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from the editor<br />

I voted in my first presidential election in 1984. It was my senior year in college. It was Ronald<br />

Reagan, vying for his second term as president, versus Walter Mondale, who had served as vice<br />

president under Jimmy Carter.<br />

At that point in my life, as a young, emerging professional <strong>woman</strong>, I was learning, first hand, that<br />

the world did not treat women the same way it treated men and, in my opinion, that was not okay.<br />

Women’s issues were of extreme importance to me due to what I was experiencing as I entered my<br />

20s. I believed that the Democratic party best represented my political views.<br />

And so I proudly cast my 1984 vote for Walter Mondale.<br />

And, well, he promptly lost. And so I suffered my first in a number of presidential election losses.<br />

But I got up the next day and I went to class. And I carried on, as did the rest of the country.<br />

With every presidential election cycle where I have not voted for the winning candidate, I have<br />

probably felt a sense of disappointment, but, again, I just carried on.<br />

Not so much this year. This year was different. This year, watching my candidate lose the election<br />

hurt. It hurt deeply.<br />

It is no secret that our country is deeply divided. And I live here, in<br />

the Blue Water Area, in a very, very conservative community so it goes<br />

without saying that I have a lot of friends who do not see the world as I<br />

do. They are proudly conservatives. I try to be respectful of their beliefs,<br />

knowing that they care as deeply about their truths as I do mine.<br />

So, how do we bridge that deep divide? As a nation, how do we begin<br />

to heal?<br />

This issue is dedicated to bringing us all together by just being good to<br />

one another. By listening to one another. By really trying to “hear” one<br />

another. And most of all, by really just trying to be polite and kind to<br />

one another. In the words of my mother and the Bible, “Do unto others<br />

as you would have them do unto you.”<br />

In my life, I have a number of friends on my Facebook page who<br />

In the words<br />

of my mother<br />

and the bible,<br />

“Do unto<br />

others<br />

as you<br />

would have<br />

them<br />

do unto you.”<br />

remind me to be respectful. When I feel like spouting some political rant,<br />

I stop and think about some of my friends who think differently. Is a<br />

Facebook rant worth offending people who you know have a good heart<br />

though you know you see the world differently?<br />

My friend Martha is one of those friends to me.<br />

Until recently, I had never met Martha in person. But a few years ago,<br />

I knew of a kitty who desperately needed a good home. A mutual friend<br />

knew Martha’s cat had recently passed away and she might be ready<br />

to move on and make a good home for my kitty friend. This kitty had<br />

belonged, at one point, to one of my neighbors and he was a frequent<br />

guest at my house.<br />

Martha agreed to take him in. So we became Facebook friends so that<br />

I could follow the life of this kitty who meant a lot to me. I also got the<br />

bonus of following Martha’s life.<br />

Hers hasn’t been an easy one. But she is fascinating and interesting and<br />

smart. And I really like her. And we love the same kitty. And politically,<br />

we are on opposite sides of the coin. Martha can articulate with great thoughtfulness exactly why she<br />

believes in what she believes. I have a great deal of respect for that even if I do not necessarily agree.<br />

Martha has a tender, sensitive heart. I would no sooner say something that would hurt her than I<br />

would hurt a fly (flies are a catch-and-release game at my house).<br />

So before I <strong>post</strong> political rants on social media, I stop and ask myself, “Will this hurt Martha’s<br />

feelings? What is her perspective on this? How about my other conservative friends?”<br />

And sometimes, it stops me.<br />

That doesn’t mean that I do not believe in what I believe. It just means that I am stopping to<br />

think about someone other than myself. Someone whose heart I know to be very big and capable of<br />

extending love to those around her, including one very special kitty cat who needed the love she was<br />

so willing to give.<br />

I’m not suggesting you do not speak up. My goodness, if anything, at this point, I am more likely<br />

to jump up and really give it to someone who is making a racist or bigoted comment or implying<br />

that women are less than equal in any way.<br />

However, we are not all cut from the same cloth (thank goodness) and the only way we can really<br />

bridge the divide we now have is to try, from the depth of our souls, to listen to and understand<br />

those who are not evil but feel marginalized – on both sides of the political coin.<br />

Dig through your life and find your Martha. Instead of asking, “What would Jesus do?”<br />

(although, that is not a bad place to start, either…), ask yourself, “What would _____ think if I<br />

