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There are a number of second hand markets in

Bangkok and these can offer some great finds

at low prices. Whilst traditional street markets

are very common in Bangkok, secondhand

markets may lie a little further afield. Visiting a

secondhand market in Bangkok can be an interesting

experience, as you may never know

what you might come across.

General second-hand markets sell anything

from used clothes and shoes to electronic items

such as mobile phones and computer equipment.

With the latter in mind, the Khlong Tom market,

that used to be based in many of the small sois

that run from the Corner of Worachak Road and

Chao Kamrop Road, had been running every

Saturday and Sunday and was a geeks paradise

as it was a specialist electronics second

hand market.

The market covered more than 20 sois in a grid

like pattern and it was jam packed with shoppers

and vendors alike. It was unofficially known as

the flashlight market since, not only could you

buy flashlights, but also you would need one to

see all the other merchandise on offer due to

the fact that it was not well lit in some places.

It seemed that anyone could camp down in the

streets and open up a stall and start selling.

However it has since been closed down due to

the chaos that it caused to traffic and residents

alike and many of the vendors have gone elsewhere.

One place where some of them headed to is the

Pattavikorn market on Nawamin road between

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009

Photo courtesy of

sois 70 and 72. This has a rich history as it used

to be an outdoor market but is now largely undercover.

The site has been developed over

time and it now covers a large area.

There are some permanent stall holders in the

central area and at the eastern end selling antiques,

bric a brac, shoes, and electronic items

such as digital cameras and hard to find memory

cards. On the western end there is a relatively

newly opened area where vendors can rent

space. Typically these are not necessarily regular

vendors but simply people having a clear

out and so it is here that you maybe able to find

some bargains.

Expect to see about 200 regular vendors in the

main market and another 150 private vendors

or so on the west side. The market is open daily

from about 2pm until 8pm, with the weekends

being the busiest time. You can reach Pattavikorn

market from Sukhumvit road by taking a

bus number 71 from Phra Khanong BTS and

riding it to the terminus. Alternatively ask a taxi

to go to the corner of Nawamin Road and Kaset-Nawamin

Road and this will be very close

to the site.

In the same area on the southern end of Kaset

Nawamin road is another large market which

comes alive at night and which has grown in

size relatively recently. It is directly opposite

“The Walk” shopping mall and is well lit and

well organized. However due to its size you will

likely need a good few hours to explore the entire

market. On offer are shoes, bags, clothes,

fashion items, electronics as well as some good

Thai food.

Another market gaining popularity is the Train

Night Market in Ratchada, which is located behind

the Esplanade shopping mall, an unmissable

landmark along that busy road. The market

opens at 5pm and closes at 1am and so patrons

and vendors alike can beat the daytime heat

and enjoy the market until late. On offer are

plenty of oddities and antiques, secondhand

items and some vintage items. The market is

also famous for its 3 food sois that serve up a

great variety of fresh food and drink. The size

of the market is such that it can be explored in

about 1 or 2 hours. The market is open daily

withe Friday and Saturday nights the busiest.

Rama 4 has a good market selling second hand

clothes, fashion accessories, and shoes near

to the Big C just south of the Khlong Toei junction.

For these kinds of goods you will likely find

that you can get a bargain and maybe even find

something that is quite unique! It is open every

day in the afternoons and evenings, with more

vendors appearing at the weekends.

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with 2 Houses in East Pattaya


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Photo courtesy of

For Reservations :

038 416 285


62/147 Moo 12, Thepprasit Soi 8, Nongprue,

Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

South Pattaya Rd.

Sukhumvit Rd.

Soi 17



3rd Road

Soi 8

Thepprasit Rd.

For Taxi: บลูโอลีฟ หมู่บ้านอัตถสิทธิ์ เทพประสิทธิ์ ซอย 8

one stop service

In these competitive times, the company that innovates and

nimbly adapts to the changing business landscape, stays ahead

of the pack. A balance of cutting edge technology, on trend

marketing and classic business expertise will ensure that your

company stays out in front. For custom-designed IT, Web &

Marketing Solutions that present your best to a wider audience,

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D8ii, a UK based technology research

and consultancy company

is getting ready to promote its

new head office in Bangkok as a

focal point for companies to gain

an edge in the mobile application

space. In November 2016 the

company moved its head office

from London to Bangkok in order

to take advantage of what it sees

as huge opportunities in the Asian


Founder and president, Mr.

