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Tales From<br />

Wilton Manors<br />

Zine<br />

10 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>11</strong>/<strong>12</strong>)

Never Goes Away – Poem<br />

by Abdul Batin Bey<br />

I feel as if my life is<br />

empty<br />

So let this be my last<br />

testament<br />

A suicide note to nobody<br />

All of my life I’ve<br />

wrestled with this feeling<br />

A nagging urge that never<br />

goes away<br />

No matter what I<br />

accomplish<br />

This feeling never goes<br />

away<br />

I close myself off<br />

Shut down the outside<br />

Why can’t I breathe like<br />

everyone else?<br />

A nagging urge that never<br />

goes away<br />

No matter what I<br />

accomplish<br />

This feeling never goes<br />


I want to destroy this<br />

image of God<br />

Even though I’ll never be<br />

forgiving<br />

Repeating the event for all<br />

eternity<br />

I’m white knuckling life<br />

Clinging to the essence<br />

inside me<br />

My cross I must bear it<br />

All of my life I’ve<br />

wrestled with this feeling<br />

A nagging urge that never<br />

goes away<br />

No matter what I<br />

accomplish<br />

This feeling never goes<br />

away<br />

Never goes away<br />

Never goes away<br />

Never goes away<br />

Never ever goes away.

Catholic School Boys In<br />

Trouble (Part 9) Back To<br />

School Senior Year - Short<br />

Story Series by Brett Butler<br />

This should be the best year<br />

of my life, but instead it is<br />

the worst. All I can say is<br />

that Pickles is happy since<br />

he has his Louie and they<br />

are going steady. I never<br />

thought I’d see the day that<br />

Pickles would be with one<br />

boy. He was always dating<br />

different boys and moving<br />

around from boy to boy.<br />

But to quote him at lunch,<br />

“Sweetie I am in love!” I<br />

just rolled my eyes as Luke<br />

Roberts walked by me and<br />

didn’t even look at me.<br />

Jordan just totally ignored<br />

me even though we were in<br />

three classes together. To<br />

make matters worse, this<br />

lunch period I just wanted

to vomit the Chicken<br />

Nuggets Sister Mary<br />

Margaret had made for us.<br />

Daniel came over with his<br />

gang of teen-age drag<br />

queens. “Well sugar, it<br />

seems you lost the two most<br />

popular boys in the school”,<br />

Daniel said with a big smile<br />

on his face. His gang of<br />

boys just giggled in the<br />

background. “I will<br />

recover”, I said with<br />

confidence, even though I<br />

knew I was falling apart<br />

inside. “I don’t think so<br />

since you are the lowest on<br />

the social ladder. I<br />

shouldn’t even be speaking<br />

to you.” Daniel and his<br />

gang walked away. He was<br />

right. I was on the low end<br />

of the social ladder. Pickles<br />

was my only friend. Even<br />

Louie didn’t like me. I had

to do something. So I got up<br />

and walked over to Luke.<br />

“We need to talk”, I told<br />

him. I could see in his<br />

angelic face that Luke was<br />

still hurt over Jordan and<br />

me. “There’s nothing to<br />

talk about”, he said. “I am<br />

sorry if I hurt you”, I said.<br />

Luke ran his hand through<br />

his thick blond hair. “Hurt<br />

me, you’re not even my<br />

type, get over yourself.”<br />

Luke pushed me out of the<br />

way and went back into the<br />

lunchroom. I fell against<br />

the brink wall. Jordan came<br />

out of the shadows. “Are<br />

you going to say you’re<br />

sorry to me”, he said as he<br />

got in my face. He made me<br />

so mad. I grabbed Jordan<br />

and started to kiss him.<br />

“PUTA”, Louie yelled out<br />

as he and Pickles came out

of the lunchroom. Jordan<br />

looked at me. My face was<br />

red. I wanted him. I wanted<br />

my bad boy back, not Luke<br />

Roberts. Just as Jordan was<br />

going to say something, the<br />

bell rang and Sister Mary<br />

Lucy came out and made us<br />

go back in the building for<br />

our next class. Louie came<br />

over to me. “You PUTA,<br />

can’t keep it in your pants.”<br />

I rolled my eyes and tried to<br />

figure out my next move.

