Michelle Obama: America's 48th President?

Michelle Obama: America's 48th President?


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january <strong>2024</strong><br />

The Best<br />

Fashion<br />

Tips to<br />

Guide You<br />

in <strong>2024</strong><br />

Model to<br />

celebrate:<br />

Victoria<br />

Michaels<br />

Exclusive<br />

Michelle<br />

Obama:<br />

10 Most<br />

Influential<br />

Women in<br />

the World<br />

top 30<br />

Fashionable<br />

Outfits of<br />

2023<br />

Mauritius:<br />

The Pearl<br />

of Africa’s<br />

Tourism<br />

Jennifer<br />

Lopez Reveals<br />

the Best<br />

Concealers for<br />

Mature Skin<br />

America’s 48th President?<br />

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Inside<br />

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<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2024</strong><br />

FOOD<br />

Gong Bao<br />

Chicken<br />

Recipe<br />

ESCAPE<br />

Mauritius: The<br />

Pearl of Africa’s<br />

Tourism<br />

60<br />

54<br />

16<br />

Michelle<br />

Obama:<br />

America’s 48th President?<br />

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10<br />

Most Influential<br />

Women In The World<br />

T<br />

he choice of Michelle<br />

Obama as the cover for<br />

our first edition in <strong>2024</strong><br />

resonates with power, brains,<br />

achievement, family – and of<br />

course beauty!<br />

In this edition, we have<br />

showcased Mrs. Obama in a<br />

manner you have never seen her<br />

– a 360-degree retrospect! Over<br />

the years, Michelle has continued<br />

to show us that a woman can have<br />

it all – power, fame, success, love,<br />

and family. She embroiders the<br />

aspirations of the modern woman.<br />

As usual, our editors went no holds<br />

barred to once again deliver an<br />

edition that meets the <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

standards. Opening up the<br />

edition with the Best <strong>2024</strong> Fashion<br />

and Beauty Deals Every Chic<br />

Should Shop Early, to Our Top 50<br />

Fashionable Outfits of 2023, leading<br />

to the 10 Most Influential Women in<br />

the World, and the 20+ Under-$100<br />

Home, Beauty, and Fashion Items<br />

to Kickstart the New Year, your <strong>2024</strong><br />

fashion goals are cut out for you.<br />

Our feature interview with<br />

Nollywood hot celebrity, Christiana<br />

Martin would blow your mind! Trust<br />

me when I say it is a MUST-READ!<br />

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Best <strong>2024</strong><br />

Fashion<br />

Deals Every<br />

Chic Should<br />

Shop Early<br />

4<br />

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Chic List<br />

Best 202<br />

Deals Ever<br />

Should Shop<br />

By Abigeal Bankole<br />

Perfumes<br />

Perfumes are one of the finest<br />

accessories to create a bold fashion<br />

statement in <strong>2024</strong>. You should go for<br />

premium fragrances that complete<br />

your look from top to bottom and<br />

show you as a true fashion influencer.<br />

As the fashion season of<br />

<strong>2024</strong> is all set to come,<br />

chic dresses are stealing<br />

all the limelight. So, let’s<br />

help you with the best <strong>2024</strong><br />

fashion deals every chic should<br />

shop early in this new year.<br />

Check out the best tips curated<br />

by our editors. w<br />

Attractive<br />

Handbags<br />

Adorning an attractive handbag<br />

can make a beautiful statement<br />

piece and the best way to carry your<br />

essentials. A matching handbag<br />

with your clothes can make you as<br />

a fashion-forward person. So, try to<br />

match a unique handbag to your<br />

ensemble and get a completely<br />

stylish look.<br />

Vibrant<br />

Colour Trend<br />

Bold and attractive, the<br />

vibrant colour fashion trends<br />

in <strong>2024</strong> are adaptable with<br />

different styles like throwbacks<br />

for amazing looks. It generally<br />

involves clothing in bright<br />

colours, for example, blue,<br />

green, orange, yellow, and<br />

red. Consider a bright colour<br />

hoodie with matching shorts<br />

and sneakers or a yellow crop<br />

top matched with wide-leg<br />

trousers.<br />

Bohemian Trend<br />

This fascinating trend takes into<br />

account a mix of classic and<br />

modern ensembles. This fashion trend<br />

involves unique textures, floral prints,<br />

embroidery, fringe, and colour tones<br />

featuring earth or jewels to make<br />

ravishing clothing pieces.<br />

4<br />



4 Fashion<br />

y Chic<br />

Early<br />

Adorable<br />

Wrap Dress<br />

Going ahead with tried-and-true<br />

silhouettes, the wrap dress is making<br />

a resurgence with the latest updates,<br />

such as playful textures and bold<br />

prints. This clothing piece is usually<br />

flattering and can be dressed<br />

according to the occasion.<br />

Cosy Slip<br />

Dress<br />

The slip dress is an effective trend<br />

for those who like simplicity. This style<br />

includes lightweight and breathable<br />

fabrics and fewer designs, making<br />

it an ultimate dress option for any<br />

event. You can combine these<br />

dresses with sneakers for a casual<br />

appearance or dress them with<br />

heels for a beautiful night out.<br />

Work Leisure<br />

Wear<br />

The work leisure trend is<br />

going to be one of the<br />

latest fashion trends in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, mixing professional<br />

style with casual ease.<br />

Think of a world where your<br />

clothes simply change<br />

from business meetings to<br />

simple night outs. You can<br />

mix them with sneakers<br />

or flats for a more casual<br />

appearance.<br />

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The Best Fashion<br />

Tips to Guide You<br />

in <strong>2024</strong><br />

By Grace Ode<br />

As we bid adieu to the old<br />

and welcome the new, it’s<br />

an opportune moment<br />

to contemplate our personal<br />

growth and set aspirations for<br />

the approaching year. Beyond<br />

the common resolutions to hit<br />

the gym or acquire a new skill,<br />

why not direct some attention to<br />

your closet? Yes, we’re delving<br />

into fashion resolutions!<br />

Consider these as your<br />

wardrobe aspirations and the<br />

roadmap to attaining them.<br />

Find inspiration to establish style<br />

objectives that will refine your<br />

appearance and empower you<br />

to embrace your unique fashion<br />

sense.<br />

Here are a few fashion<br />

resolutions to make <strong>2024</strong> your<br />

stylish year:<br />

Rediscover<br />

and Revamp<br />

Who doesn’t relish finding<br />

treasures, particularly those<br />

forgotten? An impactful<br />

fashion resolution involves<br />

revisiting your wardrobe’s<br />

past and uncovering<br />

overlooked pieces. This<br />

can be exhilarating<br />

and also helps in saving<br />

money. Once you<br />

rediscover them, restyle<br />

and reimagine these old<br />

favorites to birth fresh and<br />

innovative looks.<br />

6<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Venture Beyond Your<br />

Comfort Zone<br />

Admittedly cliché, yet undeniably valid. The first stride in fashion<br />

resolutions involves liberating yourself from the style routine by<br />

experimenting with fresh colors and silhouettes. Stepping out of<br />

your comfort zone could mean embracing vibrant prints, exploring<br />

inventive pairings, or adopting a new aesthetic. Whatever path you<br />

choose, this journey can lead to exciting revelations about your style.


Invest in Versatility<br />

Let’s make <strong>2024</strong> the year of<br />

adaptability. Pledge to invest in<br />

pieces that transcend multiple<br />

occasions and seasons. A wellthought-out<br />

collection of versatile<br />

staples ensures you’re always<br />

prepared for any event while<br />

maintaining an elegant style.<br />

Consider timeless blazers, classic<br />

denim, and refined accessories<br />

that effortlessly enhance your<br />

appearance, regardless of the<br />

setting.<br />

Support Local and<br />

Emerging Designers<br />

Commit to supporting local tailors<br />

and emerging designers in the<br />

upcoming year. Explore the hidden<br />

talents of artisans and creatives within<br />

your community, championing their<br />

work in your local fashion scene.<br />

In doing so, you contribute to<br />

the growth of local talent while<br />

infusing your wardrobe with<br />

distinctive pieces that narrate a<br />

culturally rich story.<br />

Embrace Your<br />

Individuality<br />

Fashion is inherently subjective.<br />

Celebrate your distinctive style by<br />

focusing on what exudes confidence<br />

and comfort for you. Rather than<br />

merely following online trends, allow<br />

your outfits to mirror your personality.<br />

Play with accessories, blend different<br />

textures, and curate an ensemble<br />

that speaks volumes about your<br />

unique persona.<br />

Document Your<br />

Style Journey<br />

One final touch: transform your<br />

fashion resolutions into a documented<br />

expedition. Share the looks you create!<br />

Whether it’s opening an Instagram<br />

account dedicated to your daily style or<br />

maintaining a style journal offline.<br />

Fashion resolutions are about fostering<br />

growth, fostering creativity, and<br />

embracing self-expression. As the new<br />

year unfurls, seize the opportunity to refresh<br />

your wardrobe and refine your style. What<br />

fashion resolutions will you adopt in <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