Jayson Ho was quoted as saying,

“We want to promote Bangkok as

our global corporate headquarters

as another drive to help promote

Thailand as a hub for the digital

workforce in Asean.”

The UK still has a local office and

other locations with local offices

include the U.S., China and Hong

Kong. Thailand accounts for 30%

of the company’s customer base,

with the UK and U.S. accounting

for a similar 30% each. China

accounts for 10% of its customers.

Often called simply D8, the entity

is currently in the process of securing

a new wave of funding to

the tune of approximately US$3

million. The investors for this

round are Bangkok based investment

company Kuvera Group.

nine months and one year to its

employees as well as other IT

graduates. The scholarships will

be for the study of advance technologies.

With companies and other organizations

in Thailand increasingly

moving into the digital environment,

Mr. Ho sees good opportunities

going forward. The mobile

app market is also growing fast.

The global market is expected to

be worth US$98 billion by 2021,

more than double the US$48

billion reached in 2016.

Thailand, as a high growth country

in the app market, is expected

to provide good revenues. Mr.

Jayson Ho was quoted as saying,

“We expect the local mobile app

market to be worth hundreds of

millions of dollars per year.”

D8’s real expertise is its ability to

help companies to develop business

strategies by using new

technologies including specialist

areas such as virtual reality, digital

marketing and sophisticated

social media platforms. By creating

individual action plans based

on these technologies, D8 has

gained a good reputation to help

businesses implement their strategies

with a good level of success.

BitSiren 113/228 Anuphas Golf Ville Moo 7, T. Kathu, A. Kathu, Phuket 83120 Thailand

T +66 76 319 179 F +66 76 319 178 -

The proceeds of the funding are

expected to be received within the

next nine months and the money

will be used to fund future expansion

and to build a development

centre. D8 also plans to spend

around US$1.5 million to give

scholarship programs of between

Most of D8s customers are start

up companies in the fields of

healthcare, travel, finance, and

entertainment that need exactly

this kind of assistance. D8 expects

revenues to increase from US$1.1

million in 2016 to as much as

US$11 million by 2019.

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009

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classic Indian cooking



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“The Best Indian Food

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D.T. Consultant & Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.


99 Discount Travel (depuis 1988) Agent B.S.P. accredite I.A.T.A. (habilites par toutes les compagnies aeriennes

a vendre des billets aux passagers et aux autres agences de voyage) Changements de dates, confirmations,

Tours, Hotel reservations, oversea call, TGV, etc..

99 Passagers Sales Agent (P.S.A.) Broker exclusif Oman Air

99 Consultant Juridique et Specialistes Visas

99 Agence Immobiliere & Entreprise de construction, Design d’interieurs...

99 Services (de A ...a...Z...) Ouvert: 7jours/7/24H/24

Wat Chai

Mong Kol

2nd Rd.

South Pattaya Rd.

Joy Ko Hair Cut

VC Hotel

Soi Soi VC VC

99 D.T.

Parking V.C.


Soi Yensabai

Tel: (038) 713 713-5 | Fax: (038) 713 716


See full our services at

Pattaya Beach Rd.

Walking Street

492 Moo 10 Pratumnak Road, Pattaya Tai

Soi VC (Opposite VC Hotel)

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In the last issue in this series

looking at the ecommerce potential

of the AEC member states we

touched on the fact that many

analysts are looking at that potential

from a Western-centric viewpoint.

In this issue we’ll look at

why that may be flawed.

As noted previously, much of the

material for this series is based

on a lengthy article by Shenji Ho,

published in November last year.

Ho believes existing projections

about ecommerce valuations

should be looking more at what’s

been happening in China rather

than searching for answers from

the US, European and even the

Japanese models.

