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LIVE<br />

NOVEMBER 2017<br />

XBOX<br />

ONE S<br />

The Ultimate Games and 4K<br />

Entertainment System


Welcome to our special look at the<br />

Xbox One S. Yes a new Xbox One<br />

with the S on it sees a smaller, more<br />

modern looking console with more<br />

power on the graphics front, HDR<br />

gaming and of course that magical<br />

4K video. The unit also comes<br />

with a new controller that supports<br />

Bluetooth and a textured grip so long<br />

sessions are easier on the hands.<br />

Gone are the days of “my consoles’<br />

better then yours!” … no, today<br />

gamers are more like to own more<br />

then one gaming system, even if<br />

it’s a computer or mobile device.<br />

Gamers are simply that - gamers.<br />

It’s not just about the hardware, but<br />

the enjoyment of being immersed<br />

in a game. But a good system can<br />

greatly enhance your enjoyment of<br />

gaming and the Xbox One S has<br />

a bunch a great exclusives that<br />

you will enjoy, including games like<br />

Forza Horizon 3, reviewed as the<br />

most beautiful game on Xbox by The<br />

Guardian, with its high resolution<br />

graphics, HDR and speed, it’s an<br />

amazing experience. Gears of War 4<br />

has gotten great reviews and if you’re<br />

on Metacritic you’ll see it’s scored<br />

extremely highly by sits like IGN. Of<br />

course there’s Halo 5: Guardians<br />

which upscales beautifully to 4K.<br />

We hope you enjoy our guide to the<br />

Xbox One S, and with Christmas<br />

just around the corner we can’t think<br />

of a better family gift that will keep<br />

the whole family having fun over the<br />

summer holidays!<br />

Rob Jenkins<br />

Publisher<br />

Published by

XBOX ON<br />

Sleeker, Slimmer, Sh<br />

Introducing the new Xbox One S. Play<br />

the greatest games lineup, including<br />

Xbox 360 classics, on a 40% smaller<br />

console. Experience richer, more luminous<br />

colors in games and video<br />

with High Dynamic Range. Stream<br />

4K video on Netflix and watch UHD<br />

Blu-ray... movies in stunning 4K Ultra<br />

HD. Then get the enhanced<br />

comfort and feel of the new Xbox<br />

Wireless Controller, featuring textured<br />

grip and Bluetooth... technology.<br />

With all the biggest blockbusters<br />

this year, everything you loved<br />

about Xbox 360 is even better on<br />

Xbox One. Now $399 for the 500GB<br />

Xbox One S.<br />

*4K streaming with select apps, see xbox.com.<br />

Some apps require app provider-specific subscriptions<br />

and/or other requirements. See xbox.<br />

com/live. HDR functionality available with supported<br />

games and TVs. Xbox One Backward<br />

Compatibility feature works with select Xbox 360<br />

games, see http://www.xbox.com/backcompat.<br />

Xbox Live and broadband internet required for<br />

initial download of game to console.<br />

“Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature<br />

works with select Xbox 360 games, see<br />


E S:<br />


WHY 4K AN<br />


Take a walk into any store selling<br />

TVs and it you’ll see the selling point<br />

“4K” is all over the place. But what’s<br />

so good about 4K? Well for starters<br />

if you have a TV with 4K you’ve<br />

got four times the resolution of a<br />

traditional HD display. That means<br />

even sharper, clearer pictures. So<br />

while your current TV that is HD may<br />

have a resolution of 1920 vertical<br />

columns by 1080 horizontal, a 4K<br />

screen has 3840 by 2160 which is<br />

almost the same as cinema screens<br />

running “Cinema 4K”<br />

Watching 3D content that has been<br />

filmed using 4K cameras means that<br />

when the picture is split in two, then<br />

you wear the glasses to bring the<br />

movie into one screen, the resolution<br />

drops due to the splitting. But<br />

when content is made with 4K your<br />

resolution is much higher and so you<br />

still get HD images that are sharp<br />

and clear to watch.<br />

The new Xbox One S also has HDR<br />

which gives you a higher dynamic<br />

range when playing or watching.<br />

Simply put, the Xbox One S will have<br />

better details in dark areas and also<br />

in the very bright areas. Colours will<br />

be more true-to-life so all your viewing/playing<br />

experience will be much<br />

better.<br />

What about content? Well, glad you<br />

asked. 4K content is coming fast.<br />

Content streaming companies like<br />

Netflix will have 4K content coming<br />

to Australia real soon. So to with<br />

Amazon, who will soon have an app<br />

you can use to watch 4K content<br />

and subscribe to shows like the new<br />

Grand Tour featuring Clarkson, Hammond<br />

and May, which is filmed in 4K<br />

with HDR!<br />

In short the new system is future<br />

proof - better image quality, higher<br />

resolutions to match the new 4K (or<br />

Ultra HD) TVs that many of us will<br />

be buying or have already bought.<br />

Oh and it’s very affordable for a<br />

console with all this power… doing<br />

a quick scan of current 4K players,<br />

you would be paying (at the time of<br />

this article - October 2016) around<br />

$500, so an Xbox One S with a 4K<br />

player, games system and controller<br />

at the pricing we’ve seen is a very<br />

good buy!

D HDR<br />


4K television display with comparison of resolutions.