Wilton Landing – Short Story b<br />

“Ira, get out of here”, Robert y<br />

living room window. “What? I’m<br />

said, holding a tube of hair gel<br />

“Look at that little twink whore<br />

for work and Juan the maintena<br />

“Stop being so nosey”, Ira said.<br />

they wanted it to be a secret they<br />

God, that Juan is hot. Juan’s a nic<br />

with anyone who bends over.” I<br />

and rubbed some gel in his hands<br />

hair. “So you have a coffee da<br />

turned around. “Indeed I do an<br />

friend knows this doctor’s aun<br />

mother.” “That sounds complic<br />

Grossman” Ira laughed ,“Grossm<br />

boy.” “What about Juan”, Ira as<br />

I don’t like muscle guys with ta<br />

summer in South Beach?” Rober<br />

over Ira’s mouth. “We never s<br />

doorbell rang. Ira opened the do<br />

and holding his toolbox. “I got a<br />

said, as he entered the living ro<br />

which is down the hall on the left<br />

towards Robert’s room.“God, w<br />

said pointing to his head. “Who c<br />

man.” Ira and Robert both watc<br />

The end

y Brett Butler<br />

elled, standing in front of the<br />

trying to do my hair here”, Ira<br />

and a comb in his hand.<br />

, Devon. His boyfriend just left<br />

nce man is doing him.”<br />

Robert turned to Ira. “Why? If<br />

should have closed the blinds.<br />

e guy Rob.” “God Ira, he sleeps<br />

ra sat on the white leather sofa<br />

and applied it to his short black<br />

te tonight”, Ira asked. Robert<br />

d he’s a doctor. My mother’s<br />

t who lives next door to his<br />

ated. What’s his name?” “Josh<br />

an?” “Hey, he’s a nice Jewish<br />

ked, trying to fix his hair. “Ira,<br />

ttoos.” “Really, what about last<br />

t ran over to Ira and put his hand<br />

peak about last summer.” The<br />

or to see Juan covered in sweat<br />

request to fix the shower”, Juan<br />

om. Yeah, the one in my room<br />

”, Robert told him. Juan walked<br />

ould you look at my hair”, Ira<br />

ares, he’s only the maintenance<br />

h as Juan entered the bedroom.

