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US votes in landmark election

• Reuters, Washington, DC

Supercharging the bluster, hyperbole and media mastery that made him one of the world’s

best-known businessmen, Donald Trump upended US democratic traditions on a 17-month

quest he hopes will lead to the White House.

In Tuesday’s election against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump is making his first run for

public office. Trump called it a movement, not a campaign.

He drew enthusiastic crowds to rallies where people cheered him for “just saying what

everybody’s thinking.” Critics labeled him misogynistic, ill-informed, uncouth, unpresidential,

a racist, a hypocrite, a demagogue and a sexual predator, all accusations he denied.

It took Trump, 70, little more than 10 months to vanquish 16 other candidates and become

the first major party nominee since General Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s to have no government

experience. He drew a record number of votes in primary contests, creating a rift in

the party.

• Reuters, Washington, DC

Hillary Clinton has one of the strongest resumes of anyone ever to run for US president, with

stints as first lady, senator and secretary of state, but she is also a polarising figure and a Washington

insider with decades of political baggage.

Should Democrat Clinton, 69, defeat Republican Donald Trump, 70, in Tuesday’s election,

she would become the first woman elected US president, having already been the only first

lady to win elected office and the first woman nominated for president by a major US party.

Clinton entered the 2016 race as her party’s odds-on favorite, but was perceived as an establishment

figure and the ultimate insider at a time when voters seemed enamored with outsiders.

For decades Clinton has battled conservatives and Republican adversaries and weathered

controversies including her husband Bill Clinton’s infidelity, a failed Republican effort to remove

him from office, investigations into past business dealings and her use of a private email

Takes over his father’s real estate company. He will become

a billionaire, building towers, hotels, casinos and golf courses

First of three marriages

Born in New York June 14, 1946

Business studies 1964-68




Birth of Donald John Trump Jr., the first of his 5 children

Builds the Trump Tower in New York 1983

Democrat until 1987

Joins Republican Party 1987-99

Joins Reform Party 1999-2001

Rejoins the Democrats 2001-09

Hosts the TV reality show "The Apprentice" 2004-15

Returns to the Republicans 2012

Candidate to become the Republicans’ presidential nominee June 2015

Wins the Republican nomination May 2016

Faces Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election Nov 8, 2016

Donald Trump



Photo: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Oct 26, 1947 Born in Chicago (Illinois)

1969 Yale Law School. Meets Bill Clinton

1974-75 Lawyer at the Children’s Defense Fund

1975 Marries Bill Clinton

1980 Birth of her only child, Chelsea

1993-2001 US First Lady

2001-09 Senator for New York

2002 Votes in favour of the war in Iraq

Aug 2008 Loses Democratic nomination to Barack Obama

2009-13 US Secretary of State in the Obama administration

Sept 11, 2012 Criticised for her management of security


after the US diplomatic compound in Libya is attacked


March 2015 Controversy over her use of a private email server

for official correspondence while Secretary of State

April 2015 Candidate to become the Democratic

presidential nominee

June 2016 Becomes the Democratic presidential candidate (the first

woman to hold that position in a major political party)

Nov 8, 2016 Faces Donald Trump in the US presidential election

Photo AFP/Jewel Samad

Then he squared off against Clinton in a race marked by controversies that included upheaval

in his staff, charges he had groped women, and his claim, never supported, that Clinton and

the media had rigged the election against him.

He shocked many by saying he might not accept the election result if he lost, repudiating a

US tradition of peaceful government transition. He said that as president he would investigate

Clinton for her use of email while secretary of state. He vowed to send her to jail.

His campaign took a scandalous turn in October with the release of a 2005 video in which

Trump, unaware he was being recorded, told a reporter he liked to kiss women without invitation

and could grab them by the genitals without recriminations.

Gloom over America

Throughout his campaign Trump described a dark America that had been knocked to its knees

by China, Mexico, Russia and Islamic State. The American dream was dead, he said.

Trump said he would make America great again through the force of his personality, offering

vague plans to win economic concessions from China, to build a wall on the southern US border to

keep out undocumented immigrants and to make Mexico pay for it.

He used Twitter as a weapon, firing off insults and mockery at those who offended him, including

“Crooked Hillary” and Republican rivals “Little Marco” Rubio, Jeb “Low Energy” Bush and

“Lyin’ Ted” Cruz.

As of late October, The New York Times had counted 282 people and things he had insulted

on Twitter since declaring his candidacy. •

server as secretary of state.

Many Democrats back her for championing women’s rights at home and abroad, social justice

and access to healthcare, but opinion polls show a majority of US voters do not trust her.

Against Trump, she portrayed her candidacy as a bulwark against a unique threat that she

said the real estate developer posed to American democracy.

‘What to make of me’

A mistrust of rivals and the media has long prompted Clinton to keep her guard up.

“The truth is, through all these years of public service, the ‘service’ part has always come

easier to me than the ‘public’ part,” Clinton said in accepting the 2016 Democratic nomination.

“I get it that some people just don’t know what to make of me.”

Republicans have accused Clinton of breaking the law while corresponding through a private

email server as secretary of state. In July, FBI Director James Comey called Clinton “extremely

careless” in her handling of classified information by email, but Obama’s Justice Department

accepted his recommendation not to bring criminal charges.

The controversy flared again on October 28, 11 days before the election, when Comey told

US lawmakers the FBI was investigating a new trove of emails as part of its probe.

On Sunday, Comey said the FBI found nothing in those emails to change the agency’s July

decision not to bring charges against Clinton, lifting a cloud over her campaign just two days

before the election. •

News 3


The game has changed, whoever wins


• Abu Sayeed Asiful Islam,

back from the United States

For either Donald Trump or Hillary

Clinton, this is the end of the road.

Whatever happens on November

8, the rifts exposed by this election

will have to be contended with

for years to come.

In just over 24 hours, the two

least popular candidates in the history

of popularity polling will await

the verdict of “a very angry electorate,”

as American University Assistant

Professor Elizabeth Sherman

put it to the Dhaka Tribune.

Galvanising the electorate and

reaching out to the undecided and

apathetic has cost a small fortune.

(See infograph.)

Some have likened the 2016 presidential

race to the UK’s EU referendum,

saying the election will break

down along generational lines.

America’s youngest adults, the

Millennials, who comprise the plurality

of voting age citizens, will be

voting for two of the oldest candidates

in recent history, and they

aren’t happy about it.

The two candidates have spent

the final two days ahead of the

polls in a final flurry of stumping

across battleground states.

American University Professor

Peter Kuznick summed up the calculus

of American politics: “This

is not one, but 50 elections. Every

state matters.”

With a clear lead in electoral

votes going into the endgame, Clinton

yesterday campaigned in Michigan,

attended an all-star concert in

Philadelphia and is scheduled to fly

to North Carolina.

Clinton currently is believed to

command such a large number of

electoral votes that even if Trump

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton raised $154 million

for her campaign last month, her biggest monthly fundraising haul yet,

pushing the total in her bid for the White House towards $1 billion




manages to win Ohio, Florida and

North Carolina, he’d still need to

take Michigan or Wisconsin for it

to matter.

Michigan has not voted Republican

since 1988, but the Clinton

camp’s decision to make a final

stand there indicates that they are

not willing to take any chances.

Trump, for his part, jetted across

2000: George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

$1,976.50 million

2004: George W. Bush vs. John Kerry

$2,435.60 million

2008: Barack Obama vs. John McCain

$3,131.97 million

2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

$2,749.97 million

2016: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

$2,937.18 million

$546.93m $425.91m $755.29m $983.20m

All figures


for inflation to

2016 values




Clinton Clinton Superpacs* Other candidates*

campaign outside

(21 candidates)

committee groups

$165.85m Trump outside groups

*Federal Election Commission data

released September 21, 2016

$60m Trump campaign committee

Sources: Clinton campaign committee, OpenSecrets.org Pictures: Associated Press © GRAPHIC NEWS

the country to Florida, North Carolina,

Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

His strategy throughout has

been to drum up “white grievances”

to a fever pitch, which has so

emboldened his voter base that

they have stood by him even when

he has locked horns with its leadership.

For the big new player in American

politics, the Millennials, Zogby

Analytics polling has found that

Trump has gained among older

members of the cohort, but most

still favour Clinton.

Turncoat superstars

The 2016 presidential race has defied

expectations in every way imaginable

and likely portend major

changes to both parties.

Trump, a former Democrat, and

Clinton, an erstwhile Republican,

have never really acted according

to script.

As first lady of the United States,

Clinton earned the ire of her own

party’s leadership – and politicos

generally – by working as the forceful

taskforce chairperson behind the

health care reform proposal of 1993.

Her outspoken style remains

difficult for more patriarchally-minded

Americans to accept. As

the first lady of Arkansas, she was

infamously compelled to have a

makeover in order to protect husband

Bill Clinton’s political career.

Trump has had a touch and

go relationship with much of his

party’s leadership, including the

current Republican Speaker of the

House Paul Ryan.

Trump’s predilection for xenophobic,

racist and misogynistic

insults and not so well thought out

populist diatribes have been a boon

to the fringe but made down-ballot

Republican contenders nervous.

The importance of Evangelicals

to Trump’s campaign was underscored

by his choice of Indiana

Governor Mike Pence as running


Despite his often unchristian remarks,

they have stood by him.

As Jeff Hunt, director of the

Centennial Institute at Colorado

Christian University, told the Dhaka

Tribune: “Donald Trump is the

Barack Obama of small dollar Republican


“I don’t think he’s racist and I

don’t think he’s appealing to racist

issues,” he added.

The most striking aspect of the

election has been the glaring decrease

in civility in American political


As polling pundit Jonathon Zogby,

CEO of Zogby Analytics, put it: “

… there seems to be less emphasis

on, and a decrease in, acts of civility

among adults nationwide. That

might explain the state of politics at

the moment, especially when taking

into consideration the broken system

in Washington DC and the state

of the 2016 presidential election.”

Which brings us back to the beginning.

The United States is a divided

country, scrambling for votes at the

margins of the political spectrum.

It’s major parties are often divided

against themselves.

The biggest single voter cohort

live their lives in ways that are novel

– because of technology, travel

and education.

Neither major party is equipped

to deal with them, and instead run

campaigns appealing to the fringes

and the lowest common denominator.

November 8 is indeed the end of

the campaign trail for a 69-year-old

woman and a 70-year-old man who

have, in their own very differentways,

defied the roles scripted for

them by society.

Perhaps this is a fitting theme

for a country at the crossroads that

must now create a new language of

political discourse. •

US-BD ties to remain strong

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader meets with US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat for the first

time after being elected the general secretary of ruling Awami League


• Jebun Nesa Alo

The US Ambassador to Bangladesh,

Marcia Bernicat, has said there will

not be any significant change in

Washington’s policy towards Dhaka

after the US election.

“We expect the Bangladesh-US

relationship to remain strong,”

Bernicat said while talking to reporters

yesterday afternoon, just

hours before the US polls opened


The diplomat said Washington

was looking to improve partnership

with Dhaka and to help strengthen

democracy and increase US investment

in Bangladesh.

“We have an election coming up

and a new administration will take

over from January,” Bernicat told

the media after meeting with Road

Transport and Bridges Minister,

Obaidul Quader at Setu Bhaban in


Quader said the ambassador

had assured him that US presidential

change will have no effect on

the relationship between the two


Today’s election pits Democrat

Hillary Clinton against Republican

Donald Trump at the head of the

race to succeed Barack Obama in

the most powerful political office

in the world.

The US is Bangladesh’s single

largest trade partner with a bilateral

trade volume of $7 billion last

year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

said in September.

This is despite Washington having

suspended duty-free access

to Bangladeshi products into its

market in 2013, following the Rana

Plaza collapse and Tazreen factory

fire that together killed over 1,200

people. •




‘MPs can’t

chair non-govt

school, college


• Ashif Islam Shaon

The Appellate Division, yesterday

upheld a High Court order barring

members of parliament from heading

governing bodies at non-government

schools and colleges.

A four-member bench, headed

by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar

Sinha, threw out a leave to appeal

plea on Monday challenging the

High Court’s June 1 order.

The court declared the provisions

of the non-government School

College Governing Body Regulation-2009

that allowed MPs to chair

the governing bodies, illegal.

On January 19, the HC issued a

ruling questioning the legality of

a special governing body, headed

by Tourism Minister Rashed Khan

Menon at Viqarunnisa Noon School

and College.

The High Court then issued another

ruling on April 13 asking the

authorities concerned to explain

within four weeks the legality of

Section 5(50) of the law and why it

should not be declared unconstitutional.

The schools and colleges concerned

will form ad hoc committees

to elect regular governing bodies. •

Daud Merchant

freed from

Dhaka jail

• Kamrul Hasan

Abdur Rauf Daud Merchant, convicted

killer of Indian music giant

Gulshan Kumar and the alleged aide

of Dubai-based Indian mafia boss

Daud Ibrahim, has been released

from Dhaka Central Jail seven years

after illegally entering Bangladesh.

“Daud Merchant was released

around 4:30pm yesterday. He

walked out of prison alone as no one

came to receive him,” Senior Jail Superintendent

Jahangir Kabir said.

Daud was arrested in Brahmanbaria

in November 2009 for

trespassing and possessing a fake

Bangladeshi passport.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman

Khan Kamal at a press briefing in

the Secretariat yesterday said the

Indian High Commission would

decide how Daud Merchant would

return to India.

Merchant was sentenced to life

imprisonment in India in April

2002 for killing Gulshan Kumar in

Mumbai on August 12, 1997. He illegally

entered Bangladesh after being

released on parole in April 2009

to visit his sick mother. Since 2013,

the Indian government has been

pressing Bangladesh to fast-track

his extradition. •


People from Old Dhaka stage a demonstration demanding punishment for those involved in the attacks on Hindus in

Nasirnagar at Brahmanbaria



No visible progress yet

• Kamrul Hasan

A week has elapsed since the brutal

communal attack on the temples

and homesteads of minority Hindus

of Nasirnagar in Brhmanbaria

but no visible progress has yet been

in sight..

Police have so far arrested some

people in connection with the incidents

but masterminds are still out

of the reach of the hands of law.

Eight of the suspected attackers

were taken on a three-day remand


A total of 74 people have been

arrested in connection with the October

30 attacks on the Hindu community

in the upazila.

SI Sadhan Kanti Chowdhury,

also the investigation Officer (IO)

of the case, said: “Police produced

eleven detainees before the court

with a five-day remand plea but the

court granted a three-day remand.

The arrestees were in jail since

they were arrested and they had

been taken to the police station

from the jail yesterday after the remand

permitted, he added.

Asked about the attackers seen in

some videos Nasirnagar OC Abu Zafar

said: “We are working on it and

none of them are from Haripur or

Chatalpar unions, from where most

of the attackers were allegedly from.

OC Abu Zafar said among the arrested

21 were arrested on Sunday

night from the adjacent unions of

Nasirnagar Sadar unions.

Abu Zafar said, “We are arresting

those people appeared in the


Meanwhile, the case filed over

posting fake pictures that instigated

people to communal clash, was

handed over to district DB police on

November 3. Since then detained

Rasraj was under their custody.

Brahmanbaria DB OC Mofiz Uddin

Bhuiyan told the Dhaka Tribune

that they would take Rasraj

under fresh remand if the court

allows. The first round of the fiveday

remand ended yesterday.

The DB police official declined

to make any comment over the

progress of investigation.

The OC said, “At this stage of investigation,

no information about

our findings can be provided for

the sake of investigation.”

