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Established in 2009 by Debbie Demare & Nicole Burns. Volume 8 No. 1 ong>Janong>/Feb ong>2017ong>

The Gold Bridge Community School’s Christmas concert, a very entertaining Finnish play about trolls !

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Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

A wicked cold snap we’ve had with lows of -25 to-30

in some places but not enough snow for some. It

feels like a proper winter now but warm thoughts go

out to those with frozen water lines or broken pipes,

that’s not much fun.

As many of our readers probably already know Scott

McKenzie retired from Interior Roads in early

ong>Janong>uary of this year. We’d like to wish Scott

congratulations and a very happy retirement ( we

can't imagine he'll actually be relaxing though).

Thank you for al l the years you've worked to keep

our roads safe, you will be missed.

And I have to make an important correction from our

December issue. I accidently left out long-time Gold

Bridge Community Club member Linda Hoffman in

the ong>2017ong> AGM update. Linda is the outgoing

secretary for 2016 and is a Director at Large for

ong>2017ong>. Sorry Linda !

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Pitch-in week is ways off, April 22-29 this year, but

it's still good to remember to keep it clean out

there. Some residents have reported broken glass

and debris left on our local ponds. Please pack it out

because cleaning up in April is far too late for our

lakes and ponds.

Planning for Winterfest ong>2017ong> is in high gear, it’s

Saturday February 11 th at Little Gun Lake, the BC

Family Day weekend. The Gold Bridge Community

Club is also hosting a Saturday night roast beef

dinner this year, see pg. 6 for more details. It’s gonna

be a very good time!

Jenny James


Trumpeter Swans on Gun Lake Photo: Robin James

The submission deadline for the next issue is Feb 23 rd .

Please email your submissions or comments


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SLRD Update



By SLRD - Summary of ong>Janong>uary 5, ong>2017ong> Community


The Bralorne Wastewater Collection System Upgrade and

Secondary Treatment project will provide sewer servicing

to all of Bralorne’s 101 properties this summer.

An innovative and affordable treatment process

The system will require no electricity to operate. The

proposed technology is a coconut husk filtration system

that is well used in the eastern provinces. (For more

information on the Ecoflo Coco Filter:

This choice of innovative, passive (electricity-free)

technology meets a number of the grant’s requirements.

The system’s operating costs are expected to be met the

current tax requisition. The quality of treated wastewater

this system produces meets the Ministry of Environment

and Environment Canada’s effluent regulations, and will

put cleaner water into Cadwallader Creek than the

current septic tank system does.

Design uses road rights of way - Cost of sump pumps

and tie-ins will be covered for each property

All services will be moved onto the Ministry of

Transportation road rights-of way. The steepness of the

location and the lots mean that relocation of the

infrastructure complicates the design of the system. Some

homes will need a small sump pump in their basement.

The cost to install a sump will be covered under this

project. Ongoing operations and maintenance of the sump

will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

The cost to tie in each lot is being covered by the project.

Homes that require additional works other than simply

connecting the exiting service to the new main will have

those extra expenses paid for, following the approval of an

estimate provided by a certified plumber. It’s not yet

settled on whether the cost of the works will be

reimbursed to homeowners or if the SLRD will pay the

plumber directly.

Interruptions in service will be minimal

Other than the interruption in service on the day when a

lot is tied into the new system, it is not anticipated that

there will be service interruptions extending beyond an

hour or two. However, because the records for the system

are so poor, it is conceivable that some existing service

pipes may be broken during construction and a brief

service interruption may result – affected homeowners

will be notified if this happens.

Estimated timeline for completion

Construction is expected to be completed by fall ong>2017ong>,

although a contingency allows for possible delay of up to a

year, taking into account the impact of extreme weather,

debris flows, avalanches, forest fires, or road load

restrictions on the short construction window.

Better records up-front will streamline the project.

Please help move things forward by returning your

marked-up service record card.

TRUE Consulting requests that homeowners mark up the

service record card that was sent with sewage connection

information. It will streamline the design process and the

construction of the project, and save money, if you can

advise us:

-Where the service currently lies on the property and

where it connects to the home.

-What plumbing is currently in your basement for those

homes being supplied with a ground level service.

-Any other information (such as a retaining wall or buried

oil tank that might impact your service alignment).


