on their

own. Seats will be limited to

ensure personal attention,”

Sandhya Badakere said.

The Academy is serious

and systematic in imparting

knowledge among students who

show promise and passion for

Hindustani classical music.

“Everyone begins at the entry

level and progresses through

tests and examinations. Piety

and practice hold the key to

individual success. It takes

years of training, rehearsing

and attention to finer details.

Music is part of our tradition

and is revered with fear and

anxiety. Nothing is more

important than its preservation,

to be bequeathed to the next

generation,” Ms Badakere said.

Valuable affiliation

She said that the Academy

has affiliation with Sur Jhankar

Academy based in Mumbai,

enabling students to achieve

qualifications up to Diploma

level, recognised by the

Maharashtra government.

Further information about

the Academy and the forthcoming

Workshops can be

obtained from Ms Badakere

on (09) 6270009 or 022-1060913

or from Mr Tendulkar on


Seen at the Fiji Sangam Convention Dinner 2016 (from left) are Yashoda Achary, Dharam

Raj, Sada Siwan Naicker, Kushma Nair and Sudha Karan.

Staff Reporter

Members of the Then

India Sanmarga Ikya

(TISI) Sangam Inc

has donated $10,000

for the victims of Tropical

Cyclone Winston that devastated

Fiji on February 25, 2016.

The money was mobilised

at the Fiji Sangam Convention

Dinner 2016 held in Auckland

last month.

New Zealand Sangam

President Dharam Raj handed

over a cheque for $10,000 to Fiji

Sangam President Sada Siwan

Naicker at the dinner.

Among those present were

Sangam Secretary Kushma

Nair and Committee Members

Yashoda Achary and Sudha


Supporting children

Ms Nair said that TISI Sangam

in Fiji had undertaken the responsibility

to provide supplies

and assistance to children in affected


“Dharam Raj thanked the

Sangam Community and

Businesses in Auckland for

their help and support in making

the charity event a success.

TISI Sangam in New Zealand is

proud that it was able to contribute

in the rebuilding process

after Cyclone Winston’s wrath

in Fiji,” she said.

Organisations such as the

‘Then India Sanmarga Ikya

Sangam’ have been concerting

efforts to encourage their members

and families to retrace

their roots (in this case, Tamil)

and revive their mother tongue.

The Sangam has its branches

in all the countries where the

Indo-Fijian Diaspora is present

and their activities include language

classes, cultural and literary

programmes and of course





Model of the Fortnight

Pursuit of worthy cause adds meaning to life

Education should be

available to all and

if you educate a girl,

you would educate the

world, says Akanksha Singh,

our Model of the Fortnight.

This young woman from

Lucknow, the ‘City of

Nawabs’ in North India,

believes in taking risks

and facing challenges

in life for



and trying

things out of

your comfort


is what



as a

person. Pursuing a cause gives

meaning and purpose to life,”

she said.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence and

scholarship that she obtained in

India encouraged her parents

to send her to New Zealand for

higher studies five years ago.

Completing successfully postgraduate

(Masters) degree in

Bioscience Enterprise at the

University of Auckland, she

joined Thermo Fisher Scientific

New Zealand.

“I miss my parents, three

brothers, a sister, cousins – all

members of my extended family.

I am grateful to New Zealand,

which has given me a good start

to my career,” she said.

Personality development

However, New Zealand has

not only appealed to her as a

‘breathtaking country,’ but has

also fulfilled her desire to seek


“I have always


to be



being here

has made

me fiercely independent, strong

and opened new horizons. I

love travelling and have been

to most of the places in North

Island,” she said.

We had featured her briefly

exactly a year ago (Indian

Newslink, September 1, 2015)

as a participant in Miss Indianz


“That event gave me exposure

and spiked my interest in modeling,

which I see as a way of expression

and creative pursuit. I

look forward to professional opportunities,”

she said.

Away from her professional

life, Akanksha loves reading,

shopping, watching movies and

reality shows.

“Anything Bollywood interests

me,” she said.

-Venkat Raman

Pictures by Andrew Bignall,

Dezant Grayman, Brian

Livingstone, Ronald Winstone

and Dave Bradley

If you are interested in being

featured in our ‘Model of the

Fortnight’ series, please write

to editor@indiannewslink.

