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MARCH 2017






Ama K.



• Celebrities we are

Style-Crushing on

Ifan Ifeanyi


• Wardrobe Detox

• 5 Health Lies



Stars Of The Epic Movie


MAR. 2017


From The

Editor’s Desk




A lot has happened since our first

edition that saw Glamsquad magazine

– The Digital Version, take her place

amongst the bests. Our Mo’Cheda cover

was a light bearer - trending beyond

all expectations. It was so glamorous,

especially for a first edition.

Who do we owe our thanks? YOU!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve


It is exciting to know that we are

gaining ground fast and visibly have

an edge over our contemporaries.

We remain a one stop for the best

insights into the lives and careers

of personalities with whom you can

relate - entertainment, fashion, beauty,

wellness, and much more.

This month, we bring you a cover with

five superstarsa; producer and casts

of Nigeria’s most anticipated movie –


Ifan Ifeanyi Michael, Chris Attoh,

Ama K Abebrese, Chris Okagbue and

Keturah King bring you up close to

their ‘Lotanna’ experience. I assure you

this will be your best edition yet!

Don’t forget to visit our blog www.

glamsquadmagazine.com for daily,

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Sebastiane Ebatamehi




Celebrity Divorce











Adebayo Jone:

Wardrobe Detox

AMVCA 2017:

Beauty Report

4 African Oils You

Need To Add To Your

Beauty Routine

Queens Of The

Nigerian Music


Top 5 Chill-Out

Spots In Lagos



Ama K.






Stars Of The Epic Movie


Ifan Ifeanyi


By Chiazor Daniel

Last year, Nollywood recorded tremendous

successes in box office grossing with

movies like ‘76’, ‘A Trip to Jamaica’ and

‘The Wedding Party’; giving investors more

reason to bring millions of naira in investments

into the film industry. With a fast pace,

Nollywood is now gradually becoming the new

oil -well for young film makers seeking out new

ways to express their budding creativity, and tell

their unique stories just the way an American

would tell his or her American story and earn

huge returns on investments in box office.

Every day, there’s a rise of new film makers

who are not only telling unique stories but also

employing hi-definition film equipment, all in

the quest of making their films stand out both

locally, and in the international markets.

Amongst our new era of young budding

film producers comes Ifan Ifeanyi Michael,

a renowned celebrity stylist, who is held

in esteem for his work prolificacy in the

fashion industry. Ifan Ifeanyi Michael

has decided to trade the same path with

his new star-studded epic trailer movie

‘LOTANNA’. The movie tells the tale of an

aspiring singer Lotanna, played by Chris

Ukagbue in pursuit of his music ambition

to become a star. Glam Squad magazine

had an exclusive feature on the casts ,and

this is what they had to say about the movie

‘LOTANNA’ and their individual roles.

Ifan Ifeanyi


Ifan Ifeanyi Michael is a prominent

media prodigy, a celebrity stylist/

publisher, who is held in esteem for his

work prolificacy. He is the Producer of

the feature length movie, ‘Lotanna’.

What moral lesson do you think

‘Lotanna’ will pass across to


The moral of the story is to accept

the fact of life, and our pursuits. I

believe this will open up another

perspective for viewers because of the

literary concept behind the story.

What are the major challenges

you encountered while filming


Getting top actors and actress for a

stellar performance is quite tasking.

Aside from this, I think the location

in which the movie was shot also

gave us a situation to ponder on. But

aside from these two tasks, I think

the production of the movie was an

experience for me.

What propelled your interest to be

part of the movie?

As the producer of the movie, I

knew from concept of the story I had

in mind. I needed to play a role, could

be minor or foil character, but I just

knew it would engage me one way or

the other. I can’t have such a beautiful

story to tell, without acting in it.

Do you think this movie has

influenced you in any sort of


Yes, it gave me a new layer

to my skin, to perceive things

on the other end before

arriving at a decision, or

concluding on something.

If you were to consider any

of the casts roles, which do

you think creates compelling


Obviously, if you see the

movie, Don Clef would interest

you without thinking twice.



Keturah King is a television personality

and the host of CNN’s African Voices,

here in Nigeria. Keturah features in the

movie ‘LOTANNA’ , where she plays the

character Besti.

What were the major challenges you

encounter while filming Lotanna?

Being that is was my first African

production, I had to get used to things

not necessarily working out as they

were supposed to - but the act of having

to think on our feet definitely made for a

more fun shoot.

What propelled your interest to be

part of the movie?

I loved the fact that it was a period

movie - that was definitely the main

attraction for me.

Do you think the movie has

influenced you in any sort of way?

The great part about Lotanna was

meeting my co-stars and making new


Chris Attoh

Chris Attoh, One of the black stars from Gulf

Coast of Ghana. He is an Actor and director. He

played a major character in the film, ‘Lotanna’.

What moral lesson do you think

‘Lotanna’ will pass across to viewers?

A lot, if I must say, from the very first

minute of the movie to the last. You will see

there is a moral lesson attached to it. Love,

Freedom and moral scrutiny.

What are the major challenges you

encountered while filming ‘Lotanna’?

For me I really don’t think I had any

challenges, why would you focus so much

on challenges, when you have top actors

and actress on set? It was tasking, but it

was an interesting one.

What propelled your interest to be part

of the movie?

When I was contacted by the Film

Producer, immediately, I asked about the

casts that would be on set. I found the idea

of bringing legends in the industry with

urban actors who already carved a niche

for themselves. It’s quite interesting and

also uniform.

Do you think this movie has influenced

you in any sort of way?