Any questions or comments about the layout or design of

the new system should be directed to TRUE Consulting

(250-828-0881/ Other questions

related to funding or project timing should be directed to

the SLRD (1-800-298-7753/

For updates, project background and information, visit:

The Mountain Telegraph Page 5

Our Valley

The Owl and the Ermine

By Geoff Playfair

Order of Good Cheer

By The Rock Wall Gallery

Thank you all who came and enjoyed the holiday

festivities at the Gold Bridge Community Club for the

3 rd Order of Good Cheer event hosted by The Rock

Wall Gallery artisans. It was a busy event starting off

with local artisans selling their wares for holiday gift

giving, homemade gourmet ice cream created by

Regan, ong>Janong>e’s beautiful knitted creations, Jenny’s

yummy snacks and lightly used wares, Ravenwood

Healing Arts wild craft products, Lesley’s whimsical

crochet and felting, Kat’s handmade beaded jewellery

and BRVCA swag.

Winter. Snow leaves a blank canvas, that the trail

user can observe, to read the stories told on it. The

above photo, taken by a friend a few days ago, tells

the story of an owl, who, during the night, while

flying low through the forest, caught sight, in the

near darkness, of an ermine, bobbing through the


His picture shows the ermines tracks, terminated by

the owl. The owl left only the marks of their wingtips,

the ermine will make no more tracks.

On your next trip out on the trails, take the time to

observe the tracks around you. Rabbits, fishers, mice,

squirrels, deer, moose, bobcats, cougars and wolves,

as well as others, are all active in the winter forest.

Their signatures remain, until the next snowfall, on

the white canvas that surrounds us.

Get out on your favorite trail, and read the story

written on the path.

This year’s donation collected for the “cheer” in the

order (homemade Bailey’s!) was collected for the

Lillooet food bank with over $103 going to help those

in need over the holidays. A huge, diverse potluck

was hosted with amazing food from pepperoni pizza,

cheesy mac’n’cheese, slow roasted bear roast, baked

beans, smoked ham…everything was delicious with

many good laughs, shared stories and visiting with

neighbours. Jim did a wonderful job manning the

bonfire where I am sure many engaging stories were

shared under a beautiful cold starry night.

This year had a special twist with a movie viewing of

“Hadwin’s Judgement” based on the book The Golden

Spruce. Scott McKenzie and Tom Illidge both played

a key part of the story as a narrative and a

connection to this local legend whose emotional

turmoil and conflicts with logging mirrors many of

our concerns today.

A huge thank you for Sal who kept the Christmas

tunes going as well as being our movie projectionist!

From the artisans, wishing you a happy New Year

and thank you for your continued support and

interest in The Rock Wall Gallery.

The Mountain Telegraph Page 6

Valley Happenings

Saturday, February 11 th

LITTLE GUN LAKE 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Raffle draws for 15 minute heli tours begin at 11:30 am

*Compliments of Blackcomb Aviation*

Concession stand

Hockey tourney & shoot out

Curling tourney

Fishing Derby

Raffle prizes & early bird draw

Roast Beef Dinner hosted by the


Dinner 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Tickets at the door - $12.00 per person

Kids 12 & under are free

Cash Bar

Come dressed for a Mardi Gras party or come as you are !

The Mountain Telegraph Page 7

Our Town

BCAC Update

By Roger Geeves

The Bralorne Community Advisory Committee

(BCAC) and BRVCA recently requested a professional

opinion of the state the community hall to determine

how to move forward with structural

improvements. Unfortunately, there are hazardous

material issues related to high levels of lead paint,

asbestos contamination, and rodent feces and urine.

To protect the public we are forced to close all access

to the hall until these issues are remediated.

You can view the entire environmental report

at Click on link

for Important Documents.

If you’d like to receive updates on the status of the

hall or any other vital Bralorne-related information

please e-mail with your

name, street address, telephone number, and email


If you have any concerns or questions, please email


The Committee brainstormed courses and is seeking

input from the community via a Survey Monkey to

see what level of interest there is in the courses listed

in the Survey and any other courses that could be put

on in ong>2017ong> or in the future. Once the survey results

are in the Training Committee will review the

outcomes and finalize the training for the year.

Survey link:

If you don’t have internet access you can drop into

the Community Resource Building and complete the

survey there.

Important Note: This Training Initiative is for Bridge

River Valley residents, property owners and families.

Some courses or workshops may be open to the

general public. A number of the courses will be free

but some may require participants to pay a portion

or all of it depending on funding availability and or

interest level. This initiative has been and will be

funded via the SLRD Area A Grant in Aide program.

Thank you for taking part in this survey and

supporting the training provided in the past.


BRVCA Valley Wide Training

Initiative – ong>2017ong>

By Sal Demare

The BRVCA Valley Wide Training Initiative

Committee is seeking feedback for the ong>2017ong> Training

Program. The Committee this year has separated the

training program into two categories- one for Fire

Services and one for General Training.

