The Accomplish Magazine February Edition

Accomplish Magazine brings Valentine Day gift ideas. We also feature Maxwell Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean whose inventions threatens Western interests and other special stories.

Accomplish Magazine brings Valentine Day gift ideas. We also feature Maxwell Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean whose inventions threatens Western interests and other special stories.


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M A G A Z I N E<br />

FEBRUARY 2024<br />

10<br />

Gift<br />

Ideas<br />

for Him<br />

& Her<br />


UNION’S<br />


Women in<br />

Politics:<br />

<strong>The</strong><br />

Positives,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Warts<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Mourns its<br />

Editorial<br />

Board<br />

Chairman,<br />

Dr Austin<br />

Nweze<br />

Maxwell<br />

Chikumbutso<br />




Contents<br />

Team<br />

EDITOR<br />









BEN FUJA<br />
















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and influencers in business, manufacturing,<br />

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and, indeed, globally.<br />


COVER<br />

18 Maxwell Chikumbutso: His<br />

Struggles, Triumphs & Africa's<br />

Urgent Wake-Up Call<br />


4 10 Rare Gift Ideas for Her<br />

6 10 Rare Gift Ideas for Him<br />

32 European Union's LGBT Threat<br />

36 LGBT: <strong>The</strong> Vatican Stand<br />


14 Two Million Workers May Lose<br />

Jobs in 2024 – ILO<br />

& Other Stories<br />


28 Tribute to Dr. Austin Nweze<br />

32 10 Inventions that Changed<br />

the World<br />

36 Ethical Values<br />

38 Women In Politics<br />

52<br />

12 36<br />

42 Why Did Amarachi Commit<br />

Suicide At Work?<br />

44 Plateau Massacre - Should<br />

the Service Chiefs be Sacked<br />


46 Applied Law of Attraction...<br />

& other stories<br />


50 Dr. Vera Songwe: Africa<br />

Needs <strong>The</strong> Will to Grow<br />


54 3 Tips for Prosperity In Real<br />

Estate Investment<br />


58 Who You Know Isn't Enough.<br />


60 IMF Anticipates Strong Global<br />

Economy by 2024 Despite<br />

Lower Average Growth<br />

Rates...& other stories...

GLOBAL NEWS...<br />

62 KIA Enters the Electric Van<br />

Race to Revolutionise the<br />

Automaker Industry<br />

& other stories...<br />


64 AI Today & Tomorrow -<br />

Addresssing Concerns And<br />

Learning From Failures in Ai.<br />

66 ARTS & THE MASTERS -<br />

Philadelphia Museum<br />

of Art Appoints Eleanor<br />

Nairne as Head of Modern<br />

and Contemporary Art<br />

Department...<br />

68 Alternative Medicine<br />



66 Food & Wine - Healthy<br />

Breakfast Ideas<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />


74 <strong>The</strong> French Riviera: Cote<br />

d'Azur"<br />


76 INNOSON MOTORS: Taking<br />

Giant Strides<br />

30<br />

74<br />

70<br />

Team <strong>Accomplish</strong> is mourning! As<br />

we were putting resources in place<br />

for executing our 2024 plans, the<br />

very unbelievable news of the demise of<br />

our Editorial Board Chairman, Dr. Austin<br />

Nweze, broke!<br />

How could the easy-going, multi-skilled,<br />

strategy-bank and champion of good<br />

governance exit so soon? We are still<br />

baffled but we have surrendered to the<br />

will of He who knows the end from the<br />

beginning! One of our ace contributors,<br />

Chief Victor Olenwunne, has written a<br />

tribute on Dr. Nweze...<br />

Still on the issue of death, the death, by<br />

suicide, of Amarachi, a staff member of<br />

a bank in Nigeria caught our attention.<br />

Segun McMedal's piece seeks to know if<br />

Amarachi's case is a loner or part of rising<br />

work-related suicides.<br />

Well, life must go on so we turn to other<br />

issues...<br />

We took a bold step to promote an<br />

African who could be described as the<br />

inventor of the era in many respects.<br />

Maxwell Sangulani Chikumbutso, the<br />

Zimbabwean inventor who's referred to<br />

as "Africa's Tesla" has literally wowed the<br />

entire world! Surprisingly, there have been<br />


Editor<br />

: info@theaccomplishmagazine.com<br />

threats to his life and we're wondering<br />

who's going after him and why.<br />

It's <strong>February</strong> again and the world is<br />

already embracing Saint Valentine's<br />

Day! You can tell from the avalanche<br />

of planned events available on the<br />

traditional and social media platforms.<br />

We have some out-of-the-way ideas<br />

for men and women of class thinking of<br />

high-taste gifts for the special person in<br />

their lives...<br />

Let's bear in mind that the only kind<br />

of love that truly mirrors what Saint<br />

Valentine represented and died for is<br />

agape. Does yours match?<br />

Tolu Akinruli's "Women in Politics:<br />

<strong>The</strong> Positives, <strong>The</strong> Warts" looks at the<br />

impression women who have held public<br />

office have left behind. Can women be<br />

the answer to corruption-free public<br />

service?<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is so much more in this edition...<br />

Ethical Values; Grand Design; 10<br />

Inventions by Blacks that Changed the<br />

World for Good; Realtors'Avenue etc. on<br />

the menu.<br />

Enjoy!<br />

Disclaimer<br />

54<br />

• Please note that all photos used in this<br />

special digital edition of the ACCOMPLISH<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> were sourced freely online.<br />

We maintains no rights over the images/<br />

photos, while we have tried to give<br />

appropriate credit where due, we are<br />

aware some artistes were not credited.<br />

We remain committed to supporting<br />

intellectual property and creativity.<br />

© 2023 Tegali Communications<br />

• <strong>The</strong> opinions of contributors (people<br />

whose opinion we publish) are not the<br />

opinion of <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> or the<br />

opinion of the management or staff of<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 3


RARE<br />

GIFT<br />

IDEAS<br />

FOR HER<br />

By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

Valentine's Day, a celebration cherished<br />

by people around the world serves as the<br />

perfect occasion to express deep affection<br />

and love for your partner. More than just<br />

a day for exchanging gifts, <strong>February</strong><br />

14 holds significance in the messages conveyed<br />

through those gifts. In the quest to make this year's<br />

Valentine's Day exceptional for the woman in your<br />

life, it's worth investing time and thought into the gifts<br />

you choose. While flowers and chocolates are classic,<br />

adding a touch of personalisation and consideration<br />

can elevate the experience.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, a publication that offers gift<br />

recommendations, among other things, suggests a<br />

range of thoughtful ideas you would love to explore:<br />

Love Journal<br />

This personalised journal 1allows<br />

you to articulate the nuances<br />

that make your partner special.<br />

From the fragrance of her<br />

shampoo to the thoughtful<br />

way she nibbles on every bite<br />

of food, it's about capturing<br />

the intricacies that define her<br />

uniqueness. Taking it a step<br />

further, creating a DIY craft book<br />

adds an extra layer of personal<br />

touch, ensuring a cherished gift.<br />

4 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

2<br />

Jewellery<br />

More than 97% of women like to<br />

put on jewellery. It could be in the<br />

form of a necklace, earrings, gold<br />

or diamond wristwatch, rings and<br />

so much more.<br />

Skincare<br />

Products and<br />

Make-up<br />

By investing in the<br />

skincare products<br />

she desires, you not<br />

only address her<br />

beauty needs but also<br />

convey thoughtfulness<br />

and care. Similarly,<br />

choosing her<br />

favourite brand and<br />

type of make-up<br />

demonstrates a keen<br />

understanding of her<br />

preferences.<br />

3<br />

4 5<br />

Perfume<br />

Choosing a fragrance that resonates with<br />

her preferences ensures that every whiff<br />

becomes a lasting memory. Coming from<br />

you, it would mean a lot to her.<br />

Books<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are often<br />

underestimated as gifts<br />

but they hold immense<br />

value for book worms.<br />

A new set of books<br />

or a subscription<br />

plan for books on<br />

the Kindle platform,<br />

for instance, can be<br />

a delightful addition<br />

to her collection. This<br />

thoughtful gesture<br />

shows that you<br />

respect and support<br />

her interest in self<br />

development.<br />

Subscription Boxes<br />

Setting up a subscription 8box for<br />

your partner can be a great way<br />

to express affection while easing<br />

some of life's inconveniences.<br />

Whether it's covering bills like wi-fi,<br />

streaming, gym subscriptions, or<br />

even a food plan, this thoughtful<br />

gesture shows you care about<br />

making her life a bit easier.<br />

Hair Products<br />

Taking time 9out to get her a<br />

conditioner, shampoo, leave-in<br />

conditioner, or any other product<br />

she desires will say so much<br />

about how much you care for<br />

her. This shows interest in her<br />

hair care routine and aligns with<br />

her specific needs.<br />

Shoes and Bags<br />

Brands like Versace,<br />

10<br />

Prada, or<br />

Louis Vuitton are extravagant yet<br />

impactful gifts. While they may<br />

come with a substantial price<br />

tag, these luxury items convey<br />

a sense of appreciation and<br />

indulgence.<br />


Couple's Bucket List<br />

6<br />

Creating a couple's bucket list can be a delightful way to plan activities<br />

together. Solicit her input and dedicate the coming year to checking<br />

off these shared experiences. It's a gift that keeps on giving, fostering<br />

shared memories, and strengthening your bond.<br />

7<br />

A vacation<br />

It doesn't<br />

have to be an<br />

extravagant<br />

international<br />

trip; even a local<br />

hotel or resort<br />

get-away can<br />

provide quality<br />

time together.<br />

<strong>The</strong> effort put into<br />

planning such an<br />

'escape' adds a<br />

personal touch<br />

that she is likely to<br />

appreciate.<br />

Conclusion<br />

Valentine's Day is a celebration<br />

of love, and the gifts chosen for<br />

the lady one cares for reflect<br />

the depth of that sentiment.<br />

Whatever ideas you decide<br />

to pursue, remember that it's<br />

the thought and effort you put<br />

into the gift that will resonate<br />

most with your partner. This<br />

Valentine's Day, make it<br />

memorable by selecting gifts<br />

that not only express love but<br />

also demonstrate a genuine<br />

understanding of your partner's<br />

desires and preferences.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 5


EXOTIC<br />


FOR HIM<br />

By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

Perfume or Cologne<br />

Elevate his scent game with<br />

a high-quality 1perfume or<br />

cologne. Opt for well-known<br />

brands like Versace, Polo, or<br />

Oud, choose your budget,<br />

and create a fragrance he'll<br />

cherish.<br />

As Valentine's Day swiftly approaches, marking the<br />

annual celebration of love and romance on <strong>February</strong><br />

14, it's a momentous occasion that encourages<br />

couples to express their affection in myriad ways.<br />

Beyond the conventional candle-lit dinners and<br />

dressed-up date nights, this day serves as an opportunity<br />

to connect with loved ones through thoughtful gestures and<br />

shared moments.<br />

Texam <strong>Accomplish</strong> recognises the diversity of relationships<br />

and the importance of finding the perfect gift, especially when<br />

it comes to selecting something special for the men in our<br />

lives. Whether you're embarking on a new romance, have been<br />

happily married for years, or are dropping subtle hints, the task<br />

of choosing the ideal present can be quite challenging.<br />

In the light of this, we have a list of thoughtful and diverse gift<br />

ideas for your man.<br />

6 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

A Timepiece<br />

A beautiful, original<br />

watch is a timeless<br />

6gift that can<br />

genuinely make<br />

a man happy.<br />

Consider adding<br />

a personal touch,<br />

such as a corny joke<br />

about time and your<br />

relationship, creating a<br />

memorable keep-sake.<br />

Gaming CDs or Consoles<br />

Gaming CDs or Consoles<br />

Depending on your budget,<br />

gaming compact discs or<br />

consoles would make a perfect<br />

gift. Listen for any mentions of a<br />

game he desires and turn it into a<br />

thoughtful surprise that keeps him<br />

entertained without straying from<br />

Valentine's Day Outing<br />

Surprise him 8by taking charge of<br />

Valentine's Day plans. Treat him to a<br />

meal at a nice restaurant and take care<br />

of the bill, reversing the roles for the day<br />

and creating a memorable experience.<br />

Can you see the pleased look on his face<br />

already?<br />

2 3 4<br />

your company. A smart move, it is,<br />

of course!<br />

Fashionable<br />

Attire<br />

Explore the world of<br />

tailored fashion by<br />

gifting him a well-fitted<br />

agbada or kaftan.<br />

Check his shirt and<br />

pant sizes, and surprise<br />

him with a 'designer'<br />

outfit that reflects<br />

thoughtfulness.<br />

Stylish Footwear<br />

Enhance his wardrobe with a<br />

pair of 5shoes he's been eyeing.<br />

Whether it's monk shoes, brogues,<br />

desert boots, or work-out<br />

shoes for the fitness<br />

enthusiast, surprise<br />

him with the perfect<br />

footwear.<br />

Prepared Food<br />

Packages<br />

Cater to his culinary<br />

needs by considering<br />

7<br />

chefs who prepare<br />

packaged meals. This<br />

thoughtful gift will<br />

ensure that he thinks<br />

of you every time he<br />

enjoys a delicious meal.<br />


Sports Jerseys<br />

If he's a sports<br />

enthusiast, a jersey of<br />

his favourite team with<br />

his name and preferred<br />

number printed on it can<br />

be a winning choice. Go<br />

the extra mile with both<br />

home and away jerseys<br />

for a grand gesture.<br />

Conclusion<br />

This list presented here ensures<br />

a diverse range of options<br />

for expressing your love and<br />

appreciation on Valentine's Day.<br />

Whether it's a tangible item or an<br />

experience, the key is to tailor the<br />

gift to your man's preferences,<br />

creating a memorable and<br />

heartfelt expression of affection.<br />

Happy Valentine!<br />

Alcohol Hamper<br />

9<br />

For the man who enjoys a good drink, assemble an arrangement<br />

of his favourite beverages. Whether it's wines, spirits, whiskey, rum,<br />

or an aphrodisia, a personalised alcohol hamper is sure to delight.<br />

Custom<br />

Accessory<br />

Sets<br />

If all else fails, consider<br />

personalised accessory<br />

sets. From pens and<br />

belts to wallets, shoes,<br />

cufflinks, and tie clips,<br />

10<br />

customising a set of<br />

accessories for him<br />

will add a good touch<br />

to memories you both<br />

share.<br />



My love to impact knowledge<br />

to the young and old led me to<br />

research and writing. Also, l<br />

have been business-oriented,<br />

right from childhood, which<br />

made me focus more on driving<br />

the business world and also to<br />

help people grow their business.<br />

As a writer, I aim to create an<br />

insightful image in the minds<br />

of every reader for maximum<br />

wealth and health.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 7



UNION’S<br />


By Sonnie Ekwowusi<br />

<strong>The</strong> refusal of<br />

Nigeria and 34<br />

other African,<br />

Caribbean,<br />

and Pacific<br />

(ACP)<br />

countries to be<br />

bullied into<br />

signing the<br />

LGBT<br />

Agreement is<br />

praise worthy.<br />

When the<br />

history of<br />

Africa is<br />

rewritten, this<br />

courageous<br />

act will be<br />

remembered<br />

with great<br />

admiration.<br />

Ostensibly<br />

peeved by the<br />

refusal of 35<br />

African,<br />

Caribbean,<br />

and Pacific (APC) countries,<br />

including Nigeria, to sign<br />

the controversial European<br />

Union's LGBT Agreement,<br />

the EU-ACP Treaty, or the<br />

Samoa Agreement on<br />

November 15, 2023, the<br />

European Union issued a<br />

significant threat dated<br />

November 24, 2023.<br />

According to the threat,<br />

which was issued in<br />

Brussels on November 24,<br />

2023, any African,<br />

Caribbean, or Pacific<br />

country failing to sign the<br />

LGBT Agreement by<br />

January 1, 2024, when the<br />

agreement is scheduled to<br />

come into force, will face<br />

dire consequences. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

consequences include the<br />

denial of EU funding,<br />

development assistance,<br />

and programme<br />

implementation.<br />

Furthermore, the threat<br />

specifies that such<br />

countries will be treated as<br />

pariah nations and may be<br />

subject to economic<br />

sanctions. <strong>The</strong>y would also<br />

be barred from<br />

participating in EU-<br />

Organization of African,<br />

Caribbean, and Pacific<br />

States (OACPS) meetings<br />

and activities.<br />

Recall that before the<br />

Samoa Agreement, the EU<br />

had been applying<br />

increasing pressure on<br />

African, Caribbean, and<br />

Pacific (ACP) ministers to<br />

persuade ACP heads of<br />

governments to sign the<br />

contentious LGBT<br />

Agreement. Several<br />

meetings convened for this<br />

purpose ended in deadlock<br />

as many ACP countries<br />

refused to sign the<br />

Agreement. Surprisingly,<br />

towards the end of October<br />

2023, news emerged that<br />

the EU had scheduled<br />

November 15, 2023, for the<br />

signing of the Agreement in<br />

Samoa, a small island<br />

country in the central South<br />

Pacific Ocean composed of<br />

an archipelago of nine<br />

islands, four of which are<br />

inhabited.<br />

To the surprise of the EU, on<br />

November 15, 2023, 35 ACP<br />

countries, including Nigeria,<br />

the Republic of Benin,<br />

Senegal, Liberia, Botswana,<br />

Burundi, Jamaica, Mali,<br />

Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda,<br />

Somalia, Namibia,<br />

Grenada, Eritrea, Malawi,<br />

Guinea-Bissau,<br />

Madagascar, Antigua and<br />

Barbuda, <strong>The</strong><br />

Commonwealth of the<br />

Bahamas, <strong>The</strong> Central<br />

African Republic, <strong>The</strong><br />

Republic of Cuba, the<br />

Dominican Republic,<br />

Equatorial Guinea, <strong>The</strong><br />

Kingdom of Eswatini, <strong>The</strong><br />

Cooperative Republic of<br />

Guyana, <strong>The</strong> Republic of<br />

Maldives, Mauritania, <strong>The</strong><br />

Republic of Nauru, <strong>The</strong><br />

Republic of Palau, Saint<br />

Lucia, <strong>The</strong> Republic of Kitts<br />

and Nevis, <strong>The</strong> Kingdom of<br />

Tonga, <strong>The</strong> Republic of<br />

8 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Trinidad and Tobago, and<br />

Tuvalu, refused to sign the<br />

LGBT Agreement.<br />

In fact, on that fateful<br />

November 15, 2023, Nigeria<br />

not only refused to sign the<br />

LGBT Agreement but was<br />

conspicuously absent in<br />

Samoa on the day of the<br />

signing. Frustrated by the<br />

refusal of these 35<br />

countries to sign the<br />

agreement and fearing<br />

that those who signed<br />

might withdraw their<br />

support, the EU is now<br />

issuing the aforementioned<br />

threat dated November 24,<br />

2023. This threat stipulates<br />

that countries refusing to<br />

sign the Samoa LGBT<br />

Agreement would face<br />

economic sanctions and<br />

lose EU funding and<br />

development aid.<br />

<strong>The</strong> refusal of Nigeria and<br />

34 other African, Caribbean,<br />

and Pacific (ACP) countries<br />

to be bullied into signing<br />

the LGBT Agreement is<br />

praise worthy. When the<br />

history of Africa is rewritten,<br />

this courageous act will be<br />

remembered with great<br />

admiration. By refusing to<br />

succumb to the<br />

intimidation and coercion<br />

of the EU, the 35 ACP<br />

countries have sent a<br />

strong message to the EU<br />

and the entire world that<br />

ACP countries have come<br />

of age and will no longer<br />

bow to international<br />

threats, blackmail, or<br />

intimidation. I am pleased<br />

that Nigeria has called the<br />

bluff of the EU's intimidation,<br />

coercion, and threats — a<br />

significant victory for<br />

Nigeria in refusing to sign<br />

the Agreement. To begin<br />

with, LGBT is outlawed in<br />

Nigeria by virtue of the<br />

Same-Sex Marriage<br />

Prohibition Act of 2014.<br />

<strong>The</strong>refore, it makes no<br />

sense for Nigeria to append<br />

her signature to the EU's<br />

LGBT Agreement. If the EU<br />

does not want to provide<br />

funds or enter into a trade<br />

or economic alliance with<br />

us simply because we have<br />

refused to legalise LGBT, it<br />

should go to hell with its<br />

funds and trade<br />

relationships.<br />

<strong>The</strong> leaders of ACP<br />

countries should reconsider<br />

their position. <strong>The</strong>y should<br />

Fiamē Naomi<br />

Mata'afa,<br />

Samoa's<br />

Prime Minister,<br />

third left, and<br />

Jutta<br />

Urpilainen,<br />

European<br />

Commissioner<br />

for<br />

International<br />

Partnerships<br />

second right.<br />

Photo: ©<br />

European<br />

Union<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 9


stop deluding themselves<br />

into believing that Europe<br />

and America have their<br />

economic interests at heart<br />

and are keen on seeing<br />

human flourishing and<br />

economic prosperity take<br />

root in ACP countries. <strong>The</strong>re<br />

is no free lunch anywhere!<br />

So much fuss about foreign<br />

aids and poverty reduction<br />

in Africa, yet so much<br />

impoverishment of Africans.<br />

Africans must understand<br />

that the fate of Africa lies in<br />

the hands of Africans. Only<br />

Africans can truly and really<br />

develop Africa, not<br />

foreigners. Despite wresting<br />

political independence from<br />

their erstwhile colonial<br />

masters, the economic<br />

systems and political<br />

policies of most African<br />

countries, infatuated with<br />

foreign aids, are still tied to<br />

the apron strings of the<br />

World Bank and powerful<br />

European and multinational<br />

organisations.<br />

In his book, "Emerging<br />

Africa," former Central Bank<br />

of Nigeria Deputy Governor<br />

and presidential aspirant,<br />

Prof. Kingsley Chiedu<br />

Moghalu, brilliantly<br />

enunciates how foreign aids<br />

have underdeveloped Africa<br />

and why foreign aids are<br />

not the panacea to Africa’s<br />

myriad socio-economic<br />

and political problems. Prof.<br />

Moghalu wonders why<br />

African leaders have not<br />

woken up to the reality that<br />

the so-called billions of<br />

dollars doled out to many<br />

African countries by their<br />

so-called Western<br />

development partners<br />

"have failed to produce any<br />

significant development<br />

leaps in Africa, and many<br />

aid-dependent African<br />

countries are poorer today than they were a<br />

half-century ago." He regrets that foreign<br />

aids in Africa have many strings attached<br />

to them. "Much of the foreign aids, then, is<br />

about giving with the right hand and taking<br />

back with the left what is presumed to have<br />

been given," he writes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> refusal of Nigeria and the other 34 ACP<br />

