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Southern View: November 01, 2016

Southern View: November 01,

FREE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1 2016 Southern View Proudly locally owned and published by Star Media Award winning publishing group Bellbird (Korimako) Shop scan ENTER NOW! one of three $1000 SHOPPING SPREES SEE full page inside for details 379 7100 Spreydon, Hoon Hay, Hillmorton, Cracroft, Cashmere, St Martins, Somerfield, Sydenham, Addington, Waltham, Opawa, Beckenham, Huntsbury, Woolston Combined effort to lower traffic speed near schools • By Caitlin Miles SCHOOLS ARE banding together to get speed limits lowered outside their gates. Linwood Avenue, Te Waka Unua and St Anne’s Catholic schools want to lower speed limits and install flashing speed signs to improve safety for children and families who drop them off and pick them up. Te Waka Unua and St Anne’s Catholic schools are both located along Ferry Rd and Linwood Avenue School is on Linwood Ave. All the schools are currently in 50km/h speed limits. Te Waka Unua principal Janeane Reid said the road outside the school is especially busy before and after school and lowering speed limits from 50km/h to 40km/h would help. “At peak times it can be very busy outside the school and while we have crossings we would like flashing speed signs,” Miss Reid said. Traffic figures from April showed along Ferry Rd between Osborne St and Aldwins Rd an average of 24,600 vehicles per day used the road with 1810 during peak traffic from 8am-9am and the same figures for the school peak between 3pm and 4pm. BRIGGS AUTO SERVICE LET US SERVICE yOUR VEhICLE And REdUCE yOUR RUnnInG COSTS your local trusted automotive service and repair specialists 332-0140 | 242 Barrington Street Kerry Briggs | Blair Shewan SAFETY: Te Waka Unua School has a pedestrian crossing on Ferry Rd but principal Janeane Reid wants the speed lowered outside the school as well. PHOTO: CAITLIN MILES Last year ex-pupil Isaiah Matoe was hit by a car outside the school when he tried to cross Ferry Rd. As a result his left ear had to be glued back on and he was left with cuts and bruises. Penny Knight said she won’t let her six-year-old daughter, House of Hearing 100% NZ Owned & Operated Claudia, walk on her own to the school because of the traffic. “Even with the crossing, not everyone stops. People don’t CLINIC PHONE Fendalton 03 351 3535 Halswell 03 322 4326 Rangiora Papanui 03 310 7355 Ashburton 03 307 8949 slow down and aren’t as careful as they should be around the school,” Mrs Knight said. ​A police spokesperson said a reduction in vehicle speed could save lives around schools. St Anne’s principal, Dallas Wichman (left), also wants flashing signs with lowered speed limits. “I was driving through a school zone not long ago and saw the flashing signs, it’s a really good reminder that you’re in a school zone, so be aware,” Mr Wichman said. Linwood Avenue School principal Blair Dravitski said last week the city council and a traffic engineer went to the school to see how traffic operates around the area. “They mentioned better signage along the roads near the school. We’re a little hidden behind the greenery so the signage will make people more aware,” Mr Dravitski said. He said he was expecting an email with the city council’s findings and what can be done by the end of the week. Boost Brain Performance ENZO:PROFESSIONAL is a potent antioxidant extract of the NZ Pine Bark and has been clinically shown to improve memory, concentration & brain performance. SPECIAL PRICES: 60’s only $45.30 120’s only $84.90 Further information available Bringing You The Best In Natural Health MARSHALLS HEALTH & NATURAL THERAPY CONSULTING - PRESCRIBING - DISPENSING - MANUFACTURING MEDICAL HERBALISTS 110 SEAVIEW ROAD, NEW BRIGHTON (Just past C.N.B School) PHONE 388 5757 - KNOWLEDGE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE -