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Selwyn Times: January 10, 2017

6 Tuesday

6 Tuesday January 10 2017 Our People SELWYN TIMES Lyn Miles Two decades of nurturing young Templeton resident Lyn Miles will celebrate 20 years in the role of sports director of Primary Sports Canterbury this year. Gordon Findlater talked to her about her involvement with Selwyn netball, her passion for sport and the challenges that come with the role PROUD: Lyn MIles has a passion for organising primary school sporting events. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Tell us about your involvement with netball. I was involved with the Christchurch Netball Club for 38 years and ended up as the president there. Eventually, I thought it was time for a change and moved out to Selwyn netball at Lincoln, and next year will be my seventh year there. I umpire, most specifically, and coach young umpires. Umpiring, has that made you thick-skinned? Oh yes, I’m a trained teacher as well so that has to be the case doesn’t it. You became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2010. How did that come about? That came about through the volunteer work I do in netball; it was for netball administration. It was a proud moment because my father had also received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his work with cricket and rugby league. Tell us about your role as sports director of Primary Sports Canterbury. The role entails organising all of the sports events for primary schools in Canterbury. We have five major events: Swimming, cross-country, winter tournament, basketball and athletics. They go through a zone process – we have 233 schools divided into 18 zones, as we can’t have them all in one place obviously. The top two or three from the zone events will then compete in the Canterbury event. You’ve been in the role for almost 20 years, it’s obviously a passion? Yes, it’s great when you actually get to the event and see what you’ve organised. There’s nowhere else in the country that has a full-time primary school sports director. The opportunities that kids here in Canterbury have to succeed in sport is just amazing really. You must have come across your fair share of famous faces in their younger days? Oh yes. One that I remember in particular is Ryan Crotty. I went to Chisnallwood Intermediate to present some rugby plaques and he accepted one of them. I think he may have been the captain of the rugby team at that time. There was a sprinter just the other day I saw in the Selwyn Times (Maia Broughton) who broke a 200m record. I remember those people coming through. NOTICE OF HELICOPTER SURVEY OF TRANSMISSION LINES IN YOUR AREA. Transpower the owner and operator of the national grid, will be carrying out aerial surveys on its overhead transmission line in your area. This work is critical to ensure the continuation of a safe and reliable service to your region. This will involve a helicopter flying at around 300 metres – so the transmission line and underlying topography can be surveyed. This work is planned to take place between Wednesday 25 January and Saturday 28 January, 2017. We will be flying in and around Clyde, Alexandra, Roxburgh, Gore, Te Tipua, Pebby Hills, Roslyn Bush and Waverley areas. Our hours of work are typically 8am to 5pm. This work is weather dependant and may be changed at the last minute. It’s important to us that you are kept informed and update on our activities. If you require further information, please call James Cormack on 012 357 996 or visit TPST10117 Full supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Call in for fresh stone and berry fruit. OPEN 7 DAYS Phone 349 5952 Cnr Springs Rd & Marshs Rd, Prebbleton (next to Milanese Restaurant) Welding & Engineering Services available: • Welding, metal fabrication • Engineering repair • Farm, factory and site work undertaken Well equipped workshop Widely experienced, many years Wilson Engineering Workshop, 486 Two Chain Road, Burnham. Phone 347 6760 or 021 329 605 ROLLESTON LAW Sound, workable legal advice and solutions Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace RICHARD GRAY Happy New Year to all Selwyn Residents. Our offices will be reopening on 16 January 2017. W: T: (03) 374 2547 M: 021 148 6221 E: E: ANITA MOLLOY-ROBERTS

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday January 10 2017 7 people with a passion for sports How long can you see yourself being involved in sport? Well people keep saying: ‘When are you going to retire?’ But if you really like what you’re doing then it’s not a mission for me to come to work. I enjoy doing it. I know there’s a lot of administration work that goes into an event and the better the administration, the better the event runs, but seeing it all come together is a buzz. What are some of the fond moments that stick out from your involvement with sport? It’s just seeing the kids out there enjoying themselves. That smile that comes on their face from not just winning, but just being there doing what they like doing. It’s the same with netball, just seeing people come through the sport and grow as people. What about passions outside of sport, what else makes you tick? I do love my gardening. We’ve got quite a big section, just over half an acre out in Templeton and that’s all in garden. When I’m not doing sport, I’m usually in the garden. Is this the time of year that you get a chance to get away from sport a wee bit? It’s actually quite nice at this time of year to get a break from the email. I probably get about 150 emails a day just with people asking questions about everything. I try to get people to go to our website to get the answers. There seems to be a bit of difficulty doing that . . . but yes, it’s nice to get a bit of rest and it’s a good catch-up time. And then it’s back to it for another year. You must know the routine pretty well by now? Yes, although the routine keeps changing with people wanting to add new sports. Is that something you’ve noticed over the years? I’d imagine there would have been far less sport being played when you started in the role. FUN TO RUN: Lyn Miles wants children to enjoy sports like cross-country which, she says, is gaining in popularity. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Rugby, netball and cricket, that was about it. This organisation began in 1900, there was a group of principals who felt more sport was needed and they actually ran the events until 1995. That’s when a sports director was employed because it got too much for them. Because there was someone full-time, we had the opportunities to add more sports and make the events larger. Are there any particular sports that you’ve noticed grow in recent years? The likes of duathlon, triathlon and cross-country seem to be growing in popularity. Our numbers in gymnastics have grown so much that we’ve had to split it into three different days now. This year the hip-hop dancing also had a huge increase, I think that has a lot to do with a few local groups doing well on the world stage. Happy New Year! Work that’S Worth it! Your plumbing & gas fitting specialists Ethical work Quality work CJ’s Plumbing Call noW Ph 03 347 4475 Open now for 2017 New Stock Sizes 6-22 SMITH & BOSTON Prebbleton Village | Christchurch Ph: 03 349 5646 Pack a it ’ s Picnic, Island Time! 0800 436 574 Discover walking tracks, native birds, penguins, the swimming beach and shipwrecks, all on the island that’s only 15 minutes from Christchurch! Start Exploring Otamahua/Quail Island today! DEPARTS: LYTTELTON QUAIL ISLAND Oct – Apr 10.20am 3.30pm Dec – Feb 10.20am & 12.20pm 12.30pm & 3.30pm FARE: adult $30 child $15 return CRUISES LYTTELTON & AKAROA