countries to sign the Samoa Agreement will<br />

strengthen their national sovereignty. It will<br />

erase the wrong impression that the ACP<br />

countries are inferior to other European<br />

countries. Above all, it will act as a bulwark<br />

against the bullying, intimidation, and<br />

coercion of ACP countries by the EU. For<br />

years, African countries, Nigeria included,<br />

have been victims of organised deception,<br />

coercion, bullying, blackmail, manipulation,<br />

and abuse of power at the United Nations.<br />

For example, under the guise of promoting<br />

egregious women’s rights, some United<br />

Nations agencies such as the United<br />

Nations Population Activities (UNFPA) have<br />

overrun Africa with radical, strange ideas<br />

that violate the cultural backgrounds and<br />

philosophical convictions of African people.<br />

<strong>The</strong> scramble for Africa, which began in the<br />

1880s and the Berlin Conference of 1884 for<br />

the partition of Africa, may have come and<br />

gone, but different forms of scramble and<br />

partition are still ongoing in Africa today.<br />

<strong>The</strong> enslavement of Africans has not ended<br />

either. Open your eyes. <strong>The</strong> erstwhile<br />

colonial masters in Africa have not left; they<br />

have merely changed their tactics. <strong>The</strong>ir<br />

goal is to pillage the raw materials in Africa<br />

and destroy or reduce the human capital in<br />

Africa.<br />

As we mourn the passing of<br />

Alfred Henry Kissinger, we<br />

can revisit the Kissinger<br />

Report of 1974, which<br />

explains why America and<br />

Europe are underdeveloping<br />

Africa. On December 10,<br />

1974, the United States<br />

National Security Council<br />

promulgated a top-secret<br />

document entitled National<br />

Security Study<br />

Memorandum 200 (NSSM-<br />

200), also called <strong>The</strong><br />

Kissinger Report. It was<br />

subtitled “Implications of<br />

Worldwide Population<br />

Growth For U.S. Security and<br />

Overseas Interests.”<br />

This hitherto classified<br />

document was declassified<br />

in 1989. It laid out a detailed<br />

strategy by which the United<br />

States would aggressively<br />

promote population control<br />

in developing nations to<br />

regulate (or have better<br />

access to) the natural<br />

resources of these countries.<br />

In order to protect U.S.<br />

commercial interests,<br />

NSSM-200 cited a number<br />

of factors that could<br />

interrupt the smooth flow of<br />

materials from lesserdeveloped<br />

countries, as it<br />

referred to them, to the<br />

United States. <strong>The</strong>se factors<br />

10 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


included a large population<br />

of anti-imperialist youth,<br />

who, according to NSSM-<br />

200, must be limited by<br />

population control. <strong>The</strong><br />

document identified 13<br />

nations by name that would<br />

be primary targets of<br />

U.S.-funded population<br />

control efforts.<br />

<strong>The</strong> named countries were<br />

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan,<br />

Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia,<br />

Brazil, the Philippines,<br />

Thailand, Egypt, Turkey,<br />

Ethiopia, and Colombia.<br />

According to NSSM-200,<br />

elements of the<br />

implementation of<br />

population control<br />

programmes could include:<br />

a) the legalisation of<br />

abortion;<br />

b) financial incentives for<br />

countries to increase their<br />

abortion, sterilisation, and<br />

contraception-use rates;<br />

c) indoctrination of<br />

children; and,<br />

d) mandatory population<br />

control, and coercion in<br />

other forms, such as<br />

withholding disaster and<br />

food aid unless developing<br />

countries implement<br />

population control<br />

programmes.<br />

NSSM-200 also specifically<br />

declared that the United<br />

States was to cover up its<br />

population control activities<br />

and avoid possible charges<br />

of imperialism by recruiting<br />

some United Nations<br />

agencies, such as the<br />

UNFPA, to do its dirty work.<br />

Section 30(a) of NSSM-200<br />

states: “Concentration on<br />

Key Countries. … Assistance<br />

for population moderation<br />

should give primary<br />

emphasis to the largest and<br />

fastest-growing developing<br />

countries where there is special U.S. political<br />

and strategic interest. Those countries are:<br />

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico,<br />

Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand,<br />

Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Colombia.<br />

Together, they account for 47 per cent of<br />

the world's current population increase.”<br />

NSSM-200 also states, “No country has<br />

reduced its population growth without<br />

resorting to abortion… since abortion is still<br />

repugnant to the peoples of Latin America,<br />

the Caribbean, Africa, and parts of Asia and<br />

Oceania, we must mask our desire to<br />

legalise abortion by pretending to care<br />

about the state of women’s health. We do<br />

this by saying that we want to eliminate<br />

“unsafe abortion.”<br />

Since 1991, the “developed” nations of the<br />

world have spent US$4.91 billion trying to<br />

reduce the population of Nigeria. In 1991, the<br />

population controllers spent about US$31<br />

million in Nigeria, but this has increased by<br />

a factor of more than 30 to more than half a<br />

billion dollars a year. This is because Nigeria<br />

is becoming too strong and must be kept<br />

weak by suppressing its population. Dr. Alan<br />

Guttmacher, who did more than anyone<br />

else in the history of the world to spread<br />

abortion and population control<br />

everywhere, said that “If you’re going to<br />

curb population, it’s extremely important<br />

not to have it done by the dammed<br />

Yankees, but by the UN. Because the thing is,<br />

then it’s not considered genocide. If the<br />

United States goes to the Black man or the<br />

yellow man and says slow down your<br />

reproduction rate, we’re immediately<br />

suspected of having ulterior motives to<br />

keep the white man dominant in the world.<br />

If you can send in a colourful UN force,<br />

you’ve got much better leverage.”<br />

It is evident that the EU's LGBT agenda in<br />

Africa is another form of population control.<br />

<strong>The</strong> paradox lies in the fact that the West,<br />

intent on reducing human capital in Africa,<br />

is now confronted with a serious<br />

demographic disaster. For instance, Europe<br />

has transitioned from the peak of its baby<br />

boom to the depths of a baby bust. <strong>The</strong> UK<br />

is gradually being populated by Asians,<br />

Nigerians, and other immigrants. In fact, it is<br />

forecasted that the UK’s population will<br />

irreversibly shrink below replacement level<br />

by 2030. If the populations of these Western<br />

countries are dwindling to<br />

their detriment, why<br />

advocate for Africa to suffer<br />

the same fate?<br />

<strong>The</strong>refore, Nigeria and the<br />

34 ACP countries should<br />

maintain their resolve not to<br />

sign the agreement. Other<br />

ACP countries that signed<br />

the agreement in Samoa on<br />

November 15, 2023, should<br />

retract their respective<br />

signatures. <strong>The</strong> ACP<br />

countries should dismiss the<br />

EU's cheap threats and<br />

stand firm. Instead of<br />

succumbing to EU<br />

intimidation, they should<br />

assert their sovereignty and<br />

break ties with the EU. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

are no longer under the<br />

tutelage of their former<br />

colonial masters.<br />

If the EU decides to cease<br />

financial assistance to ACP<br />

countries for refusing to sign<br />

the LGBT agreement, so be<br />

it. What the ACP countries<br />

must not do is bow to the<br />

EU's cheap threats and<br />

blackmail by signing the<br />

LGBT Agreement.<br />

SONNIE<br />



Ekwowusi is the Chairman,<br />

Human & Constitutional<br />

Rights Committee of the<br />

African Bar Association<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 11


LGBT: <strong>The</strong><br />

Vatican's Stand<br />

By Diiyi William-West<br />

in recent weeks, there have a series of formal and<br />

informal discussions on the stand of the Vatican<br />

on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)<br />

marriages with some people purporting that the<br />

Pope has endorsed such marriages while others<br />

declare that such endorsement hasn't and cannot<br />

happen. <strong>The</strong> reasons for this controversy isn't farfetched.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vatican, as the spiritual and administrative<br />

centre of the Roman Catholic Church, holds<br />

significant influence over the beliefs and teachings of<br />

its followers worldwide. Throughout history, the<br />

Vatican's stance on various social issues has been a<br />

subject of debate and scrutiny.<br />

Findings from recent research indicate that neither<br />

the Pope nor the Catholic Church has endorsed LGBT<br />

Pope Francis<br />

marriages. Indeed, the Vatican's position on LGBT<br />

individuals is rooted in its interpretation of Catholic<br />

doctrine, which emphasises the importance of<br />

traditional marriage and the complementarity of<br />

genders. <strong>The</strong> Catholic Church teaches that marriage<br />

is a sacred union between a man and a woman,<br />

intended for procreation and the raising of children.<br />

12 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Consequently, any sexual activity outside of this<br />

context is considered sinful.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vatican's stance on LGBT matters is primarily<br />

based on the teachings of the Catechism of the<br />

Catholic Church, which states that homosexual acts<br />

are "intrinsically disordered" and contrary to natural<br />

law. However, it is important to note that the Church<br />

distinguishes between homosexual orientation and<br />

homosexual acts. While the Church does not<br />

condemn individuals for their sexual orientation, it<br />

does consider acting upon same-sex attraction as<br />

morally wrong.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vatican's position on LGBT individuals is not<br />

limited to matters of sexual morality. It also extends to<br />

issues such as same-sex marriage and adoption by<br />

same-sex couples. <strong>The</strong> Church opposes the<br />

legalisation of same-sex marriage, arguing that it<br />

undermines the institution of traditional marriage<br />

and the family unit. Similarly, the Vatican opposes<br />

adoption by same-sex couples, asserting that<br />

children have the right to be raised by a mother and<br />

a father.<br />

Some critics argue that the Vatican's stance on LGBT<br />

matters is outdated and discriminatory, as it fails to<br />

recognise the diversity of human sexuality and the<br />

importance of equal rights for all individuals. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

argue that the Church's teachings contribute to the<br />

stigmatisation and marginalisation of LGBT<br />

individuals, leading to their exclusion from certain<br />

religious practices and institutions.<br />

However, proponents of the Vatican's position argue<br />

that it is based on a sincere interpretation of religious<br />

doctrine and a commitment to upholding traditional<br />

values. <strong>The</strong>y contend that the Church's teachings on<br />

sexuality and marriage are intended to guide<br />

individuals towards a life of virtue and holiness, rather<br />

than to discriminate against any particular group.<br />

note that carries the weight of a universal ground rule<br />

for the Roman Catholic Church.<br />

<strong>The</strong> explanatory note refers to homosexuality as a<br />

choice and says it cannot be recognised as<br />

objectively ordered to God's plan. WION added that<br />

the Holy See's statement also says and "God does not<br />

and cannot bless sin. <strong>The</strong> church does not have and<br />

cannot have the power to bless unions of persons of<br />

the same sex.<br />

"<strong>The</strong> decision is a setback for Catholics who had<br />

hoped for the institution to modernise with time,<br />

especially in regards to homosexuality. Dozens of<br />

countries, including many in Western Europe, have<br />

legalised same sex marriages.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vatican's resistance to embrace the LGBT<br />

community has alienated it from younger followers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> church considers marriage as an exclusive union<br />

of man and woman."<br />

Conclusion<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vatican's stand on LGBT matters is firmly rooted<br />

in its interpretation of Catholic doctrine, emphasising<br />

the importance of traditional marriage and the<br />

complementarity of genders. While the Church does<br />

not condemn individuals for their sexual orientation, it<br />

considers acting upon same-sex attraction as<br />

morally wrong. <strong>The</strong> Vatican's position extends to<br />

issues such as same-sex marriage and adoption by<br />

same-sex couples, which it opposes on the grounds<br />

that they undermine traditional family structures.<br />

While critics argue that the Vatican's stance is<br />

discriminatory, proponents maintain that it is based<br />

on a sincere interpretation of religious teachings.<br />

Understanding the Vatican's position on LGBT matters<br />

requires a nuanced examination of its theological<br />

foundations and the broader context of Catholic<br />

doctrine.<br />

A Recent WION Broadcast on the Issue<br />

In a recent news broadcast, WION (World Is One<br />

News), the online television channel stated that the<br />

Vatican has forbidden blessings to same sex<br />

relationships. According to WION, in the latest decree<br />

approved by Pope Francis, the Vatican has said that<br />

priests cannot bless same sex unions.<br />

<strong>The</strong> broadcast indicated that the Roman Catholic<br />

Church has described such relationships as "...Not<br />

ordered to the creator's plan and that the blessings of<br />

homosexual unions cannot be considered". <strong>The</strong><br />

broadcast further said that the Vatican's doctrinal<br />

watchdog, the Holy See, has issued an explanatory<br />

DIIYI<br />



More fondly known as DDWEST, he has several years<br />

of media practice experience spanning magazines,<br />

newspapers, television and radio; laying emphasis<br />

on maintaining standards in media practice. He<br />

practised and lectured Public Relations for nearly a<br />

decade before going into leadership consulting and<br />

real estate consultancy.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 13

NIGERIA:<br />

BITS & BOBS<br />

By Ikenna Ngere<br />


Two Million Workers<br />

May Lose Jobs in 2024<br />

– ILO<br />

According to International<br />

Labour Organisation (ILO)<br />

projections, two million workers<br />

could lose their jobs this year<br />

in Nigeria, with the global<br />

unemployment rate expected to<br />

rise from 5.1% in 2023 to 5.2%. <strong>The</strong><br />

ILO reported in its most recent<br />

report, "World Employment and<br />

Social Outlook: Trends 2024," that<br />

although unemployment and jobs<br />

gap had decreased from prepandemic<br />

levels, unemployment<br />

would still rise globally in 2024.<br />

It also stated that rising<br />

inequality and sluggish<br />

productivity should be<br />

taken seriously. <strong>The</strong> rate of<br />

unemployment worldwide<br />

has decreased for three years<br />

running, from 6.9% in 2019 to 5.1%<br />

in 2023.<br />

According to the research,<br />

labour markets had exhibited<br />

surprisingly strong resilience<br />

in the face of worsening<br />

economic conditions. However,<br />

the pandemic's aftermath<br />

was uneven, with promises for<br />

increased social fairness being<br />

undermined by a number of<br />

crises and new vulnerabilities.<br />

More Multinationals<br />

May Exit Nigeria in 2024<br />

– Report<br />

Based on a recent assessment<br />

by financial solutions provider,<br />

Cardinal Stone, multinational<br />

companies in the fast-moving<br />

consumer goods FMCG)<br />

subsector may leave Nigeria this<br />

year if the operating environment<br />

does not improve.<br />

According to the report, titled<br />

"Strategic Resilience: Sailing<br />

Through Business Disruptions",<br />

businesses in the fast-moving<br />

consumer goods industry would<br />

continue to face high operational<br />

costs.<br />

<strong>The</strong> report states that fluctuations<br />

in commodity prices, exchange<br />

rates, import and clearing tariffs,<br />

and freight costs continue to<br />

have a significant impact on the<br />

FMCG industry.<br />

Naira’s Decline to<br />

1082/$ raises Concerns<br />

Despite CBN Clearing<br />

$2bn Debt<br />

Since the Central Bank of Nigeria<br />

stated that it has cleared $2<br />

billion in its backlog of obligations,<br />

the value of the naira against the<br />

dollar in the official Investor and<br />

Exporter window of the foreign<br />

exchange market has dropped by<br />

26.36%. <strong>The</strong> apex bank revealed<br />

on Monday, January 8, that<br />

it has paid $2 billion from the<br />

backlog of its forward contract<br />

obligations. This was declared<br />

upon disclosing that, as part of<br />

its matured foreign exchange<br />

obligations, it had paid $61.64<br />

million to foreign airlines.<br />

<strong>The</strong> naira concluded trading at<br />

N856.57/$ on Monday, January 8.<br />

According to data from the FMDQ<br />

Securities Exchange, the naira<br />

has since traded above N1000<br />

versus the dollar and dropped<br />

by 26.36% to settle at N1082.32/$<br />

on Wednesday, January 10. This<br />

represents a marginal increase of<br />

14 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

0.66 per cent from the N1089.51/$<br />

closing price on Tuesday, January<br />

9. Since the Central Bank of<br />

Nigeria lifted the rate restriction<br />

on the country's currency, the<br />

naira has closed above N1000 on<br />

the official window five times.<br />

Naira Suffers Major<br />

Blow, Hits 1300/$ at<br />

Parallel Market<br />

On Tuesday, January 16, the<br />

naira dropped to N1,300/$ on<br />

the parallel market. This comes<br />

after it closed trading on the<br />

Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency<br />

window at N1,315.3/$1 for the day,<br />

as confirmed by the bureau de<br />

change operators.<br />

According to Magaji Muhammad,<br />

an Abuja bureau de change<br />

operator in Zone 4, the rate<br />

increased to N1,300/$ on Tuesday,<br />

January 16.<br />

National Assembly<br />

Raises Works Ministry<br />

with Budget Exceeding<br />

N1tn<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ministry of Works now<br />

receives a budgetary allocation<br />

from the National Assembly of<br />

N1.03 trillion, up from N657.3 billion<br />

in the proposed budget.<br />

This is a rise of N373 billion, or<br />

56.7%, over the initial amount<br />

stated in the appropriations law.<br />

Additionally, it is a 65.4% increase<br />

over the sum authorised in the<br />

budget for 2023.<br />

•Dave Umahi<br />


PDP Celebrates Financial<br />

Success with N175m from<br />

Nomination Form Sales<br />

Five candidates<br />

for the Edo State<br />

gubernatorial<br />

election<br />

purchased<br />

candidature<br />

and expression<br />

of interest forms,<br />

earning N175 million for the<br />

Peoples Democratic Party. <strong>The</strong><br />

state governorship election is<br />

scheduled on September 21, 2024,<br />

according to the Independent<br />

National Electoral Commission.<br />

<strong>The</strong> PDP announced a<br />

schedule of events for the<br />

election, stating that the congress,<br />

where its candidate for governor<br />

will be chosen, will take place<br />

on <strong>February</strong> 22, 2024. As a result,<br />

on Wednesday, January 10, the<br />

PDP started selling nomination<br />

and expression of interest forms<br />

to party members hoping to be<br />

elected governor of Edo in Abuja.<br />

A candidate is supposed to<br />

pay N35 million in total. Five<br />

candidates have already paid for<br />

the forms, bringing N175 million into<br />

PDP's coffers.<br />

Benue Governor Halts<br />

APC Primary Election<br />

Amidst Alleged Voting<br />

Malpractices<br />

Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, the Governor<br />

of Benue State, has issued an order<br />

suspending the All Progressives<br />

Congress primary poll for the<br />

Guma 1 State Constituency<br />

immediately. <strong>The</strong> governor, who<br />

issued the directive while briefing<br />

reporters on Saturday, January 6<br />

about the primary's proceedings,<br />

expressed sadness that the<br />

delegate election was tainted by<br />

insecurity and anomalies.<br />

With Dr. Yamar Ortese's<br />

departure to become a<br />

commissioner, the State House<br />

of Assembly's Guma 1 State<br />

Constituency seat was declared<br />

vacant. <strong>The</strong> primary election is to<br />

select the candidate because the<br />

election to fill the vacant position<br />

is anticipated to take place in<br />

<strong>February</strong>.<br />

.President Bola Tinubu<br />

suspends Betta Edu over<br />

alleged N585m fraud,<br />

probed by EFCC<br />

Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of<br />

Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty<br />

Alleviation, has been suspended<br />

from office by President Bola<br />

Tinubu. <strong>The</strong> president further<br />

ordered the Executive Chairman<br />

of the Economic and Financial<br />

Crimes Commission (EFCC)<br />

to carry out a comprehensive<br />

investigation into all facets<br />

of the financial transactions<br />

involving the Federal Ministry<br />

of Humanitarian Affairs and<br />

Poverty Alleviation, as well as one<br />

or more agencies thereunder,<br />

according to a statement<br />

made public by the president’s<br />

spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelali.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Economic and Financial<br />

Crimes Commission invited the<br />

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs<br />

and Poverty Alleviation, Betta<br />

Edu, to its headquarters located<br />

in Jabi, Abuja, less than an hour<br />

after Tinubu suspended her<br />

from office. It has been alleged<br />

that the minister approved the<br />

disbursement of N585,198,500<br />

into a personal account.<br />

<strong>The</strong> President’s cabinet’s<br />

youngest minister, Edu, 37, later<br />

said that attempts were being<br />

made to damage her reputation<br />

and emphasised that she would<br />

never misuse public monies.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 15