On October 30, a mob vandalised

some 17 temples and ransacked

58 houses belonging to the

minority Hindus of the area over an

alleged defamatory Facebook post

by a Hindu youth Rasraj.

More than 100 people were injured

in the attack which the victims

blamed on local influential


Awami League suspended three

of its Nasirnagar unit leaders for

their alleged involvement. •

Security beefed up at Dhaka airport

Police yet to identify attacker’s identity

• Ishtiaq Husain and

Arifur Rahman Rabbi

The authorities of Hazrat Shahjalal

International Airport beefed up security

arrangements yesterday following

the attack a day ago that left

an Ansar member dead and three

other security personnel injured.

Ashraful Islam, platoon commander-3

filed a case yesterday

evening with the airport Police

station in connection with Ansar

killing incident, Ruhul Amin Sagor,

assistant commissioner of police

(airport zone) confirmed it.

The attacker identified himself

as Shihab. He is under treatment at

Dhaka Medical college Hospital.

Police official said they were yet

to know the details about the attacker.

Air Commodore Mustafizur Rahman,

member operation and planning

of Civil Aviation Authority,

Bangladesh (CAAB) said the regulatory

body CAAB is thinking to beef

up the security system of the airport

after the attack on Shahjalal International

Airport security personnel.

Armed Police Battalion (APBn) Additional

Superintendent of Police Tanjina

Akhter said: “The passengers will

are using the departure gate on the

second floor. We are not letting anyone

enter the airport to see off people.

Ansar member Sohagh Ali, 32,

was killed and three other security

personnel were injured when a

person in a cleaner’s uniform attacked

them with a knife on Sunday


The autopsy was conducted at

the Dhaka Medical College under

associate professor Dr Abul Khayer

Mohammad Shafiuzzaman.

Post-mortem report said Sohagh

was killed by stabbing. His dead

Old Dhaka


protest attacks

on Hindu


• Rafikul Islam

Several organisations including professors

from Jagannath University

(JnU) held a human chain yesterday

in Old Dhaka protesting the communal

violence that started in Brahmanbaria

and spread across the country.

For more than a week, communal

violence has escalated around

the country starting in Brahmanbaria

on October 30 following a

Facebook post.

Pobitro Gosh, general secretary of

Tanti Bazar Bonik Samity said: “Hindus

in Bangladesh have no freedom

and there is no security for us.”

“Everybody has right to follow

their religion in peace. Nobody

should be able to vandalize a temple.

We demand the government

punish those responsible so that attacks

on the minority cannot happen

like this anymore,” he added.

Teachers, students and employees

of JnU gathered at the university’s

main gate in solidarity with the

Hindu community from different

Hindu organizations of Old Dhaka.

Protesters severely condemned

the attacks demanding tough punishment

for the perpetrators. BCL

General Secretary JnU section Sirajul

Islam, said: “We demand the perpetrators

of the attacks be punished.”

Dean of the Department of Social

Science Faculty, JnU, Dr Priya Brata

Paul led the human chain while

Chairman of the Department of

Physics Dr Porimal Bala, Engineer

Sukumar Chandra Saha, Associate

Professor of the Department of English

Nasir Uddin Ahmed, General

Secretary of Sudrapur Puja Udjapon

Parisad,, Tapon Gosh and Dhaka

Mohanagar Puja Uddjapon Committee

President Dilip Kar Dipu attended

the protest among others. •

body was handed over to his family

at 12 pm after autopsy.

Ruhul Amin Sagor, assistant

commissioner of police (airport

zone) said the attacker did not say

anything without his name.

Asked if the attacker had any

involvement with any militant organisation

or group, he said, still

now we have not found anything

like that. However, the attacker

was injured and under treatment.

Meanwhile, Armed Police Battalion

formed a three-member

probe committee to probe the incident.

News 5





US polls matter in plugging gap


French Environment Minister Segolene Royal (R) handing over the conference president’s gavel to Moroccan Foreign Minister

Salaheddine Mezouar at the opening session of the COP22 climate talks in Marrakesh yesterday


Under an ominous shadow cast by

the US presidential election, the

world’s nations gather in Morocco

Monday to flesh out a landmark

climate deal that promises to save

humanity from itself.

The just-activated Paris Agreement,

inked in the French capital

last December, is the first treaty

binding all countries, rich and poor,

to halt global warming, caused

mainly by the burning of coal, oil

and gas.

“It is now the roadmap in the

fight against climate change,” said

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s former

environment minister and head of

climate and energy for green group


But as 15,000 negotiators, CEOs

and activists from 196 nations gathered

in Marrakesh settle in for the

12-day UN talks, all eyes are on the

United States, where voting Tuesday

could thrust climate denier Donald

Trump into the White House.

When it comes to global warming,

the stakes could hardly be

higher, President Barack Obama


“All the progress we’ve made

on climate change” - including the

Paris pact, decades in the making

- “is going to be on the ballot,” he

told TV talk show host Bill Maher

on Friday.

The Republican candidate cannot

carry out his threat to “cancel”

the still-fragile accord, but a Trump

victory could cripple it, experts

here agree.

Democratic opponent Hillary

Clinton has vowed to uphold Obama’s

domestic energy policies and

international climate commitments.

In Marrakesh, front-line diplomats

must roll up their sleeves and

work through scores of procedural

issues that will make the difference

between success and failure.

The most immediate task is “finishing

the rulebook” for the complex

accord, said Laurence Tubiana,

France’s top climate negotiator

for the Paris talks.

Concretely, that means working

through scores of still-contentious

issues, including how to measure

and track each nation’s CO2 emissions;

disbursing hundreds of billions

of dollars in financing in a

way that reassures both rich and

recipient nations; setting criteria

for compensating poor countries

devastated by climate-fuelled

storms, droughts or floods.

“COP22 is really a COP of implementation

and action,” lead US

negotiator Jonathan Pershing told

journalists in a teleconference, using

the acronym for the annual Conference

of the Parties climate meet.

By informal consensus, 2018

is the target for working through

these issues.

‘Plug the gap’

2018 is also the next high-stakes

rendezvous in the ongoing talks

when nations can further narrow

the so-called “emissions gap” between

their carbon-cutting pledges

and the level of reductions needed

to keep the planet from dangerously


That gap is still huge, and getting

bigger every year.

On current trends, the Earth will

heat up about three degrees Celsius

(5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) above the

pre-industrial era benchmark, a

sure recipe for climate catastrophe,

according to scientists.

The Paris Agreement calls for capping

global warming at under 2.0C

(3.6F), and even 1.5C (2.7F) if possible

- a hugely daunting challenge.

“We have to plug that gap,” Tubiana

told AFP. “The big battle of the

next two years is how to get countries

to increase their ambition.”

Negotiators will be buoyed by a

raft of encouraging signs.

New figures show that renewable

energy attracted record investment

of 300 billion dollars (270

billion euros) in 2015, outstripping

fossil fuels.

Installed capacity of solar, wind

and hydro also, for the first time,

overtook carbon-intensive coal,

which is in sharp decline.

A separate international agreement

inked last month ensures

the phase out of potent, manmade

greenhouse gases known as HFCs,

potentially shaving 0.5C (0.9F) off

global temperatures by the end of

the century.

Businesses - ever-more present

at the UN climate forum - have also

become crucial drivers of change,

motivated by the need to anticipate

the rapid shift to a low- or zero-carbon

global economy.

At the same time, however, climate

scientists are sending up red


After two successive record-breaking

years, 2016 is shaping

up to be the hottest ever registered.

And still-climbing concentrations

of CO2 in the atmosphere

passed a critical - if symbolic -

threshold of 400 parts per million

in 2015.

“If we don’t start taking additional

action now,” warned UN Environment

Programme head Erik

Solheim, “we will grieve over the

avoidable human tragedy.”

Ministers - including US

Secretary of State John Kerry -

will join the November 7-18 talks

on November 15 to lend political

impetus. •


to implement

Paris climate

pact opens


UN talks to implement the landmark

Paris climate pact opened in

Marrakesh on Monday, buoyed by

gathering momentum but threatened

by the spectre of climate

change denier Donald Trump in the

White House.

Diplomats from 196 nations will

flesh out the planet-saving plan

inked in the French capital last December.

“We have made possible what

everyone said was impossible,”

said French environment minister

Segolene Royal at the opening ceremony,

in which she handed over

stewardship of the climate forum

to Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine


Amid growing alarm at the

gathering pace of climate change

and its impacts - rising sea, deadly

storms, drought and wildfires - the

world’s nations have moved quickly

over the last year to tackle the

still-growing problem.

But as 15,000 negotiators, CEOs

and activists settle in for the 12-

day talks, all eyes are on the United

States, where voting Tuesday could

thrust Trump into the White House.

In Marrakesh, front-line diplomats

must roll up their sleeves and

work through scores of procedural

issues that will make the difference

between success and failure.

They have informally set 2018

as the deadline for laying that

groundwork, Royal told journalists

the day before the talks opened. •





Dhaka 30 21 Chittagong 30 25 Rajshahi 31 18 Rangpur 30 18 Khulna 31 16 Barisal 30 19 Sylhet 30 18











Source: Accuweather/UNB



Cox’s Bazar 30 24

Fajr: 5:25am | Zohr: 1:15pm

Asr: 4:15pm | Magrib: 5:35pm

Esha: 7:45pm

Source: Islamic Foundation





Judicial probe into communal

attacks demanded

• Tribune Desk

Different social cultural organisations

yesterday protested against

the communal attacks that took

place at several places across Bangladesh.

In Barisal, teachers and students

of Barisal University (BU) formed a

human chain in front of BU campus

in the afternoon protesting attack

on minority community and ransacking

of Hindu temples and idols

in the country, including Brahmanbaria,

Habiganj and Barisal.

Dr Muhammad Muhsin Uddin,

dean of humanities faculty, Safiul

Alam, proctor of BU addressed the


Speakers demanded speedy

trial and punishment of the culprits

who are involved with these


They also demanded judicial investigations

for finding out master

minds of such crimes and proper

rehabilitation, compensation for

the victims.

At Jahangirnagar University,

Shadhinata Shikha Parishad in Khulna University organises a rally yesterday on the campus protesting the recent attacks on

Hindus throughout Bangladesh


teachers and students of the public

university under the banner of

Sammilito Shikhak Parishad held a

human chain, protesting the recent

attacks on Hindus.

Nasim Akter Hossain, professor

of Government and Politics

department, Syed Kamrul Ahsan,

teacher of Archeological Department

and ATM Atikur Rahman,

teacher of History Department,

among others, took part in the protest


In Narsingdi, the Bangladesh

Hindu Mohajote held a rally in

front of district’s press club in afternoon.

Speakers at the rally threatened

Dalits in the light of education

• Md Taieyb Ali Sarker,


Dalit people in the district have become

to be educated as the ray of

education has reached among the

people after NGOs and the government

took initiative.

According to local sources, the

rate of literacy is increasing in six

upazilas of the district as RDRS,

SERP,NNMC and Brac along with

the government kept important

role to remove the illiteracy.

Once upon, the girls of Horizon,

Robidas and Banshfor communities

had no opportunity to go to schools.

But now maximum girls of the communities

are going to school.

Mala Rani, Class Nine student

of Nilphamari Samiruddin and College

in Banshfor, said she and her

two brothers were going to school

now. But it was impossible earlier.

Mala said when she was studying

in class four, no Bangali student

sat beside her considering her ethnic

minority girl.

But now the scenery has changed.

The students of other communities

sit beside her. She said it was possible

for the role of NGOs. They made

awareness among the people.

People of Robidas and Banshfor

communities told the Dhaka Tribune

that the people of the areas got opportunity

provided by the government.

Bikrom Banshfur, father of

Mala, said they were happy as their

children now studied with other


Sultan Ali Shah, principal of the

college, said no nation can develop

by keeping its ethnic people faraway.

Boisa Robidas, 47, said once

upon a time the Muslim people

did not allow them for talking with

them. But now their children read

with their children.

Boisa added it was very pleasure

to them that their children now

that they would wage a tougher

movement if perpetrators of the attacks

would not be brought to the

book immediately.

In Khulna, teachers and students

of Khulna University staged

demonstration on the campus,

protesting attacks in Gaibandha

and Brahmanbaria, Habiganj. •

had right education and mutuality

had grown among the Muslims and

the Horizon people.

Roisuddin Ahmed, an official

Brac, said: “In Bangladesh, members

of the low castes increasingly

refer to themselves as Dalits – the

downtrodden people – have been

exploited, oppressed and excluded

through generations.”

“We have been working for

these people, specially to educate

them for several years. But only

NGOs cannot lead the drive. The

government should take special

steps to remove the darkness of illiteracy”

he added. •

15 Harijan

people injured

in attack by

drug peddlers

• Kudrate Khoda Shabuj,


A total of 15 people, including two

women, of Harijan community in

Bheramara of Kushtia were injured

in an attack by local alleged drug

peddlers yesterday.

Injured Bashanti, 30, Bidhan, 38,

Ranjit, 60, Shushanto, 40, Uttam,

57, Akash, 20, Sujon, 40, Bijoy, 35,

Kumar, 23, Tapan, 18, Prashankjit,

15, Utpal, 18, Mohon, 22, and Makhon,

35, were admitted to Bheramara

Upazila Health Complex,

while Shabana, 30, left the hospital

after receiving primary treatment.

Uttam and Shanjoy of the

community said Bablu, Shamim,

Chanchal and some other local

youths were doing drug peddling

in Horijan populated Bamanpara

area of Bheramara.

On Sunday, police arrested the

three aforementioned youths, as

the people of the community complained

to Bheramara police station

of drug peddling against them.

But, on the night, they were

freed from the lock-up.

The next morning when Sujon

went to Aziz Biri intersection in

Bamanpara with his van, the trio

beat him and seized his van.

When people of the Harijan

community rushed to the

spot to rescue Sujon, the drug

peddlers attacked them with local


On information, Bheramara municipality

Mayor Shamimul Islam

Sana went to the spot and rescued

the injured.

Nur Hossain Khandker, officerin-charge

of the police station, said

the police brought the situation

under control and detained Ujjal in

this connection.

However, he claimed that Bablu,

Chanchal and Shamim were drug

addicts, not drug peddlers. •

News 7


Trade of contaminated water

puts public health at risk

• Kudrote Khoda Sobuj,


Without purifying, water in plastic

jars are being sold to different

offices, commercial organisations,

hotels and even households in Kushtia

town, putting public health at


Several water supply companies

have been doing the business for

long in the town without taking

any permission from health department

or Bangladesh Standard

and Testing Institute (BSTI), reports

our correspondent.

Meena Rani Shaha, owner of

Life Safe Water Company in the

town, said her company had been

doing the business of supplying

3 held over firearms smuggling

• Anwar Hossain,


Law enforcers arrested three people,

including a woman, from

Kironganj border at Shibganj upazila

in Chapainawabganj on Sunday

in connection with an arms case

with Chapainawabganj Sadar model

police station.

Shah Alam, an accused in the

case, of Gopalnagar village in Shibganj

upazila, Intaj of Kurshia village

in Godagari upazila of Rajshahi

and Nahida Khatun of Gopalnagar

water for six years without any laboratory

and BSTI license.

Though Masudur Rahman of

Merin A One Water Company said

they had the permission of BSTI,

failed to show the papers.

“The papers are with the BSTI

officials,” he said.

When our correspondent contacted

Hasibul Haque, a BSTI official,

over phone about it he said

“We cannot give you any official

information without prior permission.