For me every movie has an imprint to

leave with you as an actor. ‘Lotanna’ also

deepened my belief on truism and life.

If you were to consider any of the

cast roles, which do you think creates

compelling scenerios?

Don Clef, such an amazing character.

Chris Okagbue

Chris okagbue is the lead character in

‘Lotanna’. He won Gulder Ultimate Search

in 2008 and has also featured on M Net’s

hit TV series, Tinsel.

What are the major

challenges you encountered

while filming ‘Lotanna’?

There weren’t a lot of

challenges. I think my most

outstanding challenge was

trying to stay in that headspace

where I seemed to have the

weight of the world on my

shoulders, because that’s

who Lotanna was. He had

very few moments of genuine

happiness; he hardly had

reason to smile or laugh due

to the hardship surrounding

him. In real life, I’m the direct

opposite. I’m a jovial and

happy person. So, each time I

go on set, I take off ‘Chris’ and

wear ‘Lotanna’ and it wasn’t a

very easy transition.

What propelled your interest

to be part of the movie?

The power of the story was

very compelling. I also found

the character Lotanna very

interesting and I knew I’d have

a healthy challenge bringing

it to life. I couldn’t pass up

the opportunity because if a

role isn’t challenging enough,

it won’t help me grow as an

actor. I knew Lotanna would do

that for me.

Do you think the movie has

influenced you in any sort of


It definitely has. I’ve learnt

more than ever the importance

of hard work and the need to

avoid mediocrity. It took the

entire cast and crew a lot to

work- on to finish the project.

There were times when we

felt maybe we were in over

our heads, and were tempted

to concede defeat and call

it a day. But anything worth

doing is worth doing well. So,

we persevered and succeeded

in finishing. We can’t wait to

show the world what we have


If you were to consider any

of the cast roles, which do

you think creates compelling


Everyone did a fantastic

job. I greatly commend Liz

Benson-Ameye, who played

the character Efya. She’s a

phenomenal actress. Every

moment on set with her felt

surreal. She brought something

to the character that you don’t

even get to see in the script.

Ama K.


Ama K. Abebrese is a Ghanian actress. She

is the lead female character in the ‘Lotanna’

movie. She was in the recent Netflix

Hollywood movie ‘Beast of No nation’, in

which she acted alongside Idris Elba. Ama k

is one of Ghana’s best actresses of all time.

So ‘Lotanna’ the movie, tell us a

little bit about the movie and the

character you played?

I played the character of Zara,

a determined young woman who

after meeting Lotanna in a very

unconventional way decides to pursue

him; set up her own record label

and make him a star. She is a strong

character, yet vulnerable at the same


How were you able to fit in perfectly

into your character? What were the


As an actor, taking on a role usually

comes with its own unique set of

challenges. I had the script for a long

time before filming, so I took time

in developing her character. Also

working alongside talented actors like

the stars in ‘Lotanna’ was a plus for

me, as we got to bounce of each other


Any form of romance in the movie?

My character Zara becomes the love

interest of Lotanna, played by Chris

Okagbue. However, I don’t

want to give much away so you

have to wait for the film to be

released to find out how that

turns out.

Are there any lessons to be

learnt from the movie?

Yes, a few lessons but the

major one for me is that you

can make it; it’s possible to

achieve your dreams and

goals. It’s not easy, challenges

will come and go but you can

succeed if you try.

As an actor/actress what

would you say your biggest

challenge is?

I can’t pin point one biggest

challenge; I do think that there

are different challenges in

which each project offers.

When you’re not acting,

what other activities do you

engage in, any hobbies?

I recently took up

swimming. I try to swim

as often as I can. My other

favorite pastime is sleeping,

but I’m not sure if that can be

considered a hobby or not.

What motivates you?

God.... ,knowing that I have

the grace of God keeps me


Any role models?

My grandmother, and my

mother; two very strong,

hardworking and loving


Where do you see yourself in

the nearest future?

Doing what I love, more

films and TV shows. I will also

be producing more film and TV

projects too.

Any word of advice to

aspiring actors?

No matter how good you

are, always be willing to learn

more about the craft. Also, try

not to be scammed by dodgy

people who charge you to

audition, or take advantage of

young people. If it doesn’t feel

right, don’t get involved.

Any word for your fans out


I thank my fans for their

support. God bless you for me.


Photography: Bamiyo Emina

Creative Direction: Nelly Mesik

Fabric: DaViva

Stylist: Funke Ajomale

Designs: Tegali Clothing

Hair & Make-Up: Cass Signaures

Earrings: 6teenOnline

Shoes: BeeBees World

#AMVCA 2017

The Elizabeth


By Funke Ajomale

toyin aimakhu

We truely can’t get enough

of the AMVCAs, its been

a week and we still have more

fashion moments to talk about.

Looking through the pictures,

it seemed like they got on a

whatsapp group and disscused

what to wear, hair and make


At this year’s event, we

spotted the Elizabethan

fashion on most, although

some got an extra memo

and came a little extra

with gloves and tiaras


toni tones

shirley igwe


eku edewor

chika ike

beverly naya

Ini Dima Okojie

nana akua addo


What is The


Elizabethan women wanted

their clothing to look much

like that of the men, with broad

shoulders, wide hips, and slim


The well-to-do Elizabethan

woman would have her makeup

base of white lead and sulfur,

various dyes on the cheeks,

beauty spots drawn on, eyebrows

plucked thin, lips thickly

lipsticked and hair powered,

pinned and perfumed. But this

time we had more subtle and

sultry make up , some had thier

hair down most had their hair

pinned and rolled back .

Women’s dresses were not

made all in one piece as they

usually are today. Instead,

women wore two or more

garments as one dress.

