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Queen Camilla: What Manner Of Queen Consort

Queen Camilla: What Manner Of Queen Consort


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MAY <strong>2023</strong><br />

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Camilla:<br />

What Manner Of Queen Consort<br />

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What Manner Of Queen Consort<br />

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C<br />

amilla is different things to<br />

different people, but one<br />

thing is sure – she is the<br />

Queen Consort of the United<br />

Kingdom and one of the most<br />

powerful women globally.<br />

In this edition, three top editors<br />

come together to retrospect on<br />

how someone without royal blood,<br />

and a public enemy number one<br />

after the death of the beloved<br />

Princess Diana, became the Queen<br />

Consort.<br />

We also looked at some of the<br />

generation-long royal fashion rules<br />

in the United Kingdom, which will<br />

go a long way to explain why royals<br />

make some of the ‘rather weird’<br />

fashion decisions they make.<br />

Suppose you didn’t get an invite<br />

to the coronation of King Charles<br />

and Queen Camilla, not to worry,<br />

as our celebrity Chef and Nutritionist<br />

scooped up a meal from the<br />

coronation menu just for you. So,<br />

you can have a coronation, right<br />

in the comfort of your living room –<br />

how beautiful is that?<br />

Also, for the second time running,<br />

I was joined by fashion and style<br />

editors Sasha and Praise for the<br />

Fashion Police, where we gave our<br />

verdicts on some modern wedding<br />

gown trends. I am beginning<br />

to love this section because<br />

it gives us the opportunity<br />

to spend hours together<br />

virtually discussing fashion,<br />

lifestyle, beauty – and our<br />

great <strong>Glamsquad</strong> brand.<br />

My heart goes out to<br />

the entire team and our<br />

ever-amazing contributors<br />

and guest writers/editors.<br />

We make magic together<br />

again!<br />

Enjoy this edition as you<br />

have enjoyed the others<br />

before it. It is another<br />

bumper package, and you<br />

will be glad you opened it<br />

up!<br />

Love,<br />

A .<br />

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The Ch<br />

10<br />

Have the List o<br />

Chic List Must<br />

in <strong>2023</strong><br />

Faux Fluffy Feather<br />

Round Clutch<br />

Shoulder Bag<br />

1<br />

2<br />

Celine Triomphe Oval-Frame<br />

Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses<br />

Kenova Penny Loafer<br />

Olivia Marcus<br />

The shelves are in disarray,<br />

the hangers are holding<br />

onto their last ounce of<br />

velvet-coated strength,<br />

and the sweaters are contorting<br />

themselves in hopes that the<br />

drawers will close—the chaotic<br />

scene I’ve just described is the<br />

current state of my closet.<br />

As a fashion writer, I have a lot of<br />

clothes and I have a difficult time<br />

willing myself to get rid of any of<br />

them (what if they come back<br />

in style?!). Despite the storage<br />

challenges that accompany<br />

having a shopping passion and<br />

a small apartment, I love my<br />

clothing collection.<br />

However, there are some pieces<br />

that fall into the list of must-haves<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

In an effort to organize my closet,<br />

I pulled out all of the 2022 trends<br />

I bought into and determined<br />

which ones surpassed the trend<br />

category and were promoted<br />

into the essentials category.<br />

These are pieces that were<br />

incredibly popular in 2022, like<br />

the Miu Miu satin ballet flats, that<br />

I have no intention of retiring<br />

anytime soon. Purchasing items<br />

when they are at the height of<br />

a trend is definitely fun but can<br />

often lead to time fatigue which<br />

is basically when you see an item<br />

so often that you get sick of it.<br />

Determining which essential items<br />

I’m drawn to helps me evaluate<br />

my trend-driven purchases and<br />

avoid buyer’s remorse after the<br />

fact.<br />

6<br />

Satin Cowl Back<br />

Slip Midi Dress<br />

4<br />



ic List<br />

r Go Home!<br />

-Haves<br />

4<br />

Coach Demi Bag in<br />

Signature Jacquard<br />

Black Scoop<br />

Unitard<br />

3<br />

5<br />

Double-Sided<br />

Short Jacket<br />

9<br />

Soft Scrunch<br />

Ballet Flat<br />

7<br />

Oversized Thin Hoops<br />

8<br />

Gazelle Shoes<br />

10<br />

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HRH<br />

Camilla:<br />

From Public Enemy Number 1<br />

to Queen Consort<br />

By Amenna Daayo,<br />

Duncan Larcombe, and Anna Pasternak<br />

In an unprecedented move, Her<br />

Majesty gave her blessing to the<br />

woman Charles has loved since 1970<br />

— expressing her wish that Camilla be<br />

known as Queen Consort when Charles<br />

takes the throne.<br />

The public endorsement of the<br />

Duchess of Cornwall showed how far<br />

attitudes of both the Monarch and her<br />

people have changed — and how<br />

successful a plan launched by Charles<br />

and a crack team of advisers, known as<br />

Operation PB (Operation Parker Bowles),<br />

has been.<br />

Things were very different in January<br />

2005, when he and Camilla were due<br />

at the funeral of Princess Alexandra of<br />

Kent’s husband Sir Angus Ogilvy.<br />

Back then the Queen was concerned<br />

that pictures of her eldest son next to<br />

the woman Princess Diana called “The<br />

Rottweiler” would be unacceptable to<br />

the public.<br />

It may, she concluded, even offend<br />

some people to see a divorcee as<br />

Charles’s Plus One in St George’s Chapel,<br />

Windsor. So instead of sitting together as<br />

they had planned, Charles and Camilla<br />

were told to attend the ceremony apart.<br />

According to one courtier, his<br />

mother’s decree left the Prince of Wales<br />

“incandescent with rage”. And it finally<br />

prompted a man often seen as weak<br />

compared with his overbearing father<br />

to stand up to his parents and tell them:<br />

“Enough is enough.” It was time for his<br />

mistress to become his wife.<br />

6<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7

By then, Charles had been<br />

working for years on Operation<br />

PB with the aim of changing<br />

perceptions of Camilla. But<br />

marrying her was still a huge<br />

risk. If he didn’t take the public<br />

with him, his chances of<br />

becoming king could have<br />

vanished live on TV.<br />

The register office<br />

ceremony at Windsor Guildhall<br />

on April 9, 2005 was low-key,<br />

with the Queen declining to<br />

attend and the guests limited<br />

to family only.<br />

But Charles had finally got<br />

his way, and to the Queen<br />

and Prince Philip’s enormous<br />

relief, the public loved it. In the<br />

nervous months that followed,<br />

it seemed the impossible had<br />

happened.<br />

If Charles had misread the<br />

mood that day, he may have<br />

faced the prospect, like his<br />

great uncle Edward VIII, of<br />

having to choose between<br />

the woman he loved and the<br />

Crown.<br />

8<br />


PUBLIC<br />

ENEMY NO 1<br />

So how did Camilla go from<br />

being Public Enemy No1 into<br />

a consort admired by millions?<br />

It was not an accident, but<br />

the result of one of the most<br />

successful PR campaigns of<br />

Elizabeth II’s long reign.<br />

Operation PB was first<br />

conceived exactly a year<br />

before Diana’s death, at a<br />

time when Camilla was being<br />

demonised by the public and<br />

the press, and the Royal Family<br />

were urging Charles to “cut her<br />

loose”.<br />

In August 1996 Camilla<br />

met Mark Bolland, the wellconnected<br />

director of the<br />

Press Complaints Commission,<br />

who recalled: “She was frankly<br />

a wreck and under immense<br />

strain.”<br />

Within weeks, Bolland was<br />

working for Prince Charles as<br />

assistant private secretary.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


