THOM 7 | Fall / Winter 2016


Letter From

the Editor

“So, what’s your story?” It’s a guy this time.

He chuckles. He’s really nervous. And rightfully

so — a total stranger just plopped down across

the table from him, baiting him with her Southern


She presses him. “No. Really!” What happens next

defies all probability for me. He actually starts to

form words.

There was a time when I dreaded dinner with this

particular friend because, well, you know, she just

shouldn’t do things like that. But, over time, I grew

curious. Envious, really. Their faces were always

intense with emotion, but she’d return to our table

to share captivating stories of crazy coincidences,

young lovers or tragedies of lives gone wrong. It was

always an interrupt to the expected and led to deep

and meaningful conversations between us.

Now that we are cities apart, I miss being a part

of the powerful connections she creates with total

strangers. And, sidebar, she is one of the most

fascinating people I know, mostly because of the

stories she carries with her.

One of my favorite story collectors, Ira Glass, says,

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” I

think that’s the reason we are so passionate about

the work we do through THOM. Every new story we

hear shapes us and adds a new layer of meaning

to our lives. As we continue to uncover the hidden,

creative life of Thomasville, we’re committed to

sharing stories to add meaning to the life of our


way with life and words. Ann and Sid are practically

walking stories, as their fashion is woven into every

fiber of their life together.

Your thoughts about the impact you are having

on the children in your life will become far more

significant when you get to know Katie Chastain.

Christopher Coes? He’s the guy I want to spend

hours with, listening to his tales about great


As we move through 2016, we’re continuing to

celebrate Thomasville Center for the Arts’ 30th

anniversary. A highlight is the design of a new

strategic plan with a bold vision for the next decade.

To bring this vision to life, we’re crafting the story of

how we started, how we narrowly escaped disaster,

our triumph through reinvention and what we see

for the future of our city. Keep your eye out for it!

The partners who support THOM make our story

even richer. The people behind these businesses and

organizations are true partners – friends – working

with us to create a compelling, visual story of our

life in Thomasville. Powering our efforts together

is our presenting partner, Archbold Medical Center.

They are committed to strengthening the people

who live here and our story intersects with a shared

vision to connect people to one another.

So, what’s your story? We hope a part of our story is

part of yours. Come share your tale with us and be a

part of all that’s happening at the Center of it all in


It’s been a bit of a “pinch me, I’m dreaming”

experience to get up close to the creatives in this

issue. Chuck Reece, our favorite bitter Southerner, is

a force to be reckoned with – determined to throw

dishonorable Southern traditions out the window by

sharing stories about the duality of the South. Julia

Reed, well, she has a simply fabulous, often amusing


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