Ho believes ‘we should be expecting

high double-digit hypergrowth

similar to the one China

experienced over the last decade

instead of the more gradual yearon-year

progress of more legacy

ecommerce markets.’

Jack Ma, the founder and chairman

of Alibaba, is quoted as saying the

reason the ecommerce market

grew so big and so quickly across

China was simply because the

retail infrastructure was so bad.

Unlike the United States where

there are physical shops everywhere,

China virtually had none,

so ecommerce had a perfect

marketplace to start up.

Of course, Thailand has some of

the most high-end malls and department

stores to be found anywhere,

with Bangkok hosting the

likes of Central World and Paragon.

Yet once you get outside of

Bangkok, and even Pattaya and

Phuket, there’s much left to be

desired. While a city such as Surin,

for example, has seen some

tremendous growth in terms of

name-brand outlets opening up,

it is still very much a poor cousin

when it comes to what is available

in Bangkok.

According to recent data, Retail

Gross Floor Area (GFA) per capita

is 2,200 square metres in the US

versus 500 square metres in Thailand

(which is the same as China).

As Ho notes, ‘As a result, the

majority of consumers in Thailand

have no choice but to shop online,

especially those outside the bigger

cities. Based on aCommerce

aggregate numbers, 70 percent of

orders are from outside Bangkok.

Like in China, all this is expected

to accelerate ecommerce growth

at a much higher pace than in

legacy markets.’

Cash-on-delivery (COD) remains

the dominant payment method,

and data suggests around 74

percent of transactions around

the AEC member states are paid

through cash.

Notably, this is starting to change,

with many readers no doubt familiar

with local ecommerce company

Lazada and its easy COD

options. Lazada was acquired by

Alibaba and the new parent ‘is

executing its master plan to bring

Alipay and Ant Financial services

into the region.’

In the fourth and final issue we will

look at other factors which suggest

the AEC ecommerce market is

going to be a lot larger than many

might have expected.

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Thai Internet use is dominated by smartphone

access, with more than 90 percent of respondents

to a recent survey saying that they use

their smartphone to access the Internet. Just

over 50% of responders said they also use a

desktop computer and 24.9% said they use a

laptop. Tablets came in last place, scoring just

15%. Regardless of device, Thailand has one

of the most active Internet user bases in South

East Asia.

With smartphone use being increasingly an

important market for handset makers and bandwidth

service providers alike, it was noted that

different geographic regions had different rates

of usage. In Bangkok 70% of respondents used

smartphones, but in the provinces the rate fell

to 39%.

Even with such an active user base, only 43.8%

of the Thai population has a smartphone and

it is expected to take another three years for

smartphone penetration to reach the 50% mark.



Thailand’s Kasikornbank bank is looking to

expand into Indonesia next year. The entry is

expected to be by way of acquisitions and then

local branding. The bank is also eyeing up the

Myanmar and Vietnam markets but has kept

its priority with Indonesia as the market size is

much larger, indeed it is approximately triple the

size of the Thai market.

The plans have met some roadblocks, in particular

a requirement by the Indonesian government

for overseas banks to acquire at least one

local entity. However stronger banks are not

allowed to be bought in Indonesia, in order to

keep the local market competitive.

Kasikorn bank also plans to further expand into

Cambodia and Laos and is expected to open up

a branch in each of those countries by the end

of this year.

The Thai government has announced that it

will stop subsidising sugar production by the

end of the year and will further end its control of

domestic end user prices. The move comes after

WTO negotiations where Brazil pointed out that

the Thai sugar subsidy undermines global prices

and stops other countries from being able

to competitively supply the local market. The

move by the Thai government was in response

to Brazils complaint.

The administrative director at the Sugar and

Cane Producing Board, Buntin Kotesiri, was

quoted as saying, “Our new policy will be to

let the price of sugar match that of the global

markets whereas before it was under the control

of the Ministry of Agriculture. We expect

these changes to come into effect at the end

of the year during harvesting season”. Brazil is

the worlds largest sugar producer, and Thailand

is the world’s second largest.


Sea View Condo

at Jomtien Plaza Condotel

93 SQM

- that’s just

56,000 Baht

per sqm!