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30<br />

Top<br />

Check Out Our<br />

Fashionable<br />

Outfits of 2023<br />

By Praise David<br />

Less talk, more fashion! Check<br />

out our top 30 Fashionable<br />

Outfits of 2023! Trust us, you<br />

will love what you see!<br />

8<br />



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10<br />



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12<br />


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20<br />

+<br />

Under $100<br />

Home, Beauty,<br />

and Fashion<br />

Items to Kickstart<br />

the New Year<br />

By Amenna Daayo<br />

Crossbody<br />

phone case<br />

Pullover and<br />

Joggers Set<br />

Wool Clog<br />

Finding a great item at the right<br />

price is no easy task. There<br />

are a lot of things to consider<br />

when shopping for someone<br />

else, including their personal<br />

interests, personality and gift-giving<br />

preferences.<br />

For some, a sentimental item that’ll<br />

cue happy tears will hit the mark,<br />

while others opt for presents that<br />

they can actually use in their daily<br />

lives. So how do you find something<br />

they’ll love for less? To help you out,<br />

we’ve done tons of online research<br />

to bring you the best items under<br />

$100 that we could find.<br />

No matter who you’re shopping for,<br />

there are items for mom, your BFF,<br />

grandparents, siblings and more.<br />

This list of items under $100 has<br />

everything from an Apple AirTag to<br />

help them find their keys to a solarpowered<br />

statue that’ll light up their<br />

garden at night.<br />

As you sift through this guide, rest<br />

assured that every gift on this list<br />

is affordable, so you can shop in<br />

peace without totally blowing your<br />

budget. And the best part? These<br />

picks are so nice that they’ll never<br />

know they’re under $100<br />

Beanie<br />

Bluetooth Speakers<br />

Birthdate Candle<br />

14<br />



Volumier<br />

Cotton bathrobe<br />

Hand Wash<br />

ortable<br />

blender<br />

Bracelet<br />

Belt Bag<br />

Fitbit<br />

Moccasins<br />

Knot Pillow.<br />

Pillow slippers<br />

Weather Travel Set<br />

Tassel Midi Dress<br />

Sneaker<br />

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Michelle<br />

Obama:<br />

Her Inner Light, Global<br />

Influence, & Life Beyond the<br />

White House<br />

By Amenna Daayo<br />

Michelle Obama is one of the most<br />

influential and powerful women<br />

on the globe, who has made a<br />

significant impact across the globe.<br />

Growing up, Michelle Obama, a little Black girl<br />

from the South Side of Chicago, didn’t know how<br />

to unlock her personal power.<br />

Sure, she had supportive parents, good grades<br />

and a straight head on her shoulders. But what<br />

was missing was a sense of belonging.<br />

Of course, for eight years, we came to know<br />

her as the polished first lady to America’s first<br />

Black president, Barack Obama. Since leaving<br />

the White House, she’s discovered a megaphone<br />

she couldn’t always use under the watchful eye<br />

of political critics, and she’s still living by the motto<br />

she first made famous, “When they go low, we go<br />

high.”<br />

She’s written another book, “The Light We Carry:<br />

Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” that speaks to<br />

such empowerment. And Obama has started<br />

recording “The Light Podcast.” It allows her to<br />

share stories of family and lessons about inner<br />

confidence.<br />

Working through the Obama Foundation’s<br />

Girls Opportunity Alliance, Obama has joined<br />

forces with philanthropist Melinda French Gates<br />

and human rights attorney Amal Clooney to<br />

help girls around the world move closer to global<br />

gender equality. Their goals include ending child<br />

marriage and getting more girls into classrooms.<br />

“Gender equality – and the plight of young<br />

women around the world – has always been an<br />

important issue area for me,” Obama said in<br />

writing, responding to questions provided to her<br />

as a Women of the Year honoree. “There are over<br />

100 million bright, hardworking, and capable girls<br />

out there who aren’t in school – who aren’t being<br />

given a fair shot or opportunity to succeed. That’s<br />

not just a tragedy for these girls, it’s a tragedy for<br />

all of us. We know that when girls go to school we<br />

are all better off: poverty goes down, economies<br />

grow, and babies are born healthier.”<br />

16<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


French Gates said millions of girls around<br />

the world look at Obama and see the<br />

woman they want to be. And the reason<br />

Obama is such a powerful advocate for<br />

them is because she looks back at those girls<br />

and sees herself.<br />

“Michelle is a true global icon who<br />

has lived and worked in one of the most<br />

important buildings on the planet, but you<br />

get the sense that when she looks in the<br />

mirror, she still sees the little girl with big<br />

dreams that she used to be,” said French<br />

Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates<br />

Foundation and founder of Pivotal Ventures.<br />

“That comes through in the conviction she<br />

brings to her work on behalf of young people<br />

and rising leaders.<br />

“We haven’t seen too many people on the<br />

world stage who manage to exude the same<br />

combination of competence and warmth,<br />

and it’s an incredibly effective combination,”<br />

French Gates said of Obama. “Whether she’s<br />

speaking to heads of state or high school<br />

students, you see her treat everyone with the<br />

same attention and care. She doesn’t get<br />

distracted by who happens to be powerful.<br />

She is laser-focused on who has potential<br />

and what she can do to help them achieve<br />

it.”<br />

Obama has also become a founder and<br />

co-chair for When We All Vote, a nonpartisan<br />

organization that helps people register to<br />

vote and understand the power of their voice<br />

as a tool for change. She believes the way to<br />

advance equality is through the lens of racial,<br />

social and economic justice. In her view, that<br />

starts at the polls.<br />

“Mostly, I’m just trying to share my story,”<br />

Obama wrote. “And by doing so, I hope I’ve<br />

helped some people see the value in their<br />

own stories – and share theirs as well. It’s<br />

that give-and-take with folks all around the<br />

country and around the world that’s meant<br />

the most to me.”<br />

Below, we have some excerpts of<br />

Michelle’s responses to an interview after<br />

her award as the USA TODAY’s Women of<br />

the Year, a recognition of women who<br />

have made a significant impact in their<br />

communities and across the United States.<br />

18<br />



Who paved the way for<br />

you?<br />

More than anyone else, it’s<br />

my parents: Marian and Fraser<br />

Robinson. They gave me the<br />

courage and determination I<br />

needed to always be myself<br />

and live with confidence. This<br />

process started early, back when<br />

I was a little kid, sitting at the<br />

kitchen table with my brother. My<br />

parents always wanted to hear<br />

our thoughts and opinions about<br />

the world around us. They always<br />

made us feel like our voices<br />

mattered. We weren’t told to be<br />

This may not be the most surprising<br />

answer for you, but Barack and I really<br />

did use “going high” as a mantra when<br />

the critics were loudest. For us, going<br />

high was a line in the sand, a decision<br />

point – a place to step back and decide<br />

who we wanted to be. It’s not always<br />

easy to go high, of course.<br />

“seen, not heard,” like a lot of kids<br />

of our generation. They wanted to<br />

hear us – they liked it, even. And<br />

that level of engagement and<br />

support really laid a foundation<br />

that helped my brother and I<br />

thrive.<br />

You had such a strong<br />

platform as first lady, but<br />

your voice and influence<br />

are stronger now. Does that<br />

surprise you?<br />

You know, I don’t really worry<br />

about that kind of stuff. There’s<br />

not much I can control about<br />

what others think about me.<br />

Throughout my time as first lady<br />

and even now, I think I’ve just tried<br />

to make the most of my platform<br />

by focusing on things that are<br />

authentic and real to me. At the<br />

White House, that meant helping<br />

kids and families live healthier<br />

lives, talking with military families<br />

that inspired me, mentoring local<br />

students in D.C., and talking to<br />

kids about college.<br />

What is your proudest<br />

moment? Do you have a<br />

lowest?<br />

Well, I’ve got to start with<br />

the birth of my two beautiful<br />

daughters – because they are<br />

without a doubt the thing I’m<br />

most proud of in the world. Those<br />

girls mean everything to me, and<br />

I am so lucky to be the mother<br />

to strong, thoughtful, and resilient<br />

young women. I’m also just really<br />

grateful that our family made it<br />

out of the White House in one<br />

piece. It’s tough to raise children<br />

– or feel normal – in such unusual<br />

circumstances, and we made it<br />

through. I’m proud of that. I would<br />

say losing my dad was my lowest<br />

moment. I was just devastated.<br />

I lost him about a year before<br />

Barack and I got married, and<br />

knowing that he wouldn’t be there<br />

to walk me down the aisle and<br />

or meet his grandchildren was so<br />

painful. I think anyone who has<br />

lost a loved one knows that the<br />

pain never really goes away.<br />

Is there a guiding principle<br />

or mantra you tell yourself?<br />

This may not be the most<br />

surprising answer for you, but<br />

Barack and I really did use “going<br />

high” as a mantra when the critics<br />

were loudest. For us, going high<br />

was a line in the sand, a decision<br />

point – a place to step back and<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