The Mountain Telegraph Page 8

Knowledge Network

Invasive Mussels Move Closer

to BC Borders

by Jacquie Rasmussen, P. Ag- LRISS

BC Partners Meeting: With invasive mussels closer to BC,

there is a clear need for immediate action. This meeting

will review what worked in 2016 and suggest what more

is needed to avoid invasive mussels arriving in BC.

Over 50 people participated in these meetings and

recommendations were developed based on the calls to


There were recommendations as a result of both

meetings. The BC Partner recommendations are

summarized generally below:

• -A call for the Provincial and Federal Governments work

together to ensure 100% of high-risk watercraft entering

BC are inspected.

• -Review and update regulatory tools to enable invasive

mussels to trigger an environmental emergency.

• -Host an emergency response scenario with partners to

rehearse a response and identify gaps.

• -Establish a monitoring and sampling plan for water

On November 30, 2016, the Governor for Montana

declared a state of emergency for Montana's water bodies

because invasive mussel larvae had been detected in the •

bodies in BC that includes Government and nongovernment


-Increase voluntary compliance-certification of boaters

Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs. An Incident and fresh water users.

Command Team was set up for this emergency and has •

been working on the situation. As the crow flies, this

-Undertake immediate research to determine the impact

of invasive mussels on salmon and salmon fishery.

means that mussels have been found 50 miles from the • -Review regulatory framework to consider boat

Columbia River watershed that flows from Alberta into BC registration on BC waters.

and Washington.

• -Increase funding support.

Two, back to back, emergency meetings were held on

December 9 th to inform BC partners about the situation in

Montana and to discuss plans for the western provinces

and US states. It was co-hosted by the Pacific Northwest

Economic region (, the Invasive Species

Council of BC and the Alberta Invasive Species Council.

Each meeting had a call to action as a response to the

Montana situation:

Western Canada Meeting: With invasive mussels closer to

Western Canada, there is a clear call for increased

diligence on prevention and readiness for immediate

response. This meeting will review what worked in 2016

and what more is needed to avoid invasive mussels

arriving in Western Canada.

LRISS is keeping abreast of the Montana situation as well

as the Provincial response. We are on email lists for

updates from Montana and BC. The LRISS Board will also

be discussion our Aquatics program in the coming months

and how we can continue to do our part to prevent

Aquatic Invasive Species from establishing in our region

and BC. Our partnerships with the Bridge River

Community Association and the SLRD are key to our

outreach and prevention program. If invasive mussels

invade our waters, there would be millions of dollars of

impacts to our environment and economy, namely

tourism and Hydro infrastructure.

If you’d like more information on the Montana situation,

please visit

The Mountain Telegraph Page 9

Valley Recipes

Kimchi Vegetable Soup

By Jenny James

This is an excellent soup to clean out the fridge.

Kimchi really makes this soup but if you can't find it

you can substitute jalapeños, Sambal Olek or

cayenne, just use whatever heat you have and add

some extra vinegar. And substitute any veggies too

like turnip, cauliflower or frozen peas, it's all good.

This doesn't even really need to be recipe but it's

worth sharing because the kimchi thing is just really


Saute onions, celery, carrot and yams for 4-5

minutes in oil, add garlic and cook until

fragrant. Add remaining veggies, tomatoes, kimchi

and stock. Simmer on low 30-45 minutes and add

cilantro, vinegar and season with salt and pepper

Simmer for 15-20 minutes more and adjust


I sometimes cook this for 2 hours, there is just

something about well cooked (ahem, overcooked)

vegetables in a spicy broth that is amazing.


Curling Rocks for rent from


Winterfest ong>2017ong> will feature a fun curling

tournament but if you don't get your fill and want to

use these rocks, you can go on-line and book them.


2-3 T. Olive oil

1 small onion, diced ( about 1 cup)

2 stalks celery, sliced

2 carrots, diced

1 cup yams, 1/2 inch dice

1 clove garlic, minced

2 cups broccoli florets ( tender crisp veggies have no

place here)

1-2 cups chopped cabbage

2-3 cups chopped kale or spinach, fresh or frozen.

1 can ( 398ml) tomatoes with juice, roughly chopped

1 cup Kimchi

3-4 cups stock or water

1 cup fresh cilantro leaves & stems, roughly chopped

2 T. cider vinegar

Salt & pepper to taste

The Mountain Telegraph Page 10

In the BRV

Lillooet Regional

Transportation Advisory

Committee Update

Oil Tank removal


By Sal DeMare

The LRTAC held its first meeting on November the 29 th .

