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Tales From

Wilton Manors


5 (2015-06)

Catholic School Boys In

Trouble (Part 5) – by Brett

Butler When I returned to

school, Pickles ran and

hugged me. It was truly nice

to be back. I was still

conflicted over my feelings

for Jordan. Pickles explained

to me that I am only attracted

to Jordan because he’s a bad

boy. Could I want a bad boy

instead of the angel, Luke

Roberts? I found out all I had

missed while in my parent’s

prison. Pickles couldn’t wait

to grab me and take me into

an empty room to tell me the

biggest news of all. He sat

me down. “Jordan moved

on,” he told me. “Already.” I

was confused about that,

because our make out

session was still in my after

midnight dreams. “But girl,

guess who he’s with now?”

Pickles had that evil grin on

his face. All I could think

about was that he had moved

on with, my god should I

even say it out loud, Luke

Roberts. I feared that the two

most popular boys in school

had joined forces and rule the

school. It could be hot. “So

tell me.” Pickles rolled his

fake blues eyes as he

announced “Your ex

Daniel!” I almost fell off the

chair I was sitting on. I

couldn’t believe Jordan and

Daniel my ex are now

together! The bell rang and

Pickles and me went to Bible

Study class. I could not stop

thinking about Jordan and

Daniel. It made no sense. As

Sister Wilma gave back our

term papers, I saw that

Pickles received an A and I

got an F. That’s because I

wrote about how the Bible

really never finished Eve’s

story. I really wanted to

know about what happened

to her. Was there a page

missing? I feared having to

spend the summer retaking

this class, and not being able

to go to an all boys sports

camp my parents were going

to send me to, in an effort to

butch me up. As I thought

about it some more, I

realized that summer school

was not really a bad idea after

all. As I walked to class, I

saw Jordan coming towards

me. But the strangest thing

happened when Luke

Roberts jumped in front of

me. I melted as I stared at his

perfect blue eyes and his

never out of place blond hair.

“Sister tells me that you need

help with Bible study.”

“Yes, I am failing,” I replied

trying to stay calm. Luke

leaned against the locker. “I

can tutor you. Meet me at

Java Boys after school.” I

may be Jewish, but I was

praising Jesus, because I

may finally be getting the

boy of my dreams. “Sure I

appreciate the help.” Luke

touched my shoulder and I

almost fainted. “No

problem. I’ll get you to

pass.” As I watched Luke

walk away, I wanted to

scream out with joy. At

lunch, I asked Pickles what

he thought about Luke

offering to tutor me. “Girl,

it’s a date.” I started to sweat.

“No, you think he likes me.”

Pickles took a slip of his iced

tea. “I hate to say it, but

Jordan’s little plan worked

out.” Just then, Jordan came

in and sat at our table. Pickles

was annoyed. “Glad you’re

back. Sorry you got in

trouble,” he said with a

million dollar smile. I felt

weak in the knees. Why am I

so drawn to this guy? “No

problem, your plan worked.”

Jordan looked surprised.

Pickles smiled. “Yeah he’s

going on a date after school

with Luke.” “No, not a date,”

I added. Daniel came over.

“Come on sugar. I made you

a power shake.” Jordan got

up and left with Daniel. I

looked at Pickles. “I hate

him.” “Girl, I told you Jordan

was a slut.” “No, not Jordan.

I hate Daniel. He’s only

dating Jordan to get back at

me.” Pickles reached across

the table and took my hand.

“Now listen, you’re so close

to getting Luke. Don’t let

Jordan and Daniel get in the

way of that.” I pulled my

hand away, because I still

have feelings for Jordan. It

was like Maxie on General

Hospital when she wanted

Levi, but she was drawn to

that sexy detective West.

