Jim Ovia: Making Waves In The World

Jim Ovia: Making Waves In The World


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M A G A Z I N E<br />

<strong>AUGUST</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

World’s Most<br />

Expensive<br />

Wine<br />

travel<br />

Top 10<br />

Location In<br />

Nigeria To<br />

Visit<br />

WHAT ARE<br />

SOME OF<br />

THE MIND<br />



YOU HAVE<br />


ACROSS?<br />

10<br />

WAYS OF<br />




Dissecting<br />

President<br />

Bola Tinubu’s<br />

Unforgettable<br />

Campaign<br />

Moments<br />

of Agbado,<br />

Cassava<br />

& Garri<br />

Jim Ovia<br />

Making Waves In The World<br />

Accomplish Magazine 1

contents<br />

Cover<br />




18 The Success Story Of<br />

EBENEZER Onyeagwu - MD<br />


hEALTH<br />





48 Remarkable Benefits of<br />

Drinking Water Early in<br />

the Morning<br />

8<br />


20 FEATURE & ANALYSIS 28<br />


58<br />


56<br />

FOOD & WINE<br />

2<br />

Accomplish Magazine

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From The Editor<br />

Hello distinguished readers! On<br />

behalf of the entire team that<br />

worked assiduously on this<br />

project across continents, I<br />

introduce a brand-new informationpool<br />

for your reading pleasure and<br />

libraries. Indeed, after a period of<br />

planning, gathering ingredients and<br />

doing the cooking, it’s time to serve you<br />

“<strong>ACCOMPLISH</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>”! And, I gladly<br />

add “… with flourish!”<br />

To do a fitting introduction of<br />

“Accomplish Magazine” one needs to<br />

acknowledge how Mrs. Remi Diagbare,<br />

the Publisher, invested intentionally to<br />

build and sustain relationships among<br />

writers, reporters, editors and graphic<br />

designers over the years. Her investment<br />

has paid off with a respectable group<br />

of media practitioners helping to deliver<br />

publications that help readers make<br />

enlightened decisions about the issues<br />

of living and well-being.<br />

The primary goal of “Accomplish<br />

Magazine” is to profile and celebrate<br />

the achievements and lifestyle<br />

choices of outstanding leaders and<br />

influencers in business, manufacturing,<br />

agriculture, academia, administration,<br />

entertainment and innovation in<br />

Nigeria, Africa and, indeed, globally.<br />

Besides the Publisher and I, TEAM<br />

<strong>ACCOMPLISH</strong> is taking off with Harry<br />

Choms, a freelance writer with a<br />

passion for words and a keen eye<br />

for details, an editor, and an avid<br />

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passionate business writer with a knack<br />

for translating complex concepts into<br />

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Ngere, who is a a freelance writer with<br />

keen interest in technology, humanity<br />

and sports. Others are Olayiwola<br />

Ajagbe, a multi-skilled graphics<br />

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Akinruli, who writes with the aim of<br />

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well-being; and, Monica Efeotor, a social<br />

media consultant and speaker with<br />

proficiency in creating social media<br />

strategies that work.<br />

Talking about the debut edition<br />

of the magazine, we have Jim Ovia<br />

– Making Waves in the World; a<br />

brief but insightful look at the many<br />

attainments of Mr. Jim James Ovia<br />

CFR CON, the Founder of Zenith Bank<br />

Group. There’s also “Opinions of Jim<br />

Ovia” – a compilation of remarkable<br />

quotes made by Jim Ovia. Turning<br />

to the inside pages, you will find the<br />

interesting piece about Dr. Ebenezer<br />

Onyeagwu, the highly accomplished<br />

Group Managing Director/Chief<br />

Executive Officer of Zenith Bank Plc. We<br />

also serve the interview of Mrs. Ibilola<br />

Amao, the amazing woman who has<br />

given woman a respectable standing<br />

in Civil and Engineering practice in<br />

Nigeria’s oil sector, as well as several<br />

lifestyle, enlightenment and well-being<br />

pieces.<br />

With these and other thoughtprovoking<br />

pieces, Team Accomplish<br />

invites you to join us as we proclaim:<br />

“Here we are with Edition One of<br />

“Accomplish Magazine”! We do so,<br />

knowing that ‘Accomplish’ means “…to<br />

do or finish something successfully....”<br />

(dictionary.cambridge.org). For you, our<br />

respectable readers, we will make all<br />

the efforts to bring you information you<br />

can apply to rise to more successful<br />

accomplishments in life. And, together,<br />

we will all finish big things successfully<br />

in our respective endeavours!<br />

Again, welcome to “Accomplish<br />

Magazine”!<br />

Diiyi William-West<br />

Diiyi William-West<br />

Editor<br />

Team<br />


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Diiyi William-West<br />

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(JANUARY - <strong>AUGUST</strong> <strong>2023</strong>).<br />

In Business, Finance,<br />

Entrepreneur,<br />

Technology And<br />

Politics In Africa<br />

By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />

In this comprehensive article, we bring you a round-up of all the significant business, finance,<br />

entrepreneur, technology and politics news that has shaped Africa in the first eight months of <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

covering the period from January to August.<br />


w<br />

Ghana faced high-stake debt<br />

talks after IMF’s deal:<br />

Bondholders and other commercial lenders<br />

control 76% of Ghana’s external debt. The Paris<br />

Club, China, and multilateral development<br />

institutions all hold a sizable amount of Ghana’s<br />

debt.<br />

Ghana is also in default, which makes it<br />

more difficult to come to a deal on debt relief.<br />

Bondholders are particularly reluctant to<br />

make any concessions, and debt has become<br />

geopolitically charged.<br />

Since gaining independence, Ghana has<br />

consulted the IMF 17 times, or about every four<br />

years.<br />

w<br />

Zimbabwe’s currency:<br />

Zimbabwe has adopted a number of<br />

currencies, including the US dollar, since<br />

2009 in an effort to combat inflation and<br />

the country’s economic collapse. Harare<br />

returned to using local currency (RTGS)<br />

in 2019. However, the city is currently<br />

plagued by inflation and excessive<br />

interest rates.<br />

Only a small portion of transactions<br />

are carried out in the local currency, as<br />

manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers all<br />

prefer to settle in US dollars.<br />

4<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Top African CEOs support<br />

the AfCFTA:<br />

As a means of boosting intra-African<br />

trade, the African Continental Free Trade<br />

Area was established.<br />

Important business figures, financiers,<br />

and policy makers gathered in Abidjan,<br />

recently, to assert that indigenous<br />

manufacturing must surge dramatically if<br />

the union is to reach its full potential.<br />

One of the most profitable industries has<br />

been determined to be agro-processing.<br />


w<br />

OpenAI Paves the Way for<br />

Ethical AI with New Training<br />

Policies<br />

Since its public introduction in 2022, ChatGPT<br />

has experienced a surge in popularity, prompting<br />

numerous technology companies to integrate<br />

it into their offerings. OpenAI, the organization<br />

behind ChatGPT, has faced considerable<br />

scrutiny, particularly in regard to its utilization of<br />

customer data for training the AI, a practice that<br />

has since been discontinued.<br />

In a CNBC interview, Sam Altman, the CEO<br />

of OpenAI, revealed that the company has<br />

refrained from training AI on user data “for<br />

a considerable period of time.” This decision<br />

was influenced by user feedback, as Altman<br />

explained, “Customers have clearly expressed<br />

their desire for us not to employ their data<br />

in training, and we have adjusted our plans<br />

accordingly.” OpenAI had indeed updated its<br />

terms of service in early March.<br />

Over the past few months, concerns regarding<br />

privacy have arisen surrounding ChatGPT and<br />

similar services. Users have been cautioned<br />

against sharing sensitive information with AI<br />

chatbots due to uncertainties surrounding data<br />

usage.<br />

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) aims to<br />

halt the use of their scripts in training AI systems<br />

for film and TV writing due to the ongoing Writers<br />

Strike.<br />

In other noteworthy developments related<br />

to ChatGPT, OpenAI has collaborated with<br />

Salesforce to create Slack GPT, an AI chatbot<br />

seamlessly integrated into the Slack app. Its<br />

capabilities include meeting summarization and<br />

message editing. Additionally, a union comprising<br />

150 African moderators for ChatGPT (along with<br />

other AI services) has been recently established.<br />

Liquid Dataport and Angola Telecom have<br />

opened a new fibre route between Angola and<br />

Johannesburg, South Africa, via DRC, Zambia and<br />

Zimbabwe.<br />

Liquid’s existing 110,000-kilometre network will<br />

be significantly expanded with the inclusion of<br />

this route, giving its rural customers access to<br />

high-speed internet at a reasonable price.<br />

Due to this investment by Liquid Dataport<br />

and Angola Telecom, businesses and individuals<br />

in Angola now have access to high-speed<br />

connectivity, which has a number of benefits and<br />

promotes direct commercial channels. Angola,<br />

the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR<br />

Congo), Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa are<br />

all passed through on this route.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 5


Kenya’s<br />

Government<br />

Begins Talks with<br />

Opposition After<br />

Wave of Protests.<br />

Following a wave of<br />

violent protests over the<br />

country’s high cost of living<br />

and demands for electoral<br />

reforms, Kenya’s government<br />

and opposition began new<br />

negotiations on Wednesday,<br />

9th August to try to end their<br />

ongoing political dispute.<br />

Since March, veteran<br />

opposition leader, Raila<br />

Odinga, has organized ten<br />

days of protests, most of<br />

which have been marred by<br />

violent run-ins with the law,<br />

to call for an audit of the<br />

election that put President<br />

William Ruto in office.<br />

The unrest in one<br />

of East Africa’s most<br />

stable democracies has<br />

alarmed both domestic<br />

and international viewers,<br />

prompting calls for mediation<br />

to break the deadlock.<br />

Ethiopian Army Advances in Amhara<br />

According to residents questioned by AFP, the Ethiopian<br />

army was reclaiming territory against militias in the Amhara<br />

area on Wednesday, 9th August, after the local authority<br />

announced a restoration to “relative peace” on Tuesday,<br />

8th August.<br />

Ethiopian Airlines announced on Thursday, 10th<br />

Augustthat it would resume flights to the regional capitals<br />

of Bahir Dar and Gondar. The other two airports, Lalibela<br />

and Dessie, are still closed.<br />

Amhara, a province in northern Ethiopia, has been<br />

declared a state of emergency since Friday, 4th<br />

Augustowing to violent conflicts, just nine months after the<br />

end of a terrible conflict in neighbouring Tigray.<br />

6<br />

Accomplish Magazine


South African’s Johann<br />

Rupert worth over R216<br />

billion ($11.9 billion):<br />

South Africa’s Johann Rupert overtook<br />

Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote to become Africa’s<br />

richest man in June <strong>2023</strong> with a net worth of<br />

R216 billion ($11.9 billion).<br />

The Real-Time Billionaires List published<br />

by Forbes placed Rupert as the 145th<br />

richest person in the world. Dangote is<br />

rated 170th with a net worth of R196 billion<br />

($10.8 billion).<br />

Due to the increase in the share price<br />

of his luxury goods company, Richemont,<br />

Rupert’s wealth increased by R40 billion in<br />

<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Since the company released positive<br />

results in May <strong>2023</strong>, Richemont’s share price<br />

has increased 33.21%.<br />

Visit<br />

www.entrepreneurng.com<br />

Entrepreneurng.com is a News feature platform that profiles the<br />

success stories of those who create enterprises.<br />

It also showcases Government policies, business and economic<br />

analysis, the skills needed and opportunities available to start and<br />

grow businesses.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 7


8<br />

Accomplish Magazine

A Visionary Leader<br />

Making Waves in<br />

Banking and Beyond<br />

Jim Ovia<br />

By Adebayo Afolabi<br />

When it comes to influential figures in the banking<br />

industry, few names shine as brightly as Jim Ovia. As<br />

the former CEO, Managing Director, and Founder of<br />

Zenith Bank Plc, Ovia has left an indelible mark on<br />

Nigeria’s financial landscape. However, his impact extends far<br />

beyond the realm of banking, making him a visionary leader.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 9