They where fuller and

heavly embroidered.

However, we dont

have the bubble

shoulder sleeves

but rather plunge

necklines , off

shoulde , tubes

, cross bar

sleeves and

the likes


The Elizabethan dress can be

broken down into ;

The BODICE came down to the


The PARTLET or jewelry bodice

had “wings” at the shoulders and

came to a point at the waist.

The SLEEVES were separate

from the bodice, but fastened

to the bodice with laces. The

sleeve was tight at the wrist, but

otherwise full. Sometimes it was

stuffed to keep its shape. RUFFS

at the wrist (not shown) matched

the RUFF at the neck area.

The KIRTLE, a skirt, was often

of different material from

the bodice. The framework

underneath the kirtle was called

a FARTHINGALE, made of wire

or whalebone, allowing the kirtle

to “balloon” out from the lower

body. Some fashions included a

BUMROLL a stuffed tube shaped

item that added volume to the

hip area, thus giving the wearer

the appearance of a smaller waist.

Judging from the voulmes , cut

and fits around the waist , hair

and make up its safe to say the

morden day Elizabethans came

to town.

Slaying In DaViva:

Top Model Chika

Okolo Talks About Not

Giving Up.

By Funke Ajomale

The images captured by Bamiyo Emina kicked

off by unveiling the modern girl who’s free and

fierce, ready to embrace the African woman

in her ,and then we graduated into the fun modern

African lady she has become, posing in different

owambe styles that can transcend into off and on duty

look, and even cocktail events.

Using vibrant and colourful Ankara prints from

Daviva, the shoot aimed at giving light to the modern

day aso ebi styled with fascinators and turbans instead

of the gele. The “cold-shoulder” top which was also

hot last year , and this feature is reflected in almost all

the pieces. Also, rather than having floor-length skirts,

“sweeping the whole of Lagos clean”, the skirts have

been cut into stylish midi-skirts With pleats and ruffles,

which are great for dancing in!

We also took the time to catch up with Chika on her

journey as a model and what she’s been up to lately;

What was winning Elite Model

Look back in those days?

Elite Model Look Nigeria

started in 2008, winning in 2010

was epic, at that time Elite had

just begun, it was their third year.

I was really excited to be part

of the big modeling industry. I

meet with almost everyone I have

been keeping up with! LoL! And

lots of fashion shows/weekends

springing up.

Winning must have opened a

lot of doors, what was the most

memorable one?

The most memorable

experience winning EMLN

for me was going for the EML

international grand finale in

China, where I got to meet lots

of winners from all parts of the

world. I experienced different

cultures, traditions, and different


Why did you want to be a


As a young child, I grew up

around lots of fashion magazines.

The fashion editorials inspired

me, I read a lot about top models.

I watched fashion TV show, model

catwalks, I practiced walking and

had a lot of fun pretending to be a

model! My father saw the interest

in me and encouraged me. He

bought my first modeling forms

for me to join an agency.

Do you think models are now

being treated as professionals

and with respect unlike a few

years ago?

Yes, being a model in Nigeria

is different now. Modeling has

indeed grown in the past few

years, black models are more

accepted worldwide, which brings

better treatment even for us here

in Nigeria. With this growth,

professionalism and respect have

set in.

What’s the goal for you

concerning being a model?

My goal as a fashion model is

to be at the top of my modeling

career, which will allow me to be

a positive force, to impact young


How many runway shows have

you been on?

Oh! I have been on numerous

shows, I have lost count. I have

been modeling for over five years

with a minimum of 30 shows per

year. I think I have walked over

150 shows.

what was the hardest lesson

you have learned in your


In my career, one of the most

important things I have learned is

Confidence! Representing myself,

a brand or an idea. I have also

learned perseverance, hope, and


For those who are looking to

be models and some day win

the Elite Model Look, can you

share five core things to know

about being or becoming a

professional model?

Modeling looks like glitz and

glam, but there’s a lot of hard

work that comes with becoming

a professional model. For those

hoping to become models the five

key things should be:

a. Be passionate about modeling

b. Be self-confident

c. Be disciplined

d. Take good care of your skin

e. Persevere

Aside begin a model, do you

have a day job or some other

hobby you make money from?

Yes, my hobbies are beauty/

skin therapy and fashion

designing, I recently graduated

from the University of Lagos in

European Languages.

If you could take back or

change anything you have done

in the past, what would that


If I could take back anything, I

wish I did not loose my dad early.

He was my biggest support.


Photography: Bamiyo Emina

Creative Direction: Nelly Mesik

Fabric: DaViva

Stylist: Funke Ajomale

Designs: Tegali Clothing

Hair & Make-Up: Cass Signaures

Earrings: 6teenOnline

Shoes: BeeBees World





As a fashion designer and style

consultant one would most

likely be expected to own a

vast wardrobe busting at the seams

and possibly having panic attacks,

or some sort of designer drama

crisis of what do I wear, whenever

an event invitation is extended

for an outing. Today’s consumer

obsessed society may somewhat

create the impression that the

designing profession allows one

the indulgence of acquiring fashion

clothing items and accessories

in monumental volumes but the

reality of this assumption is truly

a contrast. I own a wardrobe that

is manageable, clearly laid out and

clutter free and offers a stress free

and time saving lifestyle. I find

that when you have a wardrobe

of items that you clearly love and

surely works for you, it helps your

confidence and as well as emotional


Whether online or through the high

streets shopping is an integral part

of our lives. Retailers constantly

bombard the public with exciting

offers of sales and promotions

intended to lure the consumers into

spending. Products are reduced

with huge margins which many find

quite tempting and mostly difficult

to resist, resulting in the impulsive

acquisition of items.