XBOX O<br />

What’s New!<br />


Xbox Assist is personalized to help<br />

you optimize your Xbox experience<br />

for the games you play and the way<br />

you play them. You’ll find guides to<br />

new features, how-to videos, suggestions<br />

for features that might be<br />

valuable to you and a lot more. You<br />

already know there are many ways<br />

to play with Xbox, and Xbox Assist<br />

will help you find and take advantage<br />

of even more.<br />

On top of getting the most out of<br />

your Xbox, Xbox Assist will provide<br />

personalized notifications and tips<br />

based on system, service and account<br />

status. For example, Xbox<br />

Assist can prompt you to take advantage<br />

of unclaimed benefits such<br />

as free game downloads; explain<br />

how to automatically download<br />

games so you can start playing<br />

as quickly as possible; remap<br />

buttons on your Elite controller so<br />

that you get the most out of it; and<br />

notify you if you are running out of<br />

storage space. Xbox Assist also<br />

enables you to easily browse<br />

support content and launch troubleshooters<br />

for common issues,<br />

directly from your console. And<br />

you’ll be able to check the status<br />

of Xbox Live services and know<br />

what’s going on with the features<br />

and services that matter to you.<br />

Read more at:<br />





The first Star Wars Battlefront got<br />

good reviews with sites like IGN,<br />

GameCritics and Play!Zine giving<br />

the game scores of 80% plus on<br />

Metacritic. The previews we’ve seen<br />

written up have been immensely<br />

positive and so this next iteration is<br />

a must for Star Wars fans!<br />

Master your own Star Wars hero’s<br />

journey.<br />

Embark on an endless Star Wars action<br />

experience from the bestselling<br />

Star Wars HD videogame franchise<br />

of all time.<br />

Rush through waves of enemies on<br />

Starkiller Base with the power of<br />

your lightsaber in your hands. Storm<br />

through the jungle canopy of a hidden<br />

Rebel base on Yavin 4 with your<br />

fellow troopers, dispensing firepower<br />

from AT-STs. Line up your X-wing<br />

squadron for an attack on a mammoth<br />

First Order Star Destroyer in<br />

space. Or rise as a new Star Wars<br />

hero - Iden, an elite Imperial special<br />

forces soldier - and discover an<br />

emotional and gripping single-player<br />

story spanning thirty years.<br />

Experience rich and living Star Wars<br />

multiplayer battlegrounds across all<br />

three eras: prequel, classic, and new<br />

trilogy. Customize and upgrade your<br />

heroes, starfighters, or troopers,<br />

each with unique abilities to exploit<br />

in battle. Ride tauntauns or take control<br />

of tanks and speeders. Down<br />

Star Destroyers the size of cities,<br />

use the Force to prove your worth<br />

against iconic characters such as<br />

Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, or Han Solo,<br />

as you play a part in a gaming experience<br />

inspired by 40 years of timeless<br />

Star Wars films.<br />

You can become the master of your<br />

own Star Wars hero’s journey.<br />

A New Hero, a Story Untold<br />

Jump into the boots of an elite special<br />

forces soldier, equally lethal on<br />

the ground and space, in an emotionally<br />

gripping new Star Wars campaign<br />

that spans over 30 years and<br />

bridges events between the films’<br />

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and<br />

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.<br />

The Ultimate Star Wars Battleground<br />

A Star Wars multiplayer universe<br />

unmatched in variety and breadth<br />

where up to 40 players fight as iconic<br />

heroes, authentic-to-era troopers<br />

and in a massive array of vehicles on<br />

land and in the air - as battle rages<br />

through the galaxy.<br />

Galactic-Scale Space Combat<br />