“<br />

The rise of Nigerian companies<br />

and their recognition exemplify<br />

the hardworking nature of<br />

people in Africa.<br />

Background & Education<br />

Jim Ovia, born on<br />

November 4, 1951, hails from the<br />

enchanting town of Agbor in<br />

Delta State, Nigeria. Coming<br />

from a humble background,<br />

he experienced the joys and<br />

challenges of growing up in<br />

a close-knit community. As a<br />

young lad, Jim’s curious mind<br />

sparked an early fascination<br />

with the world of business,<br />

igniting a burning desire within<br />

him.<br />

During his formative years,<br />

Jim attended the Ika Grammar<br />

School in Agbor, where he<br />

eagerly soaked up knowledge<br />

like a sponge, driven by an<br />

insatiable thirst for learning.<br />

Education forms the bedrock<br />

of any great mind, and Ovia’s<br />

academic achievements serve<br />

as a testament to his thirst for<br />

knowledge.<br />

With a Master’s degree<br />

in Business Administration<br />

from the University of<br />

Louisiana, Monroe, and a<br />

Bachelor’s degree in Business<br />

Administration from Southern<br />

University, Baton Rouge (both in<br />

the United States of America),<br />

Ovia laid a solid foundation for<br />

his future endeavours. Notably,<br />

he also boasts the distinction<br />

of being an alumnus of Harvard<br />

Business School, where he<br />

undoubtedly sharpened his<br />

strategic acumen.<br />

Family<br />

Jim Ovia is not only a<br />

trail-blazer in the business<br />

world but also a dedicated<br />

family man. He is happily<br />

married to Kay Ovia, an<br />

accomplished individual in<br />

Jim Ovia with his wife Kay<br />

10<br />

Accomplish Magazine

her own right. Kay holds the<br />

position of Chairman, Board<br />

of Directors at Cyberspace<br />

Limited, a renowned software<br />

engineering firm based in<br />

Lagos.<br />

Additionally, she serves<br />

as the Managing Director of<br />

Quantum Markets Limited,<br />

showcasing her exceptional<br />

business acumen. Kay’s<br />

educational background is<br />

equally impressive, as she<br />

graduated from the Enugu<br />

State University of Technology<br />

and holds a Master’s degree<br />

in Business Administration.<br />

Together, Jim and Kay are<br />

blessed with five wonderful<br />

children - Isioma, Zephia, Tito,<br />

Tomi, and Jesse. Tito Ovia is the<br />

co-founder of Helium Health,<br />

and is also a founding member<br />

of the Feminist Coalition, a<br />

prominent advocacy group in<br />

Nigeria dedicated to women’s<br />

rights.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 11


Zenith Bank<br />

With unwavering focus<br />

on excellence, Zenith Bank<br />

spread its wings, expanding<br />

its operations to various<br />

nations across the globe.<br />

Undoubtedly, one of Ovia’s<br />

crowning achievements is the<br />

establishment of Zenith Bank,<br />

which has emerged as one of<br />

Nigeria’s largest commercial<br />

banks. As the founder, he<br />

propelled the institution<br />

to great heights, leading<br />

it to become a formidable<br />

player in the financial sector.<br />

Remarkably, even after<br />

stepping down as CEO, Ovia<br />

remains intimately involved<br />

as the chairman and largest<br />

individual shareholder, with a<br />

stake exceeding 9%.<br />

From the vibrant shores<br />

of Ghana to the captivating<br />

beauty of Sierra Leone, and<br />

even the picturesque Gambia,<br />

Zenith Bank established<br />

a formidable presence,<br />

captivating hearts and winning<br />

the trust of customers far and<br />

wide. Not content with limiting<br />

itself to the African continent,<br />

this institution set sail to distant<br />

shores, venturing into the<br />

economic power-houses of the<br />

ever-dynamic United Kingdom.<br />

But Zenith Bank’s ambitions<br />

didn’t stop at conventional<br />

banking alone. It embraced the<br />

spirit of innovation, diversifying<br />

its offerings to cater to a<br />

multitude of financial needs.<br />

Like a versatile maestro, the<br />

bank extended its expertise<br />

to embrace the realms of<br />

insurance, pensions, stock<br />

broking, and investment<br />

banking. With each expansion,<br />

Zenith Bank demonstrated its<br />

commitment to prowviding<br />

comprehensive financial<br />

solutions, transforming the lives<br />

of individuals, businessews, and<br />

communities.<br />

Philosophy<br />

Jim Ovia has built his<br />

philosophy on the foundation<br />

of integrity. In a past<br />

interview, he emphasized the<br />

significance of integrity in<br />

creating a reputable brand<br />

and leveraging innovation.<br />

According to Ovia, integrity<br />

means that your word is your<br />

bond. It involves respecting<br />

corporate governance,<br />

upholding the rule of law, and<br />

honouring contracts.<br />

Even in situations where<br />

a contract may no longer be<br />

favourable, Ovia believes that<br />

it is essential to uphold the<br />

commitment and honour the<br />

agreement. This unwavering<br />

commitment to integrity is<br />

deeply embedded in the<br />

culture of Zenith Bank, and Ovia<br />

believes it should be a guiding<br />

principle for all organizations<br />

seeking to drive innovation.<br />

Business &<br />

Philanthropy<br />

Jim Ovia’s influence extends<br />

beyond the boardroom and<br />

spreads throughout Nigeria. His<br />

philanthropic endeavours set<br />

him apart as a visionary leader.<br />

In 1998, he established<br />

the Jim Ovia Scholars<br />

programme, providing aid to<br />

exceptional students pursuing<br />

12<br />

Accomplish Magazine

undergraduate and graduate<br />

studies. Also, the Jim Ovia ICT<br />

Entrepreneurs programme<br />

nurtures the most promising<br />

ideas through funding<br />

opportunities.<br />

Through the Jim Ovia<br />

Foundation, Ovia has funded<br />

1,500 scholarships totalling<br />

an impressive N100 million<br />

($200,000) since 2010. The ripple<br />

effects of Ovia’s philanthropic<br />

efforts will extend far beyond<br />

the realm of academia. The<br />

foundation also supports<br />

IT skills programmes for<br />

marginalized young people<br />

in collaboration with<br />

esteemed partners such as<br />

IBM and Google. Through his<br />

scholarships and support<br />

programmes, he is nurturing<br />

the next generation of leaders,<br />

innovators, and changemakers.<br />

Beyond banking and<br />

philanthropy, Ovia has<br />

made notable strides in<br />

the telecommunications<br />

industry. He founded Visafone<br />

Communications Limited, which<br />

has since been acquired by<br />

MTN, further solidifying his<br />

entrepreneurial prowess.<br />

Net Worth<br />

Jim Ovia has solidified his<br />

position as one of Nigeria’s<br />

wealthiest bankers. According<br />

to Forbes, his estimated net<br />

worth stands at $550 million. In<br />

2014, Jim Ovia emerged as the<br />

34th wealthiest human in Africa.<br />

Beyond his accomplishments in<br />

the financial sector, Jim Ovia’s<br />

interests extend to the realm of<br />

iconic architecture.<br />

He has made significant<br />

contributions to Nigeria’s<br />

hospitality sector through<br />

the development of the Civic<br />

Centre and Aquamarine Boat<br />

Club. With his diverse portfolio<br />

of successful ventures, Jim Ovia<br />

continues to leave an indelible<br />

mark as a prominent figure in<br />

Nigerian business circles.<br />

Honours &<br />

Awards<br />

The impact of Jim Ovia’s<br />

accomplishments has not gone<br />

unnoticed. In recognition of his<br />

exceptional contributions, Ovia<br />

was honoured with the Nigerian<br />

national honour of Commander<br />

of the Order of the Federal<br />

Republic (CFR) in October 2022,<br />

bestowed upon him by former<br />

President, Muhammadu Buhari.<br />

Jim Ovia has also received<br />

a series of accolades in<br />

the form of honourary<br />

doctorate degrees from<br />

esteemed universities. One<br />

such momentous occasion<br />

took place in 2012 when the<br />

University of Benin bestowed<br />

him an honourary doctorate<br />

degree, symbolizing his<br />

remarkable achievements.<br />

To add another feather to<br />

his cap, in September 2018,<br />

Ovia proudly announced<br />

the publication of his book,<br />

“Africa, Rise and Shine.”<br />

Published with Forbes Books,<br />

this illuminating work shares<br />

reflections from a visionary<br />

leader who has witnessed,<br />

first-hand, the transformative<br />

power of determination and<br />

entrepreneurship in Africa.<br />

As we look to the future, we<br />

can only imagine the continued<br />

impact Jim Ovia will have on<br />

the African continent and the<br />

world at large.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 13




This collection of opinions from Jim Ovia<br />

was compiled from his interview with CNN’s<br />

Marketplace Africa in 2019<br />

Jim Ovia believes that Africa presents<br />

boundless business opportunities, thanks to<br />

its vast resources and improving education<br />

levels. He sees Africa as a continent that<br />

offers tremendous potential for foreign<br />

investors.<br />

The rise of Nigerian companies and their<br />

recognition exemplify the hardworking<br />

nature of people in Africa.<br />

Jim Ovia revealed that Zenith Bank was<br />

established with an initial capital of N20<br />

million in 1990, which was approximately<br />

equivalent to $5 million at the prevailing<br />

exchange rate of around N4 to a dollar. Fast<br />

forward 20 years later, the shareholders’<br />

funds of Zenith Bank had surged to an<br />

impressive $4 billion. “This kind of returns,<br />

you don’t get it even in God’s own country,<br />

America. You don’t get it in Europe. You don’t<br />

get it in Russia. You can get them in Nigeria.”<br />

Jim Ovia believes that Nigeria presents<br />

significant opportunities for success.<br />

Investing in banking is a great<br />

opportunity in Nigeria.<br />

“Just don’t give up in Nigeria.” Ovia<br />

encourages young people to remain<br />

focused and determined despite the<br />

challenges they may encounter in business,<br />

emphasizing the importance of not giving<br />

up. Ovia advises future startups and<br />

entrepreneurs to be persistent, focused,<br />

honest, and committed to their chosen path.<br />

Manufacturing is considered the<br />

best investment option across the<br />

continent.<br />

Ovia acknowledges that investors<br />

may feel nervous due to the<br />

responsibility of showing good returns<br />

to their stakeholders. He believes it’s<br />

natural to have concerns in business.<br />

“We would build our own roads...<br />

buy power plants... dig boreholes...<br />

BYOI – Bring Your Own Infrastructure<br />

or Build Your Own Infrastructure.”<br />

Ovia highlights the need to overcome<br />

challenges in Nigeria by taking<br />

proactive measures and creating<br />

necessary infrastructure.<br />

According to Ovia, making money<br />

and losing money are both part of the<br />

investment journey, and investors need<br />

to focus on generating good returns<br />

over time rather than avoiding risks<br />

altogether.<br />

Agriculture is also a promising industry for<br />

investment in Africa.<br />

14<br />

Accomplish Magazine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShmMnd5ZK2c<br />

The next set of opinions from Jim Ovia was compiled<br />

from his interview with African Business in 2017<br />

The Nigerian business<br />

environment demonstrated highly<br />

commendable resilience during the<br />

recession.<br />

Zenith Bank’s strong brand equity and<br />

unwavering customer confidence have<br />

helped its robust performance during the<br />

recession.<br />

The country is pursuing the<br />

diversification of its foreign<br />

exchange earnings with renewed<br />

vigour.<br />

The impact of diversification<br />

policies on the economy will be seen<br />

in the coming years.<br />

Intra-African trade and commerce<br />

continue to blossom, breaking the<br />

dependence on importation.<br />

The gradual improvement in intracontinental<br />

trade is expected to boost<br />

economic expansion and address<br />

unemployment challenges.<br />

Zenith Bank has to be prepared,<br />

at all times, to tackle economic<br />

challenges.<br />

The bank continues to invest<br />

massively in human capital<br />

development and world-class<br />

banking technology.<br />

Zenith Bank’s partnership with Prudential<br />

Plc is designed to explore the massive<br />

insurance potential in Nigeria and across<br />

Africa.<br />

Zenith Bank believes strongly in giving<br />

back to the society and measures its<br />

corporate performance based on impact<br />

on well-being and the environment.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 15

Picture<br />

Stakeholders extol Jim Ovia, as Zenith Bank<br />

names iconic Unilag alumni building in<br />

honour of late Professor Ibidapo-Obe<br />

Jim Ovia holding up his book, Africa Rise<br />

and Shine during its launch in New York<br />

With Former President of Nigeria,<br />

Muhammadu Buhari and other Nigeria’s<br />

business leaders<br />

Style by Zenith Grand opening<br />

Jim Ovia, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and Adams Oshiomhole<br />

Wealthy Nigerians Urged To Support Fight<br />

Against Insecurity As Jim Ovia Foundation<br />

Boosts Police Facilities In Agbor<br />

16<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia and Femi Otedola<br />

Nigeria on Growth Trajectory Jim Ovia at the<br />

Deloitte in Dialogue Nigeria Economic Outlook 2019<br />

With King Ebitimi Banigo and fellow<br />

bank chairman, Tony Elumelu<br />

Adebayo afolabi<br />


I am a passionate business<br />

writer with a knack for<br />

translating complex concepts<br />

into accessible content. With<br />

a keen eye for detail, I deliver<br />

compelling content that<br />

educates, inspires, and drives<br />

positive change in the realm of<br />

finance and business.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 17

The<br />

Success<br />

Story Of<br />

Ebenezer<br />

Onyeagwu<br />

Group GMD of Zenith Bank<br />

18<br />

Accomplish Magazine

By Adebayo afolabi<br />

Dr. Ebenezer<br />

Onyeagwu is a highly<br />

accomplished and<br />

respected figure in<br />

the banking industry,<br />

serving as the Group<br />

Managing Director/<br />

Chief Executive Officer of<br />

Zenith Bank Plc. With over three<br />

decades of experience in the<br />

banking sector, Dr. Onyeagwu<br />

has demonstrated exceptional<br />

leadership skills throughout his<br />

career.<br />

Dr. Onyeagwu’s banking<br />

career took off in 1991 at the<br />

now-defunct Financial Merchant<br />

Bank. He later joined Citizens<br />

International Bank Limited<br />

until 2002, when he made a<br />

significant move to Zenith Bank.<br />

At Zenith Bank, he started as a<br />

senior manager in the internal<br />

control and audit unit. Over the<br />

years, he steadily climbed the<br />

ranks, holding various positions<br />

including Assistant General<br />

Manager, Deputy General<br />

Manager, and eventually<br />

General Manager of the bank<br />

from 2003 to 2005.<br />

During his 17-year tenure<br />

at Zenith Bank, Dr. Onyeagwu<br />

has demonstrated exceptional<br />

leadership skills and contributed<br />

significantly to the bank’s growth.<br />

In 2013, he was appointed as<br />

an Executive Director of the<br />

bank and was entrusted with<br />

overseeing operations in Lagos<br />

and the South-South zones.<br />

He also served on the boards<br />

of Zenith Bank Ghana, Zenith<br />

Pensions Custodian Limited,<br />

Zenith Nominees Limited, and<br />

the African Finance Corporation<br />

(AFC).<br />

His journey began at Auchi<br />

Polytechnic, where he studied<br />

Accounting and obtained his<br />

Ordinary National Diploma (OND)<br />

in 1984 and Higher National<br />

Diploma (HND) subsequently.<br />

During his National Youth Service<br />

Corps (NYSC), he qualified as a<br />

chartered accountant in 1989,<br />

showcasing his early dedication<br />

and commitment to the field.<br />

To further enhance his<br />

knowledge, Dr. Onyeagwu<br />

pursued advanced education<br />

at prestigious institutions.<br />

He earned a post-graduate<br />

diploma from the University<br />

of Oxford in England and<br />

participated in executive-level<br />

programmes at renowned<br />

schools such as Wharton<br />

Business School at the University<br />

of Pennsylvania, Columbia<br />

Business School at Columbia<br />

University, Harvard Business<br />

School at Harvard University,<br />

and Lagos Business School at<br />

the Pan Atlantic University. These<br />

educational pursuits equipped<br />

him with a broad perspective<br />

and a strong foundation in<br />

Business and Finance.<br />

In addition to his academic<br />

accomplishments, Dr. Onyeagwu<br />

has been recognized on<br />

numerous occasions for his<br />

exceptional leadership and<br />

contribution to the banking<br />

industry. The International<br />

Banker <strong>2023</strong> Banking Awards<br />

named him the ‘Best Banking<br />

CEO of the Year in Africa.’ This<br />

prestigious accolade, featured<br />

in the Spring <strong>2023</strong> issue of the<br />

International Banker Magazine,<br />

places Dr. Onyeagwu among the<br />

elite group of individuals and<br />

banks from the Middle East and<br />

Africa.<br />

One notable achievement in<br />

Dr. Onyeagwu’s distinguished<br />

career is the conferment<br />

of a Doctorate Degree in<br />

Business Administration by the<br />

University of Nigeria, Nsukka.<br />

This recognition highlights his<br />

expertise in the field of Business<br />

Administration, further solidifying<br />

his reputation.<br />

His list of awards continues<br />

to grow, reflecting his consistent<br />

excellence in the banking sector.<br />

Notably, he has been honoured<br />

as the Bank CEO of the Year in<br />

multiple years, including 2019<br />

by Champion Newspaper, 2020,<br />

2021, and 2022 by BusinessDay<br />

Newspaper, and 2020 and 2021<br />

at the SERAS awards as CEO<br />

of the Year. In 2022, he was<br />

recognized as the CEO of the<br />

Year by Leadership Newspaper.<br />

These accolades underscore<br />

Dr. Onyeagwu’s exceptional<br />

leadership abilities and his<br />

commitment to driving Zenith<br />

Bank’s success. Under his<br />

guidance, Zenith Bank has<br />

continued to thrive and maintain<br />

its position as a leading financial<br />

institution. Dr. Onyeagwu’s<br />

strategic vision has played a<br />

significant role in the bank’s<br />

impressive performance and<br />

its ability to navigate the everevolving<br />

banking landscape.<br />

Beyond his professional<br />

achievements, Dr. Onyeagwu<br />

is known for his dedication to<br />

corporate social responsibility<br />

and giving back to society. He<br />

actively promotes initiatives that<br />

contribute to the well-being of<br />

the community.<br />

“<br />

One notable<br />

achievement in<br />

Dr. Onyeagwu’s<br />

distinguished<br />

career is the<br />

conferment of<br />

a Doctorate<br />

Degree in<br />

Business<br />

Administration<br />

by the University<br />

of Nigeria,<br />

Nsukka.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 19

Dissecting President<br />

Bola Tinubu’s<br />

Unforgettable<br />

Campaign Moments<br />

of Agbado, Cassava<br />

& Garri<br />

By Harry Choms<br />

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the current<br />

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,<br />

had captured the attention of Nigerians<br />

with his remarkable campaign moments that<br />

revolved around the significance of corn,<br />

particularly in relation to agbado, cassava,<br />

and garri. This article explores the intriguing<br />

connection between President Tinubu and these<br />

staple food items, shedding light on the impact<br />

they had on his campaign messages, his current<br />

presidency, and the agricultural sector of Nigeria.<br />

The Culinary Significance<br />

of Corn<br />

During his presidential campaign as the<br />

candidate of the All Progressives Congress<br />

(APC), President Tinubu drew attention to the<br />

under-policing issue in Nigeria. He proposed<br />

the recruitment of 50 million youths into the<br />

army to combat insecurity, while highlighting<br />

the importance of locally grown crops such as<br />

Cassava, Corn, and Garri. The mention of corn<br />

in his campaign messages became a recurring<br />

theme, sparking curiosity among the Nigerian<br />

populace.<br />

President Tinubu stated, “We are facing<br />

a scarcity of law enforcement, and we find<br />

ourselves competing with armed robbers and<br />

bandits for the recruitment of unemployed<br />

youths. With 33 percent unemployment, why not<br />

recruit 50 million young people into the army?<br />

They will enjoy our locally grown cassava, corn,<br />

yam, and other crops.” His emphasis on the<br />

consumption of corn and other agricultural<br />

products showcased his commitment to<br />

addressing both the country’s security concerns<br />

and the economic well-being of its citizens.<br />

Tinubu’s Peculiar<br />

Fascination with Corn<br />

President Tinubu’s fascination with corn<br />

became further evident when he criticized former<br />

President Olusegun Obasanjo for allegedly<br />

spending a significant amount of money on<br />

electricity while neglecting to make payment for<br />

a simple roasted corn. This contradiction raised<br />

questions about the specific significance of corn<br />

in Tinubu’s worldview.<br />

In his attempt to clarify his viewpoint,<br />

President Tinubu explained, “They squandered<br />

more than $16 billion, disregarding the fact that<br />

a transmission line acts as a superhighway<br />

for generated power. Yet, they couldn’t even<br />

spare enough for a roasted corn as a token of<br />

appreciation for that electricity.” These remarks<br />

highlighted his belief that even the smallest<br />

gestures, such as enjoying a roasted corn, hold<br />

value and should be recognized.<br />

AGBADOnomics: Elevating<br />

Corn to a Quasi-Field of<br />

Study<br />

20<br />

Accomplish Magazine

FEATURE &<br />





In December 2022, during another campaign<br />

event, President Tinubu introduced the term<br />

“AGBADOnomics,” effectively raising corn to the status<br />

of a quasi-field of study. This term emphasized his<br />

deep-rooted affinity for the “agbado” delicacy and<br />

positioned corn as a vital component of his vision for<br />

Nigeria’s future.<br />

To demonstrate his commitment to corn-related<br />

initiatives, President Tinubu donated 370 bags of<br />

corn flour and ₦500,000 to the Zamfara State Female<br />

Ulamah Association. Senator Kabiru Garba Marafa,<br />

the Coordinator of the Zamfara State Presidential<br />

Campaign Council (ZMPCC), announced and<br />

presented these contributions during a<br />

one-day seminar organized by the Zamfara<br />

State Female Ulamah Association in<br />

collaboration with the Zamfara State Zakkat<br />

and Endowment Board.<br />

Positive Outcomes<br />

in Tinubu’s Electoral<br />

Agenda<br />

The incorporation of corn into President<br />

Tinubu’s electoral agenda has yielded<br />

Accomplish Magazine 21

FEATURE &<br />


positive outcomes, particularly in the agricultural<br />

sector. Farmers from all 36 states of the<br />

federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)<br />

have recognized the opportunities presented<br />

by Tinubu’s agricultural plans. The Asiwaju<br />

Farmers Forum, an umbrella organization for<br />

these farmers, has identified various investment<br />

prospects within the cassava and maize value<br />

chains, as proposed by President Tinubu.<br />

Mr. Retson Tedheke, the leader of the Asiwaju<br />

Farmers Forum and national coordinator of<br />

the Nigerian Farmers Group and Cooperative<br />


Society (NFGCS), stressed the importance of a<br />

distinct approach to tackle Nigeria’s economic<br />

challenges. He emphasized the need to engage<br />

the largely uneducated population through<br />

accessible avenues, particularly in farming, to<br />

prevent frustration from escalating into violence<br />

with catastrophic consequences.<br />

Retson said, “We must take a straight<br />

forward yet fiercely patriotic approach. Let’s<br />

reason together. Given our largely uneducated<br />

population, our focus should be on easily<br />

attainable opportunities, particularly in farming.<br />

When a population lacks education like ours,<br />

we seek out accessible avenues to engage<br />

many people, even with the aid of machines. It is<br />

crucial to involve our people, especially those in<br />

rural Nigeria, on a significant scale before their<br />

frustration erupts into violence with catastrophic<br />

consequences.”<br />

Nigerians continue to ponder the specific<br />

significance of corn in President Bola Tinubu’s<br />

campaign message. The prominence of corn<br />

in most of his speeches and initiatives has<br />

captured their curiosity, leading to discussions<br />

about the cultural, economic, and political<br />

implications associated with this staple food<br />

item.<br />

From Slips & Speculation<br />

to Victory: Decoding<br />

Tinubu’s Campaign<br />

Blunders & Gaffes<br />

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s political<br />

journey to the presidency was marked by a<br />

series of gaffes and verbal<br />

missteps. These incidents,<br />

often magnified by his<br />

opponents, raised questions<br />

about his suitability for office.<br />

But the question remains,<br />

was Bola Tinubu sick or it was<br />

just a political strategy to<br />

keep his name on everyone’s<br />

lips and his face in everyone’s<br />

eyes?<br />

Allegations<br />

of Illness and<br />

Political Comic<br />

Strip<br />

There were allegations<br />

that President Bola Ahmed<br />

Tinubu’s ‘illness,’ if there<br />

was any, turned him into<br />

a political comic strip.<br />

His seeming unintelligent<br />

speeches, statements, gaffes, and snafus on<br />

critical national issues pointed to the fact that<br />

Tinubu was ill, or so it was claimed.<br />

Tinubu’s Gaffes and<br />

Missteps: A Questionable<br />

Analogy<br />

During an Arewa interactive committee<br />

meeting in Kaduna on climate change, Tinubu<br />

made an unfortunate analogy: “It’s a question<br />

of how do you prevent a church rat from eating<br />

poisoned holy communion.” This statement<br />

raised eyebrows and drew criticism, as it failed<br />

to convey his intended message effectively. And,<br />

there were more like that.<br />

22<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Misinterpretation and<br />