She was torn, and so was I. I

wanted Luke, but I wanted to

continue my make out

sessions with Jordan. The bell

rang and Pickles and me

headed to English. Next time:

Is it a date or a tutoring

s e s s i o n ?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Father of the Year (Part 2) My

Past Mistakes - by Brett Butler

In my prime years, I was a

broke, starving college

student. I effortlessly worked

on my first novel. It was a true

love story of boy meets boy,

boy loses boy, and gets the boy

in the end. I studied writing,

went to class, and worked two

jobs. I was struggling. I

needed a big break or some

money to get me through the

next few months, so I could

finish my classes and become

the famous writer I always

wanted to be. I was cute back

in 1983. I could get anyone I

wanted, but I was so focused

on my writing and finishing

school that I let a

Trouble in the D

Zine 2 (2

Welcome To T

A Tales From Wilton

he Doll House

Manors Publication



lot of men get away. As I

continued to struggle, my

good friend Ira offered me a

way out of my financial

situation. With his offer, I

could make enough money

to quit one of my jobs, and

have more time to study and

write my book. There was

one problem, though; it was

a job making porn. I was

twenty something and no

prude. I looked at my naked

body in the mirror. I looked

good enough and Ira told me

that nobody would ever

know it was me. I would

have a porn name and it

would be one little scene in

this movie. So I did it, but I

never did it again, even

though I was offered a bigger

role in the video company’s

next movie. I made the

money I needed and never

told anyone of my one-day

porn shoot. I made sure Ira

never told a soul. Well there

was one problem with that.

When the video came out,

they used a picture of me on

the front cover. The movie

was called “Pump It Up” and

under my picture it stated,

“this guy will Pump It Up.” I

was flattered and horrified.

Ira told me that I should be

proud, but my little secret

was out and for years my

friends would tease me about

it. I even kept this little

detour in porn from my

husband to his dying day. He

never knew of my porn past.

Let’s flash-forward to the

present. I kept that video box

cover hidden in my closet. I

received a call from my son’s

school requesting that I

come in right away. With a

twelve year old, you never

know what to expect. My son

is a good boy, but he can be a

little hell raiser at times.

I raced to my son’s school

and sat in the principal’s

office waiting to find out

what kind of trouble my son

got into now. The principal

explained that my son was

bragging to the other

students that I was a movie

star and he pulled out the

video box cover for Pump It

Up! I almost died. Did I

mention my son goes to a

catholic school? I explained

to the principal that he must

have gone through my closet

to find that. I grabbed the box

cover and left. I knew my

seat on the PTA was gone

and couldn’t help but

remember that old song

“Harper Valley PTA” as I

left the building. I called Ira

and told him what happened

and and he laughed since he

had forgotten about my porn

past. As I drove home, I

thought I shouldn’t be mad at

my son. He was proud of

me and just wanted to show

me off. I felt kind of proud

about that, but I knew again

that I wouldn’t be the

Father of the Year. ======

Homesick for The Valley

of The Damned (Part 2) - a

Script by Brett Butler


You're gay like me. Why

can't you admit you're gay?

Lucas is angry as he shoves

Tommy into the lockers.

Tommy falls to the floor.

Lucas balls up his fist and

punches the lockers.


I am not gay. I am nothing

like you. I like pussy too.

Say that again and I will

beat the shit out of you.

Lucas helps Tommy up.


Last night you told me that

you loved me.

Lucas smiles.


I do love you. You don't


Tommy walks over to

Lucas and hugs him.

Lucas (Cont’d)

I have an image to protect.

Tommy steps backwards.

Tommy has a confused

look on his face.


So where do I fit in?


We can hook up on the

side, like last week and last

night. No one has to know

our little secret.

Tommy runs his right hand

through his blond hair.


You mean your dirty little


Lucas shakes his head no.

Tommy (Cont'd)

I am your little fuck buddy

on the side. When Nadine

won't blow you, you

coming running to me.

Lucas' face turns red.


Don't mention her name!

You're not my fuck buddy.

I never loved someone like



Why? You don't want to

think about what this would

do to her?

Lucas grabs Tommy and

starts to kiss him.


We are wasting time. I am

so horny.

Lucas pulls Tommy's shirt

off. Tommy undoes Lucas'

pants. Tommy kisses Lucas'

chest and then sucks his



He doesn't like his nipples

sucked, just his cock.

Tommy is in horror as

Nadine stands there with

her hands on her hips.


Brett Butler


Eric Schleicher

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