You will have to apply to get

the information or come to our office

to talk about it.”

Two other companies named

Green Life Water in Dhopapara area

and Milian Pure Drinking Water

Company in Rab lane, which were

PBI to investigate N’ganj

militants killing case

• Tanveer Hossain,


The Police Bureau Investigate (PBI)

department will investigate the

case filled over an anti-militant

drive at a house in Paikpara area,


Tamim Chowdhury, the mastermind

of Gulshan attack with Islamic

State alleged link, and two other suspected

militants were killed in a drive

at a militants’ den in Paikpara area of

Narayanganj town on August 27.

Director Inspector General of

Police, PBI Bonoj Kumar Majumdar

told reporters about the transfer

of the case after visiting the house

where the militants lived.

Police started investigation

of the case after it was filed with

Narayanganj Model police station.

Law enforcement agencies carried

out the raid acting on information

taken from a suspected

militant arrested in Mymensingh’s

Trishal last night, said a police

source seeking anonymity.

A joint team of the CTTC unit,

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and local

police started the operation in a

three-storied building. The joint force

and the militants exchanged heavy

gunshots frequently during the drive.

During the gunfight, the militants

have burnt some materials

believed to be important documents

of their activities inside the

building during the drive.

Law enforcement agencies carried

out the raid acting on information

taken from a suspected

militant arrested in Mymensingh’s


Landlord Nur Uddin Dewan was

shown arrested for not providing

the police with the tenants’s information.

village were detained, while they

were fleeing the country through

the border, said TM Mojahidul Islam,

district police super, at a press

briefing yesterday.

Later, Shah Alam and Intaj were

placed on a four-day remand and

Nahida on a two-day remand, while

they were produced before chief judicial

magistrate’s court yesterday.

Police recovered 22 foreign-made

pistols, 45 magazines

and 136 rounds bullets from a rented

house in Chapainawabganj municipality

area while conducting a

fined Tk20 thousand each by a mobile

court last year, are still running

their businesses without any BSTI


However, the authorities of the

companies alleged that some BSTI

officials take money from them on

the assurance of providing them

with necessary papers.

The consumers, who drink the

unpurified water supplied in plastic

jars, said finding no other alternatives

they were taking the water.

Mohir Uddin, owner of Ruhul

Bekary and Confectionary, said water

of all the tube wells in the town

was undrinkable due to excessive

iron. That was why they had to

drink the jar water, he added.

Businessman Al Amin of the

drive there on October 24.

Later, an arms case was filed

with the police station in this connection

accusing Shah Alam and

several other unknown people.

The firearms were supposed to

be used in subversive activities in

Chittagong, said the police.

The police super said the arrestees

collected the firearms from Telkupi

border in Chapainawabganj and kept

those in the house rented by Shah

Alam. However, the police were trying

to nab the person mastermind

behind the arms collection, he said. •

town said they had to buy the water

at TK50 per jar, as there was no

water supply facility in the town.

Waliul Islam Azim, a service

holder of Mangalbaria area, said

as there was no water supply facility

there, they were bound to purchase

water for bathing, cooking

and other purposes.

Dr Nazmul Islam, civil surgeon

of Kushtia, said drinking unsafe

water could cause different water-borne

diseases such as typhoid,

dysentery, jaundice and diarrhea.

Additional District Magistrate

Mohammad Habibur Rahman said

if they got any complain of manufacturing

and supplying water

without legal permission, they

would take necessary steps. •


Bank officials

jailed for


• Anisur Rahman Swapan,


Katila, a rare species of sea-fish is seen in Chittagong markets this year abundantly. The picture taken at Firingi Bazar, shows

yesterday, fishermen waiting for customers



Two officials of Grameen Bank

were sentenced to 10-year jail for

embezzlement yesterday.

The convicts were Md Delwar

Hasan, branch manager of the bank

and Md Shah Alam, an official.

According to the prosecution,

the two officials misappropriated

Tk18 lakh of 7 clients while they

were performing duties in Raipasha-Koira

para union branch in 2011.

Later, a case was filed in this

connection on October, 3, 2012

with Anti-corruption Co-mission.

On October, 14, 2016, Anti-Corruption

Co-mission Director submitted

a charge sheet. Judge Dilipkumar

handed down the verdict . •

Suspected robber killed

in gunfight

• Mazharul Hoque Lipu,


A suspected robber was killed in a

gunfight with police in Pashchim

Ramnagar area, Magura Sadar upazila

in the early hours of yesterday.

The deceased was identified as

Shawkat Mondal, 38, son of Moyen

Uddin, a resident of Kumarpara,

Modhukhali upazilla, Faridpur.

Police said Shawkat was accused

in seven cases filed with different

police stations of the district.

On information that a robber

gang was preparing to commit robbery

by placing logs on the highway,

a team of the law enforcers conducted

a drive in the area around

2am, said Azmal Huda, officer-incharge

of Sadar police station.

But sensing the presence of police,

the gang opened fire at them, prompting

them to retaliate that triggered the

gunfight. The gunfight left Shawkat

dead on the spot, added the OC. •






Pakistan detains Shia,

Sunni leaders

Pakistani police detained several

Sunni and Shia leaders in a probe

over recent sectarian attacks in

the southern port city of Karachi,

prompting protests and clashes

Monday. The police and Pakistan’s

paramilitary forces have raided both

Sunni and Shia religious seminaries

over the last two days, detaining an

unspecified number of people. AP


Indian cross-border fire

kills three

Pakistan accused India of killing

three people including a policeman

and wounding four others in

cross-border firing Monday, at a time

of heightened tensions between the

nuclear-armed rivals. The incidents

occurred near the border dividing

Indian-held Kashmir from the Pakistani

sector of the territory. AFP


China passes controversial

cybersecurity law

China Monday passed a controversial

cybersecurity bill tightening restrictions

on online freedom of speech

and imposing new rules on online

service providers, raising concerns it

is further cloistering its heavily controlled

internet. The ruling Communist

Party oversees a vast censorship

system that aggressively blocks sites

or snuffs out internet content and

commentary on topics considered

sensitive. such as Beijing’s human

rights record and criticism of the

government. REUTERS


China bars 2 Hong Kong

lawmakers from office

China’s top legislature took the rare

step Monday of intervening directly

in a local Hong Kong political

dispute by effectively barring two

legally elected separatist lawmakers

from taking office. Beijing moved

to deny the two a second chance

to take their oaths after being disqualified

on their initial attempt last

month for using anti-China insults

and foul language. AP


US-backed forces push

closer to IS ‘capital’ Raqqa

A US-backed Kurdish-Arab alliance

pushed closer to Syria’s Raqqa

and Iraqi forces seized a key town

near Mosul as offensives advanced

Monday against the two Islamic State

group strongholds. After announcing

the start of the long-awaited assault

on Raqqa on Sunday, the Syrian

Democratic Forces alliance said it

had moved south towards the city

despite fierce jihadist resistance. AFP








Ifrah Syed

















Clinton gets boost from FBI as tight

White House race hits final day

• Reuters, Washington, DC

Democrat Hillary Clinton heads

into the final day of a tight White

House race against Republican

Donald Trump on Monday with

new momentum after the FBI’s

announcement that no criminal

charges were forthcoming in the

probe of her email practices.

Both Clinton and Trump will

spend the day racing across a

handful of key battleground states

that could swing Tuesday’s election,

which polls show is extremely

close but tilting toward Clinton.

FBI Director James Comey sent

shockwaves through the race by

telling Congress on Sunday that

investigators had worked “around

the clock” to complete a review

of newly discovered emails and

found no reason to change their

July finding that Clinton was not

guilty of criminal wrongdoing in

her use of a private email server

while secretary of state.

Whether the announcement

came in time to change minds or

undo any damage from days of Republican

attacks on Clinton as corrupt

was uncertain. Tens of millions

of Americans had cast early

votes in the 10 days since Comey

first told Congress of the newly



































































12 12

4 4

3 3 3 3

3 4 3 4

7 7

10 10





Based on 2010 Census





Based on 2010 Census


3 3 16 16 4 4





6 20





6 9

20 11 18

14 7




20 11

5 3


13 5 3

6 10 6 108

8 10 13 10

11 15 11 315

(D.C.) 3 (D.C.)

11 511

5 7 6 7 6

6 9 16

3 3


38 38 8 8

9 9

9 16

538 538

4 4




270 270



Caucus: Caucus: A meeting A meeting of of the the local local members of a political party party to to select select delegates delegates to the to the national national party party convention. convention. A caucus A caucus is a substitute is a substitute for a primary for a primary election. election.


Delegate: person A person authorized authorized to to represent represent others others as as an an elected elected representative representative to a to political a political party party conference. conference.



A member

A member









Electoral College:

Electoral College:
















District of










to be

to be









in a presidential

in a presidential



Natural Born Citizen: Someone born with US citizenship includes any child born "in" the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent.

Natural Born Citizen: Someone born with U.S. citizenship includes any child born "in" the United States, the children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent.

Primary: An election where voters select candidates for an upcoming general election. Winning candidates will have delegates sent to the national party convention as their party’s US presidential nominee.

Primary: An election where voters select candidates for an upcoming general election. Winning candidates will have delegates sent to the national party convention as their party’s U.S. presidential nominee.

discovered emails.

Clinton’s Democratic allies

hoped the FBI finding would be

enough to push her over the finish

line and end the uncertainty and

Republican attacks on her character

that dogged her campaign for

the last 10 days.

“The FBI’s swift and thorough

review should finally close the

door on this Republican sideshow,”

House Democratic leader

Nancy Pelosi said, adding the election

would now be decided “on the

merits of the candidates” rather

than innuendo.

“She simply believes she’s above

the law and always plays by her

own rules,” House of Representatives

Speaker Paul Ryan said in a

statement, arguing that Clinton’s

use of a private email server “compromised

our national security.”

Clinton did not mention the FBI

finding during her last two campaign

events on Sunday, but Trump

was blunt in questioning the thoroughness

of the renewed probe and

saying the issue would not go away.

“The investigation will go on,

the rank-and-file special agents

won’t let her get away with her

terrible crimes,” he told supporters

in Sterling Heights, Michigan, on

Sunday night.















































... ?! ... ?! ! !



Hillary Clinton

On Monday, Trump will hit

five battleground states - Florida,

North Carolina, Pennsylvania,

New Hampshire and Michigan -

and closes with a late-night rally in

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Clinton will make two stops in

Pennsylvania and visit Michigan

before wrapping up with a midnight

rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Earlier, she will appear at

an evening rally at Philadelphia’s

Independence Hall with President

















Barack Obama and first lady Michelle

Obama, as well as rock star

Bruce Springsteen.

News of the renewed probe had

appeared to fuel a recent slide in Clinton’s

poll numbers. The latest Reuters/Ipsos

poll showed Clinton with

a 5 percentage point lead over the

New York businessman nationally –

44% to 39% support - while races in

the swing states of Florida and North

Carolina shifted from favouring Clinton

to being too close to call. •

Find more stories on US presidential election at www.dhakatribune.com



‘Trumpism’ will leave its mark

on American politics

• AFP, Washington, DC

Even if, as most polls predict, he

loses Tuesday’s US presidential

election, Donald Trump’s populist

charge will leave its mark on the

American body politic.

The 70-year-old billionaire tycoon

is the Republican flag-bearer

even though part of the Grand Old

Party’s establishment has rejected

him, and others are voting for him

while holding their noses.

But Trump has managed to

craft his own political brand,

building a movement among the

party’s disaffected rank-and-file.

Asked whether Trump or House

Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest-ranking

Republican elected official,

better represent the party’s

values, 51% of members choose

Trump and 33% favour Ryan.

As the presidential race comes

down to the wire, and the right

faces the prospect of Democrat

Hillary Clinton in the White

House, some party leaders are

coming back to the fold.

But Trump has divided the

party, both with his brash style

and by overturning conservative

orthodoxy with his opposition to

free trade, isolationist foreign policy

and flexible stance on welfare

and deficits.

Aggressive rhetoric

But it is not just the foregrounding

of a different set of issues that will

endure. Trump’s in-your-face style

and aggressive rhetoric will leave a

mark on future campaign strategies.

And this change in campaigning

style may cross the liberal-conservative

divide, as Democrats

and progressives respond

with heightened rhetoric of their


“There is a strain of enormous

populism in both the Republican

and the Democratic parties and

we are going to see that for a long

time,” Zaino said.

“It is going to be a challenge

for these two umbrella parties to

recapture this really frustrated



Trump has played masterfully

on frustrations with the Washington

and Wall Street elites,

vowing to champion blue-collar

male white voters’ concerns

Myanmar paper bans Rakhine reports

• AFP, Yangon, Myanmar

A leading English-language newspaper

in Myanmar has suspended

its reporting on restive Rakhine

state, according to an internal

memo, as pressure mounts on media

to curtail critical coverage of

army operations in the area.

The northern part of the state,

close to the Bangladesh border

and home to the repressed Muslim

Rohingya minority, has been

under military lockdown for almost

a month after deadly raids

on three police border posts.

The violence has posed the biggest

challenge so far to Aung San

Suu Kyi’s young government and

raised questions over the balance

of power between the army and

the civilian administration.

The Myanmar Times, the

country’s oldest independent

English-language daily, stopped

covering the crisis after one of its

Donald Trump

senior staff, Fiona McGregor, was

fired over an article alleging troops

gang-raped Rohingya women.

In an internal memo, management

ordered editors “not to analyse,

comment, report or have

opinion pieces on the following

subjects until further notice: Rakhine

State; Rohingya; and military

actions in Rakhine state”.

That prompted staff to post a

notice in Tuesday’s print edition

saying the paper’s “editorial policies

are in the process of being

clarified by management.”

“Until then you may notice

some gaps in our coverage.”

The paper’s management could

not immediately be reached for

comment. Foreign journalists have

been banned from the area, but allegations

have emerged of troops

killing Rohingya civilians, raping

women and torching villages.

The government has vehemently

denied the accusations and the


Myanmar Times has suspended its

reporting on Rakhaine state

about economic exclusion.

But as he has done so, he has

insulted or managed to offend

women, immigrants, African

Americans, Muslims and the

handicapped – deepening America’s


Trump has had no problem

filling vast halls with motivated

voters, but his 60% unfavourable

opinion poll rating would have

sunk a less shameless campaigner.

And his campaign has energized,

at least on social media,

the American right’s racist and anti-Semitic

underbelly – last week,

the Ku Klux Klan’s newspaper endorsed


This toxic coalition may be

unique, and mainstream Republicans

may be able to distance

themselves from the bigoted extremes,

but it will not disappear


Populist message

This in itself is a victory for

Trump’s more ideological supporters,

like his political advisor

Roger Stone.

“The party isn’t going to go

back to being the country club

party of Jeb Bush,” Stone told liberal

news site Vox.

“It’s not going to go back to being

the Washington establishment

party of Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc-

Connell,” he warned mainstream


“The Trump movement is going

to be dominant in the party.

It’s going to be influential and important

in the party.” •

state-run Global New Light of Myanmar

on Tuesday launched a blistering

attack on what it said were

“fabricated” stories.

The media was strictly controlled

by the junta that ruled the

country for half a century, and

while freedoms have increased under

Suu Kyi monitors say many outlets

still exercise self-censorship.

One Myanmar Times editor has

already resigned in protest, and

sources inside the newspaper said

several other staff were considering


“The paper withstood the

pre-publication censorship of the

junta era,” said one of them, requesting


“There are major concerns

about backsliding in the commendable

gains made on press

freedom in recent years.”

