Cayman Scholarship Directory 2017

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CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 01<br />

01 Introduction<br />

02 EY: Question and Answer with<br />

Alex Mccallum<br />

03 GREENLIGHT RE: Fund local<br />

further education<br />


Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />


Water Professionals<br />


<strong>2017</strong> <strong>Scholarship</strong> Programme<br />

08 PWC: <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Programme<br />

010 ANGEL OVERSEES: <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Connection UK<br />

011 CAREY OLSEN: Articled Clerk<br />

Training Programme<br />

012 IMAC:Support Youth Education<br />

014 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts<br />

015 CAMPBELLS: Committed to<br />

Education<br />

016 CIIA: Insurance <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

017 SCOTIA BANK: Student Bursary<br />

018 STEM: The Jobs of Tomorrow<br />

020 Common Questions Asked at Interviews<br />

021 MOURANT OZANNES: Chantel<br />

Whittaker Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

022 Budget advice for students<br />

023 Fidelity Prepaid Card<br />

024 Ministry of Education FAQ’s<br />

026 <strong>Cayman</strong> <strong>Scholarship</strong>s Listings<br />

Special thanks to: Mrs.Deirdre Carmola, Manager,<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat, Ministry of Education,<br />

Employment & Gender Affairs. Heather-Ann Cahill,<br />

of the Careers Advisory Service. Yello writer, Kaylyn<br />

Bodden. All of our advertisers who have invested<br />

in the education of students and participated in this<br />

directory. The business locations where we distribute<br />

the directories. Thank you everyone for your support.<br />


We’ve welcomed in a new year, and along<br />

with this, we can look forward to new<br />

possibilities and promises.<br />

As a student or a parent of a student,<br />

hopefully one of your new year’s<br />

resolutions was to be proactive about<br />

applying for and securing a scholarship.<br />

Therefore, we encourage all students,<br />

parents and teachers to read this<br />

magazine in order to fully embrace the<br />

scholarship opportunities available in the<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands.<br />

Deadlines are already looming,<br />

and although some deadlines may<br />

seem a long way in the future, don’t<br />

procrastinate. Be proactive! There is no better time than the present to do your<br />

research, submit your application forms and take comfort in knowing that you’re now<br />

part of the selection process.<br />

For those scholarships closing midsummer, take advantage of time and thoroughly<br />

prepare your applications. Even practice interview techniques.<br />

The master listings – pages 26-28 – highlight the scholarships offered by both the<br />

private and public sectors.<br />

Are you qualified for the scholarship you are applying for? Don’t waste your time or<br />

the scholarship committee’s time, if you don’t qualify. Thoroughly research which<br />

scholarships you are eligible for before submitting applications.<br />

Be sure to let your personality shine through on paper, and, in person.<br />

Good luck to all of our potential superstars in the selection process.<br />

Finally, thank you to the organisations that continue to invest in the further education<br />

of local students and support this directory. By awarding these scholarships, they<br />

lighten the financial burden on students and their families, which allows students to<br />

focus on the most important aspect of their college and university<br />

experiences – learning.<br />

Look out for the <strong>Cayman</strong> <strong>Scholarship</strong>s Recipients <strong>Directory</strong> publishing in September<br />

<strong>2017</strong>, highlighting all of the lucky awardees of the <strong>2017</strong> scholarships.<br />

Lisa Beauchamp<br />

Regional Content and Product Development Sales Manager, Yello Media Group<br />

Tel: (345) 814-1754<br />

Email: lbeauchamp@yellomg.com<br />

Front Cover: PwC Associates growing their own way; L-R Christian Crescente, Kym<br />

Watler, Kimi Grant, Alexander Gordon and Saneata Smith. Photo credit, Daniel Czarnocki,<br />

Creations Unlimited.<br />

Media Group<br />

Office Location: Woods Building, 131 Dorcy Drive, George Town.<br />

Mailing Address: PO Box 688, KY1-1107, Grand <strong>Cayman</strong>, <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands.<br />

Tel: (345) 949-7027<br />

Web: www.yellomg.com

02 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />

Q U E S T I O N & A N S W E R W I T H<br />


As a successful applicant of the EY <strong>Scholarship</strong>, Alex shares his<br />

experience and career path as inspiration to students<br />

who hope to apply for scholarships in <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

1. What advice would you give to students who are thinking<br />

of applying for the EY <strong>Scholarship</strong>?<br />

I would encourage students to gain as many extracurricular<br />

experiences as possible and apply early. They should also<br />

research the background and requirements to ensure the<br />

scholarship meets their career goals.<br />

2. What does it mean to be an EY <strong>Scholarship</strong> recipient?<br />

Being a recipient has provided numerous levels of support<br />

towards my career goals by means of internal mentorship and<br />

practical experience. Additionally, I am able to maintain and<br />

thrive within my extracurricular goals thanks to the advice and<br />

assistance from everyone at EY.<br />

Alex McCallum, was awarded the EY <strong>Scholarship</strong> in May<br />

2013 to pursue his undergraduate degree in Economics with<br />

Accounting at Loughborough University in England. In July<br />

2016 he graduated with First Class honours and returned to<br />

EY full time as a staff accountant. Alex was recognized for<br />

achieving the qualifying time for the FINA World Swimming<br />

Championships and in December 2016, he represented the<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands in Canada.<br />

3. Who inspires you?<br />

I would have to say Michael Phelps and my teams at EY.<br />

Through determination and everyday sacrifices, Michael<br />

Phelps has become one of the greatest swimmers in the world.<br />

My teams at EY because of their support toward my success<br />

and their contributions to our community. I am constantly<br />

challenged and provided opportunities to improve my technical<br />

skills and the success and support of everyone around me<br />

inspires me to constantly thrive throughout my career.<br />

Are you ready to build a better working world? EY is where you put theory into practice and start to stretch<br />

yourself. Where you’re encouraged and supported to succeed. Where you can start to make your ambitions a<br />

reality. The EY <strong>Scholarship</strong> is designed to help you achieve that potential from day one.<br />

The EY <strong>Scholarship</strong> is awarded annually to a student in<br />

eachof our Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands locations and offers participants financial<br />

support toward their degree as well as the opportunity to<br />

gain practical experience as an intern within the region<br />

during school breaks.<br />

The EY <strong>Scholarship</strong> is valued at up to US$30,000 per<br />

annum and is renewable for up to a maximum of five<br />

years until the recipient has completed the minimum<br />

educational requirements necessary to qualify for the<br />

US Certified Public Accountant (CPAs) professional<br />

licensure.<br />

EY <strong>Cayman</strong> invites eligible applicants to apply for the EY <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

by April 15, <strong>2017</strong> with the following required documents:<br />

• Proof of <strong>Cayman</strong> citizenship<br />

• Most recent official transcript<br />

• Resume and cover letter<br />

• Two character references<br />

• Recent full-face photograph<br />

Applications can be submitted to bbc.scholarships@bm.ey.com<br />

or hand delivered to:<br />

HR Manager<br />

EY <strong>Cayman</strong> Ltd. 62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay, Grand <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

For information regarding scholarships available at EY, visit www.ey.com/ky

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 03<br />



training. In special cases, scholarships for A-Level studies may<br />

also be considered.<br />

Applicants for scholarship must be locally resident and in need<br />

of financial assistance, without which they would be unable to<br />

continue with their chosen academic or vocational training.<br />

If yes, Greenlight’s <strong>Scholarship</strong> Program may be the perfect fit<br />

for you!<br />

Since the inception of our <strong>Scholarship</strong> Program in 2008, we<br />

have provided monetary assistance to many <strong>Cayman</strong> resident<br />

students who wish to further their post high school education<br />

locally, allowing them to obtain degrees or vocational training<br />

in the field of their choice.<br />

We grant scholarships to students who wish to attend The<br />

University College of the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands, The International<br />

College of the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands or locally based vocational<br />

Our scholarship application window runs from June 1st –<br />

August 1st.<br />

All recipients are expected to maintain agreed upon grade point<br />

averages throughout the term of their scholarship.<br />

If you believe this scholarship would be right for you, please<br />

email charity@greenlightre.ky with the following information:<br />

- A cover letter outlining your previous educational pursuits<br />

and stating your future educational and vocational goals and<br />

why you believe you are a deserving candidate for a Greenlight<br />

Re <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

- A transcript of your most recent grades which includes a<br />

complete transcript of your high school results<br />

The Greenlight <strong>Scholarship</strong> Committee will wish to interview<br />

all eligible applicants and may request further personal and<br />

academic references.