10<br />



Part of his job was to<br />

mastermind a campaign to<br />

improve Mrs Parker Bowles’s<br />

image and Charles regarded<br />

his dealings with the press as a<br />

necessary evil.<br />

A live TV debate in January<br />

1997 showed how much work<br />

there was to do if Operation PB<br />

was to be a success.<br />

In a poll of 2.6million viewers<br />

for the programme, a third<br />

voted to end the monarchy<br />

and when Camilla’s name<br />

was mentioned, many in the<br />

audience booed loudly.<br />

Around Camilla’s 50th<br />

birthday in July 1997, Bolland<br />

planned a publicity rollout<br />

including a party at the<br />

Prince’s home, Highgrove,<br />

where he and Camilla were<br />

“openly intimate”.<br />

A fortnight later the couple<br />

met Prime Minister Tony Blair’s<br />

closest ally Peter Mandelson at<br />

Highgrove, where Charles told<br />

him how they wanted to live a<br />

more “normal” life.<br />

Mandelson did not hold<br />

back and told the Prince how<br />

the public “had the impression<br />

that you feel sorry for yourself<br />

and you’re glum”.<br />

Bolland later wrote that<br />

Mandelson’s guidance on how<br />

to win over the public had<br />

helped him form a plan that<br />

would eventually lead to the<br />

couple’s wedding.<br />

But Diana’s death in Paris in<br />

August 1997 almost killed off<br />

Operation PB. She was frankly<br />

a wreck and under immense<br />

strain.<br />

There was a sense that their<br />

long extra-marital relationship<br />

was in some way to blame<br />

for the tragedy. For two weeks<br />

after Diana’s funeral Charles<br />

avoided appearing in public.<br />

He seemed nervous on<br />

his first official engagement<br />

in Manchester, where large<br />

crowds turned out, but there<br />

were no placards blaming him<br />

or Camilla for Diana’s death.<br />

One woman took hold of<br />

the Prince’s hand and told<br />

him: “Keep your chin up.”<br />

Touched, Charles replied:<br />

“That’s very kind of you but I<br />

feel like crying.”<br />

The irony was that at the<br />

time, Charles and Camilla’s<br />

relationship was stronger than<br />

ever.<br />

But now marriage was<br />

unthinkable, let alone the<br />

prospect that Camilla could<br />

one day be Queen.<br />

Divorce, then death, had<br />

stolen that prize from Diana.<br />

If there was to be any<br />

chance of any future<br />

happiness, Charles knew<br />

something had to be done.<br />

His first priority was to protect<br />

Camilla.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11

As a non-royal she was not<br />

entitled to her own taxpayerfunded<br />

security detail, so<br />

Charles secretly paid for her to<br />

have her own bodyguard, a<br />

retired Met Police officer with<br />

years of diplomatic protection<br />

experience.<br />

Stories spread about how<br />

Camilla was smuggled into<br />

the Prince of Wales’s Highgrove<br />

estate hidden under a blanket<br />

on the back seat of a car,<br />

such were the lengths they<br />

went to avoid stoking the<br />

public’s anger.<br />

It would be nine months<br />

after Diana’s death before<br />

Camilla was introduced to<br />

Prince William, just days before<br />

his 16th birthday.<br />

Before Diana’s death, it had<br />

been obvious that her children<br />

had no interest in meeting<br />

their father’s lover.<br />

But in June 1998, William<br />

12<br />


was finally ready to meet<br />

Camilla, who was so anxious<br />

to make a good impression,<br />

she “trembled like a leaf”.<br />

The 30-minute meeting<br />

at York House, Charles’s then<br />

London home, went well but<br />

moments after leaving the<br />

room Camilla gasped: “I really<br />

need a gin and tonic!”<br />

They met twice more,<br />

then Harry joined their gettogethers.<br />

Privately Charles was<br />

growing increasingly impatient<br />

to move ahead with<br />

Operation PB.<br />

So just before midnight on<br />

January 28, 1999, he and his<br />

long-term love stepped out<br />

in public for the first time as a<br />

couple.<br />

They were photographed<br />

outside London’s Ritz Hotel as<br />

they left a 50th birthday party<br />

for Camilla’s sister, Annabel<br />

Elliot.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


‘THE<br />


A wall of photographers<br />

waited outside in what has<br />

now become one of the most<br />

memorable photo-calls in<br />

modern royal history.<br />

The coverage sparked<br />

some criticism from The<br />

Diana Faithful, with some<br />

commentators describing it as<br />

an insult to the late Princess.<br />

But by 2003, when Charles<br />

brought in PR man Paddy<br />

Harverson, Manchester<br />

United’s former head of<br />

communications, a new<br />

confidence had grown at<br />

Clarence House. It seemed<br />

the icy feelings towards<br />

Camilla had started to thaw.<br />

The most important plank<br />

of Operation PB centred on<br />

Princes William and Harry.<br />

They were quickly identified<br />

as the key to softening the<br />

nation’s feelings towards<br />

Camilla.<br />

14<br />



If they accepted<br />

Camilla, despite all that had<br />

happened, the public would<br />

surely follow suit.<br />

In the years since Diana’s<br />

death, Palace spin doctors<br />

have provided dozens of<br />

opportunities for the media<br />

and the public to see Charles<br />

playing the fatherly role.<br />

Pictures of the future king<br />

with his sons at his side were<br />

drip-fed by the Palace for a<br />

number of years.<br />

Charles watching his sons<br />

pass out of Sandhurst, William<br />

graduating, or the three of<br />

them enjoying the traditional<br />

Easter ski trip to Switzerland,<br />

showed the genuine warmth<br />

between them.<br />

Less than a month before<br />

Charles was due to wed<br />

Camilla, Clarence House tried<br />

one more big push.<br />

To be honest with you, she’s<br />

always been very close to me<br />

and William . . . but no, she’s<br />

not the wicked stepmother. I’ll<br />

say that right now.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15

Prince Harry<br />

A photocall was arranged<br />

during the annual ski trip in<br />

Klosters, Switzerland to show<br />

Charles flanked by his sons<br />

enjoying a holiday as a family.<br />

The idea was to show the<br />

public that Charles’s boys<br />

had given their father their<br />

approval for the wedding.<br />

As it turned out, the<br />

coverage was dominated by<br />

Charles’s comments under<br />

his breath at that photocall,<br />

slagging off the BBC’s Royal<br />

Correspondent Nicholas<br />

Witchell.<br />

None of it mattered,<br />

because the message from<br />

the boys was clear: “Our father<br />

has our blessing.”<br />

And so it was that a<br />

relationship that had lasted on<br />

and off for more than 35 years<br />

was made official by their<br />

marriage in April 2005.<br />

The images of William and<br />

Harry beaming with delight<br />

as they followed the happy<br />

16<br />


couple out of the Guildhall<br />

sent a signal to the Diana<br />

faithful.<br />

He continued that he and<br />

William “loved her to bits” and<br />

added: “To be honest with<br />

you, she’s always been very<br />

close to me and William . . .<br />

but no, she’s not the wicked<br />

stepmother. I’ll say that right<br />

now.”<br />

In an extraordinary tale<br />

of love and redemption,<br />

Camilla Parker Bowles<br />

has transformed herself<br />

dramatically over the 50 years<br />

she has known Prince Charles.<br />

Now, thanks to the Queen’s<br />

Silver Jubilee message of<br />

crowning endorsement, she<br />

will become Queen Consort<br />

when Charles ascends<br />

the throne. This impressive<br />

evolution is due to Camilla’s<br />

strength of character,<br />

discretion, dignity and<br />

fortitude.<br />

It was Charles who<br />

decided that he could not<br />

live without Camilla, not the<br />

other way around. It’s difficult<br />

to refuse a tenacious Prince<br />

of Wales who declares you<br />

“non-negotiable” – as Wallis<br />

Simpson discovered. We can<br />

now see that Charles will be<br />

a better, more fulfilled king<br />

with Camilla by his side. It<br />

once seemed unimaginable<br />

that she could ever become<br />

Queen, such was the bitter<br />

opprobrium towards her, but<br />

during their successful nearly<br />

17-year marriage she has<br />

slowly and stoically proved<br />

herself to be a class act worthy<br />

of her coronet.<br />

Heroically supportive of<br />

Prince Charles, Camilla has<br />

never sought the limelight.<br />

Key to her appeal is that<br />

she doesn’t take herself too<br />

seriously, yet manages to walk<br />

the tightrope of deference<br />

that Royal duties demand. Her<br />

glorious sense of humour is<br />

a mainstay of her character.<br />

Sometimes on official visits<br />

she’s literally clutching herself<br />

as she tries to stem hopeless<br />

giggles. Her guileless mirth<br />

is contagious. One gets the<br />

sense that she and Charles<br />

are going to howl with laughter<br />

together in the car home after.<br />

This was perfectly<br />

encapsulated this week,<br />

when what could have been<br />

a moment of excruciating<br />

awkwardness became a<br />

towering triumph. During a<br />

speech at a reception for<br />

International Women’s Day at<br />

Clarence House, she directly<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17