Jomtien Plaza Condotel is located on the first corner of Jomtien Beach Road.

This 93 Sqm, 8th floor, Oceanfront, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo comes

fully furnished with European kitchen and is in a foreign name. Covered parking.

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SALE PRICE 5.25 Million Baht

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“Bits n







alongside Creators Update. This

shows that Microsoft intends to

continue its trend of having two

updates supported at the same

time, just as currently users can

be running the November Update

or Anniversary Update versions of

Windows 10.

Windows 10 was introduced on

July 29, 2015 and received its first

major update, the aptly named

November Update, in November

2015. The next update, Anniversary

Update, arrived in August,

and then the Creators Update

is expected in April 2017. (Creator

versions of Windows are not

available to the general public but

released to organizations who

develop third party programs and

applications for Windows)

The rumor mill has long projected

that a third update, codenamed

Redstone 3, is coming at some

point in late 2017. Now, Microsoft

has finally confirmed that a third

update is indeed scheduled for

this year, as part of a presentation

at its Ignite 2017 event in Australia.

It was announced that a “Second

Update in 2017” will be coming

sometime later in the year. As

usual, there will be a “feedback”

period during which, presumably,

the update is provided to Windows

Insiders for testing. Then, a

pilot phase will occur, presumably

when a final build is more thoroughly

tested — likely similar to

the feature-complete Creators

Update version that Windows Insiders

are currently testing.

Then, the as-yet-unnamed update

will be released and will run

As a refresher, Anniversary Update

brought a host of new features

and functionality to Windows 10,

including enhanced Windows Ink,

an improved Windows Hello experience,

a smarter Cortana, and

a more useful Action Center and

notifications system.

Creators Update will be focused

on enhanced Windows 10 gaming,

improved 3D support, and

Windows Holographic for low-cost

VR headsets.

Redstone 3 is expected to bring

the My People feature (a new

taskbar area that would allow you

to instantly communicate with

your favorite contacts, share documents,

send emoji’s and more)

that Microsoft has pulled from the

April 2017 Creators Update, as

well as a new design language

codename Neon, and the beginnings

of support for Microsoft’s

Home Hub that will take on Amazon

Alexa and Google Home.

Information about other new features

in Redstone 3 have yet to

be made public, along with a release


So, watch this space! All I can

say is that when it is released it

is to be hoped that it does update

smoothly with minimal problems

to ordinary end users.


The specialists for bar, restaurant and entertainment systems

from B31,000 New Pc’s, PC repairs, CCTV and security systems

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on week days.

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Household and hotel clearances. Onsite Property & Charity Auction a specialty

Our Auction Wine Bar is

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Collingbourne Auctioneers

Soi Chaiyapruk 2, Nongprue, Pattaya, Chonburi, ailand.

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Tel: (+66) 038-076 234 Fax: (+66) 038-076 235


Delivery/Pick-up Service Available

Email: High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009


High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009

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NewspaperDirect Bangkok Gazette Pull-Out Section


2 3





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NewspaperDirect Bangkok Gazette Pull-Out Section






Soi 16


13 12 11

NewspaperDirect Bangkok Gazette Pull-Out Section


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Quail & Pigeon -

Game Bird Specialities

At Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana and its close-by sister restaurant Moom Talay, (both located just in front of Soi 6 and 7

on Pattaya beach road), you can find on offer some fantastic game bird specialities on the menu including quail and

pigeon. All of the produce comes from owner Luca’s own two farms. Birds are grown organically and not in cages.

This definitely makes a positive effect on the taste. Birds are also fed premium food and don’t receive antibiotics or

any other chemicals, so they are an all-natural slow grown product. At Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana the preparation and

cooking of the food is done in the traditional manner, just as it would have been from his part of the world, the

Toscany region of Italy. At Moom Talay you can find quails cooked in Thai style too.


The Italian QuagliaLa quail is a small bird often

used for food, both for its meat and for its eggs.

A typical quail is round and small, about twenty

centimeters in length and weighing around 100

grams. It is not synonymous with rock partidge.

