THOM 7 | Fall / Winter 2016


The ( not so)

If you ask Chuck Reece what makes for a good story, chances are he will

answer you with a story. Chuck is a collector of stories. He is discovering

new voices and old tales and threading them together into a growing

compendium of culture to create an ever-expanding portrait of the

American South.

The Bitter Southerner, the online magazine Chuck helped found in 2013,

began as a project to promote the idea that stories can create a perception

of a place and they can also challenge and change that perception.

Chuck believes in the power of stories. He spends his time wading through

the tides of our modern culture, pondering answers to the questions: What

is the South now? What does it mean to be Southern today?

Written by

Anne Royan

All photo captions by

Chuck Reece


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