04 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



Michael McWatt, Managing Director and Sean Whewell, 2016 Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong> Recipient<br />

Butterfield is committed to<br />

helping young <strong>Cayman</strong>ians<br />

reach their potential through<br />

higher education, that’s why we<br />

provide the Annual Butterfield<br />

Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong>—<br />

to assist students who are<br />

pursuing an undergraduate<br />

degree at overseas colleges and<br />

universities.<br />

This is the “<strong>Scholarship</strong> of<br />

Choice”: Butterfield invites<br />

students wishing to pursue<br />

any academic area to apply.<br />

Past recipients include lawyers,<br />

accountants, teachers, artists,<br />

health professionals and all are<br />

contributing their knowledge<br />

and passion for the benefit of<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>’s community.<br />

To become a Butterfield<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> recipient, receiving<br />

up to $30,000 towards tertiary<br />

level tuition for four years,<br />

you will have excellent grades<br />

and be an all-around student,<br />

with passions outside of the<br />

classroom.<br />

Here are some important tips<br />

to note when applying for the<br />

Butterfield Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong>:<br />

- You must be <strong>Cayman</strong>ian and<br />

between the ages of 17 to 25.<br />

- Make sure you complete the<br />

Butterfield Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Application in full.<br />

- Include a letter from a parent/<br />

guardian undertaking to accept<br />

responsibility for additional<br />

funds over and above the<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> allowance necessary<br />

to maintain the scholar at an<br />

educational institution abroad,<br />

or a letter from a Bank stating<br />

that additional funds are<br />

available is required.<br />

- Three references are required:<br />

one from your school principal<br />

and two character references.<br />

- Academic certificates, together<br />

with full details of grades<br />

attained in the various subjects.<br />

Official certification of grades is<br />

necessary if these do not appear<br />

on actual certificates.<br />

- Allow yourself sufficient time<br />

to collect the various documents<br />

required. Failure to provide<br />

the required documents might<br />

render you ineligible.<br />

- When presenting your<br />

information, be clear and<br />

concise. How clearly you<br />

communicate is as important as<br />

what you communicate.<br />

- Separate yourself from the<br />

other candidates. Show passion<br />

and genuine interest in your<br />

writing. Your application letter<br />

should identify the reasons<br />

you want the scholarship, and<br />

why you’re interested in your<br />

particular area of study, as well<br />

as the reasons you believe you<br />

deserve to receive it.<br />

- Pay special attention to the<br />

presentation and proof-reading<br />

of your application. Be aware of<br />

sentence structure, spelling and<br />

grammar.<br />

- Responsibility for the<br />

submission of the required<br />

documents, on or before the<br />

stated deadline, rests entirely<br />

with each applicant. Butterfield<br />

will not follow up with<br />

applicants to obtain missing<br />

documentation.<br />

The application deadline is<br />

Friday, 28 April <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

- All completed applicationsfor<br />

the Butterfield Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> should be<br />

submitted to:<br />

Human Resources,<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong>,<br />

Butterfield Bank (<strong>Cayman</strong>)<br />

Limited,<br />

P.O.Box 705,<br />

Grand <strong>Cayman</strong>,<br />

KY1-1107,<br />


E-mail: hr@ky.butterfieldgroup.com<br />

- Please ensure that softcopy<br />

submissions and all supporting<br />

documents are in PDF format.<br />

- To view the fullButterfield<br />

Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

requirements and terms and<br />

conditions, or to download your<br />

application today, visit us online<br />

at www.ky.butterfieldgroup.com<br />


TIPS<br />

Here are a few tips<br />

to consider if you<br />

are shortlisted to<br />

be interviewed<br />

for the Butterfield<br />

Undergraduate<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong>:<br />

- Be confident. Take the<br />

time to clearly think<br />

about your responses.<br />

If you are unsure of a<br />

question, ask that it be<br />

repeated again.<br />

- Display good body<br />

language. Be friendly and<br />

positive while displaying<br />

controlled energy. Offer<br />

a firm handshake (before<br />

and after) and maintain<br />

eye contact.<br />

- Show real passion and<br />

interest in your area of<br />

study. This will help you<br />

to truly stand out from<br />

the other applicants.<br />

- Be prepared to ask<br />

a question of the<br />

scholarship committee;<br />

leave a lasting<br />

impression!<br />

- Most importantly, be<br />

yourself! A genuine<br />

representation of your<br />

true self is always more<br />

effective than an act.

06 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />


Are you looking for a meaningful job in a stable industry that<br />

really makes a difference to people’s livelihoods? Then you<br />

might want to consider a job in the water sector.<br />

Think about it – water is the one thing that every living thing<br />

on this planet needs to survive! Clean water is essential for<br />

environmental and human health, for economic growth, and<br />

social development. And, with the global population increasing<br />

rapidly, so are the world’s water needs. In fact, according to<br />

the International Water Association, 1 million new water<br />

professionals are needed every year to accommodate increasing<br />

global need.<br />

Water Authority – <strong>Cayman</strong> is looking for the next generation of<br />

water professionals!<br />

Our organisation offers paid summer internships and<br />

a CI$30,000 Annual <strong>Scholarship</strong> to a suitably qualified<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ian to obtain an undergraduate academic or technical/<br />

vocational degree or diploma in a field of study relevant to the<br />

Authority’s work.<br />

Fields of study that are particularly relevant include:<br />

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Civil<br />

Engineering, Hydrogeology, Mechanical Engineering,<br />

Wastewater Treatment, Water Resource/Supply Management,<br />

Reverse Osmosis Technology, Information Technology,<br />

Accounting, Finance, and Business Management. So, whether<br />

you see yourself in a lab coat or a hardhat, working in the field<br />

or at a desk, the Authority has a career path for you!<br />

You can download the application form and additional<br />

information sheets at www.waterauthority.ky/ communityconnect-scholarships.<br />

There you can also read more about<br />

previous scholarship recipients, many of whom have<br />

successfully transitioned into full-time Water Authority staff<br />

following the completion of their studies.<br />

If you are interested in getting some hands-on experience<br />

working in the water sector, we encourage you to apply for<br />

a paid summer internship with the Authority. There are a<br />

variety of careers available in the water and wastewater utilities<br />

industry and you can choose which departments within our<br />

organisation you are most interested in working with. You can<br />

learn more about this programme at<br />

www.waterauthority.ky/community-connect-scholarships.<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> applications are due 31 March so apply today and<br />

find out where in the world a career in water could take you.

www.pwc.com/ky/careers<br />

PwC’s <strong>Scholarship</strong> Program<br />

Our opportunities<br />

PwC has an annual scholarship budget of US$200,000 we invest in bright young <strong>Cayman</strong>ians<br />

interested in pursuing a career in accounting. You can study overseas or locally for an associates,<br />

bachelors or masters degree.<br />

Our work<br />

PwC offers client services in the areas of Assurance, Advisory and Tax. A student in our scholarship<br />

program can earn paid work experience while studying or on school breaks to gain a deeper insight<br />

into our culture and start to develop the skills you need for a successful career. After graduation you<br />

join the firm as an associate. Its a great foundation to a lifetime of opportunities.<br />

Our culture<br />

What we do is as important as how we do it. Diversity, flexibility and mobility are key in our firm and<br />

we think of ourselves as family. This helps us build relationships and deliver high quality work and a<br />

meaningful experience for our people.<br />

Our exam support<br />

To progress in a professional services firm an internationally recognized designation is a must! We’ll<br />

financially support you through your exams and help you prepare fully with study and exam leave.<br />

Our process<br />

The possibilities start with an application to our scholarship program. The process is personal and<br />

focused on helping you grow your own way. Before you apply to us, you need to know what we’re<br />

looking for and be able to say how your experiences and achievements inside and outside school or<br />

university can add value. You’ll know if you are successful in a timely manner. For more information,<br />

join our College, Careers & Coffee open house, by visiting: www.pwc.com/ky/careers<br />

© <strong>2017</strong> PricewaterhouseCoopers, a <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands partnership. All rights reserved.