decide who we wanted to be.<br />

It’s not always easy to go high,<br />

of course. But unlike making<br />

the choice to take the low<br />

road, going high will never, ever<br />

diminish who you are. It always<br />

helps us shine our brightest<br />

and lead lives with a little more<br />

dignity.<br />

It’s not always easy to go high,<br />

of course. But unlike making<br />

the choice to take the low<br />

road, going high will never, ever<br />

diminish who you are. It always<br />

helps us shine our brightest<br />

and lead lives with a little more<br />

dignity.<br />

Who do you look up to?<br />

Of course, I look up to all<br />

the greats: Nelson Mandela,<br />

Dr. [Martin Luther] King, Maya<br />

Angelou, and so many others.<br />

But I’m probably someone who<br />

looks up the most to those I’m<br />

closest with, like my big brother<br />

and my mom. I just think the<br />

world of them – who they are<br />

and how they live their lives. And I<br />

really, truly know them, flaws and<br />

all. I think there’s a real power<br />

in understanding someone’s<br />

whole self – the full truth of their<br />

example – especially if it’s an<br />

imperfect one.<br />

How do you overcome<br />

adversity?<br />

Well, going high is a big part<br />

of it. But I also think a few other<br />

things have gotten me through<br />

rough patches over the years,<br />

and I talk about a lot of them in<br />

my book. Barack, of course, is<br />

one of them. I am so grateful to<br />

have a partner who listens to me<br />

when I’m down, reasons with me,<br />

and does everything he can to<br />

lift me up. I know how rare that is,<br />

and I just love him for it.<br />

I also have an incredible<br />

group of friends, who I refer to<br />

20<br />



as my Kitchen Table. They are<br />

my tried and true friends, and<br />

they are just there for me. Period.<br />

When I’m struggling, I know I can<br />

just pick up the phone and call<br />

them, and they’ll be my shoulder<br />

to cry on. They’ll be there for me<br />

to help me make it through.<br />

You’ve written that your<br />

first book tour was among<br />

the most meaningful<br />

experiences of your life.<br />

How does your new book<br />

compare with that?<br />

“Becoming” really did change<br />

my life – publishing it lifted a<br />

lot off my shoulders. It was an<br />

exhale. Writing “The Light We<br />

Carry” was cathartic in a different<br />

way. Like a lot of folks, I found<br />

myself in a low spot during the<br />

pandemic. And part of what<br />

helped me get through it was<br />

the process of writing this book.<br />

It was my way of answering<br />

those questions that so many<br />

of us were asking: How do we<br />

live with uncertainty? How do we<br />

overcome? So for me, this book<br />

is about understanding that none<br />

of us are alone in this world; that<br />

we all have a light inside us that<br />

can shine bright even through<br />

all the uncertainty the world<br />

throws at us. We just have to keep<br />

kindling it.<br />

What advice would you<br />

give your younger self?<br />

I think I would say something<br />

like: “Hey Miche – you are good<br />

enough. You can do this.” I<br />

remember feeling so much<br />

anxiety as a younger person.<br />

Did I belong? Did I measure<br />

up? I remember even having<br />

a counselor once who told me<br />

that I wasn’t good enough for<br />

Princeton. And that introduced<br />

a whole new set of doubts for<br />

me about how I saw myself in<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


the world. It took me time, but I<br />

eventually found my place – and<br />

gained more confidence in my<br />

voice.<br />

Who paved the way for<br />

you?<br />

Our people have been on<br />

the frontlines for generations<br />

– those are the people that<br />

paved the way for me in my<br />

advocacy work. And I think, more<br />

specifically, my mom and my<br />

aunties really paved that trail for<br />

me because my mom is also an<br />

incredible advocate. I learned<br />

everything from her. She was a<br />

single parent raising me and my<br />

brothers. We always had help<br />

from our community, and one<br />

thing that I’m very thankful for is<br />

having a great connection to my<br />

community.<br />

What is your proudest<br />

moment?<br />

I have been blessed with<br />

some amazing opportunities. But<br />

some of the proudest moments<br />

are when I go back to my<br />

community and am surrounded<br />

by Native children and elders<br />

who are excited and happy and<br />

who feel proud of who they are.<br />

A lot of our people carry shame<br />

due to generational trauma.<br />

Seeing these young kids have<br />

healthy representation and have<br />

healthy people they can look up<br />

to and, when they go to the store,<br />

see a Native person on the cover<br />

of a catalog or a magazine.<br />

What is your definition of<br />

courage?<br />

My definition of courage is<br />

someone who is courageous<br />

enough, brave enough and<br />

open enough to just take up<br />

space. It takes a lot of courage<br />

to take up space unless that<br />

space was just given to you.<br />

But for people like me and,<br />

honestly, Indigenous people, our<br />

voices, our perspectives and our<br />

experiences had been pushed<br />

out of the media – out of every<br />

narrative.<br />

We are reclaiming that<br />

narrative. We’re reclaiming our<br />

identity and showing people who<br />

we truly are as a people, not just<br />

what Hollywood stereotypes were<br />

created about Native people.<br />

My definition of courage is someone who<br />

is courageous enough, brave enough<br />

and open enough to just take up space.<br />

It takes a lot of courage to take up space<br />

unless that space was just given to you. My<br />

definition of courage is someone who is<br />

courageous enough, brave enough and<br />

open enough to just take up space. It takes<br />

a lot of courage to take up space unless<br />

that space was just given to you.<br />

Is there a guiding principle<br />

or mantra you tell yourself?<br />

My mom repeated this to me<br />

growing up: “Always remember<br />

who you are and where you<br />

come from.”<br />

Who do you look up to?<br />

I look up to my mom. Why she<br />

has been such a powerhouse<br />

in so many different ways. She’s<br />

had so many different careers in<br />

her lifetime: She’s won awards for<br />

protecting women. She was in<br />

law enforcement for a long time;<br />

she was the only Native woman in<br />

22<br />



her line of duty in Alaska. She has told her truth, told her<br />

story, her experiences, and shared traditional knowledge<br />

that has been passed down for generations.<br />

How do you overcome adversity?<br />

We were living out of a car when I was a toddler. And<br />

(my mom) was able to bring us to a place where we<br />

had everything we ever wanted and needed. And I think<br />

about those moments when things were horrible. She<br />

made it seem like nothing was wrong. And she still made<br />

sure that we were happy, and we were good, and we<br />

were fed.<br />

And in moments when I feel like I am struggling,<br />

or I’m having a hard time with the work, I always think<br />

about my blessings; I have to count my blessings. And<br />

I have to really take a step back and be like, “Look, this<br />

is a challenge, you are going to be challenged. But we<br />

have been through worse, and we will overcome this.”<br />

And I just really pray, you know, I have to ask my<br />

ancestors, my creator for guidance. I think it’s really<br />

important to stay connected and grounded within your<br />

culture. Because growing up, you know, I grew up with<br />

my culture and my ways of life. And whenever I feel<br />

disconnected from that, I don’t feel myself and then<br />

everything else becomes harder.<br />

But in moments where I do feel weak, I have to<br />

remind myself how much strength it took for me to be<br />

here. How many attempted genocides my people have<br />

overcome.<br />

My people aren’t even supposed to be alive. I’m not<br />

even supposed to be here. But I am. And I’m thankful for<br />

that.<br />

What advice would you give your younger<br />

self?<br />

I would tell myself that things get better. I have had<br />

some pretty dark moments, especially going into my<br />

teen years. I was bullied on and off for having different<br />

facial structures, or being too skinny, too tall, or having<br />

long hair. I was really hard on myself. I tried to become<br />

that beauty standard and after a while, I realized I had<br />

to create my own beauty standard. There is beauty<br />

everywhere in everyone. I am in a place where I<br />

look back I wish I could tell my younger self, “You are<br />

beautiful,” because there were so many times I didn’t<br />

feel that way. I wish I could tell that to every young<br />

person that is struggling. Because I know everyone at<br />

one point needs to hear it.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Model To<br />