Two Books Launched<br />

in Honour of Buhari’s<br />

Legacies, Tinubu<br />

Speaks at Presentation<br />

President Bola Tinubu was<br />

invited as a special guest<br />

of honour to the public<br />

presentation of two books on<br />

Tuesday, January 16, in Abuja.<br />

One of the books was written<br />

by Femi Adesina, a former<br />

Special Assistant to President<br />

Muhammadu Buhari on<br />

Publicity and Media. "Working<br />

with Buhari: Reflections of A<br />

Special Adviser, Media, and<br />

Publicity (2015-2023)" is the<br />

title of Mr. Adesina's book, while<br />

the other is published in five<br />

volumes and was co-authored<br />

by other authors.<br />

Following the transfer<br />

of power on May 29, 2023,<br />

this was the first public<br />

appearance together for<br />

former President Buhari and<br />

his successor, President<br />

Tinubu, at the Transcorp<br />

Hilton. <strong>The</strong> events, tales, and<br />

information surrounding<br />

Mr. Buhari's eight years<br />

as a civilian president are<br />

chronicled in Mr. Adesina's<br />

book<br />

Northern Governors<br />

Laud Federal<br />

Government’s<br />

Intervention in Plateau<br />

Killings<br />

<strong>The</strong> Northern Governors' Forum<br />

expressed its satisfaction with<br />

President Bola Tinubu's action<br />

on Thursday, January 4, to stop<br />

the massacres from happening<br />

again in Plateau and Kaduna<br />

states. Governor Inuwa Yahaya<br />

of Gombe State, who chairs the<br />


•Rupert<br />

•Dangote<br />

South African<br />

Billionaire, Johann<br />

Rupert, displaces Aliko<br />

Dangote to become<br />

Africa’s Richest Man<br />

Aliko Dangote dropped to<br />

second place on the Forbes'<br />

Daily Billionaires ranking list,<br />

which analyses daily changes<br />

in the fortune of the world’s<br />

most affluent people. Dangote’s<br />

wealth dropped from $13.5<br />

billion in 2023 to $9.5 billion at<br />

the beginning of 2024.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re were notable drops in<br />

the billionaires’ wealth on the<br />

list. Mike Adenuga of Nigeria<br />

rose to the tenth rank due to<br />

his fortune, whereas Patrice<br />

Motsepe, who was among<br />

the top ten in 2023, was not<br />

among the top ten richest men<br />

in 2024. Moreover, no female<br />

appeared on the list of the 10<br />

richest people at the beginning<br />

of the year. <strong>The</strong> declining<br />

wealth of some of these people<br />

forum, also expressed gratitude<br />

to the administration for giving<br />

surviving members of the<br />

deceased's families help and<br />

supplies.<br />

Speaking in Hausa to State<br />

House reporters, Yahaya<br />

disclosed the forum's stance<br />

following private discussions<br />

with the president at the Aso<br />

Rock Villa in Abuja. Citing Vice<br />

President Kashim Shettima's trip<br />

to Plateau and Kaduna states,<br />

Yahaya cautioned against<br />

fostering polarising stories<br />

among communities, claiming<br />

that these differences were the<br />

cause of the gruesome killings.<br />

serves as a window into the<br />

economic struggles facing<br />

all of Africa. <strong>The</strong> decline in<br />

Dangote’s fortune can be linked<br />

to the depreciation of the naira<br />

as well as other economic<br />

problems in Nigeria.<br />

Dangote Emerges as<br />

Africa’s Richest Man<br />

Again, Topping Forbes<br />

List<br />

Business entrepreneur Johann<br />

Rupert of South Africa has lost<br />

his title as the richest person<br />

in Africa to Nigerian billionaire<br />

Aliko Dangote, according<br />

to Forbes and Bloomberg.<br />

Dangote’s net worth increased<br />

by $10 billion to $10.1 billion as<br />

of January 8, 2024, according<br />

to the Forbes Daily billionaires<br />

ranking website, which<br />

monitors daily changes to the<br />

net worth of the wealthiest<br />

people worldwide.<br />

He surpassed the family<br />

of the South African luxury<br />

goods entrepreneur, Johann<br />

Rupert. As of the time of writing,<br />

Rupert’s net worth stood at $10<br />

billion, having decreased from<br />

$10.7 billion on January 30, 2023.<br />

Currently, Rupert is ranked<br />

197th globally, and Dangote is<br />

ranked 191st on the Forbes' list.<br />

16 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


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World’s Most<br />

Expensive<br />

Wine<br />

TRAVEL<br />

TOP 10<br />



VISIT<br />

WHAT ARE<br />

SOME OF<br />

THE MIND<br />



YOU HAVE<br />


ACROSS?<br />

AUGUST 2023<br />

10<br />

WAYS OF<br />










OF AGBADO,<br />


& GARRI<br />

JIM OVIA<br />

Making Waves In <strong>The</strong> World<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 1<br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

Leaders<br />

of Which<br />

Tomorrow?<br />

TRAVEL:<br />

TOP 10<br />













ALIKO<br />


Africa’s Leading Strategist<br />

LET<br />






OCTOBER 2023<br />

HAS<br />

AFRICA<br />


NIGERIA @ 63:<br />



THE<br />







<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 1<br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />


My Lord, Tell<br />

me Where<br />

to Keep your<br />

BRIBE<br />





MO<br />


On Ethical Leadership In Africa<br />

4.0<br />



A Game<br />

Changer<br />






FROM THE<br />




<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 1<br />

NOVEMBER 2023<br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

10<br />

Best<br />

Christmas<br />

Gifts for the<br />

Affluent Man<br />

<strong>The</strong> Erosion of<br />

Ethics:<br />

Unraveling the<br />

Moral Fabric of<br />

Big Pharma<br />

Folorunso Alakija<br />





DECEMBER 2023<br />

AI is<br />

Reshaping<br />

How We<br />

Live<br />


Dr. Emem Okon:<br />

Advocating for<br />

Rural Women<br />

& Good<br />

Governance<br />

Prostate<br />

Enlargement,<br />

No More A<br />

Nightmare<br />


To be the go-to publication for<br />

information and inspiration in<br />

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To profile and celebrate the<br />

achievements and lifestyle<br />

choices of outstanding leaders<br />

and influencers in business,<br />

manufacturing, agriculture,<br />

academia, administration,<br />

entertainment and innovation in<br />

Nigeria, Africa and,<br />

indeed, globally.<br />

+44 7424 594773, +234 815 262 6743

COVER<br />

His Struggles, Triumphs<br />

& Africa's Urgent Wake-Up Call<br />



18 |<br />

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COVER<br />

TSO<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 19

COVER<br />

By Harry Choms<br />

Maxwell Chikumbutso, a self-taught innovator from Zimbabwe, has carved<br />

a path marked by daring and mind-boggling discoveries throughout<br />

his innovative journey. However, trailing behind these groundbreaking<br />

advancements is a faction of critics from popular media situated firmly on one<br />

side of the divide. <strong>The</strong>y cast doubt and attempt to disapprove of his works, yet<br />

Maxwell persists, forging ahead with unwavering determination, unveiling new<br />

findings and pioneering innovations.<br />

From his early years, Maxwell has harboured a profound interest in the world<br />

of technology. Even in his youth, his innovative ideas and discoveries garnered<br />

recognition, earning him the esteemed title of a "prominent young man in the<br />

innovation industry" in 1999.<br />

Early Life and Rise<br />

At the age of 43 (he was born<br />

November 10, 1980), Maxwell<br />

Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean<br />

innovator, stands as the mind<br />

behind the world's inaugural<br />

green power generator. This<br />

groundbreaking invention<br />

harnesses radio frequencies<br />

to generate electricity. Not<br />

stopping there, Chikumbutso<br />

has also conceptualised<br />

and constructed an electricpowered<br />

vehicle and a hybrid<br />

helicopter, that, ingeniously,<br />

utilises six different types of fuel.<br />

Being a school dropout<br />

with no formal technology or<br />

science training, Chikumbutso<br />

has relied on revelations of<br />

blueprints and visions to fuel<br />

his inventive spirit. In 1997,<br />

Chikumbutso established Saith<br />

Technologies. <strong>The</strong> inspiration<br />

for the name struck him while in<br />

prayer on a mountain, drawing<br />

from the scripture in Isaiah 46,<br />

embodying the phrase "thus<br />

saith the Lord."<br />

Originally aspiring to be a<br />

mechanic, Chikumbutso<br />

initiated his first project in 1999<br />

- a radio broadcast transmitter.<br />

His broadcasts were considered<br />

illegal and the project was<br />

eventually abandoned due<br />

to lack of funding. By 2001,<br />

Chikumbutso crafted a digital<br />

navigation facilitator designed<br />

to enhance aircraft landings<br />

based on size, speed, and<br />

positioning.<br />

Following numerous<br />

setbacks in partnerships and<br />

funding, Chikumbutso made<br />

a pivotal move to the United<br />

States in 2017. He expressed<br />

gratitude for the recognition by<br />

the U.S. government, making<br />

California the headquarters<br />

of Saith Holdings Inc. Despite<br />

this relocation, his love for<br />

Africa persists, and he plans to<br />

return to Zimbabwe, where his<br />

remarkable journey began.<br />

.<br />

Maxwell<br />

Chikumbutso’s Life<br />

& Controversies<br />

Maxwell's ascent to prominence<br />

gained momentum with his<br />

groundbreaking discovery, the<br />

"Digital Navigation Facilitator."<br />

This innovative technology,<br />

designed to streamline aircraft<br />

landings, underwent rigorous<br />

testing and received approval<br />

from the Air Zimbabwe<br />

Technical Training Centre.<br />

However, controversies began<br />

to swirl around Maxwell in<br />

recent years when he unveiled<br />

a green energy technology<br />

capable of converting radio<br />

frequencies directly into clean<br />

and renewable energy. Despite<br />

practical demonstrations,<br />

authorities contested the<br />

feasibility, citing violations of<br />

the laws of Physics and denying<br />

him the ability to patent his<br />

discovery.<br />

Despite being one of Africa's<br />

most underrated yet highly<br />

productive innovators, Maxwell's<br />

portfolio is rich and diverse.<br />

From a hybrid helicopter<br />

capable of running on six<br />

different fuels to a green power<br />

generator producing electricity<br />

from radio frequencies, cordless<br />

televisions with free energy,<br />

and other notable products, his<br />

impact is undeniable. Maxwell's<br />

innovations should have<br />

garnered more media attention<br />

20 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

COVER<br />

•Maxwell speaking<br />

and awards from relevant<br />

institutions.<br />

Luis Cupenala, an esteemed<br />

Angolan businessman and<br />

chairman of the Bongani Group,<br />

recognised Maxwell's potential<br />

and placed a substantial bet on<br />

his talent. Maxwell's innovations<br />

have also garnered attention<br />

from major industry players,<br />

securing contracts, particularly<br />

in the United States, where he<br />

currently operates in.<br />

In an interview confirming<br />

Saith Holdings Inc.'s relocation<br />

to the US, Maxwell expressed<br />

gratitude to the US government<br />

for recognising opportunities<br />

Africa overlooked. While he<br />

operates more from the United<br />

States, he remains proud of his<br />

African roots and plans to return<br />

to Zimbabwe, where his journey<br />

began.<br />

As Maxwell's influence<br />

spreads globally, a prevalent<br />

question on many minds is, "Is<br />

Africa losing its top talents to<br />

the West?"<br />

Maxwell<br />

Chikumbutso's<br />

Struggle,<br />

Triumphs, and the<br />

Urgent Wake-Up<br />

Call for Africa<br />

In recent years, media outlets,<br />

particularly social media<br />

networks, have been inundated<br />

with news about the remarkable<br />

inventions of Maxwell<br />

Sangulani Chikumbutso. His<br />

creations include several<br />

environmentally-friendly<br />

machines that signify a true<br />

revolution. Unfortunately, amidst<br />

the positive news, a tragedy<br />

unfolded as the inventor was<br />

allegedly poisoned, possibly<br />

due to the transformative<br />

nature of his discoveries. While<br />

the culprit remains unknown,<br />

speculation suggests two<br />

possible reasons for the attack<br />

on Maxwell's life. Firstly, the<br />

notion that an African could<br />

be the inventor of such crucial<br />

items challenges conventional<br />

intelligence. Secondly, his<br />

inventions pose a threat to<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 21

COVER<br />

established giants in the energy and oil industries.<br />

His endeavours fall under the umbrella of "wireless<br />

energy transmission innovation," encompassing<br />

a diverse array of inventions, such as a hybrid<br />

engine-powered helicopter, an electric car, a<br />

magnetic converter, a green power generator,<br />

and a drone - all products of his company, Saith<br />

Technologies. Despite dropping out of school<br />

at 13 or 14, he entered the competitive global<br />

aviation and hi-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem,<br />

securing significant deals worldwide. His magnetic<br />

converters, green power generators, drones, and<br />

an automated disinfecting machine designed in<br />

response to the pandemic are in high demand.<br />

Chikumbutso's primary goal is to merge scientific<br />

invention with top-notch business acumen. Initially<br />

modest, Saith Technologies holds the potential<br />

to evolve into a billion-dollar company providing<br />

electric cars, helicopters, telecom solutions, security<br />

and surveillance, UAVs, traffic safety and lighting<br />

products, and MSED-powered home lights using<br />

wireless energy transmission. Notably, many of<br />

these innovations are based on rudimentary<br />

materials sourced from Harare's popular Siyato<br />

Market, transforming basic elements into highly<br />

engineered materials.<br />

Despite his accomplishments, Chikumbutso<br />

has continued to face challenges in garnering<br />

encouragement and validation from his own<br />

community. In 2017, he made a significant move<br />

to California, drawn by the recognition that eluded<br />

him in Africa. He expressed love for his birthplace<br />

but highlighted the lack of acknowledgement from<br />

his own people. Despite difficulties in patenting his<br />

inventions globally due to their use of free energy<br />

- thus violating thermodynamic laws - Saith<br />

Technologies is set to be listed on the New York<br />

Stock Exchange.<br />

In May 2021, the company revealed that Maxwell<br />

experienced a third attack on his life, attributing it<br />

to poisoning. <strong>The</strong> company, shrouded in secrecy<br />

regarding the scientist's life, disclosed threats<br />

ranging from death to financial and personal ruin<br />

through various communication channels.<br />

Chikumbutso's latest creation, the self-powered<br />

•Maxwell, displaying his newly<br />

invented Microsonic Greener Power<br />

Machine that generates 50 kilowatts<br />

22 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

COVER<br />

•Maxwell Chikumbutso, displaying<br />

to a selected a part of his innovation<br />

television, operates without electricity or solar<br />

panels, converting radio frequencies into pure<br />

energy. In the eyes of his admirers, Chikumbutso<br />

holds the potential to contribute significantly to<br />

a better world in 2024, especially in the context of<br />

progress in green energy.<br />

Reflecting on Chikumbutso's life and work prompts<br />

contemplation about Africa's historical oversight<br />

in recognising and supporting skilled individuals<br />

on the continent. Creating an environment that<br />

values, encourages, and applies the works of<br />

these geniuses could contribute to achieving<br />

important goals like the Sustainable Development<br />

Goals (SDGs). Acknowledging and celebrating the<br />

talents of these individuals in Africa would prevent<br />

their migration in search of more favourable<br />

environments, potentially avoiding tragic events<br />

like the attacks on Maxwell Chikumbutso. His case<br />

serves as a wake-up call for Africans to appreciate<br />

and nurture their homegrown talents.<br />

Maxwell Chikumbutso's<br />

Unpatented Wonders<br />

Among the listed innovations attributed to Maxwell<br />

are a digital navigation facilitator and a green<br />

energy generator. Notably, the generator lacks a<br />

patent, as it purportedly "defies" the laws of Physics.<br />

Maxwell has reportedly turned down buyout<br />

offers from an undisclosed European company. In<br />

certain instances, he utilises personal funds before<br />

securing a $500,000 funding injection from Teddy<br />

De Almeida. While Almeida initially presented the<br />

money as a loan or investment, she was later<br />

offered a stake in the company on launch day.<br />

Despite these challenges, the Western media<br />

has, unsurprisingly, embarked on discrediting<br />

Maxwell over the past two years. This scenario is an<br />

example reminiscent of historical patterns where<br />

the media has deceived the masses, neglecting<br />

to educate them adequately about the significant<br />

contributions of Africans globally. <strong>The</strong> narrative<br />

suggests that Africans have been the inventors of<br />

nearly everything in contemporary use, obscured<br />

by the media's historical misrepresentation.<br />



Harry Choms is a freelance writer with a<br />

passion for words and a keen eye for details, an<br />

editor, and an avid tech believer. His works can<br />

be seen on EntrepreneurNG.com, Imautomator,<br />

Secureblitz, Withinnigeria, Feelgospel,<br />

Kemifilani, and Glamsquad <strong>Magazine</strong>. He is<br />

the Webmaster and sole owner of Matrismart.<br />

com and biowiki.com.ng.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 23

COVER<br />

WHY IS "THE<br />



THREATS?<br />

Maxwell Chikumbutso has been on an extraordinary<br />

journey, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Often<br />

referred to as "<strong>The</strong> African Tesla," Chikumbutso's<br />

works have defied conventional wisdom, sparked<br />

controversy, and faced severe threats. Let's delve into the<br />

compelling narrative of a visionary fighting against the odds.<br />

By Harry Choms<br />

<strong>The</strong> Genesis of a Visionary<br />

Maxwell Chikumbutso's story is one of resilience and<br />

determination. He embarked on a relentless pursuit<br />

of ideas, facing numerous failures until a dream-like<br />

inspiration struck. This revelation led him to explore<br />

the untapped potential of airwaves, unveiling the<br />

boundless energy in the sky through radio waves.<br />

He discovered that this microwave source could be<br />

harnessed for electrical power.<br />

Despite his groundbreaking discoveries,<br />

Chikumbutso encountered resistance from his<br />

government. When questioned about the hostility,<br />

he prophetically remarked that the African mind<br />

had been conditioned to distrust African ingenuity.<br />

This scepticism labelled him a con artist and<br />

marginalised him within government circles.<br />

Brushing shoulders with the law, Chikumbutso's<br />

crime was daring to dream and turning those<br />

dreams into tangible, life-benefiting projects.<br />

Undeterred by the ridicule in his homeland,<br />

Chikumbutso sought support from a visionary<br />

Mozambican businessman. With millions of dollars<br />

invested, they translated his ideas into a practical<br />

electricity-generating project, powering three<br />

hundred homes with minimal ongoing costs.<br />

This brought Chikumbutso's innovations to<br />

the attention of American professors who<br />

were impressed and recognised the potential<br />

24 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

COVER<br />

• <strong>The</strong> Saith Fully Electric Vehicle which was<br />

designed and made locally by Chikumbutso<br />

to revolutionise electricity generation. That<br />

acknowledgement came at a crucial time when the<br />

world grapples with the urgent need to transition<br />

away from environment polluting fossils.<br />

As the founder of Saith Technologies, Chikumbutso<br />

proudly holds the title of being the first Zimbabwean<br />

to design and create a hybrid engine-powered<br />

helicopter, an electric car, a magnetic converter,<br />

a green power generator, and a drone. His<br />

groundbreaking moves have positioned Saith<br />

Technologies in the highly competitive global<br />

entrepreneurial ecosystem.<br />

Why is He and His Innovations Facing<br />

Severe Threats?<br />

Maxwell Chikumbusto's success story is, however,<br />

marred by a darker side. Chikumbutso's battle<br />

extends beyond innovation; it encompasses<br />

a struggle for security and survival. A chilling<br />

statement on his company's Facebook page reveals<br />

that he has faced poisoning attempts that affected<br />

vital organs like the kidneys and liver. <strong>The</strong> threats<br />

range from death to financial and personal ruin,<br />

delivered through various channels, including emails<br />

and social media platforms.<br />

Chikumbutso's plight echoes a disturbing global<br />

pattern. Reports suggest that free energy access<br />

scientists worldwide have been targeted, with a<br />

sinister nexus believed to be led by the oil and solar<br />

technology energy industry mafia. <strong>The</strong>se shadowy<br />

figures aim to maintain dominance over lucrative<br />

deals in their respective sectors, resorting to extreme<br />

measures, including murder and poisoning.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Unyielding Vision<br />