Clarification<br />

Following that Kaduna speech, the APC<br />

Campaign Council, through Bayo Onanuga,<br />

issued a statement to clarify what Tinubu<br />

really meant. According to Onanuga, Tinubu<br />

inadvertently said Governor El-Rufai “turned<br />

a rotten situation” in Kaduna into “a bad<br />

one,” when he meant to say “to a great<br />

one.” The campaign council attributed this<br />

misinterpretation to a mere slip, common among<br />

leaders in political seasons.<br />

Election Manifesto and<br />

Buhari’s Foreign Loans<br />

When unveiling his election manifesto at Aso<br />

Rock in Abuja and defending President Buhari’s<br />

appetite for foreign loans, Tinubu made another<br />

statement that raised concerns. He said, “The<br />

whole of America deserves to be in prison if<br />

loan is a crime.” This remark further fuelled the<br />

perception that Tinubu’s speeches lacked clarity<br />

and coherence.<br />

Opponent’s Slip of Tongue<br />

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, one of<br />

Tinubu’s main opponents, also had his own slip of<br />

the tongue during an interactive session with the<br />

Arewa Joint Committee in Kaduna. Atiku stated,<br />

“This is what the Northerner needs, it doesn’t<br />

need a Yoruba or Igbo candidate, I stand before<br />

you as a Pan-Nigerian of northern origin.” This<br />

slip momentarily shifted the attention away from<br />

Tinubu’s gaffes.<br />

Impact on Tinubu’s<br />

Campaign<br />

Many believe that Tinubu’s tendency to<br />

make gaffes and verbal missteps influenced his<br />

decision to avoid one-on-one interviews. The<br />

fear was that these gaffes could overshadow<br />

the core message of his speeches. Some<br />

critics argued that his opponents strategically<br />

capitalized on these moments to undermine his<br />

credibility, while his supporters emphasized his<br />

track record and experience.<br />

The Health Question<br />

Some speculated that Tinubu’s gaffes were a<br />

consequence of his health, pointing to symptoms<br />

such as slurring, nasal sounding, heavy<br />

breathing, and difficulty with speech rhythm and<br />

movements. The assumption was that Tinubu<br />

was suffering from dysarthria, likely caused by<br />

brain damage or age-related changes. However,<br />

it is unclear whether his health condition played<br />

a significant role in his gaffes or if they were<br />

purely the result of the high-pressure political<br />

environment.<br />

Tinubu’s Gaffes in<br />

Perspective<br />

Ultimately, the impact of Tinubu’s gaffes<br />

and missteps during his campaigns and the<br />

subsequent election outcome rested with the<br />

Nigerian people. As voters cast their ballots, the<br />

controversy surrounding Tinubu’s verbal blunders<br />

served as a reminder of the importance of<br />

choosing a leader who can effectively articulate<br />

and communicate their vision to the nation.<br />

Conclusion: The<br />

Presidency of Bola Ahmed<br />

Tinubu<br />

In the end, Tinubu’s gaffes were viewed<br />

by many as innocent mistakes rather<br />

than deliberate shortcomings. Despite the<br />

controversies surrounding his verbal missteps,<br />

Tinubu emerged as the President of the Federal<br />

Republic of Nigeria. With his presidency now in<br />

motion, the focus has shifted from his gaffes to<br />

the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead<br />

for the nation.<br />

Today, as real governance unfolds, the<br />

Nigerian people no longer see or hear those<br />

gaffes that once dominated discussions. The<br />

country is now looking to Tinubu’s leadership,<br />

policy proposals, and vision for the future as they<br />

embark on this new chapter in Nigerian history.<br />

Harry Choms<br />


FEATURE &<br />


Harry Choms is a freelance<br />

writer with a passion for<br />

words and a keen eye for details,<br />

an editor, and an avid tech believer. His works can<br />

be seen on EntrepreneurNG.com, Imautomator,<br />

Secureblitz, Withinnigeria, Feelgospel, Kemifilani,<br />

and Glamsquad Magazine. He is the Webmaster<br />

and sole owner of Matrismart.com and biowiki.<br />

com.ng.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 23







ACROSS?<br />

By Ivan Mihajlovic<br />

Oh boy, get ready<br />

to have your mind<br />

blown! I’ve come<br />

across so many mindblowing<br />

facts that it’s<br />

hard to pick just a few.<br />

But I’ll give it a shot and<br />

share some of the most<br />

fascinating ones with you.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

Get this: Honey never<br />

spoils!<br />

Archaeologists have<br />

discovered pots of honey in<br />

ancient Egyptian tombs that<br />

are over 3,000 years old and still<br />

perfectly edible. Thanks to its low<br />

water content and acidic pH,<br />

honey creates an inhospitable<br />

environment for bacteria and<br />

other microorganisms to grow.<br />

Talk about nature’s ultimate<br />

preservative!<br />

Ever wonder why<br />

flamingos are pink?<br />

Well, it’s all because of<br />

their diet! Flamingos eat a<br />

lot of shrimp and other small<br />

crustaceans that contain a<br />

pigment called carotenoid.<br />

This pigment gets deposited in<br />

their feathers, giving them that<br />

iconic pink hue. So, next time<br />

you see a flamingo, remember<br />

that it’s all about what they<br />

eat!<br />

24<br />

Accomplish Magazine

3<br />

did you know that<br />

your brain is more<br />

active at night than<br />

during the day?<br />

It might seem<br />

counterintuitive, but while<br />

you’re sleeping, your brain is<br />

hard at work processing and<br />

consolidating information<br />

from the day. So, the next time<br />

someone calls you a night owl,<br />

just tell them you’re maximizing<br />

your brain’s potential!`<br />

Here’s another one for you: time<br />

travel is technically possible!<br />

1. Did you know<br />

that there are<br />

more stars in the<br />

universe than<br />

grains of sand on<br />

all the beaches<br />

on Earth?<br />

Yeah, wrap your head<br />

around that! With an<br />

estimated 100 billion<br />

galaxies out there, each<br />

containing billions of<br />

stars, the numbers are<br />

just mind-boggling. It<br />

really puts things into<br />

perspective, doesn’t it?<br />

5<br />

According to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, time<br />

can be stretched or dilated depending on your speed<br />

and gravity. So, if you were to travel near the speed of<br />

light or near a black hole, time would move slower for<br />

you compared to someone back on Earth. Pretty trippy<br />

stuff, right?<br />

4<br />

5. Have you ever heard<br />

of the Baader-Meinhof<br />

phenomenon?<br />

It’s when you learn or notice something<br />

new, and suddenly you start seeing it<br />

everywhere. For example, let’s say you<br />

learn about a rare breed of dog called<br />

the Tibetan Mastiff. Suddenly, you<br />

start noticing Tibetan Mastiffs on TV, in<br />

magazines, and even on the street. It’s like<br />

the universe is playing a cosmic joke on<br />

you!<br />

These mind-blowing facts barely<br />

scratch the surface of all the incredible<br />

things out there. The world is full of wonders<br />

waiting to be explored and understood. So,<br />

keep your curiosity alive and never stop<br />

seeking knowledge!<br />

I hope you found these facts as mindblowing<br />

as I did. Remember to always stay<br />

curious and keep learning!<br />

Editor’s Note: What Are Some Of The<br />

Mind Blowing Facts That You Have Ever<br />

Come Across? by Ivan Mihajlovic was first<br />

published by www.quora.com.<br />

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By Sergey Monin<br />

How are the Russians<br />

always on top of all the<br />

programming contests (Google<br />

Code Jam, Facebook Hacker<br />

Cup, TopCoder Open, etc.) but<br />

don’t have any tech companies<br />

(almost all of the top tech<br />

companies are in the USA)?<br />

I’ve studied in the same<br />

group with ACM world<br />

champions, so let me shed<br />

some light on this subject.<br />

First of all, they (Russians)<br />

are heavily prepared; they<br />

are not ordinary students.<br />

Universities (in Russia) typically<br />

have a special department,<br />

which specializes ONLY in<br />

solving abstract Olympiad<br />

problems. Studying there is<br />

free, but in order to get in,<br />

you need to win a contest.<br />

Only 1 in 500-1000 students<br />

is accepted and only from<br />

eligible specialities (Math<br />

and Computer Science). The<br />

competition is insane. From<br />

what I’ve seen, they either have<br />

outstanding programming skills<br />

or are Math prodigies.<br />

Second, all teachers are<br />

ex-winners (i.e. they won a few<br />

international contests but<br />

simply outgrew the programme.<br />

Now they teach newbies).<br />

Essentially the same group of<br />

people will win repeatedly.<br />

Finally, universities have<br />

direct benefits from this. During<br />

any convenient opportunity,<br />

they boast by saying “WE WON<br />


(Read: our university is<br />

better than MIT, Stanford,<br />

and Berkeley combined.)<br />

Additionally, it’s often used<br />

to get financial aid from the<br />

government.<br />

Not surprisingly, with such<br />

selection and training, they win<br />

contests.<br />

Now back to tech<br />

companies …<br />

Why do you think we lack<br />

tech companies (in Russia);<br />

JetBrains, Kaspersky, Dr. Web,<br />

Nginx, for example? Actually,<br />

there are plenty of small and<br />

medium-sized companies in<br />

every city.<br />

Maybe you wanted to ask,<br />

“Why we don’t have giants<br />

such as Google, Microsoft, and<br />

so on?” The answer is simple<br />

- programming skills are not<br />

enough. In order to succeed,<br />

a company needs designers,<br />

managers, competent<br />

leadership, investors, customer<br />

support, and so on.<br />

Finally, “Computer<br />

26<br />

Accomplish Magazine

S ARE<br />

P OF<br />

MING<br />

Science” and “Software<br />

Engineering” are two different<br />

fields. While they can solve<br />

difficult, abstract problems,<br />

their code is often messy<br />

and unreadable. To build<br />

complex systems, you need<br />

to have vision on Software<br />

Architecture and be a team<br />

player.<br />

Editor’s Note: This piece<br />

written by Sergey Monin was<br />

first published by www.quora.<br />

com.<br />

Commonwealth<br />

Scholarship <strong>2023</strong><br />

The Commonwealth<br />

Scholarships scheme<br />

is targeted at students<br />

across the Commonwealth<br />

who might not be able to<br />

afford to go to university<br />

in the UK. Through the<br />

funding of postgraduate<br />

studies across various<br />

types of study, the program<br />

assists in fostering the next<br />

generation of leaders and<br />

innovators.<br />

This award has been<br />

a landmark in the history<br />

of the primary scheme of<br />

scholarship in the United<br />

Kingdom designed to<br />

support British global<br />

development objectives.<br />

It’s designed to bring top<br />

students to UK universities<br />

while also helping to<br />

promote sustainable<br />

development abroad.<br />

Who is eligible?<br />

To be eligible for the<br />

Commonwealth Scholarship,<br />

you must be either a<br />

permanent or citizen of a<br />

Commonwealth country. It<br />

is still possible to apply for<br />

the scholarship if you are an<br />

asylum seeker or a Britishprotected<br />

person.<br />

Additionally, you must<br />

have an undergraduate<br />

honors degree that is<br />

at the very least upper<br />

second-class (2:1). If you<br />

plan to pursue the path of<br />

a Ph.D., then you’ll need an<br />

appropriate master’s level<br />

degree.<br />

In addition, you should be<br />

financially unable to attend<br />

university in the UK without<br />

an award of a scholarship.<br />

Apply Here<br />

https://cscuk.fcdo.gov.<br />

uk/scholarships-filtersearch/<br />

https://worldtitbits.<br />

com/commonwealthscholarship-<strong>2023</strong>/<br />

Editor’s Note: This<br />

scholarship promotion was<br />

first published in https://<br />

worldtitbits.com/.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 27


SERIES<br />

10<br />

WAYS OF<br />


avoidable tears in our eyes and<br />

the humongous weight on the<br />

minds of majority of us? Yes, of<br />

course!<br />

The hard truth to add here<br />

is that most of the people<br />

grouped as ‘masses’ are<br />

helping those economic<br />

fiends among us to flourish<br />

in their malicious misdeeds<br />

on our economy by actively<br />

supporting them or indifferently<br />

sitting on the fence while those<br />



By Diiyi William-West<br />

I<br />

do not pretend or profess to<br />

be an expert in Economics.<br />

I am not, just like most of<br />

my readers. Kudos to the<br />

numerous, well-educated gurus<br />

of Economics. In fact, one of<br />

them – my senior in one of the<br />

country’s unity schools decades<br />

ago – makes me doff my hat for<br />

really discerning and successful<br />

economists.<br />

It is a pleasure (with<br />

admiration) reading or watching<br />

patriotic economists educate<br />

us, the not-so-learned on issues<br />

that pertain to the intricate<br />

field of Economics, because its<br />

impact we experience every<br />

day, everywhere! Looking at<br />

how things are going in Nigeria,<br />

majority of us who possess only<br />

an elementary appreciation of<br />

Economics and its effects on<br />

our lives must rethink our ways!<br />

The studied explanation of<br />

gross domestic product, gross<br />

national product, consumer<br />

price index, gallop inflation,<br />

money supply, balance of<br />

payments, producer price<br />

index, balance of trade, human<br />

development index, better<br />

life index, genuine progress<br />

indicator and so on and so forth<br />

by economisWts among us<br />

must now be taken seriously by<br />

all of us!<br />

Indeed, this is not a season<br />

to overlook the analysis of<br />

discerning economists. Like<br />

they have been doing (I mean<br />

the discerning, patriotic<br />

economists), they will continue<br />

to shed light on how our<br />

economy has been afflicted;<br />

why the afflictions happened<br />

and are happening; when<br />

things got severe (and are<br />

even getting worse); plus who<br />

and who are causing and<br />

benefitting from the afflictions!<br />

Did you ask if some people are<br />

benefitting from the needless<br />

sweat on our brows, the<br />

‘frenemies’ deepened their hidden<br />

cutlery of self-interest in our<br />

commonwealth-pie at local, state<br />

and federal levels of governance!<br />

You may ask me: “Why are<br />

you sounding this way? Well, just<br />

as I was about to complete this<br />

piece, news of yet another hike in<br />

the price of premium motor spirit<br />

(PMS) broke. In Abuja, reliable<br />

media reports said a litre had<br />

climbed to the range of N615 and<br />

N620. In Port Harcourt, a litre hit<br />

28<br />

Accomplish Magazine

etween N590 and N600 and you<br />

can bet that the price hike was<br />

all over the country. I considered<br />

the term that led me to write this<br />

piece again: captured-economy<br />

and it dawned on me that some<br />

supposed compatriots are surely<br />

taking undue advantage of the<br />

hiking of petroleum products’<br />

prices in order to sustain their<br />

membership of the millionaire and<br />

billionaire clubs respectively. And,<br />

you know what? All of those who<br />

take such undue advantage of the<br />

masses, through negative policies<br />

and policy implementation, have<br />

also mastered ways to get most<br />

of the masses to sing their praises,<br />

falsely, in return for a mess of<br />

porridge!<br />

You can imagine how hard I am<br />

trying not to discuss the manner<br />

the subsidy removal was done or<br />

how the students’ loan scheme<br />

is skewed or how electricity<br />

tariff is climbing to the moon.<br />

Haven’t so much been said and<br />

written about them already?<br />

Perhaps, I may still write about<br />

them some time later… At the<br />

centre of my concern is the<br />

timing and approach of these<br />

policies! But, on that strong<br />

desire of members of the<br />

National Assembly to appoint<br />

billions of naira to themselves<br />

as palliatives, I hope to return<br />

soon!<br />

Back to the ways one can<br />

win in our heavily awkward<br />

economic malaise… Our<br />

hardworking and discerning<br />

economists will continue to<br />

reel out the shenanigans that<br />

have so suffocated Nigeria’s<br />

economy, bringing it flailing on<br />

its back with seeming asthmatic<br />

gasps. As they do this, they<br />

‘and we the people’ can<br />

show the deep wounds and<br />

scars etched on our personal<br />

economy by the repeated,<br />

selfish, poverty-inducing<br />

knocks inflicted by our local,<br />

state and national leaders. Yes,<br />

every passing 4-year political<br />

tenure makes us realise how<br />

grievous the damage caused<br />

by a select, conniving few has<br />

frisked much of value from our<br />

commonwealth.<br />

Yes! Nigeria’s economy<br />

is a captured-economy! I<br />

repeat, captured by those few<br />

whom the majority among us<br />

frequently, thoughtlessly entrust<br />

our votes to… Then, on the few<br />

occasions when we all dare to<br />

employ sound judgement with<br />

our votes, some compatriots<br />

in hallowed chambers simply<br />

wear their wigs and dust<br />

up some technical twigs to<br />

puncture our joy!<br />

However, I have good news<br />

even with all the sadness<br />

poured out in this piece… Yes…<br />

Even in a captured-economy,<br />

there is still some hope of<br />

making it out of the povertyladen<br />

rat race. Really! That<br />

brings us to take a look at<br />

a number of steps we can<br />

employ to cash out of the<br />

captured-economy ,employing<br />

legitimate means. Let’s go…<br />

1<br />

STEP ONE<br />