McGregor’s dismissal came after

presidential spokesman Zaw

Htay complained in a Facebook

post about her article.

He has denied having a hand in

her firing, telling AFP the government

has “no reasons to hide”.

The stateless Muslim Rohingya

are maligned by many Myanmar

Buddhists who say they are illegal

migrants from Bangladesh and

undeserving of citizenship. •




Up to 50 buildings

damaged in Oklahoma


Dozens of buildings sustained

substantial damage after a 5.0

magnitude earthquake struck an

Oklahoma town that’s home to

one of the world’s key oil hubs,

but officials said Monday that

no damage has been reported at

the oil terminal. Around 40 to 50

buildings were damaged in Sunday’s

earthquake. AP


Mexican peso soars after

FBI decision on Clinton


The Mexican peso soared Monday

as the FBI lifted the threat

that Hillary Clinton might face

criminal charges over her private

email server ahead of the closely

contested US presidential election.

The peso, which rocketed more

than 2% in early Asian trading, has

tended to gain when investors see

Trump’s chances of sitting in the

Oval Office falter. REUTERS


UK preparing legislation to

trigger Brexit

The British government is preparing

legislation to trigger the procedure

to leave the EU despite Prime

Minister Theresa May saying she is

confident of overturning a court decision

that may delay Brexit. May’s

plans to start the formal divorce

procedure from the EU were dealt

a blow last week when England’s

High Court ruled that government

must seek parliamentary approval

for triggering Article 50. AFP


Turkey blasts EU over

crackdown criticism

Turkey on Monday slammed

EU criticism of its crackdown

following the July 15 coup bid and

warned relations were increasingly

fragile as the bloc crafts a report on

its stalled membership bid. The EU

has strongly criticised Turkey over

the arrests of nine MPs from the

pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic

Party, including its two co-leaders,

as well as staff at the opposition

Cumhuriyet newspaper. REUTERS


25 soldiers killed in

Somalia fighting

At least 25 soldiers were killed in

weekend fighting between rival

Puntland and Galmudug regional

forces in the Somali town of Galkayo,

military officials on both sides said

Monday. The divided city of Galkayo

has seen repeated clashes in recent

weeks but Sunday’s fighting is the

deadliest yet and marked the collapse

of a short-lived peace agreement

between the two semi-autonomous

Somali states. AFP





Elections 2016










Le Meridien

gets world

luxury hotel


• Tribune Business Desk

Le Méridien Dhaka won the

World Luxury Hotel Award

2016 in the category of “Best

Luxury City Hotel” in Doha

on October 29 just before celebrating

its first anniversary, the

company said in a statement

issued yesterday.

With just over a year of operation

in its history, Le Méridien

Dhaka won the award for its

world class service standard.

As a true five star hotel, Le

Méridien Dhaka pursue a set

of benchmark for world-class

facilities and quintessential

service standard, the statement

said, adding that to win

the highest accolade and title

as the overall winner is both a

humbling and heartening experience

for Le Méridien Dhaka.

It said Le Méridien Dhaka

follows a passion of perfection,

but also has remarkable realisation

of vision to become a highly

recognised brand respected

for its service delivery, diversity

in design and contemporary


World Luxury Hotel Awards

is the pinnacle of recognition

of accomplishment by a hotel

in the luxury hospitality industry,

offering recognition to

hotels for earning the enduring

respect of guests and industry

players alike. •

Capital market snapshot:



Broad Index 4,689.2 0.4% ▲

Index 1,124.5 0.5% ▲

30 Index 1,762.8 0.3% ▲

Turnover in Mn Tk 6,339.2 35.3% ▲

Turnover in Mn Vol 163.3 21.5% ▲


All Share Index 14,393.8 0.2% ▲

30 Index 12,918.9 0.3% ▲

Selected Index 8,750.1 0.2% ▲

Turnover in Mn Tk 345.7 27.0% ▲

Turnover in Mn Vol 10.4 4.9% ▲

Tax fair ends with record

revenue collection

• SM Najmus Sakib

The national income tax fair has

set the record on revenue collection,

with Tk2129,67,75,811 collected

from the weeklong event

that ended yesterday.

The fair fetched Tk2035,35,84,818

last year.

The revenue board hosted the

fair for the seventh consecutive year

across the country with a festive

mode especially in the capital in its

underconstruction headquarters.

A huge response was accorded

to the fair that witnessed a very

large number of people converging

on the venue on the concluding


Queuing up and waiting for

hours, the willful taxpayers were

found submitting tax-related papers,

doing return submission,

receiving eTIN and online services

alongside paying due taxes to

the government exchequer, i.e.

bank booths at the fair ground in

a peaceful manner.

Denim export to US sees 5.84% rise

Denim products at a showroom in the capital

• Ibrahim Hossain Ovi

Bangladesh’s Denim export to the

United States has seen a 5.84%

jump to $299 million in the first

eight months of the current year

compared to the same period a

year ago.

However, Denim product export

to European Union (EU)

counties rose by 6.86% to €568

million in January-June period of

the current year.

Denim products contribute

about $6 billion to $28 billion

RMG exports, which is expected

to reach $7 billion by 2021. Of the

total amount, EU and US import

lion’s share of Bangladesh’s denim


Tax Fair





According to the Office of Textiles

and Apparel (OTEXA) data,

Bangladesh earned $299 million, exporting

denim products, which was

$2,8240 million in the same period

a year ago. In the year 2015, Bangladesh

earned $439.80 million.

According to the data of eurostat,

in January-June period of

2016, Bangladesh exported denim

products of €568 million, which

was €531.50 million. Last year,

Bangladesh earned €1.18 billion

from the denim export.

Bangladesh exports Blue Denim

Trousers WG, Blue Denim

Trousers MB, Blue Denim Skirts,

Blue Denim Jackets, Blue Denim

Suit Type Coats MB, Playsuits and

Sunsuits, Etc to the US markets.

Tax collection

New e-TIN

2016 9,28,973 1,94,598 Tk2129,67,75,811 36,853

2015 7,57,754 1,61,060 Tk2035,35,84,818 15,200

Differences 1,71,219 33,538 Tk94,31,90,993 21,653

Progress 22.59% 20.82% Tk4.63% 142.45%


Taxpayers were seen file their

papers sitting on the floor of the

fair ground due to lack of sufficient


Return submission booths,

help booths and bank booths receiving

tax were going through a

heavy pressure dealing with enthusiastic

taxpayers, said Kazi Saifullah,

a college teacher, who had

been queuing up for about an hour

in front of bank booth.

A record number of people received

services and submitted income

tax returns to the fair across

the country. Meanwhile, 1,94,598

submitted tax returns, 36,853

taxpayers got user identification

numbers and passwords. A total

of 9,28,973 individuals were provided

with different services from

the tax fair being held at the NBR

head office.

State-owned Sonali Bank and

Janata Bank set up booths and the

authorities increased the number

of different booths to cope up with

the growing demand to help taxpayers

and visitors.

Besides, NBR provided taxpayers

with shuttle buses and 23 special

help booths for women and

physically challenged taxpayers.

NBR Chairman Nojibur Rahman

expressed his satisfaction

over the response received from

taxpayers, saying the revenue authority

promised to provide services

over the year and inspired

people to pay taxes to build a

According to the study by Cotton

Inc, 71% of people in Europe

and Latin America enjoy wearing

denim, followed by 70% in the US,

58% in China and 57% in Japan.

According to the sector people

estimation that close to 1.9 billion

units of denim jeans were sold in

the world in 2015, and by 2021 the

yearly sale of jeans will cross two

billion units.

There is a huge scope for Bangladeshi

denim manufacturers to

grow and play an important role

in global denim market. The country’s

capacity to meet local demands

is increasing but it requires

more investment, Abdus Salam

healthy nation.

Like every other day, the fair

organiser arranged the event titled

“Tax education forum” for students.

The event aimed at growing


Meantime, NBR has organised

a closing ceremony and cultural

event at the headquarters which

started at around 6:30pm. Cabinet

secretary Md Shafiul Alam

addressed the programme as the

chief guest while principal secretary

to the prime minister, Abul

Kalam Azad, and senior secretary

to the Ministry of Public Administration,

Dr Kamal Abdul Naser,

were present as special guests.

Finance Minister AMA Muhith

inaugurated the online tax return

submission system on November

1, 2016.

The fair was held at 150 venues

spanning seven days at divisional

headquarters, four days at district

headquarters, two days in 29

upazilas and one day at 57 upazilas

as mobile income tax fair. •

Murshedy, managing director of

Envoy Textile, a denim fabric manufacturer,

told the Dhaka Tribune.

For grabbing more market

share in the global market, Bangladesh

has to concentrate on

washing as it adds value as well

attracts buyers, he said.

Since, it costs huge to establish

a textile mills, foreign investment

and low cost fund from home and

abroad can help boost the industry,

said the manufacturer.

The government has to ensure

utility service including gas and

electricity supply for the sector

to attract investment, Salam suggested.

Business 13

Investment required for Denim

to go high end

Mostafiz Uddin, MD of Denim Expert Ltd, tells DhakaTribune in an interview

• Ibrahim Hossain Ovi

Bangladesh needs investment in

denim fabrics manufacturing and

its research and development to

tap potential in order to enter the

high-end market segments, Mostafiz

Uddin, managing director of

Denim Expert Ltd, told the Dhaka

Tribune in an interview.

How can Bangladesh enlarge

export volume and value beyond

EU and US?

Bangladesh, the second largest

RMG exporter in the world, is also

an emerging player in international

denim market. The EU and the US

are two main export destinations

of Bangladesh’s denim.

Bangladesh is ahead of China in

the EU market with around 25.29%

share in 2015 and our position

is second in the US market with

11.35% market share.

For expanding the market,

Bangladesh has to have enough

knowledge to explore non-traditional

markets like Brazil, Chile,

China, Russia, Australia, South Africa

and Japan.

On the other hand, manufacturers

have to know about the trends

and the demand of those markets

to grab market share.

How can Bangladesh explore new

market and buyers?

Participation in apparel trade

shows is the key to come in contact

with the buyers. It also helps

to know about the new markets

through establishing network.

What are the barriers or challenges

to garbing global markets?

Appointment of Chinese firm for

jute mills project likely

• Asif Showkat Kallol

The proposal to appoint a Chinese

firm to implement the balancing,

modernisation, rehabilitation and

expansion (BMRE) project of 26

jute mills will be placed for approval

at the next meeting of the cabinet

committee on economic affairs.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation’s

(BJMC) yearly loss is more

than above Tk600 crore for running

these mills, according to the

Ministry of Textiles and Jute.

The project is expected to help

the sector diversify jute goods and

increase export volume. Revival

of the jute sector in the country

Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Denim Expert Ltd

High tariff rate in some non-traditional

markets is a major bar to

increasing denim exports to those

countries. The government has to

negotiate to reduce tariff and remove

non-tariff barriers through


Do you think Bangladesh has

already entered into high-end


Bangladesh is doing well in basic

items. Besides, the country is

gearing up to cater to the need of

high-end and branded fashion segments.

For that, the manufacturers

has to put emphasis on research

and development and forward

and ensuring fair prices of the jute

goods to cultivators can also help

the rural economy get a boost.

The jute ministry is going to proposed

China Textiles Industrial Corporation

for Foreign Economic and

Technical Corporation (CTEXIC) for

the implementation of the project.

According to the ministry, most

of the government-run jute mills are

more than 60-year old and production

capacity has declined by half.

As per the proposal, the dash

board of expensive cars, cartel

of windows and doors should be

made by jute items. Besides, jute

items will be used for manufacturing

furniture, wall-mates, Leonel

linkage industry. Focus needs to be

put on skilled workforce, especially

on mid- and upper-level management.

cloths, car seat covers and viscose.

The Chinese authorities concerned

already signed memorandum

of understanding (MoU) with

Bangladesh’s jute ministry to supply

credit at 1.5% interest for the

BMRE project.

The loan amount would be refunded

within 20 years. Total cost

of the project will be estimated

after six members of the Chinese

firm completed inspection of the

jute mills.

In the last nine years, the mills

suffered losses every year, save for

one, in fiscal year 2010-11, when

a slight profit of Tk14 crore was

made. •



ACI plans to

float new


• Tribune Business Desk

Advanced Chemical Industries

(ACI) Limited, one of the largest

business conglomerates in Bangladesh,

plans to set up a new subsidiary

company to manufacture

and market biotech products in the

country and abroad.

It plans to offer a number of biotech

products in its stores and has

already laid some groundwork for

its new subsidiary under the name

of ACI Biotech Limited operations.

Currently, the company has

three kinds of business segments—

pharmaceuticals, consumer brands

and agribusiness.

“The company has decided to

set up a new subsidiary company

in the name of ACI Biotech Limited

(proposed), subject to approval

from the regulatory authorities

concerned,” said the company in

a filing with the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

It said the primary objective of

the subsidiary is to manufacture

and market Biotech products in the

country and abroad.

“The company will have an initial

capital of Tk1 crore having 80%

ownership in the proposed company

and the rest of the stake will be

held by sponsor directors,” said an


When the news hit the market

during the trading hour, share

prices of the company gained more

than 2% to Tk410 a share.

The company has a number of

subsidiaries and joint venture business

units namely ACI Formulations,

ACI Salt, ACI Pure Flour, ACI Foods,

ACI Edible Oils, Premiaflex Plastics,

Creative Communication, ACI Motors,

ACI HealthCare, ACI Chemicals,

ACI Logistics, ACI Godrej Agrovet

Private, Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) and

Asian Consumer Care. •

Int’l expo brings RMG makers,

buyers under one roof

• Tribune Business Desk


What do you think about

investment in manufacturing high

quality fabrics?

Bangladesh presently has 30 denim

producing factories and can meet

about 60% domestic demands for

fabrics. That is why, there is a huge

scope of investment in denim fabrics


However, despite having capacity

our local investors cannot

make new investment in the sector

due to lack of infrastructure, especially

gas. There will be a lot of

investment in the denim industry

if sufficient electricity and gas can

be ensured.

What are the achievements of

Bangladesh Denim Expo in the last

four editions?

Bangladesh Denim Expo has already

become a much-awaited

event in the international denim

calendar. The expo is growing

every year with the presence of

foreign visitors. It will not be an

exaggeration to say that such exposition

has a significant contribution

towards the growth of country’s

denim export to the world. •

Bangladesh can enhance technical

know-how for its clothing products

through participation in international

exposition and attract global


Michael Scherpe, president and

CEO of Messe Frankfurt France

came up with the remarks at a press

conference in Dhaka yesterday.

Paris, which is the fashion capital,

is the best place for companies

to learn how to improve their overall


Since Bangladesh is the second

largest garment exporter, it is very

important for apparel sourcing.

Therefore, participation in international

exposition is very important

for manufacturers to attract

buyers, said Scherpe.

“The expo would help manufacturers

increase their product quality

and establish network with buyers.”

You will have to talk more with

the buyers and communication can

be a tool to this end, he suggested,

adding that “we unite technology

and latest fashion under one roof

and if you are in the show, it could

help you connect with new buyers”.

Bangladesh is a favourite place

for sourcing not only for its cheap

labour but also for quality products.