In 2021, a LinkedIn post by Chikumbutso revealed<br />

the gravity of his situation. He wrote, "<strong>The</strong>re have<br />

been many threats on my life from poisoning which<br />

affected my kidneys and liver etc., and they are<br />

'cabals' who are not stopping at anything - fighting<br />

and not giving up, they want to make sure I am<br />

dead, and the MSED is dead. In the greater part of<br />

2021, I was in hospital, suffering from poisoning. I<br />

have come to the point of saying, "This is not the<br />

time to give up, and giving up is no longer an option."<br />

Either we will win or die trying to make the world<br />

better for everyone."<br />

Maxwell Chikumbutso's journey is a testament to<br />

the resilience of human innovation. As "<strong>The</strong> African<br />

Tesla" faces severe threats, the world watches,<br />

recognising the potential to transform energy<br />

landscapes. Whether it's overcoming scepticism,<br />

navigating global conspiracies, or battling personal<br />

health issues, Chikumbutso's story captures the<br />

essence of a visionary fighting against all odds to<br />

shape a brighter future for us all.<br />



Harry Choms is a freelance writer with a<br />

passion for words and a keen eye for details, an<br />

editor, and an avid tech believer. His works can<br />

be seen on EntrepreneurNG.com, Imautomator,<br />

Secureblitz, Withinnigeria, Feelgospel,<br />

Kemifilani, and Glamsquad <strong>Magazine</strong>. He is<br />

the Webmaster and sole owner of Matrismart.<br />

com and biowiki.com.ng.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 25

Picture<br />

• Maxwell Chikumbutso, making a speech<br />

• Guests who also included school children<br />

look at the Saith-Hex Copter during its test run<br />

• Maxwell Chikumbutso on the media<br />

• <strong>The</strong> Saith Fully Electric Vehicle which was<br />

designed and made locally by Chikumbutso<br />

26 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

• Maxwell Chikumbutso, taking visitors and prospective<br />

investors on a tour of some of his inventions.<br />

•Maxwell Chikumbutso with<br />

the 2 seater helicopter<br />

•<strong>The</strong> Zimbabwean operating the Power<br />

Machine, showing how it works.<br />


• the traffic signs which are some of Chikumbutso's inventions<br />


My love to impact knowledge to the<br />

young and old led me to research and<br />

writing. Also, l have been businessoriented,<br />

right from childhood, which<br />

made me focus more on driving the<br />

business world and also to help people<br />

grow their business. As a writer, I aim<br />

to create an insightful image in the<br />

minds of every reader for maximum<br />

wealth and health.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 27






28 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Dr. Austin Nweze<br />

appeared, with<br />

just 24 hours<br />

prio notice,<br />

to mark my<br />

birthday on the<br />

21st of October 2023. He came<br />

in his usual simple self, wearing<br />

a fez cap. ‘Your Excellency’<br />

as I always addressed<br />

him, following his two-time<br />

governorship contest in Ebonyi<br />

State, was his usual calm, soft<br />

spoken self.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re was no sign of pain or<br />

any underlying ailment. We<br />

ate and shared some bottles<br />

of wine, and spent time talking<br />

far into the night that it literally<br />

became too late for him to go<br />

back to his lodging. He spent<br />

the night at my abode, forever<br />

his cheerful, well measured self.<br />

Beneath his calm, peaceful<br />

exterior, I never knew things<br />

were getting out of hand;<br />

that Dr. Nweze’s health was<br />

rapidly failing. After a surgery<br />

in early 2023, I believed he<br />

had recovered remarkably,<br />

not knowing that the ugly<br />

hand of death was stubbornly<br />

stretching towards him. Of<br />

course, Austin was never one<br />

to complain much about the<br />

challenges of everyday life!<br />

His Excellency was a<br />

remarkable person in many<br />

ways. His long profile with<br />

a retinue of immeasurable<br />

contributions in academia,<br />

corporate development,<br />

public discourse, research<br />

and publications will serve to<br />

increase the grief, the sense<br />

of loss, of those who knew him<br />

closely. To others, it may bring<br />

consolation on the grounds<br />

that, it is not how long one lives<br />

but what impact one made.<br />

For impact, Dr. Austin Nweze<br />

definitely gave a very good<br />

account of himself. Many<br />

of his Masters and Ph.D.<br />

students have called to<br />

lament his sudden demise. As<br />

a facilitator and a trainer, he<br />

shared knowledge locally and<br />

internationally that changed<br />

lives for good, including mine.<br />

As a public analyst on current<br />

economic and political affairs,<br />

he was, indeed, a familiar face<br />

on Nigeria television screens.<br />

And, on those occasions, he<br />

spoke the minds of many with<br />

such insight and precision<br />

of delivery that delighted<br />

his viewers and listeners.<br />

As an author, the quality of<br />

knowledge he loaded in his<br />

books was for posterity to gain<br />

understanding from and for his<br />

readers to find their way in the<br />

labyrinth of life. Surely, Austin<br />

cannot be forgotten any time<br />

soon.<br />

Dr. Austin Nweze was<br />

internationally exposed and<br />

globally aware, well trained<br />

and educated in different parts<br />

of the world. He was credited to<br />

have authored several books<br />

including "Taking the Bull by the<br />

Horn"; "Enterprise Champions:<br />

Entrepreneurshi p in Ascent<br />

in Nigeria"; "Destination<br />

Africa: Strategic Business<br />

Outsourcing"; "Entrepreneurship<br />

and the Economic<br />

Development of Nigeria"; "<strong>The</strong><br />

Economics of Leadership";<br />

"Fortune Hunters: A Discourse<br />

on Nigeria's Political Economy";<br />

"<strong>The</strong> Knowledge Economy";<br />

and "Business Etc: A General<br />

Management Handbook'.<br />

He also wrote over 50<br />

newspaper and progressive<br />

magazine articles particularly<br />

on leadership development<br />

, good governance, virile<br />

economy, media practice,<br />

entrepreneurship promotion<br />

and progressive electoral<br />

practices.<br />

For over 15 years, he consulted<br />

for organisations on<br />

organisational transformation/<br />

revitalisation. He developed<br />

and delivered training<br />

programmes for corporate<br />

organisations and government<br />

establishments in the areas of<br />

entrepreneurship development,<br />

venture management,<br />

leadership, six sigma, media<br />

relations, finance, financial<br />

planning, retirement planning,<br />

marketing, strategy and soft<br />

skills .<br />

He also worked with the<br />

Institute of Financial Planning<br />

as the Director of Programmes<br />

and Publication, and Director<br />

of Learning and Management<br />

Education before joining the<br />

Lagos Business School (LBS),<br />

Pan African University as Head<br />

(Administrator), Centre for<br />

Applied Economics, and later<br />

in the Executive Education Unit.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 29


He was involved in research,<br />

teaching and marketing at the<br />

LBS.<br />

Dr. Nweze also attended<br />

advanced management<br />

courses in Nigeria (including<br />

Lagos Business School - AMP<br />

18, Developing and Managing<br />

Business Ventures and Executive<br />

Team Leadership) and abroad.<br />

He is a Centre for Management<br />

Development (CMD) accredited<br />

trainer and Insight Learning<br />

Foundation (USA) certified<br />

facilitator.<br />

He was a member of USAbased<br />

International Association<br />

of Facilitators (IAF), Nigerian<br />

Facilitators Network (NFN),<br />

and Nigerian Institute of<br />

Management (NIM). He<br />

was awarded Certificate of<br />

Completion for Technology of<br />

Participation (Group Facilitation<br />

Methods and Participatory<br />

Strategic Planning) from the<br />

Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)<br />

Unoted Kingdom and Ghana.<br />

He was an international<br />

conference, seminar, and<br />

workshop speaker and<br />

consultant. He had varied<br />

experiences in consulting for<br />

corporate and government<br />

institutions at different levels<br />

in business process and<br />

improvement. He was a<br />

speaker at the Geneva-based<br />

International Trade Centre<br />

(ITC) outsourcing conference in<br />

Ghana, Nigeria, and authored<br />

a book - "Strategic Business<br />

Outsourcing for ITC. He was<br />

also a national trainer for ITC<br />

Access! Programme for Women<br />

in Export Business in Africa. He<br />

participated in the Nigerian<br />

Export Promotion Council (NEPC)<br />

programmes and studies. He<br />

was the Founding President<br />

of Association of Outsourcing<br />

Practitioners of Nigeria (AOPN).<br />

He was also a member of the<br />

Africa Outsourcing Association.<br />

Dr Austin Nweze was part of<br />

the facilitation team for the<br />

Nigeria 2020 Business Scenarios<br />

in October 2006 organised by<br />

African Business Strategies<br />

in cooperation with Phillips<br />

Consulting Nigeria and the Lagos<br />

Business School. He participated<br />

as a mentor and facilitator in<br />

Centre for Values in Leadership<br />

(CVL) community development<br />

services programmes and<br />

facilitator at the DFID-sponsored<br />

Ajegunle community skills<br />

acquisition training for women.<br />

He was also a key participant<br />

in the drafting of DFID's 2008-<br />

2013 Strategic Plan; and key<br />

participant in the review of<br />

Nigeria Trade and Industrial<br />

Policy, Federal Ministry of<br />

Commerce and Industry.<br />

He was a member of the<br />

Ministerial Committee for the<br />

National Film Development Fund<br />

(alternate to Prof. Pat Utomi),<br />

and also a member of National<br />

Film Fund Report Writing Subcommittee.<br />

He was an Associate<br />

Adjunct Faculty Member of<br />

<strong>The</strong> Island Open University and<br />

a member of the Technical<br />

Working Committee {TWC) of<br />

the Nigerian Mapping of the<br />

Creative Industries sponsored<br />

by the British Council. <strong>The</strong> list<br />

of his extensive engagements<br />

in various fields of endeavour<br />

would take several pages to<br />

chronicle!<br />

In the political field, Dr. Austin<br />

Nweze was intentionally<br />

30 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


progressive. His belief that it would take<br />

positive, proactive steps to overturn years<br />

of mis-governance led to his aspiring to<br />

become governor of Ebonyi State under the<br />

banner of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)<br />

in 2011 and 2015 respectively<br />

That same firm resolve led to his<br />

unequivocal alignment with the Obidient<br />

Movement. He became a Lead Director of<br />

movement's <strong>The</strong> Big-Tent. He is also a former<br />

National Director Obi-Datti Elders' Council.<br />

Perhaps we can be consoled by the fact that<br />

Dr. Austin Nweze gave the best of himself to<br />

every single endeavour of his life: his family,<br />

his profession, public policies, politics, public<br />

good, publishing, as a born again Christian,<br />

and so much more.<br />

By every stretch of imagination, Dr. Nweze's<br />

story is a shining example of what a full,<br />

successful, exemplary generous and<br />

impactful life should be!<br />

<strong>The</strong> sudden end of the over twenty years I<br />

have personally known Austin is one of the<br />

most traumatic shocks of my life. <strong>The</strong> loss<br />

of a beautiful soul, the ever present voice<br />

of calm and reason, who will never hurt an<br />

enemy how much more a friend. But I am<br />

eternally grateful to God for the exceptional<br />

individual he made Austin to be, and the<br />

privilege to have crossed his path.<br />

As Christians, we are admonished never to<br />

mourn as people who have no hope. Our<br />

hope is in the resurrection through Christ<br />

Jesus. Austin has been called home by His<br />

Father, the giver of life, to another, and I must<br />

confidently say, to a better life.<br />

Your Excellency, may your humble soul rest in<br />

the bosom of our merciful God.<br />

Victor Olewunne.<br />


<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 31


10<br />




By Adebayo Afolabi<br />

A<br />

few decades ago,<br />

life was different, and<br />

the advancements<br />

we now enjoy were<br />

not yet a part of our<br />

everyday experience.<br />

This is thanks to ground-breaking<br />

inventions that have profoundly<br />

changed the world, making<br />

things easier. <strong>The</strong>se inventions<br />

span various fields, including<br />

technology, medicine, and<br />

communication.<br />

In the realm of technology,<br />

the development of personal<br />

computers, smart phones, and<br />

the internet has changed the<br />

way we live and connect with<br />

others. Medical breakthroughs,<br />

such as vaccines, have improved<br />

health care and increased life<br />

expectancy. Communication has<br />

been transformed by innovations<br />

like social media and instant<br />

messaging, connecting people<br />

globally in ways unimaginable in<br />

the past.<br />

Shaping the modern world, let's<br />

explore ten inventions that have<br />

had an immense impact.<br />

32 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Electricity<br />

Electricity, a game-changing<br />

invention, has had a huge<br />

impact on our world. Its impact<br />

is felt across every spectrum of<br />

modern life.<br />

Thomas Edison, a key figure in the<br />

practical application of electricity,<br />

is credited with inventing the<br />

electric light bulb. <strong>The</strong> invention<br />

of the light bulb illuminated<br />

homes and streets, extending<br />

productivity beyond daylight<br />

hours. Electricity also paved<br />

the way for the development of<br />

electronic devices, from radios<br />

to computers, improving<br />

connectivity and<br />

information sharing.<br />

In addition to Edison,<br />

other notable<br />

figures such as<br />

Michael Faraday,<br />

Alessandro<br />

Volta, and<br />

Nikola Tesla<br />

also made<br />

substantial<br />

contributions<br />

to the<br />

understanding of<br />

electricity.<br />

Internet<br />

<strong>The</strong> internet stands as a<br />

ground-breaking invention that<br />

has profoundly transformed<br />

the world. Vinton Cerf and<br />

Robert Kahn played a big<br />

part by developing important<br />

communication protocols. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

made the transmission control<br />

protocol (TCP) and the internet<br />

protocol (IP), which are like the<br />

building blocks of the internet.<br />

Tim Berners-Lee, invented the<br />

world wide web (WWW), making<br />

it easier for us to use the internet.<br />

He created the first web browser,<br />

a tool to explore the internet, and<br />

the first website.<br />

•Apple I personal<br />

computer, 1976–79<br />

<strong>The</strong> Internet connects people<br />

from all over, letting them share<br />

information and talk to each<br />

other easily. With the internet,<br />

we can learn new things, play<br />

games, and even see and talk<br />

to friends and family who are far<br />

away. This helpful tool has made<br />

our world more connected.<br />

Vaccination<br />

Edward Jenner's creation of<br />

vaccination, particularly the<br />

smallpox vaccine in the late<br />

18th century, is an invention that<br />

Thomas Edison<br />

changed the world. This idea<br />

involved introducing a weakened<br />

form of a disease into the body,<br />

priming the immune system to<br />

recognise and fight off the actual<br />

illness when it strikes. Jenner's<br />

ground-breaking work laid the<br />

foundation for immunisation,<br />

extending its impact to prevent<br />

various infectious diseases<br />

like polio, measles, and<br />

influenza.<br />

Today, vaccination<br />

has played a role<br />

in reducing the<br />

incidence of these<br />

diseases, contributing<br />

significantly to public health<br />

and saving countless lives<br />

worldwide.<br />

Penicillin<br />

Penicillin, discovered by Sir<br />

Alexander Fleming, is a gamechanger<br />

in medicine. Sir Fleming<br />

found it in 1928, and this discovery<br />

revolutionised how we treat<br />

infections. Penicillin was the<br />

first antibiotic used in fighting<br />

bacteria and remains useful till<br />

date. Before penicillin, people<br />

had a harder time healing from<br />

bacterial infections, and many<br />

lives were lost. With its invention,<br />

doctors could treat infections,<br />

saving lives and making surgeries<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 33


to rely on letters or face-toface<br />

conversations to talk<br />

over long distances. With<br />

the telephone, we can now<br />

instantly talk to someone far<br />

away. <strong>The</strong> telephone has made<br />

communication much more<br />

accessible.<br />

safer. This invention laid the<br />

foundation for the development<br />

of various antibiotics that we<br />

still use today to keep people<br />

healthy. Sir Alexander<br />

Fleming's discovery of<br />

penicillin was a key<br />

moment in medical<br />

history, making a lasting<br />

impact on how we fight<br />

infections and treat<br />

diseases.<br />

Automobile<br />

Automobile was invented by<br />

Karl Benz, and it has made a<br />

huge difference in our lives. Karl<br />

Benz built the first practical car<br />

in 1885, and since then, cars<br />

have become a part of how<br />

we get around. <strong>The</strong>y've made<br />

transportation faster, allowing<br />

us travel long distances in a<br />

short time. <strong>The</strong>y've opened<br />

up opportunities for jobs and<br />

travel, making the world more<br />

connected.<br />

Aeroplane<br />

<strong>The</strong> airplane was invented by<br />

the Wright brothers, Orville and<br />

Wilbur, and it's an incredible<br />

invention that changed the<br />

way we travel. In 1903, the<br />

Wright brothers made the first<br />

•Benz Patent-Motorwagen, 1885<br />

•Telephone, 1876<br />

successful powered flight, and<br />

since then, airplanes have<br />

become a part of transportation.<br />

Airplanes make it possible for<br />

us to travel long distances<br />

in a short amount of time,<br />

connecting people and places<br />

around the world. <strong>The</strong>y've<br />

opened up opportunities for<br />

business, tourism, and personal<br />

adventures. Thanks to airplanes,<br />

we can explore new countries,<br />

visit friends and family far away,<br />

and experience different cultures.<br />

Telephone<br />

<strong>The</strong> telephone was invented<br />

by Alexander Graham Bell, and<br />

it's a truly amazing invention.<br />

Alexander Graham Bell created<br />

the first practical telephone<br />

in 1876, changing the way we<br />

communicate forever. Before<br />

the telephone, people had<br />

Computer<br />

<strong>The</strong> computer, a<br />

brilliant invention<br />

that led to the digital<br />

age, doesn't have<br />

a single inventor; its<br />

development involved<br />

many clever people. One<br />

important figure is Charles<br />

Babbage, who designed the first<br />

mechanical computer in the 19th<br />

century. <strong>The</strong> modern computer<br />

we use today was shaped by<br />

many inventors and pioneers<br />

like Alan Turing and John von<br />

Neumann. From helping us<br />

work to storing information and<br />

connecting us online, computers<br />

have influenced nearly every part<br />

of how we live today.<br />

Space Travel<br />

German engineer, Hermann<br />

Oberth, is credited with inventing<br />

the first functional spaceship. <strong>The</strong><br />

impact of Oberth's invention has<br />

been profound and its<br />

34 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


•Spaceship, Hemann<br />

Oberth's Modell-B, 1923<br />

In the realm of<br />

technology, the<br />

development<br />

of personal<br />

computers,<br />

smart phones,<br />

and the internet<br />

has changed the<br />

way we live and<br />

connect with<br />

others.<br />

fantastic invention that's changing<br />

the way we live.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se inventions have made<br />

our lives a whole lot easier!<br />

I mean, think about it – the<br />

internet connects us all, making<br />

everything just a click away.<br />

Vaccines keep us healthy and<br />

safe from diseases. Cars zip us<br />

around, saving us from long,<br />

long walks. Phones let us talk to<br />

anyone, anywhere, anytime.<br />

Altogether, these inventions<br />

are like everyday superheroes,<br />

making life easier and way more<br />

awesome!<br />

development paved the<br />

way for human space<br />

exploration, leading to<br />

historic achievements<br />

such as Yuri Gagarin's<br />

orbital flight and the<br />

'Apollo' moon missions.<br />

<strong>The</strong> invention of<br />

the spaceship not<br />

only expanded our<br />

understanding of<br />

the cosmos but also<br />

fuelled advancements<br />

in satellite technology,<br />

telecommunications,<br />

and scientific research<br />

conducted in space.<br />

Also, it triggered a new<br />

era of international<br />

collaboration, inspiring<br />

nations to work together in<br />

the exploration and use of<br />

outer space.<br />

AI<br />

Artificial Intelligence (AI)<br />

doesn't have a single inventor.<br />

It's an amazing creation that<br />

has evolved over time with<br />

contributions from many<br />

people. AI involves making<br />

machines and computers<br />

smart, like teaching them to<br />

think and learn on their own. It's<br />

a bit like giving them a brain!<br />

AI helps in so many ways; like<br />

making our phones smart,<br />

helping doctors diagnose<br />

diseases, and even guiding<br />

self-driving cars. Even though<br />

it's still growing and learning,<br />

AI has already become a<br />



I am a passionate business writer<br />

with a knack for translating<br />

complex concepts into accessible<br />

content. With a keen eye for detail,<br />

I deliver compelling content that<br />

educates, inspires, and drives<br />

positive change in the realm of<br />

finance and business.<br />

•Wright brothers Aeroplane, 1903<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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By Victor Olewunne<br />

ethical values serve as the moral compass<br />

that guides individuals and societies in<br />

making decisions, shaping behaviour,<br />

and defining the principles that underpin<br />

a just and humane world. Ethical values<br />

are the set of principles and beliefs that<br />

govern human conduct and distinguish right from<br />

wrong. <strong>The</strong>se values are deeply ingrained in cultural,<br />

religious, and societal norms, providing a framework<br />

for individuals to make morally sound decisions.<br />

While ethical values can vary across cultures and<br />

belief systems, certain core principles often form the<br />

foundation of universally accepted ethical standards.<br />

Foundations of Ethical Values<br />

Cultural Perspectives<br />

Cultural backgrounds significantly<br />

influence ethical values. Different<br />

societies may prioritise various<br />

virtues, such as honesty, loyalty, or<br />

compassion, based on their cultural<br />

heritage and historical context. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

can be gleaned from expressions in<br />

the people’s language. Igbos will say,<br />

‘Onye aghala nwanneya’, meaning<br />

none should leave his brother or sister<br />

behind. Or ‘Eziokwu bu ndu’, meaning<br />

truth is life. Understanding cultural<br />

diversity is key to fostering respect for<br />

varying ethical perspectives.<br />

36 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Religious Influences<br />

