Ripcord Adventure Journal 2.4

Our final issue of volume 2 is quite a mixture of adventure and exploration of the world's polar regions, deserts, oceans, mountains and jungles. In our Guest Editorial, Leon McCarron ventures in to the hills of Jordan as part of his 1000-mile journey on foot, across the Middle East, when he encounters an unexpected musical interlude on a lonely hillside. Planning is essential for major expeditions, even more important to have several back-up plans in case the first one or two, or three do not pan out as expected. Mark Wood brings us behind the scenes of planning for a polar expedition. Technology in the classroom has been touted for more than 2 decades as the next big thing. Here, Joe Grabowski, whose nascent organisation "Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants" has demonstrated that indeed technology can be the medium by which exposure to new and exciting educational contexts can be brought in to the classroom from the real-life connections with explorers, conservationists and scientists in the field. Former Marine Commando, John Sullivan gives us an introduction to what it takes to survive in the desert using the skills and experience he has built up from his time in the forces, leading expeditions and working with film crews on location. What does it take to circumnavigate the globe on one's own, what drives an adventurer to take on and complete such demanding challenges? Erden Eruc takes us with him on his life's journey across oceans and continents. Finally, we catch up with emergency medical doctor Claire Grogan and Mark Hannaford of World Extreme Medicine to discuss the fast-paced world of extreme medicine.

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