Celebrate<br />

24<br />



Victoria<br />

Michaels:<br />

The Nigerian-Ghanaian<br />

Model Lighting Up<br />

Runways<br />

By Lindiwe Owolabi<br />

V<br />

ictoria Michaels is a<br />

Ghanaian-Nigerian<br />

model, fashion icon, actress,<br />

brand ambassador and<br />

philanthropist. She is the<br />

recipient of several accolades,<br />

including Ghana Models<br />

Awards, Glitz Style Awards, and<br />

the City People Entertainment<br />

Awards.<br />

She recently celebrated a<br />

major success: Her beautiful<br />

smile was featured in the April<br />

issue of Cosmopolitan Italia,<br />

one of the world’s bestselling<br />

lifestyle magazines.<br />

Obviously joyful with her<br />

achievement, Michaels took<br />

to Instagram to pen a lengthy<br />

post. But instead of focusing on<br />

herself, she used the attention<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25

to motivate other young<br />

female models that may<br />

come after her. This is<br />

what she had to say to<br />

inspire models who are<br />

longing to achieve their<br />

dreams:<br />

“For a model, you<br />

may not be on the cover<br />

page of vogue or strutting<br />

the fashion capital of the<br />

world, it really doesn’t<br />

matter,” Michaels wrote.<br />

“What I consider<br />

really important is what<br />

you’re doing in your<br />

space. Be consistent,<br />

build your content and<br />

remain original. Work with<br />

your God-given space<br />

regardless of where<br />

that place is located<br />

geographically. Girl, if you<br />

are living your dreams,<br />

that’s all that matters”.<br />

26<br />


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27



Up-Close and Personal<br />

with Nollywood Celebrity,<br />

Christiana<br />

Martin<br />

By Sebastiane Ebatamehi<br />

When the internationally<br />

celebrated poet and<br />

writer, Avijeet Das,<br />

penned the phrase “She is a<br />

Volcano of Talents,” he was<br />

undoubtedly referring to<br />

Christiana Martin.<br />

Recognized as one of the most<br />

talented film-makers and actors<br />

by any standards, Christiana<br />

Martin is a leading Nigerian-<br />

German actress with several<br />

blockbuster movies to her credit.<br />

Born on October 26th in<br />

the bustling city of Warri, Delta<br />

State, Christiana Martin boasts<br />

a multicultural heritage, being<br />

the offspring of a Nigerian<br />

mother and a German father.<br />

Recognized as Nigeria’s most<br />

stunning actress, she also<br />

showcases a remarkable<br />

collection of exquisite tattoos.<br />

Having pursued a robust<br />

education, Christiana obtained<br />

her First School Leaving Certificate<br />

and West African School Certificate<br />

in Nigeria before venturing to the<br />

esteemed New York Film Academy.<br />

There, she specialized in HI-DEF<br />

Filmmaking and Acting, achieving<br />

this milestone in 2015 at the Abu<br />

Dhabi campus.<br />

Upon her return to Nigeria,<br />

Christiana made her mark in the<br />

entertainment industry, gracing<br />

numerous films and TV series<br />

including “Gidi Up,” “Breakfast,”<br />

“Lekki Wives,” “Thieves and<br />

Weavers,” “Twenty Four7,” “Love<br />

Notes,” “Four Brothers,” “Midlife<br />

Blues,” “Mirage,” and several others.<br />

Throughout her career, she<br />

has collaborated with industry<br />

heavyweights like Femi Branch,<br />

Daniel K Daniel, Tamara Eteiemo,<br />

Mofe Duncan, Diana Childs, Jimmy<br />

Odukoya, Uzor Arukwe, Angel<br />

Ufoma, Bolanle Ninalowo, and Alex<br />

Ekubo.<br />

Beyond her acting prowess,<br />

Christiana also excels in the culinary<br />

arts. In 2020, she was tapped to<br />

host the television cooking show,<br />

“Soup Tube,” where celebrities<br />

showcase their culinary skills.<br />

Renowned personalities who<br />

have appeared as guests on her<br />

show include Gbenga Adeyinka,<br />

Uti Nwachukwu, Esther Agunbiade,<br />

Uche James Iroha, Fred Amata,<br />

Chris Okagbue, and Efe Henry,<br />

among others.<br />

Our team sat down with<br />

Christiana Martin for an Exclusive<br />

interview and photoshoot, and the<br />

multi-talented superstar left no<br />

stones unturned as she opened the<br />

doors into her world. Enjoy!<br />

28<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


30<br />



Christiana, you’re having such<br />

a successful career in the movie<br />

industry. What first drew you<br />

to acting, and what keeps you<br />

passionate about it?<br />

Christiana Martin: I got drawn<br />

into acting after I did a cameo on a<br />

movie set I was shy at first but then<br />

I found out I enjoyed that little role.<br />

After that, I decided to pursue a<br />

formal education at the New York<br />

Film Academy. Acting for Film and<br />

Hi-Definition Film making. After school,<br />

I loved portraying different characters<br />

and bringing them to life. That’s what<br />

keeps me going.<br />

Can you take us through the<br />

journey of your career so far?<br />

What have been the highlights and<br />

challenges along the way?<br />

Christiana Martin: After school, I<br />

produced my first movie SCORNED<br />

where I won best producer in TINFF.<br />

After that I have had the opportunity<br />

to work with a lot of talented actors<br />

and actresses, learning as I go. I<br />

just co-produced 2 more movies<br />


which you guys should watch out for. I<br />

have had my fair share of challenges<br />

but I don’t dwell on them or talk about<br />

them because they are all learning<br />

processes. Every mistake is a lesson<br />

learnt. We just move forward.<br />

Are there any specific roles<br />

or genres that you’re particularly<br />

drawn to? What attracts you to<br />

these types of characters or stories?<br />

Christiana Martin: Well, honestly,<br />

I am very diverse. I could play most<br />

characters. Soft, tough, crybaby. But<br />

what matters most to me is being able<br />

to bring the character to life. I have<br />

always been drawn to being in a soft<br />

action movie where I can be tough<br />

and do some stunts. I don’t do all<br />

these workouts for nothing. At least let<br />

me use it to do an action film. Lol<br />

Tell us about your upcoming<br />

projects. What can fans expect to<br />

see from you in the near future?<br />

Christiana Martin: Well like I<br />

mentioned earlier I just co-produced<br />

two movies DESPERADOES AND A<br />

MOTHERS LOVE which will be out in<br />

2023 and <strong>2024</strong>. I would be trying my<br />

best to dive into more production.<br />

So expect more movies from my<br />

production company - SILENT MEDIA<br />

PRODUCTIONS, by His grace.<br />

Building on your successful<br />

acting career, you’re now exploring<br />

entrepreneurial ventures. What<br />

motivated you to venture into<br />

business, and can you tell us more<br />

about your new endeavours?<br />

Christiana Martin: I am the<br />

Marketer for the factory. I believe<br />

You can’t have just one source of<br />

income that is what drove me to get a<br />

diploma in Digital Marketing. And I love<br />

being diverse, as a creative I like trying<br />

different things. From selling my artwork<br />

as an artist to being a chandler and<br />

making resin home decorations.<br />

As a fitness enthusiast, how<br />

do you incorporate your love for<br />

healthy living into your busy<br />

schedule? Any tips for our readers<br />

on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?<br />

Christiana Martin: Well fitness<br />

is a lifestyle for me. It’s something<br />

I already incorporated into my life<br />

for a long time. I wake up at 5:45<br />

in the morning to be able to get to<br />

the gym and train for two hours. I<br />

have built my schedule around that<br />

time and it all seems to work for me.<br />

My diet is quite simple because I<br />

developed IBS last year. And I just<br />

have to cut out a few things that<br />

cause me discomfort but I still eat<br />

like everyone (I love amala) in small<br />

portions. But I do try to avoid refined<br />

sugar. I advise people that you<br />

don’t necessarily have to train like<br />

an athlete but an hour of walking/<br />

jogging would do you good and<br />

maintaining a good diet also is very<br />

important. You can’t go to the gym<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31