1. The first step is to take<br />

advantage of the mystery<br />

connection between thoughts,<br />

words and action. Who has<br />

achieved anything the world<br />

will marvel at who didn’t first<br />

think about it deeply? Who is<br />

that who achieved enviable<br />

heights who didn’t repeatedly<br />

speak about the great goal<br />

he or she has set? (It is enough<br />

even if most of the great<br />

speaking is inwards.) You just<br />

have to be captivated enough<br />

by your great goal to speak it<br />

forth! Show me anyone who<br />

Accomplish Magazine 29


SERIES<br />

overturned bleakness and<br />

didn’t take bold, sometimes<br />

crazy actions! So, think up that<br />

world-beater! Speak about it<br />

until every nerve in you gets<br />

attuned to co-operate in<br />

achieving the set goal. And<br />


2<br />

STEPS.<br />

STEP TWO<br />

Where is your ideas-book?<br />

You may forget what you think<br />

about because the mind must<br />

keep working on everything<br />

you feed it with. Soon, it loses<br />

firm hold of some of the great<br />

ideas it has held. But, the<br />

pages of that dream-book of<br />

yours will remain caught in the<br />

ideas you laid in them! Get that<br />

book and make it your ‘chief<br />

planning partner’ as you write<br />

down every little or great idea<br />

that comes to you. It could<br />

take days, months or years but<br />

one thing is certain, what you<br />

have taken the pains to write<br />

down, you have already shown<br />

commitment to. The more you<br />

think about it and talk about<br />

it, the capacity to implement it<br />

continues to flourish.<br />

3<br />


Intentionally develop a<br />

minimum of two-thirds of T.S.E.<br />

(Talents, Skills and Education).<br />

Only one of these may leave<br />

you helpless because the path<br />

leading to you will be narrow.<br />

Any two of them will widen the<br />

path that leads to you and<br />

help you to flourish, meaning<br />

more clients or customers. Of<br />

course, three of them will give<br />

you capacity to flourish and<br />

soar! Let me share this here…<br />

Please, bear with me... It would<br />

take some time to read… I am<br />

among the people, who through<br />

no fault of theirs, arrived at<br />

‘academic graduate level’ quite<br />

late in life. I became a graduate<br />

and qualified for NYSC<br />

exemption document in 2004.<br />

Well, this will not make sense<br />

until you know that I was born<br />

1964! Well, it took so long but I<br />

became a manager and senior<br />

manager of some reputable<br />

companies in Nigeria, applying<br />

this principle. Somehow,<br />

though I had 4 As and some<br />

other credit passes in two<br />

separate General Certificate<br />

Education examinations I sat<br />

for, gaining admission into a<br />

tertiary institution was almost<br />

not going to happen! As<br />

some people would say,<br />

“JAMB jammed me out!”<br />

As frustration began to set<br />

in, one night in 1982, I kept<br />

vigil thinking about my<br />

past and the future. That<br />

vigil ended with a resolve<br />

to invest more time in my<br />

talents, especially writing<br />

and speaking. I also decided<br />

to add value to the skills of<br />

proof-reading and teaching<br />

I had already engaged in.<br />

Later on, I added computing<br />

and photography to my<br />

bag. For my speaking talent,<br />

30<br />

Accomplish Magazine

egan with pointing out how<br />

most of us thought that listening<br />

to or reading stuff about<br />

economics was unnecessary.<br />

However, some of the economic<br />

scars we live with daily have<br />

forced us to learn the hard<br />

way – whether we follow<br />

Economics or not! Your life is<br />

influenced mostly by what gets<br />

into your brain through your<br />

eyes, your ears and your mind.<br />

Remembers, G.I.G.O.? ‘Garbage<br />

in, garbage out’. To illustrate this<br />

sufficiently, I used to refer to a<br />

term: Q.I.Q.O. which is ‘Quality in,<br />

quality out’. I guess comparing<br />

‘garbage in, garbage out’ and<br />

‘quality in, quality out’ makes<br />

the point being made here<br />

clear enough. Fill your brain<br />

with quality physical food and<br />

quality mental food and see<br />

your idea gain new life!<br />


I decided to add the skills of<br />

MCing, motivational speaking<br />

and seminar speaking. In<br />

the beginning, my speaking<br />

involved motivating my peers,<br />

teaching in a school and<br />

helping out students preparing<br />

for O’Level GCE examinations,<br />

master-of-ceremonies and<br />

disc-jockeying. As the years<br />

went by, after several ‘free<br />

shows’, people began to pay<br />

me for speaking at seminars,<br />

writing, proof-reading and<br />

editing books and magazines,<br />

and photography. So, I made<br />

some progress with ‘T’ and<br />

‘S’. I never gave up on adding<br />

the ‘E’, (formal) education and<br />

it eventually came. Oh yes... I<br />

have benefitted much from<br />

it. But, most of what people<br />

could term achievements in<br />

my life came through intense<br />

‘T’ and ‘S’ of several years. That<br />

I worked and rose through the<br />

ranks to management level in<br />

some reputable companies in<br />

the country may be discussed<br />

in details someday. So, raise<br />

your T.S.E. to new heights!<br />

4<br />


Review what you watch,<br />

read or listen to. This piece<br />

Diiyi<br />

William-West<br />


More fondly known as DDWEST,<br />

he has several years of media<br />

practice experience spanning<br />

magazines, newspapers,<br />

television and radio; laying<br />

emphasis on maintaining<br />

standards in media practice. He<br />

practised and lectured Public<br />

Relations for nearly a decade<br />

before going into leadership<br />

consulting and real estate<br />

consultancy.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 31



BARRI<br />




Mrs. Ibilola Amao is a prominent figure<br />

in the oil and gas industry with a<br />

wealth of experience and expertise<br />

spanning several decades. Born and raised in<br />

Nigeria, Mrs. Amao developed keen interest<br />

in the energy sector from a young age. Her<br />

passion for the industry led her to pursue a<br />

career in the oil and gas field, where she has<br />

made significant contributions and achieved<br />

remarkable success, as captioned by<br />

entrepreneurng.com.<br />

After completing her education in Civil<br />

and Structural Engineering from a prestigious<br />

university, Mrs. Amao began her professional<br />

journey in the early 1990s. She joined one of the<br />

leading multi-national oil and gas companies<br />

operating in Nigeria, where she quickly<br />

established herself as a diligent and talented<br />

professional. Her dedication and commitment<br />

to work earned her recognition, and she<br />

steadily climbed the corporate ladder, taking<br />

on increasingly challenging roles.<br />

Throughout her career, Mrs. Amao has<br />

garnered extensive experience in various<br />

aspects of the oil and gas industry. She has<br />

worked in exploration and production, refining<br />

and processing, project management, and<br />

business development, among other areas.<br />

Her deep knowledge of the sector, coupled<br />

with her exceptional leadership skills, has<br />

enabled her to spearhead major projects and<br />

initiatives.<br />

Mrs. Amao’s contributions have not been<br />

limited to her professional endeavours alone.<br />

She has been actively involved in promoting<br />

diversity and inclusion within the industry,<br />

advocating for equal opportunities for women<br />

and under-represented groups. She has<br />

served as a mentor and role model for aspiring<br />

professionals, particularly women, inspiring<br />

them to pursue careers in the oil and gas<br />

sector.<br />

Recognizing her outstanding achievements<br />

and expertise, Mrs. Amao has received<br />

numerous accolades and awards throughout<br />

her career. She has been honoured for her<br />

leadership, technical expertise, and her<br />

contributions to the advancement of the<br />

oil and gas industry. Her work has had a<br />

significant impact on the sector, both in<br />

Nigeria and internationally.<br />

Beyond her professional achievements,<br />

Mrs. Amao is known for her philanthropic<br />

endeavours. She is actively involved in various<br />

charitable initiatives aimed at supporting<br />

education, health care, and community<br />

development. Her passion for giving back<br />

to society underscores her commitment to<br />

making a positive difference in the lives of<br />

others.<br />

32<br />

Accomplish Magazine

ERS:<br />

By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

Today, Mrs. Ibilola Amao continues<br />

to play a pivotal role in the oil and gas<br />

industry. She serves on the boards of<br />

several prominent companies and<br />

organizations, where her expertise<br />

and insights are highly valued. Her<br />

remarkable career journey, coupled<br />

with her dedication to empowering<br />

others, has cemented her reputation as<br />

a trail-blazer and an influential figure in<br />

the oil and gas sector.<br />

Her ground-breaking record has<br />

shed light on the intricacies of the<br />

business world and has the potential to<br />

revolutionize our understanding of how<br />

to become a successful entrepreneur.<br />

COO Magazine had the privilege of<br />

engaging Mrs. Ibilola Amao to discuss<br />

her journey and the future of the oil and<br />

gas sector.<br />

Here are the highlights of our<br />

insightful conversation.<br />

Please, ma’am, can you introduce<br />

yourself?<br />

My name is Ibilola Amao. I’m the<br />

Principal Consultant at Lonadek Global<br />

Services. I am an engineer and I’ve run<br />

the business for about 32 years. I’m a<br />

London-trained entrepreneur as well. I’m<br />

Accomplish Magazine 33


very passionate about girls in STEM — women<br />

in engineering, energy and entrepreneurship.<br />

As a structural engineer, how did your passion<br />

for the oil industry develop? What motivated<br />

you to start your own oil service company?<br />

My passion stemmed from being a<br />

Physics and Maths student who loved solving<br />

problems. So, as a problem solver that likes<br />

Maths and Physics, l decided to go into<br />

any of the Engineering disciplines; whether<br />

it’s Chemical Engineering, Civil, Structural,<br />

Mechanical, or Electrical Instrumentation.<br />

The whole range of engineering activities. I<br />

wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but<br />

my late father told me that in my lifetime,<br />

we wouldn’t be developing, designing and<br />

building aeroplanes in Nigeria so I should look<br />

for an alternative engineering type that would<br />

benefit Nigeria. I opted for Civil and Structural<br />

Engineering because I had seen my late father<br />

work as a civil and structural engineer with<br />

passion. When I graduated, my final year<br />

project was in computing and developing<br />

software for hydraulics, and I enjoyed<br />

working on computers. My Ph.D. was based<br />

on Computer-Aided Design, and I specialized<br />

in 3D modelling of oil and gas facilities. When<br />

I returned to Nigeria, I realized that the most<br />

vibrant industry that required the knowledge I<br />

had acquired during my Ph.D. studies was the<br />

oil and gas sector, and I was very fortunate to<br />

have a mentor and a role model engineer.<br />

Tokunbo Shomolu introduced me to the oil<br />

and gas industry. She was the one that gave<br />

me my first opportunity in the oil and gas<br />

industry. That’s how I got into the oil and gas<br />

industry. The company which was registered<br />

but didn’t have oil and gas as its priority<br />

became very useful in the oil and gas industry.<br />

Everything happened by destiny. I took so<br />

many decisions because of the situations<br />

that presented themselves, so I’m always very<br />

particular about letting people know that my<br />

journey in life has been God-defined (just like)<br />

my journey with God, in terms of finding my<br />

purpose and destiny.<br />

Everything has been one thing leading to<br />

another. Looking back now, I can only see<br />

the hand of God and how I have journeyed<br />

through my career.<br />

Please, could you share with us some key<br />

challenges you faced as a woman, knowing<br />

fully well that males are more dominant in the<br />

oil and gas industry? How were you able to<br />

overcome this situation?<br />

The first thing is understanding yourself.<br />

I knew from training to become chartered<br />

in the United Kingdom that I needed to be<br />

more excited about site work and outdoor<br />

activities. I loved working on my laptop, and<br />

I loved working indoors. I focussed more<br />

on my strengths. My strengths were solving<br />

problems, and so on. So, I identified that the<br />

major problem we had in the Nigerian oil and<br />

gas industry was that expatriates were ahead<br />

of Nigerians. Then, the curriculum in Nigerian<br />

universities was not at the level where Nigerians<br />

could even attempt to compete with the<br />

expatriates. When I returned, there were hardly<br />

any computers in the universities. Nobody<br />

even knew how to use the kind of computers<br />

that would be used for projects. So, I realized<br />

that I could focus on bridging the gap, which is<br />

domiciling, domesticating and democratizing<br />

technology.<br />

And how could I bridge the gap between<br />

industry and the academia? By identifying,<br />

developing and engaging clients. I realized<br />

that my strength and purpose are training<br />

and human capital development. The first<br />

34<br />

Accomplish Magazine

“<br />

My first advice<br />

is to know who<br />

you are and<br />

your calling.<br />

You must know<br />

what you stand<br />

for, and you<br />

must remain<br />

focused.<br />

opportunity I got at NNPC-NETCO, when they<br />

recruited 67 engineers to work on the Chevron<br />

Escravos gas projects in 1992, was to train these<br />

engineers. By the special grace of God, I took<br />

them from their lack of knowledge... Some of<br />

them had never seen a computer before… They<br />

could (now) use computers to design facilities.<br />

We experienced success from painstaking<br />

commitment to training these 67 engineers to<br />

use the engineering software on the Escravos<br />

gas project from A2 flow stations. Shell flow<br />

stations are more revolutionized into 234 flow<br />

stations. In sheltered flow stations, l prepared<br />

them to do an excellent job with the NNPC<br />

technical partner then, which was Bechtel.<br />

The success of that encouraged Nigerians<br />

to do more work in Nigeria by bringing in<br />

more expatriates. Most of the projects before<br />

(then) were taken overseas - to be executed<br />

with computers overseas. Then, we had to go<br />

through an advocacy programme to make<br />

sure that projects that come to Nigeria are<br />

executed in Nigeria. Projects are executed in<br />

Nigeria, and Nigerians are engaged; trained<br />

and engaged to execute those projects in<br />

Nigeria. I realized that developing Nigerians to<br />

execute these projects in Nigeria was a huge<br />

gap that had to be filled. I worked on that for<br />

ten years and ten months in NNPC and NETCO.<br />

The success of that encouraged other Nigerian<br />

engineering companies to set up and begin to<br />

use computers effectively to do engineering<br />

design work in Nigeria.<br />

So, I’m very pleased that I was quite<br />

instrumental in advocacy for local content and<br />

domesticating engineering design projects in<br />

Nigeria.<br />

With your experience, what are the most<br />

significant technological advancements wthat<br />

have revolutionized the oil sector in Nigeria?<br />

How has your company adapted to these<br />

changes?<br />

The oil and gas value-chain is from<br />

upstream to midstream to downstream. So, the<br />

technology for exploration and production subsurface<br />

work differs from the technology for the<br />

top side: facilities, engineering and design. You<br />

can’t really apply the same technology from<br />

upstream to midstream to downstream and for<br />

different aspects of the oil and gas industry.<br />

We’ve identified the space where we<br />

play: facilities, engineering, operations, and<br />

maintenance. We’ve been so fortunate to<br />

have the opportunity to partner with the<br />

proprietors of technology in the area of<br />

facilities, engineering, design, developing digital<br />

twins, systems integration and predictive and<br />

prescriptive operations and maintenance. So,<br />

we have partners for engineering technology<br />

and design. We also work with cloud technology<br />

partners. Technology is evolving. So, it requires<br />

a lot of continuous learning and development,<br />

collaboration with foreign technical partners,<br />

and proprietors of technology.<br />

We are currently looking at Industry 5.0, which<br />

is human-computer interaction and deploying<br />

robots to optimize the assets and enhance<br />

the profitability of assets and efficiency of the<br />

human resources that are optimizing these<br />

assets. We are very much involved in not only<br />

deploying technology systems (but also in)<br />

integration training and development of the<br />

experts who will deploy this technology in the<br />

oil and gas industry. Daily, we’re learning and<br />

developing people’s talent, we’re identifying<br />

STEM talent - Science, Technology, Engineering,<br />

Maths, and talent; empowering engineers<br />

to do more in the oil and gas sector. We’ve<br />

moved from just providing technology in the<br />

oil and gas sector to providing technology in<br />

the energy, power, infrastructure, mining and<br />

manufacturing sector. At the moment, we’re<br />

beginning to engage engineering talent in other<br />

sectors beyond oil and gas.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 35