Umbrella body calls for Open Forum

Venkat Raman

Issues facing the Indian community

will come into focus

at an Open Forum being

organised by New Zealand

Indian Central Association


Association General Secretary

Prakash Biradar said that all associations

catering to people of

Indian origin are welcome to attend

the Forum that will be held

at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, 145,

New North Road, Eden Terrace,

Central Auckland on Sunday,

September 11, 2016 from 2 pm

to 5 pm.

“The aim of this wider community

forum is to actively involve

all the Indian groups to

continue doing their good work

as independent associations and

groups having a link to NZICA.

This forthcoming programme

is being arranged to strengthen

the Indian bonds working together

for a united voice,” he


Impressive growth

Former NZICA President and

currently the Association’s

Wider Community Forum

Chairman Paul Singh Bains will

front the Forum.

NZICA is celebrating its 90th

anniversary this year.

Established in 1926 with

three branches, the Association

today accounts for ten Full

Branches, one Associate Branch,

five Associate Members and

one Probationary Associate


“Fighting against discriminations,

NZICA members have

worked relentlessly in the last

90 years creating a good living

environment for Indians in

New Zealand. The Association

takes a lead role with other Indian

groups to handle issues such as

Immigration, Race relations,

Discrimination, Human Rights,

Health and Welfare, Law and

Order, Indian Cultural Events,

Portability of retirement pension,

Overseas Citizenship of India,

Political representation and

Indian media,” Mr Biradar said.

Prakash Biradar

Paul Singh Bains

K S Bakshi at an Open Forum






Open Forum

New Zealand Indian Central Association

Mahatma Gandhi Centre, 145 New North Road,

Eden Terrace, Auckland

Sunday, September 11 at 2 pm

Paul Singh Bains, Phone: (07) 839 1516 or



Prakash Biradar Phone: 022 399 0322




Sounds of Silence hum with melody and soul

Ratna Venkat

Auckland based Hindustani

Classical musician

and Director of Aarohi

Academy of Music

Vidya Teke and her team are

gearing up for their forthcoming

concert titled ‘Khamoshiyaan

Gun Gunane Lagi’ on Saturday,

September 24 at Dorothy Winstone

Centre, Auckland Girls’

Grammar School.

Third in a Live-in-Concert

series dedicated to Hindi

Cinema’s ‘Queen of Melody’ Lata

Mangeshkar (known as Lata Ji),

the Concert is being organised

and managed by Vidya Teke and

her husband, Shekhar Babanrao


The programme will commence

at 630 pm.

Passion spurs proficiency

Originally from Pune, Maharashtra,

Vidya’s passion for

Hindustani classical music and

singing began in her formative


She initially trained under the

guidance of her father Ashok,

and later under the aegis of

Bhakti Page Gokhale from the

‘Gwalior Gharana,’ and Neha

Deshpande in Pune.

Blessed with a melodious

voice, coupled by passion for

excellence on stage, Vidya participated

in a number of singing

competitions in India such as

“Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.”

After migration to New

Zealand in 2007 with her family,

Vidya won in ‘Kaun Banega

Superstar,’ a singing contest in

Auckland which proved to be

a turning point in her musical


Important Concerts

Her résumé includes conducting

and performing at various

stage shows and live-in-concerts

in India, New Zealand and Fiji.

Some of them have involved

popular singers from the Hindi

film industry such as Annu Kapoor,

Amit Kumar and Bankim


Recently, Vidya was a female

lead singer at the ‘Mohammed

Aziz Live-in-Concert’.

A versatile singer adept not

only in Hindustani Classical, but

Arohi Academy of Music Presents

Khamoshiyaan gun gunane Lagi

Live in Concert: Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar

Doroty Winston Centre, 16 Howe St, Auckland

24 September 2016 6:30pm Onwards

also Semi-Classical and Light

Music, Vidya has lent her voice

in other languages besides Hindi

and her native Marathi. These

include Bengali, English, Gujarati,

Kannada and Malayalam.

Vidya’s ability to entertain

audiences led to her attracting

students in 2010 when she

opened her institution ‘Aarohi

Academy of Indian Music,’ of

which she is the sole Director

and Principal.

Lessons for all

“As our Academy’s motto is

to spread Indian culture and

musical traditions amongst

New Zealanders, we are proud

to have students who come

from different age groups and

backgrounds, such as children,

youngsters, housewives and

senior citizens,” Vidya says.

