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Welcome To The Doll House<br />

A Tales From Wilton Manors Publication<br />

Behind Dream House Doors!!!<br />

Zine 3 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>07</strong>)

Behind Dream House Doors – by Brett Butler<br />

INT: Barbie’s Dream House – Bedroom – Day<br />

Barbie is getting ready for a trip with her daughter, I mean<br />

sister, Skipper. Barbie packs her pink suitcase. She walks<br />

over to Action Man and kisses his cheek as Skipper rolls her<br />

eyes.<br />

Barbie:<br />

Don’t miss me too much lover.<br />

Skipper:<br />

Mommy, I mean Barbie, we are going to miss our dream<br />

plane.<br />

Action Man:<br />

I will be counting the minutes until you return my hot, dirty<br />

doll.<br />

Barbie takes Skipper’s hand, grabs her pink suitcase, and<br />

leaves. Action Man walks over to the pink nightstand and<br />

dials a number. He has a smile on his face.<br />

Action Man:<br />

Bro, the bitch is gone.<br />

INT: Barbie’s Fitness Center – Day<br />

Action Man is in the gym working out shirtless.<br />

Action Man:

Can’t wait for my Bro to get here.<br />

INT: Barbie’s Fitness Center - Locker Room – Day<br />

Action Man and GI Joe are shirtless and making out against<br />

the lockers.<br />

Action Man:<br />

Don’t stop Bro, Barbie’s a cold doll in bed.<br />

INT: Barbie’s Dream House – Bathroom – Day<br />

Action Man and GI Joe are in the tub together. Barbie enters.<br />

Barbie:<br />

What the F___<br />

Action Man:<br />

It’s not what you think babe. He’s my Bro!<br />

Barbie:<br />

More like he’s your whore.<br />

GI Joe:<br />

Girl, no you didn’t.<br />

Action Man gets out of the pink bathtub. Barbie slaps Action<br />

Man’s face. Barbie looks at her empty, pink shampoo bottle<br />

on the floor.<br />

Barbie:<br />

You’re finished. You will be in the bargain bin at Big Lots

for this.<br />

Action Man:<br />

Please, not that! I’ll do anything!<br />

Action Man gets on his knees. Barbie gives him a cold stare<br />

and them smiles.<br />

INT: Barbie’s Burger Hut - Day<br />

Action Man is working at the hamburger place. He’s flipping<br />

burgers covered in sweat. GI Joe walks up to the counter.<br />

GI Joe:<br />

Sorry Bro, she’s really screwed you and not in the good way.<br />

Action Man:<br />

Don’t worry Bro. Being with you was worth it.<br />

Skipper enters. She has an evil smile on her face. She places<br />

a bunch of Barbie money on the counter.<br />

Skipper:<br />

Don’t worry boys. I can help you bring mommy bitch down.<br />

Action Man takes off his apron and he and GI Joe sit with<br />

Skipper at a table.<br />

The End?

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Brett Butler<br />

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Eric Schleicher<br />

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