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Tales From<br />

Wilton Manors<br />

Zine<br />

5 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>06</strong>)

Catholic School Boys In<br />

Trouble (Part 5) – by Brett<br />

Butler When I returned to<br />

school, Pickles ran and<br />

hugged me. It was truly nice<br />

to be back. I was still<br />

conflicted over my feelings<br />

for Jordan. Pickles explained<br />

to me that I am only attracted<br />

to Jordan because he’s a bad<br />

boy. Could I want a bad boy<br />

instead of the angel, Luke<br />

Roberts? I found out all I had<br />

missed while in my parent’s<br />

prison. Pickles couldn’t wait<br />

to grab me and take me into<br />

an empty room to tell me the<br />

biggest news of all. He sat<br />

me down. “Jordan moved<br />

on,” he told me. “Already.” I<br />

was confused about that,<br />

because our make out<br />

session was still in my after<br />

midnight dreams. “But girl,<br />

guess who he’s with now?”<br />

Pickles had that evil grin on<br />

his face. All I could think

about was that he had moved<br />

on with, my god should I<br />

even say it out loud, Luke<br />

Roberts. I feared that the two<br />

most popular boys in school<br />

had joined forces and rule the<br />

school. It could be hot. “So<br />

tell me.” Pickles rolled his<br />

fake blues eyes as he<br />

announced “Your ex<br />

Daniel!” I almost fell off the<br />

chair I was sitting on. I<br />

couldn’t believe Jordan and<br />

Daniel my ex are now<br />

together! The bell rang and<br />

Pickles and me went to Bible<br />

Study class. I could not stop<br />

thinking about Jordan and<br />

Daniel. It made no sense. As<br />

Sister Wilma gave back our<br />

term papers, I saw that<br />

Pickles received an A and I<br />

got an F. That’s because I<br />

wrote about how the Bible<br />

really never finished Eve’s<br />

story. I really wanted to<br />

know about what happened

to her. Was there a page<br />

missing? I feared having to<br />

spend the summer retaking<br />

this class, and not being able<br />

to go to an all boys sports<br />

camp my parents were going<br />

to send me to, in an effort to<br />

butch me up. As I thought<br />

about it some more, I<br />

realized that summer school<br />

was not really a bad idea after<br />

all. As I walked to class, I<br />

saw Jordan coming towards<br />

me. But the strangest thing<br />

happened when Luke<br />

Roberts jumped in front of<br />

me. I melted as I stared at his<br />

perfect blue eyes and his<br />

never out of place blond hair.<br />

“Sister tells me that you need<br />

help with Bible study.”<br />

“Yes, I am failing,” I replied<br />

trying to stay calm. Luke<br />

leaned against the locker. “I<br />

can tutor you. Meet me at<br />

Java Boys after school.” I<br />

may be Jewish, but I was

praising Jesus, because I<br />

may finally be getting the<br />

boy of my dreams. “Sure I<br />

appreciate the help.” Luke<br />

touched my shoulder and I<br />

almost fainted. “No<br />

problem. I’ll get you to<br />

pass.” As I watched Luke<br />

walk away, I wanted to<br />

scream out with joy. At<br />

lunch, I asked Pickles what<br />

he thought about Luke<br />

offering to tutor me. “Girl,<br />

it’s a date.” I started to sweat.<br />

“No, you think he likes me.”<br />

Pickles took a slip of his iced<br />

tea. “I hate to say it, but<br />

Jordan’s little plan worked<br />

out.” Just then, Jordan came<br />

in and sat at our table. Pickles<br />

was annoyed. “Glad you’re<br />

back. Sorry you got in<br />

trouble,” he said with a<br />

million dollar smile. I felt<br />

weak in the knees. Why am I<br />

so drawn to this guy? “No<br />

problem, your plan worked.”