Many ethical values find their roots<br />

in religious teachings. Various<br />

faiths provide moral guidelines and<br />

commandments that shape the<br />

ethical framework of their followers.<br />

Within the Christian faith for instance,<br />

concepts like justice, forgiveness,<br />

and charity are evident from their<br />

religious doctrines, impacting<br />

the ethical values embraced by<br />

individuals within the religious<br />

community.<br />

Philosophical Principles<br />

Ethical values have deep<br />

connections to philosophical<br />

thought. Philosophers throughout<br />

history, from Aristotle to Kant to<br />

Thaddeus Metz, have explored and<br />

articulated theories on morality<br />

and ethics. Utilitarianism (based on<br />

consequences), deontology (based<br />

on duty), virtue ethics (based on<br />

character), African ethics (based on<br />

the interconnectedness of humanity)<br />

and other philosophical frameworks<br />

contribute to the intellectual<br />

discourse surrounding ethical<br />

decision-making.<br />

Laws<br />

Societal laws often reflect ethical<br />

values, serving as a formalised<br />

expression of shared moral principles.<br />

Legal systems are designed to<br />

protect individual rights, promote<br />

justice, and maintain social order.<br />

Ethical considerations can influence<br />

the creation and evolution of laws,<br />

and in turn, legal standards can<br />

shape societal ethical norms.<br />

Role of Ethical Values in Society<br />

Behaviour, Relationship,<br />

Culture and Social Justice<br />

Ethical values provide individuals<br />

with a moral compass, to guide<br />

their behaviour in both personal and<br />

professional spheres. Trust as ethical<br />

value is a fundamental component<br />

of any healthy relationship, be<br />

it in personal friendships, family<br />

dynamics, or professional<br />

collaborations. Upholding ethical<br />

values promotes trust, as individuals<br />

can rely on each other to act with<br />

integrity and honesty. Ethical values<br />

are integral to the formation of<br />

organisational culture. Companies<br />

that prioritise ethics create a positive<br />

work environment and enhance<br />

employee morale. Ethical business<br />

practices contribute to long-term<br />

success, as customers, employees,<br />

and stakeholders are more likely<br />

to support ethically responsible<br />

organisations. Ethical values help<br />

address social issues and promote<br />

justice. Nigeria will be a better<br />

place if it could recognise and<br />

rectify systemic injustices through<br />

a collective adherence to ethical<br />

values.<br />

Challenges and Considerations<br />

Cultural differences lead to conflicting<br />

ethical values. Striking a balance<br />

between respecting cultural diversity<br />

and advocating for universal ethical<br />

principles poses a complex dilemma.<br />

<strong>The</strong> rapid evolution of technology<br />

introduces ethical challenges<br />

too, from privacy concerns to the<br />

ethical implications of artificial<br />

intelligence. New ethical frameworks<br />

to guide tech development is<br />

required. As the world becomes<br />

increasingly interconnected, ethical<br />

considerations and global issues<br />

demand collaborative ethical<br />

solutions.<br />

Conclusion<br />

In a world characterised by complex<br />

diversity, ethical values serve as the<br />

bedrock of a just and harmonious<br />

society. Understanding the<br />

foundations of ethical values — rooted<br />

in culture, religion, philosophy, and law<br />

— allows individuals and communities<br />

to navigate the challenges of today’s<br />

world. By upholding ethical principles<br />

in personal and professional life, we<br />

contribute to a global community<br />

built on trust, respect, and shared<br />

values. Embracing a commitment to<br />

ethical values must not be a matter<br />

of personal whims; it should be a<br />

collective responsibility that shapes<br />

the present and molds the future for<br />

generations to come.<br />

VICTOR<br />



Victor Olewunne, the Ethicist,<br />

is a public affairs analyst and<br />

Founder, African Foundation for<br />

Ethics and Social Responsibility.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 37


Women in<br />

Politics:<br />

<strong>The</strong> Positives,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Warts<br />

By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

women's access to governance has<br />

been a topic of great importance in<br />

Nigeria for decades. More and<br />

more women are now taking on<br />

leadership roles in various tiers<br />

and sectors of the country. This<br />

shift has brought about a significant change in the<br />

traditional male-dominated landscape and has<br />

sparked discussions on the impact of women in<br />

positions of power.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> takes a look at the impact<br />

made by some Nigerian women who have had the<br />

privilege of holding public office. Particular<br />

emphasis is on whether those women made an<br />

enviable, exemplary impact or if they were just<br />

feminine versions of the numerous men who have<br />

been largely blamed for the derelict state of<br />

Nigeria's political and economic fabrics.<br />

38 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Stella Adaeze Oduah is a prominent Nigerian politician<br />

who served as the Minister of Aviation in Nigeria from 2011 to 2014.<br />

During her tenure, she implemented various reforms and<br />

initiatives to improve the aviation sector. One of her notable<br />

achievements was the successful remodelling and upgrading of<br />

major airports across the country.<br />

<strong>The</strong> improvement of airport infrastructure has significantly<br />

enhanced the travel experience of domestic and international<br />

travellers. Her efforts in modernising and developing airport<br />

facilities have played a crucial role in positioning Nigeria as a hub<br />

for regional and international travel. However, Oduah's political<br />

career has been marred by scandal when she became embroiled<br />

in a corruption allegation involving the purchase of bullet-proof<br />

cars at inflated prices of $1.6 million for the Nigerian Civil Aviation<br />

Authority. This has damaged her reputation and cast a shadow<br />

over her contributions to the aviation sector.<br />

Diezani Alison-Madueke served as the Minister of Petroleum<br />

Resources in Nigeria from 2010 to 2015. She made notable efforts to<br />

implement several policies and reforms aimed at combating corruption in<br />

the sector. For example, she initiated the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) which<br />

aimed to restructure and change the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, with<br />

focus on improving regulatory frameworks, transparency, and<br />

accountability. Although the bill faced numerous challenges and was not<br />

fully implemented during her tenure, the efforts and initiatives she<br />

introduced signified a step towards improving governance in the oil and<br />

gas sector in Nigeria. During her time in office, Alison-Madueke faced<br />

numerous allegations of financial impropriety, including the<br />

mismanagement of public funds and involvement in money laundering<br />

schemes. In 2015, she was arrested in the United Kingdom on charges of<br />

corruption and money laundering, and she has since been the subject of<br />

various international investigations.<br />

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, GCON.<br />

She is a renowned economist and former Finance Minister of Nigeria. She is widely respected for<br />

her efforts in leading economic reforms and her role in negotiating the cancellation of Nigeria's<br />

external debt. She has also been a strong advocate for women's empowerment and has made<br />

significant contributions to development initiatives within the country. Notwithstanding, her tenure<br />

as Finance Minister was not without downtime, as she faced criticism for handling the fuel subsidy<br />

removal, which led to widespread protests and civil unrest. Despite this, Okonjo-Iweala's positive<br />

impact on Nigeria's economy cannot be overlooked.<br />

Many would recall that her fearless and uncompromising stance against economic saboteurs<br />

within and outside the corridors of power brought her and members of her nuclear family close<br />

shaves with death! This not only shows how resolutely she stood against corruption, but it also<br />

proves that not every Nigerian in public office can be tainted with thieving from the country's<br />

commonwealth.<br />

She has the distinction of holding various ministerial portfolios to two presidents of Nigeria. She<br />

served as minister of finance in the administrations of President Olusegun Obasanjo and<br />

President Goodluck Jonathan. Under the former's tenure, she also served as Coordinating Minister<br />

of the Economy and Minister of Foreign Affairs respectively. She is currently the 7th Director-<br />

General of the World Trade Organisation.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 39


Kemi Adeosun<br />

is the former Minister of Finance. She made some impact by<br />

improving government spending, which helped to reduce waste<br />

and mismanagement of public funds. She also played a key role<br />

in advocating for responsible budgeting and financial<br />

management practices, which are essential for ensuring the<br />

long-term economic stability and prosperity of the country.<br />

Her tenure was destroyed by controversy when it was revealed<br />

that she had obtained a fake National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)<br />

exemption certificate. This scandal raised questions about her<br />

integrity and raised concerns about the credibility of her financial<br />

management expertise. Adeosun ultimately resigned from her<br />

ministerial position after she acknowledged that her NYSC<br />

exemption certificate was not authentic.<br />

Amina Jane Mohammed, GCON.<br />

She is the current Deputy Secretary-General of<br />

the United Nations. Prior to this, she served<br />

Nigeria as Minister of Environment. She has been<br />

a champion for sustainable development and<br />

environmental conservation in Nigeria. She<br />

played a crucial role in the implementation of<br />

policies to tackle climate change and promote<br />

clean energy initiatives.<br />

However, at some point, she was criticised for<br />

her alleged role in the controversial issuance of<br />

timber export permits in Nigeria. In 2017, it was<br />

reported that she had signed thousands of<br />

permits allowing the export of endangered<br />

rosewood from Nigeria to China. <strong>The</strong> critics<br />

claimed she had done so even though the<br />

Convention on International Trade in<br />

Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora<br />

(CITES) had placed a ban on the export of<br />

rosewood from Nigeria due to concerns about<br />

the sustainability of the species.<br />

Her alleged actions, in this regard, have been<br />

seen as a betrayal of her responsibility to protect<br />

the environment and endangered species.<br />

Furthermore, the issuance of these permits had<br />

a detrimental impact on the Nigerian<br />

environment and further fueled the illegal<br />

logging trade, leading to further deforestation<br />

and the destruction of natural habitats.<br />

As the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on<br />

Post-2015 Development Planning, Mohammed worked<br />

tirelessly to ensure that Nigeria's priorities and<br />

aspirations were reflected in the global agenda for<br />

sustainable development. Through her efforts, Nigeria<br />

became a signatory to the SDGs, committing to<br />

eradicating poverty, promoting environmental<br />

sustainability, and fostering inclusive economic growth.<br />

40 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

Halima Shehu was, until her<br />

suspension by President Bola<br />

Ahmed Tinubu, the Chief Executive<br />

Officer of the National Social<br />

Investment Programme Agency<br />

(NSIPA). Her suspension followed<br />

allegations of financial<br />

malfeasance.<br />

Before her appointment to lead<br />

the NSIPA, was confirmed by the<br />

Senate on October 18, 2023, she<br />

served as the National<br />

Coordinator of the Conditional<br />

Cash Transfer (CCT) programme.<br />

She had also worked with the<br />

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian<br />

Affairs, Disaster Management and<br />

Social Development between 2017<br />

and 2022. She is a strong<br />

advocate for women's<br />

participation in the economy. She<br />

has been instrumental in creating<br />

platforms and opportunities for<br />

women to voice their concerns<br />

and play meaningful roles in<br />

effective governance. Her efforts<br />

have helped to create a more<br />

inclusive and diverse political<br />

environment in Nigeria, leading to<br />

a more representative and<br />

Dr. Betta Edu made a name<br />

for herself in Nigerian politics as a<br />

public administrator, and former<br />

Director General of the Cross River<br />

State Primary Health Care<br />

Development Agency. She was<br />

appointed Minister of<br />

Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty<br />

Alleviation of Government by<br />

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. She<br />

was suspended from office after<br />

an alleged 585 million naira<br />

scandal in her ministry.<br />

Leaked documents allege that Edu<br />

diverted over 585 million naira<br />

(U.S.$640,000) into a civil servant's<br />

private account. Her ministry is<br />

effective government. In addition to<br />

the allegations of fraud, she has<br />

been accused of using her position<br />

of power to further the interests of<br />

her political party at the expense of<br />

the welfare of the Nigerian people.<br />

This type of partisanship is<br />

detrimental to the democratic<br />

process and undermines the<br />

principles of fairness and equality<br />

that should underpin political<br />

decision-making by public officials.<br />

As critics say, by prioritising the<br />

interests of her party over the needs<br />

of the citizens she was appointed to<br />

serve, Halima Shehu has contributed<br />

to the polarisation and division<br />

within Nigerian politics.<br />

said to have approved the transfer<br />

into a personal account, which was<br />

not in her name, but said it was for<br />

the "implementation of grants to<br />

vulnerable groups". Following the<br />

public outrage that followed,<br />

President Tinubu ordered a<br />

comprehensive investigation into all<br />

the transactions to uncover the<br />

truth. Edu has continued to maintain<br />

that the transfer was for legitimate<br />

grant implementation. It would be<br />

recalled that when she served as<br />

commissioner in Cross River State,<br />

there were also allegations against<br />

her with regards to distribution of<br />

palliatives to vulnerable persons.<br />

However, she is credited to have<br />

adequately coordinated efforts to<br />

ensure that essential food items and<br />

relief materials reached those most<br />

in need during the lockdowns and<br />

economic hardships caused by the<br />

pandemic. Her proactive approach<br />

and commitment to addressing the<br />

challenges faced by vulnerable<br />

populations during the pandemic<br />

we're reported to be commendable.<br />


Conclusion<br />

Based on the foregoing, it is<br />

obvious that the involvement of<br />

women in governance brings<br />

about positive or negative<br />

performance. In order words,<br />

there is no clear evidence, so far,<br />

that giving women opportunity to<br />

hold public office will eliminate<br />

corruption. Nevertheless, it is<br />

imperative to continue<br />

advocating for women's<br />

representation in governance and<br />

to create a supportive<br />

environment that will enable<br />

women to excel in leadership<br />

roles. As more women continue to<br />

seek public office, it is mandatory<br />

lthat they evaluate the<br />

performance of women that had<br />

served in government in order to<br />

redirect their minds to upholding<br />

the highest standards of integrity<br />

and accountability in serving the<br />

Nigerian people.<br />



My love to impact<br />

knowledge to the<br />

young and old led<br />

me to research and<br />

writing. Also, l have<br />

been business-oriented,<br />

right from childhood,<br />

which made me focus<br />

more on driving the<br />

business world and<br />

also to help people grow<br />

their business. As a<br />

writer, I aim to create an<br />

insightful image in the<br />

minds of every reader<br />

for maximum wealth<br />

and health.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 41


“Nothing<br />

is working in my<br />

life. My brain is clogged<br />

up. <strong>The</strong> economy is getting<br />

harder. My decisions are<br />

wrong. My mind is messed up.<br />

<strong>The</strong> future doesn’t seem bright<br />

at all. I see extreme hardship,<br />

and I can’t bear the pain<br />

anymore. I’m sorry Mom,<br />

I’m sorry Dad.”<br />

Why Did<br />

Amarachi Commit<br />

Suicide At Work?<br />

By Segun McMedal<br />

On January 8, 2024, the news broke that a female<br />

staff member of Globus Bank in Lagos, known as<br />

Miss Amarachi Ugochukwu, committed suicide!<br />

Her body was found on the floor of the bank’s<br />

staff toilet. Also found were her diary containing<br />

her suicide note and a can of insecticide she drank.<br />

42 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Just like you, this story caught my<br />

attention. What is not in the news is<br />

the subject of this article. Walk with<br />

me, please.<br />

Sometimes, I fancy myself thinking<br />

like Sherlock Holmes. Generation X<br />

will remember Holmes, famed for his<br />

uncanny ability to gather evidence<br />

based on his honed skills of<br />

observation and deductive<br />

reasoning. So, like Holmes, I<br />

wondered why Amarachi chose to<br />

commit suicide at work and not at<br />

home. What triggered this state? Was<br />

she suicidal?<br />

It was important to do a background<br />

check. So, I visited her LinkedIn page.<br />

Amarachi landed a job as a<br />

relationship manager at the Globus<br />

Bank in May 2023. She wrote on her<br />

timeline about securing the job, “I’m<br />

happy to share that I’m starting a<br />

new position as Relationship<br />

Manager at Globus Bank!" She had<br />

moved from Zenith Bank.<br />

Amarachi was 32, well-dressed,<br />

pretty, and bright. She also wrote on<br />

her page, “Being the best and<br />

nothing less is my identity. I was<br />

awarded best graduating student<br />

from a pool of over a hundred<br />

students in 2016. <strong>The</strong> Achievers team<br />

was top performer in 2019, increasing<br />

sales by over a 100% and I was the<br />

team leader. Performing at my job<br />

with excellence and competence has<br />

given me the opportunity to work in<br />

three different units in the space of a<br />

year in Zenith Bank.”<br />

From this, one could deduce that she<br />

was happy and excited about life<br />

and ready to take on the world. It<br />

seemed like everything was going<br />

well for her. On the surface, at least.<br />

Is it fair to rule out the possibility that<br />

she was suicidal? Let’s take a deep<br />

dive into what’s happening in<br />

Nigerian banks. Bank marketers,<br />

Amarachi was 32, well-dressed,<br />

pretty, and bright. She also wrote<br />

on her page, “Being the best and<br />

nothing less is my identity. I was<br />

awarded best graduating student<br />

from a pool of over a hundred<br />

students in 2016.<br />

especially those who are far from meeting set deposit<br />

targets, dread going to work on Mondays! Why? <strong>The</strong>y<br />

will be talked down on, bashed, and harassed for not<br />

delivering! <strong>The</strong>y may even be served queries. During<br />

end-of-the-week meetings, some marketers’ selfconfidence<br />

will drop significantly. Is this enough to<br />

trigger suicide?<br />

In Amarachi’s case, it is important to know what<br />

happened at the review meeting that Monday morning,<br />

if there was one. Was the meeting the tipping point for<br />

her? Her suicide note read: “Nothing is working in my<br />

life. My brain is clogged up. <strong>The</strong> economy is getting<br />

harder. My decisions are wrong. My mind is messed up.<br />

<strong>The</strong> future doesn’t seem bright at all. I see extreme<br />

hardship, and I can’t bear the pain anymore. I’m sorry<br />

Mom, I’m sorry Dad.”<br />

We all know that one person can start an epidemic. I<br />

hope that Amarachi’s case will not become a tipping<br />

point for other marketers in the banking sector who are<br />

under pressure to perform!<br />

SEGUN<br />



Mr. Segun McMedal is an experienced<br />

story teller, reputation manager, brand<br />

builder, business coach, social butterfly,<br />

publisher, content creator, digital public<br />

relations consultant and immediate Past<br />

Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Public<br />

Relations. He is the President & CEO,<br />

Upticomn Marketing Company, Lagos.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 43


Plateau<br />

Massacre<br />

Should the<br />

Service<br />

Chiefs be<br />

sacked?<br />

By Dave Baro-Thomas<br />

it appears the security breaches in Plateau<br />

State approximate the thoughts of Thomas<br />

Hobbes in "Leviathan" (1660), that human<br />

life was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and<br />

short. By the last count, hundreds have been<br />

slaughtered, scores are missing, and countless<br />

are wounded as the once serene and peaceful<br />

state has become Golgotha and a field of blood<br />

while we fold our arms and watch the carnage.<br />

Hobbes further reasoned that the remedy to<br />

this maleficence is a virile, intentional and<br />

uncompromising leadership in this context<br />

rather than the authoritarian or monarchical<br />

government contemplated originally.<br />

<strong>The</strong> unrestrained<br />

bloodbath in some parts<br />

of that state is worrisome<br />

and leaves many<br />

confused because,<br />

sometimes, these<br />

marauders and<br />

insurgents give advance<br />

notices before the<br />

attacks, and<br />

communities are sacked<br />

overnight without the<br />

slightest resistance from<br />

the authorities saddled<br />

with the responsibility of<br />

securing lives and<br />

property in the country.<br />

Without mincing words,<br />

two possibilities give rise<br />

to these outcomes: either<br />

the entire security<br />

intelligence architecture<br />

in that space has<br />

collapsed, or there is<br />

ungodly complicity in<br />

•Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja<br />

certain quarters. For<br />

anyone who cares to<br />

listen, Plateau State is<br />

falling, and no society<br />

makes any meaningful<br />

progress - on social or<br />

economic fronts - where<br />

insecurity of this<br />

magnitude thrives<br />

unabated. Responsibility<br />

comes with<br />

consequences and<br />

rewards, and when<br />

performance metrics are<br />

44 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


negative, the President<br />

and Commander-in-<br />

Chief should be<br />

courageous enough to<br />

make the tough decision.<br />

One such tough decision<br />

is a dispassionate review<br />

of the performance of all<br />

the service chiefs viz-aviz<br />

the state of insecurity<br />

in the country. <strong>The</strong><br />

question that should<br />

trouble the President's<br />

mind is: What has<br />

changed in the security<br />

architecture since the<br />

appointment of this<br />

bunch of service chiefs.<br />

It's really true that when<br />

performances are<br />

reported rather than felt,<br />

somebody is not telling<br />

the whole truth.<br />

Plateau, like some other<br />

states in the North, have,<br />

no doubt, become a<br />

killing field, and all<br />

Nigerians get, most times,<br />

is a delegation of service<br />

chiefs making what<br />

many consider endless,<br />

lip-service condolence<br />

visits around the affected<br />

states. <strong>The</strong>se visits are<br />

now for the optics and,<br />

probably, playing to the<br />

gallery. <strong>The</strong> crux of the<br />

matter is that after a few<br />

weeks, a large troop of<br />

bandits will travel across<br />

the expanse of open land,<br />

given the topography of<br />

most Northern states,<br />

invade villages and<br />

massacre defenceless<br />

Nigerians in operations<br />

that can last all night,<br />

and in recent cases like in<br />

Plateau State, for days,<br />

then, return to their hiding<br />

dens without any trace or<br />

arrests.<br />

Sometime in mid-2023,<br />

no fewer than 300 people<br />

were massacred in a<br />

series of attacks by<br />

insurgents in the Mangu<br />

Local Government Area.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Nigerian Army<br />

launched a special<br />

operation code-named<br />

"Operation Hakorin<br />

Damisa IV" as a response<br />

to put a stop to the<br />

carnage. Major-General<br />

Taoreed Lagbaja, the<br />

Chief of Army Staff,<br />

vowed to crush the<br />

bandits. Six months later,<br />

the sloppy performance<br />

report cards are out<br />

there!<br />

It is either these bandits<br />

have become subsovereign<br />

to themselves<br />

within the Nigerian nation<br />

or are invisible and<br />

invincible to the Nigerian<br />

military and the Police.<br />

Kidnapping is resurging<br />

on the Abuja-Kaduna<br />

highway. <strong>The</strong> Lokoja axis<br />

is a free fall, killings and<br />

the so-called farmersherders<br />

crisis are<br />

rebounding.<br />

<strong>The</strong> truth remains that<br />

the Plateau bloodbath is<br />

the battle for the soul of<br />

the land. <strong>The</strong> barbarism<br />

and dastard acts by<br />

these bandits on<br />

innocent Nigerians are<br />

simply inconceivable. It is<br />

about time all the heads<br />

of security operatives in<br />

the country had a frank<br />

conversation with the<br />

Commander-in-Chief<br />

and receive a clear-cut<br />

matching order to<br />

dissipate the terrorists, or<br />

they get relieved of their<br />

appointments!<br />

How can a large<br />

contingent of bandits<br />

sack communities and<br />

disappear into thin air,<br />

and people appointed to<br />

protect them and<br />

sustained in office by<br />

taxes of the people are<br />

still keeping their jobs,<br />

gracing TV shows to<br />

explain how<br />

handicapped the nation’s<br />

security architecture has<br />

become in the face of<br />

banditry?<br />

In a country where you<br />

cannot defend yourself,<br />

marauders can walk in<br />

and kill hundreds in one<br />

night. Is this how to<br />

govern a nation? Is this<br />

what those in public<br />

office were sworn-in to<br />

do?<br />

DAVE<br />



A Banker, Special<br />

Project Executive<br />

(BusinessDay Media)<br />

and Event/Conferences<br />

Manager (Vanguard<br />

Newspapers). A<br />

Producer, Editor, Author/<br />

Publisher, (Development<br />

Post & Agrobusiness<br />

Times) Columnist,<br />

Voice-over artist,<br />

Content Specialist (Pan<br />

Atlantic University),<br />

Trainer, and Media<br />

Entrepreneur (GreenStel<br />

Communication/Zemeef<br />

Communications)<br />

with a strong flare for<br />

marketing<br />

and research.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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"I heard my mother ask the<br />