As the owner of an oil service company,<br />

what specific services does your company<br />

provide and how do you ensure that you stay<br />

competitive in such a dynamic industry?<br />

We provide assets and information<br />

management solutions, local content<br />

consultancy, and due diligence. We outsource<br />

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths<br />

talent to deploy our technologies. We’re also<br />

very much involved in training and human<br />

capital development.<br />

For me as an individual, my passion is working<br />

with girls in STEM and women in engineering,<br />

energy and entrepreneurship because we<br />

have diversity issues, and it’s not easy to find<br />

females in male-dominated sectors. So, because<br />

I’m a female engineer in a male-dominated<br />

sector, I’m committed to working with women<br />

- to ensure they play in this space. I work with<br />

the Association of<br />

Professional Women<br />

Engineers in Nigeria<br />

app. I’m a Co-founder<br />

of the Women in<br />

Energy Network and<br />

very much involved.<br />

We connect, work<br />

and focus on women<br />

groups to ensure<br />

that our girls are<br />

encouraged to excel<br />

in male-dominated<br />

sectors.<br />

We invest heavily<br />

in training and<br />

developing our staff as we train and develop<br />

the professionals of our client companies. We’re<br />

members of various associations, institutions<br />

and societies, and we collaborate, cooperate<br />

and coordinate resources with our partners to<br />

ensure that we are competitive in delivering the<br />

products and services that we offer the industry.<br />

As we all know, the oil industry faces criticism<br />

for its environmental impact, especially in<br />

Nigeria. How does your company approach<br />

sustainability and environmental responsibility<br />

in its operations?<br />

For me, it depends on where you play. As I<br />

mentioned, there are upstream, midstream and<br />

downstream. Because we provide engineering<br />

technology and information management<br />

solutions, we’re not very much involved in<br />

environmental pollution activities.<br />

There are 17 sustainable development<br />

“<br />

The second thing is<br />

ensuring you have the<br />

right support system so<br />

you don’t joke with your<br />

family and siblings.<br />

goals, 16 + 1, which are partnerships and<br />

collaborations. Our own sustainability<br />

strategy is tied to SDG 4, 5 and 8 - which are<br />

education, gender diversity and improving<br />

industry applications and solutions. What<br />

we do, normally, is to ensure that we are<br />

involved in climate change as well. We also<br />

get involved in ensuring that some of our<br />

clients and partners deploy their solutions<br />

appropriately.<br />

I would say our sustainability strategy<br />

is tied to innovation and industry, climate<br />

change, education, quality, education<br />

and gender diversity. We’re also involved<br />

in implementing solutions in the industry.<br />

We’re not very involved in oil spills and<br />

environmental degradation but one of<br />

our sustainability strategies is ensuring<br />

(that) we do not pollute the environment.<br />

We minimize the use of these plastics and<br />

disposables. We try to pivot into using solar<br />

and renewables<br />

in our operations<br />

because, at the<br />

moment, we run<br />

industrialization.<br />

diesel generators.<br />

(Due to) the<br />

economic situation<br />

at the moment,<br />

we’re just rethinking<br />

our sustainability<br />

strategy and we<br />

are focused on<br />

SDG 4-5 and 8 as<br />

well as climate<br />

change, renewable<br />

energy and<br />

Can you discuss some of the major projects<br />

or initiatives your company has undertaken<br />

in the oil sector and their impact on the<br />

industry and local communities?<br />

Like I stated earlier, the Global<br />

Services brand is known for identifying,<br />

developing and engaging talent. Apart<br />

from developing the engineers in NNPC for<br />

the Chevron Escravos gas project, we were<br />

known for domiciling, domesticating and<br />

democratizing engineering technology in<br />

the oil and gas sector. We are also known<br />

for technology transfer. We ensured the<br />

technology was transferred to Nigeria during<br />

the NNPC Bechtel joint venture and ERA<br />

between 2006 and 2020.<br />

We are identified, developed and<br />

engaged by 100,000 STEM talents through<br />

our Vision 2020 Career Counselling Industry<br />

36<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Awareness and Youth Empowerment<br />

Initiative. Following that, we worked<br />

with Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub<br />

between 2020 and 2022 to expose over<br />

15,000 Africans, using technology for job<br />

demands. We’ve also trained 25 cloud<br />

practitioners with Amazon Web Services.<br />

We’ve empowered over 200 women in<br />

leadership with the US Aid Power Africa,<br />

energy sector, women’s leadership, and<br />

Women’s Leadership Initiative that’s<br />

ongoing. We’re also working with GIZ<br />

GOPA to empower entrepreneurs to take<br />

their ideas to bankable business plans.<br />

We provide single-digit loans with them in<br />

collaboration with the Bank of Industry.<br />

We’re very committed to social<br />

impact initiatives and corporate social<br />

responsibilities. As we partner with<br />

various bodies, associations, institutions,<br />

societies and organizations to empower<br />

Nigerians, we’re very involved in<br />

education, enlightenment, empowerment,<br />

engagement and entrepreneurship - to<br />

build capability and competence so<br />

that more Nigerians and more Nigerian<br />

companies can compete favourably in<br />

Nigeria, regionally and internationally.<br />

The oil sector is known for its volatility<br />

and price fluctuations. How do you<br />

navigate these challenges and ensure<br />

the stability and growth of your<br />

company?<br />

Well, this has been a major challenge<br />

in the oil sector; when there’s a price<br />

reduction, all our clients negotiate<br />

our contracts downwards. But, when<br />

price increases, they don’t increase our<br />

contract value. So, what we have had<br />

to do is diversify. We provide services,<br />

whether they’re social impact services or<br />

CSR services; we provide services in other<br />

sectors - energy, power, infrastructure,<br />

manufac turing and mining.<br />

Secondly, we’ve tried to de-risk our<br />

naira exposure and working tirelessly to<br />

collaborate with international partners<br />

to provide services outside Nigeria so<br />

that we’re able to look at our basket of<br />

products and services to make sure that<br />

we are generating revenue from different<br />

products and services or different<br />

markets or different sectors. So, we have<br />

monthly strategy meetings to ensure<br />

that we’re not affected - to de-risk our<br />

portfolio of activities so that we’re not in<br />

Accomplish Magazine 37


a situation where the pricing of oil affects<br />

our business, and this is a major, major<br />

problem for most service providers and<br />

the gas industry.<br />

With the increasing global focus on<br />

renewable energy sources, how do you<br />

see the future of the oil industry? What<br />

role do you envision your company to play<br />

in this evolving landscape, especially in<br />

Nigeria?<br />

Oil and gas will always be oil and gas<br />

because heavy industries require oil<br />

and gas. I believe heavy manufacturing<br />

equipment would still need oil and gas.<br />

Oil and gas would still be in the energy<br />

mix. Now, regarding renewable (energy),<br />

as l said earlier, we’re collaborating with<br />

US Aid Power Africa to develop women in<br />

the energy sector, deploying renewable<br />

solutions.<br />

Everybody knows now that people<br />

are migrating from heavy oil solutions<br />

to energy solutions to renewable energy<br />

solutions. We are currently in the Decade<br />

of Gas in Nigeria; 2021 to 2030 is the<br />

Decade of Gas in Nigeria. People are using<br />

gas to power turbines; people are using<br />

gas to power solutions. We’re also looking<br />

at CNG, LNG and LPG as alternative fuels.<br />

Beyond that, we’re working to empower<br />

women and renewable energy solution<br />

providers to access single-digit loans with<br />

the Bank of Industry.<br />

We’re definitely looking at energy<br />

transition as an opportunity and<br />

looking at how we can migrate our<br />

existing customers from where they are<br />

dependent on heavy fuels to how they<br />

can transition into renewable energy;<br />

we’re currently working with a company<br />

in Birmingham (England), on hydrogen.<br />

We’re looking at how best to integrate<br />

hydrogen as a power source in the<br />

industries we’re currently working in. So,<br />

there are short, medium and long-term<br />

strategies for energy transition and how<br />

do we work with our existing customers<br />

and clients to make their energy transition<br />

journey in reality? We’re very much<br />

involved in energy transition and digital<br />

transformation; working with our clients<br />

and partners.<br />

Could you share a memorable experience<br />

with us or achievements in your career<br />

that have significantly impacted you<br />

personally and professionally?<br />

38<br />

Accomplish Magazine

I always tell people that the most<br />

transformational award I ever received was<br />

the Energy Champion Award 2016. We were<br />

asked to submit quite a lot of documentation to<br />

qualify for the Energy Champion Award by the<br />

Energy Institute. I did that, and four people were<br />

shortlisted. There was a dinner in London, in Park<br />

Lane. I attended the dinner with my daughter,<br />

my first daughter. We were all asked to write an<br />

acceptance speech. I was unsure if l could win<br />

because four people were contending for the<br />

price, and my daughter asked me to write my<br />

acceptance speech. So, I told her I couldn’t write<br />

an acceptance speech because I didn’t know if<br />

I would win. I was anxious because I was at the<br />

event with my daughter, and I wanted to win<br />

because I wanted to be a good example to my<br />

daughter.<br />

When I looked at the profiles of the other<br />

three people, which were very impressive, I<br />

wasn’t sure I would win. To God be the glory, I<br />

won that award. With<br />

that, I gave a speech<br />

from the top of my<br />

head, which was very,<br />

very instructive, and<br />

came from the depth<br />

of my heart. It was<br />

very original. What<br />

gladdened me most<br />

is that most of what<br />

I have received has<br />

either come because<br />

somebody nominated<br />

me or somebody<br />

submitted my name,<br />

and then they send<br />

me a letter that I was awarded. This (the Energy<br />

Champion Award) was the first time in my life I<br />

was going to an award ceremony that I wasn’t<br />

sure I would win.<br />

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and<br />

the fact that my daughter was there and I was<br />

able to make her proud. We didn’t leave (the<br />

venue) in shame, and it was such a high level; the<br />

very competitive award is something I will forever<br />

be grateful for because that must have inspired<br />

my daughter and must have made her proud of<br />

her mother. So, that’s the only award ceremony<br />

I’ve ever attended where I wasn’t sure I would<br />

win, and I didn’t know I had won.<br />

I’m forever grateful for that and (it inspired<br />

our) joining the Energy Institute Council. I served<br />

on the Energy Institute UK Council for six years;<br />

two terms of three years. I’m currently on the<br />

Energy Institute International Energy Weekly<br />

board. That award opened several doors for me;<br />

even my position on the panel of judges with the<br />

“<br />

What gladdened me most<br />

is that most of what I<br />

have received has either<br />

come because somebody<br />

nominated me or somebody<br />

submitted my name, and then<br />

they send me a letter that I<br />

was awarded.<br />

Royal Academy of Engineering UK was on the<br />

back of that recognition. So, you get some<br />

awards, and the recognitions open even<br />

more doors for you. I’m forever grateful for<br />

the Energy Champion Award in 2016.<br />

There are a lot of arguments in the<br />

oil industry on how it has contributed<br />

significantly to climate change worldwide.<br />

How do you respond to this claim, and<br />

what steps do you take to minimize your<br />

company’s carbon footprint?<br />

As I explained earlier, we try as much as<br />

possible not to use disposables. We also try<br />

as much as possible not to run our generator<br />

except when we have full demand for the<br />

generator. That’s why when we travel with<br />

our staff bus, we ensure that we plan our<br />

journeys. So, on the day that we are going<br />

to (Lagos) Island from Jibowu, we make<br />

sure that as many staff with things to do<br />

on the island are on the bus. Those are the<br />

kind of little things<br />

we do, but that<br />

is intangible and<br />

insignificant when<br />

you look at gas<br />

flaring in the Niger<br />

Delta.<br />

I believe that<br />

this question is<br />

more applicable<br />

to exploration<br />

and production<br />

companies that<br />

are flaring gas.<br />

The only way to<br />

address this is for<br />

the oil and gas industry regulator and UPRC<br />

to ensure that the penalties for flwaring gas<br />

are much higher than the cost of utilizing<br />

gas; you issue a big penalty for flaring gas.<br />

The economics of that penalty will compel<br />

the exploration and production companies<br />

to utilize the gap as a process. So, instead<br />

of flaring the gas, they will capture it, put it<br />

through a process, and ensure they get CNG,<br />

LPG and LNG out of the gas.<br />

So much advocacy is required, but until<br />

the penalty for flaring gas becomes very,<br />

very tangible… Consequently, most of the<br />

companies would not invest in gas utilization<br />

or even go into exploration and production<br />

of non-associated gas.<br />

We know that the oil sector has a lot of<br />

ethics and transparency as regards the oil<br />

sector. With the allegation of corruption and<br />

exploitation, how do you address this issue<br />

Accomplish Magazine 39


“<br />

within your own company?<br />

I must be honest with you. I’ve been in the<br />

oil and gas industry for almost 32 years. I have<br />

never paid a bribe, and I have never received a<br />

bribe. I can honestly tell you that I would have<br />

been a billionaire in dollars if I had taken any<br />

of the opportunities that have been presented<br />

to me in terms of bribery and corruption<br />

daily. When you are exposed to bribery and<br />

corruption opportunities, it’s up to you to take<br />

or not take. Like I always tell people, I’m not a<br />

billionaire today because I play by strict ethics<br />

and integrity, and I’m very transparent.<br />

Lonadek is very transparent in our business.<br />

We always translate our audits and ISO<br />

certification; ISO 9120 fifteen certifications<br />

are something we are committed to. We are<br />

also committed to integrity, honesty, integrity<br />

and transparency. This is an area where we<br />

made a decision that we are gonna be an<br />

exemplary company even though it has cost us<br />

a lot of opportunities, in terms of people who<br />

play dirty in the oil and gas industry. I’m very<br />

pleased to say that we have also benefited<br />

from international opportunities because some<br />

multi-national companies seek to do business<br />

with us… whose footprint is integrity, honesty<br />

and transparency.<br />

One just has to decide whether you want to<br />

play dirty or whether you want to play clean.<br />

The oil and gas industry is known for bribery<br />

and corruption, but we have not taken any of<br />

those routes. We’ve lost opportunities based on<br />

our position on ethics, but we are proud to say<br />

that integrity has also created opportunities for<br />

us. Many people we’ve trained, over the years,<br />

now serve as executives in multi-nationals and<br />

even international companies outside Nigeria.<br />

I’ve visited places like Aberdeen, Houston,<br />

and Qatar, where some of our trainees are<br />

doing exceptionally well. So, if you are a person<br />

of integrity, your work must speak for you at<br />

some point. We work very hard and are diligent,<br />

quality-conscious in all our deliverables. So, we<br />

get jobs on merit and not based on privacy and<br />

corruption.<br />

Some activists argue that fossil fuel should<br />

be completely phased out. What is your<br />

perspective on this, and do you believe there<br />

is a future for the oil industry in a sustainable<br />

world?<br />

Nigeria has yet to fully optimize its oil and<br />

gas resources, regarding domestic use and<br />

petroleum assets; with the Dangote refinery just<br />

coming on stream or about to come on stream.<br />

When you are<br />

exposed to bribery<br />

and corruption<br />

opportunities, it’s up<br />

to you to take or not<br />

take. Like I always<br />

tell people, I’m not<br />

a billionaire today<br />

because I play by<br />

strict ethics and<br />

integrity, and I’m very<br />

transparent.<br />

Hopefully, Nigeria has a huge opportunity for<br />

industrialization using petroleum products.<br />

So, I would say that there is not even a point<br />

in optimizing our oil and gas resources for<br />

industrialization until we domesticate our<br />

manufacturing processes and we get to a<br />

point where we have uninterrupted power<br />

supply based on our petroleum assets.<br />

Petroleum assets have not been fully<br />

optimized because since oil and gas or<br />

petroleum was discovered in 1956 in Oloibiri,<br />

Nigeria is yet to fully use its speculum assets<br />

for industrialization until we are able to go<br />

for uninterrupted power supply. We need<br />

to have a strategy where, over the next ten<br />

years, we optimize gas to power and ensure<br />

that domestic use of gas creates industries.<br />

Nigeria will rise to industrialization phase, and<br />

off the grid; we can use solar and renewable<br />

energy… Be it geothermal, wind energy,<br />

biomass or solar. We could use renewable<br />

energy to augment the ungreased gas to<br />

power solutions.<br />

Still, the ultimate is to ensure that we<br />

have the right energy mix from conventional<br />

sources of energy and non-conventional<br />

sources of energy to ensure that we<br />

industrialize as a country. We will get<br />

uninterrupted power supply and the quality of<br />

life in Nigeria will improve and until Nigerian<br />

citizens on the streets get the dividend of our<br />

hydrocarbon footprints, we have not really<br />

40<br />

Accomplish Magazine

done the right thing.<br />

I hope we will get to optimize our oil and gas<br />

resources for industrialization, creating jobs<br />

and wealth in Nigeria with uninterrupted power<br />

supply. Then, we can look at the energy mix by<br />

reducing our carbon footprints. You can’t sit in<br />

the World Bank or in the United Nations until<br />

Africa is ready to decarbonize because Africa<br />

is not producing the amount of carbon that the<br />

Western world is doing. It is in different phases.<br />

It’s not every size fits and whilst the Western<br />

world is decarbonizing, Africa still needs to<br />

go through its industrialization phase before<br />

decarbonizing.<br />

So, our energy mix will be hydrocarbon<br />

dependent on the gas side, pending when we<br />

are fully industrialized to the point where we<br />

can maximize renewable energy to provide<br />

uninterrupted power supply.<br />

As we conclude, knowing fully well that you are a<br />

successful entrepreneur, what advice would you<br />

give to aspiring individuals, particularly women<br />

who are interested in pursuing a career in the oil<br />

in oil and gas industry?<br />

My first advice is to know who you are and<br />

your calling. You must know what you stand for,<br />

and you must remain focused.<br />

That’s the first thing. The second thing is<br />

ensuring you have the right support system so<br />

you don’t joke with your family and siblings. My<br />

parents played a significant role in defining<br />

who I am in business and my private life.<br />

I mean, I’ve been fortunate to have an<br />

understanding husband who allowed me<br />

to travel when I had to travel and grow my<br />

career and business, provided I had done<br />

my duty and responsibility in the home. I<br />

also have responsible friends who have<br />

supported me with great advice, and I’ve<br />

been blessed with mentors and coaches.<br />

I’m involved in the right networks and<br />

committed to continuing professional<br />

development in the relevant associations,<br />

institutions and societies. In recent times, l<br />

have become very much engaged in women<br />

empowerment initiatives. So, it’s vital to<br />

connect women to Commonwealth business,<br />

women’s network, and Women in Energy<br />

Network, where I’m a co-founder. I’m very<br />

much involved in women in empowerment<br />

initiatives. That’s why, as I told you earlier, I<br />

give much of my time and resources to girls<br />

in STEM and women in engineering, energy<br />

and entrepreneurship. I want to see them<br />

succeed and be even more successful than<br />

myself.<br />

I have been able to mentor and coach<br />

young women in male-dominated sectors so<br />

that they don’t go through as many hurdles<br />

as I had to do. Being in a male-dominated<br />

environment is not easy, but by the special<br />

grace of God and with the right support<br />

system and advice, you can succeed. Lastly,<br />

I’d like to thank you, and I’d also like to<br />

recognize my supportive husband, and my<br />

three young adult children, who have given<br />

me this space to express myself and do what<br />

makes me happy.<br />

You are welcome, ma’am.<br />

Tolulope<br />

Akinruli<br />


My love to impact knowledge<br />

to the<br />

young and old led me to research and writing.<br />

Also, l have been business-oriented, right from<br />

childhood, which made me focus more on driving<br />

the business world and also to help people grow<br />

their business. As a writer, I aim to create an<br />

insightful image in the minds of every reader for<br />

maximum wealth and health.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 41