Homesick for The Valley of<br />

The Damned (Final Part 3) -<br />

Script Series by Brett Butler<br />

Tommy picks up his shirt and<br />

puts it on. NADINE (CONT'D)<br />

I warned you about this<br />

happening again. Lucas looks<br />

down at the grey cement floor.<br />

TOMMY Again? What the fuck<br />

does that mean? NADINE You<br />

think you're the first boy I<br />

caught him with. Lucas looks at<br />

Nadine. Tommy looks at Lucas.<br />

TOMMY You told me I was<br />

the first. NADINE You're just<br />

one of ten boys he's stuck his<br />

dick into. LUCAS SHUT UP<br />

BITCH! TOMMY You lied to<br />

me. There have been others?<br />

LUCAS Yes, they meant<br />

nothing to me. It was just sex.<br />

Lucas walks over to Tommy<br />

and strokes his cheek. Tommy<br />

pulls away from him.<br />

NADINE Please! He tells all of<br />

them that line. You're just a<br />

player Lucas; the last boy was<br />

from South High. LUCAS<br />

Maybe we need to break up<br />

then. So I can do what I want.<br />


You do that and I'll tell<br />

Mommy and Daddy what you<br />

really do in the shower room<br />

after the big game. LUCAS<br />

You wouldn't. Nadine laughs<br />

with a big smile on her face.<br />

NADINE I've had enough of<br />

these boy sluts of yours.<br />

Tommy stands between Lucas<br />

and Nadine. TOMMY Are you<br />

calling me a slut? He lied. He<br />

used me. I did not go after him.<br />

He made a play for me.<br />

NADINE Whatever! You<br />

queers can't seem to keep it in<br />

your pants anyway. You're all<br />

going to hell in the end. Nadine<br />

walks over to Tommy and spits<br />

in his face. Nadine looks at<br />

Lucas. LUCAS You jealous<br />

little bitch. He's ten times better<br />

than you ever were. Tommy<br />

wipes the spit from his face.<br />

LUCAS (CONT'D) If you tell<br />

my parents, you know they'll<br />

send me away to Sheep Hill.<br />

NADINE Maybe that's what<br />

you need to be cured. It worked<br />

for Ronnie, remember him?<br />

TOMMY<br />

You're both fucking crazy. This

is over Lucas. I never would<br />

have done this if I knew about<br />

the other guys. NADINE Hello?<br />

I am his girlfriend. TOMMY<br />

No! You both are too fucked<br />

up. I am out of here. You used<br />

me like the others. NADINE<br />

Before you go. Nadine points<br />

her finger at Tommy. NADINE<br />

(CONT'D) You must never<br />

speak of this. Got it? You see<br />

him and you turn your queer<br />

eyes the other way. Or else!<br />

TOMMY Or else what<br />

NADINE Or else, I will make<br />

sure; you get beaten up every<br />

day until graduation by the<br />

football team. Furthermore, you<br />

will become a social outcast<br />

and no one, not even the freaks,<br />

will talk to you. Got it<br />

TOMMY Too late! NADINE<br />

What? Lucas buttons his pants<br />

and buckles his belt. He then<br />

puts his shirt on. LUCAS What<br />

do mean? What did you do?<br />

TOMMY I knew you were<br />

playing me. I sent out a video<br />

of us doing it, and a picture of<br />

your dick showing your face<br />

too to the whole student body.

Lucas punches Tommy in the<br />

face. Tommy falls to the floor.<br />

Lucas kicks him in the gut.<br />

Tommy wipes the blood from<br />

his nose with his hand.<br />

TOMMY (CONT'D) You feel<br />

like a man now! NADINE I am<br />

going to be sick. Nadine runs<br />

out of the locker room. LUCAS<br />

Why, did you do this? I will<br />

end up at Sheep Hill. Tommy<br />

stands. He uses a tissue in his<br />

pocket to wipe more blood from<br />

his nose. TOMMY Because that<br />

last guy you fucked from South<br />

High was my ex-boyfriend.<br />

Lucas falls to his knees. He<br />

holds his cross. TOMMY<br />

(CONT'D) No God is going to<br />

save your image now. LUCAS<br />

You used me? I loved you.<br />

TOMMY You only love your<br />

precious image. Nadine walks<br />

in and helps Lucas up and hugs<br />

him. Lucas sobs. Nadine looks<br />

at Tommy. NADINE Get out of<br />

here queer boy! I can fix this,<br />

babe. Don't worry. Tommy<br />

walks out of the locker room.<br />

Nadine puts Lucas' hand on her<br />

stomach. The class bell rings.


(An Original Screenplay)<br />

eBook Excerpt<br />




DONALD (25), overweight,<br />

with thinning hair and bad skin,<br />

walks out of the ocean with<br />

seaweed stuck in his chest hair.<br />

DONALD (V.O.) I hate<br />

beautiful people. Beautiful<br />

people go into the ocean and<br />

come out with water glistening<br />

on their perfect bodies. EXT.<br />

BUS STOP - DAY Donald<br />

stands as a bus passes and his<br />

hat flies off. Donald chases it.<br />

DONALD (V.O.)When<br />

beautiful people wear a hat, it<br />

never falls off. EXT. FLOPPY<br />


The sign of the bar blinks with<br />

a giant, neon penis that goes<br />

from erect to flaccid. Donald<br />

stands under the sign as<br />

muscular, shirtless men walk<br />

by. DONALD (V.O.) I need to<br />

take one of the beautiful people<br />

home with me now.

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