Besides teaching the four

types of Indian music (Classical,

Semi-Classical, Light and Film),

Vidya is committed to giving

exposure to her students and providing

platforms to display their

vocal talent, either by karaoke or

accompanied by a live orchestra.

“My dream is to impart quality

education in singing and to carry

forward Indian music culture

here in New Zealand. Potential

students keen to learn are welcome

to start their training at our

Academy any time,” says Vidya.

Aarohi Academy of Music

is affiliated with Gandharv

Mahavidyalaya in Pune, one of







the foremost music institutes in


The Concert

‘Khamoshiyaan Gun Gunane

Lagi’ will feature Vidya and other

well-known Auckland singers,

and students from her Academy.

They will be supported by a live

orchestra with Hemant Thaker

(Keyboard), Joscel Alexander

(Acoustic Drums), Joseph Alexander

(Octopad), Monitosh Thaker

(Guitar), Navneel Prasad (Tabla),

Rezwan Ashraf (Guitar) and

Shivam Padayachi (Bass Guitar).

‘Khamoshiyaan Gun Gunane Lagi’

Live-in-Concert Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar

Aarohi Academy of Music

Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 630 pm

Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls’ Grammar School,

16 Howe St, Newton, Auckland

$20 per person

For group bookings and more information, please call

Shekhar Babanrao Teke on 021-02736054






The cost of surgical and medical treatments

availableprivatelyinNew Zealand arerising,

and newcancer treatment medicines are

being developed.

Futureproof your health challenges by

ensuring youhaveaccess to the next

generation of immunotherapy cancer drugs.

$500,000 Limit

Surgical. Medical. Cancer.

REAL Products. REAL Benefits.

Contact your financial adviser or phone 0800 800 242 to

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Terms, conditions and usual, customary and reasonable rules apply. Please referto the policy wordings for full details.


ARTLINK-Ratna Venkat


Look above the Sky, muse and cry

Ashok Kochhar


blanket from the

heavens up above

Since time immemorial,

people have been

looking towards the Sky for

various reasons.

At times it is to seek a message

from the world above us, and at

times it is to make a wish to the


While some are gestures of

respect, others are those of hope

and belief.

There may be a deep meaning

to these gestures.

This practice is not related to

one religion but all have some

or the other ritual requesting

the Sky above to shower its


Eternal Phenomenon

Maybe it is the magnanimity of

the skies. It helps us relate to

the idea of a being, much greater

than us, and a phenomenon

that is ever present, yet hardly

makes its presence apparent.

We humans like to find signs in

every act of nature, and sky is

one of the most dramatic and

theatrical displays of nature,

which keeps changing every

hour of the day.

At times, you cannot help

but feel like a child, watching

an act in a play, where many

emotions are unveiled through

the form of light and thunder, as

if Mother Nature is putting up a

show for her loved children.

Of course a clear day is beautiful

and evenings are worth


Masters say there has to be

dark to appreciate the stars.

In all the conditions, we are

looking at sky.

If one sits for a while in

solitude and concentrate on the

Sky, there is a possibility of a

two-way conversation.

Fascinating moods

As a visual artist and a

photographer, I am always fascinated

by the changing moods

of Sky and clouds floating like a

boat in a calm lake.

When there is no cloud, one

witnesses the farthest point.

At the same time, one gets

scared when the Sky gets angry,

flooding lands with the frightening

sound of lightning.

And then comes the serene

night sky, filled with the glittering

starry blanket, as if telling a

story of all the eras gone by and

of all that are yet to come.

Ashok Kochhar is an international

photographer, in love

with everything that is good

on earth and the sky above.

The sea begins where the sky ends

Is this fire in the Sky

Could this be the Gateway to Heaven

Every Cloud carries a message

This could have inspired Kalidas

Like a waterfall, clouds bring energy


28 ARTLINK-Ratna Venkat

Taste and stats make Salmon a great choice

Coming from South East Asia

where there is an abundance

of seafood, one of the things I

truly miss is the variety of fish

available at the markets there.

Since moving to Auckland, I have

dabbled with much disappointment

the fillet of fish you get from the local


The fillets of thinly sliced fish are

most certainly not suited for our

eastern recipes.

However, one type of fish I have

grown to appreciate here and enjoy

cooking is Salmon. It is not a common

fish in Asia and what is rarely available

is not fresh and delicious as what you

get here.