It was a meeting for the Committee members to meet

and get a general feel of the Committee’s future

direction. The next meeting will be held in February

and will incorporate a 2 year Strategic Plan. I will be

facilitating the Strategic Plan. Since the Committee

members will be from across the Region a lot of the

work will be done online to get it to the point where

when we meet it will be to finalize on the details on the

Committee Purpose, Terms of Reference, Goals, and

Action Plans for the next two years. Once developed

they will be shared via the BRVCA media sources.

Winter Driving Safety Tips:

Drop your speed to match road conditions. No matter

how much driving experience you have, the way your

vehicle will move on snow or ice is unpredictable. The

posted speed is the maximum speed for ideal

conditions. In winter, it’s safer to drive below the

posted speed limit.

The Community Resource Building and the Bralorne

Church will have its underground oil tanks

environmentally taken out of service this spring. Do

you have an oil tank that you wish to do same with

and would like to share costs where possible of

bringing the company in? If so, let us know

at or give us a call.

Carry an emergency survival kit with non-perishable

food, blankets and first aid supplies, windshield scraper

and snow brush, extra windshield washer fluid, fuel

line antifreeze, flares and matches or lighter, tire chains

and gloves, shovel and traction mat, sand or kitty litter,

flashlight and extra batteries, battery jumper cables,

spare tire wheel wrench and jack, extra clothing and

footwear and sandbags for extra weight.

More Winter Safety Tips can be found at:

Photo: Jenn Keir

The Mountain Telegraph Page 11

Foragers Corner

Creating Space

By Jennifer Keir - Ravenwood Healing Arts

This is the time of year that I find myself journeying

inwards, a time of self- evaluation, reflection, to allow

some space into my normally hectic life to discover,

in the quiet that I have possibly become complacent

in areas of my life, lacking creative inspiration,

motivation, missing connections or the loss of dream

time. It is here that I can often fall into a place of

anxiety and depression but I am determined to find

the light and reach for goals that have been eluding

me over the course of the year.Being present! In my

whirl of ideas and inspirations, multiple ‘hats’,

shifting from one job to the next, I often find myself

holding my breath, literally. My shoulders are up

around my ears, I don’t remember tasting my

breakfast, I forgot my tea on the counter, I am clumsy

during my day as I am not mindful or present,

constantly trying to think 10 steps ahead of my day.

Right now, I am trying to make the practice of

breathe, sitting and drinking my tea at the window,

observing the beginnings of a new day, honouring

the food on my plate, slowing down as I prepare a

meal and remembering to taste. (This includes not

guzzling my wine!) To savor, not just food, but life.

mindfulness, stretching, meditation…whatever I need

that day to reconnect to my inner life.

Creating goals, even small ones! So often months spin

by and I have been simply focusing on day to day

with no clear focus on how to reach long term goals.

It is my intention over the next few weeks to create a

series of goals broken down into manageable steps to

help me clarify what truely are my inspirations and

dreams and to create a map to find my way there.

Self-care. This is a huge one for me; for many of us. I

want to create space in each and every day to care,

nurture and celebrate who I am. I struggle with this

so much, I find it awkward to even delve into the idea

of self care, so I am going to start in little ways.

Watching my self talk is a big one, how often we

belittle or berate ourselves for the small things that

go wrong in the day as oppose to providing empathy

and support as we would to a good friend. Adding

small rituals to the day such as a cup of herbal tea

that can calm and nourish instead of reaching for a

beer, substituting a walk along the river to recharge

as oppose to a ‘sugar’ rush, sitting quietly to sort out

my thoughts before reacting to the changes in my


I hope whatever you are working through, you find

your happiness and create new ways to embrace love

and abundance into your life.

Blessings for a new cycle, ong>2017ong>!

I am making a commitment to myself to allow 20

minutes a day for journaling, creative play,

The Mountain Telegraph Page 12

Society Page

Gun Lake Fire gets a truck for


By Al Leighton, Fire Chief

Trails Committee ong>2017ong>

By Geoff Playfair

With ong>2017ong> underway, the Trail Committee is looking

forward to a busy year, continuing with its main

project of working toward registering 50 plus trails

within the valley drainage.

This project is 2.5 years old, and will take more years

to complete, but much work is done, and at this

point, key stakeholders are at the table and working

towards mutually beneficial solution.

