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Tales From

Wilton Manors


2 (2015-03)

Catholic School Boys In

Trouble (Part 2) Gym Class

- by Brett Butler

I made no further gains

toward my goal to go out

with Luke Roberts. Pickles

thinks I am getting too

obsessed with him. I am

starting to think he’s right. I

did steal the towel he used

in gym class after he took a

shower. Do you think that’s

weird? Well, everything is

about to change and it all

started in the worst possible

place. Gym Class! I have

no sports skills, since my

skills are in shopping, not

catching a ball. Although, I

had to forge a note, I

bought from Stevie, to get

out of class. Sister Mary

Eunice didn’t buy it and, of

course, Stevie had a no

money back policy. That

Bitch! The teams were the

shirts vs. the skins.

I prayed, please don’t let me

be a skin. Pickles looked at

me and pointed his finger in

my face, to remind me. “Girl,

you’re Jewish. The man

upstairs cannot hear you.”

Just then, I saw Luke (he was

a skin) as he took his shirt off

to reveal his eight-pack abs. I

almost fainted! “Boy, look at

the huge cross around his

neck. That boy is headed to

the priesthood,” Pickles

said. “Shut up! It’s a rumor,

God wouldn’t take that off

the market,” I said as I wiped

the drool off my chin.

Pickles and I were spared

and put on the shirt team. We

just hid in the back and acted

like we were playing, but we

would just gossip. Today I

was too busy watching Luke

build up a sweat. “Catch!”

Daniel yelled out. But, I was

too busy scanning Luke’s

body into memory for

personal use. Hey don’t

judge me, we have all done

it. “Sweetie, watch out,”

Pickles yelled out to me.

When I turned, the

basketball hit me in the head

and I was knocked out. I hit

the floor. Pickles screamed,

“I love that he is so

dramatic.” Luke ran over to

me and a little bead of sweat

from his chest hit my cheek.

My eyes opened and for a

minute there, I thought I was

dead, because Luke looked

like an angel. Luke helped

me up. “Are you ok?” he

asked. I couldn’t answer

him, because he was

shirtless and sweaty. His

sweat just touched my face

and he saved my life, I

thought to myself. Sister

Mary Eunice just looked at

us, “Walk it off Blair!”

Pickles ran over to me.

“Sweetie, are you alright?”

I put my hand on my cheek,

“Yes, he saved my life

Pickles.” Pickles replied,

“You know your bitch of an

ex did that on purpose!” I

was still dazed. “I must thank

him then.” Pickles put his

arm around me and walked

me to the locker room. By

lunchtime, I was convinced I

was on Luke’s radar. Pickles

and I ate our lunch, when

Pickles dropped his diet

Pepsi and told me, “A new

boy has transferred to

school. His name is Jordan

Marquese.” Let me tell you

about Jordan. According to

Pickles, he is a boy whore.

He was thrown out of his last

school, because he did it with

the volleyball team. Jordan

was tall, dark, and

handsome. Pickles hated

him, because they were

supposed to make out at a

party, but Jordan told

everyone that Pickles was

frigid. As Jordan came

closer to us, I could feel

Pickles’ anger begin to rise.

Jordan sat down and looked

only at me. “I can solve your

Luke Roberts’ problem.” I

smiled at him. “Tell me

more.” Pickles waved his

arm. “No, don’t get involved

with this one. He may have a

face like an angel but he has

the soul of the Devil.” Jordan

frowned. “My dear Pickles,

are you still holding that

Junior High School

grudge?” Pickles said, “Oh

girl, hold me back!” I said,

“Pickles let’s hear him out.”

Jordan smiled. I must admit

he has a killer smile. “Luke

hates me. So let’s go to the

dance together where he’ll

see you with me and he will

want to date you.” Pickles

rolled his fake green eyes.

“Sweetie, that’s not a good

idea.” I looked over at

Luke’s table as he kept

looking at us. “Maybe he has

a point Pickles, a fake date to

get Luke jealous sounds

good to me.” Jordan nodded

his head. Pickles pointed in

Jordan’s face. “What’s in it

for you, pretty boy?” Jordan

replied, “I get Luke upset,

that’s all.” I asked, “Wait,

but isn’t Luke going to be a

priest?” Jordan leaned back

in the chair. “I heard he was

kissing some dude at the

Gateway last weekend.”