<strong>post</strong>ed this?” Instead, try reaching out and learning something more about those people in your life<br />

who think differently but whose hearts you know are true.<br />

I wish you all a peaceful and joyous new year.<br />


Martha Thompson 4<br />

Vivian Cruz 6<br />

Bridal issue<br />

emma lynch 10<br />

leann allen 12<br />

jeanine mccanham 14<br />

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tough<br />

cookie<br />

martha cramblit<br />

Port Sanilac<br />

4 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

REditor’s Note: In this issue, the two feature stories are written as personal essays.<br />

Remember those cartoons where the one good guy wrestles down a whole<br />

herd of bad guys and hurts them so badly they are pretty much begging for<br />

mercy?<br />

Yeah, well, meet my friend Martha Cramblit. She did that once.<br />

And nope, I am not making that up. And she sure isn’t either.<br />

To say Martha has led an interesting, colorful life is an understatement.<br />

Originally from Sandusky, she now resides in Port Sanilac, but did live for a<br />

stint in Colorado and California. A single mother, she raised her three sons<br />

on her own from their young childhood without help from their father. She<br />

always made sure they had a roof over their heads and food on the table. To<br />

do it, she sometimes worked multiple jobs and far in excess of 50 or 60 hours<br />

a week.<br />

And her sons are the light of her life. Her oldest is a military veteran who<br />

returned from his tours of duty in the Middle East suffering from <strong>post</strong>traumatic<br />

stress disorder. As a result, Martha has poured her heart into<br />

helping him adjust to life stateside again and working with the Veteran’s<br />

Administration to help him receive the care he needs.<br />

Martha’s middle son is developmentally disabled and lives at home with<br />

her. She lights up when she talks about him, but that makes her a full-time<br />

caregiver. Her youngest son is a student at Saginaw Valley State University in<br />

pursuit of a graduate degree.<br />

Martha works full time and has suffered a series of health set-backs<br />

in recent years, as well. To say she has a lot on her plate is another<br />

understatement. But that is life as Martha knows it.<br />

Martha came into my life when she adopted a cat I knew of who was in<br />

desperate need of a good home. A mutual friend connected us and Martha<br />

friended me on Facebook so I could follow the life of my kitty friend.<br />

However, the blessing has been following Martha’s life.<br />

I gathered, from what I saw on Facebook, that her life had not always been<br />

easy, so I probably wasn’t completely surprised when she shared the story<br />

of taking down the three men who attempted to rob the gas station/grocery<br />

store where she was working alone at night in a rough area of Denver.<br />

Martha was then married and she was working the late shift to help make<br />

ends meet for their young family.<br />

“I was working seven days a week, nine hour shifts,” she said. “I got<br />

quite an education. There were low-rider gangs that came into the store<br />

frequently. I got attacked one night, but I fought them off. I gave two of<br />

them concussions.”<br />

She chuckled when she noted, “The cops came back a week later and told<br />

me, ‘Word’s out on the street that you’re pretty tough. Word’s out not to<br />

touch the store, at least not when you’re here.’”<br />

However, the word on the street didn’t last forever. One night when she<br />

was locking up the store, someone grabbed her to rob her and, well, Martha<br />

struck again.<br />

“I beat him up,” she said, noting that she grew up on a farm with a slew of<br />

brothers, so she had learned young how to hold her own when a man twice<br />

her size came around.<br />

Not long after that, Martha left her husband and returned to Michigan<br />

to be near family. “I left everything behind,” she said. “It was not a good<br />

situation. I came home to Michigan with my kids in tow. I got a job at a<br />

factory.”<br />

While working full time and caring for her children, Martha returned to<br />

school. She attended a business career program in Cass City and earned an<br />

associates degree. “I was working midnights at the factory and I would go to<br />

school during the day,” she said.<br />

That eventually led to a job at Prudential Financial and then moved on<br />

to Mutual of Omaha, which sold similar products. While there, she earned a<br />

securities license. She now works for a local insurance company.<br />

Off and on throughout the years, she worked in factories, waitressed,<br />

worked in dental offices and even had a route selling office machines. “Most<br />

of the time I was raising kids, I was working two or three jobs,” she said. “I<br />

just thank God I had the kids to keep me grounded. I’ve always just tried to<br />

do the best I could.”<br />

And clearly, Martha has more than succeeded.