A lot of people have wardrobes

busting at the seams. Surprisingly

however when faced with an

occasion or outing that demands

dressing up, frustration sets in

because many claim to have nothing

to wear. I look ugly in this, and

nothing fits me, or there’s nothing

to suit the occasion some would

claim. I say why buy something

that makes you feel ugly and not

fabulous? Frequent postings on

social media sights and the selfie

culture creates a situation where

many do want to be seen repeating

their clothes or wearing them too

often nor be seen too frequently in

the same items by the same circle.

This constant pressure to be photo

op ready at all times in virtually new

pieces results in a consumer craze

for fashion, meaning that people

will mostly opt for quantity rather

than quality and the reason why

many may be driven to compulsive

shopping. People at times get

frustrated, anxious, stressed, and

even though they have wardrobes

filled to the brim, the answer to

their dilemma at that moment is

to dash off to buy something new

to wear. Surprisingly however if

one were to ask how many have

ever really taken stock of what they

owned, most would not or have

never really done so.

The wealthy and celebrities alike

who can afford the means and

own vast impressive wardrobes

of designer gear have a system in

place for listing every single piece

of clothing and accessories in a

formulated computerized format as

to when it was last worn and where

it was worn. These wardrobes

are stylized clearly and visually

with ruthless precision being

arranged in sections, according to

colors and categories. This helps

to avoid repeats too soon within

the same crowd whilst affording a

manageable system of accounting,

audits for every single piece of item


A Dailymail.com article on 4th

September 2015 quotes actress

and singer Jennifer Lopez uses high

tech internal barcode database

to keep track of everything she

wears for her to avoid wearing

same outfit twice. All her clothes,

shoes and accessories are barcoded

and scanned with picture with

description of items including

size and colors. A documentary

video I watched recently of

the haute couture world,

interviewing some of the

world’s wealthiest women

who could truly afford it was

clearly evident that spending

vast sums of money on clothing

items and accessories meant a

need for manageable and clearly

documented system in place.

Keeping stock of each piece with

tags detailing where and when it

was last worn with dates becomes

orderly and manageable.

Is there a way out of this

predicament for the regular person

of looking into a wardrobe with

despair and confusion and without

the bountiful resources of the rich

and celebrities alike? The answer is

simple. Wardrobe detox.

These days an effective way

of getting a clutter free, tidy

and hardworking functional

wardrobe is to enlist the help of

experts if finances would allow

it. Detox experts and wardrobe

styling guru specialists with

their editing services can help in

bringing about sanity and order

into a dysfunctional wardrobe

malfunction. They can assist in

building and owning a wardrobe

that will serve one well,clearly

itemized in shapes, fabrics, colors

and with ease of achieving success

when styling oneself.

If one cannot afford however

afford a detox expert then

following these simple steps can

also achieve excellent results and

make managing a very healthy

and effective wardrobe system fun

and easy. It did work for me. De

cluttering is the answer and now

could just that be that perfect time

to get organized.

Firstly it is important to run

a ruthless edit of all items in

the wardrobe. If you have been

acquiring quantity over quality now

is the time to do a stock take and let

a lot of items go. The scrutiny here

has be objective. A sort through of

items to decide what has to stay and

what has to go. It might be a good

idea to get a rail. Select firstly the

pieces you love the most and makes

you feel special and confident.

Section them into shirts, skirts,

dresses, jackets, suits pants and the

occasion to evening dresses.

Applying the sorting in colors and

shapes would also help for visual

clarity. List what you have clearly It

might be scary at first as it would

seem you might be ending up with a

smaller wardrobe than you are used

to, but a truthful assessment and

stock take would help one achieve a

more dynamic and effective styling

that would be most beneficial. Are

the items you are hanging on to in

good condition? Are they functional

and working with other items

that you have? Do they give you

the confidence and enhance your

emotional wellbeing when you

wear them? Do you just love

the pieces and treasure them? I

believe that a smaller wardrobe,

carefully thought through and

selected to suit your personality

and individuality will achieve

more than a vast and robust one

filled with mismatched items.

Your wardrobe layout visually

is important. How you arrange

nicely and essentially without

clutter helps your wardrobe

operate effectively and achieving an

appealing look. Sort out what suits

you and dunk the leftovers.

Good Hangers are essential in

keeping your clothes in good

condition. The thin wire hangers

from the dry cleaners are not best

in keeping your gear. Dry cleaning

ags should ideally be removed for

clarity, good layout and particularly

in humid climates like I have

discovered to stop mold creeping

up on your clothes.

De cluttering helps to achieve

clarity. Hoarding unnecessarily is

one of the vital reasons why many

acquire robust wardrobes busting

at the seams yet never can have get

good use of them. Some items we

wear regularly than others. Some

just sit there gathering dust unused.

It is important to also look at what

has not been in used in a long while,

clearly it is time to let go. One has to

be brutal. A truthful assessment of

its functionality, if it still fits and will

it work with other items you love

enough to keep is vital.

A good idea may be to donate items

that are not needed to charity. It

doesn’t serve you it may well serve

someone else especially when

they are still in good form. From

experience, detoxing can have such

positive effect and change of one’s

lifestyle immensely and effectively.

A careful overview of what is left

from the clear out is vital and

one should excuse oneself from

emotional attachments to shopping

mistakes of the past.

Clothes particularly when they

come expensive must be cared for

effectively. What should be dry

cleaned should never be washed

and what should be washed treated

accordingly. If there are items that

need fixing or repairs they should

be done so you get good use from

your newly functional wardrobe.