addressed Emerald Fennell,<br />

the actress who plays her on<br />

the controversial Netflix series<br />

The Crown.<br />

‘It is reassuring to know that,<br />

if I should fall off my perch<br />

at any moment, my fictional<br />

alter ego is here to take over,’<br />

she said, to laughs from the<br />

audience. ‘So, Emerald, be<br />

prepared!’ It is the first time a<br />

senior member of the Royal<br />

family has spoken so positively<br />

of the show, and the pair were<br />

seen chatting warmly at the<br />

event. How savvy and cool of<br />

Camilla to have embraced<br />

Emerald in this way.<br />

Little wonder that her<br />

infamous wink went viral<br />

during President Trump’s 2019<br />

state visit. In a spontaneous<br />

moment of levity, her earthy<br />

sense of fun ensured that the<br />

meeting with Donald and<br />

Melania was anything but<br />

frosty. As Charles ushered the<br />

presidential couple from the<br />

room, Camilla turned to her<br />

protection officer, her face<br />

creasing into an enigmatic<br />

smile, and winked. She was<br />

instantly crowned the ‘Queen<br />

of Sass’ on Twitter.<br />

There’s nothing arch or<br />

waxwork about Camilla. My<br />

guess is that it is her genuine<br />

love for and failsafe loyalty<br />

to Prince Charles which has<br />

enabled her to thrive amid<br />

the power plays of the Royal<br />

family. That Camilla is at<br />

ease amid the pomp and<br />

pageantry has endeared<br />

her to courtiers who see her<br />

not just as dependable but<br />

indispensable. Her shared<br />

sense of humour with the<br />

Queen has bonded her with<br />

our perspicacious monarch.<br />

Just as we have been<br />

won over by Camilla’s<br />

authenticity and lack of<br />

precious entitlement, we<br />

have seen her style evolve<br />

from windswept, tweedy<br />

Sloane to sophisticated<br />

duchess in silky day dresses<br />

and classic courts. Ever since<br />

she nervously stepped out<br />

in Windsor on her wedding<br />

day in sensational pale blue<br />

silk and damask by Anna<br />

Valentine, with a Philip Treacy<br />

gold halo effect headpiece,<br />

she has found her formula for<br />

elegance and stuck to it. In<br />

floaty chiffon dresses by Fiona<br />

Clare, with socking pearls and<br />

toffee-sized jewelled clasps,<br />

she epitomises old-school<br />

chic without being a slave to<br />

fashion. It’s because she is<br />

at ease in her own skin that<br />

Camilla looks comfortable in<br />

her clothes.<br />

It used to be sniped that<br />

Camilla lacked ambition. Yet<br />

there is nothing indolent about<br />

her grasp of what Charles<br />

required of her. The emotional<br />

containment needed to<br />

ascend to our future Queen<br />

requires impressive internal<br />

discipline. That Camilla is<br />

secure within herself is the<br />

most stylish thing about her.<br />

18<br />


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10<br />

Royal<br />

Fashion Rules<br />

Chioma Esui<br />


Bright colors are saved only for the Queen’s wardrobe. The rules state<br />

that fingernails must be a practical and natural shade, meaning the<br />

royal manicurists favor pale pinks and clear polishes. In fact, since 1989,<br />

the Queen has been faithfully using the Essie shade Ballet Slippers.<br />

Kate Middleton, however, has found a loophole: The Duchess dares<br />

to wear red on her toes.<br />

The British royal family<br />

abides by a very<br />

specific—and strict—<br />

style guide. And though it<br />

must be tough to appear prim<br />

and proper all the time, the<br />

queen’s handful of sartorial<br />

rules have kept the family<br />

looking posh and avoiding<br />

potentially embarrassing faux<br />

pas for 60-plus years. When<br />

should one wear their military<br />

garb?<br />

What else might clutches be<br />

good for, beyond carrying<br />

breath mints and lipstick?<br />

It’s all in the (figurative)<br />

handbook! Below are 16 royal<br />

fashion do’s and definite<br />

don’ts.<br />

20<br />





There are no dinosaur sweatpants in Prince<br />

George’s closet. Like his father, Prince William, and<br />

his Uncle Harry, the 4-year-old heir—he’s third in<br />

line to the throne—will only attend public events<br />

wearing smart shorts and never pants.<br />

“Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas<br />

shorts on young boys is one of those silent<br />

markers that we have in England,” British etiquette<br />

expert William Hanson told Harper’s Bazaar. “A<br />

pair of trousers on a young boy is considered<br />

quite middle class—quite suburban. And no<br />

self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be<br />

considered suburban.”<br />

The tradition actually dates back to the 16th<br />

century and the practice of breeching, or when<br />

a tot grew out of gowns and moved on to, well,<br />

breeches. Adds Hanson, “The usual custom is that<br />

a boy graduated to trousers around 8 years old.”<br />


Royal etiquette requires one be worn by women to all official<br />

events. It’s a stipulation that dates back to the 1950s, a time when<br />

women were starting to ditch their hats when going out in public.<br />

Though further modernization has eased up on the rule—Duchess<br />

of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s perfect blowout is proof enough—<br />