Swedish Style:<br />

Stockholm<br />

Plans to Build<br />

the Largest<br />

Timber City<br />

in the World<br />

By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />

Stockholm Wood City is<br />

being designed by the<br />

Scandinavian studio<br />

Henning Larsen and White<br />

Arkitekter.<br />

It will be the largest masstimber<br />

construction in the world<br />

and have the “serenity of a<br />

forest.”<br />

Developer Atrium Ljungberg<br />

dubbed the project, which will<br />

be built in the Stockholm area<br />

of Sickla, the “world’s largest<br />

wooden city” since it will utilise<br />

more wood than any other<br />

project now under construction.<br />

The 250,000 square metre<br />

Stockholm Wood City is being<br />

planned by the Swedish<br />

company White Arkitekter and<br />

the Danish studio Henning<br />

Larsen. It will include 2,000<br />

houses and 7,000 office spaces.<br />

The district, according to the<br />

developer, was intended to have<br />

a forest-like ambiance and will<br />

include elements inspired<br />

by nature.<br />

“We sought to create<br />

an urban environment<br />

infused with the serenity<br />

of a forest, resulting in a<br />

dense, open space that<br />

bears the distinctively<br />

minimalistic and functional<br />

aesthetic of Scandinavian<br />

design,” Atrium Ljungberg<br />

told Dezeen.<br />

“The architects innovatively<br />

incorporated natural elements<br />

into the structures – for instance,<br />

green roofs for better insulation<br />

and large windows to let in<br />

natural light, embodying our<br />

vision of a city that thrives in<br />

harmony with nature,” it added.<br />

The buildings will be<br />

constructed from fire-proofed<br />

mass timber.<br />

“Engineered wood forms a<br />

protective char layer on the<br />

surface that retains much of its<br />

structural<br />

strength, contributing<br />

to a safer structure,” the developer<br />

said.<br />

There are other advantages<br />

to building cities out of wood,<br />

which also has the dual properties<br />

of sequestering carbon and<br />

ewmitting fewer emissions than<br />

concrete, it continued.<br />

“Wooden construction<br />

means significantly reduced<br />

climate impact both during the<br />

construction phase and through<br />

the whole life cycle,” Atrium<br />

Ljungberg said.<br />

“Research has also proven other<br />

42<br />

Accomplish Magazine

GRAND<br />

DESIGN<br />

strong benefits, such as improved<br />

well-being for people and a faster,<br />

quieter construction process.”<br />

According to the developer,<br />

Stockholm Wood City will also<br />

feature self-produced, stored, and<br />

shared energy, albeit he withheld<br />

specifics of the project’s energy<br />

generation.<br />

The first buildings are expected<br />

to be finished in 2027 when the<br />

development breaks ground in 2025.<br />

“We are building the project in<br />

phases to learn new things during<br />

each phase which we can then<br />

apply in the following phases,”<br />

the developer said.<br />

“We will learn much more<br />

from doing this at such a big<br />

scale. Our core strategy is to<br />

develop large interconnected<br />

areas,” it added.<br />

“In this way, we can create<br />

places full of variety that people<br />

enjoy and where they want to<br />

be, as opposed to just setting up<br />

a single building.”<br />

Stockholm Wood City will<br />

contain restaurants and shops<br />

in addition to residences and<br />

workplaces.<br />

It is the most recent in a string<br />

of substantial wooden projects<br />

that are now being built,<br />

including a waterfront project in<br />

Toronto that will include designs<br />

by Adjaye Architects, Alison<br />

Brooks Architects, and Henning<br />

Larsen.<br />

In addition, Sara Kulturhus,<br />

a 20-story mass-timber cultural<br />

structure in northern Sweden<br />

that we examined in further<br />

detail as part of our Timber<br />

Revolution series, was designed<br />

by White Arkitekter.<br />

Damian<br />

Ikenna Ngere<br />


Ikenna is a graduate of<br />

Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a freelance<br />

writer. He has interest in<br />

technology, humanity and<br />

sports.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 43

Unprecedented<br />

Historical Auction:<br />

Ancient Hebrew Bible<br />

Fetches Eye-Watering<br />

$38.1 Million<br />

By Damian Ikenna Ngere<br />

• A Pricey Piece of<br />

History<br />

In a thrilling five-minute<br />

bidding duel at Sotheby’s in New<br />

York, United States of America,<br />

a Hebrew Bible fetched an<br />

astounding $38.1 million, securing<br />

its place as the second-highest<br />

auctioned historical artifact.<br />

• The Codex<br />

Sassoon<br />

The book, called the Codex<br />

Sassoon, contains all 24 books<br />

of the Hebrew Bible, except for<br />

about eight pages. It’s believed<br />

to be from the late ninth or<br />

early 10th century, making<br />

it the oldest near-complete<br />

Hebrew Bible known to exist. Not<br />

many scholars have had the<br />

chance to see it because it was<br />

owned by a Swiss financier and<br />

collector named Jacqui Safra.<br />

• A Generous<br />

Donation<br />

After the auction, it was<br />

announced that the buyer was<br />

the American Friends of ANU —<br />

Museum of the Jewish People<br />

in Tel Aviv. The purchase was<br />

made possible by a donation<br />

from Alfred H. Moses, a former<br />

ambassador to Romania, and<br />

his family. The Codex Sassoon<br />

will be donated to the museum<br />

and become part of its core<br />

exhibition.<br />

• A Historic<br />

Treasure<br />

The Hebrew Bible is incredibly<br />

important and has had a huge<br />

impact on Western Civilization.<br />

Alfred H. Moses said, “I rejoice<br />

in knowing that it belongs to<br />

the Jewish people. It was my<br />

mission to see it resides in a<br />

place with global access to all<br />

people.”<br />

• A Record-<br />

Breaking Sale<br />

While $38.1 million may not<br />

seem like much compared to<br />

the prices of famous artworks,<br />

it’s actually a lot for a book<br />

or historical document. The<br />

previous record was held by the<br />

Codex Leicester, a Leonardo<br />

da Vinci manuscript bought by<br />

Bill Gates for $30.8 million. But in<br />

November 2021, a first printing<br />

of the U.S. Constitution sold for<br />

$43.2 million!<br />

• A Masterpiece of<br />

Scribal Art<br />

The Codex Sassoon is a true<br />

44<br />

Accomplish Magazine

ARTS &<br />


work of art. It was written by<br />

a single scribe and required<br />

the skins of over 100 animals<br />

to create its 400 parchment<br />

leaves. Although it’s slightly<br />

worn with stains and tears, the<br />

text is still clear and readable.<br />

• A Journey<br />

Through Time<br />

This Bible is one of only two<br />

complete or nearly complete<br />

Hebrew Bibles from that time<br />

period. It was made in presentday<br />

Israel or Syria and contains<br />

the Masoretic text, which was<br />

carefully annotated by scholarscribes<br />

to ensure its proper<br />

reading and transmission.<br />

The book also has<br />

inscriptions that tell us about its<br />

ownership over the centuries.<br />

It was sold by Khalaf ben<br />

Abraham to Isaac ben Ezekiel<br />

el-Attar around 1000 A.D. Later, it<br />

was dedicated to a synagogue<br />

in Syria and entrusted to a man<br />

named Salama bin Abi al-Fakhr.<br />

Unfortunately, the synagogue<br />

was destroyed, and the Bible’s<br />

journey from then until 1929,<br />

when it was purchased by<br />

David Solomon Sassoon,<br />

remains a mystery.<br />

• A Homecoming<br />

Now, the Codex Sassoon<br />

is finally returning to Israel.<br />

Irina Nevzlin, the chair of the<br />

museum’s board, said, “It’s<br />

coming back to Israel, and<br />

it’s coming home. It’s the right<br />

place to be.”<br />

Damian<br />

Ikenna Ngere<br />


Ikenna is a graduate of<br />

Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a freelance<br />

writer. He has interest in<br />

technology, humanity and<br />

sports.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 45

ARTS &<br />


Unraveling the<br />

Mystery:<br />

Historian Claims<br />

Mona Lisa’s Bridge<br />

Exists in Real-Life<br />

By Damian<br />

Ikenna Ngere<br />

One of the most wellknown<br />

pieces of art<br />

in the entire world<br />

is Leonardo Da<br />

Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”,<br />

which is renowned<br />

for both its beauty<br />

and the secrecy surrounding<br />

the identity of the model and<br />

the setting depicted behind her.<br />

The village of Ponte Buriano,<br />

a suburb of Arezzo in the<br />

Tuscany region of Italy, has long<br />

been the subject of controversy.<br />

However, they are so convinced<br />

that the bridge behind the<br />

Mona Lisa is the Ponte Buriano<br />

that they have made it a focal<br />

point of their local tourism<br />

campaign and even claimed<br />

ownership of the bridge on the<br />

village’s welcome sign.<br />

The bridge behind the Mona<br />

Lisa model is actually the<br />

Romito Bridge in the nearby<br />

Tuscan town of Laterina,<br />

according to historian Silvano<br />

Vinceti.<br />

“The distinctive form of the<br />

Arno [River] along that stretch<br />

of territory corresponds to<br />

what Leonardo portrayed in<br />

the landscape to the left of<br />

the woman depicted in the<br />

famous painting,” Vinceti said<br />

at a media conference at the<br />

Foreign Press Association in<br />

Rome on May 3, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

In order to demonstrate the<br />

similarities, Vinceti also created<br />

a virtual recreation of the bridge<br />

and drew on materials from the<br />

Florence state archives.<br />

It is important to note that<br />

the “Mona Lisa” was painted in<br />

the early 16th century. Vinceti<br />

discovered that Da Vinci resided<br />

with Cardinal Cesare Borgia<br />

close to Laterina between<br />

1501 and 1503. As shown in the<br />

artwork, the bridge had four<br />

arches and was in use.<br />

Conversely, the Ponte Bobbio<br />

in Piacenza, which some claim<br />

is depicted in the artwork, has<br />

more than six arches, according<br />

to Vinceti, while the Buriano<br />

Bridge has six.<br />

The Romito bridge, which<br />

connected Florence, Arezzo,<br />

and Fiesole, is now in ruins.<br />

According to Vinceti, the<br />

“Etruscan-Roman Romito bridge<br />

is unmistakably” the one in<br />

the background after years of<br />

studying pictures, ruins, and<br />

drone footage of the riverbanks<br />

and its surroundings.<br />

The Mayor of Laterina,<br />

Simona Neri, who was<br />

present at the news briefing,<br />

is enthusiastic about the<br />

possibility of using the<br />

bridge to draw tourists to her<br />

3,500-person town.<br />

“We really hope that this<br />

wonderful news will intrigue<br />

and fascinate local and foreign<br />

tourists, with the knowledge that<br />

it will be a great opportunity<br />

to relaunch the tourism of our<br />

territory on which we can work<br />

a lot starting from naturalistic,<br />

46<br />

Accomplish Magazine


cultural and monumental<br />

valuation,” she said.<br />

“We need to try to protect<br />

what’s left of the bridge, which<br />

will require funding,” Neri said,<br />

noting that there are funds<br />

available for most areas tied to<br />

Da Vinci and other masters.<br />

“There’ll be some rivalry; we’ll<br />

need to put a poster up, too,”<br />

she added.<br />

Millions of people visit the<br />

Louvre in Paris each year to<br />

witness the 16th-century masterwork<br />

by Leonardo da Vinci.<br />

However, analysts contend<br />

that rather than any particular<br />

aesthetic merit, it owes its<br />

widespread fame to the fact<br />

that it was stolen from the<br />

gallery by Italian handyman,<br />

Vincenzo Peruggia in 1911.<br />

“If a different one of<br />

Leonardo’s works had been<br />

stolen, then that would have<br />

been the most famous work in<br />

the world — not the ‘Mona Lisa,’”<br />

Noah Charney, professor of<br />

Art History and author of “The<br />

Thefts of the Mona Lisa,” said<br />

in 2013, which marked the 100-<br />

year anniversary of when the<br />

painting was recovered.<br />

“There was nothing that<br />

really distinguished it per se,<br />

other than it was a very good<br />

work by a very famous artist<br />

— that’s until it was stolen,” he<br />

added. “The theft is what really<br />

skyrocketed its appeal and<br />

made it a household name.”<br />

Damian<br />

Ikenna Ngere<br />


Ikenna is a graduate of<br />

Physics and Education,<br />

who works as a freelance<br />

writer. He has interest in<br />

technology, humanity and<br />

sports.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 47

5 Remarkable<br />

Benefits of<br />

Drinking<br />

Water<br />

Early in the<br />

Morning<br />

Tolulope Akinruli<br />


My love to impact knowledge<br />

to the young and old led me to<br />

research and writing. Also, l<br />

have been business-oriented,<br />

right from childhood, which<br />

made me focus more on driving<br />

the business world and also to<br />

help people grow their business.<br />

As a writer, I aim to create an<br />

insightful image in the minds<br />

of every reader for maximum<br />

wealth and health.<br />

By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

Water is the essence of life, and its consumption<br />

plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal<br />

health. While it’s important to stay hydrated<br />

throughout the day, drinking water - first thing in the<br />

morning - has numerous advantages that can set the<br />

tone for a healthier lifestyle.<br />

We will explore five remarkable benefits of starting<br />

your day with a glass of water, as published by<br />

entrepreneurng.com.<br />

1. Rehydration and Kick-starting<br />

Your Metabolism.<br />

After a long night’s sleep, your body craves<br />

hydration. Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps<br />

replenish the fluids lost during the night, rehydrating<br />

your body and jump-starting your metabolism. Proper<br />

hydration supports various bodily functions, including<br />

digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation, and<br />

temperature regulation. A well-hydrated body tends<br />

to have increased energy levels, improved focus, and<br />

better overall performance throughout the day.<br />

2. Flushes Out Toxins and Aids in<br />

Detoxification1<br />

Drinking water on an empty stomach, in the<br />

morning, can effectively flush out toxins and waste<br />

products accumulated in your body over-night.<br />

As water moves through your digestive system, it<br />

stimulates bowel movements, aiding regular and<br />

healthy bowel function. This early<br />

morning detoxification process helps<br />

to remove harmful substances,<br />

promotes a clean digestive tract, and<br />

improves overall gut health.<br />

3. Promotes Weight<br />

Loss and Healthy<br />

Digestion<br />

For individuals aiming to lose weight or maintain<br />

a healthy weight, drinking water in the morning can<br />

be a beneficial practice. Consuming water before<br />

breakfast can help suppress appetite, reducing calorie<br />

intake during the first meal of the day. Additionally,<br />

water enhances the body’s ability to break down food,<br />

aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. By promoting<br />

healthy digestion and curbing over-eating, water assists<br />

in achieving and maintaining healthy weight.<br />

4. Boosts Brain Function and<br />

Mental Clarity.<br />

Proper hydration is essential for optimal brain<br />

function. When you wake up dehydrated, your<br />

cognitive abilities may be affected, leading to<br />

fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and lack of<br />

mental clarity. Drinking water in the morning<br />

increases blood flow to the brain, providing it<br />

48<br />

Accomplish Magazine

with the necessary oxygen and<br />

nutrients to function efficiently.<br />

Improved hydration can enhance<br />

cognitive performance, memory<br />

retention, and overall mental<br />

alertness, setting a positive tone<br />

for the day ahead.<br />

5. Enhances<br />

