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Tales From

Wilton Manors


10 (2015-11/12)

Never Goes Away – Poem

by Abdul Batin Bey

I feel as if my life is


So let this be my last


A suicide note to nobody

All of my life I’ve

wrestled with this feeling

A nagging urge that never

goes away

No matter what I


This feeling never goes


I close myself off

Shut down the outside

Why can’t I breathe like

everyone else?

A nagging urge that never

goes away

No matter what I


This feeling never goes


I want to destroy this

image of God

Even though I’ll never be


Repeating the event for all


I’m white knuckling life

Clinging to the essence

inside me

My cross I must bear it

All of my life I’ve

wrestled with this feeling

A nagging urge that never

goes away

No matter what I


This feeling never goes


Never goes away

Never goes away

Never goes away

Never ever goes away.

Catholic School Boys In

Trouble (Part 9) Back To

School Senior Year - Short

Story Series by Brett Butler

This should be the best year

of my life, but instead it is

the worst. All I can say is

that Pickles is happy since

he has his Louie and they

are going steady. I never

thought I’d see the day that

Pickles would be with one

boy. He was always dating

different boys and moving

around from boy to boy.

But to quote him at lunch,

“Sweetie I am in love!” I

just rolled my eyes as Luke

Roberts walked by me and

didn’t even look at me.

Jordan just totally ignored

me even though we were in

three classes together. To

make matters worse, this

lunch period I just wanted

to vomit the Chicken

Nuggets Sister Mary

Margaret had made for us.

Daniel came over with his

gang of teen-age drag

queens. “Well sugar, it

seems you lost the two most

popular boys in the school”,

Daniel said with a big smile

on his face. His gang of

boys just giggled in the

background. “I will

recover”, I said with

confidence, even though I

knew I was falling apart

inside. “I don’t think so

since you are the lowest on

the social ladder. I

shouldn’t even be speaking

to you.” Daniel and his

gang walked away. He was

right. I was on the low end

of the social ladder. Pickles

was my only friend. Even

Louie didn’t like me. I had

to do something. So I got up

and walked over to Luke.

“We need to talk”, I told

him. I could see in his

angelic face that Luke was

still hurt over Jordan and

me. “There’s nothing to

talk about”, he said. “I am

sorry if I hurt you”, I said.

Luke ran his hand through

his thick blond hair. “Hurt

me, you’re not even my

type, get over yourself.”

Luke pushed me out of the

way and went back into the

lunchroom. I fell against

the brink wall. Jordan came

out of the shadows. “Are

you going to say you’re

sorry to me”, he said as he

got in my face. He made me

so mad. I grabbed Jordan

and started to kiss him.

“PUTA”, Louie yelled out

as he and Pickles came out

of the lunchroom. Jordan

looked at me. My face was

red. I wanted him. I wanted

my bad boy back, not Luke

Roberts. Just as Jordan was

going to say something, the

bell rang and Sister Mary

Lucy came out and made us

go back in the building for

our next class. Louie came

over to me. “You PUTA,

can’t keep it in your pants.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to

figure out my next move.

Wilton Landing – Short Story b

“Ira, get out of here”, Robert y

living room window. “What? I’m

said, holding a tube of hair gel

“Look at that little twink whore

for work and Juan the maintena

“Stop being so nosey”, Ira said.

they wanted it to be a secret they

God, that Juan is hot. Juan’s a nic

with anyone who bends over.” I

and rubbed some gel in his hands

hair. “So you have a coffee da

turned around. “Indeed I do an

friend knows this doctor’s aun

mother.” “That sounds complic

Grossman” Ira laughed ,“Grossm

boy.” “What about Juan”, Ira as

I don’t like muscle guys with ta

summer in South Beach?” Rober

over Ira’s mouth. “We never s

doorbell rang. Ira opened the do

and holding his toolbox. “I got a

said, as he entered the living ro

which is down the hall on the left

towards Robert’s room.“God, w

said pointing to his head. “Who c

man.” Ira and Robert both watc

The end

y Brett Butler

elled, standing in front of the

trying to do my hair here”, Ira

and a comb in his hand.

, Devon. His boyfriend just left

nce man is doing him.”

Robert turned to Ira. “Why? If

should have closed the blinds.

e guy Rob.” “God Ira, he sleeps

ra sat on the white leather sofa

and applied it to his short black

te tonight”, Ira asked. Robert

d he’s a doctor. My mother’s

t who lives next door to his

ated. What’s his name?” “Josh

an?” “Hey, he’s a nice Jewish

ked, trying to fix his hair. “Ira,

ttoos.” “Really, what about last

t ran over to Ira and put his hand

peak about last summer.” The

or to see Juan covered in sweat

request to fix the shower”, Juan

om. Yeah, the one in my room

”, Robert told him. Juan walked

ould you look at my hair”, Ira

ares, he’s only the maintenance

h as Juan entered the bedroom.