neighbors for salt. But we had salt<br />

at home. I asked her why she asked<br />

the neighbours for salt. And she<br />

replied: - Because our neighbors<br />

don't have much money and they<br />

often ask us for something. From<br />

time to time I also ask them for<br />

something small and economical,<br />

so that they feel that we need them<br />

too. That way, they will feel more<br />

comfortable and it will be easier to<br />

keep asking us for everything they<br />

need.<br />

And that's what I learned from my<br />

mother... let's build empathetic,<br />

humble, supportive children .<br />

Written by Coleen Rodgers and<br />

posted by <strong>The</strong> Law of Attraction<br />

& <strong>The</strong> Secret on Quora.com<br />

1. <strong>The</strong>y love to hear<br />

the word “No”.<br />

<strong>The</strong> real secret to success isn’t<br />

that first win, it’s all the nos<br />

people heard to get there. As<br />

someone once stated, a person<br />

can achieve anything if they are<br />

willing to hear 'no' repeatedly.<br />

2. <strong>The</strong>y improve<br />

themselves for<br />

themselves, rather<br />

than for external<br />

reasons.<br />

Successful people find immense<br />

satisfaction in their own selfdevelopment<br />

and taking care of<br />

46 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


real desires and settle,<br />

creating a genuine<br />

standard for themselves.<br />

And when it comes to<br />

relationships, connecting<br />

with compatible singles<br />

meet their standards is<br />

key.<br />

5. <strong>The</strong>y always<br />

pursue multiple<br />

options.<br />

Successful people don’t<br />

rely on only one avenue<br />

and hope it works out.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y diversify and improve<br />

their odds and never put<br />

all their eggs in one basket.<br />

Distinct<br />

Characteristics<br />

of Successful<br />

People<br />

their needs. <strong>The</strong>y don’t do it to<br />

try and get a girlfriend back,<br />

prove someone wrong, or to<br />

receive validation.<br />

3. <strong>The</strong>y’re willing to<br />

have egg on their<br />

face.<br />

Yes, the willingness to appear<br />

stupid means a refusal to let<br />

the weight of other people’s<br />

opinions dictate what they do.<br />

Moreover, it signals a crucial<br />

fact: the less seriously they<br />

take life, the better chances of<br />

success.<br />

4. <strong>The</strong>y don’t settle<br />

for less than they<br />

deserve.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are honest about their<br />

desires and don’t hide their<br />

6. <strong>The</strong>y are not<br />

islands unto<br />

themselves.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y do not work<br />

independently all the time,<br />

or assume they can<br />

handle everything alone. In<br />

fact, one of their greatest<br />

attributes it their<br />

willingness to surround<br />

themselves with people<br />

who are smarter than they<br />

are.<br />

Editor's Note: This<br />

piece was posted by<br />

Alex Ferman with a<br />

different title on<br />

Quora.com<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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Some Golden Habits You<br />

Should Imbibe in 2024.<br />

Avoid<br />

gossiping<br />

about<br />

people<br />

with other<br />

people.<br />

Just<br />

remain<br />

silent.<br />

Know what to tell<br />

people and what you<br />

shouldn’t tell. Keep<br />

privacy and keep secrets.<br />

Have the<br />

blueprint that<br />

you will<br />

forever be a<br />

student in life;<br />

if not, you<br />

might<br />

have to<br />

learn<br />

with<br />

your<br />

own life.<br />

Don’t drink and drive.<br />

By not doing so, you<br />

will save your life and<br />

someone else's life.<br />

Effectiveness<br />

is not just<br />

enough to<br />

enjoy this life.<br />

Try to be<br />

efficient.<br />

Start<br />

spending<br />

money to<br />

collect some<br />

wonderful<br />

moments.<br />

Avoid being<br />

available for<br />

people 24/7,<br />

unless you work<br />

as a customer<br />

care agent.<br />

People won’t<br />

respect you.<br />

48 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


You cannot<br />

manage time but<br />

you can manage<br />

your priorities and<br />

activities.<br />

History Never Forgets<br />

<strong>The</strong> lady circled in red was Lucy Higgs Nichols. She<br />

was born into slavery in Tennessee, but during the<br />

American Civil War, she managed to escape and<br />

found her way to 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment<br />

which was encamped nearby.<br />

Talk to your<br />

loved ones daily or<br />

weekly.<br />

Try to, at least,<br />

put a smile on<br />

someone's face<br />

daily.<br />

Instead of mocking<br />

someone because of<br />

their situations, you<br />

can always help<br />

them out.<br />

She stayed with the regiment and worked as a nurse<br />

throughout the war. After the war, she moved north<br />

with the regiment and settled in Indiana, where she<br />

found work with some of the veterans of the 23rd. She<br />

applied for a pension after Congress passed the<br />

Army Nurses Pension Act of 1892 which allowed Civil<br />

War nurses to draw pensions for their service.<br />

<strong>The</strong> War Department had no record of her, so her<br />

pension was denied. Fifty-five surviving veterans of<br />

the 23rd petitioned Congress for the pension they felt<br />

she had rightfully earned, and it was granted. <strong>The</strong><br />

photograph shows Nichols and other veterans of the<br />

Indiana regiment at a reunion in 1898. She died in 1915<br />

and is buried in a cemetery in New Albany, Indiana.<br />

Editor's Note: This piece was originally<br />

published by Quora.com<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 49


DR. VERA<br />

SONGWE<br />

"Africa Needs the Will to Grow."<br />

Dr. Vera Songwe is an acclaimed economist and banking<br />

executive who currently serves as serves as a nonresident<br />

Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution's<br />

Africa Growth Initiative. In 2022, she was appointed<br />

chairwoman of the board of the Liquidity and Sustainability<br />

Facility (LSF), a finance mechanism aimed at improving the<br />

liquidity of African sovereign debt.<br />

She had, previously, worked for the World Bank from 1998 to<br />

2015. <strong>The</strong> Cameroonian-born economist had also served as<br />

Western and Central Africa's regional director for the<br />

International Finance Corporation between 2015 and 2017.<br />

Interestingly, Dr. Songwe was the first woman to head the United<br />

Nations' Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) at the level of<br />

Under Secretary-General.<br />

In this brief interview conducted by originally published by Ruth<br />

Lago of "AfricaNews, Dr. Vera Songwe speaks on the need for<br />

African countries to embrace diversification of their respective<br />

country's economy to bring about true, widespread prosperity.<br />

She also calls for African governments to create opportunities for<br />

young people to not only use technology but also invent<br />

technology for Africa's advancement.<br />

50 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Ruth Lago: You have declared<br />

that African countries must<br />

define their development model.<br />

Should we conclude that in the<br />

last 5 years there has been no<br />

progress in this direction?<br />

Every time we talk about Africa<br />

we always have the impression<br />

that we are talking about a<br />

monolithic whole. We have more<br />

than 50 countries. We have made<br />

a lot of progress.<br />

I think that there are countries<br />

that have adopted this<br />

information economy --<br />

especially in East Africa. We have<br />

made a lot of progress in Kenya,<br />

Uganda but also Ethiopia. But also<br />

in countries like Cape Verde,<br />

small island countries. We've also<br />

seen the industrialization of<br />

countries like Morocco -- also<br />

because of the diversification of<br />

its economy.<br />

Ruth Lago: <strong>The</strong> year 2020 with<br />

Covid had a definite impact on<br />

economies. What can we expect<br />

as the disease abates but<br />

economies are stretched thin?<br />

First of all, we can celebrate the<br />

resilience of African economies a<br />

little bit because we did not seen<br />

a total collapse of any of them.<br />

We can see that countries are<br />

coming out of it. Before we had a<br />

growth rate of 3.2% and I think<br />

everyone knows that Africa needs<br />

a growth rate of 8% and 10%; so<br />

we should now put a little more<br />

effort into the recovery.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Economic Commission for<br />

Africa is campaigning for a green<br />

recovery, a more sustainable<br />

recovery of the economy. We<br />

have carried out studies that<br />

show that with a greener<br />

recovery, a green industrial<br />

recovery, we can create 450%<br />

more jobs in South Africa, 320%<br />

more jobs in the Democratic<br />

Republic of Congo and other<br />

countries.<br />

Ruth Lago: Let's talk about plans<br />

for the next 5 years? What will<br />

Africa need?<br />

<strong>The</strong> only way to open up our<br />

economies -- to open them up<br />

peacefully, is to have a vaccine<br />

and to have vaccinated 60% of<br />

our populations. Secondly, I think<br />

it's what we call enablers in<br />

French; it's having energy, access<br />

to energy, not access to energy<br />

for every house but access to<br />

energy for the industrialisation of<br />

the continent.<br />

But there is all this human<br />

capacity that we have to build.<br />

We have to create capacity for<br />

our young people to be able - not<br />

only to use information<br />

technology but to create it and<br />

become captains of industry<br />

themselves. We have to create<br />

the capacity for our young people<br />

to be able to - not only use<br />

information technologies but to<br />

create them to become<br />

themselves the captains of<br />

industry in the fields of<br />

information technology.<br />

So the first thing is the vaccine,<br />

the second thing is infrastructure<br />

the roads, the energy. And the<br />

third thing is obviously to take<br />

advantage of (<strong>The</strong> African<br />

Continental Free Trade Area<br />

(AfCFTA) to open up our<br />

economies a little more, to have<br />

regional value chains that are<br />

strengthened so that we can add<br />

value on the continent before<br />

exporting, and then, of course to<br />

strengthen the human capacity<br />

of our young people.<br />

DR. VERA<br />

SONGWE<br />

Editor's Note: This interview was<br />

originally published by AfricaNews<br />

(www.africanews.com)<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 51


By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />

• MAD Architects Unveils Nanhai Art Centre Design in<br />

Foshan City, Guangdong<br />

<strong>The</strong> plans for the Nanhai<br />

Art Centre in Foshan City,<br />

Guangdong, south east China,<br />

have been made public by MAD<br />

Architects. <strong>The</strong> 59,445 square<br />

metre project consists of three<br />

primary components: a sports<br />

centre, a museum, and a grand<br />

theatre.<br />

With a new public entrance to<br />

the shoreline, the centre’s wavelike<br />

shape aims to promote<br />

community and traditional<br />

culture. After construction is<br />

finished, the art centre aims to<br />

become a brand-new waterfront<br />

public area that combines<br />

artistic and social elements.<br />

<strong>The</strong> grand theatre and museum<br />

are situated on one side of the<br />

centre’s plan, which creates<br />

a visual axis towards the lake,<br />

in accordance with national<br />

museum standards.<br />

52 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Dan<br />

Kiley<br />

• Unveiling the Genius of Dan Kiley: A Journey<br />

into Modernist Landscape Architecture<br />

Dan Kiley was known to have made a<br />

substantial contribution to the field of design<br />

as a landscape architect. Influential architects<br />

such Louis Kahn, I.M. Pei, and Eero Saarinen<br />

collaborated with the designer. André Le<br />

Nôtre’s classic landscapes had a great<br />

influence on Kiley. His designs are renowned<br />

for the way they use grids and allées to create<br />

a harmonious blend of natural and structured<br />

beauty.<br />

<strong>The</strong> travelling photographic show “<strong>The</strong><br />

Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley”<br />

honours one of the most influential modernist<br />

landscape architects and opens on January<br />

18. <strong>The</strong> display, which is being curated by<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cultural Landscape Foundation, intends<br />

to examine and raise awareness of the<br />

architect’s significant influence.<br />

Exhibited in Brooklyn’s <strong>The</strong> Exhibition Space<br />

@ ABC Stone, United States, the display takes<br />

viewers on an engrossing journey through 27<br />

of Dan Kiley’s meticulously selected works. <strong>The</strong><br />

show, which runs through April 30, 2024, takes<br />

visitors on a tour through 27 of the renowned<br />

Dan Kiley’s designs. <strong>The</strong>se include wellknown<br />

sites like the Ford Foundation Atrium at<br />

Rockefeller University in New York; Kenjockety in<br />

Westport; the South Garden of the Art Institute<br />

of Chicago; and, Patterns, a garden designed<br />

for Governor and Mrs. Pierre S. “Pete” du Pont IV<br />

in Wilmington, Delaware.<br />

DAMIAN<br />



Ikenna is a graduate of Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a freelance writer. He has interest<br />

in technology, humanity and sports.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 53


