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Welcome To The Doll House<br />

A Tales From Wilton Manors Publication<br />

Trouble In The Dreamhouse 2<br />

Zine 6 (<strong>2015</strong>-<strong>10</strong>)

I’ll Make You A Sandwich All Right (Part 2)<br />

The Aftermath<br />

-­‐ Short Story Series by DeAnna Majors<br />

Barbie sits at the table. Ken’s lifeless body still<br />

remains. Barbie snaps out of her reverie when she<br />

hears the chirp of the doorbell. It’s Skipper.<br />

“What the fuck, Barbie”, she asks. A cigarette dangles<br />

from her lips, as a toddler clings to her legs. Behind<br />

her, five more small children fight, fuss, and whine.<br />

“I said stop it dammit”, she exclaims.<br />

Barbie opens the door a little wider to let the brood<br />

in.<br />

“I just couldn’t do it anymore, Skip.”<br />

“I told you from the beginning that he was just a big<br />

douche bag. No one ever listens to Skipper though. If<br />

there was a Ph. D. in picking shitty men you know I’d<br />

have one from an Ivy League, sis.”<br />

They walk into the kitchen. Barbie sighs heavily as<br />

Skipper nudges Ken’s foot with the toe of her super<br />

slutty high heel shoe.

“Well you certainly did a number on him. Hey, I<br />

know who you can call. Dougie quit cutting your<br />

sister’s hair!”<br />

Barbie knows immediately whom Skipper is talking<br />

about. She takes a smoke from Skipper’s pack.<br />

“It’s been a long time. Do you really think he would<br />

come?”<br />

“Girl, that boy loves you like a fat kid loves cake. Of<br />

course he’ll come.”<br />

Skipper stamps out her cigarette into Ken’s palm.<br />

“I’ll make the call,” Skipper says as she retrieves the<br />

older kids and makes to work rolling Ken’s body up<br />

in one of the pretty, pink rugs.<br />

“No. I’ll call him.” Barbie scrunches up her pretty,<br />

plastic nose as she reaches for her phone. Barbie’s<br />

world is about to get a whole lot dirtier.<br />


Barbie scrubs at the walls and floors where Ken’s<br />

body bled out. The door bells chirps again.<br />

“Hey, Skip? Could you get that,” Barbie yells from the<br />

kitchen?<br />

After a few moments she senses a presence in the<br />

room. She looks up. Her breath catches in her throat.<br />

“Well...I...I...,” Barbie stammers. “So, how was it...?”<br />

“So how’s...,” Duke interrupts her. “Yeah.”<br />

Convicted of war crimes, the leader of the infamous<br />

mercenary group, G.I. Joe, has been in prison for the<br />

last five years. Barbie met Ken while he was in lock<br />

up, and she never looked back. Little did Barbie<br />

know, she had picked the greater of two evils.<br />


Barbie, Skipper, and Duke sit in Barbie’s, once again,<br />

clean, perfect, pretty, plastic kitchen. Barbie and<br />

Duke pretender to not notice, well, each other<br />

noticing the other. Skipper chain-­‐smokes.<br />

“Bastard had what was coming to him.”<br />

“It’s not pretty on the inside, Barbie,” Duke looks at<br />

Barbie with concern.<br />

“I guess it’s settled then.”<br />

Barbie is going on the run.<br />

----------<br />

It’s early. Barbie sits at the table. She glances around<br />

at her perfect Malibu dream house. Tears run down<br />

her pretty plastic face.<br />

Duke clears his throat as he enters the kitchen. “Are<br />

you ready?”<br />

“Let’s do this.”<br />

To Be Continued...

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