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Tales From<br />

Wilton Manors<br />

Zine<br />

3 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>04</strong>)

Beefy Daddy I saw him on<br />

the drive. I didn’t even know<br />

his name, but when I saw him<br />

he was like a drug. I had to<br />

have this big, Beefy Daddy. I<br />

did all my poses to show off<br />

my best assets. I could tell he<br />

was interested, so I followed<br />

him into the bar. Oh, did I<br />

forget to tell you, I was on a<br />

date. I really just wanted to<br />

hook up and get fucked, but<br />

my date wanted to get to<br />

know me and for me to get to<br />

know him. That was bullshit,<br />

since all I wanted to know<br />

tonight was what Beefy<br />

Daddy looked like naked. I<br />

dragged my date into the bar.<br />

He just went on endlessly<br />

about his job and life. I was<br />

drooling over the sight of<br />

Beefy Daddy. I wondered<br />

how hairy his chest was or if<br />

he had a hairy ass. My date<br />

was still going on about<br />

family and other shit that I<br />

could care less about. If he

were smart, he would have<br />

taken me home and fucked<br />

me instead of this holding<br />

hands and talking shit. Beefy<br />

Daddy was finally checking<br />

me out. I gave him a smile<br />

and he gave me a nod. Then<br />

that fucking date guy took<br />

my hand, so Beefy Daddy<br />

turned away. Dam, how do I<br />

get rid of this guy. He just<br />

wants me to go for coffee and<br />

talk. Who does he think he is,<br />

my therapist? Can’t he tell<br />

that I am cruising some guy<br />

right in front of him? I<br />

wondered how big Beefy<br />

Daddy’s dick was and what<br />

he smelled like. I kept<br />

looking at him, but he did not<br />

seem interested, since he<br />

realized that I was with<br />

someone. I couldn’t fake<br />

getting sick, since I would<br />

have to leave and lose Beefy<br />

Daddy’s trail. I smiled at my<br />

date as I watched Beefy

Daddy’s every move in the<br />

mirror on the wall. Does this<br />

guy ever shut the fuck up?<br />

He goes on and on. Oh, by<br />

the way, I already forgot his<br />

name. Doesn’t he know I am<br />

just a big whore? I saw Beefy<br />

Daddy head toward the<br />

bathroom. This was my<br />

chance. I followed him in.<br />

He was washing his big<br />

hands as I leaned against the<br />

sink. He smiled and I smiled<br />

back. He grabbed me and we<br />

started to kiss. I ran my hand<br />

down to his cock, which I felt<br />

through his jeans. We left the<br />

bar together as what’s his<br />

name watched in shock.<br />

Beefy Daddy took me to his<br />

place, took off all his and my<br />

clothes, and had his way with<br />

me. In other words, we<br />

fucked like two dogs in heat.<br />

He was everything I could<br />

ever imagine. When we were<br />

done, I was covered in his

sweat. I just wanted to lay<br />

next to him all night and talk.<br />

But the next second he<br />

grabbed my clothes and<br />

threw them at me and told me<br />

to get out. I was shocked. I<br />

had sex with Beefy Daddy<br />

and he wouldn’t even let me<br />

take a shower. I did the walk<br />

of shame, but I wasn’t<br />

ashamed. Two weeks later, I<br />

walked into the bar and saw<br />

Beefy Daddy. He was on a<br />

date with that same guy I<br />

dumped to have sex with<br />

him. They were holding<br />

hands and both of them gave<br />

me attitude. All I can say is<br />

that Beefy Daddy’s dick<br />

wasn’t that big and I’ve had<br />

better. Ok, I am lying. The<br />

sex was so good. Oh, wait,<br />

there’s a guy at the bar with a<br />

thick beard. I have to have<br />

thick beard guy…

Catholic School Boys In<br />

Trouble (Part 3) The Dance –<br />

by Brett Butler So, I am on<br />

lock down and I mean prison<br />

style, with no phone,<br />

computer, or television. At<br />

this point, I am surprised<br />

they let me go to the<br />

bathroom. So what did I do to<br />

become a prisoner in my<br />

parents’ house? It all started<br />

with the dance. I told Jordan<br />

that I would go to the dance<br />

with him. In some way, I<br />

thought his plan to make<br />

Luke Roberts jealous could<br />

work. Pickles was totally<br />

against this idea. In bible<br />

study, Pickles pointed his<br />

finger in my face. “Don’t do<br />

this, he’s trouble.” I rolled<br />

my eyes as I stared at Luke<br />

reading his bible. Pickles<br />

turned and looked at Luke.<br />

“Look, this school boy crush<br />

is turning into an obsession.”<br />

He was right. I was

ecoming obsessed with<br />

Luke. I was making wedding<br />

albums with our faces,<br />

dreaming of us going off to<br />

college together, getting<br />

married, and adopting a baby<br />

or having a baby with our<br />

lesbian friend. At this point,<br />

Pickles slapped me. It hurt; I<br />

put my hand on my face.<br />

“You hit me.” “Girl I had to;<br />

you needed to wake up!”<br />

Lucky for him, Sister Mary<br />

Kate was so old, deaf, and<br />

blind in one eye, that she did<br />

not notice he slapped me. “I<br />

know, but I think Jordan is<br />

right.” Pickles leaned back<br />

in his chair. “Blair, that boy<br />

always has his own agenda.”<br />

The bell rang as I pondered<br />

what Pickles told me. Maybe<br />

he was right. As I walked<br />

down the hall, I was not<br />

looking where I was going<br />

and bumped into my ex,<br />

Daniel. He looked at me.