Salmon is today a very popular food


It is classified as an oily fish and so is

devoured only in small portions.

Salmon is healthy because of the high

levels of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids

and vitamin D in it.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been

linked to lower blood pressure and

reducing the risk of blood clots and so is

considered an excellent source of ‘good


With its delicate and sweet pink flesh,

Salmon is easy and quick to cook and

is very delicious once you acquire the

taste for it.

If the western recipes have not

converted you to a Salmon lover, then

surely the following flavoursome

eastern recipes below will.

I would like to share an India-inspired

Salmon recipe – Grilled Salmon

with a Spicy Tomato Gravy, served with

Cauliflower Rice and a fresh salad such

as Apple and Fennel Slaw.

Another recipe is an Asia-style Grilled

Salmon with Hoisin Sauce, served with

Gai Lan and Steamed Rice. Experiment

and enjoy!

Grilled Salmon with Spicy Tomato Gravy



Notes and


1. Quantities of

sugar and salt are


please add or

reduce to suit



2. Tsp: Teaspoon

Tbsp: Tablespoon

• 4 fillets of Salmon – rinse and

pat dry with paper towel

• 1 large red onion – peeled

• 4-5 cloves of garlic – peeled

• 1-inch piece ginger – peeled

• 2 fresh red chillies

• 1 tbsp chilli powder

• 1 tbsp cumin powder

• 1 tsp turmeric

• 1 tsp coriander powder

• Salt to taste

• 1 tbsp fenugreek (methi) leaves

• 2-3 tbsp tomato paste

• 1-2 tsp sugar

• ½ cup of light cream

• Water

• Olive/Vegetable Oil

1. Remove any fine bones if any from Salmon fillets.

2. Smear some olive oil on the fillets before putting them skin

side up on a grease paper lined baking tray.

3. Grill on high for about 10 minutes until cooked and skin is

brown and crispy. Set aside.

4. Blend the onion, ginger, garlic and fresh chillies into a fine


5. Heat a wok with some oil in it and fry the blended paste.

6. When the mixture is brown and the oil is released, add the

chilli, cumin, coriander and turmeric powder and mix well.

7. Add salt to taste.

8. When the mixture is fragrant, add the tomato paste and then

sugar to balance off the sourness of the tomato. Mix well.

9. Add the cream and enough water (about one cup) to make a

thick gravy.

10. Mix well and add the methi leaves and allow the gravy to

come to the boil.

11. Taste and adjust seasoning of gravy before turning off the


12. Place the grilled Salmon fillets on a serving platter and pour

the gravy over the fish.

Cauliflower Rice


• 1 head of Cauliflower

• Salt to taste

• Water

• Chopped fresh herbs (optional


1. Use a food processor to

blitz the cauliflower into

little pieces which

resemble rice.

2. Place the chopped

cauliflower into a sauce

pan with a sprinkling of


3. Cover and steam for

a minute or two as cauliflower

cooks very quickly with very

little water.

4. Add salt and stir through

some chopped fresh herbs if

you like. Otherwise leave it


5. Serve warm as a refreshing,

light alternative to calorie

laden rice.

Serve with Cauliflower Rice and a fresh salad such as Fennel and Apple Slaw.

Asian Style Salmon with Hoisin Sauce



• 4 fillets of Salmon – rinse and pat dry

with paper towel

• 3 tbsp Hoisin Sauce

• 1 tbsp dark soy sauce

• 1 tbsp light soy sauce

• 1 tbsp fish sauce

• Dash of sesame oil

• Salt & Pepper

• 2 fresh red chillies

• 4 cloves garlic – peeled

• 1-inch piece ginger – peeled

• 1 bunch of spring onions – sliced

• Olive oil

1. Remove fine bones if any from Salmon fillets and place them on a large deep plate.

2. Finely chop the red chillies, garlic and ginger and put into a bowl.

3. Add the hoisin sauce, light and dark soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper

into the bowl and mix well.

4. Smear the mixture all over the fish and set aside for half hour to marinate.

5. Pour some olive oil on the marinated Salmon fillets and place them skin side up on a

grease paper lined baking tray.