Grow your own way<br />

“When looking for a University it was important<br />

to me to find a place that would allow me<br />

to continue with my passion for swimming.<br />

The UK was the best fit and while studying<br />

accounting, I’ve even participated in the<br />

Olympics.” - Geoff Butler, 2014 scholarship<br />

recipient, studying at the University of<br />

Edinburgh.<br />

“When I was studying accounting in Canada,<br />

I wasn’t sure which line of service what I liked<br />

best. So I did work experience during the<br />

summers with the tax group. I joined the firm<br />

after graduation with the audit group.<br />

Now with experience in both I know tax is the<br />

right fit for me and I’ll rejoin that group in the<br />

summer.” - Sarah Hale, 2014 scholarship<br />

recipient, joined the firm in 2016.<br />

“I majored in business in the US and joined<br />

the firm after graduation to learn more about<br />

accounting. I received study support for the<br />

CPA while getting work experience. My path<br />

wasn’t traditional for scholarships but it was<br />

right for me PwC.” - Cara Verhoeven, joined<br />

the firm in 2014.<br />

College, Careers and Coffee<br />

Register for our open house to find out if this is an opportunity of a<br />

lifetime for you by visiting: www.pwc.com.ky/careers

010 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



<strong>Cayman</strong> Connection UK (CCUK) is a network offering multilateral overseas support for groups and<br />

individuals associated with the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands in the UK.<br />

CCUK hosts a number of social and professional networking events throughout the year in the UK<br />

and an annual reception in <strong>Cayman</strong> in the Summer. The organisation is supported by the <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Islands Government, the Department of Tourism and is part sponsored by the private sector.<br />

Be sure to register with CCUK if you are thinking of studying in the UK, are already studying in the<br />

UK or if you are a graduate or professional living in the UK!<br />


• As a British Overseas Territories citizen you are eligible for UK home fees, and will not be charged<br />

extra overseas student fees.<br />

• Enjoy a better exchange rate due to recent devaluation of the UK pound vs the US dollar.<br />

• In the UK you will receive support and care while you are away through the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

Government Office and <strong>Cayman</strong> Connection UK.<br />

• As a British Overseas Territories citizen you do not require a Student Visa to enter the UK.<br />


Student member sign up - caymanconnection.org/register<br />

Graduate or friend sign up - caymanconnection.org/friends-of-cayman<br />

For more informaiton visit caymanconnection.org or email hello@caymanconnection.org<br />

CCUK relies on partnerships and sponsors to continue supporting students and connecting<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ians in the UK. If your company wishes to sponsor the efforts of CCUK, find out more at<br />

caymanconnection.org/sponsorship-opportunities.<br />

Quote:<br />

“It is an honour to be invited to social and professional networking events through<br />

CCUK membership. It has given me numerous great opportunities to meet high level<br />

Government Officials and professionals. CCUK has been a great support to me during<br />

my time away and I encourage other students and friends to sign up and get involved!”<br />

- Ashvin Murugesu, BSc (Hons) in Astronomy, Space Sciences & Astrophysics,<br />

University of Kent.<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ConnectionUK<br />

CCUK ad sponsored by Angel Oversees Ltd.<br />

Government, private and corporate overseas<br />

managerial liaison services in the UK.






This is an outstanding opportunity to become part of<br />

Carey Olsen’s pioneering legal team. Our Articled<br />

Clerk training program will provide you with invaluable<br />

insight and commercial experience under the leadership<br />

of our highly-regarded <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands lawyers.<br />

You must have enrolled in the Professional Practice<br />

Course (or equivalent) and we expect a minimum of a<br />

2:1 honours degree (or higher).<br />

To apply, send a covering letter, your curriculum vitae<br />

and proof of your <strong>Cayman</strong>ian status to:<br />

recruitment@careyolsen.com<br />





012 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



2016 <strong>Scholarship</strong> Recipient, Mya Scotchman<br />

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to<br />

change the world”<br />

Nelson Mandela<br />

Educating <strong>Cayman</strong>’s youth has been one of the most important<br />

missions of the Insurance Managers Association of <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

(IMAC) since 1994 when it launched its Educational <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Trust Fund, a needs-based scholarship programme for young<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ians.<br />

Over the past 23 years, 38 students have been awarded financial<br />

grants totaling $3.1 million that have enabled them to study in<br />

their areas of interest, covering a wide range of academic fields<br />

– music, film, biomedical science, early childhood education,<br />

veterinary medicine, sociology and ecology, as well as business<br />

administration, marketing and human resources. This is what<br />

makes the IMAC Educational <strong>Scholarship</strong> unique in the <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Islands – its ability to provide opportunities for students who<br />

would not otherwise be able to pursue tertiary education,<br />

regardless of their preferred field of study.<br />

Students are required to keep a good academic standing in order<br />

to continue to receive their funding. The maximum award is<br />

US$40,000 per annum. They are, however, encouraged to return<br />

to <strong>Cayman</strong> to apply the knowledge and skills that they have<br />

gained in university to the local business environment.<br />

Who is behind all of this inspiring work? IMAC is the<br />

representative body of the captive insurance industry in the<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands, including the insurance managers, and service<br />

providers including bankers, lawyers and auditors who support<br />

them. The organisation is non-profit and is audited by a Big<br />

Four accounting firm. It was established to support, strengthen<br />

and promote <strong>Cayman</strong> as a leading captive insurance domicile in<br />

its target markets around the world, as well as to act as a liaison<br />

between the clients, the industry, the regulator (the <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Islands Monetary Authority) and legislators (the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

Government).<br />

The captive insurance industry is vitally important to <strong>Cayman</strong> and<br />

the domicile remains one of the largest and most successful in the<br />

world. More than 700 captive insurance companies call <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

home, and they are managed by more than 30 local companies,<br />

who maintain the mind and management of the captives,<br />

solidifying <strong>Cayman</strong>’s position as a viable and strong international<br />

financial services centre. This thriving industry contributes<br />

approximately $100 million annually to the local economy through<br />

the people it employs and the business it attracts.<br />

The Educational <strong>Scholarship</strong> is the industry’s way of giving back to<br />

the <strong>Cayman</strong> community and to ensure that as many young people<br />

as possible have an opportunity to be well educated, so that they, in<br />

turn, can make a positive impact on their world.<br />

For more information on the scholarship programme or to make a<br />

donation, please visit imac.ky/scholarship-fund


Want a career in captive insurance?<br />

Be a captive manager, accountant, actuary,<br />

administrator, banker, regulator, lawyer.<br />

300+<br />

people employed<br />

$60B<br />

in total assets<br />

managed<br />

38<br />

scholarships given<br />

in 23 years<br />

30<br />

management<br />

companies<br />

$100M<br />

brought to <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

every year<br />

$14.6B<br />

in premium written<br />


<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands.<br />

Clearly Better Business.