Quail belongs to the Phasianidae family, sub

family perdicinae, Gender Coturnix, of the coturnix

Species. The binomial nomenclature of

Toscana’s local quail is Coturnix coturnix L.

The quail is a migratory bird and is quite widespread.

It can be found in Europe and in Asia

and is only absent in the arctic and subarctic

bands. In Autumn it moves to the equatorial

bands and in the spring returns to its origin

The quail feeds mainly on grains, insects and

sprouts. It has a number of natural predators

including birds of prey, foxes, cats and snakes.

The rise in the numbers of predators has lead

to a reduction of the quail population.

Quail is consumered by way of eggs or meat.

Consumption is gradually diminishing in italy

due to the changing food habits of the average

Italian. Even though it is considered as wild game

it does not need to be chilled or require a

marinade, but these can still be applied

espceially for wild specimens. Quails are consumed

usually as a whole bird. The edible part

represents about 67 per cent.

The most common cooking techniques include

browning and modest-brazing stewing (in the

pan or casserole possibly followed by baking).

Other cooking techniques include roasting in an

oven or on a spit, grilling and poaching. Look

for quail to often be served with vegetables, potatoes

or grains in pasta dishes such as risotto,

pasta or polenta.

Some considerations when preparing quail include

noting that the bird contains a high level

of purins which are unwanted items for people

who suffer from gout. Cholestorel content is

average. The quail meat is lean but not skinny.

Meat provided with skin is not considered to

not lead to an overley high level of fat intake.

Quail meet is high in protein and has no carbohydrates.

Total energy intake is moderate. Quail

provides good access to minerals such as iron

and vitamins such as niacin.

At Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana Quail is cooked

Cacciatora style, served with raw olives and

polenta, roasted or charcoal grilled.

Nutritional information

(per 100 g of edible portion)

Edible part 67.0%

Water 65.9g

25,0g proteins

Lipids 6.8g

Cholesterol 58.0mg

Energy 161,0kcal

Sodium 40.0mg

Potassium 175.0mg

Iron 1.5 mg

Phosphorus 200,0mg

Thiamine 0.08mg

Riboflavin 0.15 mg

Niacin 7.50mg








at Toscana


The pigeon, (domesticated pigeon), has been

one of the most common birds in traditional

Italian cuisine. Already it was appreciated in

the Middle Ages. The meat of the pigeon was

considered a delicacy, and was used as a bargaining

chip in trade negotiations.

The varieties of pigeon stem from their wild

cousin, which has more dark meat and is tasty.

The young pigeon or dove, reaches a weight

of about three ounces and has a very tender

flesh, almost white. Adult pigeons can weigh

up to a pound by four weeks of age. The typical

pigeon measures from 31 to 34 cm and weighs

between 180 and 335 grams. It feeds mainly

on cultivated and wild grain, and supplements

its diet with berries, snails, and other small


The female lays two eggs sporting a white shell

that hatch after 16-19 days of incubation by

both parents.

The pigeon is distinguished from all other birds

because it is able to suck up water, while others

must ingest by raising their heads.

The pigeon has very dark meat, which is particularly

valuable. The distinctive flavor makes it

suitable for wet preparations, where the use of

strong spices or seasonings are indispensable.

Pigeon meat contains a lot of protein and is low

in fat. It can be cooked roasted, or boiled.

Whether wild or domestic, the pigeon meat is

all the more delicious when the bird is young

because the meat is more tender and tasty.

From the nutritional point of view, the meat of

the pigeon is characterized by a high protein

content (17%) and by a limited intake of lipids

(7%). It is also characterized by high amounts

of iron (4.5 mg), phosphorus and potassium

(essential for the proper functioning of the

muscles and of the heart and for the

transmission of nerve impulses) and by

discrete quantities of vitamins of group B.

Since the flesh of the pigeon is not very thin, has

low lipids and low fat content, for some people

with digestive tract disorders or cardiovascular

problems. it may be not so easy to digest.

