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2016 EDITION vol.4 issue 15 DIGITAL

Haha Aya Ya I hear you

Haha Aya Ya I hear you breast minister! Heeeee! How hawk can take care of chicken? God save our women! I now understand bro Jesus saying a prophet is not respected in his village. I know even Jesus would have had the same problem in this Kata Kata village. Minister for breastfeeding? Why you not interested in oder job in de village? I leave! enemy of progress!! useless man!! Order! Agama, you like our breastfeeding work or you leave us! We talk serious something. So where Piccolo? Write our Breastfeed law. Breastfeeding law, you mean. Ok, here we go: 18 Kata kata cartoon magazine

Kata Kata Village Breastfeeding Law (KKVBL) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mothers must start breastfeeding within one hour after birth. No “Me, I tire now”. Breastfeeding must be as often as the child wants (day and night). Benefits of breastfeeding and the health risks of substitutes must be clearly stated. Kata Kata Village should not promote alternatives to breastfeeding. Pregnant women should not be given free samples of breastfeeding substitutes. Mothers must be encouraged to learn how to breatfeed, and the importance of breastfeeding. We must avoid using bottles or pacifiers for breastfeeding. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Breastfeeding mothers must be provided with a safe, clean and private place in or near their workplace for their breastfeeding. No He-Goat man is allowed to look at a breastfeeding woman for more than 1minute and 21 and half seconds. Kata Kata must discourage distribution of free or subsidized substitutes to health workers or facilities. Breastfeeding must continue even when solid food is administered to the baby until when the baby is married. Solid food should be given with a spoon or cup, not in a bottle or bucket; food should be clean and safe. No husband should ask his wife to do any domestic duty like cooking or serving his food while she is busy breastfeeding Babies must be given enough time to learn to eat solid foods. Any man who acts like a baby and disturbs the wife because he wants breastfeeding, himself must be forced to drink 24 litres of grinded chili pepper mixed with gorilla milk instead. EEEE! Even Trump will sign en stamp dis one with twenty three en half stamp. Oya, Piccolo, please send our breastfeeding law to WHO! End Kata kata cartoon magazine 19

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