If there is no quality in the

products, the manufacturers cannot

make any sale to their buyers. •






Mutual Trust Bank Limited has recently opened its 107th branch at Malibagh Chowdhury Para in Dhaka,

said a press release. The bank’s chairperson, MA Rouf inaugurated the branch as chief guest

ONE Bank Limited has recently signed an agreement with leading European DFIs (FMO, OFID and OeEB)

for availing a long-term facility in USD to strengthen its offshore banking unit operation, said a press release

Standard Chartered Bank has recently arranged a zero-coupon bond of Tk 650m for ACI Godrej Agrovet

Private Limited, said a press release. The bank’s CEO, Abrar A Anwar and Dhruba Jyoti Banerjee, MD of

ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Limited was present on the occasion

Comilla region of Janata Bank has recently held a meeting to review its business, said a press release.

The bank’s DMD, Md Nazim Uddin was present at the meeting

Advertisement 15






Biz Info

| ceremony |

International Inter University Photography Exhibition 2016

abroad, where 934 photographers

submitted 8,253 photographs and

64 photo-stories in the primary

level. From these, IIUPE 2016

chose 198 best photographs from

118 photographers and 4 photostories.

The judgement has been

done in two different mediums

(Black and White), and under

8 categories as architecture,

conceptual, instagraph, landscape,

life, still-life, portrait, and photostory.

The jury panel of IIUPE consists

of multinational judges. Ex-jury

member of World Press Photo

and Cross Genre photographer

of India Swapan Parekh; Tanzim

Wahab, Chief Curator of Bengal Art

Foundation from Bangladesh and K

M Asad, Photographer Zuma Press,

USA sorted out the most deserving

entries. Tanvir Murad Topu, head

of photography of Pathshala South

Asian Media Institute, organised

the exhibition with his creative

view. •

"During the Liberation War in 1971,

a photograph played a vibrant

role in raising public opinion

globally and raised awareness

from all over the world," said AKM

Mozammel Haque, honourable

minister of Liberation War Affairs,

People’s Republic of Bangladesh on

November 05, 2016 at Shilpakala

Academy, while inaugurating

International Inter University

Photography Exhibition (IIUPE).

The exhibition was organised by

the North South University Art and

Photography Club.

Prof Atiqul Islam, vice

chancellor of NSU chaired the

exhibition where he said, “A

photograph speaks more than a

thousand words." He appreciated

each and every work of the

contestant in the exhibition there.

IIUPE 2016 was held at Shilpakala

Academy, from November 5 to 7.

Azim Uddin Ahmed, Chairman,

NSU board of trustee, and Dr M

Emdadul Haq, director of student

affairs were there as special guests

and guests of honour. For the

first time, the event will be held

across Bangladesh, at ICCR (Indian

Council for Culture and Relations),

Kolkata, India from November 16

to 18. The closing ceremony of this

exhibition will be held at the NSU

campus on December 1, 2016.

The 10th IUPE has outgrown

all the previous statistics with

41 participating countries, 188

universities from home and

| collaboration |

Signing of MOU between

Rose View Hotel and Gulshan

Club Ltd

The signing of MOU took place

between Rose View Hotel

represented by general manager,

Sadique Ahsan and Gulshan Club

Ltd, represented by president

Sakhawat Abu Khair Mohammed

in presence of MGR Nasir

Majumder, member in-charge,

Gulshan Club Ltd.

From now on, all respective

members of Gulshan club will be

entertained by Rose View Hotel

Sylhet, with special discounts.

All the members are requested to

contact with Gulshan club office

or Rose View sales office for the

special discount facilities.

For more information, contact:

Md Shahidul Islam (01977200506)

/ Md Bayazid Bin Mahfuz

(01977200505). •

Auto Connect




Magic of Automatic:

The Torque Converter

What does an automatic transmission use

instead of a clutch?

• ASM Foysal

Since its invention in 1886,

cars have been running only

sticks for over 25 years until

the invention of automatic

transmission in 1921 by Alfred

Horner Munro. So, automatic

transmission has been around

for ages, 95 years to be exact,

yet have you ever pondered,

what makes an automatic tick?

Why are there only 2 pedals in

an auto transmission instead of

the traditional 3? What does an

auto use instead of a clutch? It’s

all witchcraft and wizardry, not

the traditional sleight of hand,

mumbling incantation, casting

spell kind of wizardry but a

magic nonetheless, the magic

of mechanical ingenuity fluid

dynamics in the form of a Torque


With thousands of intricate

moving parts that needs to be

synchronized, delivering power

from any powertrain could a

legitimately complicated process.

All the components need to be

meticulously engineered to allow

them to smoothly keep your

vehicle on the move when you

just shift a gear and step on the

gas. In a manual transmission, the

clutch acts like a bridge between

the engine and the transmission,

connecting and disconnecting the

drive to the wheels. There is an

ideal limit for the engine to work,

below which there isn’t enough

air/fuel mixture to actually keep

the engine turning so it starts to

stall. A clutch essentially applies a

stopper over the throttle allowing

the car to idle without shutting

down the engine. When slowing

down to a stop, an engine would

stall as the feedback from the

transmission would take it below

its workable rev limit in the

absence of a clutch. There needs

to be a disconnection between the

transmission and the engine to

keep the engine running and then

connect again along with some

throttle to keep the vehicle up

and running.

However, in an automatic

transmission there is no

clutch, well not a traditional

one anyway. Instead what

it has is a torque converter.

Essentially it functions in

the same way as a regular

clutch, it ascertains that the

engine keeps running while

the transmission slows

down to a stop. What it does

in not as spectacular as the

how; the torque converter

implements the concept

of fluid coupling, allowing

the rotational energy of one

moving component to be

transferred to another.

The torque produced in the

powertrain and delivered to

the transmission is subdued

immensely by the torque

converter, hence the engine can

rotate freely even when the car

creeps to a halt. There is never

any disconnection however,

this can be observed in an auto

transmission because it will

slowly inch forward from a

standstill if the driver takes his

foot off the brake pedal.

The torque is controlled via

a pump that sends fluid around

the torque converter, the force

of which is determined by the

revolution of the crankshaft.

Inside the converter, there is

a small turbine that rotates

on account of the pumped

transmission fluid hence it acts

as a measure for the amount of

torque that makes its way to the


The Exterior of the torque

converter is connected to

the flywheel (used to store

up rotational energy) hence

it spins at the same speed as

the crankshaft. Contained by

the housing is the turbine, the

centrifugal fluid pump and

the stator which surrounds

the rotator. The pump throws

back the fluid into the turbine

which generates torque which is

transferred to the transmission.

The stator prevents the fluid from

flowing back to the pump thus

greatly increasingly efficiency of

the whole system. When idling,

the rate of fluid pumped to the

turbines is quite slow hence only a

meager amount of torque is being

transferred to the transmission.

With increased throttle, the rate

of fluid dissipation increases, the

crankshaft rotates faster which

results in the flywheel rotating

faster and propelling fluid at a

higher rate into the turbine. The

turbine, in turn, spins faster

which allows more torque to be

transferred to the transmission.

As with all systems, there is

bound to be energy loss, and

the automatic transmission is

no different. The loss in energy

is amplified since the engine

torque has to transfer through

the gearbox as well. This loss

might be very little but it puts a

large impact on the transmission

system. The inefficiency results

in the turbines spinning at a

lower rate than the pump, this is

primarily the reason automatic

transmissions have been fuel

inefficient compared to their

manual equivalents. Recent

developments in the torque

converter technology have

recessed the gap a little though,

now they are designed to “lock

up” at certain speeds allowing

the pump and the turbine to spin

together and the loss of energy is

minimized to the point of being

almost nonexistent.

However simple it appears

from being behind the wheel,

the engineering and ideation

that went into developing an

automatic transmission is quite

complex. It’s a spectacular feat

of technological innovation

worthy of anyone’s respect.

Connecting and controlling the

wheels to the driver and seamless

connection between the engine

and the drivetrain is incredibly

effective, so much so that most

people take it for granted. With

so many vehicles trotting out of

the production line with fully

automatic gearbox, the pedal

driven clutch mechanism is

becoming quite redundant. That’s

not to say people doesn’t enjoy it,

quite the contrary, petrol-heads

prefer the full control of the

vehicle, shifting gears and feeling

the grinding of the metal sliding

into place but for the ordinary

folks going from A to B, torque

converts are a god send. •







remember, the 8th

of November

When tomorrow comes, and the

Americans have a new president-elect,

some will say, kids, remember this day.

This is the day America went to hell


Obaidul Quader,

Bodi, and the

rule of law

If there are other wrong-doers in the

party or the government, let’s hope

that Bodi isn’t the last case in which

judgement is served


Let Dhaka breathe


Farming for the


WHO is pleased to facilitate this

process and emphasises the ongoing

need to work with tobacco-growing

communities while circumventing the

vested interests of the tobacco industry


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Write to Dhaka Tribune

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Shukrabad, Dhaka-1207

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articles are those of the authors

alone. They do not purport to

be the official view of Dhaka

Tribune or its publisher.

Public parks and other open spaces are vital to the development plan for


Unfortunately, we are failing in this regard.

The World Health Organisation recommends that a city have 9 square

meters of park space per person, and 20 square meters of open green space per

person. It is woefully obvious that Dhaka is nowhere near hitting those marks.

In fact, Dhaka is short of even the target stated in its own development plan.

A city cannot prosper through economic growth alone. Unchecked urban

growth, an over-centralised infrastructure, and bad planning have turned Dhaka

into one of the most unliveable cities of the world. Being unliveable has longterm

economic consequences. Foreign investors do not invest in unliveable

cities; they invest in cities where they think their managers would be happy to


We need to pay more attention to public health. This includes giving more

importance to the physical and psychological benefits of clean, accessible, open

spaces in the city.

Large metropolises around the world have maintained their commercial

vitality while also giving open spaces their due importance. New York,

Bangalore, Seoul, Toronto, and Paris have all exceeded the WHO’s

recommendation for per capita green space.

Dhaka cannot make a miraculous transformation, but it can certainly do


If they mayor indeed recognises this, we hope his office will be given the

necessary resources to realise the vision for Dhaka as a truly modern city.

It takes long-term vision to create the kind of city residents can be proud to

come home, and visitors admire.

Community engagement, and special care taken to include people of all ages

genders, and disabilities is an important step.

Women should not fear harassment, or worse, on public parks. Everybody’s

safety must be ensured.

If the city corporation is serious about taking Dhaka forward, it should first

make sure the city can breathe better. Open spaces will make that possible.

It takes long-term vision

to create the kind of city

residents can be proud

to come home to, and

visitors admire

Remember, remember,

the 8th of November

Opinion 21



When it comes to the US elections, a Bangladeshi can, at best, be an entertained audience member




• SN Rasul

It is hard for me, personally,

to care much for the US

presidential election as a

citizen of a country which,

firstly, seems to be detached

from it and its consequences,

and secondly, to be a citizen that

is looked down upon by their

immigration system as being less

worthy of landing on its soil.

As a result, my knee-jerk

reaction to the Orientalist nature

of their viewpoints is to say: “Let

them all go to hell.” And watch as

the country that claims to be the

epitome of democracy burn to

the ground under its own selfcongratulating


Indeed, what role can a

Bangladeshi play in the goingson

of the American presidential

elections except that of a highly

entertained audience member? On

the surface, the only thing I can

think of is whether it’d be easier to

enter America, be it as a tourist or

a student, once the elections are


The liberal campaign, headed

by noted celebrities and other

important voices in the media,

would have me believe that Trump

is a monster that needs to be

“punched in the face,” as Robert

DeNiro so eloquently put it. And

anyone voting for him is a disgrace

to humanity.

Cooler cats like Robert Downey

Jr, James Franco, and Mark

Ruffalo (the latter of whom was in

Bangladesh recently begging the

world to protect the Sundarbans)

humorously offer up naked photos

of one of their own brethren

so that the American audience

votes against Trump and the

international audience can’t help

but identify with their hip, “hey,

we’re just like you” lingo.

My more intelligent friends

echo the same sentiment: Just

because you hate Hillary Clinton

doesn’t mean you should be

supporting Trump.

That’s just stupid. No matter

what you say about Hillary, she

has been in the American political

system all her life and she at least

knows what the hell she’s talking

about. And no, saying that Trump

at least says it like it is isn’t good

enough of an excuse.

Contrarily, a part of me, and

I reckon this is true for a lot of

us, can’t quite resist the idea of a

Trump presidency. Just imagine

the ridiculousness: A wig-wagging,

flip-flapping, proven misogynistic

racist in the Oval Office, pledging

allegiance to the stars and stripes.

This is what movies are made of,

and there no doubt will be one

once the dust settles.

Would it be so wrong to

feel a tad bit vengeful against

the American nation for their

continuous self-righteousness in

the face of incessantly and without

mercy doing the wrong thing

around the whole world?

To continue to be friends with

monarchies and despots while

bulldozing through the rest of the

world with pitchforks of pseudodemocracy?

In the 20th century, the

American empire supported

regime after regime of dictators

and corrupt officials, just to

When tomorrow comes, and the Americans have a new president-elect,

some will say, kids, remember this day. This is the day America went to


keep its enemy of the time,

communism, from spreading. Of

course, it was proven by the end

of it that communism isn’t a virus,

and it’s not contagious, and it

doesn’t spread just because you’re

a country that shares its borders

with it.

In this way, they terrorised

(or tried to) Cuba, supporting

the ruthless Batista before Fidel

Castro came in. In this way, they

terrorised Vietnam. In the very

same way, they terrorised Korea,

treating it as their own playground

with Russia.

In each of these cases, they

retreated, with their tails between

their legs, the world all the much

worse for its interventions.

And one knows that they

haven’t been right with their

newfound War on Terror, as they

continued to make mistake after

mistake, as they built Gitmo, as

Democracy in action

they practiced racial profiling, as

they tortured, as they led to the

birth of ISIS, as they supported the

Israeli occupation of Palestine.

So, is it any surprise, despite

how intelligent some of us may

be, to hope that Donald Trump

comes to power, to let America

have a taste of its own medicine?

And hey, what’s so wrong about

supporting someone who says

it like it is, who admits that he

hates Muslims and wants to force

himself on women?

At least, that’s how the layman

thinks. And whether or not I am

a layman myself, I have yet to


Perhaps that is the problem

with democracy; it presupposes

too much knowledge on the part

of the masses, when all we really

want is to not have so much traffic,

have a little money so we can buy

an occasional fancy gadget, and

watch porn while simultaneously

shaming sexual adverts which our

cricketers have mistakenly acted


How Donald Trump will be

as president is anyone’s guess,

especially when it comes to

foreign policy and foreign


How does a man like that

interact with other political heads

of state? Does he know how to

show respect? Does he know how

to conduct himself? Without, at

least, resorting to grabbing some

genitalia or the other?

I can’t, honestly, wait for the

show to begin. I could be dignified

and politically astute, I could be a

little more reserved, I could talk of

the impacts of the election on our

very successful garments industry.

But I won’t.

Because the presidential

election, especially this year,


has been nothing more than the

world’s biggest reality television

show and I’ve had my popcorn

in the microwave for a very long


When tomorrow comes, and the

Americans have a new presidentelect,

some will say, kids,

remember this day. This is the day

America went to hell.

But you know, kids, not

many in the history of politics

has changed anything really,

because figureheads just give

you something to look at while

the strings attached to their arms

and legs are pulled by the various

corporations and agendas and

deals and clandestine e-mails,

from all across the US and the


And I know, it’s good to care,

and apathy and self-interest lead

to the rise of evil, and that those

who are crazy enough to think

they can change the world actually

do, but with this election, I think

our idealistic selves can take a


I mean, they’ve just discovered

a Hindu god inside a mosque in

Brahmanbaria. Surely, we have

better things to worry about? •

SN Rasul is a Sub-Editor at the Dhaka

Tribune. Follow him @snrasul.