014 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />


By Lisa Beauchamp<br />

From the way you present yourself on paper on your<br />

application forms and your resume, to how you dress and<br />

conduct yourself in the interview(s); potential employers are<br />

thoroughly scrutinise applicants and this includes checking out<br />

your online profiles and activities.<br />

Employers will often reject applications solely based on viewing<br />

their social media.<br />

Don’t lose the chance of a lifetime by sharing way too much on<br />

your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.<br />

Here are some tips on keeping your online persona and social<br />

media accounts interview friendly:<br />

Do be yourself: fully utilise the information that you are sharing<br />

online. Don’t appear as if you are hiding some bad habits.<br />

Do be aware of what you post: delete all of your silly prank<br />

pictures and videos (especially drunken photos if you are<br />

underage!) and childish or inappropriate comments.<br />

Do be mature about the content: include photos of awards<br />

received, charity or community events that you’ve participated<br />

in; share book reviews, intellectual quotes and reveal places<br />

you’ve travelled to.<br />

Do be proactive: connect online with the company that you are<br />

applying to for a scholarship. Keep up to date on their posts and<br />

tweets.<br />

Do be your own brand: create your own brand and market your<br />

strong personal qualities, experience and ambitions. Companies<br />

want to award scholarships to students who are committed to<br />

and focused on their future.<br />

Do be smart with personal email addresses: if you are stating<br />

your personal email address on an application form, ensure its<br />

non-offensive and preferably professional.<br />

Do share: relevant comments and articles, positively interact<br />

with friends, retweet interesting posts.<br />

Don’t be careless with who you add as a friend and follow:<br />

potential employers are going to consider who you are connected<br />

to. Diligently and routinely delete and tidy up your contacts list.<br />

Don’t overshare: too much information is literally that – too<br />

much! You may think that sharing details of when you are going<br />

to the bathroom are necessary or photos of your burger lunch<br />

are appealing, however, your friends – and future employers –<br />

may not.<br />

Don’t be political: some potential employers may shy away<br />

from an applicant who they regard as too politically biased.<br />

Keep your political opinions private.<br />

Don’t speak negatively about your teachers, colleagues or<br />

anybody: if you have an issue with someone, take initiative to<br />

deal with it maturely, one on one. Don’t use social media as<br />

your platform to rant.<br />

Don’t share your emotions: whether angry or sad, keep your<br />

emotions in check. Use the telephone to verbally express your<br />

tearful emotions to your friends.<br />

Don’t rely on your settings being 100% private: if you follow<br />

all of the do’s and don’ts above, then you won’t have to<br />

worry too much about this. However, settings are constantly<br />

being updated, so pay attention at all times and follow the<br />

instructions.<br />

Take social media very seriously, sharpen your presence on line.<br />

The time that you invest in your personal online marketing<br />

could pay off handsomely with a company investing in you and<br />

your future.

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 015<br />



Campbells is a leading full service offshore law firm established<br />

over 45 years ago. From our offices in the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands,<br />

the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong we provide<br />

comprehensive corporate and litigation advice and services to<br />

clients worldwide in relation to <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands and British<br />

Virgin Islands law.<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong>s<br />

Campbells is committed to supporting the future education<br />

of the youth in our community and is pleased to offer a<br />

US$20,000 per annum undergraduate scholarship with<br />

preference given to applicants pursuing law. Subject to<br />

meeting continuing conditions, the successful applicant will<br />

be supported for the duration of their degree programme<br />

(3 years) with the opportunity for additional support<br />

through PPC, LPC (BVC), BPTC or equivalent. Preferential<br />

consideration will also be given to our scholarship recipient<br />

for articles with the firm.<br />

Articles<br />

We are now accepting applications for an articled clerk<br />

position. You must be <strong>Cayman</strong>ian, enrolled in the<br />

Professional Practice Course (or equivalent) and must<br />

have a minimum of a 2:1 honours law degree (or higher)<br />

to be eligible.<br />

For a full list of application requirements and to download<br />

the scholarship application form please visit our website:<br />

campbellslegal.com/scholarships.<br />

For inquiries about our article programme or to learn how<br />

to apply please email: articles@campbellslegal.com.<br />

The deadline to apply for scholarships or articles is<br />

Monday, 1 May <strong>2017</strong>.<br />



We are now accepting applications for<br />

an articled clerk position. You must be<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ian, enrolled in the Professional<br />

Practice Course (or equivalent) and must<br />

have a minimum of a 2:1 honours law<br />

degree (or higher) to be eligible.<br />

Deadlines 1 May <strong>2017</strong><br />


It all starts with a solid foundation.<br />

Campbells is committed to supporting<br />

the future education of the youth in our<br />

community and is pleased to offer in <strong>2017</strong><br />

a US$20,000 per annum undergraduate<br />

scholarship with preference given to<br />

applicants pursuing law.<br />

To learn more about Campbells’ scholarships visit our website<br />

campbellslegal.com/scholarships or email articles@campbellslegal.com<br />

for more details on our article programme.<br />

campbellslegal.com<br />


016 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Insurance Association (CIIA) and the<br />

Ministry of Education, Employment, and Gender Affairs have<br />

come together to collaborate on an enhanced scholarship award<br />

opportunity for young <strong>Cayman</strong>ians.<br />

The combined scholarship award with CIIA provides up<br />

to CI$10,000.00 per year to enhance the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

Government <strong>Scholarship</strong> Award of up to CI$20,000 per year.<br />

The scholarship will be awarded to deserving <strong>Cayman</strong>ians<br />

who have an interest in the insurance industry and who wish<br />

to pursue studies in insurance, risk management or actuarial<br />

sciences.<br />

Commenting on the scholarship, CIIA Secretary Mrs. Linda<br />

Key said, “One of the main focuses of the CIIA is education<br />

and professional development of our own members to increase<br />

their knowledge of insurance, and also for the public who may<br />

have an interest in various insurance topics. The offer of our<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> is to encourage talented individuals in <strong>Cayman</strong> to<br />

look at a career in the insurance industry”.<br />

The CIIA was formed in 2004 to bring together the various<br />

associations representing the insurance industry in the <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Islands.<br />

The CIIA seeks to unite all member agents, brokers and<br />

companies to create and maintain the highest standards of<br />

service, ethics, transparency and good practice in all aspects<br />

of insurance in the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands, thus protecting and<br />

promoting the national and international reputation of the<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands insurance market.<br />

CIIA’s website is www.ciia.ky.<br />

For more information on the scholarship please visit<br />

www.education.gov.ky/scholarships or email the <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Secretariat at scholarships@gov.ky or call 244-2482.<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

Insurance Association<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Insurance Association <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

will grant up to CI$10,000 per year, for a maximum of four<br />

years of study, by providing additional funding to successful<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Government <strong>Scholarship</strong> awardees.<br />

The scholarship is aimed towards students wishing to<br />

pursue an insurance industry related degree such as; Risk<br />

Management, Actuarial Studies or Insurance Management.<br />

Further details can be obtained through the<br />

CIIA’s website www.ciia.ky or by linking into the<br />

www.education.gov.ky/scholarships webpage.<br />

You may also contact the <strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat<br />

by email at scholarships@gov.ky or calling 244-2482.<br />

CIIA_<strong>Scholarship</strong>_AD_P2.indd 1<br />

11/12/2016 10:14 PM

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 017<br />


to five recipients annually. The Bursary is intended to be used<br />

toward standard tuition, student fees, books and supplies.<br />

Scotiabank <strong>Scholarship</strong> Recipients 2016.<br />

Are financial barriers holding you back from your college<br />

dreams? Help fund your future with a US$5,000 Scotiabank<br />

Student Bursary.<br />

If you are a <strong>Cayman</strong>ian student between the ages of 16 – 25 and<br />

looking to pursue an undergraduate degree in business or<br />

finance at a university/college overseas, Scotiabank could help<br />

you get there.<br />

The Scotiabank Student Bursary provides financial assistance<br />

To qualify students must:<br />

• Be <strong>Cayman</strong>ian or hold <strong>Cayman</strong>ian Status<br />

• Be between 16 and 25 years of age<br />

• Demonstrate financial need<br />

• Possess a High School Diploma<br />

• Hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 or grade equivalent<br />

• Pursue an undergraduate degree/diploma in business and/or<br />

finance from an accredited college/university overseas<br />

• Have a conditional notice of acceptance from a college/<br />

university overseas or have already completed their first<br />

subsequent year of college/university study<br />

• Have the necessary background to achieve success at a<br />

competitive college/university overseas<br />

Applications must be submitted to the attention of Lovenia<br />

Ebanks, Scotiabank & Trust (<strong>Cayman</strong>) Limited, 6 Cardinall<br />

Avenue, 4th Floor, George Town, no later than 4:00pm the last<br />

Friday in June.<br />

If you are a <strong>Cayman</strong>ian student and would like to apply visit<br />

www.cayman.scotiabank.com and complete the Scotiabank<br />

Student Bursary Application Form.<br />

Scotiabank<br />

Student Bursary<br />

Help fund your future with a US$5,000<br />

Scotiabank Student Bursary.<br />

If you are a <strong>Cayman</strong>ian student in financial need<br />

and looking to pursue an undergraduate degree<br />

in business or finance at a university/college<br />

overseas, Scotiabank could help you get there!<br />

Now accepting applications from<br />

qualified candidates.<br />

Find out more today.<br />

Go to cayman.scotiabank.com<br />

®<br />

Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under license.<br />

SB_<strong>Cayman</strong>_<strong>Scholarship</strong> <strong>2017</strong> Ad_8x5.indd 1 18/01/<strong>2017</strong> 13:04