Pickles took my arm and

dragged me away. “Sweetie,

this guy lies all the time. He’s

up to something.” Jordan

stood up. “Meet me at Java

Boys after school.” I noticed

Luke was looking at me

again, but so was everyone

else. Pickles never gets mad

at me, so this was a first. I

was so conflicted. I knew he

was right, but this might work. A

strawberry smoothie when Dan

came in. “First Luke, now you’r

drink from my smoothie. “I am

replied, “Please, we are going d

dear.” Daniel walked away in h

think of, was that I was really lo

down. “Sweetie I don’t want to b

news.” As soon as he said tha

checked him out. Luke Roberts

not happy to see Jordan at Java B

I grabbed Pickles’ hand. “So you

polo team?” Luke said. Time s

Kenny, the barista, stopped serv

take your losing team and make

“Yeah right!” Jordan looked at h

have a problem with that Robert

can’t wait to see you fail, that’s

to happen Roberts” Jordan came

and I mean everyone, was looki

“Your kind is not welcome here,

and looked at his reflection in t

going to the dance with me or n

Pickles, then at Jordan, then at L

I felt like I was having a General

Nathan, Levi, and Maxie. My he



t Java boys, I was on my fourth

iel, my ex teen-age drag queen,

e chasing that Jordan?” I took a

not chasing anyone.” Daniel

own a dark path these days my

is mini dress, when all I could

sing it. Pickles came in and sat

e a bitch, but that Jordan is bad

t, Jordan walked in. Everyone

walked in behind him. He was

oys. Luke got in Jordan’s face.

’re the new captain of the water

eemed to have stopped. Even

ing coffee. “Yeah I’m going to

them winners.” Luke laughed.

is cell phone and smiled. ”You

s?” Luke looked around. “I just

all.” Jordan turned. “Not going

and sat at our table. Everyone,

ng at us, but not in a good way.

” Pickles said as he fixed his hair

he napkin holder. “So, are you

ot?” Jordan asked. I looked at

uke, and then at Pickles again.

Hospital moment, the one with

ad was spinning. I had to give


Between Movements &

Ages - by G. Manson

racing frames across

dim projecting light

boxed with shine & gloss

painted over bright.

we’ll all burn away.

safe film of decay,

locked in storage, for

we’ll all burn away.

will you escort your

own predestined fate?

we’ll all burn away,

a scene much older,

but in legend stay

with luck, grow bolder

and may never fade.

Bok Choy – by Brett Butler

(Inspired by Mary


If you find Bok Choy in

your refrigerator, then it’s

the end of your

relationship. I saw it and I

did not know what it was. I

mean we had been together

for eighteen years. If it

weren’t covered in

chocolate, then Max would

not have eaten it. So, this

little slice of health food

raised my eyebrow, when I

gently asked, “What the

fuck is this?” He kindly

responded, “I want to eat a

little healthier.” Healthier?

I thought. I met this man at

McDonalds eating a McRib

when he was 22. He just

turned 40, and I am now in

my 50’s. Health food has

never gone into his mouth.

So, I have this fuckin’ Bok

Choy in my house now.

Well, it wasn’t long after,

that our relationship began

falling apart. Don’t get me

wrong, my friends told me

we were in trouble long

before the Bok Choy

incident. We stopped having

sex a while back and

everything, I mean

everything, he did was

getting on my last nerve.

Now I am no angel either. I

am kind of a neat freak and

he is kind of a slob. Like after

he takes a shower, he leaves

the towel on the floor, and if

I don’t pick it up, it will sit

there forever. I also do

everything for him. I make

his breakfast and pack his

lunch for work. I take care of

him when he is ill, but when

I am sick; he lets me lay in the

bed for eight hours, without

ever checking on me or

asking me if I need anything.

One time, when he did come

in and ask, it still took

another 45 minutes to get the

water I requested. I did not

see those signs, but I did see

the Bok Choy. We stopped

going out and would sit for

hours not saying a word to

each other. So I decided not

to pick up his wet towel after

his shower and to not make

his breakfast or lunch, so you

know what, he got upset and

called me a bitch. We had

been together so long. I just

wanted to save our

relationship, so I went back

to being that Stepford

boyfriend. I went back to

picking up the towel,

cooking, and even then he

made me wash his back in

the bath. One night I washed

his back and neck and

thought about fuckin’

choking him, but I kept

doing it anyway. I remember

what a lost lamb he was at 22

and now at 40 he was a

successful businessman. I

pushed him and paid for him,

to get a college degree as I

painted and sold my

paintings to make him the

spoiled Bok Choy eating

man he is today. The fighting

increased and I prayed and

prayed for guidance. The

Bok Choy finally did it for

me, so I lost it and moved

out, until my best friend

reminded me that I own the

house. Three months later I

walked into the house. It was

clean. I was expecting flies

in the air and rats running

through the house, but it was

cleaner than the way I kept it.

I ran to the bathroom

expecting to find a mountain

of towels, but there was

none. I ran to the refrigerator

and opened it only to find

even more Bok Choy. At that

point, I snapped and threw

his shit out on the lawn. I

changed the lock and moved

back in. I think I was so mad,

because he acted like a

helpless child all those years

and I thought he needed me,

but in reality maybe I was the

problem wanting to take care

of that helpless child. I did

see him at one of my art

shows and my friends all

growled at him for showing

up there. He was with an

older man, even older than

me. He looked happy, but I

felt sorry for his new

boyfriend. I am sure he is

picking up his wet, smelly

towels every day. As for me,

maybe I will find love again

or maybe not. I will keep on

painting and know if I do

start to date again and see

Bok Choy in the refrigerator

that I will have to run, run

like hell…


Brett Butler


Eric Schleicher




G. Manson










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