Skin Health and<br />

Radiance.<br />

One of the simplest and most<br />

cost-effective ways to achieve<br />

healthy, glowing skin is by<br />

hydrating yourself adequately.<br />

Water helps to replenish and<br />

moisturize your skin cells,<br />

improving elasticity and reducing<br />

the appearance of wrinkles and<br />

fine lines. By drinking water in the<br />

morning, you hydrate your skin<br />

from within, promoting a clear<br />

complexion and a youthful glow.<br />

Additionally, sufficient hydration<br />

aids detoxification, leading to the<br />

elimination of toxins that may<br />

contribute to skin issues such as<br />

acne and dullness.<br />

Conclusion:<br />

Drinking water early in the<br />

morning is a powerful habit<br />

with numerous health benefits.<br />

From rehydrating your body and<br />

kick-starting your metabolism<br />

to promoting weight loss,<br />

detoxification, improved brain<br />

function, and enhanced skin<br />

health, the advantages are<br />

HEALTH<br />

plentiful. Incorporating this simple<br />

practice into your daily routine<br />

can set a positive tone for the rest<br />

of your day and contribute to your<br />

overall well-being. So, make it<br />

a habit to reach for that glass of<br />

water as soon as you wake up and<br />

enjoy the myriad benefits it offers.<br />

Stay hydrated, stay<br />

healthy!<br />

Accomplish Magazine 49

HEALTH<br />




5<br />



By Tolulope Akinruli<br />

Garlic, with its pungent aroma and distinctive taste, has been<br />

used for centuries in various cuisines worldwide. Apart<br />

from being a flavourful ingredient, garlic is also renowned<br />

for its numerous health benefits. Rich in nutrients and medicinal<br />

properties, this humble bulb can greatly enhance your well-being,<br />

as captioned by entrepreneurng.com.<br />

Here are five compelling reasons to include garlic in your diet:<br />

1. Boosts<br />

Immune<br />

System<br />

Garlic is known for its<br />

immune-boosting properties.<br />

It contains compounds like<br />

allicin, which has anti-microbial<br />

and anti-viral effects. Regular<br />

consumption of garlic can help<br />

strengthen your immune system,<br />

making you less susceptible to<br />

infections and illnesses. It has<br />

been found to stimulate the<br />

production of white blood cells,<br />

which are crucial for fighting off<br />

pathogens.<br />

2. Supports<br />

Heart Health<br />

Including garlic in your diet<br />

can have significant benefits<br />

for your cardiovascular health.<br />

Studies have shown that garlic<br />

can help lower blood pressure<br />

and reduce cholesterol levels.<br />

Allicin and other sulphur<br />

compounds in garlic assist in<br />

widening the blood vessels,<br />

promoting better blood flow<br />

and reducing the risk of blood<br />

clots. By maintaining healthy<br />

blood pressure and cholesterol<br />

levels, garlic can contribute to a<br />

healthier heart.<br />

3. Antiinflammatory<br />

Effects<br />

Chronic inflammation is<br />

associated with numerous health<br />

conditions, including arthritis,<br />

diabetes, and cardiovascular<br />

diseases. Garlic possesses potent<br />

anti-inflammatory properties that<br />

can help combat inflammation in<br />

the body. Its sulphur compounds<br />

inhibit the production of<br />

inflammatory substances,<br />

thereby reducing swelling and<br />

easing symptoms in various<br />

inflammatory conditions.<br />

50<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Incorporating Garlic into<br />

Your Diet<br />

To enjoy the health benefits of garlic, it’s important<br />

to consume it in the right way. Raw garlic is the most<br />

potent form, but it may not be suitable for everyone due<br />

to its strong taste and potential digestive discomfort.<br />

Cooking garlic lightly can help preserve its beneficial<br />

compounds while making it more palatable.<br />

Here are a few ideas to incorporate<br />

garlic into your diet:<br />

a. Add minced or<br />

crushed garlic to sautéed<br />

vegetables, soups, stews,<br />

and sauces.<br />

b. Roast whole garlic<br />

bulbs and spread the soft,<br />

caramelized cloves on<br />

bread or mix them into<br />

mashed potatoes for a<br />

flavourful twist.<br />

c. Make home-made,<br />

garlic-infused oils for<br />

drizzling over salads or<br />

dipping bread.<br />

d. Use garlic in<br />

marinades for meat, fish,<br />

or tofu, enhancing both<br />

the flavour and the health<br />

benefits.<br />

In conclusion, garlic<br />

is a versatile ingredient<br />

that not only adds flavour<br />

to your dishes but also<br />

provides several health<br />

benefits. From boosting<br />

the immune system<br />

to supporting heart<br />

health and reducing<br />

inflammation, garlic has<br />

proven its medicinal<br />

value over the years.<br />

By including garlic in<br />

your diet regularly, you<br />

can harness its powerful<br />

properties and improve<br />

your overall well-being.<br />

4. Anti-oxidant<br />

Powerhouse<br />

Garlic is a rich source of antioxidants,<br />

which play a crucial<br />

role in neutralizing harmful<br />

free-radicals in the body. Freeradicals<br />

can cause oxidative<br />

stress, leading to cellular damage<br />

and an increased risk of chronic<br />

diseases like cancer. Garlic’s<br />

anti-oxidant properties help to<br />

protect cells from damage and<br />

promote overall health. Regular<br />

consumption of garlic may also<br />

have a preventive effect against<br />

certain types of cancer.<br />

5. Promotes<br />

Digestive<br />

Health<br />

Garlic has been traditionally<br />

used to support digestive<br />

health and alleviate various<br />

gastro-intestinal issues. It<br />

possesses pre-biotic properties,<br />

which means it acts as food for<br />

beneficial gut bacteria. A healthy<br />

gut microbiota is essential for<br />

proper digestion and absorption<br />

of nutrients. Additionally, garlic’s<br />

anti-microbial properties can<br />

help combat harmful bacteria in<br />

the digestive system, promoting<br />

balanced gut environment.<br />

Tolulope Akinruli<br />


My love to impact knowledge<br />

to the young and old led me<br />

to research and writing. Also,<br />

l have been business-oriented,<br />

right from childhood, which<br />

made me focus more on<br />

driving the business world<br />

and also to help people grow<br />

their business. As a writer, I<br />

aim to create an insightful<br />

image in the minds of every<br />

reader for maximum wealth<br />

and health.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 51





SHELLS<br />

By Dr. Joel N. Logbo<br />

Snail shells, especially<br />

after they have been<br />

properly ground into<br />

powder, have been used<br />

in traditional medicine for<br />

various health benefits. In<br />

Traditional Medicine, snail<br />

shells are not considered<br />

as waste. In fact, it is true<br />

that nothing in nature is a<br />

waste. It only inadequate<br />

knowledge of a natural<br />

substance could make one<br />

consider it a waste.<br />

Here are a few<br />

medicinal uses of<br />

giant snail shells:<br />

Calcium and<br />

Minerals:<br />

Snail shells are primarily<br />

composed of calcium<br />

carbonate, which is a rich<br />

source of calcium. Calcium<br />

is essential for maintaining<br />

strong bones and teeth,<br />

aiding in muscle function,<br />

and supporting nerve<br />

transmission. If you choose<br />

to consume snail shells for<br />

calcium, make sure that you<br />

include other nutrients that<br />

aid calcium absorption.<br />

Antiinflammatory<br />

Properties:<br />

In Traditional Medicine,<br />

snail shells possess antiinflammatory<br />

properties<br />

and are used for treating<br />

inflammatory diseases. You<br />

can mix snail shell powder<br />

with shea butter on fuluncle<br />

(boil). You can also lick the<br />

powder to manage asthma<br />

and heart diseases.<br />

Skin Health:<br />

Ground snail shell is used as<br />

an ingredient in skin-care<br />

products. It is believed to<br />

have exfoliating properties.<br />

It may help to remove dead<br />

skin cells and improve skin<br />

texture. It also promotes<br />

healthier complexion.<br />

Collagen<br />

Production:<br />

Some researchers claim<br />

that snail shell extracts or<br />

components may stimulate<br />

collagen production in the<br />

skin. Collagen is a protein<br />

that supports skin elasticity<br />

and can help to reduce signs<br />

of aging.<br />

You can also mix snail shell<br />

powder with raw honey to<br />

scrub your body for better<br />

glow.<br />

Traditional<br />

Medicine<br />

Remedies:<br />

In some traditional medicine<br />

practices, snail shell powder<br />

or extracts are used to<br />

alleviate conditions such as<br />

stomach ulcers, arthritis, and<br />

joint pain.<br />

It is important to note that<br />

snail shell products should<br />

be obtained from trusted<br />

sources and used as<br />

directed for required results.<br />

52<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Joel N. Logbo `<br />


Dr. Joel N. Logbo is a patient-centred<br />

Natural Medicine doctor with 12 solid<br />

years of industry experience in Lagos,<br />

Nigeria and Wales, Scotland. He is currently<br />

seeking more international collaborations to provide<br />

holistic, non-invasive medical care for patients and the<br />

public on health promotion.<br />

His unique approach that has led to admirable<br />

achievements include meeting with patients to assess<br />

their health and wellness, learn their health goals and<br />

create treatment plans. He also collaborates with various<br />

teams of medical professionals to provide first-line and<br />

supplemental medical treatments through a holistic,<br />

natural approach.He loves traveling, adventures,<br />

cooking and driving.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 53

FOOD & WINE<br />

World’s Most<br />

Expensive Wine<br />

S<br />

ure, good wine<br />

comes at a price,<br />

but $40,000 seems<br />

pretty expensive.<br />

However, Hungarian<br />

winemaker, Royal<br />

Tokaji, says their limited-edition<br />

2008 Essencia Decanter is worth it.<br />

Only 20 examples of this unique<br />

1.5 litre magnum designed by<br />

Hungarian artist, James Carcass,<br />

exist, 18 of which were released<br />

last year.<br />

Essencia 2008 Magnum was<br />

described at launch as “the most<br />

expensive wine in the world”,<br />

and while that claim is difficult<br />

to quantify, the Essencia 2008<br />

Magnum was definitely the most<br />

expensive wine sold in 2019. Each<br />

carafe comes in a black box with a<br />

switch that lights up the bottle and<br />

is specially mouth blown, meaning<br />

no two are the same. Around 11<br />

bottles of have already been sold,<br />

so it is likely that Royal Tokaji will<br />

sell the remaining 7 bottles before<br />

the 2300 wine’s expiry date.<br />

The dessert wines produced<br />

here rely on the botrytis cinerea<br />

mold known as “noble rot”, which<br />

causes the grapes on the vine to<br />

dry out and shrivel up, looking like<br />

brown raisins.<br />

Essencia uses only the best aszú<br />

grapes and is made entirely from<br />

the juice of the aszú berries (other<br />

wines produced in the region have<br />

base wine added to dilute their<br />

sweetness). Tourists can arrange<br />

a private tour of the winery, about<br />

a two-and-a-half-hour drive from<br />

Budapest, to taste it.<br />

“Essencia in itself is a miracle<br />

of nature,” says London-based<br />

Hungarian wine expert Orsi<br />

Szentkiralyi. “It was very labourintensive<br />

and required years of<br />

painstaking work in the cellar…<br />

It has only a few degrees of<br />

alcohol but lots and lots of natural<br />

sweetness. It is so rich that it is<br />

usually served on a spoon rather<br />

than a glass.”<br />

Essencia can only be produced<br />

in years when the climatic<br />

conditions for Botrytis are more<br />

or less perfect. 2008 was a<br />

particularly impressive year. A<br />

bottle of centilitre wine requires<br />

around 20 kilogrammes of grapes<br />

reduced to aszú berries, usually<br />

with an alcohol content of around<br />

3%.<br />

“When we bottle Essencia,<br />

the winemaker always makes the<br />

decision,” says Zoltan Kovacs,<br />

general manager of Royal Tokaj<br />

Winery in the Tokaj district of<br />

Mád… It can take three years,<br />

four years or even after 10 years.<br />

This [2008] Essencia was bottled<br />

after eight years of ageing. This<br />

is a somewhat unusual type<br />

of Essencia, as it has a higher<br />

alcohol content – around 4%.” This<br />

produces a clear and extremely<br />

intense aroma with hints of honey,<br />

apricot and tea, almost unbearably<br />

sweet.<br />

The liquid is so viscous and syrupy<br />

that it is usually drunk by the<br />

spoonful. It’s so mouth-watering<br />

that it’s hard to imagine taking a<br />

few more sips without feeling light-<br />

54<br />

Accomplish Magazine

headed<br />

Although the 2008 Essencia<br />

has already been released, it is<br />

the uniqueness of this particular<br />

set that makes this decanter more<br />

valuable than the standard bottle.<br />

Royal Tokaji must obtain special<br />

permission from the Hungarian<br />

government to serve Essencia in<br />

1.5 litre containers – current law<br />

only allows a maximum capacity<br />

of 0.<br />

5 litres.<br />

“It’s really unique,” said<br />

Charlie Mount, managing director<br />

of Royal Tokaji. “I don’t know if<br />

we will ever be able to repeat the<br />

same mistakes.” The design of this<br />

unusual decanter was apparently<br />

inspired by wine “slowly dripping<br />

from individually picked aszo<br />

berries”.<br />

Once finished, the decanters<br />

are shipped to Portugal where<br />

they are scanned and fitted with<br />

personalized stoppers before<br />

returning to Royal Tokaj where<br />

they are filled and sealed by hand.<br />

According to the Royal Tokaji team,<br />

founded in 1990 by British wine<br />

historian Hugh Johnson, one of<br />

the company’s greatest successes<br />

is having Hungarian wine talked<br />

about again in the world.<br />

“This project is the symbol of<br />

one of Hungary’s biggest exports,”<br />

said Mount. “Hungarians are very<br />

proud of the diversity of wines<br />

produced in the country... They<br />

make a wide variety of wines.<br />

But I think Tokaj wines have this<br />

mystery for foreigners.<br />

It is even mentioned in the<br />

Hungarian national anthem.”<br />

Szentkiralyi agrees with this<br />

sentiment and points out that the<br />

country still has a lot of untapped<br />

potential in terms of the wine<br />

industry. “A long wine-making<br />

tradition, pleasant climate and<br />

variety of wine styles make it<br />

a wonderful wine-producing<br />

country, but most of the product is<br />

still consumed locally,” she said.<br />

Although the range has put<br />

Tokaj wines, and even Hungarian<br />

wines, back in the limelight, its<br />

appeal, especially that of Essencia,<br />

dates back centuries. “Even in<br />

the early 20th century, Tokaj was<br />

the most expensive wine in the<br />

world,” says Mount. “Doctors used<br />

to prescribe it to their patients. If<br />

you were lucky enough to afford it,<br />

you would prescribe one teaspoon<br />

of Essencia in the morning and<br />

one teaspoon in the evening.”<br />

“Tokaj’s famous sweet wine has<br />

been enjoyed by wealthy people<br />

all over the world for centuries,”<br />

says Szentkiralyi. “Essencia is<br />

a very unique product that may<br />

have been a royal privilege, but<br />

anyone can seek out and enjoy<br />

a glass of Hungarian wine and<br />

witness the quality.”<br />

“Certainly expensive,” Mount<br />

admits. “But true wine collectors<br />

spend many times [$40,000] a year<br />

to build the perfect wine cellar.<br />

While all rare vintages increase<br />

in value over time, Essencia offers<br />

a particularly attractive shelf life<br />

due to its high sugar and acidity<br />

(2300). Years are certainly worth<br />

more.<br />

Editor’s Note: This publication<br />

first appeared in worldtitbit.com.<br />

Photo credit goes to fortune.com.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 55