Homesick for The Valley of

The Damned (Final Part 3) -

Script Series by Brett Butler

Tommy picks up his shirt and

puts it on. NADINE (CONT'D)

I warned you about this

happening again. Lucas looks

down at the grey cement floor.

TOMMY Again? What the fuck

does that mean? NADINE You

think you're the first boy I

caught him with. Lucas looks at

Nadine. Tommy looks at Lucas.

TOMMY You told me I was

the first. NADINE You're just

one of ten boys he's stuck his

dick into. LUCAS SHUT UP

BITCH! TOMMY You lied to

me. There have been others?

LUCAS Yes, they meant

nothing to me. It was just sex.

Lucas walks over to Tommy

and strokes his cheek. Tommy

pulls away from him.

NADINE Please! He tells all of

them that line. You're just a

player Lucas; the last boy was

from South High. LUCAS

Maybe we need to break up

then. So I can do what I want.


You do that and I'll tell

Mommy and Daddy what you

really do in the shower room

after the big game. LUCAS

You wouldn't. Nadine laughs

with a big smile on her face.

NADINE I've had enough of

these boy sluts of yours.

Tommy stands between Lucas

and Nadine. TOMMY Are you

calling me a slut? He lied. He

used me. I did not go after him.

He made a play for me.

NADINE Whatever! You

queers can't seem to keep it in

your pants anyway. You're all

going to hell in the end. Nadine

walks over to Tommy and spits

in his face. Nadine looks at

Lucas. LUCAS You jealous

little bitch. He's ten times better

than you ever were. Tommy

wipes the spit from his face.

LUCAS (CONT'D) If you tell

my parents, you know they'll

send me away to Sheep Hill.

NADINE Maybe that's what

you need to be cured. It worked

for Ronnie, remember him?


You're both fucking crazy. This

is over Lucas. I never would

have done this if I knew about

the other guys. NADINE Hello?

I am his girlfriend. TOMMY

No! You both are too fucked

up. I am out of here. You used

me like the others. NADINE

Before you go. Nadine points

her finger at Tommy. NADINE

(CONT'D) You must never

speak of this. Got it? You see

him and you turn your queer

eyes the other way. Or else!

TOMMY Or else what

NADINE Or else, I will make

sure; you get beaten up every

day until graduation by the

football team. Furthermore, you

will become a social outcast

and no one, not even the freaks,

will talk to you. Got it


What? Lucas buttons his pants

and buckles his belt. He then

puts his shirt on. LUCAS What

do mean? What did you do?

TOMMY I knew you were

playing me. I sent out a video

of us doing it, and a picture of

your dick showing your face

too to the whole student body.

Lucas punches Tommy in the

face. Tommy falls to the floor.

Lucas kicks him in the gut.

Tommy wipes the blood from

his nose with his hand.

TOMMY (CONT'D) You feel

like a man now! NADINE I am

going to be sick. Nadine runs

out of the locker room. LUCAS

Why, did you do this? I will

end up at Sheep Hill. Tommy

stands. He uses a tissue in his

pocket to wipe more blood from

his nose. TOMMY Because that

last guy you fucked from South

High was my ex-boyfriend.

Lucas falls to his knees. He

holds his cross. TOMMY

(CONT'D) No God is going to

save your image now. LUCAS

You used me? I loved you.

TOMMY You only love your

precious image. Nadine walks

in and helps Lucas up and hugs

him. Lucas sobs. Nadine looks

at Tommy. NADINE Get out of

here queer boy! I can fix this,

babe. Don't worry. Tommy

walks out of the locker room.

Nadine puts Lucas' hand on her

stomach. The class bell rings.


(An Original Screenplay)

eBook Excerpt




DONALD (25), overweight,

with thinning hair and bad skin,

walks out of the ocean with

seaweed stuck in his chest hair.

DONALD (V.O.) I hate

beautiful people. Beautiful

people go into the ocean and

come out with water glistening

on their perfect bodies. EXT.


stands as a bus passes and his

hat flies off. Donald chases it.


beautiful people wear a hat, it

never falls off. EXT. FLOPPY


The sign of the bar blinks with

a giant, neon penis that goes

from erect to flaccid. Donald

stands under the sign as

muscular, shirtless men walk

by. DONALD (V.O.) I need to

take one of the beautiful people

home with me now.

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