Space combat has been designed<br />

for Star Wars Battlefront II from the<br />

ground up with distinct handling,<br />

weapons and customization options.<br />

Join your squadron and weave in between<br />

asteroids fields, fly through<br />

Imperial Dock Yards and take down<br />

massive capital ships as you pilot<br />

legendary starfighters in high stakes<br />

dogfights with up to 24 players and<br />

40 AI ships.<br />

Better Together<br />

Team up with a friend from the comfort<br />

of your couch with two-player offline<br />

split-screen play. Earn rewards,<br />

customize your troopers and heroes,<br />

and bring your upgrades with you on<br />

the online multiplayer battleground.<br />

Master Your Hero<br />

Not just an iconic hero - your hero.<br />

Master your craft with customizable<br />

character progression. Equip ability<br />

modifiers, unique to each hero,<br />

trooper class, and starfighter. Use<br />

these ability modifiers to adapt and<br />

modify your character’s core powers,<br />

either as lethal active effects<br />

on your opponents, helpful status<br />

boosts, or tactical assistance, to<br />

counter any opponent on the battlefront.<br />

Split-screen co-op only available on<br />

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One



No mission too difficult. No sacrifice<br />

too great. Duty first! Yes Call of Duty<br />

is back with the promise of the newest<br />

game returning to its roots. Set<br />

in WWII you begin with a treacherous<br />

landing in Normandy on D-Day and<br />

then battling your way across Europe<br />

in some of the most iconic locations<br />

of the war. There’s the promise<br />

of classic COD combat and real<br />

camaraderie with the in game characters.<br />

Stunning visuals and sound<br />

and three different game modes including<br />

- Campaign, Multiplayer and<br />

Co-op. Here’s the rundown:<br />


CAMPAIGN: Call of Duty: WWII tells<br />

the story of the unbreakable brotherhood<br />

of common men fighting to<br />

preserve freedom in a world on the<br />

brink of tyranny. Players enlist in a<br />

gritty, intense journey through the<br />

battlegrounds of war. The Campaign<br />

features bold, lifelike visuals with the<br />

kind of blockbuster cinematic authenticity<br />

that only Call of Duty can<br />

deliver.<br />


PLAYER: Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer<br />

engages players in grounded,<br />

fast-paced combat across many of<br />

World War II’s most iconic locations.<br />

Players will also enjoy exciting new<br />

ways to interact and socialize with<br />

their friends and the Call of Duty<br />

community.<br />


of Duty: WWII’s co-operative mode<br />

unleashes a new and original story.<br />

Play with your friends in this next-level<br />

standalone game experience full<br />

of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping<br />


MUST-HAVE: D<br />

DESTINY 2<br />

It’s one of the hottest selling games<br />

on any format and on Xbox One S.<br />

It’s sitting high on our partner - VG<br />

Chartz’s latest sales chart and offers<br />

games a rich story, multiple coop<br />

game modes, 4v4 competitive<br />

multiplayer games including five different<br />

PVP modes, plus you get to<br />

discover expansive, never-beforeseen<br />

worlds and spaces to explore.<br />

• Customize your character’s<br />

weapons and armor with an allnew<br />

array of gear.<br />

• Discover Lost Sectors, complete<br />

new Adventure missions, or rally<br />

to Public Events with other<br />

Guardians.<br />

• Introducing a brand new Guided<br />

Games system that helps players<br />

find like-minded groups to<br />

experience Destiny 2’s most<br />

challenging activities, like the<br />



XBOX ONE<br />



Sleeker. Slimmer. Sharper.<br />

40% smaller. Internal power supply.<br />

Play the greatest games lineup, including<br />

Xbox 360 classics, on a 40%<br />