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Ladies Fashions<br />

325 Huron Ave.<br />

Downtown Port Huron<br />

(810) 364-5422 www.SuzannesFashion.com<br />

<strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 5

eaching<br />

out<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

vivian cruz<br />

6 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

IEditor’s Note: In this issue, the two feature stories are written as personal essays<br />

I was in tears.<br />

When I scheduled my annual appointment with my eye doctor, I didn’t<br />

really think anything of the fact that it was scheduled for the morning after<br />

the presidential election. Why would I?<br />

However, for me, this election was different. My candidate lost. And,<br />

though throughout my life I’ve voted for plenty of candidates who have lost,<br />

this one hurt more and differently. I woke up weeping. I even chided myself:<br />

Who cries over a presidential election (as I soon found out, this year, a lot of<br />

people)?<br />

But, I put myself together and got myself to Walmart, where my<br />

optometrist practices.<br />

It was then and there that I met Vivian Cruz. In one brief exchange, she<br />

changed my perspective that day and what she said to me so affected me that<br />

I had to reach out and learn more about her.<br />

As Vivian performed a glaucoma test on me, I noted that my vision was<br />

kind of blurry and my eyes were red. “I’ve been crying,” I told her. “It’s been<br />

a bad day.” It was just 10:30 a.m.<br />

“But we’ve had worse days,” she said to me. I paused and gave that some<br />

thought. Vivian was absolutely right. “Yes,” I replied. “You are right. We<br />

have.”<br />

When she finished administering my eye tests, Vivian walked toward me.<br />

“Can I hug you?” she asked. “Yes, please,” I replied as we reached out and<br />

embraced.<br />

Initially, I really and truly thought maybe Vivian and I were both thinking<br />

of the presidential election that morning. But, when I contacted her days<br />

later, she told me no, she had no idea that was why I was upset that day, but<br />

she saw a patient having a bad day and she just wanted to help.<br />

Helping is what makes Vivian happiest in life.<br />

Originally from New Jersey, Vivian moved to the Port Huron area almost<br />

eight years ago when her daughter decided to attend St. Clair County<br />

Community College. Her daughter left the area within three months, but<br />

Vivian decided to stay.<br />

“I was so homesick,” she said of her early days in the area. “But I got<br />

comfortable with the silence.” She had grown up in an urban area that was<br />

filled with the noise and hub-bub of city life. There was no escaping the noise.<br />

Here, she found peace when she didn’t even know she was looking for it.<br />

“I am happy here,” she said of the life she has built here. “I do miss my<br />

friends back home, but I don’t see myself moving back home anymore. Life<br />

here has a slower pace and I like that.”<br />

Back in New Jersey, she had earned a certified nursing assistant license and<br />

she worked in a hospital. Here, she eventually found work in an assisted living<br />

home and at the optical department at Walmart. She works as much as 70<br />

hours or more per week in order to make ends meet.<br />

She loves her jobs and she loves working with patients. It is no wonder she<br />

wanted to provide extra care to me, a distraught patient, the day I told her I’d<br />

been crying.<br />

“Ever since I was little, I just loved taking care of people,” she said. “I loved<br />

making people feel better. I always said if I had a super power, it would be for<br />

comfort and healing.”<br />

A mother of three grown daughters, she is proud of their accomplishments.<br />

One is a teacher, one runs a day care and the other is a home health aide.<br />

Clearly, they have all inherited the “helping” gene from her.<br />

Smiley, bubbly and optimistic, Vivian is a positive person. It is distressing to<br />

hear that happiness has come to her in spite of her early life.<br />

“I had a rough life,” she said of her growing-up years in New Jersey. “My<br />

mother wasn’t always nice to me. But sometimes, you have got to let go and<br />

forgive people. And I think of it like this: if I didn’t go through all of that, I<br />

wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And<br />

it was hard for me to forgive her, but I did.<br />

“You have to live life like it’s your last day. You have to,” she said.<br />

Her light shines brightly on all who meet her.<br />

And, how fortunate we are, as a community, that she has chosen to make<br />

the Blue Water Area her home.