Welcome to Th

Barbie won't be back<br />

until tomorrow, so we<br />

have all night! Don't<br />

Stop!<br />

e Doll House

“Oh, dear, I heard you have<br />

no date for the dance.”<br />

Daniel was so happy to rub in<br />

my face that I was single and<br />

he was dating. “Sorry to<br />

disappoint you. I am going<br />

with Jordan.” Daniel<br />

laughed. “Isn’t he out of your<br />

league?” I was getting mad,<br />

but Pickles came over and<br />

could see what was going on.<br />

“Daniel” Pickle’s rudely<br />

said. Daniel wiped the hair<br />

out of his eyes. “Sugar, I just<br />

heard Blair was going to the<br />

dance with your left overs.” I<br />

looked at Pickles. “Don’t<br />

sugar me, I never dated<br />

Jordan.” “Keep telling<br />

yourself that sugar!” Daniel<br />

turned around and walked<br />

away with his gang of teenage<br />

drag queens. Pickles<br />

went to reach for Daniel, but<br />

I pulled him back. So I<br />

decided to go to the dance<br />

with Jordan anyway. Jordan

couldn’t pick me up because<br />

my parents would freak out.<br />

I was strangely attracted to<br />

him. He was cute. The theme<br />

of the dance was The Rose.<br />

The whole gym was<br />

decorated in red. Now let me<br />

tell you something about my<br />

school: there are straight<br />

boys here but me and Pickles<br />

ignore them. So there were<br />

girls dancing with boys and<br />

boys dancing with boys. The<br />

sisters monitored everyone<br />

to see that there were no<br />

hands below the waist.<br />

Pickles came with his date,<br />

Carlo, who went, may I dare<br />

say, to public school. Pickles<br />

has a thing for Spanish boys.<br />

Pickles was dressed in a red<br />

suit and he dyed his hair<br />

blond. I had on a black suit<br />

and Jordan was in a grey<br />

pinstripe suit. I noticed<br />

Daniel almost drop his<br />

punch when he saw me with

Jordan. Jordan and I danced<br />

and I saw Luke keep looking<br />

at us. “It’s working” I told<br />

Jordan. Jordan took my<br />

hand. “It’s time for phase<br />

two.” Jordan led me to the<br />

locker room. This was the<br />

make out section for the<br />

dances. I have never been<br />

here. I looked for Pickles for<br />

help but did not see him. In<br />

the dark locker room, Jordan<br />

started to kiss me. Now I’ve<br />

kissed boys before, but never<br />

like this. Jordan’s hands<br />

were all over me. Next thing<br />

I knew my jacket was off.<br />

My God, both of our shirts<br />

were off. All I could<br />

remember was that he<br />

smelled like Ivory soap and<br />

cheap body spray. As<br />

Jordan’s hands were headed<br />

to below the waist, the lights<br />

came on. Sister Mary Equine<br />

stood shaking her head. “Get<br />

dressed boys!” The next

thing I know, I was in the<br />

principal’s office with my<br />

parents. It was all a blur. The<br />

principal explained it had<br />

nothing to do with me being<br />

caught with another boy, but<br />

that we had broken the below<br />

the waist rule, so we were<br />

both suspended for three<br />

days. My parents made me<br />

wait out in the hall as they<br />

pleaded to not suspend me.<br />

Pickles came running up the<br />

hall. “Girl, you’ve got a<br />

reputation and not the good<br />

kind.” Just then, my parents<br />

came out and dragged me to<br />

my new prison. I can’t help<br />

thinking about Jordan and<br />

how much I like him. But<br />

was Pickles right? Did<br />

Jordan have his own agenda<br />

in the locker room? What if<br />

the sister had not come when<br />

she did, how far would I have<br />

gone? All I know is that I<br />

now have a reputation.

My mother told me that they<br />

are thinking about sending<br />

me to military school. So I<br />

don’t know if I will ever see<br />

Pickles, Jordan, or Luke<br />

again. I sit in my room<br />

waiting for my parent’s<br />

verdict. It’s like General<br />

Hospital when AJ was on<br />

trial for killing Connie. I’ve<br />

been suspended for three<br />

days, so at the end of this, I<br />

will either go back to school<br />

or away to military school.<br />

Next time: Will Blair be sent<br />

to military school? What’s<br />

the deal with Jordan? Is Luke<br />

ready to come out? Will<br />

Pickles need a new best<br />

friend or will he follow Blair<br />

to a new school?

y Randy Strebing

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Brett Butler<br />

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Eric Schleicher<br />

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