It might be a good idea to have

a change of strategy in how one

shops. Quality is always better

over quantity and while yet not

every single clothing item may be

expensive, a thoughtful and careful

assessment of what is missing from

the recent overhaul and new pieces

that need to complete the wardrobe

is always vital. It is best to have a

list and then shop strategically to fill

in the missing bits into the puzzle.

This would surely yield productive


If one has the luxury of a walk in

wardrobe it lends a good hand to

a beautiful, tactical and effective

layout. However if not, then a

decent wardrobe and drawers for

maintaining accessories would

work well.

Keeping shoes on racks or shelves

are of essence and possibly keeping

them in shoe trees would help

to keep their shape intact. If you

have the space to stock them in

boxes, clear Perspex boxes might

help in identifying what’s in each

box and also keep them from dust.

Otherwise keeping them in the


original boxes would have to suffice

and attaching pictures on the boxes

for easy identification should do.

Shoe bags in breathable fabrics

should also serve the purpose.

Accessories can be laid out on

drawers or shelved for easy reach.

Bags, belts and other bits should be

kept tidy, preferably possibly dust

free and depending on where you

are based expensive bags be stored

in cloth bags.

Following these simple steps should

help one is achieving a wardrobe

that is clutter free and effective. It

will save not just save ample time

when dressing but also improve

emotional wellbeing when you can

look great almost effortlessly and

stress free.

The name Adebayo Jones is synonymous

with exquisite fashion. The London-based

fashion Designer and style consultant has

long been associated with glamour, elegance,

opulence, Style and he has continued to build an

international following for his fashion label over

the Last three decades.

The King of Couture as he is widely known and

referred to in the fashion world and media,

Adebayo Jones believes details will set your work

apart and the results are simply stunning and ADEBAYO JONES


Renowned for creating his own fabrics and presenting the most lavish

and luxurious collections of gowns, the Adebayo Jones Luxury collection

reflects the style and elegance that has defined his career over the years. It

is for this reason that Adebayo Jones – has come to be widely embraced by

the fashion Community and public at large.

Queens Of The Nigerian

Music Industry

By Sebastiane Ebatamehi


Breakthrough artistes like the late

gospel singer Kefee - who broke into

mainframe entertainment industry

with her hit single ‘Branama’, rapper

Sasha P (who called herself the ‘first

lady’ and rightly so); and Weird

MC were the few females working

hard to change the trend in the mid


With the continuous growth of

the industry anaa many more

artistes breaking even, the number

of female artistes began to surge.

In 2008, Asa became one of

the biggest revelations with her

debut self-titled album ‘Asa’. She

stole the heart of Nigerians with

her soul music, winning awards

and becoming one of the most

formidable forces in the music

industry. This many attributed to her

understanding of art, study of music

and upbringing in Paris, France. She

came with a bang and the echo still

resounds loud even till today.

The Nigerian music industry has

grown tremendously within

the past decade, and the rise of

female headliners in the industry

is a huge attestation to this.

Gone are the days when only

male artistes ruled the Nigerian

music industry and females

were relegated to singing backup

during studio sessions (they

weren’t even allowed to appear

on the videos)!

Today, the case is different and

mind you, it didn’t come easy. No

one handed this opportunity to

the female artistes on a platter.

Oh no, far from it; they took it

themselves! They forced their

way through! In the early 2000’s

when the music industry was

experiencing a rebirth, the major

forces in the industry were males

and not a single female artiste

made it to the Top 10 on a music

count down. Yes, it was that bad!

Goldie Harvey

Then the late Goldie

Harvey, Omawumi,

Waje and a

handful of

others started



But the initiation

was total,

something was still

missing. In fact, it

was surprising

to many

that Waje

did the chorus for P-Square’s hit

track ‘Do Me’, this revelation was

made only after she became a super

star herself – WHY? Why didn’t she

appear in the video?

Tiwa Savage

It was not until the arrival of Tiwa

Savage to the scene that everything

changed. Tiwa took the industry by

storm with her hit single ‘Kele-kele

love’, bringing the kind of sexiness

that other female artistes would

only dream about. She went on to

secure her place in the industry with

‘Love me X3’ before signing a deal

with Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records.

Was it not surprising that as big and

successful as labels like Mo’Hits

Records owned by Don Jazzy and

Empire Mates Entertainment

owned by Banky W, there were no

female artistes signed to them in

the past? This is because no one

believed females had a place on the

industry’s forefront.

After Tiwa showed the way, others

began to take bold steps and come

into the game. Today we have Seyi

Shay, Yemi Alade, Simi, Chidinma,

Cynthia Mogan, Eva, Niyola, and

other female artistes who are

holding their own in the industry;

and giving their male counterparts a

fight for their money.

However, we cannot say the battle

is won yet. There is so much more

to be done to break the barriers of

gender inequality in the industry;

but the signs are encouraging and

the future look bright! There is no

doubt that in a few years, female

artistes will rule the Nigerian Music

Industry, we cannot wait!

TOP 5 Chilled-Out

SPOTS in Lagos

By Merhdor-Attah

Uber’s shuffling the streets of

Victoria Island, passengers

making their way in and out

of their cabs; a busy night.

Other vehicles equally ply the

road, yellow cabs, and personal

vehicles alike race through

potholes and splash water on

passersby – A rainy night.

Nobody moves around Lagos

at night looking for peace and

quiet. All nightclubs, 24-hour

dining, and taxis are still very

much in operation up until 5am.

Lagosians rebut the notion that

nighttime is for sleeping, and

instead embrace nightlife.