6. Grill on high for about 10-15 minutes until cooked and the skin is brown and crispy.

7. Serve while warm with greens such as steamed Gai Lan and steamed Jasmine rice.

Steamed Gai Lan


• 2 bunches of Gai Lan (or

Bak Choy if Gai Lan not


• 2-3 cloves of garlic –

peeled and chopped fine

• Salt to taste

• Vegetable Oil

• Water


1. Wash and slice the stem

diagonally so it cooks

through quick. Slice the

leaves as well.

2. Heat some oil in a wok

and fry the chopped

garlic until fragrant.

3. Toss in the sliced Gai Lan

and mix well.

4. Add salt to taste.

5. Add a quarter cup of

water and cover the wok

and steam for about 2 to

3 minutes.

6. The greens should be

firm yet cooked through.

7. Take off the flame and

serve hot.

Disclaimers: Geetha Nair and Indian Newslink absolve themselves of any responsibility relating to the ingredients, cooking methods and other matters relating to ‘Geet’s Kitchen’ column. Some ingredients may

not be available and may cause allergy in some people. Caution must therefore be exercised and Geetha Nair and Indian Newslink will not be responsible to any health issues in this connection. Please consult

your General Practitioner, Nutritionist or such others you may be consulting in connection with your dietary requirements.



Multitask expert to present Carnatic music concert

Venkat Raman



Consultant Physiatrist

and Medical Director,

a linguist adept in

Tamil, English, Hindu,

Marathi, Bengali and other languages,

a community worker

with a record of rehabilitation

work and a recipient of State

and National Awards would

be presenting a Carnatic Vocal

Music Concert in Auckland on

Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Organised by the New

Zealand Carnatic Music Society,

the Concert will be held from

530 pm at the Blockhouse Bay

Community Hall (located at

546 Blockhouse Bay Road),

Blockhouse Bay.

It may sound that four singers

would be on stage at the


But that would not be so.

The evening would belong to

Dr Sunder Subramaniam, who

is known as a manifestation of

several talents and an expert in


He will be supported by

our own Masters Dr Ashok

Malur (Violin) and Dr Suresh

Ramachandra (Mridangam).

Early beginner

Introduced to music by his

mother Parvathy when he was

very young, Dr Sunder attended

music classes under the tutelage

of Vaidyanatha Iyer in

Dr Sunder Subramaniam

Chembur, Mumbai and later under

the training of Palghat T S

Anantharaman. His other mentors

were Vidushi T Brinda and

Vidwan Trichy Swaminatha


He is also a disciple of D K

Jayaraman and T K Govinda


His penchant for Carnatic

Music began to grow even as

he gained experience and proficiency

in Bengali and Marathi


Public debut

Dr Sunder’s first public performance

was in Bengali music

at a concert held at Birla

Mandir, Mumbai in 1975, followed

by a National Integration

Music Programme conducted

by his teacher Moloy Ghose

at Shanmukhananda Hall,


His first solo music concert

was at a Temple close to home

in Ayanavaram during the

Navaratri festival in 1982.

Since then, he has performed

at more than 400 concerts in

India and other countries.

Music Promotion

Accepting an invitation

from the then Chairman of

Shriram Group of Companies

R Thyagarajan, Dr Sunder took

charge as Honorary Convenor

of the Music Forum Chennai to

create audiences for classical

music and give lecture demonstrations

on music appreciation.

The growing public interest

encouraged him to organise

these on several successive occasions

in Tamil Nadu.

Medical prowess

His medical qualifications

are impressive (MD

Degree in Physical Medicine

& Rehabilitation from Dr

MGR Medical University,

MOBS from Stanley Medical

College, Chennai, Postgraduate

Diploma in Physical Medicine

and Rehabilitation from

Madras Medical College,

Ergonomic Principles for

Workplace Assessment

and Design Programme

at Lansing, University of

Michigan USA, Certificate in

Occupational Health with training

in Industrial Health and

Ergonomics).Dr Sunder is currently

Consultant Physiatrist

and Medical Director at Prem

Center located at Thirvanmiyur

in Chennai.

Dr. Sunder is one of the few

practitioners of the rare specialty

of Physical medicine and

rehabilitation in India today.

Physical medicine deals with

the management of musculoskeletal

and neurological disorders

with physical methods of

treatment. Biomechanics, and

prescription of posture and exercise

form important components

of management in

the field of physical medicine.