the Queen insists the tradition be kept alive, especially at formal<br />

engagements like weddings and christenings. In fact, she rarely<br />

forgoes a headpiece, often trading a hat for a crown or headscarf.<br />

BRIGHT<br />



FOR THE<br />

QUEEN<br />

After all, she wants to be<br />

noticed. Throughout her 66-year<br />

reign, Queen Elizabeth II has<br />

sported monochromatic fuchsia,<br />

lime green, and canary yellow<br />

outfits from her wardrobe, which<br />

boasts every (yes, every!) color of<br />

the rainbow. The uniform is quite<br />

sensible, though: She wants to<br />

guarantee the public can see her<br />

through the crowd.<br />

“She needs to stand out<br />

for people to be able to say, ‘I<br />

saw the Queen,’” her daughterin-law,<br />

Sophie, Countess of<br />

Wessex, explained in the 2016<br />

documentary The Queen at 90.<br />

“Don’t forget that when she turns<br />

up somewhere, crowds are two-,<br />

three-, four-, 10-, 15-deep, and<br />

someone wants to be able to say<br />

they saw a bit of the queen’s hat<br />

as she went past.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21




No bylaw explicitly states pantyhose are a<br />

must. But, it’s an unspoken rule that the Queen<br />

expects—and enforces—female family<br />

members and their guests to wear tights to all<br />

public outings.<br />

That being said, newcomer and resident<br />

rule breaker Meghan Markle skipped nude<br />

stockings during her November engagement<br />

photo call. She quickly learned her lesson,<br />

though. At Commonwealth Day at<br />

Westminster Abbey in March, the Suits actress<br />

slipped on a pair.<br />




Etiquette bars female members of the<br />

family from removing their outermost layer in<br />

public, viewing it as an “unladylike action.”<br />

So, unfortunately, if the temperature suddenly<br />

spikes, Duchess Kate just has to sweat it out.<br />

Yes, only married women<br />

of the family get to don the<br />

jewels. That’s because tiaras<br />

signify relationship status—and<br />

let curious bachelors know if a<br />

woman is off limits.<br />

“It signals the crowning of<br />

love and the loss of innocence<br />

to marriage,” Geoffrey Munn,<br />

the author of Tiaras: A History of<br />

Splendour, explained to Forbes.<br />

“The family tiara was worn by the<br />

bride and from that moment<br />

onwards it was the groom’s<br />

jewelry she was expected<br />

to wear. It was a subliminal<br />

message that she had moved<br />

from her own family to another.”<br />

22<br />




Sure, they’re fashionable. But gloves<br />

are also a safety measure favored by<br />

the Queen when attending an official<br />

engagement that requires her to shake<br />

hands with a lot of people. The accessory—<br />

which the royal glove maker says are almost<br />

always either black or white and made out<br />

of cotton and nylon—prevents the spread<br />

of germs.<br />

One notable exception to the rule was<br />

Princess Diana, who preferred to actually<br />

hold the hands of those she met during<br />

public visits. She wasn’t dubbed the people’s<br />

princess for nothing!<br />



At least, in the Queen’s mind.<br />

They’re not completely banned,<br />

but one palace insider told Vanity<br />

Fair wedged heels are not favored<br />

by the Queen and that “it’s well<br />

known among the women in the<br />

family.” Kate would often wear her<br />

beloved Stuart Weitzmans when her<br />

grandmother-in-law wasn’t present,<br />

but it’s been a few years since she’s<br />

been out in a pair.<br />

It’s not like she needs house keys! While the<br />

Queen is known to pack lipstick and reading<br />

glasses in her purse, she also uses her iconic Launer<br />

bags to send signals to her staff. For example,<br />



when she wants to leave a dinner, she sets<br />

the purse on top of the table, letting her<br />

aides know to wrap it up in five minutes. Or,<br />

if she’s in the middle of a dull conversation,<br />

she’ll place her bag on the floor, giving a<br />

cue to her lady-in-waiting that she’d like to<br />

be rescued.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


15 Top Spring/<br />

Summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

Trends<br />

from the SS23 Runway<br />

Words by - Praise David<br />

The Spring/Summer<br />

<strong>2023</strong> runway Fashion<br />

show season revealed<br />

so many looks to love!<br />

During the creative packed<br />

New York, Milan, London, and<br />

Paris Fashion Weeks, brands<br />

showcased their Spring-<br />

Summer <strong>2023</strong> Collections,<br />

offering up a great diversity of<br />

warm weather looks.<br />

And again, continuing<br />

the trend that fashion<br />

encompasses various styles<br />

and tastes.<br />

Read on and fall in love<br />

with our favorite Spring –<br />

Summer <strong>2023</strong> trends from the<br />

runway season!<br />

2<br />

70s Crochet & Cross Halters<br />

While this is really two trends in<br />

one, they are both well worth<br />

noting. And given their shared<br />

70s roots and combo in this<br />

fabulous Elie Saab dress, it<br />

seemed only fit to mention<br />

them in tandem. Crochet<br />

has been hitting the runways<br />

fairly frequently in the past few<br />

years, but it never gets old.<br />

Now for the cross halter.<br />

Perhaps not a neckline you<br />

often consider, it makes a<br />

unique fashion statement and<br />

is definitely a look we saw lots<br />

of on the SS23 runways.<br />

24<br />



Deconstructed<br />

Futuristic vibes appeared in a number<br />

of the SS23 collections by way of a<br />

deconstructed look. Almost as though the<br />

pieces were designed, then undesigned,<br />

and then they were perfect.<br />

Exaggerated<br />

Silhouettes<br />

From skirts and dresses to shirts and pants, flared,<br />

ruffled, frilled, and bubble-hemmed silhouettes<br />

were all over the <strong>2023</strong> Spring/Summer runways.<br />

Also seen were looks accented with oversized<br />

bows or billowing capes.<br />

Purple<br />

As seen across the<br />

runway, purple is not going<br />

anywhere in the SS23<br />

season, and we are happy<br />

to see this color trend stay!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


All Black<br />

Black never really goes out of style<br />

(especially when you love it as much<br />

as we do!), but when you see lots of it<br />

on the runway, it is a trend worth noting.<br />

With all kinds of new variations on the<br />

little black look, lace was definitely a top<br />

material paired with the color. And, of<br />

course, the ever-timeless black leather.<br />

Glitter<br />

First coming into true fashion-forward<br />

fruition in the 1920s, glittering sequins<br />

appear to plan to stay on trend into<br />

the Spring and Summer <strong>2023</strong> seasons.<br />

From Tom Ford, Versace, Dolce &<br />

Gabbana, glittering gowns strut across<br />

many of the SS23 runways.<br />

Cargo Pants<br />

& the Y2K Trend<br />

While cargo pants first became popular in the 1980s, this<br />

was really just in outdoorsy fashion. In the 2000s, cargo<br />

pants came to the forefront of style, this time loose fitting<br />

and in all sorts of materials. We recently talked about the<br />

return of Y2K fashion to today’s looks, so seeing this look<br />

across the runways definitely solidifies this even more.<br />

26<br />



90s Animal Vibes<br />

We have seen a couple of 90s-inspired<br />

styles on this trend list making this<br />

another popular decade for the<br />

upcoming season. Think leather pants,<br />

halter crop tops, metallics, maxi coats,<br />

maxi skirts, knee-high boots, and of<br />

course, animal prints.<br />

Ruched Silhouettes<br />

Ruching always makes us think of the 80s. This<br />

fun textured look is great for concealing anything<br />

we might think of as an imperfection and one I<br />

personally love. Whether in a statement skirt (see<br />

the next trend) or a fabulous dress like this one by<br />

Bluemarine on the runway at Milan Fashion Week.<br />

Statement Skirts<br />

From minis to 3/4 to floor length,<br />

statement skirts were all over the SS23<br />

runways making them a pretty for sure<br />

Spring/Summer trend. Bubble hems<br />

and mini flared styles were also seen<br />

on more than one occasion, both<br />

making fun warm weather looks.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


High Boots<br />

The 1960s amped up our modern-day<br />

love for high boots. And while this trend has<br />

ebbed and flowed through fashion history, it<br />

isn’t often a Spring/Summer trend. However,<br />

paired with the Statement Skirts trend below,<br />

this look is definitely one we love.<br />

Long Sheer Dresses<br />

& Sheers All Around<br />

While this look can get a bit revealing, it is<br />

also a great way to feel cool and sexy without<br />

baring all your skin. Sheers have been in<br />

for quite some time now and are definitely<br />

staying for Spring and Summer <strong>2023</strong>. But the<br />

long sheer dress look is one that definitely<br />

made extra appearances on the SS23<br />

runways. From plain and simple to elaborately<br />

detailed, we are saying yes to this trend!<br />

28<br />



Always<br />

Flora & Fauna<br />

It really might be impossible to have<br />

Spring/Summer fashion collections<br />

without flora and fauna, and who<br />

would want such a travesty anyways?<br />

Flora and fauna, taking on beautiful<br />

forms as always, especially in unique<br />

modern styles, are an SS23, yes!<br />

Netted<br />

Crochet gone modern appears in the form<br />

of netting. Contemporary and stylishly chic,<br />

the netted look seems to be one to watch<br />

when warmer weather comes in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Lace<br />

Often considered a vintage look,<br />

brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior,<br />

and Victoria Beckham brought lacey<br />

styles to their SS23 Collections. Elegant,<br />

modest yet sexy, and warm weather<br />

friendly, we love the lace look.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