Obaidul Quader, Bodi,

and the rule of law

Wrong-doers, regardless of party affiliation, should be punished

The prison sentence of AL lawmaker Abdur Rahman Bodi sends a strong message

If there are other wrong-doers in the party or the government, let’s hope

that Bodi isn’t the last case in which judgement is served. Let us hope

that Minister Quader’s words will translate into reality for the good of all

• Nadeem Qadir

When rights

organisations scream

about people going

off scot-free in

criminal cases due to impunity, the

jailing of the ruling Awami League

lawmaker, Abdur Rahman Bodi,

gives a strong signal regarding

the government’s stand against

criminals, whoever they may be.

Similarly, police action against

rowdy armed activists of the

ruling party’s student-wing, the

Bangladesh Chhatra League, is a

welcome move.

The AL’s new general secretary

and minister, Obaidul Quader,

commented: “Operation (against

unruly party elements) has just

started.” This too is worthy of


These two examples are just the

start of what one hopes will be a

long journey, and Bangladesh will


stand stronger in terms of the rule

of law as a consequence.

Good governance needs a

strong rule of law, and Prime

Minister Sheikh Hasina’s tough

stand will go a long way in

achieving her Visions 2021 and


On November 2, 2016, a Dhaka

court handed down three years’

imprisonment to Awami League

MP Abdur Rahman Bodi for


He is accused of many other

unlawful acts, which is why this

news was a welcome one.

It is especially a message for

rogue leaders like him to mind

their steps, which hugely hinders


But does Bodi get the message?

The television footage showed

him grinning as if he has become a

hero. He must understand that he

is a convicted criminal, and being

a government party law-maker

or member does not make any

difference as far as the rule of law

is concerned.

Obaidul Quader is the right

leader to see that the message

travels rank-and-file, and that

anybody else involved in any

wrong-doings and continuing to

damage the image of the party and

the country will not be spared.

Post-incident expulsions are

not an answer; pro-active and preemptive

preventions are the call of

the day, so that the damage does

not continue.

Obaidul Quader reportedly

also said photo sessions with

leaders will not be allowed as

they are misused. This is difficult

to disagree with, as I see it


Some people are only “photo

leaders” but in practice do nothing

for the party or the country, or

even for their leader.

These leaders will not come

out to protect the one who played

a part in lifting them up to their

current positions if she is in

trouble, I fear. So we must know

the true leaders, activists, and

supporters for our posterity.

Obaidul Quader has forced the

party’s rank-and-file to consider

what would happen to them

and the country without Sheikh


Very practical words, but they

have to be translated into reality.

This will help not only the Awami

League, but Bangladesh too.

If there are other wrong-doers

in the party or the government,

let’s hope that Bodi isn’t the last

case in which judgement is served.

Let us hope that Minister

Quader’s words will translate into

reality for the good of all of us,

especially Bangabandhu’s Golden

Bengal and Sheikh Hasina’s Digital


It has to be a continuous

process, and not just a stop-gap


These actions will get more

popular votes in the most crucial

2019 elections, where antiliberation

forces will use all they

have to return to power.

Good luck to Mr Obaidul

Quader. •

Nadeem Qadir is the Press Minister

of Bangladesh High Commission in


Opinion 23



Farming for the future

Tobacco farmers need help finding alternative livelihoods as the world wakes up to tobacco’s

harmful effects

For a healthier, tobacco-free world

• Poonam Khetrapal Singh

Supporting tobacco farmers

find alternative livelihoods

is both necessary and

proper. As demand

for tobacco products among

wealthier countries declines, and

as measures to roll back tobacco

consumption in the developing

world take effect, farming

communities must have the tools

needed to secure their future.

This is especially so in the

WHO South-East Asia Region.

10 of the Region’s 11 countries

are Parties to WHO’s Framework

Convention on Tobacco Control

(FCTC). Each one of them is taking

meaningful, evidence-based steps

to slash tobacco consumption and

demand, which at present kills

around 1.3 million people in the

region every year.

And each one of them is looking

for ways to shore-up the economy,

avoid tobacco-related costs, and

fast-track development in an age

of unrivalled opportunity.

Though it is true that tobacco

farming accounts for a negligible

percentage of GDP in the region’s

tobacco-growing countries, and

though it is also true that tobacco

farming is a driver of biodiversity

loss and the depletion of soil

nutrients, the concerns of tobacco

farmers themselves are important.

Their future livelihoods matter.

As outlined in Article 17 of the

FCTC, economic viability must be

at the very core of efforts to find

alternative livelihoods and plan

for a tobacco-free world. While

promoting such alternatives will

help tobacco farmers diversify

their income as demand for

tobacco ebbs, it may also alert

them to more lucrative crops or

other livelihood options before

this happens.

Not only would this leave them

better off financially, but it would

also free them of the onerous,

anti-market contracts so beloved

of tobacco oligarchs.

To make this happen,

governments and local authorities

can take a number of pro-active


First, appropriate research on

market opportunities should be

pursued. This research should take

into account the many variables

that affect a community’s ability

to prosper, including the natural,

human, physical, and financial

capital that a community can

access, as well as the market

linkages they are able to tap in to.

Through the production and

dissemination of high-quality

information, tobacco farmers

can make decisions that harness

market forces to their advantage

and best reflect their interests.

Second, adequate human,

material, and financial resources

should be made available. This

includes providing training

that gives the skills needed for

tobacco farmers to diversify their

crops and income, while also

emphasising tobacco’s harmful

environmental and health

outcomes for consumers and

farmers alike. Authorities should

consider creating incentives for

promoting, supporting, or shifting

to alternate livelihoods, including

by facilitating access to rural

credit, crop and income insurance,

and infrastructure and services,

among other possibilities.

Third, obstacles to crop

diversification should be mitigated

or removed. Where appropriate,

this could include addressing key

concerns that prevent farmers

leaving tobacco cultivation, such

as tobacco-related debts.

Despite a farmer’s best

intentions, excessive debts written

in to supply contracts often leave

them tied to tobacco farming,

limiting their ability to diversify

their income and creating a vicious

circle of indebtedness and poverty.

Government programs must meet

and overcome such challenges.

Finally, industry strategies to

promote tobacco farming must be

identified and regulated. Policies

WHO is pleased to facilitate this process and emphasises the ongoing

need to work with tobacco-growing communities while circumventing

the vested interests of the tobacco industry

should be developed to protect

tobacco growers and workers

from industry practices that fix

prices or create conditions that are


This means raising awareness

among tobacco farmers so that

they can increase their autonomy,

as well as creating a network of

civil society organisations able to

monitor industry malpractice. It

also means creating government

mechanisms that can do the same,

only with the full weight of the


By discussing these and other

initiatives at the COP7 meeting

in New Delhi this week, health

authorities and governments

across the South-East Asia Region

-- and indeed the world -- will

explore how best they can support


tobacco farmers as demandtargeted

initiatives make their


Though this is already

happening in several countries

in the region, there is scope for

assistance to be scaled up. WHO

is pleased to facilitate this process

and emphasises the ongoing need

to work with tobacco-growing

communities while circumventing

the vested interests of the tobacco

industry. No matter the half-truths

circulated, a tobacco-free world

is one of opportunity rather than


This point deserves emphasis.

Through the FCTC, countries

across the globe have gained

the legal and technical support

they need to resist Big Tobacco’s

incursions. They are now making

the changes needed to support

healthier populations, and to

lower the social and economic

burden of tobacco-related illness

and death.

Alongside the clear benefits

these changes bring, they also

provide opportunities for presentday

tobacco farmers to diversify

their income and break out from

an industry in terminal decline.

The notion that a tobacco-free

world should come at their

expense is an untruth. And it is

an untruth that is cynical in the

extreme. •

Poonam Khetrapal Singh is Regional

Director of WHO, South-East Asia







Rumana new

women’s captain

Rumana Ahmed was named the

new captain, replacing Jahanara

Alam, of the Bangladesh women’s

national cricket team following a

board meeting at Sher-e-Bangla

National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur

yesterday. PAGE 25

Sunday treble

keeps Sky

Blues on top

• Tribune Report

Nigerian striker Sunday Chizoba

netted the first hattrick of the

Bangladesh Premier League this

season as table-toppers Abahani

Limited continued their brilliant

run with a crushing 5-1 victory over

Feni Soccer Club at Bangabandhu

National Stadium yesterday.


Soccer Club 1-5 Abahani

Felix 58 Jewel 18,

Sunday 26, 54 – P, 62, Saad 88

Rabada shines as

Proteas seal win

Paceman Kagiso Rabada took

5-92 as South Africa completed

an emphatic 177-run victory over

Australia in the first Test at the

WACA yesterday after dismissing

the hosts for 361 just before tea on

the final day. PAGE 26

Buffon makes 600th

outing in Juve win

Miralem Pjanic’s free kick gave

Juventus a 2-1 win at Chievo on

Sunday as goalkeeper Gianluigi

Buffon celebrated his 600th Serie

A appearance. Mohamed Salah

scored a hat-trick to give AS Roma

a 3-0 win. PAGE 26


Messi in Barca victory

The day before his side hosted

Barca, Sevilla coach Jorge

Sampaoli said Lionel Messi’s

supremacy needed two Ballon

d’Ors, “one for Messi and one for

everyone else”. The Argentine’s

words rang true. PAGE 28

Rangpur Riders’ Pakistani recruit Shahid Afridi prepares to take a high catch during a training session at Sher-e-Bangla

National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur yesterday


BPL 4 all set for restart

• Mazhar Uddin

The fourth edition of the Bangladesh

Premier League Twenty20

is all set to restart today after

rain washed away the first four

matches which forced the BPL

governing council to change the

schedule of the money-spinning


According to the new start of

the existing schedule, defending

champions Mashrafe bin Mortaza’s

Comilla Victorians will take

on Tamim Iqbal’s Chittagong Vikings

in the first match, starting

from 2pm, while in the evening

game, Shakib al Hasan’s Dhaka

Dynamites will lock horns with

Mushfiqur Rahim’s Barisal Bulls

at 7pm.

Both the matches will be held

in Mirpur’s Sher-e-Bangla National


The Victorians will be looking

to defend their title as they retained

Imrul Kayes, Liton Kumar

Das, player of the series in the

previous edition Ashar Zaidi and

Nuwan Kulasekara. They also

roped in in-form Pakistani Imad

Wasim, Sohail Tanvir and Afghanistan

leg-spinner Rashid Khan,

among others.

Tigers opening batsman Kayes

sounded positive ahead of their

clash against the Vikings.

“We will try to play our best

cricket. The Vikings, along with

the other teams, have formed formidable

teams to win the title. We

will look to play according to our

game-plan and rest is upto the Almighty.

I don’t set any individual

target but if I perform well, it will

automatically benefit my team,

which is more important for me,”

said Kayes.

Their today’s opposition, the

Vikings, who put up a disappointing

show in BPL 3, have come

back strong this year with a new

coach in the form of Mohammad

Salahuddin while local lad Tamim

Iqbal will look to lead the side

from the front.

The Vikings’ big-hitter Chris

Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Pakistani

Shoaib Malik and Afghan Mohammad

Nabi can prove to be

deadly in their respective roles,

along with veteran left-arm spinner

Abdur Razzak and fast bowler

Taskin Ahmed.

All in all, it promises to be a

cracker of a game when the two

sides get things rolling in the

month-long competition.

Meanwhile in the other match

of the day, the star-studded Dynamites,

led by Shakib, will have

Sri Lankan legends Kumar Sangakkara

and Mahela Jayawardene at

their disposal, along with West Indies

duo Dwayne Bravo and Andre

Russell, in their pursuit of bettering

their semi-final exit in BPL 3.

On the eve of their tournament

opener, Shakib said, “This break

has proved to be useful for the

team as we got the time to gel as

a unit. I think the change in fixture

won’t hamper our game-plan

and strategy. Obviously, we will

look to start the tournament on

a winning note and gain the momentum,

which will help us in the

latter part of the tournament.

“Wherever I play, my team is

always full of superstars. Even

when I played for Rangpur Riders

last year, everyone said my team

is very strong. But I think whoever

plays well on the day is the

better team.”

The Dynamites are up against

Mushfiq’s Bulls, who have a relatively

modest T20 squad devoid

of explosive names. Shahriar Nafees,

Shamsur Rahman and Nadif

Chowdhury will shore up the batting

department while Al Amin

Hossain, Abu Haider Rony and

left-arm spinner Taijul Islam form

a strong bowling unit.

Rumman Raees, Dilshan Munaweera,

Josh Cobb, Carlos Brathwaite

and Mohammad Nawaz

are the Bulls’ overseas recruits

and the quintet will surely add

strength to their side. •

Ctg Abahani 1-0 Mohammedan

Yusuf 44 - og

It was the Sky Blues’ fourth consecutive

league win and also their

biggest margin of victory this season.

George Kottan’s charges are

the only club in the 12-team points

table who are still unbeaten so far

in the league. The remaining 11

sides have conceded at least two

defeats each.

The victory consolidated Abahani’s

place at the top of the premier

league standings. With 29 points

from 13 matches, they moved five

points clear of second-placed Chittagong


On the other hand, it was Feni’s

sixth straight defeat as they remained

second from bottom with

only nine points.

Jewel Rana gave the Sky Blues

the lead in the 18th minute.

Sunday doubled the lead eight

minutes later flicking home a cross

from English midfielder Lee Andrew


The Nigerian striker scored

again in the 54th minute from a

penalty after Camara Mamadou

pulled down Jewel inside the box.

Feni goalkeeper Sujan fisted away

Sunday’s initial effort but the rebound

fell at the feet of Jewel who

cut it back to Sunday to tap home.

Nigerian midfielder Uche Felix

pulled one back for Feni four minutes

later with a low drive from the

middle of the box.

Sunday completed his treble

four minutes later, hitting the back

of the net following a through pass

from Emon Babu. It was Sunday’s

14th league goal this season.

Young forward Saad Uddin came

off the bench to complete the rout

in the 88th minute with a lovely

right-footer from the right flank.

Meanwhile in the day’s other

match, Chittagong Abahani maintained

their good form as they beat

Mohammedan Sporting Club 1-0 to

sit two points behind leaders Abahani.

An own-goal by Mohammedan’s

Yusuf Khan put Chittagong Abahani

ahead in the 44th minute. •

Sport 25

Rumana new captain, new guideline for players’ TV ads



• Mazhar Uddin

Rumana Ahmed was named the

new captain of the Bangladesh

women’s cricket team following a

board meeting at Sher-e-Bangla National

Stadium in Mirpur yesterday.

The women’s team will tour

Thailand later this month and Rumana

will be leading the side until

the World Cup qualifiers. Jahanara

Alam previously captained the

women’s side until the Ireland tour.

During the meeting, the Bangladesh

Cricket Board also formed

new guidelines for the endorsements

of the national cricketers.

Keeping in mind the recent controversial

TV commercial featuring

Sabbir Rahman which was later put

off air, the board has undertaken

new measures in order to prevent

such advertisements in future.

Meanwhile, there were no

changes in captaincy of the Test

and ODI sides as Mushfiqur Rahim

and Mashrafe bin Mortaza were retained

as skippers for the upcoming

New Zealand tour.

The board also decided to hold

the next annual general meeting in

A view of the board meeting at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur yesterday

February next year.