Rehabilitation deals with the

medical management of the





Receive for FREE

a cross-shaped

bottle of holy oil

from Israel.

(also at 7am, 3pm & 6pm)

s at ats...




09 262 2286 / 021 501 271

I was suffering from insomnia and anger

problems. I anointed myself along with my

bed and pillow every night with the Holy Oil as

it was of significant value to me and with it, I

prayed to God, saying that I had enough of

this problem and I wanted to get rid of it. The

more I came to the meetings held in the

UCKG Help Centre, the more I learnt about

how to use my faith and belief in God’s ability

to do the impossible and within time, I noticed

that I no longer had nightmares; I started to

sleep peacefully which led me to have control

over my anger. I was no longer getting irritated

and could approach people without getting

angry. Today, I’m free from all my problems.

Irene Lata


The UCKG does not claim to heal people but believes that

God can through the power of faith. Always follow your

doctor’s instructions. This ad contains stories from UCKG

members across the world. Individual experiences vary but

we believe God’s power is available to everyone. UCKG Help

Centre is a New Zealand Registered Charity – 9059642.


30 entertainmentlink

Shreya Ghoshal puts Wellingtonians on a trance

A Correspondent

Shreya Ghoshal had her audience swinging Never a dull moment at the Wellington Concert Hrishikesh Ranade, the upcoming music star

Three years ago, speaking

to Indian Newslink

from her home in

Mumbai, Shreya

Ghoshal had said that New

Zealand was her favourite

country and that she wished

to perform in many cities and


That wish was fulfilled in

Wellington, her debut in the

Capital, on August 19, 2016.

She was the star of ‘Deewani

Mastani Shreya Ghoshal in

Concert’ organised by Hitesh

Vyas and Arvind Shetty of ‘Rock

on Music’ at Michael Fowler


“This is the best show that we

have ever organised,” they said.

Riveting numbers

More than 2000 people attended

the event. Among them

were New Zealand First Leader

Winston Peters, his fellow

Member of Parliament Mahesh

Bindra, National MP Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi and India’s High

Commissioner to New Zealand

Sanjeev Kohli.

Shriya was accompanied by

Hrishikesh Ranade, an upcoming

male singer.

She set the pace for the

evening’s melody with ‘Mohe

Rang Do Laal’ (a classical song

from ‘Bajirao Mastani’, a hit

film starring Deepika Padukone

and Ranveer Singh) and quickly

followed with a number of

popular numbers including a

tribute to Madhubala, ‘Kehte

Hain Ye Deewani Mastani Ho

Gayi Deewani’ (from ‘Bajirao

Mastani’) and ‘Agar Tum

Mil Jao’ (picturised on Udita

Goswami and Emraan Hashmi

for ‘Zeher’).

Among the songs that called

for repeated encores were ‘Sun

Raha Hai Na Tu’ (‘Aashiqui

2’), Barso Re Megha (‘Guru’),

‘Manwa Lage’ (title track) and

‘Radha’ (‘Student of the Year’).

Mass Entertainer

While her fans say that she

has rendered thousands of

songs,’ no one really seems to

know the accurate number,

not even the artiste herself.

“I have never kept a record

of the songs that I have

sung over the years. They

have been in several languages,

put to track at different studios

throughout India. When

Arvind Shetty, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Sanjeev Kohli, Winston Peters, Mahesh Bindra and Hitesh Vyas at the Concert

I stand behind the microphone,

either at the studio or on stage,

my anxiety is to do my best and

not disappoint my music directors,

lyricists, producers, directors,

show organisers and most

important of all, my fans,” she


Challenging task

From the first song that she

rendered as a playback singer

picturised on Aishwarya Rai

for ‘Devdas’ 14 years ago to the

latest numbers in yet-to-be-released

such as ‘Saanson Mein

Tum’ (‘Gehri Chaal’), ‘Dillagi,

Yeh Dillagi’ (‘Dillagi’), ‘O Sathiya’

(‘Mohabbat Ho Gayi Hai Tumse’)

and the title track from ‘Dil Mile

Na Mile,’ Shreya has maintained

her composure as a simple and

friendly person, never letting

success go to her head.

“Every song is a challenge and

I have never considered that

I have done my best. I continue

to learn and with every song,

the anxiety is to improve on the

previous number. The success

of songs and films make me to

do better,” she said.