018 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />


(L-R) Minds Inspired Scholars Daniel Nicholson-Gardner, Drew Milgate, Ethan Whittaker and David Forbes during their summer enrichment at<br />

Dart Neuroscience in San Diego, California.<br />

When you do the common things in life the uncommon<br />

way, you will command the attention of the world. - George<br />

Washington Carver<br />

Some of the greatest discoveries in history do not happen in<br />

sophisticated labs filled with special gadgets; rather, people<br />

with the desire to solve simple problems discover through<br />

innovation. In inventor Benjamin Franklin’s time, electricity<br />

was only used in magic tricks to set off sparks and small shocks.<br />

Benjamin wondered if there was a better way to use electricity<br />

than just amusement. Using only a kite and a key during<br />

a storm, he proved that lightning was a form of electricity<br />

and that it could be transferred through metal. His simple<br />

experiment resulted in the development of electric power,<br />

modernising the entire world as he knew it.<br />

Benjamin Franklin’s mission in his research and discovery<br />

was never to become famous but to improve the society he<br />

lived in. Studying STEM – science, technology, engineering<br />

and mathematics – gives students the same power to shape<br />

the world that they live in. Students with strong STEM<br />

backgrounds are often more creative, analytical and more likely<br />

to succeed in other academic areas than their peers.<br />

The need for STEM workers grows every day as new industries<br />

and careers evolve. In fact, STEM careers are expected to be the<br />

fastest growing group of occupations in the next five years as<br />

well as the highest earning. For example, petroleum engineering<br />

majors currently stand to earn an entry-level salary of over<br />

$80,000 USD once they complete their degrees, according<br />

to Forbes.com. While there are exceptions, STEM graduates<br />

generally earn higher starting salaries and have greater job<br />

security than graduates of other disciplines.<br />

The added advantage of studying STEM is that it still leaves<br />

room for opportunities in other fields. A 2015 U.S. National<br />

Science Board report found that today’s employers are seeking<br />

individuals with advanced technical and analytical skills –<br />

even for jobs that did not traditionally require them such as<br />

office administrators and recruitment specialists. As the world<br />

continues to be modernised, STEM proficiency will become<br />

more and more necessary for success in the workplace.<br />

STEM is driven by innovation as the fields often intersect,<br />

produce new knowledge and then further develop. Simple<br />

discoveries much like Ben Franklin’s are taking place every<br />

day and changing the future in ways that cannot be presently<br />

understood. With the reasons to study STEM being countless,<br />

the greatest is simply, “Do you want to change the world you<br />

live in?”.

020 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />


By Lisa Beauchamp<br />

aiming to keep your student debt to a<br />

minimum.<br />

Have you travelled overseas? If so, where<br />

and what were your experiences?<br />

The confidence to travel and ability to<br />

take responsibility for your own well<br />

being while overseas, are significant<br />

factors for the interviewers to consider.<br />

Focus on positive experiences. If<br />

applicable, share details of a situation that<br />

you had to handle on your own and how<br />

you overcame this challenge.<br />

You’ve submitted your application form,<br />

waited patiently for a response, and then,<br />

thankfully received a request to attend an<br />

interview with the <strong>Scholarship</strong>s Committee<br />

at the organisation where you have applied.<br />

Nerves set in and you start to wonder, ‘what<br />

questions will I be asked?’<br />

Each interviewing committee will have its<br />

own list of criteria.<br />

In order to prepare in advance, read<br />

through the selection below of standard<br />

questions asked at a scholarship interview:<br />

Tell us about yourself?<br />

This is your opportunity to tell the<br />

interviewer(s) what distinguishes you from<br />

other applicants. Don’t recite your resume.<br />

Convey what makes you an interesting<br />

individual – a special talent or interest, and<br />

the past experiences that set you apart.<br />

Why do you wish to enter this career?<br />

You must prove your reasons and know the<br />

answer to this question. It is very important<br />

to focus on what motivates you. Refer to<br />

books, movies, mentors, and public figures,<br />

and reveal your influences.<br />

What are your academic goals?<br />

Be ready to reveal not only your academic<br />

goals, but also your future career goals.<br />

They work hand in hand. The organisation<br />

may offer you a job as a result of your<br />

scholarship.<br />

Do you have proven leadership skills?<br />

You may not have held titled leadership<br />

roles, however, have you led a team at<br />

sports, a special project or a charity event?<br />

Describe how you motivated your team<br />

members or organised something that<br />

involved a group of people.<br />

Why should you be awarded the<br />

scholarship?<br />

Be honest and sincere. Highlight your<br />

work ethic and past accomplishments<br />

representative of your commitment to your<br />

future education and success. Please do not<br />

announce that without the scholarship you<br />

are unable to attend college.<br />

What are your strengths?<br />

Be sure you come up with two to three<br />

strengths and back them up with concrete<br />

examples.<br />

What are your weaknesses?<br />

Share a weakness that you have converted<br />

into a strength by facing your fear. Show<br />

how you have overcome this fear by reading<br />

and research, or taking a course. Show<br />

initiative.<br />

How do you plan to allocate the<br />

scholarship money?<br />

Create a budget that features your<br />

estimated expenses for gaining a degree,<br />

include all resources. Prove that you are<br />

If you are unsuccessful in receiving a<br />

scholarship from us, what will you do?<br />

It’s acceptable to admit that you would<br />

be disappointed to be rejected. Ask<br />

for alternative ways to be part of the<br />

organisation in the future, perhaps by<br />

seeking a role as a summer student.<br />

Confirm that you will apply to other<br />

organisations within the industry for a<br />

scholarship opportunity. Make it clear that<br />

you understand that persistence pays off<br />

and that you are worthy of investing in.<br />

Do you have any questions?<br />

Don’t be shy to ask questions, this proves<br />

your desire to learn more about the<br />

company and opportunities. Have a<br />

list of questions prepared. Also, ask for<br />

clarification about any topics discussed<br />

that you need further explanation<br />

regarding. Don’t ask questions for the sake<br />

of asking questions, show genuine interest.<br />

Be prepared to answer questions<br />

regarding your hobbies and interests,<br />

which you may have stated in your<br />

application form.<br />

You may be asked further questions about<br />

your interests, to reveal what books you<br />

have read, to elaborate about places you<br />

have visited, or, people you have met, etc.<br />

Be honest when completing your<br />

application form. Highlight your<br />

strengths and accomplishments, and most<br />

all of – be yourself.

IT' S Y OUR<br />

FUTURE<br />

L E T'S<br />

B UILD I T T O G E T H E R<br />

Chantal Whittaker Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Are you a highly motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious student with an<br />

interest in developing a legal career? We can help you achieve that goal.<br />

The Chantal Whittaker Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong> provides <strong>Cayman</strong>ian students with financial<br />

assistance of up to USD$30,000 per year for a maximum of four years, towards the cost of<br />

a law degree or relevant legal professional qualification in the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands or abroad.<br />

Applicants must have achieved excellent grades in high school, and are expected to<br />

complete each year of their law degree with a minimum grade point average of 2:1 (UK)/<br />