Victoria Island, acronymed V.I is

an area for the affluent, deeppocketed

Lagosians. The area

sits between Lagos Island and

Lekki Penisula. But most of the

nightlife also sits in V.I – bars,

restaurant and other categories

of chill are all positioned in V.I


Best for: TexMex, Margarita, and


355 Wednesdays attract the biggest

of crowds. It’s hosted by Denola Grey

and Koye and strives to fulfil the

promise of happy hour and all night

vibes. The lounge is tucked away in

Oko-Awo Street Victoria Island; order

the famous fajitas and sip an iced

margarita, a cocktail consisting of

tequila and lime or lemon juice, and

all your problems are literally solved.


Best for: Drinks with the boys.

A perfect blend between restaurant and

lounge, Long bar is a hub for entertainment,

affordable drinks, and amazing fish specials.

A mix of Barracuda and Fresh tuna while

gulping a glass of booze is definitely a

memorable experience. Mostly filled with

expats, the restaurant has numerous screens

for multi-entertainment.

Location: 23A Tony Anegbode Street, Off

Sinari Daranijo, Victoria Island





By Sebastiane Ebatamehi


We are so excited about this! It is indeed a

pleasure to take you on a trip to the library as

we unleash our Top 5 Motivational Books of all

time. Putting this list together was more difficult

than we anticipated because there are so many

wonderful books out there; but finally, here

it is! ENJOY and go get one…..or all the books

mentioned, if you haven’t read them already.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

While he gets a bit preachy sometimes,

Stephen Covey’s road map for living doesn’t

just help you develop better habits. It also

convinces you that acquiring them will make

you a better person.

Best quote: “Sow a thought, reap an action;

sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a

character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”

4. Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill interviewed “40 millionaires”

to discover the common thought processes

and behaviors that had led to their success.

His study of these “best practices” was

revolutionary in a world where it was largely

assumed that great wealth resulted from a

combination of greed and luck.

Best quote: “All the breaks you need in life wait

within your imagination. Imagination is the


Perfect for: No Clubbing night.

The Rock ‘n’ roll themed restaurant is located in Oniru,

Victoria Island, and features a restaurant during the day

and good vibes at night time. Entering the building is a

merchandise area with T-shirts, Sweatshirts and other


At Hard Rock Cafe, their Live Music nights and After

Dark Nights have people swooping in for a nice time. For

their cocktails, the Pineapple coconut mojito is amazing.

Location: Plot No 3&4, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island.


Nok is known for its African twist to fine western dining. Nok has

a unique and inviting interior, cozy ambience – with waiters and

waitress covered in African prints: Iro and Buba for the female, Short

sleeve print shirt for the male. The restaurant provides the guest an

option to either eat/drink inside or enjoy the natural air while eating

in their garden area.

The only sad part is that their mocktails cost the same as their

cocktails; 3,500

Location: 12A Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island


Perfect for: Watching Arsenal loose,

or UEFA Champions league finals

Sports bars are getting more popular

in Lagos. No! I’m not referring to beer

parlors that serve pepper soups. I

mean pepper soups are great but that’s

not a defining feature of Bar Campione.

Instead, noisy (during matches) and

nice ambience is an ideal description.

Bar Campione houses the biggest sports fans every

night. The restaurant also caters for foodies with

a distinguished Italian and American menu of

French fries, chili sauce, prawns etc. Apart from

drinks, their pasta is astounding.

Location: 13, Kasumu Ekemode Street, Victoria


workshop of your mind, capable of turning

mind energy into accomplishment and


3. Awaken the Giant Within

Anthony Robbins is unlike most

motivational writers in two ways. First,

he treats training the mind and body as

a technological challenge rather than

moral imperative. Second, he somehow

manages to be both

an inspirational role

model and the most

annoying guy on the


Best quote: “If you

can’t, you must. If you

must, you can.”

2. As a Man Thinketh

Motivational books

are usually about

taking immediate

action. By contrast,

this 1902 classic by

James Allen is a bit

more, well, thoughtful.

It explains how your

thoughts mold your personality, and how

that personality drives you to take action

and determines the type of action you’ll


Best quote: “The dreamers are the

saviors of the world. As the visible world

is sustained by the invisible, so men,

through all their trials and sins and sordid

vocations, are nourished by the beautiful

visions of their solitary dreamers.”

1. The Greatest

Salesman in the


Far more than just

a sales book, Og

Mandino’s fauxbiblical


encourages you to

live your life to the

fullest by believing in

yourself and your ability to help others.

Required reading for anybody who sells.

Which is just about everybody.

Best quote: “I will live this day as if it is my

last. This day is all I have and these hours

are now my eternity. I greet this sunrise

with cries of joy as a prisoner who is

reprieved from death. I lift mine arms with

thanks for this priceless gift of a new day.”


somkele iyama –

stich cosmetics

Eki Ogunbor –

Bfs Artistry

Lilian Esoro –


Nana Akua

Belle Bedaz



beverly naya -

Flawless faces beauty

mimi onalaja -

Flawless faces beauty

Sika Osei -

Iam dodos

By Funke Ajomale

The AMVCAs might be over but

we are still picking style and

beauty trends from the night, the

fabulous overdose is not one we

would recover from in a hurry. The

beauty moments ( hair and make

up) is would be used as inspiration

and we would be seeing on a lot of

brides most especially the Nubian

Hair brides or anyone looking to get

glammed for an occasion soon.