and then go and swallow one basin<br />

of fufu afterwards.<br />

Are there any particular fitness<br />

regimens or exercises that you find<br />

most effective in staying physically<br />

and mentally fit?<br />

Christiana Martin: I normally prefer<br />

working out in the mornings cos it<br />

makes me feel more energetic during<br />

the day. And I love HIIT or CrossFit.<br />

Anything to get my heart racing. I do<br />

lift heavy. But I don’t advise anyone to<br />

lift heavy without a proper trainer or<br />

spotter.<br />

What advice would you give to<br />

young actors who are just starting<br />

out and hoping to achieve the<br />

success you’ve experienced?<br />

Christiana Martin: My advice is<br />

never to give up, go for auditions,<br />

perfect your craft, and put yourself<br />

out there. Learn from the people<br />

before you or people that are already<br />

there. You can never have too much<br />

knowledge. And honestly just work<br />

smarter not just harder.<br />

Moving forward, what are your<br />

goals for your acting career?<br />

Are there any specific roles or<br />

achievements you’re aiming for?<br />

Christiana Martin: Well, I am a<br />

very simple person all I want with my<br />

acting career is to be a well-known<br />

household name. My kiddos are<br />

already very proud of what I have<br />

been able to accomplish but that<br />

would be just wonderful to achieve.<br />

How do you recharge and<br />

relax when you have a moment to<br />

yourself? Any favourite hobbies or<br />

indulgences?<br />

Christiana Martin: I love the water<br />

so I am constantly at the beach.<br />

There is something about the fluidity<br />

and freedom of water. I also am an<br />

artist well not Pablo Picasso kinda artist.<br />

But I have a thing for abstract art and<br />

abstract geometry. When I am tensed<br />

up or stressed, I pick up my brush<br />

and canvas. Some of my artworks<br />

are being displayed at MOBILIA<br />

FURNITURES even though they get sold<br />

out quickly.<br />

32<br />


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33

Millennial P<br />

Runway Loo<br />

Real World<br />


By Abigeal Bankole<br />

Ever since the skinny jeans<br />

debate, there seems to be<br />

underlying online animosity<br />

between millennials and<br />

Gen Z. For the most part, the<br />

divide is trivial—many of the<br />

millennial-loved trends of the<br />

‘90s have been reborn for the<br />

TikTok generation and practically<br />

everyone is wearing ballet flats<br />

again.<br />

The younger group managed<br />

to make millennial moments<br />

a trendier, cooler part of their<br />

identity—and for the record,<br />

I fall directly between the two<br />

age groups and take no sides.<br />

However, while Gen Z may<br />

be able to add their stamp of<br />

approval to a trend, they aren’t<br />

necessarily the ones behind the<br />

trend’s creation, and the fashion<br />

trends for <strong>2024</strong> presented during<br />

Fashion Month prove it.<br />

Bridal Suits<br />

You don’t have to be walking down the aisle to<br />

buy a white suit. Short, long, tailored, and flowy<br />

white suits were all welcome on the Spring/<br />

Summer ’24 runways. Whether you’re looking for<br />

a strong winter white, or are already planning<br />

your work wardrobe for next summer, a white suit<br />

should definitely be included in the line-up.<br />

34<br />



ink & Other<br />

ks For The<br />

in <strong>2024</strong><br />

Millennial Pink<br />

Do you remember the chokehold this specific<br />

shade of pink had on millennials (and probably<br />

every other age group) in 2015? From home<br />

decor accents and wedding color schemes to<br />

brand campaigns, this color made every palette<br />

more palpable.<br />

However, over the last few years, the shade<br />

disappeared from collections as quickly as<br />

the phrase “girl boss” disappeared from our<br />

vernacular. The bright shade of Barbie Pink took<br />

its place and has hopefully (finally) run its course.<br />

According to designers like Carolina Herrera,<br />

Simone Rocha, and Tory Burch, it’s time to add<br />

Millennial Pink back into our closets. Based on the<br />

Spring/Summer ’24 collections, you can expect<br />

to see the shade heavily incorporated into formal<br />

wear—no <strong>2024</strong> bridesmaid is safe.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35

Mega Bags<br />

Prepster<br />

If you still have your Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirt from the<br />

early 2000s, it’s time to pull that relic back out. Preppy fashion<br />

is back and Miu Miu is leading the charge with polos, layered<br />

collared shirts, boat shoes, and elastic waist mini skirts. In Miu Miu’s<br />

collection, the trend is taking on the full Y2K identity but you can still<br />

find more classic versions of preppy style in <strong>2024</strong>. Brands like Bally<br />

and Tods took a more streamlined approach to preppy fashion with<br />

pleated skirts, thin belts, and collared short sleeve button-up shirts.<br />

Your portable charger, book, laptop,<br />

makeup routine, gym clothes,<br />

and a pack of gum finally all<br />

have a place to go. Mega bags<br />

are here to crush all of the other<br />

<strong>2024</strong> handbag trends—those<br />

Jacquemus mini bags better watch<br />

out! Designers like Brandon Maxwell,<br />

Sandy Liang, and STAUD proved that<br />

the bigger the bag, the better. It<br />

looks like the basic work tote is finally<br />

getting an upgrade.<br />

36<br />


Bunches<br />

of Lilac<br />

If you aren’t excited about the return<br />

of Millennial Pink, maybe this shade of<br />

lilac will make up for it. Lilac is a color<br />

that, dare I say, genuinely looks good<br />

on everyone and works in many forms.<br />

The soft hue looks inviting when woven<br />

into a chunky winter sweater and looks<br />

as whimsical as a lace summer dress.<br />

The shade is seasonless which means<br />

there’s no excuse to wait to wear it.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37

Drop<br />

Waist Dresses<br />

The Gold<br />

Standard<br />

This fashion trend is gunning for a first-place spot in your closet.<br />

Metallic gold is sure to win you over in <strong>2024</strong>. Gold automatically<br />

makes any outfit appear more formal. For special occasions, use<br />

Blumarine’s stunning gold strapless dress as inspiration. If you’re<br />

looking to score extra points in the office, consider adding metallic<br />

accents as demonstrated on the Miu Miu runway. Rabanne made<br />

a strong case for mixed metals with a gold and silver set. The<br />

trend can have a gladiator look—if you want to tone it down, pair<br />

metallic gold with alternate materials like denim or leater.<br />

The days of belting a dress to<br />

emphasize your waistline are in<br />

the past. Instead of opting for a<br />

high-waisted silhouette, try the<br />

sexier drop-waist alternative. This<br />

style is typically paired with longer<br />

dresses which bodes particularly<br />

well for eveningwear and special<br />

occasions. Take note from designers<br />

like Prabal Gurung and Phillip<br />

Lim and look for dresses with an<br />

asymmetrical neckline to give the<br />

look a modern feel.<br />

38<br />


Satin Trench<br />

Coats<br />

Get inspired by your grandmother’s<br />

closet and give your outerwear<br />

rotation a facelift by adding<br />

a satin trench coat to your<br />

wardrobe. The look of this coat is<br />

naturally more formal than a classic<br />

canvas trench which actually gives it<br />

more styling versatility. As presented on<br />

the Spring/Summer ’24 runways, this style<br />

clearly works over a dress with heels—for<br />

a more casual look, wear it open with a<br />

white T-shirt and jeans. Either way, the look<br />

has a vintage feel and will add texture<br />

and dimension to any simple ensemble.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39

TRENDS<br />

New Year<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends of <strong>2024</strong><br />