3.5 (USA).<br />

To apply for our scholarship, please send your CV and covering letter<br />

to cayman.hr@mourantozannes.com by 30 April <strong>2017</strong>.<br />


022 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />


By Kaylyn Bodden<br />

Kaylyn Bodden graduated with a BA (Bachelors of Arts) in English<br />

& Writing at the University of Tampa.<br />

Heading overseas to school for the first time is exciting, but<br />

can also be extremely daunting. You’re finally getting some<br />

independence – hooray! – yet perhaps the hardest part is<br />

budgeting.<br />

Whether you receive a scholarship grant from the government,<br />

a private business, or a monthly allowance from your parents,<br />

now is the time to learn how to prioritise. If you are fortunate<br />

enough to have a weekend job, this can help your wallet,<br />

although don’t take on too much unless you’re certain you can<br />

handle it.<br />

Here are some practical budgeting tips for students:<br />

The 50/20/30 Rule<br />

Depending on how much money you receive monthly, and what<br />

your bills are like (if you live in an apartment then you’ll incur<br />

electric, water, phone bill), the 50/20/30 rule applies as follows:<br />

50% of your monthly allowance should be allocated to your<br />

necessities. Also consider groceries, your phone bill and any<br />

other school related expenses you may have.<br />

20% of your allowance should be saved. You should always<br />

make sure to have savings in case of emergencies, but also in<br />

case you plan on doing any traveling or making any investments<br />

in the future. Treat this as money you don’t have – don’t touch<br />

it unless you absolutely have to, as this will add up and help you<br />

in the future.<br />

30% of your allowance is free for spending. You’re a college<br />

student so spend this on going out with friends, shopping, taxis<br />

or anything you want, yet don’t necessarily need.<br />

The 50/20/30 rule may not work for you if your monthly<br />

Kaylyn Bodden <strong>2017</strong><br />

allowance is low, but it does give you an idea of what you should<br />

be saving each month.<br />

Here are some more tips that may come in handy.<br />

• Take advantage of free things. There are a lot of deals at<br />

restaurants, bars, stores and local activities around or near your<br />

campus offering freebies or discounts to students. Carry your<br />

student ID with you at all times.<br />

• Your school! Schools love to give away free things. They may<br />

also have set meal plans that may come in handy when you<br />

are hungry. Some schools offer free events, speakers, concerts<br />

and other things you can benefit from, so keep an eye out for<br />

advertisements.<br />

• Buy in bulk. This may sound eccentric, and you may not have<br />

a whole lot of space for three jugs of peanut butter, still buying<br />

in bulk is always cheaper. You will save significantly in the long<br />

run.<br />

• A friend with wheels. If you don’t have your own car, having<br />

a close friend with a car is always beneficial. In exchange for a<br />

ride buy him/her lunch or dinner, or offer money for gas, it will<br />

be appreciated.<br />

• One word: Sale! If you need some new shoes, clothes or<br />

supplies, make sure you keep your ‘sale’ radar on. Some stores<br />

offer practical pieces at attractive sale prices if you know where<br />

and when to look – that being said, don’t go overboard.<br />

• Always make sure you have some money left over before<br />

month end. Do not allow yourself to become completely broke<br />

before receiving your monthly allowance. It will only stress you<br />

out, and cause you major worry. Again, it’s best to commit to<br />

the 50/20/30 rule.

Are they<br />

College Bound?<br />

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 023<br />

Don’t let them leave home without<br />

a Fidelity Prepaid Visa Card<br />

• Reloadable<br />

• Get instant text alerts<br />

• Safer than cash<br />

• Controls spending<br />

Students can only spend the<br />

amount available on the card.<br />

Fidelity Prepaid Card<br />

Prepaid Card<br />

Find Us On Facebook<br />

Fidelity-Bank-<strong>Cayman</strong>-Ltd<br />

www.fidelitygroup.com<br />

t 345.949.7822

024 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



(Normal requirements are that an applicant must first complete at least<br />

two years of local study first).<br />

Q. How do I apply for a local or overseas scholarship from the<br />

Education Council?<br />

A. You can apply for a local or overseas scholarship by going to<br />

the <strong>Scholarship</strong>s webpage at www.education.gov.ky/scholarships.<br />

The entire application process in online and you will be required<br />

to complete an online application together with other supporting<br />

documentation which must be uploaded to the system. You<br />

can contact the <strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat for guidance at by email:<br />

scholarships@gov.ky or telephone: 244-2482.<br />

Q. What are the academic criteria required to qualify for an<br />

Education Council <strong>Scholarship</strong>?<br />

A. The criteria for the various local and overseas scholarships are<br />

noted in each of the relevant application forms on the 2nd page.<br />

Each application form is available on our website at<br />

www.education.gov.ky/scholarships<br />

Q. What are the deadlines for submission of application forms?<br />

A. The Overseas scholarship application period is 15th November<br />

– 31st January annually. The Local <strong>Scholarship</strong> application period<br />

is 1st March – 30th April annually.<br />

Q. Am I able to apply for a scholarship to pursue online studies?<br />

A. Yes, Education Council <strong>Scholarship</strong>s are available to pursue<br />

online studies at the undergraduate level at ICCI and the UWI<br />

Open Campus. Online study with an overseas institution is only<br />

available at the post-graduate degree level or higher. (i.e. Masters<br />

level or higher)<br />

Q. Are scholarships available to pursue certificate programmes<br />

at UCCI or technical/vocational programmes overseas?<br />

A. Yes, there are TVET Educational Grants available from<br />

the Education Council to pursue non-professional certificate<br />

programmes at UCCI and some vocational/technical programmes<br />

at overseas institutions. Some of the vocational studies undertaken<br />

include automotive technology, electrical technology, ship<br />

building, plumbing & construction technology, paramedical,<br />

radiology and phlebotomy technology for example. TVET grant<br />

forms can be found on our <strong>Scholarship</strong> website (www.education.<br />

gov.ky/scholarships) and potential candidates are encouraged to<br />

communicate with the Secretariat about these opportunities<br />

(email: scholarships@gov.ky ) .<br />

Q. Am I able to obtain an Education Council <strong>Scholarship</strong> to<br />

attend an overseas institution immediately after I finish High School?<br />

A. There is provision for persons achieving the required high<br />

school grades to attend an overseas institution immediately after<br />

high school. These opportunities are noted on the overseas and TVET<br />

grant application forms which are found on the scholarship<br />

website at www.education.gov.ky/scholarships.<br />

Q. Does my acceptance at a local or overseas institution<br />

guarantee the award of a scholarship?<br />

A. No, the acceptance into a university locally or overseas, does not<br />

guarantee the award of a scholarship. It forms part of the<br />

requirements but other criteria including academics must be met.<br />

Acceptances letters and final transcripts can be submitted after the<br />

closing dates of local and overseas scholarships, so do not withhold<br />

your scholarship applications for that reasons.<br />

Q. What do I have to do to maintain my local or overseas scholarship?<br />

A. Both local and overseas undergraduate scholarship recipients<br />

are required to achieve a minimum semester GPA of 2.5 (US) / 2:2<br />

(UK) during their first year of studies whether locally or overseas<br />

and a minimum semester GPA of 3.0 (US) / 2:1 (UK) during<br />

subsequent years of study. Post-graduate scholarship recipients<br />

are required to achieve a minimum semester GPA of 3.0 (US) /<br />

2:1 (UK) throughout their studies. A’ Level students are required<br />

to achieve grades C, C, D in 3 out of 4 AS subjects taken in the 1st<br />

year to continue funding into their 2nd year of studies.<br />

Overseas scholars are required to submit receipts, grade reports,<br />

new registration information and transcripts at the end of each<br />

semester to the Secretariat to maintain their scholarship.<br />

Q. Are scholarship opportunities available to persons who have<br />

Special Education Needs and wish to pursue tertiary education?<br />

A. There are provisions available to accommodate high school<br />

graduates with Special Education Needs and applicants are<br />

encouraged to communicate with the Secretariat about these<br />

opportunities (email: scholarships@gov.ky ).<br />

Q. Is career and tertiary education guidance provided if I am<br />

unsure of the post-secondary opportunities available to me?<br />

A. Yes, the <strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat does offer career and tertiary<br />

education guidance to anyone needing assistance. Continued<br />

support is offered to Education Council scholars during their<br />

post-secondary and tertiary experience.<br />

Q. Are local and overseas scholarship opportunities available to<br />

mature candidates?<br />

A. Yes, both local and overseas scholarship opportunities are<br />

available to mature persons who are encouraged to contact the<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat by email: scholarships@gov.ky .<br />

Q. What can I do as an applicant to help the process run as<br />

smoothly and quickly as possible?<br />

A. You can ensure that you complete the application as directed,<br />

that you provide all required documents including updated<br />

information in a timely fashion during all aspects of the<br />

scholarship from applying for to maintaining your scholarship.<br />

For further information contact the <strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat by telephone:<br />

244-2482 or by email: scholarships@gov.ky

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 025

026 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />



Compiled by Deirdre Carmola, <strong>Scholarship</strong> Secretariat, and Lisa Beauchamp, Yello Media Group<br />