Photo: Al Leighton

Happy New Year! GLFPS is happy to announce the

acquisition of an important piece of fire

equipment. This truck was a Wildland fire vehicle

and came with some excellent features. #1 - an 18

horse independent pump system that can be used

even if the vehicle is in motion, as well as a Foampro

foam injection system giving us full foam


So, while the truck is basically bare, we have a great

start on what should be a valuable asset to Gun Lake


TrailForks, the user-input built webpage, now has a

108 trails listed in our valley, with user posted trail

reports, photos and videos, all vetted by the


Active logging is again planned in the valley,

particularly in the Gun and Tyaughton Lake areas,

and your Committee has been at work to help ensure

the logging resects the trail network that exists, for

the benefit of local users and our visitors, who are an

important component of our local economy.

BC Parks is increasing it’s budget this year, which

may have some positive benefits in local Provincial

Parks. In South Chilcotin Mountains Park, trail

mapping is being done, and trailhead facilities being

considered, as part of a general Park Plan. We hope

to hear more on this, later in the year.

The Committee is supportive of local Biologist Robin

Naidoo’s application to do some animal studies

within the valley, which may also inform on the

impact of trails in the area.

All in all, another busy year!

The Mountain Telegraph Page 13


Astrologically charted for you

by our own Kandy Kosmos

AQUARIUS (ong>Janong>uary 20-February 18): Your

sensitivity is strong this cycle, but be careful,

negativity is your kryptonite.

PISCES (February 19-March 20): Regrets only lead

to chocolate cake comas, move on.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): It's a good time for

spiritual house cleaning, don't forget to check under the


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Make room for change,

let your pants out or tighten your belt, whichever.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Beware the difference

between what you hear and what is said, you may be

going deaf.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Take your cat's advice,

sleep more and be cool.

Valley Hardware

& Grocery

Monday/Thursday/Saturday—10am to 12pm, 1pm to 5:30pm

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 1pm to 5:30pm

Closed Sundays & Holidays


Monday ≈ 10:30am to 11:30am / Thursday ≈ 11:00am to 1:00pm



Gold Bridge Hotel

Pub * Restaurant * Rooms

Café Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-7pm Fri & Sat 11am-6pm

Bar Hours: Mon-Thu 12pm-7pm Fri & Sat 12pm-6pm

Closed Sundays

Let us know if you’d like us to stay later for a special event!

Phone/Fax 250 238 2343


LEO (July 23-August 22): Buckle up, the universe

may send you on a different path than the one you


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Clarify your

position but go easy on the exclamation marks.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22 Don't hide your

bright light this cycle, shine on.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): No one need

know of the darkness lurking under your veneer of


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21):

Let loose and have a little fun, bye bye 2016.

CAPRICORN (December 22-ong>Janong>uary 19): Adventure

calls, pack clean underwear.

The Mountain Telegraph Page 14

Community Page

Thank you…..

The Gold Bridge Community Club would like

to thank our volunteers and everyone who

donated baked goods to this year's Bake

Sale & Turkey Bingo.

And special thanks to Donna Steffeson for a

great job calling bingo and Sandy Oakley for

her delicious snacks. Congratulations to all

the winners !

Bridger Burns February 1

Budd McStay February 5

Scott McKenzie February 6

Mrs. Ella Richley (Illidge) February 9

John Leighton February 10

Sally Bird February 11

Karl Delling February 13

Heather Leighton February 17

Abigail Hnidy February 22

Billy Watts February 26

Happy Anniversary this month

to Tom & Lynda Illidge

Firewood Notice

Recent fuel mitigation at the Gun Lake

Recreational Site ( west side) has resulted

in some firewood available for pick-up to

anyone interested.

Debbie Demare – SLRD Director


Director, Bridge River Valley (Area A)

Facebook: Debbie Demare

Twitter: DebbieDemare

Squamish Lillooet Regional District

Box 219, Pemberton BC V0N 2L0

604-894-6371; Toll Free 1-800-298-7753

The Mountain Telegraph Page 15


Separating the good from the bad, the

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District now offers

new downloadable graphics to local businesses,

schools and organizations to help navigate their


The comprehensive series of copyright-free,

downloadable and editable signs and sticker

graphics are available on the district’s website at

To place a classified ad for $2.00, please email: Have an

item/items you wish to give away? List it for free here!

For sale – 2 man hot tub. Call 604-229-1389

ong>Janong>uary – February ong>2017ong>


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BC Family Day

Valentine’s Day

Transfer Station Open

Winter Hours in Effect

Sunday/Thursday 10am-4pm

Mail Day

Outgoing must be in by 11.30am

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Gold Bridge Library

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