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patti Samar & Dale Hemmila<br />

July, 2012<br />

McMorran Place, Port Huron<br />

Photo: Tony Pitts

hat little girl doesn’t dream<br />

of dancing in a big white<br />

wedding dress and riding off<br />

with prince Charming someday?<br />

The months of planning that walk down the aisle can<br />

feel like an eternity to a bride, but a gal’s wedding day just<br />

flies by, according to a number of Blue Water Area brides.<br />

These local women have been kind enough to offer their<br />

advice and insight to future brides. To learn more about the<br />

dos and don’ts of planning your wedding, turn the page and<br />

read on!<br />

Fall <strong>2016</strong> BluEWaTErWOMaN.COM 7

I<br />

sland<br />

Girl<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Emma (Hill) Lynch, 21, of St. Clair,<br />

married Bradley Lynch, 23,<br />

on September 12, 2015 on Mackinac Island<br />

Who planned your wedding?<br />

My mom really planned most of it. That should have been her career.<br />

She knew the island better than I did and I trust her opinion more than<br />

I trust mine. It just worked out better.<br />

How long did you take to<br />

plan a destination wedding?<br />

We got engaged in April and got<br />

married in September. The faster you<br />

plan it, the less stress there is. You don’t<br />

have too much time to think about it.<br />

Benefits of having a<br />

destination wedding:<br />

We had a really small wedding.<br />

Everyone in our immediate families<br />

came. It was a very intimate wedding.<br />

You realize who you matter the most to<br />

because they will come no matter where<br />

you get married. We only had 30 people<br />

there, but you really get to talk to your<br />

guests.<br />

“Don’t<br />

overthink<br />

things<br />

and stress<br />

out over<br />

little<br />

things.<br />

Remember<br />

it is your<br />

wedding.<br />

What is she glad they<br />

spent more on:<br />

The location. We got married at the Little Stone Church and had our<br />

reception on the Promenade Deck at Mission Pointe Resort. It was<br />

looking out over the <strong>water</strong>. It wasn’t cheap, but it was so worth it.<br />

What did she save money on:<br />

The food. I’m glad we didn’t spend a lot on that. Nobody remembers<br />

the food at your wedding. We got a small cake instead of a big wedding<br />

cake. We didn’t order expensive fresh flowers; we made our own silk<br />

bouquets. And we didn’t have much in the way of decorations because<br />

it was like, ‘How are we going to get all of that stuff over to the island?’<br />

So we limited that. Make due with what you have.<br />

Emma & Bradley lynch<br />

Main Street<br />

Mackinac Island, Michigan<br />

Attire:<br />

I bought my dress used on a wedding dress website and it was a lot<br />

cheaper than buying it new. I wore Converse shoes under it, but I wish I<br />

had worn little heels for the pictures because you can see them.<br />

Final advice:<br />

Don’t overthink things and stress out over the little things. A lot of<br />

people worry about what other people will like. Remember it is your<br />

wedding. Do what you want.<br />

10 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

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For details, dates and pricing options, please contact<br />

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or email reservations@phmuseum.org • www.phmuseum.org<br />

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2802 Omar St. • Port Huron MI 48060<br />

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<strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 11