At Trattoria Pizzeria Toscana, pigeon is prepared

as either:

1) Ragu’ di Piccione (pigeon meat souce) to

be serve with home made pasta and most

of the time with Pappardelle Pasta which

is a home made duck or guinea fowl

eggs pasta.

2) Grilled pigeon

3) Roast pigeon

100 grams of raw pigeon meat on average

contains 142 calories and approximately:

• 72 g of water

• 17 g of protein

• 7.5 g of lipids

• 13 mg of calcium

• 4.5 mg of iron

• 25 mg of magnesium

• 307 mg of phosphorus

• 237 mg of potassium

• 51 mg of sodium

• 2.7 mg of zinc

• 7.2 mg of vitamin C

• 0.3 mg of thiamine (vitamin B1)

• 0.3 mg of riboflavin (vitamin B2)

• 6.8 mg of niacin (vitamin B3 or

• 0.5 mg of vitamin B6

• 7 micrograms of vitamin B9 or folic acid

• 0.47 micrograms of vitamin B12

• 28 micrograms of vitamin A retinol eq.

Trattoria Pizzeria TOSCANA Restaurant and

the Moom Talay Thai Restaurant are located on

Beach Road, Pattaya (between Soi 6 and

Soi 7). Telephone: 038 362 370;

Fax: 038 362 371;


For reservations:

Phone 081 861 3446.


High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009

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99 Services and DT (Discount Travel) is a onestop

place to go for all the various day-to-day

services that you may need during your time

in Thailand. It is one of the most trusted travel

agencies in Thailand with I.A.T.A accreditation –

one of only five operators in Chonburi - and for

this reason can handle flight reservations and

flight booking changes directly with airlines and

tour operators. 99 Services can also organize

entertainment tickets, island tours, private boat

hire, minibus and taxi services and limousine

bookings. It is one of only a few travel agents

open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are

very well respected among all airlines and other

travel suppliers and are well known for their

great professional staff.

But that’s not all. Other services covered include

visa assistance, work permits, company

registration, safety deposit boxes, postal services,

printing, property transaction assistance,

accounting services and translation amongst

many others.

99 Services’ office is located opposite the VC

hotel at the start of Pratumnak Road in south

Pattaya. VC hotel is very well known and the soi

next to it is often called Soi VC. It is within easy

reach of all of Pattaya and all of Jomtien as well.

The company has been long established and

is owned by Roland Gobert, a French expatriate

who previously owned the very popular My Office

travel agent and office services centre in Walking

street as well as the famous 19th Hole pool

bar and restaurant just opposite.

Roland has built up a valuable network of experts

over the last 30 years to add to his own

expertise that lies behind the large number of

services offered.

One important reason to go to 99 Services is

their ability to find the place that can provide

the best exchange rate for your money, which

in itself is well worth taking advantage of. Other

reasons to visit them are their hassle free

postal services, property maintenance services

whilst you are away (such as paying bills and

maintaining vital services), website design and

graphic design, professional printing services

(including business cards and letter heads) and

investment advice.

and shipping arrangements.

As for helping with your stay in Thailand, 99

Services can procure maid services, home help

and nursing services, air-conditioning maintenance

and installation services, gardening

services, car and motorbike rentals and tailor

made insurance policies to cover yourself and

your property.

For more information call them 038 713713-5 or

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Onsite, there are copying facilities and a range

of differently sized highly secure safety deposit

boxes with immediate access around the clock

so that you can secure your important documents

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leaving them in your hotel room or condo unit.

Their postal services cover everything from

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After hitting a high of 118.65 to the USD, the

Japanese Yen strengthened to 111.59 and

then had 2 retreats to the 115.50 mark before

moving back towards 112.84. This is a wide

range reflecting strong convictions from bulls

and bears alike. The bullish case would see

the Yen strengthen back to the 101 mark,

whilst the bearish case argues for a return to

118.65 and beyond towards 124.40, with recent

pullbacks simply viewed as consolidation

within a wider move. Against the Thai baht the

Yen remains in the 0.3 to 0.31 area.