Model To<br />

Celebrate<br />

Height: 1.83 m<br />

Nationality: Angolan<br />

Born: 28 October<br />

1992 (age 30 years),<br />

Luanda, Angola<br />

30<br />



Maria Borges<br />

Jackson Bryant and Forbes<br />

Favourite Model!<br />

Chioma Esiu<br />

Maria Borges is an<br />

Angolan model. She<br />

was born in Luanda,<br />

Angola and raised by<br />

her siblings during the Angolan<br />

Civil War. She was discovered<br />

in 2010 when she placed<br />

second at the Angolan edition<br />

of the contest Elite Model Look.<br />

In 2012, she signed with the<br />

Supreme Agency.<br />

One month later, she<br />

debuted her first fashion week<br />

where she walked 17 runways.<br />

For her second season, she was<br />

a Givenchy exclusive. In 2017,<br />

Maria Borges was the first African<br />

woman to feature on the cover<br />

of the American version of ELLE,<br />

20 years after Sudanese model<br />

Alek Wek in 1997.<br />

Borges has appeared in the<br />

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show<br />

from 2013-2017.<br />

She was named Forbes<br />

Africa <strong>Magazine</strong>’s top model of<br />

2013. She is a Jackson Bryant<br />

favorite and calls him her<br />

“godfather”<br />

`<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


The Best Street Sty<br />

The Fall 202<br />

in Tokyo<br />

The “big four” fashion weeks —<br />

New York, London, Milan and<br />

Paris — obviously have a lot to<br />

offer in the way of street style.<br />

And because there is always plenty of<br />

outfit inspiration and trend information<br />

to glean from these events, it’s<br />

easy to forget that there’s a lot<br />

more style happening outside the<br />

Western fashion capitals.<br />

Case in point: Tokyo Fashion<br />

Week just wrapped, and its<br />

showgoers dressed nothing<br />

like those photographed in<br />

New York and Europe just<br />

weeks prior.<br />

For the most<br />

part, the Japanese<br />

32<br />



le Photos from<br />

3 Shows<br />

Praise David 1 Photo Credit: Imaxtree<br />

street-style crowd rejected every<br />

fashion trend, rule and aesthetic<br />

that might be on your radar right<br />

now, making Western street style look<br />

downright homogenous. A fearless<br />

individualism prevailed outside the<br />

Fall <strong>2023</strong> shows, with a wide range of<br />

aesthetics represented.<br />

That said, a few trends did<br />

emerge, including a moody color<br />

palette (black was everywhere),<br />

bulky layering, platform boots and<br />

voluminous ruffles.<br />

See the best looks from Tokyo<br />

Fashion Week Fall <strong>2023</strong> street<br />

style below.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33


34<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35


Fashion Police:<br />

RED ALERT:<br />

Let’s Rate<br />

Celebrity<br />

Bridal<br />

Amenna Daayo, Sasha<br />

Bokamoso & Praise David<br />

Some wedding-day looks are fleeting, but others have the<br />

potential to become timeless styles.<br />

Our Fashion Police squad, made up of three of our senior<br />

fashion editors, take on some of the prominent wedding gown<br />

trends to bare their minds – as they often do. Let’s see their verdicts!<br />

Cropped Wedding Dresses<br />

Amenna: 2/10<br />

The trend for cropped<br />

separates has morphed into<br />

wedding attire, but I strongly<br />

advise against sporting this<br />

look on your big day.<br />

Amenna:<br />

Sasha: 4/10<br />

This style never looks as good in<br />

practice as it does in magazines.<br />

Swapping the cropped gown for<br />

a chic jumpsuit could make for<br />

a less risky yet still unconventional<br />

wedding look in<br />

my opinion!<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise: 1/10<br />

No comments!<br />

Praise<br />

36<br />


Puffy Sleeve<br />

Wedding Dress<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise<br />

Amenna:<br />

Amenna: 5/10<br />

Puffy sleeves can<br />

be impractical and<br />

photograph poorly. So, I<br />

really do advise it.<br />

Sasha: 4/10<br />

Below average score<br />

for me also. Puffy<br />

sleeves can often<br />

catch on things. I<br />

personally dislike the<br />

trend of exaggerated or<br />

puffy sleeves on wedding<br />

gowns.<br />

Praise: 5/10<br />

Bishop sleeves or<br />

puffy sleeves are<br />

prone to catching<br />

on and knocking<br />

things over, like cake or<br />

beverages. Large, loose<br />

sleeves can look odd when<br />

photographed outdoors<br />

due to the effects of the sun<br />

and wind.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37


Puffy Ball Gowns<br />

Amenna: 6/10<br />

This style is impractical, as<br />

you’ll spend most of the<br />

night getting stepped on<br />

and adjusting your dress. I<br />

prefer it in cartoons and on<br />

mannequins. Not the type of<br />

gown I would advise a bride<br />

to wear on her special day.<br />

Sorry!<br />

Amenna:<br />

Sasha: 6/10<br />

For me, it also creates<br />

so much space<br />

between you and your<br />

partner. Beautiful, no<br />

doubt, but I have never<br />

really been a fan of<br />

puffy ball gowns.<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise: 7/10<br />

Hmm… these come<br />

out very beautiful, to be<br />

honest – and that is a plus<br />

for me. But the efficiency<br />

in movement is a concern.<br />

For sure, the bride has to<br />

quickly change out of this<br />

as soon as possible into a<br />

second dress<br />

for the<br />

reception.<br />

Praise<br />

38<br />



Mermaid<br />

Wedding Dress<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise<br />

Amenna:<br />

Amenna:<br />

6/10<br />

For me, this style lacks<br />

originality, so nothing<br />

really special. It is always<br />

beautiful to behold, but<br />

no lasting impression on<br />

me.<br />

Sasha: 5/10<br />

The silhouette can<br />

be flattering on the<br />

body, but you see<br />

it far too often, and it’s<br />

actually really difficult to<br />

walk and move in.<br />

Praise: 5/10<br />

I always advise that<br />

brides looking for<br />

a figure-flattering<br />

dress should consider<br />

an illusion gown, which<br />

features sheer mesh or<br />

lace accents that reveal<br />

a bit of skin.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


Tiaras on<br />

Wedding Outfits<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise<br />

Amenna:<br />

Amenna: 7/10<br />

I wouldn’t recommend<br />

a tiara unless you’re an<br />

actual princess. They<br />

end up being crooked a<br />

majority of the time. But it<br />

doesn’t look bad, though!<br />

Sasha: 6/10<br />

Those looking for a bit<br />

of sparkle can opt for<br />

jewelled or metallic<br />

clips as a more subtle<br />

way to embellish their<br />

wedding hairdo, instead of<br />

a Tiara.<br />

Praise: 8/10<br />

I love Tiaras. Gosh! So,<br />

even if you are wearing<br />

it naked, I won’t judge<br />

you if you want to feel<br />

like a princess on your<br />

special day. Feel free, but<br />

ensure you wear a wedding<br />

gown that also plays the part.<br />

40<br />



Sneakers with<br />

Wedding Gowns<br />

Sasha<br />

Praise<br />

Amenna:<br />

Amenna:<br />

1/10<br />

I cringe every time I see<br />

sneakers worn with a<br />

wedding dress.<br />

Sasha: 1/10<br />

You can use gel<br />

inserts to make your<br />

heels much more<br />

comfortable. I die a<br />

little inside when I see<br />

brides wearing sneakers or<br />

going barefoot.<br />

Praise: 1/10<br />

There are so many<br />

beautiful and<br />

comfortable shoes<br />

in the world that a<br />

sneaker shouldn’t be<br />

the final choice for such<br />

an important event. My<br />

Editor didn’t allow me to<br />

give a zero for this one, so<br />

I agreed to give 1/10 – for<br />

the attempt!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41


Asia Re-Enforces Its Fashio<br />

and Style with Shanghai<br />

Fashion Week <strong>2023</strong><br />

Praise David<br />

Xiaolei Lv, vice secretary-general of the Shanghai Fashion Week<br />

Committee, said the fall <strong>2023</strong> season marks a point of recovery<br />