W<br />

orry<br />

not<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

leann (keely) allen, 33, of marysville,<br />

married solomon allen, 37,<br />

on September 12, 2015 in port huron<br />

What did you worry about when planning?<br />

The thing we tried not to worry about was the financing and being<br />

able to pay for everything. We made sure to get quotes from all of our<br />

vendors and to have the bill paid in-full before the wedding day.<br />

What are you glad you spent money on?<br />

We were happy we spent money on the photographers and<br />

videographers because when the day is over, they provide you with<br />

a lifetime of memories that have been captured throughout the<br />

entire day. They both provided exclusive packaged deals that made<br />

our decision simple. I recommend to take as many photos before the<br />

ceremony, because this part takes up so much time throughout the day<br />

and once you say your “I Do’s” you can enjoy the rest of the night.<br />

Where could you have cut costs?<br />

We wished we would have not spent as much money as we did for the<br />

catering service. When picking a catering service make sure you know<br />

exactly what they are offering, what they will supply and getting a final<br />

quote prior to the day.<br />

Dress shopping:<br />

When shopping for a dress, keep it about you. Leave your entourage<br />

for the bridesmaid dress shopping. Having too many people involved<br />

while trying to pick your your gown is overwhelming. Think outside<br />

of the box. The dress you love may not fit your body type. Try on all<br />

different styles. It should be comfortable and easy to move in.<br />

Your best advice for future brides?<br />

My advice to the future brides is to set a budget. Make a list of the<br />

things that are most important to you, such as what kind of venue do<br />

you want to have? How many people do you expect to join you? Who<br />

is in charge of paying for what? Stay calm through the entire process<br />

and don’t get overwhelmed with the little things because the only one<br />

who will notice will be you. Do your research on venue, music, flowers,<br />

dresses, photographers. Keeping it simple and about you is the most<br />

important.<br />

When choosing a venue make sure you cover all of your bases such as,<br />

what do they provide for your day? Do they supply linens? Table and<br />

chair set up? It is important to know those types of things because the<br />

last thing you will want to do, and yes I mean “you,” is to clean up and<br />

tear down everything after the last guest has left the reception.<br />

Also: At the end of the night we realized that we should have eaten<br />

more throughout the day.<br />

Leann Allen<br />

12 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

Did you receive any great words of wisdom<br />

from anyone else in your life?<br />

We received many great words of wisdom from my mother-in-law,<br />

Barb Allen. A few of the pieces of advice she shared after being married<br />

for over 50 years, were to encourage each other, don’t ever belittle each<br />

other, take time for each other, and to remind yourselves why you fell in<br />


Let Us Create Special Label Bottles<br />

for the Special Occasions in Your Life!<br />

Wine by the Glass • Wine by the Bottle<br />

Wine Tastings • Wine Glass Painting Parties<br />

Specializing in Sulfite-Free Wine<br />

775 N. Wadhams Road<br />

Located between I-94 & I-69<br />

(810) 367-2400 www.GreenBarnWinery.com<br />

Kelly Joy’s<br />

Smokehouse<br />

“Mouth-<strong>water</strong>ing goodness!”<br />

Catering for all occasions!<br />

Not just a smokehouse! Homemade food for any occasion!<br />

Dine in at 706 Lapeer Ave. Port Huron<br />

810. 294.5500<br />

kellyjoysmokehouse@yahoo.com<br />

Kelly Kotelman<br />

Innkeeper<br />

Ballentine House<br />

B & B<br />

810. 294.5266<br />

1205 7th Street Port Huron<br />

Visit airbnb<br />

Massage Skin Treatments Hair Services Nail Care<br />

Let us make your special day<br />

even more special!<br />

Spa Parties<br />

Hair & Nails for Your Big Day<br />

Massage/Facials/Skin Care<br />

to Help You Glow!<br />

2834 Stable Drive Kimball MI 48074<br />

(810) 982-6050<br />

www.calmingeffectshealthspalon.com<br />

<strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 13

S urprise!<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Jeanine (Bauman) Mccanham, 46,<br />

of port huron,<br />

married sean (michaels) mccanham, 48,<br />

on november 16, 2015<br />

in the dominican republic<br />

& again on August 27, <strong>2016</strong> in st. clair<br />

What she worried about:<br />

The legalities, the paperwork and the laws of getting married outside of<br />

the United States. The resort walked us through it all, though. Our travel<br />

agent told us that not every resort is equal in providing that kind of help,<br />

so make sure you check if you are having a foreign destination wedding.<br />

What made it fun:<br />

We had a surprise wedding. We didn’t tell anyone we were getting<br />

married – not even the friends who were going on vacation with us. It was<br />

really fun for us because for five months before the wedding we planned<br />

and talked about it but no one else knew. It was our little secret.<br />

What would she have done differently:<br />

Nothing! We would not have done anything differently.<br />

Any advice for other brides considering<br />

a destination wedding?<br />

Do your research. Make sure you understand the legalities and<br />

paperwork. Also, plan your wedding for what you want, not for what<br />

you want your guests to experience. Make sure you take advantage of<br />

anything “bridal” that is offered. Our resort offered certain amenities only<br />