The US Dollar vs. the Thai Baht exchange rate

has moderated very slightly from 35.4 to dip

below the 35 mark at 34.97. This represents

barely a 1% move and is mainly dollar based,

mirroring the slight weakening of the U.S Dollar

of late. The Dollar index, which did reach

a high of 104, has remained in the 100 to 101

range and looks set to fluctuate in this area for a

while. However whereas there was a dollar bull

run in the run up to the U.S election, this could

unwind and the US Dollar index might slip into

the mid to upper 90’s in due course. If the Thai

baht stays stable this could equate to a rate of

33.5/34 Thai baht per USD.

The British pound did manage to crawl off the

lows with a strong Brexit speech actually sparking

a rally from 42.5 to 44.5 Thai Baht to the

Pound, or from 1.22 to 1.27 to the US Dollar.

However the reality of a hard Brexit has set the

scene for bears to enter the fray bringing the

pound back into the range of 1.24 to 1.25 to the

USD, or around 43.5 to the Thai Baht. Outlook

remains mixed with the pound expected to remain

under pressure whilst at the same time

finding support above recent lows.

The Russian Rouble has remained stabled

and actually strengthening from recent levels

of 60 to the US Dollar towards 57.9. Continued

expectation of warmer ties between the

US and Russia have helped to support the

Rouble. Against the Thai Baht the Rouble is

fetching 0.595 baht and is expected to hover

around the 0.60 mark going forward as President

Trump’s relationship with President Putin

becomes clearer.

The Euro has recovered from the lows of

1.038 to the Dollar to move as high as 1.08

before dropping back into the 1.055 to 1.065

range. Talk of the Euro being “wrongly valued”

by Germany’s Merkel, and also mention of it

being undervalued by the Trump administration

may halt the currencies downward slide,

even if albeit temporarily. There are still plenty

of traders expecting parity sooner or later, but

it could well be that the 1.038 mark marks a

bottom for now. Against the Thai baht the Euro

is fetching 37.1 baht down from 37.6

High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 038 411 009

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A new combination transport card

that can be used on the capital’s

buses and trains is to start rolling

out in June 2017. It will be called

the Spider card and is expected

to become a solution of choice for

tourists and commuters alike.

Currently anyone using multiple

transport options has to buy tickets

for each part of their journey

on each of the respective transport

routes. The spider card will

make it more convenient for people

travelling on several forms of


The Spider card is expected to be

similar to the Oyster card that is

currently operating in London in

the UK, and which is accepted

on train, tube and bus services

throughout the capital. It has become

so popular that there is

even the possibility that the single

journey tickets may eventually

get phased out. Indeed on some

buses in London, cash is no longer

accepted and Oyster cards

are becoming the most preferred


In Bangkok the Spider card will be

available on 100 buses initially in

Bangkok out of the fleet of 2600

vehicles. The BTS sky train will

also start accepting the card in


The deputy permanent secretary

for transport, Mr. Peraphon Thawornsupacharoen

was quoted as

saying, “Initially the BMTA is likely

to adopt the ticketing system first,

followed by the BTS. The Airport

Rail Link will be next followed by

the Purple Line and the Blue Line

subway services. They all have

their own ticketing systems with

varying degrees of complexity.

Non-transport operators such as

convenience stores are also expected

to join in so that the Spider

card can also be used to make


Currently some stores such 7-11

have a simple debit card offering

that can be loaded with a certain

amount of credit and then used to

make purchases in store instead

of using cash. The cards can be

topped up by any amount at any

time the owner wishes to do so.

The Spider card is likely to be

used side by side these existing

offerings, but may replace them

over the course of time if it proves

to be successful and is used as

a preferred payment method by


As for the hardware to be put in

place, the system will use state

of the art electronic readers and

this is to be put in place on all the

buses and train services under a

five-year contract worth some 1.8

Billion baht. Bidding for the installation

is due to commence soon,

and will be overseen by the BMTA

who operates all of the city buses.

Although there are unlikely to be

any savings for card holders in

terms of cut price fares, the Spider

Card will make it much more

convenient to travel in the capital.




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These Sudoku puzzles are pitched at a middle level: not too easy,

and not too frustratingly hard, for the average person.