TIPS<br />

FOR<br />


IN REAL<br />

ESTATE<br />


By John Abiodun Olaitan<br />

it is a globally known truth that investing in real estate is<br />

better and safer than investing in the stock market. Real<br />

estate investment is not just great, it is a tested and trusted<br />

investment option for people who want to achieve financial<br />

success. Becoming a successful real estate investor is a<br />

great step towards achieving that much desired financial<br />

freedom that we all desire.<br />

Real estate investment offers<br />

better cash flow prospects<br />

than the stock market.<br />

However, you need to be<br />

intentionally mindful to avoid<br />

mistakes that make so many<br />

forays into the lucrative<br />

property investment turn into<br />

nightmares and bankruptcy.<br />

Good cash flow from the<br />

rental aspect of real estate<br />

means the investment is,<br />

needless to say, profitable.<br />

A bad cash flow, invariably,<br />

means you won’t have<br />

money on hand to meet your<br />

responsibilities - including<br />

family bills and repaying your<br />

debts. <strong>The</strong>refore, finding a<br />

good investment opportunity<br />

would be key to becoming<br />

successful in real estate<br />

54 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


investment.<br />

A carefully sought out investment property<br />

is smarter and will ensure lower recurrent<br />

expenses. Meaning you will spend less to gain<br />

much more as the value of the asset continues<br />

to keep an upward swing as real estate<br />

investments genreally do.<br />

3 Proven Tips for Prosperity in<br />

Real Estate Investment<br />

1. Smart Choice and Timing of<br />

Investment:<br />

For successful real estate investment, it’s very<br />

important to be deeply conversant with your<br />

local market which could be different from<br />

what’s going at the nation level. You have to<br />

be intentionally discerning while considering<br />

each investment opportunity, so that you<br />

don’t buy at a high price where a lower price<br />

is possible for a similar opportunity elsewhere.<br />

Your purchase and its success will be most<br />

influenced by the factors at work in your<br />

specific real estate market. A rule of thumb for<br />

success in real estate investment is to avoid<br />

very hot markets. Some real estate investors<br />

may brag about the appreciation of their<br />

properties or rising prices, but if you go on<br />

and buy at an already high price, the rate of<br />

returns will be lower when compared with an<br />

alternative location.<br />

Real estate markets move in cycles due to<br />

owners' desire for profits and every real estate<br />

market is at a slightly different phase of the<br />

price cycle. You need to find locations that<br />

are in the phase of expansion – where sales<br />

and prices are rising, affordability is good,<br />

construction cost is relatively low and capital<br />

investment is rising.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 55


Your focus should also be on<br />

the location of the property<br />

within the market. You should<br />

invest in locations which have<br />

high population density, are<br />

developing, and have all basic<br />

amenities.<br />

All great neighbourhoods have<br />

the following in common:<br />

- Low crime rate<br />

- Reputable schools<br />

- Access to parks and leisure<br />

destinations<br />

- Access to reputable medical<br />

care<br />

- Family-friendly<br />

- Access to public<br />

transportation<br />

- Access to shopping malls<br />

and restaurants<br />

- Good pedestrian walkway.<br />

All of these translate into high<br />

demand for residential and<br />

commercial housing.<br />

2. Buy Low:<br />

Real estate invesent can be<br />

compared to investing in a<br />

dividend-paying stock. <strong>The</strong><br />

ROI (return on investment)<br />

is based on how cheap you<br />

bought the commodity in the<br />

first place. To start with, you<br />

need to consider expected<br />

return on the investment.<br />

A cheap, small house in an<br />

unsafe neighbourhood can<br />

be bought for little money, but<br />

you won’t make much money<br />

from it in the long run. Instead<br />

of focusing on buying a house,<br />

focus on buying land or an<br />

off-plan. This way, you buy<br />

cheap, save money and gain<br />

more as the years go by.<br />

3. Dive Into the Hidden<br />

Market:<br />

<strong>The</strong> hidden market in real<br />

estate refers to properties<br />

that are deeply discounted for<br />

profit at "wholesale".<br />

<strong>The</strong> ideal case is buying<br />

property from a seller at a<br />

"distressed" rate. This means<br />

56 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


that you can get it way below<br />

the fair or real market value.<br />

To achieve this, you have to<br />

look for buildings, residential<br />

or commercial, with distressed<br />

rates and have not been<br />

publicized in the market yet.<br />

Distressed sales are common<br />

place these days for various<br />

reasons. You could even<br />

make it become your core<br />

area of real estate investment,<br />

and get vendors or agents to<br />

source for you.<br />

As we make progress in<br />

gaining knowledge about<br />

real estate business and<br />

investment, it'll be great to<br />

read your feedback and<br />

questions.<br />

JOHN<br />



John Abiodun Olaitan is a real<br />

estate consultant, realtor and<br />

emerging developer and CEO<br />

of Arklanded Properties Ltd.<br />

He diversified into real estate<br />

after decades of experience<br />

in the oil and gas sector. He’s<br />

happily married<br />

with children.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 57


with Diiyi William-West<br />

SERIES<br />

Who You<br />

Know Isn't<br />

Enough!<br />

Some years ago,<br />

I worked for<br />

a leadership<br />

development<br />

consulting firm.<br />

I went there to<br />

get mentoring<br />

on-the-job because I<br />

wanted to gather experience<br />

to run my own leadership<br />

development consulting firm.<br />

With that determination, I<br />

put in so much effort at work<br />

and acquiring knowledge.<br />

One of my first observations<br />

was the sheer amount<br />

of typographic errors in<br />

the firm's operational<br />

documents!<br />

I brought years of experience<br />

58 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


in diverse sectors, including<br />

book/magazine editing, to<br />

bear as I spent extra hours<br />

to rework several documents<br />

the firm had been using in its<br />

operations. <strong>The</strong>y included tens<br />

of seminar proposals, letter<br />

formats, and more. It took me<br />

about 6 months of regular<br />

and unpaid overtime effort to<br />

get the volume of documents<br />

proofread and edited. In fact,<br />

as I worked, I shuddered at the<br />

confidence with which regular<br />

letters and proposals were<br />

sent out to would-be clients<br />

for over a decade with heavy<br />

typographic deficiencies!<br />

My colleagues and some<br />

regular visitors commended me<br />

for going the<br />

extra<br />

Here<br />

was a<br />

man who was<br />

"a millionaire"<br />

in relationships<br />

but was not even<br />

"a hundredaire" in<br />

harnessing those<br />

relationships on his<br />

own!<br />

mile<br />

to lift<br />

the quality of those materials. It<br />

was one of the places I realised<br />

that who you know isn't enough.<br />

Not one of the high net worth<br />

individuals who dealt with the<br />

firm called the attention of<br />

the CEO that something was<br />

seriously amiss with the firm's<br />

corporate documents!<br />

Another example is the story<br />

of a CEO of a company who<br />

was overly reluctant to apply<br />

relationships in his wide network<br />

to get contracts legitimately.<br />

Both his parents had been<br />

primary school teachers in the<br />

1960s before rising, through<br />

self development, to become<br />

secondary school lecturers and,<br />

later, high standing university<br />

lecturers. Both of them treated<br />

pupils and students as their<br />

own children, so you can<br />

imagine the wide network of<br />

grateful former students that<br />

continued to relate with the<br />

man's parents and looking for<br />

opportunities to return favours.<br />

Majority of them had become<br />

top shots in various leading<br />

private and public sector<br />

organisations. All this<br />

CEO needed to do<br />

was package<br />

and submit<br />

reasonable and<br />

convincing<br />

proposals for<br />

contracts<br />

since he was<br />

a contractor.<br />

Similarly,<br />

he hardly<br />

contacted his<br />

own peers. He<br />

was known to<br />

always promise<br />

to contact this<br />

person or the other<br />

but barely ever did.<br />

At first, his father was<br />

helping to reach out and<br />

the CEO's company did well.<br />

Some time later, the older man<br />

died. It marked the descent of<br />

his son's company into oblivion<br />

only a few years later. Here was<br />

a man who was "a millionaire" in<br />

relationships but was not even<br />

"a hundredaire" in harnessing<br />

those relationships on his own!<br />

At this point, I'll love you to,<br />

please, do some introspection.<br />

Is your academics, business,<br />

health or ministry suffering from<br />

"relationship kwashiorkor"? Ask<br />

yourself if your situation is due<br />

to people who, as we read in<br />

the first story, watch their family<br />

and friends go down by not<br />

pointing out what needs to be<br />

corrected in their lives, business<br />

or career. Or, is yours the case<br />

of being too arrogant or timid to<br />

ask for reasonable favours?<br />

I don't need to say more. Do<br />

I? If your introspection shows<br />

that you are treading the path<br />

of relationship kwashiorkor in<br />

either way, you need to pull<br />

away from it as a matter of<br />

urgency! Why? Productive<br />

relationships are the nutrients<br />

each of us needs to grow our<br />

efforts into good success.<br />

Till we meet on these pages<br />

again next month, let who you<br />

know count!<br />

DIIYI<br />



More fondly known as DDWEST,<br />

he has several years of media<br />

practice experience spanning<br />

magazines, newspapers, television<br />

and radio; laying emphasis<br />

on maintaining standards in<br />

media practice. He practised<br />

and lectured Public Relations for<br />

nearly a decade before going into<br />

leadership consulting and real<br />

estate consultancy.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 59


By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />


joining Affirma to finance the<br />

purchase for a 36.34% share in<br />

CEC, which is listed on the Lusaka<br />

Stock Exchange. Before being<br />

split out as a separate company<br />

in 2019, Affirma was Standard<br />

Chartered Bank's private equity<br />

division.<br />


IMF Anticipates Strong Global<br />

Economy by 2024 Despite<br />

Lower Average Growth Rates<br />

<strong>The</strong> global economy is expected<br />

to experience a "soft landing"<br />

in 2024, according to the<br />

International Monetary Fund.<br />

However, a representative for the<br />

Fund, Julie Kozack, cautioned on<br />

Thursday, January 11 that leaders<br />

have to be ready for shocks<br />

and difficulties down the road.<br />

According to projections, Africa<br />

will have the second-fastest rate<br />

of economic growth globally.<br />

Mozambique's Economic<br />

Growth Boosted with IMF Grant<br />

of $60.7m<br />

<strong>The</strong> third evaluation of<br />

Mozambique's three-year<br />

loan programme has been<br />

successfully completed by the<br />

International Monetary Fund's<br />

(IMF) executive board.<br />

According to the IMF, this change<br />

permits an immediate payment<br />

of about $60.7 million to Maputo.<br />

As of the latest statement<br />

from the IMF, the overall<br />

disbursements under the $456<br />

million Extended Credit Facility<br />

programme, sanctioned in<br />

2022, now stand at roughly $273<br />

million. <strong>The</strong> IMF confirmed that<br />

the programme had performed<br />

satisfactorily, noting a significant<br />

decline in inflationary pressures<br />

and a significant acceleration of<br />

the economic recovery.<br />

Zambia’s Mines Rejoice as<br />

Energy Supplier Secures $145m<br />

Investment<br />

Private equity firm, Affirma<br />

Capital, which is also Copperbelt<br />

Energy Corporation's largest<br />

stakeholder, is leading a $145<br />

million investment in the<br />

company. Copperbelt Energy<br />

Corporation (CEC) distributes<br />

electricity to mining activities<br />

in Zambia and the Democratic<br />

Republic of the Congo.<br />

Norfund, the Norwegian<br />

development finance<br />

organisation, along with<br />

Kommunal Landspensjonskasse,<br />

a Norwegian pension fund, are<br />

Lawyers Rally Against President<br />

Ruto’s Intimidation Tactics<br />

Targeting Kenyan Judges<br />

<strong>The</strong> Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is<br />

organising a protest in which dozens<br />

of legal professionals will take to<br />

the streets of Nairobi, the capital<br />

of Kenya, to voice their opposition<br />

to President William Ruto's threats<br />

to flout court rulings. <strong>The</strong> goal of<br />

the march, which began at the<br />

Supreme Court and proceeded<br />

to the president's office, is to voice<br />

concerns over the president's recent<br />

remarks.<br />

When President Ruto openly<br />

announced that he intended to defy<br />

court decisions, he came under<br />

heavy fire. He said that certain<br />

judges, who remained anonymous,<br />

had conspired with opposition<br />

leaders and "cartels" to thwart the<br />

initiatives of his administration.<br />

Former Kenyan Minister Arrested<br />

for Alleged Gold Smuggling in<br />

Uganda<br />

Stephen Tarus, a former Kenyan<br />

assistant minister for internal<br />

security, is being held by Ugandan<br />

60 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


officials on suspicion of smuggling<br />

gold into the nation using forged<br />

passports. <strong>The</strong> Uganda Revenue<br />

Authority (URA) said that Mr. Tarus,<br />

who was detained on January 6,<br />

was taken before the Ugandan anticorruption<br />

court on Wednesday,<br />

January 10, to answer to charges of<br />

fabricating export documentation.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ugandan government suffered<br />

large financial losses after some<br />

individuals used forged trade<br />

documents in the sector, according<br />

to the URA.<br />

<strong>The</strong> charges against Tarus<br />

specifically pertain to the fabrication<br />

of export documentation connected<br />

to 13 kilogrammes of gold valued at<br />

$30,000 (£24,000). <strong>The</strong> URA believes<br />

that the gold in question was part<br />

of an illegal smuggling operation<br />

that was meant for Dubai. Tarus has<br />

been placed under remand in Luzira<br />

Prison until January 18, pending<br />

more inquiries into the matter. He<br />

hasn't made any comments on the<br />

accusations yet.<br />

International Partnership Bolsters Damietta Port Development with<br />

Massive $455 Million Funding in Egypt<br />

<strong>The</strong> construction of a second container terminal at Egypt's Damietta<br />

Port is being funded by a coalition of international organisations.<br />

This development will triple the port's capacity and increase its<br />

competitiveness. Established by Eurogate, Contship Italia, Hapag Lloyd,<br />

MELC Group, and Ship & C.R.E.W., Damietta Alliance Container Terminals<br />

is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with a 30-year concession to design,<br />

develop, operate, and maintain the terminal.<br />

<strong>The</strong> financing package comprises US$60 million from the German<br />

development finance institution DEG, US$50 million from Proparco, US$125<br />

million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development<br />

(EBRD), US$120 million from the International Finance Corporation (IFC),<br />

and US$100 million from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).<br />

AppsFlyer Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Solution to Boost Marketing<br />

Strategies in Africa<br />

AppsFlyer, a provider of marketing measurement, attribution, and<br />

data analytics solutions, has announced the release of a new artificial<br />

intelligence (AI) tool that will give marketers unmatched insights into their<br />

creative assets and data-driven recommendations for optimising their<br />

impact. <strong>The</strong> new approach, called Creative Optimisation, helps marketers<br />

make the most out of their advertising budget while boosting the efficacy<br />

of their creative content and campaigns by identifying the patterns,<br />

trends, and characteristics that lead to the best possible audience<br />

engagement.<br />

With the help of the solution, stakeholders from the creative, business<br />

intelligence (BI), and performance marketing teams can work together to<br />

create a variety of asset variations, test, and validate winning variables in<br />

commercials, and ultimately improve performance while saving time and<br />

money. With the right tools, marketing teams can now combine human<br />

intuition with the accuracy, speed, and scalability of AI capabilities built<br />

right into the product to make creative decisions.<br />

Eleven Candidates to Run<br />

in Zimbabwe’s Presidential<br />

Elections in August<br />

<strong>The</strong> Electoral Commission of<br />

Zimbabwe declared on Thursday,<br />

January 11, that eleven candidates<br />

will contest for the presidential<br />

election in August.<br />

It would be recalled that after<br />

failing to fund the $20,000 required<br />

to run, several candidates - including<br />

the sole female contender, Linda<br />

Masarira - were declared ineligible.<br />

On August 23, Zimbabweans will go<br />

to the polls.<br />

Mnangagwa is running for<br />

reelection amid Zimbabwe's<br />

economic crisis. This month, the<br />

value of the Zimbabwean dollar<br />

declined by over 50% relative to the<br />

United States' dollar.<br />

DAMIAN<br />



Ikenna is a graduate of Physics<br />

and Education, who works as a<br />

freelance writer. He has interest in<br />

technology, humanity and sports.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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By Damian Ike<br />

assessed by the Producer Price<br />

Index increased by 1% yearly in<br />

December, up slightly from the<br />

revised 0.8% reading in November.<br />

<strong>The</strong> core PPI was flat for the<br />

month when the volatile food and<br />

energy categories were removed,<br />

resulting in a 1.8% annual gain<br />

instead of a 2% increase.<br />

KIA Enters the Electric Van Race to Revolutionise<br />

the Automaker Industry<br />

Kia, the newest automaker<br />

to join the very competitive<br />

electric van industry, made its<br />

debut on Tuesday, January<br />

9 at the 2024 Consumer<br />

Electronics Show with a<br />

range of highly configurable<br />

ideas. As Americans have<br />

grown accustomed to having<br />

more items delivered and<br />

automakers and their corporate<br />

fleet clients are searching for<br />

ways to cut emissions, the<br />

market for electric vans has<br />

expanded significantly.<br />


US Wholesale Inflation<br />

Wraps up 2023 With 1%<br />

Annual Rate in December<br />

Due to weekly gains of the euro<br />

an<strong>The</strong> United States begins<br />

2024 with supply-side price<br />

pressures under check. For the<br />

third straight month, US producer<br />

prices declined in December,<br />

pushing a carefully monitored<br />

inflation indicator closer to prepandemic<br />

levels. According to<br />

figures provided by the Bureau<br />

of Labour Statistics on Friday,<br />

January 12, wholesale inflation as<br />

Amazon, the company's<br />

largest backer, is already a<br />

customer of Rivian, which<br />

has revealed it is also selling<br />

the electric delivery vehicles<br />

to other companies. Ford is<br />

the seller of the E-Transit,<br />

and General Motors sells its<br />

own electric delivery vans<br />

through a subsidiary called<br />

Brightdrop. <strong>The</strong> parent firm<br />

of Ram trucks, Stellantis, will<br />

shortly start offering electric<br />

Ram Promaster EV vans for<br />

sale.<br />

Unprecedented Job<br />

Cuts at Google as<br />

Assistant, Hardware, and<br />

Engineering Divisions<br />

Take a Hit<br />

Financial giants - Wells Fargo,<br />

Bank of America, and Citigroup<br />

revealed in their fourth-quarter<br />

reports on Friday, January 12, that<br />

they cut their work forces by a total<br />

17,700 last year. Banks terminated<br />

staff members or ceased hiring<br />

new ones last year as deal making<br />

dried up and borrower demand<br />

decreased.<br />

<strong>The</strong> biggest lender in the<br />

country, JPMorgan Chase, defied<br />

the trend by adding staff for<br />

a third year in a row. This year<br />

may continue to be difficult for<br />

the sector as banks may reduce<br />

lending due to the decline in<br />

commercial real estate and the<br />

more stringent projected capital<br />

regulations.<br />

Major US Banks Witness<br />

Mass Layoffs, Marking a<br />

Chaotic Year<br />

Financial giants - Wells Fargo,<br />

Bank of America, and Citigroup<br />

revealed in their fourth-quarter<br />

62 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

S ROUND UP<br />

nna Ngere<br />


reports on Friday, January 12, that<br />

they cut their work forces by a total<br />

17,700 last year. Banks terminated<br />

staff members or ceased hiring<br />

new ones last year as deal making<br />

dried up and borrower demand<br />

decreased. <strong>The</strong> biggest lender<br />

in the country, JPMorgan Chase,<br />

defied the trend by adding staff for<br />

a third year in a row.<br />

This year may continue to be<br />

difficult for the sector as banks<br />

may reduce lending due to the<br />

decline in commercial real estate<br />

and the more stringent projected<br />

capital regulations.<br />


40 Russian Missiles<br />

Rain Down on Ukraine<br />

in Overnight Attack –<br />

Ukraine Air Force<br />

In the early hours of Saturday,<br />

January 13, Ukraine was<br />

subjected to a significant Russian<br />

missile bombardment, albeit a<br />

significantly less percentage of<br />

the missiles were shot down by<br />

Ukraine's air defences than usual.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Airforce of Ukraine reports<br />

that Russia launched three drones<br />

and 37 missiles. It claimed to<br />

have downed eight missiles in a<br />

social media announcement. A<br />

spokesman for the air force stated<br />

that Ukraine was now experiencing<br />

a shortage of air defence<br />

weapons. Whether this or any<br />

other issue was the cause of the<br />

poor hit rate was not immediately<br />

apparent.<br />

.Taiwanese Presidentelect<br />

Faces China's<br />

Disapproval Head-On<br />

When he takes office in May,<br />

Taiwan's incoming presidentelect,<br />

Lai Ching-te, will probably<br />

have his hardest assignment yet<br />

because of China's ire, which has<br />

consistently branded him as a<br />

dangerous separatist.<br />

Throughout the campaign, Lai,<br />

who won on Saturday, January 13,<br />

repeatedly stated that he wanted<br />

to maintain the status quo with<br />

China, which claims Taiwan as its<br />

own, and he promised to speak<br />

with Beijing.<br />

Israel’s Gaza Offensive<br />

Reaches its Pivotal 100th<br />

Days of War<br />

As the conflict nears its 100th<br />

day with no end in sight, Israel<br />

continued to attack the Gaza<br />

Strip on Saturday, January 13,<br />

and promised to carry out its<br />

offensive to eliminate the Islamist<br />

movement, Hamas. A dispute<br />

Israel is currently defending at<br />

the International Court of Justice<br />

in <strong>The</strong> Hague on allegations that<br />

the campaign in Gaza amounts<br />

to genocide will not dissuade<br />

it, according to Prime Minister<br />

Benjamin Netanyahu. Over 20,000<br />

Palestinians have lost their lives<br />

in the conflict, more than three<br />

months after Hamas' attack on<br />

Israel on October 7, 202ok3.<br />

<strong>The</strong> majority of Gaza's 2.3<br />

million residents are trapped in a<br />

small area at the southern edge<br />

of the territory, while much of Gaza<br />

has been reduced to rubble.<br />

X Plunges by 71% Since<br />

Elon Musk’s Acquisition<br />

– Fidelity estimates<br />

Elon Musk's acquisition of X<br />

(formerly Twitter) in late 2022<br />

has resulted in a remarkable 71%<br />

drop in the company's worth.<br />

Fidelity, a prominent investment<br />

group, conducted an analysis on<br />

Monday, January 1, 2024, marking<br />

the second decline in X's value<br />

within that year, as reported<br />

by Axios. Musk paid $44 billion<br />

to purchase the social media<br />

behemoth at first.<br />

A $33.5 billion equity<br />

investment from Fidelity was<br />

crucial to Musk's takeover of<br />

Twitter; debt financing was<br />

used to raise the remaining<br />

funds. After the agreement was<br />

completed in October 2022,<br />

Twitter became a privately held<br />

business.<br />

DAMIAN<br />



Ikenna is a graduate of<br />

Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a<br />

freelance writer. He has<br />

interest in technology,<br />

humanity and sports.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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AND<br />


FROM<br />


IN AI<br />

By Adebayo Afolabi<br />

Occasionally, we come across headlines<br />

discussing the failures of AI or technology,<br />

sparking concerns about the future of this<br />

evolving technology. <strong>The</strong>se instances make<br />

us pause and reflect on the challenges that<br />

arise as people increasingly integrate artificial<br />

intelligence into various aspects of their lives.<br />

Undoubtedly, it is widely acknowledged that artificial intelligence<br />

(AI) comes with its fair share of challenges and setbacks. While the<br />

advantages of AI are transformative, it is necessary to address the<br />

existing concerns within this rapidly advancing field.<br />

In a concerning incident late last month, a Tesla robot reportedly<br />

attacked an engineer at the company's Texas factory during a<br />

violent malfunction. <strong>The</strong> episode left a "trail of blood," prompting<br />

workers to urgently press the emergency shutdown button.<br />

This unfortunate event highlights the risks associated with the<br />

integration of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)<br />

64 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


<strong>The</strong>re is also a growing concern<br />

regarding the storage of facial<br />

recognition data, as these<br />

databases have the potential to<br />

be breached. Hackers have, in<br />

the past, successfully broken into<br />

databases that store facial scans<br />

collected and used by various<br />

institutions such as banks and<br />

police departments. <strong>The</strong> security<br />

of these databases becomes an<br />

issue, as unauthorised access to<br />

facial recognition data can pose<br />

risks to peoples' privacy.<br />

•Tesla robots<br />

and robotics in industrial settings.<br />

As these advanced technologies<br />

increasingly make their way into<br />

manufacturing facilities, the need<br />

for careful consideration of safety<br />

measures becomes apparent.<br />

More and more, chatbots giving<br />

medical advice are becoming<br />

common, but this presents a<br />

big challenge: AI should never<br />

replace your doctor's advice.<br />

While chatbots can provide<br />

information, they lack the nuanced<br />

understanding and personalised<br />

assessment that a doctor provides.<br />

Relying solely on AI for medical<br />

advice can be risky, as it might<br />

not take into account health<br />

histories, specific symptoms, or<br />

the unique context of each case.<br />

Human doctors have the ability<br />

to consider factors, including<br />

patient history, lifestyle, and other<br />

subtle nuances that contribute to<br />

accurate diagnosis. <strong>The</strong> challenge<br />

lies in striking a balance, leveraging<br />

AI for its efficiency while always<br />

prioritising the expertise of medical<br />

professionals.<br />

<strong>The</strong> rise of generative AI also<br />

introduces a significant challenge:<br />

the technology makes things up,<br />

and people share these creations,<br />

contributing to the spread of<br />

misinformation. Generative AI,<br />

which is capable of producing<br />

content, texts, or even images, can<br />

sometimes generate information<br />

that is not accurate or based on<br />

real facts. When people share<br />

these AI-generated outputs<br />

<strong>The</strong> rise of<br />

generative AI<br />

also introduces<br />

a significant<br />

challenge: the<br />

technology makes<br />

things up, and<br />

people share<br />

these creations,<br />

contributing to<br />

the spread of<br />

misinformation.<br />

without proper scrutiny, it can lead<br />

to the dissemination of misleading<br />

or false information. This challenge<br />

highlights the importance of factchecking<br />

in the digital age.<br />

Another notable challenge<br />

encountered in the realm of<br />

artificial intelligence is the reported<br />

instances of facial recognition<br />

technology failing. Instances<br />

have been documented where<br />

facial recognition systems either<br />

inaccurately identify individuals or<br />

fail to recognise them altogether.<br />

This is a concern as these systems<br />

are integrated into various aspects<br />

of daily life, such as security<br />

systems, authentication processes,<br />

and public spaces.<br />

AI-powered self-driving cars have<br />

also faced challenges, especially<br />

shown by their involvement in<br />

accidents. Many drivers shared<br />

instances where the car failed to<br />

recognise stoplights, leading to<br />

collisions with vehicles in front of<br />

them. <strong>The</strong> development has shown<br />

that it is hard to create effective<br />

AI systems that can handle the<br />

complicated and unpredictable<br />

situations of real-world driving.<br />

As AI becomes more widely<br />

accepted across different<br />

industries, it is important to address<br />

concerns and learn from failures.<br />

Embracing this technology brings<br />

great possibilities, but it also<br />

comes with the likelihood of more<br />

challenges. By acknowledging<br />

the issues that arise, we can work<br />

towards improving AI systems and<br />

promoting their responsible use.<br />



I am a passionate business writer<br />

with a knack for translating<br />

complex concepts into accessible<br />

content. With a keen eye for<br />

detail, I deliver compelling<br />

content that educates, inspires,<br />

and drives positive change in the<br />

realm of finance and business.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />


• Philadelphia<br />

Museum of Art<br />

Appoints Eleanor<br />

Nairne as Head<br />

of Modern and<br />

Contemporary Art<br />

Department<br />

Eleanor Nairne has taken over<br />

as the head of the Modern and<br />

Contemporary Art Department<br />

at the Philadelphia Museum of Art<br />

(PMA), replacing Carlos Basualdo,<br />

who was appointed chief curator and<br />

deputy director in December 2023.<br />

She resumed her new position late in<br />

January.<br />

• Eleanor Nairne<br />

Nairne joins the PMA after serving as<br />

senior curator at London's Barbican<br />

Art Gallery, which presents both<br />

performing arts and art exhibitions,<br />

for nearly nine years. She oversaw<br />

well-received exhibitions during her<br />

time there, including a survey of Alice<br />

Neel in 2023 and a retrospective<br />

of Lee Krasner in 2019, as well as<br />

individual shows including artists like<br />

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Soheila<br />

Sokhanvari.<br />

66 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


• Nigerian Art Phenomenon, Chancellor<br />

Ahaghotu, Shatters Guinness World<br />

Painting Record<br />

• Chancellor<br />

Ahaghotu<br />

After painting for 100 straight hours,<br />

Chancellor Ahaghotu, a Nigerian<br />

art student, shattered the record<br />

held for the longest painting marathon<br />

for ten years. Guinness World Records<br />

revealed Ahaghotu’s accomplishment<br />

on its website and social media<br />

accounts on Wednesday, January 3.<br />

Roland Palmaerts (Belgium/Canada)<br />

set the previous record of 60 hours,<br />

which was greatly surpassed by the<br />

sophomore at Savannah College of Art &<br />

Design in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2013.<br />

DAMIAN<br />



Ikenna is a graduate of Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a freelance writer. He has interest<br />

in technology, humanity and sports.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 67


