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The BusinessDay CEO Magazine December 2017


The BusinessDay CEO, Dec 2017 | 06 A good story holds the listeners' interest, builds feelings of connection between narrator and audience, and provides a satisfying conclusion. Good stories give big voices to small ventures. That's why it's mission-critical that brands take the time up front to fully develop their approaches to storytelling. On a daily basis, consumers (myself included) face advertising overload. Marketers are constantly competing for my attention. But truthfully, only the best story tellers gets my attention.

The BusinessDay CEO, Dec 2017 | 07 Let me tell brands the secret of how to get my attention in this age of advertising overload. · Make truth the cornerstone of everything you create. Your story should feature real people, real situations, genuine emotions and facts. As much as possible, it should show, not tell. It should explain--in terms people can relate to-- how your company adds value to my life. · Your story should offer a fresh perspective: What's interesting about your company? Why is it important to me? · Even if your company sells to other companies, focus on how your products or services touch the lives of actual people. By the way, when writing about people, follow this rule: Be specific enough to be believable and universal enough to be relevant. Email: Instagram: @BuksMostFly | Twitter: @ebukaezeji

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