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Long Range Financial Plan

Linking to Other City

Linking to Other City Priorities There are many and varied initiatives currently being undertaken across the City. These initiatives are often interconnected and can significantly impact the City’s LRFP. Strategic Plan The Strategic Plan is the City’s highest level policy document, created to shape and direct strategic decision-making for the municipality. Drawing on the Drivers for Change, City Council, advisory groups, City staff and the community developed the Vision Statement and five Strategic Pillars for Change. The Strategic Plan is a roadmap, guiding the vision for the future: Mississauga will inspire the world as a dynamic and beautiful global City for creativity and innovation, with vibrant, safe and connected communities; where we celebrate the rich diversity of our cultures, our historic villages, Lake Ontario and the Credit River valley. Mississauga’s five Strategic Pillars for Change are: 39

Business Plan & Budget The Business Plan and Budget translate the goals and priorities identified through the Strategic Plan into a four-year budget plan. The Business Plan and Budget allow the City to respond to political, economic, social and environmental circumstances. It serves as a guide for using the City’s limited resources wisely and allows the City to stay focussed on its goals while remaining flexible to manage changing needs and expectations. At the forefront of the business planning process is the City’s steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility. The priorities for the City of Mississauga’s current Business Plan & Budget are: A multi-year approach allows the City to respond to political, economic, social, and environmental circumstances. This ensures that Council always has the best information possible as they make business and budget decisions. 40