• Jute<br />





By Dr Joel Logbo<br />

Corchorus olitorious is an annual much-branched<br />

herb belonging to the malvaceae family. It grows<br />

in grassland and fallow or abandoned fields.<br />

Popularly called jute leaves, it is commonly known as<br />

"ewedu" among Yorubas, "lalo" among Hausas and<br />

"kerenkeren" among Igbos in Nigeria. It has been scientifically<br />

proven to be quite nutritious for humans and animals.<br />

Ewedu has been part of the south westerners’<br />

diet for so many decades. In Nigerian<br />

cuisine, especially amongst the Yorubas, it<br />

is commonly used in making stew for eating<br />

starch-based foods such as amala. Ewedu<br />

could also be blended with gbegiri, an Nigeria<br />

soup. In Northern Nigeria, the leaf is known as<br />

lalo or ayoyo. It is used to make a sauce called<br />

miyan ayoyo which is commonly served with<br />

tuwon masara or tuwon allebo.<br />

It is known that some people do<br />

not like to eat okra. This could be<br />

due to its spiritual effects. <strong>The</strong> jute<br />

leaf is a great substitute for okra.<br />

<strong>The</strong> following are the<br />

nutritional and health<br />

benefits of ewedu or<br />

jute leaf, beyond its<br />

delicacy:<br />

Presence of Essential Nutrients:<br />

It contains nutrients such as<br />

Vitamin A, C and E which reduce<br />

Illness in the human body. With<br />

these vitamins, it prevents the<br />

body from degenerating diseases.<br />

It also contains potassium, which<br />

is quite beneficial to people<br />

managing high blood pressure<br />

and other cardiovascular<br />

diseases.<br />

It Makes Skin Glow:<br />

<strong>The</strong> presence of essential vitamins<br />

68 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


in the jute leaf increases the<br />

production of collagen which<br />

keeps the skin firm and beautiful.<br />

So you can grind the leaves and<br />

mix with black soap and enjoy its<br />

skin glowing benefits.<br />

You can also crush the fresh<br />

leaves and mix the paste with<br />

sugar and Epson Salt as skin<br />

scrub.<br />

Hair and Dandruff Cure:<br />

You can have long and glowing<br />

hair if you, at least, twice weekly,<br />

use fresh jute leaves juice to wash<br />

your hair overnight. Rinse off with<br />

clean water - next morning. This<br />

simple procedure can also help<br />

eliminate dandruff.<br />

Boost Immune System:<br />

Ewedu leaves are also known for<br />

boosting immunity and nourishing<br />

the body system.<br />

Boil fresh ewedu leaves without<br />

crushing them; like you do<br />

when you want to cook them<br />

for consumption. Just boil for 10<br />

minutes and drink a half cup early<br />

mornings. This can even prevent<br />

endemic and pandemic infectious<br />

diseases.<br />

You can also dry them and<br />

grind to fine powder. <strong>The</strong>n, mix<br />

a teaspoon of it with pure honey<br />

and lick to boost your immune<br />

system.<br />

For Inflammatory Issues:<br />

Jute is often used for antiinflammatory<br />

treatment. Some<br />

people believe that it cures<br />

chronic inflammation of the<br />

urinary bladder.<br />

Take as tea for this purpose.<br />

Improves Sight:<br />

<strong>The</strong> beta-carotene in jute leaves<br />

helps to improve sight.<br />

Squeeze fresh jute leaves into<br />

clean water. Pour the juice into a<br />

bowl and open your eyes inside<br />

the bowl for a minute or two. Do<br />

this 6 times daily.<br />

Prepare a fresh one the following<br />

day.<br />

Rich in Calcium:<br />

Ewedu leaves contain a high<br />

amount of calcium which<br />

contributes to making teeth and<br />

bones stronger.<br />

If you have calcium deficiency,<br />

prepare it with snail and enjoy<br />

the calcium benefits. This is one<br />

reason it is often recommended<br />

for pregnant women among<br />

Yorubas.<br />

An Anti-oxidant:<br />

If you are concerned about<br />

wrinkles, ewedu is here to the<br />

rescue with its anti-oxidant<br />

substances.<br />

All plants contains anti-oxidants<br />

because they use the nutrients to<br />

protect themselves.<br />

Rich in Fibre:<br />

Being rich in fibre, continuous<br />

consumption of this slimy<br />

vegetable (like okra and aloe<br />

vera) helps to regulate blood<br />

pressure, cholesterol build-up,<br />

and diabetes. It lowers the risk<br />

of asthma and cancer. It also<br />

prevents heart disease and can<br />

help with constipation.<br />

Contains Oxytocin for Easy<br />

Child Delivery:<br />

Ewedu is commonly used by<br />

Yorubas for pregnant women.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y eat it with to eat snails,<br />

especially during third trimester<br />

of pregnancy. Once a pregnant<br />

woman's EDD remains two weeks,<br />

they prepare ewedu as a regular<br />

delicacy.<br />

It, generally, boosts fertility in both<br />

men and women as it supports<br />

production of sperm and boosts<br />

ovulation.<br />

Treatment of Ulcer and<br />

Internal Bleeding:<br />

Ewedu seed is a powerful wound<br />

healer. You can spread powder<br />

from the seed directly on wounds.<br />

Mix the seed with honey or palm<br />

kernel oil for stomach ulcer. Take<br />

two tablespoons, twice a day.<br />

For internal bleeding, drink fresh<br />

juice of jute leaves about twice to<br />

three times a day. Take jute leaves<br />

juice for diarrhea and dysentery<br />

conditions respectively.<br />

Jute is a powerful vegetable that<br />

can be used as medicine, food<br />

and for positive energy.<br />

For further information, contact<br />

us via our website www.<br />

mahchealthcare.com.<br />

Dr. Joel Logbo 07030420960.<br />

JOEL<br />

N. LOGBO<br />


Dr. Joel N. Logbo is a patientcentred<br />

Natural Medicine<br />

doctor with 12 solid years of<br />

industry experience in Lagos,<br />

Nigeria and Wales, Scotland.<br />

He is currently seeking more<br />

international collaborations<br />

to provide holistic, noninvasive<br />

medical care for<br />

patients and the public on<br />

health promotion.<br />

His unique approach<br />

that has led to admirable<br />

achievements include<br />

meeting with patients to<br />

assess their health and<br />

wellness, learn their health<br />

goals and create treatment<br />

plans. He also collaborates<br />

with various teams of<br />

medical professionals<br />

to provide first-line and<br />

supplemental medical<br />

treatments through a holistic,<br />

natural approach.He loves<br />

traveling, adventures,<br />

cooking and driving.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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10<br />



IDEAS By Simnom Joshua<br />

many experts believe that breakfast is the<br />

most important meal of the day as it has<br />

many health benefits. While having breakfast<br />

replenishes our energy and neutralises our<br />

body system, it also provides other essential benefits<br />

needed for good health.<br />

If you are tired of giving or making the same breakfast for<br />

your family and yearn for a change, then these nutrientpacked<br />

breakfast ideas will help you to start eating<br />

healthy this new year.<br />

1. Bread Sandwich<br />

with Beverage: Tea<br />

and bread is a popular<br />

breakfast in Nigerian<br />

home. You can make<br />

it tastier by using<br />

Sandwiches and tea<br />

instead of the normal<br />

tea and bread.<br />

Sandwich is very<br />

delicious and easy<br />

to make. With just<br />

few ingredients and<br />

minimum time spent,<br />

you are on a cruise to<br />

a great breakfast.<br />

2. Smoothie:<br />

Smoothies are always<br />

healthy to take. All<br />

you need is the right<br />

combination and<br />

reasonable portions<br />

of fruits and veggies.<br />

Incorporating a<br />

smoothie in your<br />

breakfast will help to<br />

boost your fruits and<br />

vegetables intake<br />

and also provides you<br />

with the necessary<br />

vitamins.<br />

70 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


3. Oatmeal: Oats are a whole grain<br />

meal and is among healthiest meals.<br />

Oatmeal meal can be eaten on its own or<br />

combined with fruits and dairy products.<br />

4. Omellete: Omellete is a delicious and easyto-make<br />

dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast.<br />

Here’s a guide to making a healthy and delicious<br />

omellete.<br />

How to Make Omelette<br />

Ingredients:<br />

- 4 eggs (or more, depending on the number of<br />

people)<br />

- Onion, chopped<br />

- Green pepper, chopped<br />

- Vegetables (tomatoes,green pepper etc.)<br />

- Salt to taste.<br />

Preparation:<br />

- Beat your eggs until it is well mixed<br />

- Mix the chopped onion, tomato, and green<br />

pepper or any other vegetables of your choice<br />

with the eggs.<br />

- Add salt and mix well in a frying pan<br />

- Heat a small amount of vegetable oil over<br />

medium heat in your frying pan. (You may use<br />

butter or margarine)<br />

- Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan and<br />

cook until bottom is brown<br />

- Use a spatula to flip the omelette and cook until<br />

it turns brown<br />

- Serve with custard or hot beverage. (You may<br />

add milk)<br />

5. Plantain and Egg Frittata: Plantain<br />

and egg frittata is perfect and healthy for<br />

breakfast. Another thing to note is that the<br />

combo is filling as it'll hold you up for a long<br />

time before the next meal comes. Plantain<br />

and egg frittata is made with vegetables.<br />

You can also add your choice of meat or<br />

any other protein. It is easy to make, not<br />

expensive and can be served with hot/cold<br />

beverage.<br />

How to Make Plantain and Egg Frittata<br />

• Peel and slice the plantain into thin rounds<br />

• Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium<br />

heat<br />

•Add the sliced onions and bell pepper to the<br />

frying pan until they are softened<br />

• Add the sliced plantain to the frying pan<br />

and cook until the are lightly browned on<br />

both sides<br />

• Beat the eggs and seasoned with salt and<br />

pepper in a separate bowl<br />

• Pour beaten egg over the plantain and<br />

vegetables in the frying pan<br />

• Cover the pan with a lid and allow it to cook<br />

on medium heat<br />

• Remove from heat, cool, slice and serve<br />

with and beverage of your choice.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 71


6. Pasta- You can never go wrong with pasta for<br />

breakfast, whether spaghetti or macaroni. Cook<br />

it your best way incorporating all your vegetables<br />

and protein of choice.<br />

7. Bean-cake (akara) and Custard: Bean-cake<br />

and custard is a nutritious meal for high net worth<br />

families. <strong>The</strong> combo is quite jealthy and easy to<br />

make. Remember that bean-cake is made from<br />

beans paste and spices while custard is product of<br />

maize and other ingredients, including vitamins. It is<br />

ideal for breakfast.<br />

9. Toasted Bread and coffee-<br />

Toasted bread is very delicious<br />

especially when eaten with coffee or<br />

any beverages.<br />

8. Fruit Salad- Fruit salad is super-rich breakfast<br />

option. It boasts the immune system, promotes<br />

digestion, and provides essential vitamins and<br />

minerals and that’s what you need to begin your<br />

day. Breakfast doesn’t have to be cooked, it can be<br />

raw and fresh.<br />

10. Pancakes<br />

Pancakes are<br />

easy to make<br />

recipe and<br />

very good idea<br />

for breakfast.<br />

You need just<br />

a few simple<br />

ingredients<br />

to enjoy this<br />

delightful taste.<br />

Pancakes can be made plainly or with the<br />

incorporation of fruits like banana, strawberry,<br />

and any other fruits of your choice and can be<br />

eaten with pap, custard, and hot beverage.<br />



Simnom Josephine Joshua began her journey as a chef<br />

with just loving to cook. She loves creating new recipes<br />

and gets satisfaction from making great meals. Though<br />

she has years of experience in broadcasting<br />

and marketing, both fields of endeavour<br />

don't give her the happiness she feels when<br />

people around her enjoy her dishes.<br />

72 |<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>

Travel / Escape<br />

THE<br />

FRENCH<br />


Cote d'Azur"<br />

By Joy Agbakoba<br />

the beautiful coastline<br />

in the south of France,<br />

along the Mediterranean<br />

Sea, is the French<br />

Riviera. It is known for<br />

its beaches, views,<br />

picture-perfect water, beautiful<br />

landscapes, yachts and as a<br />

playground for the wealthy. It<br />

also has charming towns and<br />

villages (and Monaco, which is<br />

an independent state) and a<br />

highly regarded art and culture<br />

scene.<br />

<strong>The</strong> French Riviera also<br />

known as "Cote d'Azur", a name<br />

given by Stephen Liegeard.<br />

74 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

He called it this because of<br />

the azure blue colour of the<br />

Mediterranean. It covers about<br />

550 miles with a total population<br />

of more than two million. It is<br />

made up of the seaside resorts<br />

of Cap-d'Ail, Beaulieu sur-Mer,<br />

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat,<br />

Villefranche-sur-Mer, Antibes,<br />

Juan-les-Pins, Cannes, Saint-<br />

Raphael, Frejus, Sainte Maxime<br />

and Saint-Tropez.<br />

7 Key Facts about the French<br />

Riviera<br />

1. It's largest city is Nice and home<br />

to France's third busiest airport<br />

(Nice Cote d'Azur Airport, after<br />

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport<br />

and Paris-Orly).<br />

2. <strong>The</strong> Nice Carnival is considered<br />

one of the world's major festivities.<br />

It dates back to 1294, making it the<br />

oldest and, perhaps, the original<br />

carnival celebration. <strong>The</strong>se days,<br />

the two-week event attracts over<br />

a million visitors to Nice every year.<br />

3. Monaco - the second smallest<br />

country in the world (the first is<br />

Vatican in Rome, Italy). It is a taxhaven,<br />

as residents do not pay<br />

any income tax, and is one of the<br />

most densely populated states in<br />

the world.<br />

Monaco is ruled by the Grimaldi<br />

family and home to world famous<br />

casinos (although citizens of<br />

Monaco are not allowed to

gamble or go inside a casino)!<br />

Monaco also hosts the yearly<br />

Monaco Grand Prix.<br />

4. Grasse, a short drive from<br />

Cannes, has been the capital of<br />

the perfume industry since the<br />

Renaissance period. About three<br />

quarters of the world's essences<br />

are produced from gardens in<br />

Grasse, comprised of daffodils,<br />

lavender, jasmine and more.<br />

5. Cannes is famous for the<br />

Cannes Film Festival, which is<br />

one of the most prestigious and<br />

oldest film festivals in the world.<br />

This glamorous event is usually<br />

Travel / Escape<br />

held in May and showcases many<br />

international films and screen<br />

plays - not to mention fashion!<br />

6. <strong>The</strong> French Riviera is the home<br />

of the world's most expensive<br />

villa and penthouse. <strong>The</strong> Villa<br />

Leopolda in Villefranche is valued<br />

at $750m, and the top floor suite in<br />

the new Odeon Tower in Monaco<br />

is estimated at $400m.<br />

<strong>The</strong> region is also the home of<br />

many of the world's biggest stars.<br />

Our personal favourite is the<br />

incredible mansion owned by<br />

Elton John, next to a castle in Nice<br />

with stunning panoramic views on<br />

both sides.<br />

7. <strong>The</strong> French Riviera produces<br />

over 75% of the world's luxury<br />

perfume from flowers cultivated<br />

and harvested around Grasse.<br />

It's also the chosen location for<br />

parties for fashion giants like<br />

Christian Dior, Chanel, Estee<br />

Lauder and Bulgari.<br />

What are you waiting for? If you<br />

don't already have <strong>The</strong> French<br />

Riviera on your bucket list, best to<br />

add it now.<br />

Life is waiting to be discovered.<br />



Joy Agbakoba is the Chief<br />

Executive Officer of Travellers<br />

Haven Limited and has built<br />

its solid reputation since 2003,<br />

providing travel consultancy<br />

services as well as organising<br />

cruises and private tours. She<br />

is also the Founder of Women’s<br />

Business Arena, a market<br />

place for creative female<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 75


Innoson Vehicle<br />

Manufacturing<br />

Company<br />

Limited (IVM) is<br />

an indigenous,<br />

privately-owned<br />

Nigerian group<br />

of companies<br />

committed<br />

to driving the<br />

Nigerian economy<br />

forward through<br />

industrialisation.<br />


MOTORS:<br />

TAKING<br />

GIANT<br />


By Diiyi William-West<br />



76 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


Our Brand<br />

We are the first made-in-<br />

Africa automobile brand.<br />

Our Purpose<br />

To eradicate “tokunbo”<br />

(foreign used) automobiles<br />

from Africa.<br />

Our Vision<br />

To become the pride of<br />

African roads; that is, Africa’s<br />

most preferred automobile<br />

brand.<br />

Our Values<br />

Cost – always reduce costs<br />

to increase sales.<br />

Honesty – honesty is the<br />

best policy.<br />

Innovation – to be ahead,<br />

always break new grounds.<br />

People – any work that a<br />

person can do well should<br />

be given to a human being,<br />

not a machine.<br />

Our Quality Policy<br />

Innoson Vehicle<br />

Manufacturing Company<br />

Limited is committed to<br />

manufacturing and sale of<br />

quality vehicles that meet<br />

our customers’ requirements<br />

or exceed their expectations<br />

and all applicable statutory<br />

and quality requirements.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

| 77


Our Mission<br />

To make durable and<br />

affordable brand new<br />

automobiles for Africans.<br />

Our Values<br />

Cost – always reduce costs<br />

to increase sales.<br />

Honesty – honesty is the<br />

best policy.<br />

Innovation – to be ahead,<br />

always break new grounds.<br />

People – any work that a<br />

person can do well should<br />

be given to a human being,<br />

not a machine.<br />

We are totally committed to continual improvement of our quality<br />

management system.<br />

This quality policy is communicated, understood, implemented,<br />

and maintained at all levels in our organisation.<br />

Why Buy Innoson Vehicles?<br />

Rugged Performance:<br />

Innoson motors are automobiles made for African roads. <strong>The</strong>y are<br />

rugged by nature.<br />

Fuel Economy:<br />

<strong>The</strong> fuel consumed is nothing compared to the distance you cover<br />

while driving an Innoson automobile.<br />

Low Chances of Overheating:<br />

Our vehicles are specially manufactured to reduce chances of<br />

overheating despite the hot African weather.<br />

Reinforced Shock Absorbers:<br />

Our vehicles are specially engineered with reinforced shock<br />

absorbers to withstand the myriad potholes on African roads.<br />

Available Spare-parts:<br />

Our vehicle parts are available nationwide through our<br />

network of sub-dealers.<br />

78 | <strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>


quite reasonable to state that we<br />

are not second-class people that<br />

should only drive second-hand<br />

vehicles! <strong>The</strong> pursuit of this goal<br />

is Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing<br />

Company Limited's mission; to<br />

change that narrative just as we<br />

did for motorcycles in the past!<br />

Auto Finance:<br />

We’ve partnered with some<br />

Nigerian banks to ensure that you<br />

have access to car loans to buy<br />

our vehicles.<br />


We’ve done it before for<br />

motorcycles; we are doing it<br />

again for automobiles!<br />

In the Beginning…<br />

Precisely in 1978, a commercial<br />

town situated in the eastern part<br />

of Nigeria, called Nnewi, was<br />

the central hub for motorcycle<br />

importation. As it is today for<br />

tokunbo (foreign used) cars,<br />

so it was then for tokunbo<br />

motorcycles.<br />

By 1987, a brand new motorcycle<br />

was sold for N150,000 and a<br />

tokunbo alternative was sold for<br />

N90,000 – N100,000. Things would<br />

have continued this way to this<br />

day, but for the intervention of<br />

a 25-year old Nigerian, named<br />

Innocent Chukwuma, the founder<br />

of Innoson Motors (IVM).<br />

Driven by his passion for people<br />

and his core business philosophy<br />

of bringing down costs and<br />

passing the gain to customers,<br />

he pioneered the first made-in-<br />

Nigeria motorcycle brand that<br />

sold for as low as N60,000. By<br />

year 2002, he had successfully<br />

driven out tokunbo (foreign<br />

used) motorcycles out of Nigeria<br />

forever!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Present…<br />

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing<br />

Company Limited (IVM)<br />

is manufacturing durable<br />

and affordable brand new<br />

automobiles for Africans. Our<br />

brand new automobiles are<br />

selling for almost the cost of<br />

their tokunbo equivalents. And<br />

they are as good as any foreign<br />

automobile brand you know.<br />

<strong>The</strong> statistics are alarming,<br />

according to a recent research<br />

by PricewatershouseCoopers<br />

(PwC); the ratio of brand new<br />

automobiles to foreign used<br />

ones on Nigerian roads is 1:131!<br />

Meaning that for every brand<br />

new car bought in Nigeria, there<br />

are 131 tokunbo ones!<br />

Nigerians Deserve to Own Brand<br />

New Vehicles at Affordable Prices<br />

Nigeria is among the biggest<br />

consumers of automobiles in<br />

the world without manufacturing<br />

its own cars. Africa has literally<br />

become a dumping ground for<br />

foreign, used automobiles. It is<br />

We are not just another madein-Nigeria<br />

automobile brand;<br />

we are the first made-in-Africa<br />

automobile brand. Eight years<br />

after we launched production<br />

and 10,000 automobiles after,<br />

we are still committed to our<br />

purpose of eradicating “tokunbo”<br />

(foreign used) automobiles from<br />

Africa.<br />

Africans deserve better, and<br />

it’s not up to the foreigners to<br />

change the narrative; it’s up to<br />

us. When we patronise made-in-<br />

Nigeria vehicles, all the money<br />

being wasted on importation<br />

of vehicles, would remain in<br />

the country. We will have more<br />

money in our hands to develop<br />

our country.<br />

DIIYI<br />



More fondly known as DDWEST,<br />

he has several years of media<br />

practice experience spanning<br />

magazines, newspapers,<br />

television and radio; laying<br />

emphasis on maintaining<br />

standards in media practice. He<br />

practised and lectured Public<br />

Relations for nearly a decade<br />

before going into leadership<br />

consulting and real estate<br />

consultancy.<br />

<strong>Accomplish</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

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