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Welcome To The Doll House<br />

A Tales From Wilton Manors Publication<br />

Phone Sex! Are<br />

you crazy Barbie?<br />

Goody! Phone<br />

Sex. Big Hairy<br />

Daddy! I'm in girl!<br />

Sorry! I am not<br />

that type of doll!<br />

Phone Sex!!!<br />

Zine 1 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>05</strong>)

You will do it Girls! Barbie Inc.<br />

needs money!<br />

What a Bitch!

You're such a<br />

Bitch!<br />

When can I start?<br />

I should have<br />

joined Monster<br />

High!<br />

You go Boy!

Hello! 1-800-Barbie Sex Line. Yes? You<br />

want Ken's S&M Chat Line? Please hold...<br />

That will be $10.95 a minute!<br />

Barbie is Evil!

Ken?<br />

Ken, spank me! I'm such a<br />

bad boy!

Yes Sir! Hit me again,<br />

Ken Sir! Spank me Sir!<br />

Seems Ken is into it!

Yes G.I. Joe! I've got those Bitch<br />

Dolls doing Phone Sex! We will<br />

be rich! Meet me at the Dream<br />

Dock!<br />

What a Tramp!

Phone Sex now!<br />

Next Sweat Shops!<br />

If the Kardashians<br />

got away with it,<br />

so can I!<br />

To Be Continued...<br />

Writer/Photographer/Publisher:<br />

Brett Butler<br />

Editor/Webmaster:<br />

Eric Schleicher<br />

talesfromwiltonmanors.weebly.com<br />


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