FOOD & WINE<br />

How To<br />

Prepare<br />

The Perfect<br />

Egusi Soup<br />

At Home<br />

By Chef Amaka<br />

E<br />

gusi is a West African name for the<br />

seeds of plants like squash, melons,<br />

and gourds that, when dried and<br />

ground, become a staple ingredient in<br />

many West African dishes.<br />

Particularly, in Nigerian culture, egusi is popular<br />

with pounded yam. These seeds are rich in fat<br />

and protein, and add these essential nutrients<br />

into West African Cuisine.<br />

Nigerian Egusi Soup is a soup thickened with<br />

ground melon seeds and contains leafy and<br />

other vegetables.<br />

It is one of the most popular soups prepared by<br />

most tribes in Nigeria with considerable variation<br />

and often eaten with dishes like Pounded Yams.<br />

Prepare it with goat, beef, fish, or shellfish!<br />

56<br />

Accomplish Magazine

RECIPE<br />

• 1 cup blended onions<br />

(about 3- 5 and fresh chilies,<br />

to taste)<br />

• 4 cups egusi (melon<br />

seeds, ground or milled)<br />

• 1/2 – 1 cup palm oil<br />

• 2 teaspoons fresh<br />

Une (Iru, locust beans)<br />

• Salt (to taste)<br />

• Ground crayfish (to<br />

taste)<br />

• 7– 8 cups stock<br />

• Cooked Meat & fish<br />

(quantity and variety to<br />

personal preference)<br />

• 2 cups cut pumpkin<br />

leaves<br />

• 1 cup waterleaf (cut)<br />

• 3 tablespoons bitter<br />

leaf (washed)<br />


Prepare the egusi paste:<br />

Blend egusi seeds and<br />

onion mixture. Set aside.<br />


• In a large pot, heat<br />

the palm oil on medium for<br />

a minute and then add the<br />

Une.<br />

• Slowly add the<br />

stock and set on low heat to<br />

simmer.<br />

• Scoop teaspoon<br />

size balls of the egusi paste<br />

mixture into the stock. Be<br />

sure to keep ball shape.<br />

• Leave to simmer for<br />

20 – 30 minutes so the balls<br />

cook through.<br />

• Add the meat and<br />

fish and other bits which<br />

you’d like to use.<br />

• Add cut-up<br />

pumpkin leaves.<br />

• Add the waterleaf.<br />

• Stir and put a lid on<br />

the pot and allow to cook<br />

for 7–10 minutes, till the<br />

leaves wilt.<br />

• Add the bitter leaf.<br />

Leave the lid off while the<br />

cooking finishes for another<br />

5-10 minutes.<br />

• Stir, check<br />

seasoning and adjust<br />

accordingly.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 57

TRAVEL<br />

Locations<br />

In Nigeria<br />

To Visit<br />

How did you spend<br />

Independence Day last<br />

year? The mall? Or perhaps<br />

you are like me and didn’t go<br />

anywhere and stayed indoors<br />

due to the perception that all the<br />

fun places would be packed full<br />

of people.<br />

Well, who says you have<br />

to spend this independence<br />

holiday in an eatery or mall?<br />

Here are the top 10 locations in<br />

Nigeria that you should consider.<br />

By Amenna Daayo<br />

A holiday is a special bonding<br />

time for most families. The<br />

connections and memories<br />

formed during such family<br />

adventures make for stories that<br />

will last for generations. We can<br />

also learn a lot from visiting new<br />

environments and interacting<br />

with people from different<br />

backgrounds.<br />

Here are a few of the most<br />

beautiful places in Nigeria to<br />

visit.<br />

Yankari Game<br />

Reserve<br />

One beautiful place in<br />

Nigeria to take the family<br />

is Yankari Game Reserve.<br />

Located in Bauchi State,<br />

the resort is home to several<br />

natural warm water springs,<br />

as well as the remaining<br />

elephants and lions in Nigeria.<br />

Be sure to take a dive in the<br />

crystal clear warm springs, get<br />

a view of some wildlife, and<br />

your family vacation is set to<br />

be a memorable one.<br />

58<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Erin-Ijesha<br />

Waterfalls<br />

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls<br />

is a collection of seven<br />

cascades that pour over a<br />

cliff, creating an impressive<br />

seven-part waterfall. Each<br />

part forms seven different<br />

levels with each level giving<br />

a whole new experience.<br />

With that said, Erin-Ijesha<br />

waterfall is definitely a<br />

beautiful place in Nigeria to<br />

bring the family for a day out<br />

of the city.<br />

Awhum<br />

Waterfalls<br />

The Awhum Waterfall is<br />

formed out of a massive<br />

outcrop of granite rock<br />

with water flowing at the<br />

top, forming a stream. The<br />

best time to visit is during<br />

the rainy season so be<br />

sure to pack comfortable<br />

clothes and shoes and<br />

be prepared to get a little<br />

wet as you explore this<br />

beautiful place in Nigeria.<br />

Zuma Rock<br />

Zuma Rock is a large<br />

monolith near<br />

Abuja. Sometimes<br />

referred to as<br />

the “Gateway<br />

to Abuja from<br />

Suleja”, Zuma<br />

rock is a large<br />

natural monolith<br />

located<br />

immediately<br />

west of Nigeria’s<br />

capital, Abuja.<br />

Be sure to go<br />

along with an<br />

experienced hiker<br />

when visiting this<br />

beautiful place in Nigeria.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 59

TRAVEL<br />

Idanre Hills<br />

Idanre Hills is located in an<br />

ancient city set upon a hill<br />

in the city of Idanre Akure,<br />

Ondo State. Ensure you take<br />

the 682 steps it takes to get<br />

to the top of the hill and bask<br />

in the beautiful landscape of<br />

the city with your family.<br />

Mpape Crushed Rock<br />

Mpape Crushed Rock is an abandoned quarry<br />

in Abuja. This beautiful place in Nigeria is such<br />

a picturesque location, perfect for a picnic with<br />

the family, a photoshoot, or a refreshing hike.<br />

Pack a basket, put on some comfortable shoes,<br />

and head over to this scenic wonder.<br />

Olumo<br />

Rock<br />

Olumo rock is a massive<br />

outcrop of granite rocks.<br />

The rock is a historical<br />

monument that served<br />

as shelter for the locals<br />

during intercity wars. If the<br />

kids aren’t up for a hike<br />

up the rock, there are<br />

elevators available so they<br />

can still have a look at this<br />

beautiful place in Nigeria.<br />

60<br />

Accomplish Magazine

Lekki<br />

Conservation<br />

Centre<br />

If you’re an animal-loving family,<br />

Lekki Conservation Centre is the<br />

perfect place for you to visit.<br />

Take a walk down the longest<br />

canopy walkway in Africa, get a<br />

view of the birds, monkeys, and<br />

some endangered species in<br />

the reserve.<br />

Ikogosi Warm<br />

Springs<br />

A list of beautiful places in Nigeria<br />

is incomplete without Ikogosi Warm<br />

Springs, one of Nigeria’s major tourist<br />

attractions. It’s a must to experience<br />

the natural wonder of two springs<br />

meeting while maintaining their<br />

individual temperatures. Put on your<br />

hiking shoes and get your camera<br />

ready for an amazing adventure.<br />

Obudu<br />

Mountain<br />

Resort<br />

If you are a tourist looking<br />

for adventure and tranquillity,<br />

Obudu Mountain Resort is<br />

for you. Known as Africa’s<br />

finest and one of the most<br />

beautiful places in Nigeria,<br />

the resort is located in the<br />

highlands and deep tropical<br />

forests of Cross River State.<br />

Enjoy the cable cars, canopy<br />

walkways and so much more<br />

with your family.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 61

Access<br />

Holdings<br />

Receives Karlsruhe<br />

Award for Outstanding<br />

Business Sustainability<br />

Achievement for the<br />

Eighth Consecutive Time<br />

Presented at<br />

the Global<br />

Sustainable<br />

Finance<br />

Conference (GSFC)<br />

organised by the<br />

European Organisation for<br />

Sustainable Development<br />

(EOSD) in partnership with the<br />

city of Karlsruhe, Germany, the Award<br />

underscores the sustainability commitment<br />

demonstrated in the way Access Holdings<br />

conducts its business operations and<br />

activities.<br />

Delivering the opening remarks at the<br />

Awards event, the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe,<br />

Dr. Frank Mentrup, lauded the unwavering<br />

commitment of the organisations present<br />

and urged all stakeholders to collaborate to<br />

achieve the global sustainability vision.<br />



“In today’s globalised<br />

world, the responsibility of<br />

each one of us does not<br />

end at our borders. We<br />

need to work together to<br />

make our world more just,<br />

more peaceful, and more<br />

sustainable. This requires a high<br />

level of commitment and allocation<br />

of resources – including finance and<br />

investments,” Mentrup said.<br />

Reiterating Access Holdings’ commitment<br />

to driving the achievement of the SDGs,<br />

Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan, Head, Group<br />

Sustainability, at Access Holdings Plc<br />

said, “We are pleased to receive the<br />

Karlsruhe Award for Outstanding Business<br />

Sustainability Achievement for the eighth<br />

consecutive time. At Access Holdings,<br />

we believe that businesses must play a<br />

62<br />

Accomplish Magazine


SUITE<br />

significant role in addressing sustainability<br />

challenges and driving positive impact. In<br />

line with this, our approach to sustainability<br />

reflects our dedication to creating long-term<br />

value for our stakeholders in Africa and<br />

beyond.”<br />

The 2-day Global Sustainable Finance<br />

Conference and Awards also had in<br />

attendance other notable stakeholders<br />

such as Arshad Rab, Chairman, International<br />

Council of Sustainability Standards and<br />

CEO, European Organisation for Sustainable<br />

Development; Dr. Jesimen Chipika, Deputy<br />

Governor, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe;<br />

Amaechi Okobi, Group Head, Corporate<br />

Communications, Access Holdings Plc;<br />

Rolando Victoria, President and CEO, Aski<br />

Group, Philippines; Romani de Silva, Deputy<br />

Chairman and CEO, Alliance Finance, Sri<br />

Lanka; Mr. Krishnan Vimalanandavally Shaji,<br />

Chairman, National Bank for Agriculture<br />

and Rural Development, India; Mrs. Sylvi J.<br />

Gani, Director, PT. Sarana Multi Infrastruktur<br />

(Persero), Indonesia; Dr. Kao Thach, The<br />

Delegate of the Royal Government of<br />

Cambodia; Jide Akintunde, Director, Nigeria<br />

Development and Finance Forum (NDFF) and<br />

Nigeria Country Representative, European<br />

Organization for Sustainable Development<br />

(EOSD), and Tom Hoyem, Former Cabinet<br />

Minister of the Kingdom of Denmark and<br />

Member, City Council of Karlsruhe, Germany.<br />

Access Holdings has been widely<br />

recognised as one of Africa’s most<br />

responsible companies, earning numerous<br />

national and international honours and<br />

awards including the World Finance Award<br />

for Most Sustainable Bank (eleven-time<br />

winner) and Global Brand Awards for Best<br />

CSR Bank and Investor Relations (four-time<br />

winner).<br />

Accomplish Magazine 63





PORTAL<br />

64<br />

Accomplish Magazine


SUITE<br />

Zenith Bank Plc has<br />

signed a Memorandum<br />

of Understanding<br />

(MoU) with the African<br />

Continental Free Trade<br />

Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat<br />

for the development of the<br />

SMARTAfCFTA Portal, for trade<br />

promotion within the African<br />

continent. The SMARTAfCFTA<br />

Portal, which has the capacity<br />

to provide information like<br />

trade indicators, market<br />

trends, custom tariffs, trade<br />

agreements, rules of origin,<br />

market access requirements<br />

of relevant jurisdictions, export<br />

potentials, export diversification<br />

indicators and contact details<br />

of business partners in target<br />

markets and other traderelated<br />

information about<br />

Africa, will help to unlock the<br />

vast opportunities for trade on<br />

the African continent.<br />

The MoU was signed by the<br />

Group Managing Director/<br />

CEO of Zenith Bank Plc, Dr.<br />

Ebenezer Onyeagwu and the<br />

Secretary-General of the AfCFTA<br />

Secretariat, His Excellency<br />

Wamkele Mene, during the 8th<br />

Annual Edition of the Zenith<br />

Bank International Trade<br />

Seminar on Non-Oil Export<br />

themed “Nigerian Non-Oil<br />

Export Industry: The Present, The<br />

Future”, held on Wednesday,<br />

August 8, <strong>2023</strong>, at the Civic<br />

Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos<br />

and virtually.<br />

Speaking on the<br />

partnership with AfCFTA<br />

for the development of the<br />

SMARTAfCFTA Portal, the<br />

Group Managing Director/<br />

CEO of Zenith Bank, Dr.<br />

Ebenezer Onyeagwu, said: “This<br />

collaboration aims to unlock the<br />

vast opportunities presented<br />

by AfCFTA not only for Nigeria’s<br />

economic prosperity but also<br />

for advancing trade across<br />

African countries”.<br />

Dr. Onyeagwu noted the<br />

key role that the annual Zenith<br />

Bank Trade Seminar plays in<br />

deepening the conversation<br />

on promoting non-oil export in<br />

Nigeria by bringing together<br />

non-oil export practitioners<br />

and relevant government<br />

agencies to interact and<br />

explore the opportunities<br />

and proffer solutions to the<br />

challenges of non-oil export<br />

in the country, noting that<br />

previous editions’ outcomes<br />

have found expression and<br />

influenced policy initiatives.<br />

For instance, the extension<br />

of the period of repatriation<br />

of Non-Oil Export proceeds<br />

from 90 days to 180 days,<br />

and the policy mandating<br />

shippers not to carry export<br />

without a Nigeria Export<br />

Proceeds (NXP) Form Number<br />

were recommendations<br />

from previous seminars.<br />

Also, the need to incentivise<br />

exporters to repatriate their<br />

export proceeds through<br />

the official channels and the<br />

recommendation to create<br />

export terminals across various<br />

export hubs in the country<br />

were also from past seminars.<br />

Also, previous editions<br />

recommended having Export<br />

Desks in commercial banks,<br />

which has now been instituted.<br />

In his keynote address at the<br />

Zenith Bank International Trade<br />

Seminar, the Secretary-General<br />

of the AfCFTA Secretariat, His<br />

Excellency Wamkele Mene,<br />

thanked the Founder and<br />

Chairman of Zenith Bank, Jim<br />

Ovia, CFR, for partnering with<br />

the AfCFTA for the development<br />

of the SMARTAfCFTA Portal.<br />

In his words: “Zenith Bank<br />

was the first bank to say “we<br />

want to partner with you”. We<br />

went to see the Founder and<br />

Chairman, and he said that<br />

Zenith Bank wants to make a<br />

contribution to digitise trade<br />

in Africa. And so the portal<br />

was not my idea, it was not our<br />

idea at the AfCTA Secretariat,<br />

it was Zenith Bank that<br />

stepped up and said, ‘this has<br />

to be done!’. So I want to thank<br />

you very much, GMD for this<br />

collaboration.”<br />

In his goodwill message, Dr.<br />

Kingsley Obiora, the Deputy<br />

Governor of Economic Policy<br />

representing the Acting<br />

Governor of the Central Bank<br />

of Nigeria, Mr. Folashodun<br />

Adebisi Shonubi, commended<br />

Zenith Bank for leading<br />

Nigeria’s non-oil export<br />

promotion advocacy. He<br />

bemoaned the 1.2 per cent<br />

non-oil export to total GDP<br />

ratio and emphasised the<br />

need for concerted efforts<br />

to boost non-oil exports in<br />

Nigeria.<br />

Zenith Bank launched the<br />

Non-Oil Export Seminar in 2016<br />

as an initiative to deepen<br />

the discourse on promoting<br />

the non-oil export business in<br />

Nigeria. The <strong>2023</strong> International<br />

Trade Seminar also featured<br />

a goodwill message from<br />

the Secretary of the National<br />

Action Committee on AfCFTA,<br />

Mr. Olusegun Awolowo.<br />

There were also two-panel<br />

discussions, with the first panel<br />

discussion titled: “Nigeria<br />

Non-Oil Export Industry –<br />

Growth Opportunities”, while<br />

the second panel discussion<br />

was titled: “Harnessing the<br />

Opportunities in Service<br />

Export”.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 65


By Diiyi William-West<br />

Not a few Nigerians<br />

have lost hope in<br />

their patriotic preelection<br />

pursuit to<br />

take back Nigeria<br />

from the admixture<br />

of cabals and deceptive fiends<br />

in power! Many Nigerians think<br />

that the horde of the crooked<br />

in the corridors of power, the<br />

self-serving equivocators in<br />

the kitchens of power and<br />

the band of hypocrites in the<br />

tributaries of power have<br />

totally overran the movement<br />

that sought to entrench real,<br />

progressive and pan-Nigeria<br />

development; equitable<br />

development that shall be<br />

driven by true appreciation<br />

of the numerous human and<br />

natural resources the country<br />

is bless with and equitable<br />

harnessing and exploitation of<br />

same for equitable benefiting<br />

of the peoples of the country.<br />

Let’s say it as it is. The fears<br />

of those who have embraced<br />

doubts and despair in the<br />

fulfillment of the loud hopes<br />

of the many who lined up at<br />

polling stations across the<br />

country on February 18, <strong>2023</strong><br />

can’t be laughed at or taken<br />

for granted. It looks quite like<br />

their fears are true and their<br />

preferred candidate’s case in<br />

the chambers of the Law are<br />

dead on arrival.<br />

Making the effort to<br />

appreciate why those patriots<br />

bear flagging faith is the<br />

reason we should continue to<br />

point out why the seeming lull<br />

of apparent activism should<br />

not be taken for the defeat of<br />

our patriotic cause. Those of us<br />

who understand the unfolding<br />

realities at the Presidential<br />

Election Petitions Tribunal’s<br />

proceedings should continue to<br />

point out how incontrovertible<br />

facts and truth can’t cower<br />

to steeped falsehoods,<br />

desperately reactive<br />

shenanigans and panic-driven<br />

propaganda. Rather than get<br />

vexed with the recent doubters<br />

among us or even mocking<br />

them, we should caringly help<br />

them to rise in faith again by<br />

pointing out how unfolding<br />

facts can’t be buried with legal<br />

technicalities if the judges are<br />

conscientious.<br />

66<br />

Accomplish Magazine



We shall enjoy a lasting<br />

victory shout! And, the real but<br />

delayed greatness of Nigeria<br />

will soar!<br />

While we wait with positive<br />

expectation at the outcome<br />

of what looks like a longwinding<br />

legal battle, let us<br />

seek innovative ideas and take<br />

necessary steps to increase<br />

our respective incomes<br />

legitimately to stand above<br />

recent government policies<br />

that are afflicting our financial<br />

wellbeing.<br />

Please, let us all keep up our<br />

good work on all fronts and all<br />

our spheres of influence going.<br />


Let all concerned persons<br />

rest assured that by the grace<br />

of God and the efforts of our<br />

persona directly or indirectly<br />

involved in the legal battle<br />

at the Presidential Election<br />

Petitions Tribunal, we shall be<br />

the ones rejoicing with the<br />

victory shout! Oh yes! We may<br />

be dragged to the Appeal<br />

Court and the Supreme Court.<br />

Just keep warming your victoryshout<br />

engines! Yes, of course,<br />

sustain powerful, animated<br />

prayers too! We can’t over-pray<br />

even as diligent legal steps are<br />

being taken in the courts.<br />

The walls of the ‘Jericho<br />

cabals ‘ are already falling!<br />

We shall have the last laugh!<br />

Diiyi<br />

William-West<br />


More fondly known as<br />

DDWEST, he has several<br />

years of media practice<br />

experience spanning<br />

magazines, newspapers,<br />

television and radio; laying<br />

emphasis on maintaining<br />

standards in media<br />

practice. He practised and<br />

lectured Public Relations<br />

for nearly a decade before<br />

going into leadership<br />

consulting and real estate<br />

consultancy.<br />

Accomplish Magazine 67

68<br />

Accomplish Magazine

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