“[Yesterday] was one of our most

important board meetings. The

next AGM of the board will take

place in February next year. However,

there is a relation between the

election and the AGM. We have also

finalised the media rights of the BPL

from 2018 for the next three years

onwards,” BCB president Nazmul

Hasan told the media.

“Impress Trimatra Consortium

has the media rights while we also

granted the revenue budget in the

board meeting,” he said.

Among other developments, the

BCB also approved the decision to

renovate two new grounds for the


domestic leagues.

The board also extended its help

to photo journalist Torikul Islam

and sports journalist Asif Iqbal,

who will receive Tk two and three

lakh respectively. •




Ansar, BGB lift

wrestling titles

• Tribune Report

Bangladesh Ansar and Border

Guard Bangladesh emerged as the

champions in the women’s and

men’s event respectively in the

National Wrestling Championship

2016 after winning their finals at M

Mansur Ali National Handball Stadium


Ansar bagged a total of seven

medals, including six golds and

a silver, to clinch the sixth Women’s

National Wrestling title while

Bangladesh Army became runners-up

with two golds and six silvers.

BGB took home the crown of the

Men’s National Wrestling Championship

with a total of seven medals,

including five golds and one

silver and bronze, while Ansar finished

second with two golds, three

silvers and bronze. Army placed

third with a gold, two silvers and

four bronzes. •

Rubel, Faruk into

Tennis 2nd round

• Tribune Report

Rubel Hossain and Faruk Hossain

of Bangladesh moved to the second

round of the Walton 30th International

Tennis Federation Junior

Championship 2016 beating their

Indian opponents at National Tennis

Comlex, Ramna yesterday.

Rubel defeated Shyamsundar

Srinivasan comfortably 6-4, 6-1 at

Court 1 while Faruk beat Chinmay

Bakshi 6-3, 6-2 at Court 6. •







U. Khawaja lbw Duminy 97 182

M. Marsh lbw Rabada 26 52

P. Nevill not out 60 153

M. Starc lbw Rabada 13 24

P. Siddle lbw Philander 13 32

J. Hazlewood c Elgar b Bavuma 29 71

N. Lyon lbw Maharaj 8 22

Extras (b13, lb11, w4, nb2) 30

Total (all out, 119.1 overs) 361

Fall of wickets

1-52 (Warner), 2-52 (Marsh), 3-144 (Smith),

4-146 (Voges), 5-196 (M Marsh), 6-246

(Khawaja), 7-262 (Starc), 8-280 (Siddle),

9-345 (Hazlewood), 10-361 (Lyon)


Rabada 31-6-92-5 (3w), Philander 22-7-55-1,

Duminy 17-1-51-1, Maharaj 40.1-10-94-1 (1w),

Cook 2-0-16-0, Bavuma 7-1-29-1 (2nb)

South Africa win by 177 runs

South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada appeals

successfully for an LBW decision off

Australia’s Mitchell Marsh during their

first Test in Perth yesterday REUTERS

Rabada takes five as Proteas seal emphatic win

• Reuters, Perth

Paceman Kagiso Rabada took 5-92

as South Africa completed an emphatic

177-run victory over Australia

in the first Test at the WACA yesterday

after dismissing the hosts for

361 just before tea on the final day.

The tourists claimed a third successive

victory at the WACA after

2008 and 2012 triumphs and a 1-0

lead in the series, which continues

in Hobart on Saturday and concludes

with a day-nighter at Adelaide


Australia’s batsmen were unable

to cope with Rabada’s pace and

swing as the 21-year-old took his

fourth five-wicket haul in his ninth

Test, making light of the absence of

South Africa’s injured pace spearhead

Dale Steyn.

It was Australia’s first Test defeat

at home since that 2012 loss at

the WACA and there was more bad

news at the end of the day when it

was confirmed that opener Shaun

Marsh had broken his finger and

would not play in Hobart.

South Africa declared on 540-

8 after lunch on Sunday, leaving

Australia with an imposing 539-run

victory target or more realistically

almost five sessions to bat out for

a draw. It was a remarkable turnaround

after Australia, having dismissed

South Africa for 242 on day

one, were 158 without loss before

collapsing to 244 all out.

“We had some harsh words at the

end of day one, we were very disappointed

with how we played, and

we wanted to come back and put

in a real solid performance,” said

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis.

“The way we responded was

quite ridiculous, it was incredible

the way we turned it around and we

backed it up on day three. Since day

one, it’s just been unbelievable.”

Australia had resumed on 169-4

on Monday and Usman Khawaja,

Mitchell Marsh and Mitchell Starc

were dismissed before lunch with

Peter Siddle following after the

break. •

Leipzig go level

with Bayern

• Reuters, Berlin

RB Leipzig continued their remarkable

first season in the Bundesliga

when they brushed aside Mainz 05

3-1, their fifth win in a row, to go level

on points with leaders Bayern Munich

on Sunday. Bayern and Leipzig

both have 24 points from seven wins

and three draws and are four clear of

third-placed Hoffenheim•


RB Leipzig 3-1 Mainz

Werner 3, 44, Forsberg 21 Bell 74

Schalke 3-1 Werder Bremen

Schoepf 35, 63, Bentaleb 38 Gnabry 42-pen


P W D L GD Pts

Bayern Munich 10 7 3 0 18 24

RB Leipzig 10 7 3 0 13 24

Hoffenheim 10 5 5 0 7 20

Hertha Berlin 10 6 2 2 7 20

Dortmund 10 5 3 2 13 18

Buffon makes 600th league

outing in Juve win

• Reuters, Milan

Miralem Pjanic’s free kick gave Juventus

a 2-1 win at Chievo on Sunday

as goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon

celebrated his 600th Serie A appearance.

Mohamed Salah scored a hattrick

to give second-placed AS

Roma a 3-0 win over Bologna and

Inter Milan, still looking for a replacement

for coach Frank de Boer

who was sacked last Tuesday, beat

bottom club Crotone by the same

score after taking 84 minutes to

break through.

Gianluca Lapadula’s first-ever

Serie A goal gave AC Milan a 2-1

win at lowly Palermo while Empoli,

who had scored two goals all

season, tripled their tally in a single

match with a 4-0 win at fellow

strugglers Pescara.

Buffon, 38, became the fourth

player to reach the 600-match

mark after Paulo Maldini, Javier

Zanetti and Francesco Totti.

The first 168 of those were with

Parma, the remainder with Juventus

and he also made 37 appearances

in Serie B where Juventus played

in the 2006-07 season.

Inter, under caretaker coach Stefano

Vecchi, are ninth with 17 points

after their win over Crotone. •


Pescara 0-4 Empoli

Maccarone 12, 44,

Pucciarelli 23, Saponara 89

Chievo 1-2 Juventus

Pellissier 66 Mandzukic 53, Pjanic 75

Genoa 1-1 Udinese

Ocampos 24 Thereau 11

Palermo 1-2 AC Milan

Nestorovski 71 Suso 15, Lapadula 82

Sassuolo 0-3 Atalanta

Gomez 19, Caldara 24, Conti 43

Fiorentina 1-1 Sampdoria

Bernardeschi 37 Muriel 57

Inter Milan 3-0 Crotone

Perisic 84, Icardi 88-pen, 90+3

Roma 3-0 Bologna

Salah 13, 62, 71



W D L GD Pts

Juventus 12 10 0 2 14 30

Roma 12 8 2 2 17 26

AC Milan 12 8 1 3 4 25

Lazio 12 6 4 2 9 22

Atalanta 12 7 1 4 6 22

Leaders Nice lose

• AFP, Paris

Table-toppers Nice suffered their

first Ligue 1 defeat of the season on

Sunday when they went down 1-0

after a hotly disputed penalty at

Caen. Champions PSG kept up the

pressure in a 4-0 home win over

Rennes although the three points

was overshadowed by injury to star

striker Edinson Cavani.•


Caen 1-0 Nice

Santini 42-pen

Metz 0-0 Saint-Etienne

Paris SG 4-0 Rennes

Gelson 31-og, Cavani 42, Rabiot 67, Verratti 79


P W D L GD Pts

Nice 12 9 2 1 15 29

Monaco 12 8 2 2 21 26

Paris SG 12 8 2 2 17 26

Guingamp 12 6 3 3 5 21

Rennes 12 6 2 4 -3 20

Sport 27



Bangladesh beat

Maldives in U-14 Chess

• Tribune Report

Bangladesh outplayed Maldives by 4-0 points in the

second round of the Asian Nations Cup Under-14 Team

Chess Championship 2016 but lost to Iraq in the third

round by 2.5-1.5 points in Jaixian, China yesterday.

In the second round, Nayem Haque, Amit Bikram

Roy, Sadnan Hossain Dihan and Daniel Murad defeated

Yameen Yooshau, Hassan Zayan, Hussain Mohamed Nibaal

and Naseer Yanaal Ali. In the third round, Nayem

beat Rabeea Sabah Nori and Daniel drew with Ameer

Dhafer while Amit lost to Ahmed Jaza Jamal and Sadnan

suffered a defeat against Moazaz Dhahir Habeeb. •

Dhaka Dynamites’ Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara during the signing ceremony

of Laugfs Gas as one of their major BPL 4 sponsors


Murray clinches maiden

Paris Masters title

• Reuters, Paris

Andy Murray celebrated his impending rise to the world

number one ranking with a 6-3 6-7(4) 6-4 victory against

John Isner to claim his maiden Paris Masters title and his

eighth tournament win of the season on Sunday.

The Briton, who will take over from Novak Djokovic

at the top of the ATP rankings yesterday, survived a barrage

of aces against the towering American to win his

14th career Masters tournament.

The three-times grand slam champion gave little

breathing space to Isner, who was hoping to clinch his

first Masters title after two lost finals. •




‘Extraterrestrial’ Messi

as Barca edge Sevilla

• Reuters

The day before his side hosted Barcelona,

Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli

joked that Lionel Messi’s supremacy

necessitated two Ballon

d’Or competitions, “one for Messi

and one for everyone else”.

The Argentine’s words rang

true as his compatriot turned

Sunday’s thrilling encounter with

the high-flying Andalusians on

its head, engineering a 2-1 comeback

victory for his side despite a

breathtaking display from Sevilla.

Barca looked there for the taking

after Vitolo’s 15th minute goal

and were drowning in the home

side’s unrelenting pressure, only

spared by some wayward finishing.

But as halftime approached,

Messi sparked a surge forward,

combining with Denis Suarez and

Neymar to equalise with Barca’s

first clear effort on goal. He took

hold of proceedings in the second

half, crafting two unfulfilled chances

for himself before teeing up Luis

Suarez to secure Barca the winner.

“When a player like him takes

a game seriously it’s very difficult

for his opponents,” said Sampaoli,

whose side’s perfect home record

in La Liga and the Champions

Guardiola: Lack

of composure is

costing Man City

• Reuters

A lack of composure at both ends

of the pitch is costing Manchester

City points, according to their manager

Pep Guardiola.

City, held to a 1-1 home draw by

Middlesbrough on Saturday, have

won one of their last five Premier

League games to slip to third in the

table behind Liverpool and Chelsea.

“Sometimes when you miss a

point it’s a shame... we’re attacking

with 10 guys and we don’t let

(opponents) run,” Guardiola told


“We have to insist on playing

that way but we have to be better

in the boxes. When that happens

the game will be 2-0 and the game

will be over.”

“We control the attack, outside

and inside the box and we get to

the second balls,” Guardiola said.

“Of course, in 90 minutes, there

has to be some point when the opponent

can arrive in your box and

what happens here is that they

punish you,” the Spaniard added.

“Here, the games are always

open because they put the long

balls on to the strikers. They are

playing for free kicks and throw-ins

to make the most of the minimal

mistake.” •

League was broken.

“Messi is a world class player

and when the game opens up

there’s little you can do to stop

him, nor his team mates because

they can really punish you if you

give them any space.”

Barca coach Luis Enrique

praised the little magician for yet

another match-winning display.

“Messi’s capacity to interpret

any situation is remarkable. There’s

no-one like him. Our aim is to look

to give the ball to him as often as

we can,” he said.

Sevilla’s Vitolo added: “I’m not

going to tell you anything new

about Messi, for me he’s the best

of all time. He only appeared in the

first half to score the goal but in

the second he improved his whole

team. We were on top in the first

half but Barca’s front three can

score at any moment and their first

goal got them back into the game.”

Sevilla president Pepe Castro

lamented his side’s inability to finish

Barcelona off but was also in

thrall to Messi.

“We couldn’t take our chances

in the first half. They have Messi,

we do not,” he said.

“He is an extraterrestrial. The first

time he touches the ball, it’s a goal.” •


Klopp wants Liverpool to stay cool

• Reuters

Juergen Klopp suggested on Sunday

that everyone needed to stay

cool amid the crescendo of excitement

that is building up around

Liverpool’s title challenge.

Their fabulous 6-1 trouncing of

Watford at Anfield, featuring the

attacking brilliance that has characterised

their entire season, saw

Liverpool hit the top of the Premier

League for the first time in the


Real Madrid 3-0 Leganes

Bale 38, 45, Morata 76

Celta Vigo 2-1 Valencia

Roncaglia 43, Guidetti 77 Parejo 32-pen

Espanyol 0-0 Athletic Bilbao

Villarreal 2-0 Real Betis

Trigueros 22, Soriano 54

Sevilla 1-2 Barcelona

Vitolo 15 Messi 43, Suarez 61


P W D L GD Pts

Real Madrid 11 8 3 0 21 27

Barcelona 11 8 1 2 19 25

Villarreal 11 6 4 1 12 22

Atletico Madrid 11 6 3 2 17 21

Sevilla 11 6 3 2 4 21

Barcelona’s Argentinian forward Lionel Messi celebrates after scoring during their Spanish league match against Sevilla FC at

the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium in Sevilla on Sunday


Klopp era.

Yet while the win even had

Watford’s bruised manager Walter

Mazzarri cooing that Liverpool

could lift the title for the first time

since the creation of the Premier

League, Klopp suggested everyone

calmed down.

With Chelsea, fresh from their

5-0 hammering of Everton on Saturday,

only a point behind and

both the widely-admired Manchester

City and Arsenal a further point


P W D L GD Pts

Liverpool 11 8 2 1 16 26

Chelsea 11 8 1 2 17 25

Man City 11 7 3 1 15 24

Arsenal 11 7 3 1 13 24

Tottenham 11 5 6 0 9 21

Man Utd 11 5 3 3 3 18

Everton 11 5 3 3 2 18

Watford 11 4 3 4 -4 15

Burnley 11 4 2 5 -4 14

Southampton 11 3 4 4 0 13

West Brom 11 3 4 4 -3 13

Stoke 11 3 4 4 -5 13

Bournemouth 11 3 3 5 -3 12

Leicester 11 3 3 5 -5 12

Middlesbrough 11 2 5 4 -2 11

adrift, Klopp reckoned it was far

too early to get carried away.

“If somebody thinks being one

point ahead after 11 match days is

a big sign for the rest of the season,

then I can’t help this person,”

Klopp told reporters.

“We stay cool. It’s the best position

I can imagine but nothing else

has happened.

“We knew that Arsenal drew

against Tottenham but we didn’t

speak one word about the possibility

of being top of the table.

“We saw Chelsea yesterday,

quite impressive; Man City playing

Barcelona, quite impressive; Man

United, never write them off; Tottenham

are a good side. There’s a

lot of really good teams around.

“For me it’s more important that

we look like a team who is able to

win games.”