Hence we have taken our time to


Sassy &


Ini Dima Okojie -

Adella beauty

Chioma Akpotha –

Bizlee of House of Tara

Addo –


Susan Peters -


Rita Dominic -


Osas Ajibade -

Doranne beauty

Ivie Okujaye – pink

rubies beauty


VCA 2017

Toke Makinwa –

Anita Brows

carefully put together our favourite

beauty looks from the AMVCAs

2017. To complement their looks

most some choose a bit

of glitter and shine, some

went really soft and subtle,

while others took on the

sultry look.

And now we present you

our beauty report from

the 2017 AMVCAs.

Toke Makinwa –

Anita Brows

Michelle Dede –

Doranne beauty

Shine &


Adesuwa Etomi –


Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi –

Anita brows

African Oils You Need To Add To Your

Beauty Routine

By Merhdor-Attah

There are good oils,

and there are bad oils.

Some nourish your

skin, while others are

mere irritants. In the last few

years, beauty advocates have

actively renounced the widely

spread notion that oils clog

up your pores or cause acne

breakouts, instead oils have

been lauded for their ability to

give its users the highly sought

after “natural glow.”

But not all oils are made

equal. To help you distinguish

between the good and bad oils,

we’ve compiled a list of four

oils found in Africa that contain

essential nutrients and can

help keep you blemish free.

During your next visit to the

beauty aisle, check if your next

purchase contains one or more

of these “miracle oils”

2. Marula Oil

Predominately grown in South

Africa, and known for

its rich fatty acids, the

Marula oil serves as a skin

essential. The oil contains

vitamins C and E, as well

as antioxidants which are

found in skin care products

around the world. Marula

oil is quickly absorbed into

the skin without leaving

greasy traces. It is no

surprise that beauticians

1. Argan Oil

argan oil

Grown in Southwestern Morocco

in Argan forests, Argan oil is

a kernel-based-produce, which is

processed for use as a diet and skin

supplement. With antioxidants like

vitamins A and E, Argan oil doesn’t

just moisturize the skin, it also

enhances scalp and hair growth,

eases inflammation, rashes, and bug

bites. Argan oil is of two distinct

types: one for cosmetic purposes and

the other, for culinary purposes. It

contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty

acids which are used for cooking

and frying. The version of Argan

stock their beauty cupboards

with products containing

Marula oil because they know

it’s full of nutrients. The oil is

a skincare favorite because

it contains 60% more

antioxidants than Argan

oil, which makes it work

for all skin types - dry,

oily and even sensitive

skins. Best used after a

shower, the silky texture

enables its anti-aging

nutrients without leaving

a residue. Marula oil is

also used to controls acne

and blemishes.

oil used for cosmetic purposes is

golden yellow and has a silky feel,

while the Argan oil used for cooking

is golden brown. When processing

Argan oil, the kernels are roasted

over an open fire and ground with a

stone mill before it is pressed. This

roasting process burns the nutrients

and makes the oil suitable for eating

and not for cosmetic functions.

In Morocco, the Argan industry is

exclusively controlled by women;

Berber tribe women. Men typically

play the role of an assistant or aide.

They help to transfer Argan sacks

from the bush to the home shed.

For cosmetic use, the oil’s highly

concentrated fatty acid combats dry

skin, reduces stretch marks, and

protects human hair. When applied

directly, Argan oil repairs weak nails

and softens lips. It makes perfect

sense why the oil is referred to as

‘liquid gold’.

3. Mongongo Oil

A product of the

Mongongo tree,

Mongongo oil can be

found in Sub-Saharan

African countries like

Namibia, Zambia,

Zimbabwe, Botswana,

Angola, Mozambique,

and Malawi. The


egg-shaped nut is

deeply concentrated

with vitamin E

(tocopherol) and

the oil serves as

a protector from

natural aggressors

(pollution, sun, and

wind). Similar to

4. Yangu Oil

Known in the West

as Cape Chestnut oil,

Yangu oil is extracted

from the seed of the

Cape Chestnut tree.

Homegrown in

Uganda, Yangu oil

is extracted when

the fruits from the

tree ripen, at the

appropriate time; the

pods from the fruit

are cracked to release

tiny black seeds

from which the oil is

pressed. Yangu oil is known for

containing high fatty acids and

antioxidants, as well as Vitamin E.

Yangu oil’s most unique property

is its ability to protect the skin

from UV rays (the sun). Besides

the general benefits of using

Yangu oil, it is also non-toxic and

non-drying, which means the

oil withholds moisture in the

skin, using facial soaps, and skin

products that contain Yangu oil

allow the skin retains up to 57%

of its moisture.

Argan oil, women crack

nuts, using axes and small

stones to extract Mongongo

oil. Unlike Argan oil,

Mongongo oil is seldom

used for culinary purposes.

However, Mongogo oil’s high

polyunsaturated fatty acids,

which has better retention

than the saturated fatty

acids contained in coconut

oils, and palm kernel oil,

fuels the scalp and boosts

the growth of hair strands.

Mongongo oil is often

found in lotions, soaps, and

lipsticks. It is sought-after

for its anti-wrinkle and antigreasy


Popular ‘Health Facts’


By Sebastiane Ebatamehi

Since the advent of the

Internet and Social Media,

many persons have suddenly

made it their duty to educate

people on things they themselves

know nothing about (sounds

funny ehn, but it is true). Do not

be deceived, majority of users

on social media space are either

liars or rumour mongers, so

mind what you believe!

It is always a popular occurrence

to see posts containing prophetic

declarations requesting you ‘not

to screw down without typing

1. Chewing gum takes seven years

to pass through your digestive tract

when swallowed.

The truth: Gum addicts can relax.

Although your body can’t digest chewing

gum, it doesn’t just sit in your stomach,

according to Snopes.com. You eliminate

it when you go to the bathroom just like

other food you haven’t digested.