as part of a wedding package, so consider those opportunities to indulge<br />

yourself. We received breakfast in bed the day after the wedding and had<br />

an awesome horse and carriage ride.<br />

Any financial advice?<br />

We spent money on everything we wanted to. We would say, “We<br />

only do this once.” In retrospect, I don’t know if we would have done<br />

the reception here in the U. S. after getting married the previous year.<br />

The reception here was for our family and friends; it wasn’t for us. We<br />

might have done something simpler…more of a party with a dance.<br />

Our focus would have been on us. I would have liked more of a mingling<br />

atmosphere. We are older and we didn’t need this big traditional wedding.<br />

Jeanine McCanham<br />

Dominican Republic<br />

14 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

Attire:<br />

I loved everything I wore. At the destination wedding, I didn’t wear a<br />

veil purposefully because of the strong winds on the beach. I did wear one<br />

for the wedding here. On the beach I wore footless sandals. Take that shoe<br />

money and put it somewhere else because you want to be comfortable.<br />

You can’t see shoes under your dress. I didn’t spend money where it wasn’t<br />

going to be noticed.<br />

Final advice:<br />

Anything you choose for your wedding needs to be for you. If you want<br />

ice cream and cake and that’s all you want, that’s what you should get.<br />

All of the decisions we made were all about whatever we wanted. And I<br />

can’t put this into words, but we had been together 19 years and we didn’t<br />

think getting married would change anything, but it did. It really isn’t just<br />

a piece of paper.

Planning a wedding?<br />

Planning Your Wedding?<br />

Planning Your Wedding?<br />

Include pet care in your plans.<br />

Call Special Pet Care Services, LLC.<br />

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*K9 Companion for the ceremony<br />

*Pet Care during the ceremony<br />

*Pet Care during the honeymoon<br />

O<br />

ur images tell the story<br />

of your wedding day,<br />

the start of your life together,<br />

the beginning of your story.<br />

www.ClickingThroughLife.com<br />

info@clickingthroughlife.com<br />

(586) 945 - 4302<br />

WiNTEr <strong>2016</strong> BluEWaTErWOMaN.COM 15

He captured your heart.<br />

Host your reception<br />

in the heart of downtown.<br />

<br />

Showers & Rehearsal Dinners<br />

Weddings & Receptions<br />

McMorran Lounge<br />

Memorial Room<br />

In Front of the Fountain: Tent<br />

McMorran Theater<br />

Providing complete party services<br />

Reception packages starting<br />

at $29.50/per plate,<br />

bar included.<br />

(Some restrictions apply. Call for details.)<br />

701 McMorran Blvd. Port Huron<br />

810.985.6166<br />

Copywriting & Design.<br />

Brand Identity/Logo.<br />

Marketing Consultation.<br />

Winter Wine Tasting<br />

Thursday, January 19, 2017<br />

5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.<br />

$35.00 per person<br />

Sommelier Andy Bakko of Wolverine Market<br />

Jazz Guitarist Cory Allen<br />

Wine • Craft Beer • Hors d’oeuvres • Silent Auction<br />

Port Huron Elks Lodge #343<br />

3292 Beach Road, Port Huron, MI 48060<br />

Patti Samar<br />

Owner. Editor. Publisher<br />

The Write Company & Blue Water Woman<br />

pjsamar@aol.com 810.300.2176<br />

www.TheWriteCompany.net<br />

www.BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

For tickets & more information:<br />

www.sanborngratiot.org<br />

(810) 388-1200<br />

at Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home<br />

16 <strong>winter</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

Agents protecting<br />

all your life’s moments<br />

Kim Judge<br />

kjudge@fbinsmi.com<br />

Tammy Hutchinson<br />

thutchi@fbinsmi.com<br />

(810) 385-8800 | 7147 Lakeshore Road, Lakeport<br />

FarmBureauInsurance.com<br />

WiNTEr <strong>2016</strong> BluEWaTErWOMaN.COM 17

The Area’s<br />

Only Designated<br />

Trauma Center<br />


Most of the time, surgeries are planned and<br />

scheduled. You know when it will happen. You have<br />

time to prepare.<br />

surgeons have gone through special training, and<br />

we have developed protocols and quality controls<br />

so we can provide the right care, right away.<br />

But when a surgery is needed immediately, the<br />

trauma team at McLaren Port Huron is prepared<br />

and stands ready. Around the clock. Day or night.<br />

McLaren is the area’s only designated<br />

trauma center<br />

Earlier this year, McLaren Port Huron earned Level<br />

III Trauma Center Designation from the State of<br />

Michigan. This means we are able to care for the<br />

most serious trauma emergencies. Our staff and<br />

When seconds matter, think fast.<br />

Think McLaren.<br />

When it’s an emergency that requires surgery, the<br />

trauma team is here for you. Learn more about<br />

the state designation as well as the national<br />

verification currently being pursued at<br />

www.mclaren.org/phtrauma.<br />

Learn more at www.mclaren.org/phtrauma<br />

1221 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron, MI 48060 | (810) 987-5000 | mclaren.org/porthuron

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