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Tales From

Wilton Manors


4 (2015-05)

Catholic School Boys In

Trouble (Part 4) Pickles’

Day Out – by Brett Butler I

am still locked up in my

room, but I heard of some

drama that happened at Java

Boys. Pickles sat in Java

Boys drinking a Java Chip

frap when Jordan sat down at

his table. “You have nerve.”

Jordan gave his awardwinning

smile. “Sweetie you

know that does not work on

me.” Jordan looked around

Java Boys. “Where’s Blair?”

Pickles rolled his fake blue

eyes. “Grounded due to your

make out session.” “Hey, we

got three days off and had the

best make out ever!” Pickles

shook his head no. “Look,

you’ve got to leave that boy

alone.” Pickles knew Jordan

was all about Jordan and no

one else. He didn’t want to

see his best friend get hurt. “I

like him. He’s kind of cute.”

Pickles felt that it was best

not to let Jordan into his

circle of friends. He was

having a Miss Cleo moment.

He could see what his life

would be like with the two of

them dating and Blair falling

in love with Jordan. Blair

would then force him to go to

every water polo match to

see Jordan play. He would

watch Jordan grow bored of

Blair, as his new plaything,

and dump him for another

boy like Jordan always does.

Jordan has a short shelf life

when it comes to dating.

Pickles would then be left

picking up the pieces and

helping Blair get over him. It

would result in endless hours

of crying and eating

cupcakes at Java Boys.

Pickles decided that he was

not going to let his best

friend get hurt. Pickles took

Jordan’s hand. "Look

sweetie, I doubt he will want

to see you after the trouble

you caused.” Jordan took his

hand away. “I think he likes

me.” “Come on, let’s be real

Jordan. You only like

yourself and nothing else

matters to you.” Jordan

stood up, and as he turned

and walked away, he

bumped into Luke Roberts

causing him to spill his iced

tea on his school uniform.

“Great, now I have to go

home and change.” Jordan

had a look of glee on his face.

“Sorry Roberts, you need to

look where you’re going.”

Jordan started to walk away

and stopped when Luke

yelled out, “I’m surprised

they are letting you back in

school.” Jordan walked over

to Luke and got into his face.

“My team needs me, that’s

why.” Luke laughed. “Yeah,

we’ll see if a little whore like

you can perform. Oh wait

you did at the dance!” Jordan

pushed Luke, who fell back

against Daniel’s table.

Steve, the owner of Java

Boys, yelled out “Take it

outside boys.” Pickles

quietly got up and stood

between them. “Boys, let

this go, this is not a place to

fight.” Luke looked at

Jordan. “Yeah, he’s right,

this is not the way to settle

this matter.” Jordan pushes

past him and goes out into

the parking lot. Carlo runs

over to Pickles. “I didn’t

know you were so macho,

poppy.” Pickles puts his arm

around Carlo. “Can someone

get me my purse?” Next

time: Find out what happens

to Blair. Is there a future for

Blair and Jordan?

Father of the Year – by Brett

Butler My friends have been

encouraging me to date

again. My ex and me parted

ways many years ago, when

my son was a baby, but now

he’s twelve. I have not been

out there in the dating world

since I was young and before

fatherhood. All my friends

are telling me to get out there

and start to date since my son

is getting older and my life

seems to revolve around the

monthly PTA meetings and

gossiping with the other

mothers. My best friend got

me to join GROWLr. I took a

very nice picture of my face

with a big smile. I then

noticed that all the other

guys’ pictures were of

armpits, nipples, and yes

cock. I decided to keep my

smiling picture up as I was

determined to enter the

dating world again. The next

day, when my son came

home from school, I was

washing dishes and he yelled

out “Dad what’s this

GROWLr game you

downloaded on my phone?”

I dropped the dish I was

holding and ran out of the

kitchen. “Give me that

phone”, I yelled. He handed

it to me and I quickly deleted

the app. I handed the phone

back to him. “It’s an adult

game”, I explained. He

shrugged his shoulders and

threw his book bag down and

turned on the television. I

went back to washing dishes.

The moral of the story is that

when you download an app,

make sure it does not end up

on your child’s phone if both

phones are synced to the

same account. I guess I won't

be getting the Father of the

Year Award this year.

Homesick for The Valley of

The Damned (Part 1) - a

Script by Brett Butler




Lucas (17) stands at his

locker in his football jersey.

He has a wooden rosary

around his neck with a silver

cross on it. He has a tattoo on

his right arm of Jesus on the


Nadine (17) leans against the

locker across from him in her

cheerleader outfit. She has a

gold cross around her neck.


Where were you last night,

babe? You know I needed to

talk to you.

Lucas closes his locker.


You know my folks wouldn't

let me out. My mother did

one of her home Bible study

classes for my brothers and



I really need to talk to you.


We can hang later, babe.

What did you think of my

winning run?


That's why everyone loves


Lucas looks at his watch.


I've got to motor, babe. Some

of the guys want to talk to me

about the upcoming game.

We've got to keep the

winning streak going.

Lucas kisses Nadine.


We really need to talk. I went

to the doctor and...


Not now. I've got to go.

Lucas runs off.

Nadine puts her right hand

on her stomach.




Lucas enters and runs

towards the back to see

Tommy who sits on the


Tommy pushes the send

button on his phone and

stands. Tommy puts the

phone in his pocket. Tommy

is a lean young man with

thick blond hair.


Tom-tom I missed you. You

look hot!

The two boys kiss. Lucas

pulls Tommy's body close to

his and squeezes him. Lucas'

hand grabs Tommy's crotch.

Tommy pushes Lucas away.


Are you crazy? This is



You're all I think about. I

jerked off reliving what we

did last night in the shower.

Speaking of showers.

Lucas points to the shower



Are you fucking nuts? We

can get caught.


No way dude, there's no gym

class until the third period.

Lucas pushes Tommy up

against the lockers as they

kiss. Tommy pulls Lucas'

shirt off and kisses his neck.

Lucas undoes Tommy's

pants. Tommy pushes Lucas

away from him.


No, this can't happen again,

you have a fucking



So, she doesn't suspect

anything. You don't know

her anyway.

Tommy has a confused look

on his face.


Brett Butler


Eric Schleicher




Mary Mantione


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