and reboot for the Chinese fashion industry as a whole.<br />

Shanghai Fashion Week, the<br />

epicenter of the Chinese fashion<br />

industry, is looking to make a<br />

comeback in full force for the fall<br />

<strong>2023</strong> season after the city went through<br />

a series of COVID-19-related traumas last<br />

year.<br />

During the pandemic, Shanghai Fashion<br />

Week was among the first to experiment<br />

with digital showcases for the fall 2020<br />

season, in collaboration with Alibaba’s<br />

Tmall, and again with the fall 2022<br />

season right after the city came out of a<br />

strict two-month-long lockdown, this time<br />

working with Douyin, the Chinese version<br />

of TikTok. When possible, the showcase<br />

returned to physical, albeit at a reduced<br />

capacity.<br />

Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai<br />

Municipal Commission of Commerce,<br />

which oversees the Shanghai Fashion<br />

Week Committee, at a press conference<br />

42<br />


described the nine-day showcase<br />

as a key component of the city’s<br />

fashion ambitions.<br />

Liu reiterated that it is “an important<br />

platform to lead fashion and define<br />

trends for all kinds of consumer<br />

promotion activities throughout<br />

the year.” Liu is also confident the<br />

showcase will bring more styles,<br />

fashion boutiques and flagship<br />

stores to the city of 26 million<br />


n<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43


people.<br />

This season, the main fashion<br />

show venue at Xintiandi, a<br />

buzzing neighborhood in<br />

downtown Shanghai, has a<br />

brand-new design. Its facade<br />

is made of three-dimensional<br />

materials that complement<br />

the key visuals of this season’s<br />

Shanghai Fashion Week. At night,<br />

the venue transforms into a glowup<br />

attraction with iridescent light<br />

installations.<br />

Speaking about the lineup<br />

for this season, Xiaolei Lv,<br />

vice secretary-general of<br />

the Shanghai Fashion Week<br />

committee, said “the pressure<br />

on the industry to maintain<br />

restorative growth remains high<br />

at the moment, but there is still<br />

no shortage of quality brands<br />

that soar against the tide and<br />

show strong resilience in the<br />

storm.”<br />

Lv added that <strong>2023</strong> is not only<br />

the beginning of another 20<br />

years of Shanghai Fashion Week,<br />

which officially runs through the<br />

end of the month, but also a<br />

point of recovery and reboot for<br />

the industry as a whole.<br />

“I’m looking forward to this<br />

year to be able to unleash<br />

the energy and ideas we’ve<br />

all accumulated through the<br />

voice of Shanghai Fashion Week<br />

and to rebuild and interact with<br />

the industry overseas. In the<br />

future, China’s young creatives<br />

will flourish even more, and<br />

Shanghai Fashion Week, as a<br />

platform, will embrace more<br />

technological innovation in a<br />

more open and inclusive way,”<br />

she added.<br />

Check out the breath-taking<br />

photos from the event.<br />

44<br />



Several types of ex<br />

as yoga, walking, j<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com strength 45 training, c<br />

impact overall wel

HEALTH<br />

Get Moving & Get Happy:<br />

How Exercise<br />

Can Improve<br />

Mental Health<br />

for Women<br />

Dr. Nkechi Omoson<br />

Do you sometimes feel<br />

stressed, anxious, or<br />

overwhelmed? As a<br />

woman, it’s not unusual to<br />

experience occasional dips<br />

in your mental health related<br />

to work-life balance, family<br />

issues, or relationship troubles.<br />

There are ways that exercise<br />

can improve mental health for<br />

women.<br />

Instead of relying solely on<br />

medications and talk therapy<br />

to restore your calm and wellbeing,<br />

you should consider<br />

exercising. Regular physical<br />

activity can give women of any<br />

age an invaluable mood boost<br />

while safeguarding against<br />

potentially more serious issues<br />

like depression and anxiety<br />

disorders—making it one<br />

the most effective natural<br />

treatments available today.<br />

In this article, we will explore<br />

how getting active can help<br />

improve mental health for<br />

women without the need for<br />

pharmaceutical intervention.<br />

ypes of Exercises That are<br />

Beneficial for Women<br />

46<br />


HEALTH<br />

Health Benefits of<br />

Exercise for Women’s<br />

Mental Health<br />

Exercise can provide numerous<br />

physical and mental health benefits<br />

for women. It has been directly linked<br />

to improving cognitive functioning<br />

and reducing stress, anxiety, and<br />

depressive symptoms in many<br />

individuals.<br />

An active lifestyle can increase<br />

self-esteem and produce endorphins<br />

that create a sense of euphoria in<br />

those who engage in regular activity.<br />

With a little effort, you can use physical<br />

activity to help you maintain overall<br />

good health while taking positive steps<br />

toward managing your mental health.<br />

Types of Exercises That are<br />

Beneficial for Women<br />

Several types of exercises, such<br />

as yoga, walking, jogging, and<br />

strength training, can positively<br />

impact overall wellness. For<br />

example, yoga can reduce stress<br />

through calming poses, deep<br />

breathing, and mindfulness.<br />

Walking is a great low-impact<br />

exercise to increase your heart<br />

rate with fresh air and movement.<br />

Likewise, jogging increases<br />

aerobic capacity and is beneficial<br />

for cardiovascular health. Finally,<br />

strength training strengthens<br />

muscles, improves posture and<br />

balance, and helps with weight<br />

management.<br />

All these types of exercise are<br />

valuable resources you should<br />

consider adding to your workout<br />

routine to improve your mental<br />

health. Remember to include<br />

beneficial fats like EPA and DHA to<br />

strengthen your heart and brain<br />

health. Ideally, go for the best fish<br />

oils for maximum benefits. Also,<br />

stay hydrated and consume a<br />

balanced diet.<br />

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HEALTH<br />

How to Develop a Tailored<br />

Routine That Works Best for You<br />

Developing a tailored exercise routine that works<br />

best for you can be manageable. The most<br />

important thing is to start small and gradually<br />

increase the intensity and length of your workouts.<br />

Try different exercises and activities until you find<br />

something that suits your lifestyle, fits your interests<br />

and goals, and gives you an enjoyable physical<br />

challenge.<br />

Exercise provides an outlet for stress, enhances<br />

moods, and improves your overall well-being. With<br />

targeted activities that specifically cater to individual<br />

needs or preferences, get moving today and start<br />

feeling healthier and happier tomorrow. Set realistic<br />

expectations and stick to them; this will help turn<br />

exercise into a habit.<br />

48<br />


HEALTH<br />

Ways to Make Exercising Fun & Enjoyable<br />

Making exercise both enjoyable<br />

and meaningful can be a great<br />

way to improve your mental health.<br />

A manageable way to do this is<br />

by setting achievable goals that<br />

you can measure to help you track<br />

your progress and celebrate your<br />

success. For instance, joining a<br />

group or enrolling in classes with<br />

an exercise buddy offers a fun<br />

environment while also giving you<br />

accountability so that you stay on<br />

track.<br />

Group activities also bring other<br />

benefits, such as motivation<br />

from friends who have already<br />

succeeded in their health journeys.<br />

Tips On Staying Motivated<br />

For those looking to stay motivated in<br />

their exercise routine, here are a few<br />

key tips that can help.<br />

• One of the most beneficial<br />

things you can do is identify an activity<br />

you enjoy. For example, if you don’t<br />

like running, find something else that<br />

excites you and stick with it. Swimming,<br />

yoga, or even rock climbing may be<br />

excellent alternatives that provide both<br />

physical and mental benefits.<br />

• Set realistic goals, keep track of<br />

your progress over time, and celebrate<br />

successes along the way.<br />

• Create a schedule that works<br />

specifically for you and your needs; this<br />

could mean working out at home at<br />

specific times each day or planning<br />

to take a class at a nearby gym on<br />

particular days.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Beauty Tips to Refresh<br />

and Maintain Your<br />

Natural Skin Glow<br />

1<br />

Aloe vera to calm irritated skin<br />

The pathway to healthy, glowing is planted with aloe vera plants. Brimming<br />

with soothing, calming and healing properties, fresh aloe vera gel addresses<br />

almost every skin and hair concern. Right from calming irritated skin to<br />

providing nourishment, using aloe vera gel is one natural face beauty tip that<br />

you cannot give a miss. Whether it’s a minor cut, acne, eczema or some<br />

other skin problem applying some aloe vera gel over it twice a day will fasten<br />

the healing process.<br />

2<br />

Cucumber and lemon<br />

for blemishes<br />

We all struggle with blackheads and blemishes, these make your skin look dull<br />

and tired. To get rid of blemishes and blackheads naturally and get a brighter<br />

and even looking skin tone, use a concoction of cucumber and lemon juice.<br />

Take equal amounts of cucumber and lemon juice and apply on your face<br />

before taking bath. Let it stay for 10 minutes before washing it off. Regular<br />

use of this natural face beauty tip will brighten your skin tone and lighten<br />

blemishes. The best part, it is suitable for all skin types!<br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