By Grace Ode<br />

If you’re ready for this kind of<br />

a wardrobe refresh, we’ve<br />

got an array of answers for<br />

you plucked straight from<br />

the spring/summer ‘24 runways.<br />

Consider this roundup to be your<br />

glimpse into which <strong>2024</strong> trends<br />

are about to dominate clothing<br />

racks, cyber carts, and social<br />

media feeds alike so you can<br />

shop accordingly.<br />

We should begin by<br />

highlighting that the resounding<br />

message woven into the SS24<br />

collections was that it’s time<br />

to prepare for the boldest<br />

Hollywood styles to infiltrate the<br />

mainstream.<br />

Much like how the naked<br />

dress became ubiquitous far<br />

beyond the red carpet, the<br />

current celeb-adored trend of<br />

forgoing pants is making its way<br />

into everyday attire, too.<br />

Full Skirts<br />

The next iteration of 2023’s mega maxi skirt trend has arrived,<br />

and while longer hems are still very much in, we’re noticing a<br />

lot more volume when it comes to bottoms that land below<br />

the knee. Instead of slinky fits or Y2K-inspired denim fabrics, fuller<br />

skirts — a Molly Goddard signature — and ball gown silhouettes<br />

will be all the rage according to designers like Bottega Veneta<br />

and Staud. Batsheva even used an old-school hoop technique<br />

to accentuate its “cheerleader full-circle skirt” look.<br />

40<br />


TRENDS<br />

The Luxury<br />

Jumpsuit<br />

After utilitarian style reigned supreme<br />

as one of the top trends in 2023, the<br />

ongoing quiet luxury movement — in<br />

which ultra-minimalist styles and muted<br />

color palettes form the foundation of<br />

an expensive-looking aesthetic — is<br />

borrowing one of its star garments.<br />

The durable, one-and-done jumpsuit<br />

is getting the high-fashion treatment<br />

by the likes of Hermès, Saint Laurent,<br />

Carolina Herrera, and Isabel Marant.<br />

Expect to see this pared-back<br />

piece making stealth leaps in luxury<br />

throughout the year ahead.<br />

Ankle Action<br />

While décollétes were on display at Dior,<br />

Altuzarra, and more, the rising popularity of<br />

strapless dresses has not signaled the end<br />

of straps. The fastening fabric removed from<br />

shoulders this season seems to have been<br />

repurposed elsewhere, most notably around<br />

the ankles. Flats and Mary <strong>Jan</strong>es with straps<br />

were shown at Salvatore Ferragamo, Collina<br />

Strada, Molly Goddard, and Burberry, while<br />

Miu Miu and Fendi added anklets to their<br />

sandals and pumps. Other ankle activity<br />

across runways featured higher-rising socks<br />

at Proenza Schouler and The Row.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41

TRENDS<br />

Track Star Style<br />

If the abundance of<br />

preppy polos and rugby<br />

shirts by the biggest players<br />

in the game (think Louis<br />

Vuitton, Gucci, The Row,<br />

and Miu Miu to name a<br />

few) tells us anything, it’s that<br />

higher education is also high<br />

fashion. From windbreakers<br />

and hoodies at Dion Lee to<br />

tracksuits at Coperni, you’ll<br />

knock your <strong>2024</strong> style out of<br />

the park as long as you’re<br />

dressing like you’ve got an<br />

athletic scholarship beneath<br />

that popped collar. Pro tip:<br />

Don’t be afraid to borrow<br />

from the boys on this one.<br />

Short Suits<br />

If you were a fan of officecore<br />

attire this fall, get ready<br />

for a spring-friendly take on the<br />

trend: the short suit. Blazers worn<br />

with matching tailored shorts<br />

at Chanel, Maison Margiela,<br />

Givenchy, Coperni, and Staud are<br />

giving this professional(ish) look a<br />

convincing stamp of approval for<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. The short suit’s bossy yet fun<br />

aesthetic sets the tone for wearers<br />

who mean business without taking<br />

themselves too seriously. And<br />

while we don’t suggest rocking up<br />

in the aforementioned pantless<br />

trend to your next Monday<br />

morning meeting, we do predict<br />

shorts will be big for office suiting<br />

— albeit in more of a Bermuda<br />

variety.<br />

42<br />


TRENDS<br />

Florals<br />

While florals are decidedly<br />

not groundbreaking according<br />

to Hollywood lore, the same<br />

can’t be said of floral fabrics.<br />

Designers are ditching<br />

blossomy motifs for something<br />

far more dramatic when it<br />

comes to flowers, like the extralarge<br />

embroidery cut-outs at<br />

Valentino, multidimensional<br />

floral breast pieces at Loewe,<br />

knitted rosettes at Alexander<br />

McQueen, and actual pink<br />

roses stuffed inside sheer<br />

garments at Simone Rocha.<br />

However you parade around<br />

your petals this year, make<br />

sure they’re not limited to a flat<br />

pattern.<br />

Not-So-Winter White<br />

Considering Valentino has become the unofficial<br />

arbiter of the It color since its prescient endorsement of<br />

hot pink back in 2022, we turned to Pierpaolo Piccioli’s<br />

runway once again to get a feel for which shade the<br />

fashion house is favoring for the new year. Our findings<br />

were as stark as the color itself: white. We’re not talking<br />

about the ivory, grayed-out, eggshell whites that are<br />

associated with winter. This is the Meghan Markleapproved<br />

Husband-shirt, can’t-wear-it-after-Labor-Day<br />

levels of bright, unquestionable white. Other designers<br />

are also backing the hue in the form of flowy gowns and<br />

blouses (Victoria Beckham, Chloé, Courrèges), sharp<br />

blazers (Brandon Maxwell), and denim (Sergio Hudson).<br />

Meanwhile, Maisie Wilen and LaPointe are applying it to<br />

footwear.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43

Top Street<br />

Photos to<br />

You into 2<br />


Style Du Monde, Sandra<br />

Semburg, Paul Won Jeong,<br />

Shoichi Aoki, Phil Oh,<br />

Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Scott<br />

Schuman, and Søren Jepsen are<br />

8 of the most in demand street<br />

44<br />



Style<br />

Welcome<br />

024<br />

By Praise David<br />

style photographers working today.<br />

We have carried out extensive<br />

researches to delve into their<br />

archives and select their most<br />

inspiring shots and share the stories<br />

behind the snaps.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


46<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47

BEAUTY<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Knows No Age:<br />

Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Best<br />

Concealers for Mature Skin<br />

48<br />


BEAUTY<br />

By Taylor Jeffries<br />

Jennifer Lopez is a jack of<br />

all trades, given that she’s<br />

a multi-talented singer,<br />

actor, and dancer. But<br />

after watching her latest<br />

Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial, it’s<br />

fair to say that she’s just as adept<br />

at getting glam. Luckily for us,<br />

the 54-year-old spilled all of her<br />

secrets for glowing, flawless skin.<br />

Lopez isn’t the only one who’s<br />

a fan of this concealer. It’s a<br />

hit among other stars including<br />

Hailey Bieber, who revealed that<br />

she loves the creamy formula for<br />

“simple day-to-day or date night<br />

evening makeup,” earlier this year<br />

in a video interview with Harper’s<br />

Bazaar UK.<br />

When it comes to enhancing her<br />

complexion, one of Lopez’s go-to<br />

products stood out from the rest:<br />

Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer.<br />

And right now, you can take<br />

advantage of a discount on<br />

this long-lasting concealer at<br />

Nordstrom; snag this celebapproved<br />

product for as little as<br />

$13 for a mini size.<br />

The Nars Radiant Creamy<br />

Concealer is made for those<br />

looking for medium-to-high<br />

coverage. This buildable formula<br />

brightens, corrects, and hides<br />

blemishes for up to 16 hours, so<br />

it’s no wonder why Lopez swears<br />

by this multi-purpose product<br />

for covering dark spots on her<br />

face.<br />

It’s infused with a<br />

botanical blend of<br />

magnolia bark and<br />

grapeseed extracts,<br />

plus vitamin E to<br />

rejuvenate skin.<br />

Together, these<br />

ingredients firm,<br />

calm redness, and<br />

strengthen skin’s<br />

barrier by locking<br />

in moisture all day<br />

long. As a result, the<br />

concealer delivers a<br />

softer and smoother<br />

complexion with each<br />

use. Best of all: It comes<br />

in a variety of 30 shades, so<br />

you’re sure to find your perfect<br />

match.<br />

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10 Most<br />

Influential<br />

Women in<br />

the World<br />

By Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Discover the 10 most powerful<br />