Standard Overseas Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate study in any field at an overseas<br />

institution. Up to max KYD 20,000 p.a. towards tuition, room & board, meals,<br />

travel & books. (NO online study approved at the undergraduate level)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Standard Overseas TVET Grant<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate study in technical or vocational<br />

fields at an overseas institution. Up to max KYD 20,000 p.a. towards tuition,<br />

room & board, meals, travel & books. (NO online study approved at the<br />

undergraduate level)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Standard Overseas Post Graduate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue postgraduate study in any field at an overseas<br />

institution. Up to max KYD 25,000 p.a. towards tuition, room & board, meals,<br />

travel & books. (Online study is approved at the postgraduate level)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Standard Overseas Medical Specialization <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Available to <strong>Cayman</strong>ian Medical Doctors to pursue<br />

postgraduate specialty training overseas. Up to a max KYD 30,000 p.a. towards<br />

tuition, room & board, meals, travel & books. (limited number)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Seafarers Association Medical Specialization <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Available to <strong>Cayman</strong>ian Medical Doctors to pursue<br />

postgraduate specialty training overseas. Up to a max KYD 30,000 p.a. towards<br />

tuition, room & board, meals, travel & books. (limited number)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Gwen Bush Memorial Overseas <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate study in boat building /<br />

maritime career at an overseas institution. Up to max KYD 20,000 p.a. towards<br />

tuition, room & board, meals, travel & books. (NO online study approved at<br />

the undergraduate level)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

RBC Harry Chisholm Overseas <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate study in Business Admin,<br />

Finance or related at an overseas institution. Up to max KYD 30,000 p.a.<br />

towards tuition, room & board, meals, travel & books. Priority given to<br />

Canadian institutions. (NO online study approved at the undergraduate level)<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Ministry of Tourism <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: CI Department of Tourism c/o Ministry of Tourism<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Partial and full scholarships of up to KYD 10,000 per year<br />

to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in tourism or a related discipline.<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Maritime Authority of the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands (MACI) Overseas<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Ministry of Education, Employment, & Gender Affairs<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to KYD 20,000 p.a. undergraduate and up to KYD<br />

25,000 p.a. postgraduate. Professional qualification in Marine Engineering,<br />

Marine Surveying, Maritime Administration (ie. Accounting, Business<br />

Development, Human Resources, Information Technology) and Nautical<br />

studies.<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Insurance Association <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Insurance Association (CIIA)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to a max of CI$10,000 per year, as an enhancement<br />

to any C.I. Government approved scholarship recipient. Applicant must be<br />

pursuing an insurance, risk management, or actuarial studies degree.<br />

Application Period: Nov 15 - Jan 31, Annually<br />

Maples and Calder Legal <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Maples and Calder (legalscholarships@maplesandcalder.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 30,000 per year for <strong>Cayman</strong>ians wishing to<br />

pursue a law degree at a recognised university.<br />

Application Period: Applications close March 15, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Maples and Calder Articles of Clerkship Programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Maples and Calder (kyjobs@maplesandcalder.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Acceptance based on academic programme.<br />

Application Period: Applications close March 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

PwC <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands <strong>Scholarship</strong> Opportunities<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: PricewaterhouseCoopers (caymanrecruiting@ky.pwc.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: PwC will award up to CI$30,000 per year, per recipient in<br />

support of an Accounting Associates, Bachelors or Masters program at a local<br />

or overseas school.<br />

Application Period: Applications close March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Paul F. Fenton Award<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Bishop’s University<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to CAD 20,000 per year, renewable. Awarded by<br />

Bishop’s University to an entering student from the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands preferably<br />

pursuing a major in Business. The award is renewable for up to a max of<br />

4 years, subject to the student maintaining an average of at least 75%. (B+<br />

average)<br />

Application Period: Applications for admission by March 31, Annually<br />

Water Authority - <strong>Cayman</strong> <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Water Authority (HR@waterauthority.ky)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: An annual scholarship of up to KYD 30,000 for students<br />

wishing to pursue higher education in fields of study relevant to the work of the<br />

Water Authority.<br />

Application Period: Applications close March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Appleby Legal Education <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Appleby (<strong>Cayman</strong>) Ltd<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Over US$100,000 total funding available to <strong>Cayman</strong>ians<br />

intending to pursue a career as a lawyer either on island at the Truman Bodden<br />

Law School or at an approved overseas university. Documents Required: CV,<br />

cover letter, transcripts, letters of acceptance to universities you plan to attend,

CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong> 027<br />

sample piece of writing, proof of <strong>Cayman</strong>ian citizenship.<br />

Application Period: Deadline by March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Conyers Dill & Pearman Legal Support and Administration<br />

Certificate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Conyers Dill & Pearman<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Value is the cost of course for <strong>2017</strong>/2018 Academic Year.<br />

Contact Keisha Syms by email: Keisha.Syms@conyersdill.com<br />

Application Period: Deadline by March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Conyers Dill & Pearman Legal Education Award<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Conyers Dill & Pearman<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Successful candidate awarded up to US$25,000 toward<br />

tuition for the <strong>2017</strong>/2018 Academic Year. Contact Keisha Syms by email:<br />

Keisha.Syms@conyersdill.com<br />

Application Period: Deadline by March 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Walkers Legal <strong>Scholarship</strong> Programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Walkers<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Please visit the www.walkersglobal.com/careers page or<br />

contact Jordana.Clarke@walkersglobal.com.<br />

Application Period: Applications close April 6, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Minds Inspired High School <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Dart<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Available for high school students with a strong aptitude<br />

for mathematics and science, this scholarship pays all school fees for a period of<br />

four years at the local school of the recipient’s choice. Visit www.mindsinspired.<br />

ky to download the application form.<br />

Application Period: Deadline is Friday April 7, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Standard Local <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate & postgraduate study at the<br />

local universities (UCCI, ICCI and UWI Open Campus). Full scholarship<br />

covering tuition & books for both full-time & part-time study.<br />

Application Period: Mar 1- Apr 30, Annually<br />

Local Post-Secondary <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Local Post-secondary <strong>Scholarship</strong>s to complete A levels,<br />

CAPE, IB and AP, up to a max of KYD 7,000.<br />

Application Period: Mar 1- Apr 30, Annually<br />

Local Law School <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: To pursue undergraduate study at the local law school.<br />

Partial scholarship covering tuition for full-time study and tuition & books for<br />

part-time study up to max KYD 7,500 p.a.<br />

Application Period: Mar 1- Apr 30, Annually<br />

Credit Union Educational Grant<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Education Council c/o Ministry of Education<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Civil Service Association Co-operative<br />

Credit Union Limited (cicsacu@candw.ky / infor@cicsa-creditunion.org)<br />

Application Period: Applications close 30 April, Annually<br />

Credit Union <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: The <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Civil Service Association Co-operative<br />

Credit Union Limited (cicsacu@candw.ky / infor@cicsa-creditunion.org)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: A full scholarship to undertake studies in Fiancial<br />

Cooperatives (Credit Unions) at the bachelor or master’s level. (available to<br />

Member or Child of Member)<br />

Application Period: Applications close 30 April, Annually<br />

EY Annual Accounting <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: EY <strong>Cayman</strong> Ltd.<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 30,000 per annum (renewable for up to 5<br />

years, or until the recipient qualifies to write the US-CPA exams). Eligible<br />

candidates must be accepted and/or enrolled in an accredited University/<br />

College Program. Contact EY HR Manager at 62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay,<br />

Grand <strong>Cayman</strong>, KY1-1106<br />

Application Period: Applications close April 15, Annually<br />

Butterfield Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Butterfield Bank (<strong>Cayman</strong>) Limited (Cindy.Cranston@<br />

Butterfieldgroup.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 30,000 per year for up to 4 years for students<br />

between the ages of 17 and 25 who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree not<br />

exceeding 4 years. Students should have proved academic acheivements and<br />

leadership abilities.<br />

Application Period: Applications close by April 28, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Bachelor’s Degree <strong>Scholarship</strong> Program (local or overseas)<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Rawlinson & Hunter Limited<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: USD 30,000 per year for up to four years.<br />