ACelebration of Kiwi-Indian Elegance

Saturday 17th September, 7:30pm, Aotea Centre

Book your tickets now

Participate in Miss Popular voting and beintowin fantastic prizes. For details visit




Call it Heritage Reconnection, not beauty junction

Swapna Parikh

From academics to sporting

champs, career professionals

to high school

students, there are 26

beautiful and diverse women

who share one common dream:

to take home the coveted title of

Miss Indianz 2016.

They do not have wait long.

In about two weeks, Bollywood

will descend upon Auckland’s

Aotea Centre for the much-anticipated

Miss Miss Indianz


Now in its 14th year, this

event will be a visual extravaganza

of glitz, glamour, fashion,

music and dance.

Cultural engagement

A spectacular celebration

of Kiwi-Indian culture, Miss

Indianz will bring together

women from mixed ethnic

backgrounds to showcase their

unique identities.

“It will boost my confidence

and help me play a positive role

Bablin Kaur

in the community,” says nursing

student and pageant contestant

Karishma Patel.

“I hope to influence other

young women of Indian origin

to stand up and be proud

of who they are and what they

wish to achieve.”

For Auckland-born Natalie

Nand, the event provides a

great opportunity to reconnect

with her Indian heritage.

“My identity was not very

close to my roots while I was

growing up,” says Natalie, who

has a degree in Psychology

and works as a mental health


“I started learning Hindi film

dances and Bharata Natyam

this year and decided to enter

Miss Indianz as a way to engage

with the Indian community and

find out what it means to be a


Specialist Organisation

Produced by specialist event

company, Rhythm House and

supported by Radio Tarana

and Indian Newslink, Miss

Indianz 2016 will be held on

Saturday, September 17 at Aotea

Centre in Auckland’s Central

Business District.

While more than 500 people

will be present at the venue,

at least 10,000 others will follow

the proceedings on social


After a traditional Maori welcome,

festivities will begin with

the ‘Kiwi Girl’ round, giving contestants

a chance to showcase

their love for New Zealand’s

high fashion.

I believe that this segment

captures the true spirit of Miss


Since its establishment in

2002, we have opened the

show with the Saree round but

this year we want to emphasise

more on our unique Kiwi-

Indian identity.

We encourage our contestants

to embrace Te Reo and Maori

Tikanga, not just their native

language; and aim to showcase

not just Indian talent, but Kiwi-

Indian talent.

This year’s contestants come

from Queenstown, Wellington,

Hamilton and Auckland.

They belong mixed ethnic

groups such as Tongan-Indian,

Kiwi-Indian, Anglo-Indian and

other communities.

Miss Indianz is all about celebrating

their unique identities.

Tickets will be available from

August 1, 2016 from

For further details, please visit

or call Dharmesh Parikh on

021-2727454; Email: events@

Here are the profiles of the

last set of two Miss Indianz contestants

– part of a journey that

we began in our April 15, 2016.

This is therefore our tenth instalment

(we seemed to have

got the number wrong earlier!).



Now in its 14th year


September 17, 2016

at 730 pm

Aotea Centre, Auckland

Tickets available now

Swapna Parikh is

Event Producer,

Miss Indianz 2016.

Beauty and talent come

with a heart as Bablin

Kaur plans to help such

deserving organisations

as Kidney Kids NZ, SPCA and

Auckland City Mission.

Born in a middle class family

in Chandigarh, Bablin is keen

to become independent and and

create a better environment

for her family, relatives and


“There are many people who

are stressed for money. I owe a

lot to New Zealand and I hope

to make a difference by helping

my local community in every

way possible. I believe in hard

work,” she said.

A graduate (Bachelor’s degree)

in Business (Accounting)

from Unitec, she has qualifications

from the University of

Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria

and ICL Business School in


Bablin is a recipient of several

trophies and awards for

academic excellence while studying

at the famous Doon Public

School in India.

Simran Madan


qualified dancer,

Simran Madan strongly

believes that Miss

Indianz 2016 will be

a turning point in her life and


The Auckland-born teenager,

who scored high at her

NCEA Levels 1 and 2 appearances,

apart from becoming

the Junior Champion in Latin,

Ballroom and New Vogue dances

last year, says that the forthcoming

event will boost her


Miss Indianz will help me to

learn about communication

and leadership skills. It creates

learning experiences about

building friendships and it is a

great window of opportunity

as it opens doors to modelling,

acting and performing; these

would enable me to contribute

effectively to our larger community,”

she said.