women in the world who are<br />

changing the game in politics,<br />

business, and philanthropy.<br />

In today’s world, women have made<br />

tremendous strides in various fields,<br />

breaking barriers and making their mark<br />

in previously male-dominated industries.<br />

These women have not only achieved<br />

great success in their respective careers<br />

but have also inspired and paved the way<br />

for the next generation of women. This<br />

article aims to highlight and celebrate the<br />

achievements of the ten most powerful<br />

women in the world,<br />

The ranking of the 10 most powerful<br />

women in the world considers criteria<br />

such as position of power, societal<br />

impact, financial standing, global<br />

influence, leadership, and media<br />

presence. These factors contribute to<br />

assessing their overall influence and<br />

contributions to society.<br />

Kamala<br />

Harris<br />

Jina Mahsa Amini<br />

Jina Mahsa Amini, also known as Mahsa, has become<br />

a symbol of freedom. Her death in police custody<br />

(September 16, 2022) after being arrested for wearing her<br />

hijab improperly, sparked protests across the country and<br />

a rallying cry for women’s life and freedom. Her death<br />

and the widespread demonstrations it inspired highlights<br />

the ongoing struggles for women’s rights in Iran and<br />

around the world. Amini’s courage and determination in<br />

the face of oppression have made her a symbol of hope<br />

for those fighting for equality and justice, earning her a<br />

place as one of the most influential women in the world.<br />

50<br />



Kristalina Georgieva is the<br />

Managing Director of<br />

the International Monetary<br />

Fund and one of the world’s<br />

most powerful women.<br />

She previously served as<br />

CEO of the World Bank and<br />

European Commission Vice<br />

President for Budget and<br />

Human Resources.<br />

She serves on international<br />

panels, co-chairs the<br />

Global Commission on<br />

Adaptation and the United<br />

Nations Secretary-General’s<br />

High-Level Panel on<br />

Humanitarian Financing,<br />

and has authored<br />

numerous publications<br />

on environmental and<br />

economic policy.<br />

Kristalina<br />

Georgieva<br />

Kamala Harris is an American<br />

politician and the first female<br />

Vice President of the United States.<br />

Prior to becoming Vice President,<br />

she served as a Senator from<br />

California and was the first South<br />

Asian and African American<br />

woman to hold this position.<br />

Harris is known for her experience<br />

as a prosecutor and her advocacy<br />

for criminal justice reform, and<br />

has used her platform to address<br />

a range of social and political<br />

issues affecting the country. She<br />

is a strong advocate for women’s<br />

rights, immigrant rights, and<br />

equality for all. Her historic election<br />

as Vice President has been a<br />

catalyst for change and a symbol<br />

of hope for millions of people,<br />

particularly women and people<br />

of color. Her leadership and<br />

commitment to making a positive<br />

impact on the world have earned<br />

her a place as one of the most<br />

influential women in the world.<br />

Greta<br />

Thunberg<br />

G<br />

reta Thunberg is a Swedish<br />

environmental activist who<br />

rose to prominence in 2018<br />

with her school strike for climate<br />

action. At the age of 15, she<br />

started skipping school to<br />

protest outside the Swedish<br />

parliament. Her actions inspired<br />

students around the world to<br />

join her cause.<br />

Thunberg is widely recognized<br />

as one of the most powerful<br />

women in the world for her<br />

inspiring leadership and<br />

impactful activism. She has<br />

been named as one of<br />

Time <strong>Magazine</strong>’s 100 most<br />

influential people. She has<br />

received numerous awards<br />

for her efforts in raising global<br />

awareness about the urgent<br />

need to address the climate<br />

crisis. Through her speeches,<br />

activism, and leadership,<br />

Thunberg has become an<br />

influential voice in the global<br />

movement to tackle the<br />

climate crisis.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 51


Mary Barra is an American<br />

business executive who<br />

serves as the CEO of General<br />

Motors (GM). She took the<br />

helm of the company in<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary 2014, becoming the<br />

first female CEO of a major<br />

global automaker. Under her<br />

leadership, GM has undergone<br />

significant transformation,<br />

including the introduction of<br />

electric and self-driving vehicles,<br />

and a renewed focus on<br />

sustainability.<br />

Barra has also been an<br />

advocate for diversity and<br />

inclusion in the workplace.<br />

She has worked to modernize<br />

GM’s manufacturing processes<br />

and operations. With her<br />

combination of business<br />

acumen and visionary<br />

leadership, Barra has become<br />

a highly respected figure in<br />

Mary Barra<br />

the automotive industry and<br />

a role model for women in<br />

business. She has been named<br />

to Fortune’s list of the World’s<br />

Most Powerful Women multiple<br />

times. She has also received<br />

numerous awards for her<br />

leadership and contributions to<br />

the industry.<br />

Christine<br />

Lagarde<br />

Christine Lagarde is a French<br />

lawyer and politician who<br />

has served as the President<br />

of the European Central Bank<br />

since 2011. Prior to her role at<br />

the European Central Bank,<br />

Lagarde served as the two<br />

times Managing Director of the<br />

International Monetary Fund (IMF).<br />

She was also the first woman to<br />

hold the position of Managing<br />

Director of this important financial<br />

organization.<br />

Lagarde’s impressive background<br />

in law and finance, combined<br />

with her leadership skills and ability<br />

to navigate complex international<br />

economic issues, have earned<br />

her a reputation as one of the<br />

world’s most powerful women.<br />

Abigail<br />

Johnson<br />

Abigail Johnson. She is an<br />

American businesswoman<br />

and investor. She serves as the<br />

CEO of Fidelity Investments<br />

one of the largest investment<br />

management companies<br />

in the world. Johnson, who<br />

is a granddaughter of the<br />

company’s founder, has been<br />

with Fidelity for over 30 years.<br />

She has held several senior<br />

leadership positions within the<br />

company.<br />

Under her leadership, Fidelity<br />

has expanded into new<br />

areas such as cryptocurrency<br />

and robo-advisory services.<br />

The company has also<br />

consistently delivered strong<br />

financial performance.<br />

Johnson is widely recognized<br />

as a visionary leader in the<br />

financial services industry. She<br />

has been named one of the<br />

most powerful women in the<br />

world by Forbes and Fortune.<br />

Her combination of business<br />

acumen, leadership skills,<br />

and dedication to innovation<br />

make her a significant figure<br />

in the world of finance and<br />

investment.<br />

Ursula von<br />

der Leyen<br />

Ursula von der Leyen is a<br />

German politician and the first<br />

female President of the European<br />

Commission. She previously<br />

52<br />



She has been consistently<br />

named on Forbes’ list of the<br />

100 Most Powerful Women.<br />

Consequently, she has been<br />

recognized for her efforts to<br />

promote gender equality and<br />

inclusive economic growth.<br />

Melinda Gates is a<br />

philanthropist and the cochair<br />

of the Bill and Melinda<br />

Gates Foundation, one of the<br />

largest private foundations in<br />

the world.<br />

Melinda is a passionate<br />

advocate for global health<br />

and development, and works<br />

to improve the lives of millions<br />

of people around the world<br />

through the foundation’s<br />

initiatives. Her philanthropic<br />

efforts focus on reducing<br />

poverty and improving access<br />

to healthcare, particularly in<br />

developing countries.<br />

She is also a strong advocate<br />

for women’s rights and gender<br />

equality, and has used her<br />

platform to raise awareness<br />

about these critical issues.<br />

Melinda Gates’ leadership<br />

and commitment to making<br />

Melinda<br />

French<br />

Gates<br />

a positive impact on the world<br />

have made her one of the 10<br />

most powerful women in the<br />

world.<br />

served as the Minister of Defence<br />

in Germany and was the first<br />

woman to hold this position.<br />

As the head of the European<br />

Commission, she is responsible<br />

for formulating policy on behalf of<br />

450 million people and has been<br />

a strong advocate for a unified<br />

and sustainable Europe.<br />

She rose to prominence in<br />

the face of Vladimir Putin’s<br />

unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,<br />

announcing economic sanctions<br />

against Russia in response to the<br />

war. Von der Leyen’s leadership<br />

and commitment to protecting<br />

freedom and democracy earned<br />

her recognition as the world’s<br />

most powerful woman in 2022,<br />

according to Forbes.<br />

Von der Leyen’s handling of the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic further<br />

highlights her leadership skills and<br />

her dedication to improving the<br />

lives of Europeans.<br />

Giorgia<br />

Meloni<br />

Giorgia Meloni is the current<br />

Prime Minister of Italy.<br />

She took office on October<br />

22, 2022, making her the first<br />

woman to hold this office in<br />

the history of Italy.<br />

In the Forbes 2022 list of the<br />

most powerful women in the<br />

world, Giorgia Meloni held<br />

the 7th position, highlighting<br />

her significant influence and<br />

impact on the global stage.<br />

Known for her straightforward<br />

and assertive communication<br />

style, Prime Minister Meloni has<br />

been vocal about her vision<br />

for Italy. She emphasizes the<br />

importance of safeguarding<br />

national interests, promoting<br />

traditional values, and<br />

addressing the concerns of<br />

ordinary citizens. Her policies<br />

focus on boosting the<br />

Italian economy, reducing<br />

bureaucracy, and enhancing<br />

security measures to ensure<br />

the safety and well-being of<br />

the nation.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

Mauritius:<br />

The Pearl<br />

of Africa’s<br />

Tourism<br />

By Sasha Bokamoso<br />

With its beautiful locations and<br />

its legendary hospitality, Mauritius is<br />

one of the top tourist destinations in<br />

the world. Here is our selection of the<br />

10 Top-Rated touristic attractions in<br />

Mauritius:<br />

Flic enFlac<br />

Located completely to the west of the island, Flic enFlac is<br />

a small touristic coastal village. The west of the island, in fact,<br />

is the warmest region of the island and this coincides with the<br />

presence of one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius, the<br />