Contact:nicola.martyn@rawlinson-hunter.com.ky<br />

Application Period: Deadline: April 28, <strong>2017</strong><br />

MUFG Academic <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: MUFG Alternative Fund Services (<strong>Cayman</strong>) Limited<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: USD 20,000 (conditions apply). Contact Natasja Levy,<br />

Head of Human Resources – Caribbean, nlevy@mfsadmin.com<br />

Application Period: Deadline: April 28, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Deloitte scholarship programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Deloitte (https://mycareer.deloitte.com/ky/en/<br />

scholarships)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 30,000 per year for a Bachelor’s/Master’s<br />

degree available for students attending university locally and/or for overseas<br />

study looking to pursue a career in public accounting.<br />

Application Period: Applications close April 30, Annually<br />

Chantal Whittaker Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Chantal Whittaker Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: The maximum value of the scholarship is determined<br />

annually by the prevailing market indicators. The full scholarship covers tuition<br />

and books with a small living allowance provided for each month during the<br />

school term.<br />

Application Period: Deadline: April 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Ogier <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Ogier<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 25,000 per year. Contact:<br />

caymanlegalrecruitment@ogier.com<br />

Application Period: Deadline: April 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Undergraduate <strong>Scholarship</strong> (Preference Given to Legal)<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Campbells (www.campbellslegal.com/scholarships)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: US$20,000 per annum undergraduate scholarship, for up<br />

to three years, with preference given to applicants pursuing law.<br />

Application Period: Deadline: 1 May <strong>2017</strong><br />

Rotaract Blue <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Fred Speirs Vocational Grant<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Rotaract Blue (rotaractblue@gmail.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: For students aged between 16 and 30 who wish to pursue<br />

a vocational or technical course in <strong>Cayman</strong> or overseas. Value varies according<br />

to subject chosen and funds available.<br />

Application Period: Applications close in May each year

028 CAYMAN SCHOLARSHIPS DIRECTORY <strong>2017</strong><br />

KPMG Accounting <strong>Scholarship</strong> Opportunities<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: KPMG (cindyreid@kpmg.ky)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 30,000 per year available for students for<br />

overseas study looking to pursue a career in public accounting. Funding is also<br />

available for study locally at UCCI.<br />

Application Period: Priority deadline is Feb 1 but applications may be deliverd to<br />

KPMG until May 1, Annually<br />

The Novelette A. Ebanks Inspirational <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: KPMG (cindyreid@kpmg.ky)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: A Local or overseas scholarship for students who wish<br />

to pursue a career in Acounting, Actuarial Science, Finance or Information<br />

Technology.<br />

Application Period: Priority deadline is Feb 1 but applications may be deliverd to<br />

KPMG until May 1, Annually<br />

The Educational <strong>Scholarship</strong> Trust Fund<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: <strong>Cayman</strong> Insurance Managers Association (william.<br />

forsythe@caymancaptive.ky)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: An award of USD 40,000 per year to study any four-year<br />

degree programme overseas, at an accredited university.<br />

Application Period: Applications accepted 1 April - 16 May, Annually<br />

IMAC Educational <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Insurance Managers Association of <strong>Cayman</strong> Educational<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Fund<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Up to USD 40,000 per annum for 4 years. Applicants must<br />

be <strong>Cayman</strong>ian and be looking to study for a first degree overseas. Full details<br />

available at: www.caymancaptive.ky<br />

Application Period: Applications close early May, Annually<br />

William A. Dart Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Dart<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Available for students of strong academic standing planning<br />

tertiary education, this scholarship pays tuition for a period of up to four (4)<br />

years. Visit www.mindsinspired.ky to download the application form.<br />

Application Period: Deadline: Friday May 19, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Carey Olsen Articled Clerk Programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Carey Olsen<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: 6 month Articled Clerk training program. The value is<br />

‘market rate’. To apply, send a covering letter, your curriculum vitae and proof of<br />

your <strong>Cayman</strong>ian status to recruitment@careyolsen.com<br />

Application Period: Applications on going throughout year.<br />

NCVO’s <strong>Scholarship</strong> Programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: NCVO<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Financial assistance is granted to <strong>Cayman</strong>ian students<br />

who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree qualification at an accredited<br />

overseas university.<br />

Contact ncvo@ncvo.org.ky for more information.<br />

Application Period: Deadline: May 31, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Scotiabank Student Bursary<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Scotiabank & Trust (<strong>Cayman</strong>) Ltd.<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: The Scotiabank Student Bursary is awarded annually<br />

to five <strong>Cayman</strong>ian students looking to pursue an under graduate degree in<br />

business or finance at a university/college overseas. Each bursary is US$5,000<br />

and awarded annually.<br />

Application Period: May 1 - last Friday in June, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Corine Thompson Memorial <strong>Scholarship</strong> Fund<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Business & Professional Women’ Club of Grand <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

(bpwgcmscholarship@gmail.com)<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: KYD 2000 per student per year, Associate Degree to ICCI<br />

or UCCI, two year programme maximum 4.<br />

Application Period: Applications close June 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

NCVO’s John Gray Fund<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: NCVO<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Financial assistance is granted to <strong>Cayman</strong>ian students<br />

studying for a first degree to assist with general expenses (excluding tuition).<br />

Maximum assistance is US $6,000 per annum. Contact ncvo@ncvo.org.ky for<br />

more information.<br />

Application Period: Deadline: June 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

Greenlight’s <strong>Scholarship</strong> Program<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Greenlight Re<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Monetary assistance is granted to <strong>Cayman</strong> resident<br />

students who wish to further their post high school education locally at<br />

The UCCI, the ICCI or locally based vocational training. Contact charity@<br />

greenlightre.ky.<br />

Application Period: Between June 1 to August 1, <strong>2017</strong><br />

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand <strong>Cayman</strong>, Culinary Arts and Food Service<br />

Management <strong>Scholarship</strong> Programme<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: The Ritz-Carlton, Grand <strong>Cayman</strong>, Culinary Arts and<br />

Food Service Management <strong>Scholarship</strong> Programme<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Full cost of tuition, room and board and academic fees<br />

for up to four years. To pursue a bachelor degree in culinary arts and food<br />

management at any Johnson & Wales US campus (Rhode Island, Florida,<br />

Colorado or North Carolina), plus a paid internship at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong> resort for each year of study.<br />

Application Period: Application deadline is July 1, Annually<br />

United World Colleges <strong>Cayman</strong>ian Scholar<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: UWC <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: UWC scholars study for the pre-university International<br />

Baccalaureate Diploma at one of 15 prestigious colleges around the world.<br />

<strong>Cayman</strong>ian students aged 15 or 16 can apply through the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands<br />

National Committee. The number of selected students, college placements<br />

and scholarship awards vary each year, but funding may be awarded up to full<br />

coverage of tuition, accommodation, travel and other costs. Selection is carried<br />

out based entirely on merit and UWC is committed to meeting the full financial<br />

need of all scholars.<br />

Facebook page/www.facebook.com/UWC<strong>Cayman</strong>Islands<br />

Application Period: Deadline: September <strong>2017</strong><br />

The Zak Quappe Flight <strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: The <strong>Scholarship</strong> Committee of the Zak Quappe Flight<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: The scholarship will support a local <strong>Cayman</strong>ian to gain<br />

their private pilot’s license. The costs of flight school, training flights and<br />

possible travel and expenses are included (some will need to be done in the US).<br />

In many cases this can run between USD 12,000 to $15,000. The scholarship<br />

was set up by the family of the late Zak Quappe who was a flight instructor and<br />

had a passion for flying from very young. Contact<br />

sebanks@me.com<br />

Application Period: Awarded Annually<br />

National Gallery of the <strong>Cayman</strong> Islands Ed and Barbara Oliver<br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong><br />

<strong>Scholarship</strong> Provider: Ed and Barbara Oliver<br />

Value of <strong>Scholarship</strong>: Two teen scholarships are available for each of the<br />

continuing education courses on offer at the National Gallery Education Centre.<br />

Application Period: Open throughout the year<br />

We are keen to feature ALL of the scholarships available in the <strong>Cayman</strong><br />

Islands, so please contact Lisa Beauchamp at lbeauchamp@yellomg.com to<br />

ensure that we include your details online.

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