Jordan looked surprised.<br />

Pickles smiled. “Yeah he’s<br />

going on a date after school<br />

with Luke.” “No, not a date,”<br />

I added. Daniel came over.<br />

“Come on sugar. I made you<br />

a power shake.” Jordan got<br />

up and left with Daniel. I<br />

looked at Pickles. “I hate<br />

him.” “Girl, I told you Jordan<br />

was a slut.” “No, not Jordan.<br />

I hate Daniel. He’s only<br />

dating Jordan to get back at<br />

me.” Pickles reached across<br />

the table and took my hand.<br />

“Now listen, you’re so close<br />

to getting Luke. Don’t let<br />

Jordan and Daniel get in the<br />

way of that.” I pulled my<br />

hand away, because I still<br />

have feelings for Jordan. It<br />

was like Maxie on General<br />

Hospital when she wanted<br />

Levi, but she was drawn to<br />

that sexy detective West.<br />

She was torn, and so was I. I<br />

wanted Luke, but I wanted to

continue my make out<br />

sessions with Jordan. The bell<br />

rang and Pickles and me<br />

headed to English. Next time:<br />

Is it a date or a tutoring<br />

s e s s i o n ?<br />

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =<br />

Father of the Year (Part 2) My<br />

Past Mistakes - by Brett Butler<br />

In my prime years, I was a<br />

broke, starving college<br />

student. I effortlessly worked<br />

on my first novel. It was a true<br />

love story of boy meets boy,<br />

boy loses boy, and gets the boy<br />

in the end. I studied writing,<br />

went to class, and worked two<br />

jobs. I was struggling. I<br />

needed a big break or some<br />

money to get me through the<br />

next few months, so I could<br />

finish my classes and become<br />

the famous writer I always<br />

wanted to be. I was cute back<br />

in 1983. I could get anyone I<br />

wanted, but I was so focused<br />

on my writing and finishing<br />

school that I let a

Trouble in the D<br />

Zine 2 (2<br />

Welcome To T<br />

A Tales From Wilton

he Doll House<br />

Manors Publication<br />

reamhouse!!!<br />


lot of men get away. As I<br />

continued to struggle, my<br />

good friend Ira offered me a<br />

way out of my financial<br />

situation. With his offer, I<br />

could make enough money<br />

to quit one of my jobs, and<br />

have more time to study and<br />

write my book. There was<br />

one problem, though; it was<br />

a job making porn. I was<br />

twenty something and no<br />

prude. I looked at my naked<br />

body in the mirror. I looked<br />

good enough and Ira told me<br />

that nobody would ever<br />

know it was me. I would<br />

have a porn name and it<br />

would be one little scene in<br />

this movie. So I did it, but I<br />

never did it again, even<br />

though I was offered a bigger<br />

role in the video company’s<br />

next movie. I made the<br />

money I needed and never<br />

told anyone of my one-day<br />

porn shoot. I made sure Ira

never told a soul. Well there<br />

was one problem with that.<br />

When the video came out,<br />

they used a picture of me on<br />

the front cover. The movie<br />

was called “Pump It Up” and<br />

under my picture it stated,<br />

“this guy will Pump It Up.” I<br />

was flattered and horrified.<br />

Ira told me that I should be<br />

proud, but my little secret<br />

was out and for years my<br />

friends would tease me about<br />

it. I even kept this little<br />

detour in porn from my<br />

husband to his dying day. He<br />

never knew of my porn past.<br />

Let’s flash-forward to the<br />

present. I kept that video box<br />

cover hidden in my closet. I<br />

received a call from my son’s<br />

school requesting that I<br />

come in right away. With a<br />

twelve year old, you never<br />

know what to expect. My son<br />

is a good boy, but he can be a<br />

little hell raiser at times.

I raced to my son’s school<br />

and sat in the principal’s<br />

office waiting to find out<br />

what kind of trouble my son<br />

got into now. The principal<br />

explained that my son was<br />

bragging to the other<br />

students that I was a movie<br />

star and he pulled out the<br />

video box cover for Pump It<br />

Up! I almost died. Did I<br />

mention my son goes to a<br />

catholic school? I explained<br />

to the principal that he must<br />

have gone through my closet<br />

to find that. I grabbed the box<br />

cover and left. I knew my<br />

seat on the PTA was gone<br />

and couldn’t help but<br />

remember that old song<br />

“Harper Valley PTA” as I<br />

left the building. I called Ira<br />

and told him what happened<br />

and and he laughed since he<br />

had forgotten about my porn<br />

past. As I drove home, I<br />

thought I shouldn’t be mad at

my son. He was proud of<br />

me and just wanted to show<br />

me off. I felt kind of proud<br />

about that, but I knew again<br />

that I wouldn’t be the<br />

Father of the Year. ======<br />

Homesick for The Valley<br />

of The Damned (Part 2) - a<br />

Script by Brett Butler<br />

Tommy<br />

You're gay like me. Why<br />

can't you admit you're gay?<br />

Lucas is angry as he shoves<br />

Tommy into the lockers.<br />

Tommy falls to the floor.<br />

Lucas balls up his fist and<br />

punches the lockers.<br />

Lucas<br />

I am not gay. I am nothing<br />

like you. I like pussy too.<br />

Say that again and I will<br />

beat the shit out of you.<br />

Lucas helps Tommy up.<br />

Tommy<br />

Last night you told me that<br />

you loved me.<br />

Lucas smiles.

Lucas<br />

I do love you. You don't<br />

understand.<br />

Tommy walks over to<br />

Lucas and hugs him.<br />

Lucas (Cont’d)<br />

I have an image to protect.<br />

Tommy steps backwards.<br />

Tommy has a confused<br />

look on his face.<br />

Tommy<br />

So where do I fit in?<br />

Lucas<br />

We can hook up on the<br />

side, like last week and last<br />

night. No one has to know<br />

our little secret.<br />

Tommy runs his right hand<br />

through his blond hair.<br />

Tommy<br />

You mean your dirty little<br />

secret.<br />

Lucas shakes his head no.<br />

Tommy (Cont'd)<br />

I am your little fuck buddy<br />

on the side. When Nadine<br />

won't blow you, you

coming running to me.<br />

Lucas' face turns red.<br />

Lucas<br />

Don't mention her name!<br />

You're not my fuck buddy.<br />

I never loved someone like<br />

you.<br />

Tommy<br />

Why? You don't want to<br />

think about what this would<br />

do to her?<br />

Lucas grabs Tommy and<br />

starts to kiss him.<br />

Lucas<br />

We are wasting time. I am<br />

so horny.<br />

Lucas pulls Tommy's shirt<br />

off. Tommy undoes Lucas'<br />

pants. Tommy kisses Lucas'<br />

chest and then sucks his<br />

nipples.<br />

Nadine<br />

He doesn't like his nipples<br />

sucked, just his cock.<br />

Tommy is in horror as<br />

Nadine stands there with<br />

her hands on her hips.

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