Inner beauty is more important,

she said, adding, “The

real woman should not only

be beautiful but also be intelligent

and capable of taking interest

in various important issues

around us.”



Olympic heroes receive historic welcome in Fiji

Rugby Sevens bring home their first gold

Apurva Shukla

History will mark August 11,

2016 as one of the greatest days

for Fiji sport.

It was the day when the

Fiji Rugby Sevens team won

the first gold medal for their

nation at the Rio de Janeiro

Olympic Games. It capped off

a spectacular two-year run of

domination of the sport for the

Island nation.

Rugby sevens made its debut

at Rio and found deserving

champions in the Flying Fijians.

Spectacular Play

The Fijian style of Rugby is all

flair and finesse.

The ability to keep the ball

alive combined with their

trademark creativeness is the

platform on which their game

is built.

It was this skill, coupled by the

passion and exuberance that led

the side to win, easily beating

Great Britain 43-7 in the finals at

the Deodoro Stadium in Rio.

On route to the summit clash,

the team had knocked out

pre-tournament favourites New

Zealand 12-7 in the quarters,

before beating the tenacious

What a win it was! - The Rugby Sevens soon after victory Thousands greet their national heroes in Nandi on August 21

Japanese 20-5 in the semi-finals.

Captain Osea Kolinisau and

winger Josua Tuisova were the

outstanding players. Tuisova,

nicknamed the ‘Human Bulldozer’

for his supreme physicality

on the Rugby field; has been

seldom successfully tackled by

his opponents.

Coach Ben Ryan has also had

a profound impact on the team

since being appointed the coach

in 2013.

The Englishman has turned

the team into a fitter and more

consistent unit. The strong Fijian

defence has Ryan’s stamp all

over it.

High State Honours

Fiji has been sending its

athletes to Olympics since 1956

(Melbourne) but the win at

this year’s event was a perfect

reward for hard work and

support that the team received

from the country’s government

and people.

Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe

Bainimarama and his ministerial

colleagues were among thousands

of people present at the

Nadi International Airport when

their national heroes returned

home on August 21, 2016.

He later joined President

Jioji (George) Konousi Konrote,

ministers, Members of Parliament,

government officials and

community leaders and ordinary

New Zealanders at Prince

Charles Stadium to accord the

team a warm reception.

Mr Konrote made Coach Ben

Ryan a Companion of the Order

of Fiji, the highest civil honour

in Fiji, while the Fijian players

and team managers were made

Officers of the Order of Fiji. All

of them received a cash award of

US$ 30,000 each.

Good Example

The win for Fiji is a good

example of how single-minded

devotion and passion towards

a goal can help overcome


Fijian players do not have

access to world class facilities or

have a Rugby Union flush with

funds. What they do have is

unadulterated love for the sport.

This has led to thousands

playing the game, and establishment

of a strong domestic Rugby


Colonial Cup and Pacific Rugby

Cup produce battle-hardened

players ready to step up to the

demands of international Rugby


Fiji can and should achieve

more in sports like Test Rugby

and Soccer.

Global sporting authorities

should divert more resources

towards Fiji- their success is

good for sport in general.

Some home truths

In his speech at the Reception,

Mr Bainimarama said that the

Gold Medal ‘glittered as bright as

the Pacific Sun.’

“We are all very lucky not

only to see Fiji win Gold at the

Olympics but also to be living in

a golden age. Forty-Six years after

Independence, we are finally

showing the promise as a nation

that most of us of a certain age

always knew was there. But

which we were squandering by

not being able to work together

as a team.

The full text of Mr Bainimarama’s

speech can be accessed

on the Fiji Government Website


9th Annual





Let us Celebrate

your success

Gala Black Tie Awards Night

with Cocktails and Dinner

Monday, November 28, 2016

at Sky City Convention Centre

Corner Victoria & Federal Streets, Auckland City

From 615 pm to 915 pm

Master of Ceremonies

Jackie Clarke

Cocktails and Networking from 5 pm to 615 pm

Dinner, Entertainment, Awards Ceremony

For tickets,

priced at $150 plus GST (including cocktails and dinner)

contact us on Phone (09) 5336377 or (09) 3910203


Indian Newslink Indian Newslink

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