beach of Flic enFlac.<br />

Luxury hotels, villas, beach restaurants, water sports, diving,<br />

swim with dolphins or undersea walk, everything here makes<br />

way to the ocean. The beach of Flic enFlac is the longest and<br />

most spacious beaches out there. The ever shinning sun warms<br />

up its azure lagoon up to 26 ° C on average over the year.<br />

Read our article on hotels in Mauritius here.<br />

54<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Grand Bassin<br />

The sacred lake of Grand<br />

Bassin is the largest place<br />

of worship in Mauritius. This<br />

inactive volcano is now<br />

a place of pilgrimage on<br />

the occasion of Maha<br />

Shivaratri religious festival.<br />

This ceremony celebrated<br />

in honour of Lord Shiva takes<br />

place early in the year.<br />

Grand Bassin is<br />

somewhat impressive for<br />

its height, located over<br />

1,800 meters above the<br />

level of the sea. There is<br />

also a statue of 108 feet of<br />

Shiva that brings a touch<br />

of originality to this sacred<br />

place.<br />

Ile aux Cerfs<br />

Mauritius is surrounded by<br />

several small islands. Ile aux Cerfs<br />

Island located within the east<br />

lagoon of Mauritius, is certainly<br />

the most famous of all. The island<br />

of Ile aux Cerfs is almost entirely<br />

enclosed by white sand beaches<br />

and turquoise waters only add to<br />

its beauty.<br />

Ile aux Cerfs is the perfect<br />

place to relax, enjoy a barbecue<br />

and go parasailing while enjoying<br />

majestic aerial view of this pristine<br />

island. The main beach of the<br />

island provides basic services,<br />

including beach restaurants<br />

serving local dishes. If you are<br />

walking to tour the island, you<br />

will surely find small and more<br />

discreet beaches.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55

ESCAPE<br />

Chamarel<br />

The village of Chamarel<br />

located in the south of the<br />

island is the most visited<br />

natural site in Mauritius. This<br />

small village is home to<br />

the highest waterfall of the<br />

island and the famous seven<br />

coloured earth. The Chamarel<br />

waterfall is a waterfall of over<br />

100 meters that ends up in a<br />

huge natural pool.<br />

The seven coloured<br />

earth of Chamarel is a<br />

unique marvel in the world.<br />

This place is composed of<br />

distinct colours of sand dunes.<br />

Depending on the climate<br />

and the time of day, the land<br />

of Chamarel takes different<br />

shades. This phenomenon is<br />

due to the cooling of the land<br />

of volcanic origin at different<br />

temperatures.<br />

Grand Baie<br />

Grand Bay is the resort<br />

of Mauritius. Very popular<br />

amongst Mauritians and<br />

tourists, this small village<br />

located in the north is one of<br />

the most beautiful places to<br />

stay in Mauritius. With three<br />

white sand beaches and its<br />

sunny climate, the bay is the<br />

perfect place to enjoy water<br />

activities and visit the many<br />

northern islands.<br />

The village of Grand Baie<br />

and the surrounding area<br />

is also known to be a very<br />

“trendy” place in Mauritius.<br />

For youngsters and adults<br />

alike, there is always some<br />

entertainment like restaurants<br />

beaches, pubs, casinos and<br />

nightclubs.<br />

56<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Black River Gorges<br />

National Park<br />

This natural park covers 6574 hectares of lush forestation includes<br />

a nice range of Mauritian fauna and tropical flora. This dense forest is<br />

home to over 300 species of plants and shrubs.<br />

For wildlife lovers, the national park is the shelter of one of the<br />

rarest birds in the world; the Pink Pigeon, an endemic bird of Mauritius.<br />

For the conservation purposes and in respect of the natural habitat of<br />

the species, the park is to be visited only by walk. Hikers and trekkers<br />

will be delighted with the numerous trails in between gorges, peaks<br />

and waterfalls.<br />

Pamplemousses<br />

Botanical Garden<br />

Officially known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam<br />

Botanical Garden, this park spreads over 60 hectares and<br />

consists mainly of palm and fruit trees, including some<br />

endemic species in Mauritius.<br />

However, the photogenic attraction of Pamplemousses<br />

garden is its giant water lilies. For not more than Rs 150, you<br />

can wander the long romantic aisles.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57

ESCAPE<br />

Port Louis<br />

Amongst the wide variety of treasures of<br />

this island, local culture is certainly the most<br />

valuable and the city of Port Louis is the<br />

perfect example of this multiculturalism<br />

country. Among the most beautiful<br />

buildings in the capital you will find multiple<br />

religious monuments, some statues of the<br />

founders, racetrack of Champ de Mars,<br />

Citadel and the Aapravasi Ghat, a site<br />

classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.<br />

The main attraction of Port Louis is its<br />

famous colourful market. Sometimes<br />

called “bazaar” for the active atmosphere<br />

reigning there, the market is a place not<br />

to be missed in Mauritius. It has everything;<br />

from exotic fruits to the best souvenirs of the<br />

island, traditional Mauritian clothing and<br />

the famous street food like Dholl Puri and<br />

Gateau Piment.<br />

58<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Le Morne<br />

If you are looking for a place<br />

cut off from rest of the world,<br />

there is Le Morne. This small<br />

village like no other is located<br />

on the southwest tip of the<br />

island. The public beach of<br />

Le Morne is one of the most<br />

beautiful and pristine beaches<br />

of the island to relax in privacy.<br />

Far from the cities and touristic<br />

influx, the four-kilometer long<br />

beach is almost deserted.<br />

The village is also home<br />

to the most beautiful natural<br />

site from the south, Le Morne<br />

Brabant. The site offers the best<br />

views on the southwest coast<br />

of the island. This mountain<br />

classified as Cultural Landscape<br />

World Heritage Site of UNESCO is<br />

a bookmark of a sad chapter in<br />

Mauritius’ history.<br />

Château<br />

Labourdonnais<br />

Located within a fine natural<br />

plantation, the Chateau de<br />

Labourdonnais offers rediscover<br />

the Mauritian way of life of the<br />

nineteenth century … Brilliantly<br />

restored, this majestic palace,<br />

built in 1859, was restored to its<br />

original splendour and offers a<br />

unique experience its visitors.<br />

After visiting the castle you<br />

can enjoy a walk in the garden,<br />

or visit his distillery to taste the<br />

traditional sugar cane rum. At<br />

the castle, you will also have<br />

the opportunity to enjoy the<br />

Mauritian gastronomy which,<br />

undoubtedly, will be a pure<br />

delight your taste buds!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59

FOOD<br />

Gong Bao<br />

Chicken<br />

Recipe<br />

By Chef Amaka Obiena<br />

T<br />

his delicious Chinese chicken dish is<br />

flavoured with fresh ginger, garlic, chilli<br />

and peanuts, and drizzled in a soy-infused<br />

sauce. A classic Chinese recipe that can<br />

be made in just 20 minutes and a great<br />

dinner for two idea. See method<br />

60<br />


FOOD<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 1 tbsp vegetable oil<br />

• 2 chicken breasts, cut into<br />

2.5cm pieces<br />

• 2 spring onions, sliced<br />

• 5cm piece fresh ginger,<br />

finely sliced<br />

• 2 garlic cloves, finely<br />

chopped<br />

• 1 dried red chilli,<br />

crumbled, plus extra to serve<br />

• handful roasted peanuts<br />

• steamed white rice, to<br />

serve<br />

• 100ml chicken stock<br />

• 2 tsp dark brown sugar<br />

• 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar<br />

• 2 tbsp dark soy sauce<br />

• 1 tbsp cornflour<br />

Method<br />

For the sauce, put the stock,<br />

sugar, rice wine vinegar, soy<br />

and cornflour in a bowl and<br />

whisk to combine. Set aside until<br />

needed. Heat the oil in a large<br />

wok set over a high heat. Add the<br />

chicken pieces and cook for 2-3<br />

mins, until golden. Remove and<br />

set aside.<br />

In the same wok, stir-fry most<br />

of the spring onions, the ginger,<br />

garlic and chilli for 2 mins, or until<br />

fragrant. Add the peanuts and<br />

continue cooking for 2 mins, or<br />

until golden.<br />

Return the chicken to the wok<br />

and pour over the sauce. Cook,<br />

stirring, for 3-4 mins, until the<br />

sauce is glossy and thickened<br />

and the chicken is cooked<br />

through with no pink meat<br />

showing. Divide the chicken<br />

between plates and scatter over<br />

the remaining spring onions and<br />

a little extra chilli. Serve with rice.<br />

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