We will publish the solutions in next month’s issue.

Last months sudoku answers




1. A drink before a meal (8)

6. Work out a way to solve a problem (7)

2. A type of wine (5)

3. First name of actor

Moore (5)

8. Not now…(5)

4. Actor, usually in the

9. Star on officer’s shoulder showing rank (3)

theatre (8)

10. not hard at all (4)

5. Wealthy (8)

11. at the tail of the field (4)

13. plant with bright cup-shaped flowers (6)

7. little devil (3)

12. Observation Post (init) (2)

1 2




1. Who was the lead singer of the American band

Creedence Clearwater Revival?

2. Who was king of England from 1199 to 1216?

3. What was the first name of the author G.K. Chesterton?

4. Who was the first man to walk in space?

5. In what country would you find the Darling River?

6. What is the capital of the Solomon islands?




7. The song ‘Downeaster Alexa’ was a hit for which

US singer?

8. How many of the so-called Punic Wars were fought

between Rome and Carthage?



9. In which movie did Gregory Peck star as

Dr Josef Mengele?

10. In what British TV series did Rowan Atkinson star

as a senior British policeman?





1. John Fogarty 2. King John 3. Gerald 4. Alexei Leoniv 5. Australia 6. Honiara 7. Billy Joel

8. Three 9. Boys from Brazil 10. Thin Blue Line



ACROSS 1. Aperitif 6. Finagle 8. later 9. Pip 10. easy 11. last 13. tulips

DOWN 2. Pinot 3. Roger 4. Thespian 5. Affluent 7. Imp 12. OP

For information on the BANGKOK BUSINESS SUPPLEMENT Contact High Tower Co., Ltd. Tel: 089 249 2778

*The Bangkok Business Supplement is published by High Tower Co., Ltd.


Family Mart. The 7-11 mentioned above on

Soi 16 joined another 7-11 that’s about 200

meters away down that same soi and there’s

also a new Family Mart opening on Sukhumvit

Road right at the Nana BTS station and next

to the Q House condo being constructed. It

seems like there’s at least one 7-11 or Family

Mart on every soi and two or more on a lot of

them. At least you never have to walk far for

a hot dog.


We’ve been chronicling many of the new, large

development projects that have been ongoing

here in the Sukhumvit area in recent columns

but in addition to these projects there are also

many smaller changes being made constantly

in the sois of Sukhumvit.

For example, in Soi 16 there are several new

faces on the soi and others coming soon too.

The site of the Balee Lao restaurant which had

been a mainstay on the soi for years is now

being torn down to make way for something.

And up the soi towards Sukhumvit Road a relatively

new place, 16 Bites And Wine Bar looks

like it has recently expanded and seems to be

doing a good business and we heard that the

owners of Balee Lao may also be the owners

here. There’s a big brand new 7-11 near the

top of the soi close to the new hotel that finally

opened several months ago after several years

of construction also. And the Korean restaurant

that stood next to Family Mart is now gone too

with a For Rent sign out front.

And speaking of new projects, Soi 11’s latest

big development will start to take shape this

month as the tenants in the space that was sold

last year will be moving out this month to make

way for the wrecking ball. We’re still not sure

what will be going into this one-rai space but our

money is on a condo rather than a hotel.

Sometimes it seems like convenience stores

are taking over this area especially 7-11 and

It seems like the development that was

scheduled to take place on the corner of Soi

12 will be finally moving ahead at some point

in the not too distant future. The property had

been cleared of all the businesses except the

Insanity nightclub and V-8 Diner about 18

months or so ago. An office tower was supposed

to go in there with American Express

taking most of the space.

However, construction was held up since the

owner of the above mentioned businesses

supposedly decided they weren’t leaving and

pressure was applied to the property owners

to allow this to occur. Details are sketchy but

now the property has been sold to one of, if

not the largest, property development companies

in Bangkok and after a grace period the

development will move forward.

And just down the street Chuwit Park still sits

empty, closed to the public for nine months

now, and rumored to be for sale. Everybody

knows it’s going to happen. The only question

is when.

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