smaller console.<br />

High Dynamic Range<br />

Experience richer, more luminous<br />

colors in games like Gears of War 4<br />

and Forza Horizon 3. With a higher<br />

contrast ratio between lights and<br />

darks, High Dynamic Range technology<br />

brings out the true visual depth<br />

of your games.<br />

4k Ultra HD<br />

With four times the resolution of<br />

standard HD 4k Ultra HD delivers<br />

the clearest, most realistic video<br />

possible. Stream 4k content on Netflix<br />

and Amazon Instant Video and<br />

watch Ultra HD Blu-rayTM movies in<br />

stunning visual fidelity with High Dynamic<br />

Range.<br />

Xbox Wireless Controller<br />

The new Xbox Wireless Controller<br />

features a sleek, streamlined design,<br />

textured grip, and Bluetooth<br />

for gaming on Windows 10 devices.<br />

Enjoy custom button mapping and<br />

improved wireless range, and plug<br />

in any compatible headset with the<br />

3.5mm stereo headset jack.<br />

Position your console vertically with<br />

the included stand.<br />

IR Blaster<br />

Configure your Xbox One S to turn<br />

on other devices, like your TV, audio/<br />

video receiver, and cable/satellite<br />

receiver. Whether you’re playing a<br />

game or watching a movie, the integrated<br />

IR blaster will get you to the<br />

action faster, allowing you to leave<br />

your remotes behind.




Another console bundle we’re keen<br />

on is the 550gb console with Middle<br />

Earth Shadow of War.<br />

Buying this bundle gets you :<br />

Xbox One S console - 550 GB version<br />

plus wireless controller, Middleearth:<br />

Shadow of War I Legendary<br />

Champions War Party and Exclusive<br />

Epic Sword of Dominion!<br />

Age rating: Mature/Adult.<br />

In the epic sequel to the awardwinning<br />

Middle-earth: Shadow of<br />

Mordor, go behind enemy lines to<br />

forge an army, conquer Fortresses<br />

and dominate Mordor from within.<br />

Experience how the award-winning<br />

Nemesis System creates unique<br />

personal stories with every enemy<br />

and follower, and confront the full<br />

power of the Dark Lord Sauron and<br />

his Ringwraiths in this epic new story<br />

of Middle-earth.<br />

Included with the bundle is the Legendary<br />

Champions War Party with<br />

four Legendary Champions from different<br />

tribes for your army, and the<br />

exclusive Epic Sword of Dominion.<br />

Plus: Get instant access to over 100<br />

great games with 1 month of Xbox<br />

Game Pass included. With the biggest<br />

blockbuster titles, over 100<br />

console exclusives, and three generations<br />

of games, there’s never<br />

been a better time to game with<br />

Xbox One.

XBOX ONE S<br />



South Australia<br />

Ingle Farm.................................. (08) 8265 7283<br />

Marion....................................... (08) 8296 1144<br />

Mt Barker................................... (08) 8391 6300<br />

Salisbury.................................... (08) 8281 0966<br />

Seaford...................................... (08) 8327 1966<br />

New South Wales<br />

Gametraders LIVE Penrith.........(02) 4731 3894<br />

Blacktown................................. (02) 9676 1411<br />

Macarthur Square (Campbelltown) (02) 4620 0750<br />

Parramatta................................ (02) 9633 2833<br />

Gametraders LIVE Hornsby....... (02) 9477 6477<br />

For more info visit:<br />

www.gametraders.com.au<br />

Queensland<br />

Chermside................................. (07) 3861 5000<br />

Morayfield.................................. (07) 5495 7705<br />

ACT<br />

Hyperdome..............................(02) 6293 3751<br />

Terms & Conditions<br />

Stock is subject to availability. Pricing and advertised products valid only at participating stores.<br />

No Rain Checks. All ratings and prices are correct at the time of printing.<br />

New South Wales

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