In an attempt to get healthy<br />

and glowing skin we shower it<br />

with TLC and treat it to the best<br />

of skincare products. However,<br />

sometimes all your skin demands<br />

are getting pampered with natural<br />

ingredients. Since these ingredients<br />

are chemical-free, they suit every<br />

skin type – be it oily, dry, normal or<br />

sensitive.<br />

Trust the power of nature to heal<br />

and naturally beautify your skin. As a<br />

woman, it is essential to have a few<br />

natural face beauty tips and tricks<br />

up your sleeve to enhance your<br />

beauty when you don’t have time for<br />

invasive procedures and treatments.<br />

We’ve come up with 12 such<br />

natural face beauty tips that will bring<br />

out the desired glow without irritating<br />

the skin. These tips are tried and<br />

tested and work for every skin type,<br />

read on to find out what we have in<br />

store for you!<br />

50<br />


BEAUTY<br />

3<br />

Chilled tea bags<br />

for puffy eyes<br />

Sipping green tea daily and<br />

throwing away the used tea<br />

bags? You may want to save<br />

it the next time. Other than<br />

flushing out toxins from your<br />

body, chilled black or green<br />

tea bags work wonders for<br />

your skin. Using this natural<br />

face beauty tip can instantly<br />

reduce puffiness around the<br />

eyes and make them look<br />

brighter and more awake.<br />

Put the bags on your eyelids<br />

and relax for 5 to 15 minutes<br />

as the tea bags work their<br />

magic.<br />

Apple for open pores<br />

Enlarged pores make your skin look mature, oily<br />

and attract a lot of dirt causing skin problems. An<br />

easy and effective natural face beauty tip is to<br />

place thin apple slices on the face and leave it<br />

for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can prepare a<br />

paste of apple peel, vinegar, honey and some<br />

Multani mitti and some rose water. Let it dry on<br />

your skin for 30 minutes and then wash off. Apple<br />

soaks up excess oil from your face and closes<br />

pores, tightening your skin and making it look<br />

healthy and radiant.<br />

4<br />

5<br />

Chamomile tea to refresh tired skin<br />

If you notice that your skin looks really dull and tired, despite following a proper skincare<br />

routine, then it is time to turn to chamomile tea for its excellent skin benefits. The antiinflammatory,<br />

antiseptic and regenerative properties of this tea work to reduce puffiness,<br />

dark circles, acne, and irritated skin. It helps to refresh extremely tired-looking skin and bring<br />

about a beautiful glow. To use chamomile tea in your skincare routine, brew some tea,<br />

allow it to completely cool down and pour it in an ice tray. Freeze it for a couple of hours<br />

and apply this ice cube to your face every time you feel like your skin needs a little lift.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Tomatoes to control excess oil<br />

Excessive oil on the face doesn’t only<br />

affect those with oily skin, in a country like<br />

India where the weather is humid in most<br />

parts, excessive oil is quite common.<br />

Enriched with lycopene, tomatoes contain<br />

anti-oxidants along with great cooling and<br />

astringent properties. It helps balance the<br />

natural oils of the skin and gets rid of any<br />

excess oil that you may be struggling with.<br />

This natural face beauty tip is also used for<br />

reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles and<br />

fine lines. Scoop the pulp one tomato and<br />

apply evenly on your face. Allow it to dry for<br />

15 minutes and wash off with warm water<br />

and reveal naturally glowing skin.<br />

6<br />

Meditate for overall wellness<br />

Sometimes, neither beauty products<br />

nor natural ingredients can help if your<br />

mind and body are constantly stressed.<br />

In fact, some skin issues are worsened by<br />

anxiety and stress. Therefore, apart from<br />

getting a good night’s sleep, meditation<br />

and moderate exercise helps manage<br />

and relieve stress. While you’re following<br />

a good skincare routine along with<br />

these natural face beauty tips don’t<br />

forget to pamper your mind with some<br />

meditation too.<br />

8<br />

7<br />

Tea tree oil<br />

for pimples<br />

Known for its anti-inflammatory<br />

and anti-microbial properties,<br />

tea tree oil kills acne-causing<br />

germs and bacteria and heals<br />

mild to moderate acne. While<br />

this is a great natural face beauty<br />

tip, remember that you should<br />

never use tea tree essential oil<br />

without diluting it first as it can<br />

burn and irritate the skin. Add 1-2<br />

drops in your serum or moisturizer<br />

and apply directly on the face.<br />

You can also mix it with a carrier<br />

oil and apply it at night before<br />

sleeping for effective results.<br />

9<br />

Gram flour for tan<br />

Gram flour or besan is used as a natural, mild exfoliator to get rid of dead skin<br />

cells, tan and sunburns. If you want clear, soft and naturally glowing skin here’s the<br />

natural face beauty tip you need to know. Take equal amounts of gram flour and<br />

curd in a bowl and mix them well to form a paste. Apply this paste evenly on your<br />

face and neck, let it dry for half an hour before rinsing off with water. It will gently<br />

lift away dead skin cells and deep-set dirt, thereby lightening your skin tone and<br />

making it even.<br />

52<br />


BEAUTY<br />

10<br />

Green tea as a toner<br />

If you follow a CTM routine(Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising)<br />

daily, you’d know the importance of a toner. Both white<br />

and green tea, when applied topically, has brightening,<br />

anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties. With so many<br />

benefits in one product, how can it not be a natural face<br />

beauty tip? Here’s what you need to do. Steep the tea in<br />

water for about 5 minutes and allow it to cool down or reach<br />

room temperature. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz when<br />

required or pour a little on a cotton pad and pat on your<br />

face after thoroughly cleansing your face.<br />

11<br />

Yoga poses for radiant skin<br />

Yoga is an excellent, all-natural way to get clear, radiant skin. The<br />

breathing exercises involved in yoga help to calm your mind,<br />

relieve stress and relax your muscles. This goes a long way in<br />

clearing out breakouts. Additionally, the various yoga asanas help<br />

to improve blood and oxygen circulation to your face, which<br />

again helps to bring a beautiful glow to your skin.<br />

12<br />

Papaya to get rid of dead skin<br />

Infused with a natural enzyme called<br />

papain, papaya naturally exfoliates<br />

the skin leaving it smooth and soft.<br />

Unripe papaya has higher levels of<br />

papain, so if you get one of those<br />

you can use it to gently exfoliate<br />

and get rid of dead skin cells and<br />

other impurities. Those with sensitive<br />

skin types can also use papaya as<br />

it is less likely to trigger a reaction.<br />

Scoop out ¼ cup papaya flesh and<br />

blend it with 1 tablespoon of fresh<br />

pineapple to form a smooth mixture.<br />

Apply evenly and leave on for 5 to 15<br />

minutes before rinsing off.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

10 Escape<br />

Destinations<br />

in the United<br />

Kingdom<br />

Dr. Nkechi Juliet<br />

One of the most powerful<br />

states in the world, the UK is<br />

flooded with tourists throughout<br />

the year. A cultural and historical<br />

destination, the country is famous<br />

for its Scottish landscapes, British<br />

royal family, the Beatles, and a<br />

number of castles and forts.<br />

You can catch a concert in the<br />

streets of London or simply take<br />

a train to visit the university towns<br />

like Oxford to witness its history<br />

and tradition. There are literally<br />

hundreds of places to visit in the<br />

United Kingdom, however a few of<br />

them stand out.<br />

Read on to know more about<br />

the ten places to see in the UK<br />

which you cannot miss out!<br />

Giant’s Causeway<br />

Made entirely of basalt columns, this natural phenomenon is one of the<br />

most unique places to visit in the UK. Located on the shores of Northern<br />

Ireland, the place has been declared as a World Heritage Site. It is interesting<br />

that most of these columns here are hexagonal, however, some of them<br />

have five, eight, seven or four sides as well. It is one of the cheapest places to<br />