2. Plucking a gray hair causes two to

grow back.

The truth: It’s fine to tweeze that errant

hair. Genetics plays a key role in when

you go gray, regardless of how often you

pluck. It can take six months from the

time a hair falls out until it grows back

long enough for you to notice it; during

that time, you’ll automatically see more

gray hair as part of the aging process,

explains Snopes.com.

3. Antiperspirant De-odorants cause

Breast Cancer.

The truth: Going au naturel won’t

protect your breasts from cancer. This

myth probably came about because some

antiperspirants contain aluminum, which

can show up as a false-positive finding on

a mammogram. What this means is that

you should skip the white stuff before a

breast cancer screening. There has never

been any conclusive evidence to prove

a link between deodorants and cancer,

‘AMEN’ and ‘share to 20 persons

in 10 minutes’ or ‘something bad

will happen to you in 7 Days’.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Just like those people who flood

the internet and social media

platforms daily with garbage, a

lot of us are guilty of holding on

to some propagandas generated

by whackos!

Not you? Well, below are 5

popular ‘Health Facts’ which are

all LIES!! See if you are not guilty

of one (or all).


according to the National Cancer Institute

and FDA.

4. Drinking cold water after meals can

lead to cancer.

Truth: Water is one of the healthiest

things you can drink with any meal

— hot, cold, or tepid. This rumor first

surfaced in early 2006, according to

Snopes.com, and still makes its way

into various email chains. It posits that

cold water helps solidify oily fats from

your meal into a “sludge” that lines the

intestines and can lead to cancer. But

there’s zero evidence from medical

literature to support this theory.

5. You only use 10 percent of your


Truth: Motivational speakers may love

this idea, but the evidence against it is

just common sense, say Aaron Carroll,

MD, and Rachel Vreeman, MD, in their

book - Don’t Swallow Your Gum: Myths,

Half-Truths, and Outright Lies About Your

Body and Health. “Studies of patients

with brain damage suggest that harm to

almost any area of the brain has specific

and lasting effects on a human being’s

capabilities,” they wrote. “If this myth

were true, it would not be a big deal to

hurt various parts of your brain.” You’re

using 100 percent of your brain — or at

least we hope so.


& I

mimi adeyemi

www.mimiadeyemi.com @mimiadeyemi @mimiadeyemi

Celebrity Divorce


The divorce rate among the

Nigerian celebrities is quite

alarming in recent times.

Many would wonder why while

some would judge them. If we look

at the number of celebrities whose

marriages have crashed, some of

them are young while some are well

grown. Some have even remarried

but the question is, what led to the

divorce? How can it be avoided?

The problems is, most of these

celebrities see marriage as mere

interpretation of scripts they act on

television and take the little details

of marriage lightly. We all know

that we are Africans and AFRICAN

men will never cease to be one. The

main reason for high divorce rate

is because the celebrities refuse to

separate their personal lives from

their celebrity lives. Yes! Marriage

is no joke and we all know this. We

can’t eat our cakes and still have it.

It’s either you get married and let

somethings go or remain single and

have your way all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, both the man

and the woman have their own

roles to play to make the marriage

work. The moment one disagrees,

the bond is already broken. A

couple of them have tried to keep

their marriage and I give kudos to

them. We salute people like Omotola

Jolade Ekehinde, Aunty Joke Silva,

Mercy Johnson and Annie Macaulay

Idibia amongst others. It’s not easy

tonto dikeh

tiwa savage

to balance fame and marriage

at all. Most celebrities receive

compliments more often and it gets

into their heads and begin to see all

the negative parts of their partner.

No marriage is perfect we know but

we must be prepared for the battle

ahead, though the race is not to the


These Points Below Could Lead To

Celebrity Divorce:

1. Lack of preparation: Many of

them are carried away with the glitz

of wedding party and they just want

to make the news with their wedding

stories and pictures. They hardly

prepare themselves psychologically,

materially and prayerfully for the

marriage. They end up making the

wrong choice. They ignore major

differences like age,background and


2. Infidelity: Studies have shown

that 80% of celebrity divorce case is

based on infidelity. The women get

carried away with fame and money

while the men can’t say no to female


3. Misplaced priority: Most of

these celebrities fail to prioritize

their marriage over their individual

desires and career. They deny

their families of the quality

time they are entitled to, which

leads to misunderstanding and

disagreement. They leave their

husband and children in the hands

of housemaid and friends who end

up destroying their homes.

How Can Celebrity Divorce Be


Marriage is marriage whether

amongst ordinary people or

celebrities. What makes the

difference is the fame and money.

The basic connection between a

man and a woman is not different

whether you are a celebrity or not.

However, celebrity divorce could

be avoided if the three points I

mentioned above are properly

looked into. Celebrities also need a

lot of Patience, Humility, Openness,

Act of Forgiveness, Commitment

and Love. Any marriage can stand

the test of time regardless of fame or

money if these points raised in this

article are properly evaluated.

Mimi Adeyemi is a Sales & Marketing

professional with over 10 years experience.

She has good insight of shopper and

consumer behaviour. She has been privileged

to build and nurture new brands to

achieving a sustainable growth.

She is the CEO of Studio612, a full fledge

Photograhy and videography studio located

in Lekki, Lagos. She is also a blogger, writer

and publisher of Family3ree Magazine.

She holds a degree in Mass Communications

and a diploma in Theatre Arts from

University of Jos. She is an affiliate member

of National Institute of Marketing, Nigeria.

She is the brain behind Mimi Adeyemi's

Blog, a relationship and Marriage blog.

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