“I know the story two years ago

when it was really close and everybody

compares -- but this is not the

team of two or three years ago,”

Klopp said.

“This is not the team (of) 25

years ago. We’re completely new.

“When I came here I asked for

time and patience and belief, and

after 11 matches everyone’s asking

for guarantees and they are not


“The only thing we have is a

pretty good football team.” •

Mourinho hits

out at United

‘problem players’

• AFP, Swansea

Jose Mourinho has taken a swipe at

the Manchester United players he

fears might not have the right attitude

to guide his side back into the

Premier League title race.

Mourinho spoke openly about

the need for players to play through

the injury pain barrier.

“We have players with problems,

but we also have players on

the pitch who have problems,” he


“And that is what I mean, because

in every sport, and I know

that because I have friends from

other sports, playing at the highest

level. How many times do they play

when they are not 100 per cent?

“I have a friend who is a big tennis

player and he tells me that he

remembers more times when he

has played with pain than the times

he has played without any pain. To

compete, you have to work to the


“It is a cultural thing, for some.

That’s not my culture.”

Asked if players needed to

change to play for him, Mourinho

said; “Exactly, but more than me,

Man United. More than me, Man

United.” •







1 Bird (4)

6 Vigour (3)

7 Readily-splitting

mineral (4)

9 Require (4)

10 Of the moon (5)

11 Make merry (5)

12 Strange (3)

14 Icy cold (5)

17 Henhouse (5)

20 United (3)

21 Droll (5)

23 Scene of an event (5)

25 Lure (4)

26 Dry (4)

27 Lubricant (3)

28 Prophet (4)


1 Leader of church

singing (6)

2 Carry too far (6)

3 Broad (4)

4 Clamour (3)

5 Distant (3)

7 Stubborn animal (4)

8 Ship's small room (5)

10 Limb (3)

13 Channel port (5)

15 Area (6)

16 Writer of IOU's (6)

18 Move quickly (4)

19 Digit (3)

22 Wading bird (4)

23 Forefront (3)

24 Pinch (3)


How to solve: Each number in our

CODE-CRACKER grid represents a

different letter of the alphabet. For

example, today 17 represents W so fill W

every time the figure 17 appears.

You have two letters in the control

grid to start you off. Enter them in the

appropriate squares in the main grid, then

use your knowledge of words to work out

which letters go in the missing squares.

Some letters of the alphabet may not be


As you get the letters, fill in the other

squares with the same number in the

main grid, and the control grid. Check

off the list of alphabetical letters as you

identify them.




How to solve: Fill in the blank spaces with the

numbers 1 – 9. Every row, column and 3 x 3 box must

contain all nine digits with no number repeating.











Love School season 2

fails to shine

• Showtime Desk

MTV Love School is a reality show

that aims to solve the problems

of young couples and bring them

closer, thereby making their

relationship stronger.

The first season of the show

was hosted by actors Karishma

Tanna and Upen Patel. According

to the TRP rating, the first season

was not a great hit, which is

why there is a now a new season

hosted by another pair of celebrity

lovebirds, Karan Kundra and

Anusha Dandekar. Another reason

behind the change of hosts was the

breakup of Karishma and Upen.

Disappointing indeed for the show

and concept!

The show aired last Sunday

and it turned out to be a

disappointment. Again. But let us

call a spade a spade; how much

quality can anyone expect from

a reality show where couples try

to make their personal issues a

public affair? Naturally, no. So,

the show started with hosts Karan

and Anusha doing a LOT of PDA

(Public Display of Affection). And

then the contestants started to

show up for ‘audition.’ The couples

had the usual problems-infidelity,

commitment issues, lack of

communication, etc.

The couples who impressed

the hosts were given a locket,

and were asked to join the “love

school.” And that was pretty much


There was also some drama in

the show, thanks to Karan, who

yelled at the participants, and

Anusha, who got frustrated

with some couples and

cried, before walking

out of the sets. The first

episode of the show ended

up being quite a letdown

for the audience. It is now up to

the producers and hosts to come

up with something to really turn

things around. •

Sara says NO to KJo

Nachiketa collaborates

with Joy Shahriar

• Showtime Desk

For the longest time, rumors of

Sara Ali Khan making a debut in

Student of the Year 2, opposite

Tiger Shroff, have been doing their

rounds. There have been several

reports anticipating the same. In

fact, some even suggested how

she has already signed the dotted

line and is all set to romance

Tiger Shroff in this much-awaited

sequel. But reportedly, Sara Ali

Khan is not interested in making

her debut with Karan Johar!

Reports suggest that Sara has

suddenly let the agency that was

handling her work go it is unclear.

If she has rejected Karan Johar’s

Student Of The Year sequel or was

never offered the film. Only time

will tell, but Bollywood is quite

curious to know what is on her

plate right now. •

• Showtime Desk

Popular singer from Kolkata,

Nachiketa, recently sang a song by

Bangladeshi music composer Joy

Shahriar. They recorded the song

during the last week of October in

Kolkata. Joy is very excited after

having worked with him. The title

of the song is “Hoytoh abar hobe


“Nachiketa is one of the

inspirations in Bengali music.

It was like a treat working with

him.” said Joy. He also said that

the shooting for the music video

would begin soon, prior to which,

the song would be released at

Gaan-Box. •





Registration for Bengal Classical

Music Festival 2016 begins

• Showtime Desk

The registration process has

begun for Bengal Classical Music

Festival 2016, which is set to be

held for five consecutive nights

starting from November 24 to 28,

at the Bangladesh Army Stadium.

Online registrations and

registration via mobile phones

opened earlier on Monday,

November 7. To register online,

one has to log on to the website

– www.bengalclassicalmusicfest.

com. To register via mobile

phone, one has to type ‘Bengal’

and send it to 6969.

The five day festival will

be dedicated to the recentlydeceased


littérateur Syed Shamsul Haq,

who was closely associated with

Bengal Foundation since it’s

inception. Just like the previous

editions, the festival will

feature performances of major

disciplines from Indian classical

music and dance performances

carried out by both local and

Indian artists.

The featured artists of this

edition include Aashish Khan,

Girija Devi, Pandit Hariprasad

Chaurasia, Pandit Shivkumar

Sharma, Ajoy Chakrabarty,

U Rajesh, Abhijit Banerjee,

Jayateerth Mevundi, Ulhas

Kashalkar, Dr L Subramaniam,

Madhavi Mudgal, Arushi Mudgal,

Kushal Das, Munmun Ahmed,

Rahul Sharma, Rashid Khan,

Ranendranath Majumdar, Satyajit

Talwalkar, Sharmila Banerjee,

Tejendra Narayan Majumdar,

Uday Bhawalkar, and many


Presented by Square Group,

Bengal Foundation will organise

the festival with support from

Brac Bank Limited. •


Shrek the Third

HBO 7:44pm

When his new father-in-law, King

Harold falls ill, Shrek is looked

at as the heir to the land of Far,

Far Away. Not one to give up his

beloved swamp, Shrek recruits

his friends Donkey and Puss in

Boots to install the rebellious

Artie as the new king. Princess

Fiona, however, rallies a band

of royal girlfriends to fend off a

coup d’etat by the jilted Prince


Voice: Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie

Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz

(Princess Fiona), Antonio

Banderas (Puss in Boots), Julie

Andrews (Queen)

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

HBO 9:30pm

Sean Anderson partners with

his mom’s husband on a mission

to find his grandfather, who

is thought to be missing on a

mythical island.

Cast:Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne

Johnson, Michael Caine, Luis

Guzmán, Vanessa Hudgens

Night at the Museum: Secret of

the Tomb

Star Movies 5:12pm

Larry spans the globe, uniting

favorite and new characters while

embarking on an epic quest to

save the magic before it is gone


Cast: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams,

Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Dan

Stevens, Ben Kingsley

Captain America: The First


Star Movies 9:30pm

Steve Rogers, a rejected military

soldier transforms into Captain

America after taking a dose of a

‘Super-Soldier serum.’ But being

Captain America comes at a price

as he attempts to take down

a war monger and a terrorist


Cast: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee

Jones, Hugo Weaving, Hayley

Atwell, Sebastian Stan •

Mila’s works for

new songs

• Showtime Desk

Mila’s latest album Uncensored,

was released in 2015. Since

then, the pop singer was only

spotted in live concerts.

She just wrapped up her

US tour, and returned to the

country after performing

in several concerts there.

Thanks to her earlier music

videos, she often appears

on TV these days. There has

been buzz about her new

album, which she is currently

working on.

The 38-year-old singer

is currently hold up in the

studios. Mila said, “I couldn’t

be easily satisfied with my

work. So, I have to take longer

time than usual to wrap up

the whole work. That’s why, I

am still busy working on the


The album will be released

next year, and some of the

songs have already been

done. She is also working on a

documentary based on her life,

which will be released along

with the album. •






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One Santal dead, 1,000 families flee

• Mahadi Al Hasnat

Over 1,000 families yesterday left

Shahebganj-Bagda Farm area under

Rangpur Sugar Mills at Gobindaganj

in Gaibandha after looting and mass

arrest drives.

“Around 1,000 to 1,200 families

have moved to nearby villages after

mass looting took place at Shahebganj-Bagda

Farm of Rangpur Sugar

Mills at Gobindaganj,” claimed leaders

from indigenous communities.

“Valuables, including domestic

animals and crops were looted

from their makeshift houses from

morning till noon in presence of

law enforcers,” Jatiya Adibasi Parishad

President Rabindranath Soren

told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday


Earlier, a clash took place after

Santals of Sahebganj-Bagda farm in

Gaibandha chased a group of Rangpur

Sugar Mill staff who came to

reap sugarcane on the sugar mill’s

plantation area on Sunday morning.

Rabindranath Soren and Shahebganj-Bangda

Farm Bhumi Uddhar

Sangram Committee Vice-President

Philimon Baske told the Dhaka Tribune

that four of their men sustained

wounds from bullet fired by police.

They said when police came to

the spot, the Santal people, carrying

arrows and bows, confronted them

to save their land. A clash then erupted

between police AND Santals that

left four Santals with bullet injuries

and nine police shot by arrows. On

Sunday night, one of the injured Santals,

Shyamal Hembrom (35), died.

Hembrom was declared dead

when his bullet-ridden body was

taken to Dinajpur Medical College

Hospital on Sunday evening. In addition,

another 17 people from both

the parties also sustained injuries,

said Philimon Baske.

He said: “Rest of the injured Santals,

Dijen Tutu, Choron Soren and

Bimol Kishku, are now undergoing

treatment at Rangpur Medical College

Hospital. We have heard that

police have are guarding them showing

them arrested.”

The local Santals have long been

in dispute over the land after the mill

authorities started leasing the land

to the locals for cultivation of rice

and other crops violating a contract

with the landowners.

The erstwhile Pakistan government

acquired 1842 acres of land

from Santals for the sugar mill authorities

under a contract that only

A person setting a house of the Santal community on fire in police presence on Sunday

sugar cane would be farmed there,

the indigenous leaders said.

They said although the agreement

stated that the lands would be

returned to the original owners if it

is used for any other purposes, it did

not happen in reality; although the

mill authorities have long been allowing

tobacco and rice farming for

years on the land.

According to the indigenous leaders,

as the contract was violated,

four months ago, indigenous Santal

people and some Bangali locals

occupied around 100 acres of land,

building makeshift houses there,

and demanding return of their lands

that belonged to their forefathers.

Local sources at Gobindaganj

said the mill was closed from 2003

to 2008, but came into partial operation

from end of 2008.

“The mill opens in condition

that the leasers will have to harvest

at least 10% as sugarcane and other

products can be harvested to rest

90% of the space. This is a violation

of law,” said sources.

The mill authorities leased the

land to local influential, political and

well-off people including Katabari

No. 2 union chairman Rezaul Karim

Rafiq and former MP Monowar Hossain

Chowdhury’s younger brother

Liton Hossain Chowdhury etc, added


Silence, tension remains in the area

During a visit to the area, the Dhaka

Tribune correspondent found a

tensed situation prevailing at the

Shahebganj-Bagda Farm area of

Rangpur Sugar Mills at Gobindaganj,


The locals consisting of Santals

in majority but with some Bangalis

also left the area once the police

started their arrest and eviction

drive on yesterday morning. No

houses, built by the original land

owners, were found in the area

while burnt ashes and some marks

of makeshift camps were found in

the spot.

During the visit, Santals living in

the area alleged to the correspondent

that the local goons who accompanied

the police looted their valuables

including tin and bamboo of

their makeshift houses, along with

the domestic cattle. Many indigenous

people of the area left the spot

after a case was filed against 350

people, including 38 named ones,

on Sunday night.

Gobindaganj Police Station Office

in Charge Subroto Kumer said their

sub inspector Kalyan Chakraborty

filed the case.

“We are conducting drivers to arrest

the accused,” he said admitting

that most of the people, occupying

the government land were Santals.

No one claimed body

Meanwhile, no one has yet claimed

the body of Shayamol Hembron

from Dinajpur Medical College

Hospital as of filing of the report at


Dinajpur’s Kotwali Police Station

Officer in-Charge Redwanur Rahim

said the body has been kept at the

morgue after its postmortem, but no

one claimed the body yet.

Rangpur Sugar Mill managing

director Abdul Awal, however,

claimed that the allegations of the

Santals were baseless and unfound.

“The mill would reopen from

December this year and we were

harvesting sugarcane as a preparation.

When our contractor went to

the land for cutting crops, the local

people protested and attacked our

staffs,” he said.

In reply to a query over why the

land was leased to other people who

harvested other crops, he said: “Following

government rule, the authorities

lease the land to well-off people

of the area. We can do that.”

He said: “If the mill breaches

any terms of the contract, the land

should be reclaimed by the government,

not by the locals. But the Santals

have illegally occupied the land

of the sugar mill following instigation

of some people.”

Contacted over the issues, researcher

Pavel Partha told the Dhaka

Tribune: “This is the biggest combined

movement of common people

since the Phulbari’s tragic incident.

It is created by original landowners.”

He also said violating the agreement,

the mill authorities are now


leasing the land for harvesting products

other than sugar cane like fish,

maize, and other products that clearly

shows it breaches the contract.

Since the movement was waged,

two probe committees by the district

administration and local upazila administration

were formed and both

the committees found that products

other than sugar cane are being harvested

in the land, said Partha.

Santals want their land back

Shahebganj Bangda Farm Bhumi

Uddhar Sangram Committee vice

president Philimon Baske told the

Dhaka Tribune that they are not carrying

out the doing the movement

being instigated by anyone.

He said: “While acquiring the

land, sugar mill authorities made

an agreement with the original land

owners that the land would be returned

to real owners if any crop except

sugar cane is harvested on the

land. They are producing rice and

tobacco for few days.”

“Despite breaching the conditions,

they (authorities) did not return

the land to us, so the land was

occupied,” he added.

“We want our land back, as the

authorities violated the contract,” he

demanded. •

Our Gaibandha correspondent Tajul

Islam Reza and Dinajpur correspondent

Bipul Sarker Sunny contributed to this


Editor: Zafar Sobhan, Published and Printed by Kazi Anis Ahmed on behalf of 2A Media Limited at Dainik Shakaler Khabar Publications Limited, 153/7, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. Editorial, News & Commercial Office: FR Tower,

8/C Panthapath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207. Phone: 9132093-94, Advertising: 9132155, Circulation: 9132282, Fax: News-9132192, e-mail: news@dhakatribune.com, info@dhakatribune.com, Website: www.dhakatribune.com

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