visit in the UK as you will be charged no fee to visit the site.<br />

54<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Big Ben<br />

One of the most significant<br />

places to visit in the UK in<br />

summer is the Big Ben. It is, in<br />

fact, the name of the clock<br />

tower which is located near<br />

Westminster Abbey in central<br />

London. The tower, designed<br />

by Augustus Pugin, is about<br />

a hundred metres tall. The<br />

place has been declared a<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

and is visited by hordes of<br />

tourists every year waiting to<br />

get clicked in front of it. It is one<br />

of the most prominent places<br />

to visit in the United Kingdom<br />

and is often used by artists all<br />

over the world to represent the<br />

country.<br />

Hyde Park<br />

One of the top 5 places to<br />

visit in the UK, Hyde is one of<br />

the four royal parks in London.<br />

Located near Kensington<br />

Palace, the place was<br />

used as a hunting ground<br />

in the late 1600’s. Today,<br />

it is one of the major<br />

parks in the country and<br />

plays a significant role<br />

in the cultural scene of<br />

the city. It has become<br />

a place to reclaim<br />

free speech and also is<br />

known for holding music<br />

concerts from a long list<br />

of artists including Queen<br />

and Pink Floyd. The park is<br />

well connected with the famous<br />

London tube and the main roads, so<br />

reaching here is not a problem at all.<br />

Picnics here in autumn make it one of<br />

the most perfect places to visit in the UK<br />

in October.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

Loch Ness and<br />

Scottish Highlands<br />

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, this<br />

freshwater lake (loch in Gaelic) is known for housing a<br />

monster called Nessie. Spread over an area of 30 kilometres,<br />

this lake is quite deep with a large water volume. Scottish<br />

Highlands are also significantly important given their historical<br />

background. The place is filled with lush green mountains and<br />

is sparsely populated. The highest mountain of the region Ben<br />

Nevis is visited by many for hiking, trekking, biking and other<br />

such activities. It is one of the best tourist places in the United<br />

Kingdom to visit in December.<br />

Dunluce Castle<br />

A medieval castle located<br />

in Northern Ireland, Dunluce<br />

has an old-timey, rugged feel<br />

to it, in contrast to other forts<br />

and palaces in places like<br />

London. Located on a cliff, the<br />

geography around the castle,<br />

with steep falls on both sides,<br />

might be the reason its first<br />

residents chose this place to<br />

build a castle on. The place<br />

dates back to the middle ages<br />

and is supposed to have been<br />

built around the late 1600’s. It<br />

is the perfect town to spend a<br />

weekend in winters, making it<br />

one of the best places to visit in<br />

the UK in November.<br />

56<br />


ESCAPE<br />

London Eye<br />

Think London and the one thing that pops into everyone’s<br />

head is this giant Ferris wheel. Located on the river Thames,<br />

this popular wheel offers a panoramic view of London and its<br />

horizons, which makes it a huge favourite among tourist places<br />

in the UK for young couples. The wheel stands at almost 140<br />

metres tall, with 32 capsules at its circumference which is how<br />

people reach the top. The place acts like an observation<br />

deck and the ride here is deemed extremely romantic as well,<br />

making it one of the best places to visit in the UK for couples.<br />

Old Town, Edinburgh<br />

The city of Edinburgh is<br />

a historic city full of culture<br />

and age-old stories, which<br />

makes it one of the best<br />

places to visit in the UK<br />

during winter. The city is<br />

dotted with buildings, forts<br />

and alleyways dating back<br />

hundreds of years. You can<br />

visit the Edinburgh Castle<br />

here, located on an extinct<br />

volcano, which houses the<br />

crown jewels. Apart from<br />

that, the Royal Mile, a street<br />

full of pubs, restaurant joints,<br />

shops and galleries, is one<br />

of the perfect places to visit<br />

in winter in the UK.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

Windsor Castle<br />

Yes, this is the place where<br />

the British royal family resides,<br />

specifically Queen Elizabeth and<br />

her husband, Phillip, which makes<br />

it one of the most significant<br />

places to visit in the UK for<br />

families. The castle located in<br />

Berkshire represents a long line<br />

of the British monarchy and is a<br />

piece of art. First built in the 11th<br />

century, the place has been<br />

since then renovated time and<br />

again. The castle is built in the<br />

Gothic style and has hosted<br />

many significant political figures<br />

of the 21st century like President<br />

Obama.<br />

58<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Stonehenge<br />

A treat for all the history<br />

buffs, Stonehenge is a Neolithic<br />

site – one of the best places to<br />

visit in the UK with kids. The site<br />

is close to Amesbury, England<br />

and is supposed to date back<br />

to 3000 BC. It has been a<br />

UNESCO World Heritage Site<br />

since 1986 and is supposed<br />

to have worked as either a<br />

burial ground or astronomy<br />

site of sorts. The beauty of<br />

the place lies in the mystery<br />

around it as well as no one<br />

exactly knows what the stones<br />

stand for or what its purpose<br />

exactly was. However, the<br />

place is surrounded by different<br />

neolithic burial grounds and<br />

Trafford<br />

Centre<br />

Located in Manchester,<br />

this is one of the most<br />

famous places to shop at.<br />

Owned by Peel, the place<br />

has a number of outlets and<br />

is a haven for shopaholics,<br />

which makes it one of the<br />

unusual places to visit in<br />

the UK. However, the place<br />

is bustling with food joints,<br />

cafes and shops and it is just<br />

a train ride away, making it<br />

one of the best places to<br />

visit by train in the UK. Apart<br />

from this, Oxford Street is<br />

another significant shopping<br />

centre, which is one of the<br />

best places to visit in the UK<br />

during Christmas<br />

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FOOD<br />

Official<br />

Coronation<br />

Menu—Here’s<br />

What’s on It<br />

Did your invitation to the coronation get lost in<br />

D<br />

the mail, like ours did? You can still celebrate like<br />

royalty as King Charles III is crowned alongside Queen<br />

Consort Camila on <strong>May</strong> 6.<br />

Recommending street party-style food as the<br />

theme of the day for all non-royal revelers, Buckingham Palace<br />

officials just shared their official recipes to help us all get a taste of<br />

the majestic life at home.<br />

Cue up the official Coronation Celebration Playlist to get in the<br />

mood to make Aubergine (eggplant), Roast Rack of Lamb with Asian-<br />

Style Marinade, Prawn Tacos with Pineapple Salsa and Strawberry<br />

and Ginger Trifle, they recommend.<br />

For today, we have chosen to share the recipe and the<br />

preparation method for Prawn Tacos with Pineapple Salsa.<br />

Words by Chef Amaka<br />

Prawn Tacos<br />

With Pineapple Salsa<br />

Ingredients<br />

• Taco shells x3<br />

• Red onion<br />

• Handful of coriander<br />

• 200g Pineapple chunks<br />

(fresh or tinned)<br />

• 1 tsp Crushed chilli<br />

• Olive oil<br />

• Juice of a lemon<br />

• 150g King prawns (fresh or<br />

frozen)<br />

• 1 tsp Garlic powder<br />

• Pinch of paprika<br />

• Handful of rocket<br />

• Sour cream<br />

60<br />


FOOD<br />

Method<br />

1. Pre-heat your oven<br />

according to the instructions on<br />

your taco shell packet.<br />

2. Put your tacos into the<br />

oven and cook according to the<br />

instructions on your packet.<br />

To make the<br />

pineapple salsa:<br />

3. Cut your onion in half (you<br />

only need half an onion for this<br />

recipe), then peel and dice the<br />

onion.<br />

4. Pull the coriander leaves off<br />

the stems and chop them up.<br />

5. Cut up the pineapple into<br />

small, bite sized chunks and add<br />

it to a mixing bowl along with the<br />

onion and coriander.<br />

6. Add the crushed chilli, a<br />

drizzle of olive oil and the fresh<br />

lemon juice to your salsa and give<br />

it a good mix.<br />

For the prawns:<br />

7. In a clean bowl, mix the<br />

cooked prawns with the garlic<br />

powder and paprika until fully<br />

coated.<br />

To serve:<br />

8. Build your taco by layering rocket,<br />

salsa, prawns and a spoonful of sour<br />

cream on top.<br />

9. Enjoy!<br />

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