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Long Range Financial Plan

About Mississauga

About Mississauga Mississauga is a young, modern, successful city. Incorporated in 1974, the City is the proud home of more than three quarters of a million people. Mississauga outpaces other cities with its global connections, vibrant communities and aspirational vision for the future. Mississauga’s Strategic Plan – Our Future Mississauga –outlines the strategic interventions we need to make over the coming decades to achieve this vision, while retaining a commitment to provide quality services and infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner. 3

Interesting Facts about the City of Mississauga: - At 292.4 km 2 , Mississauga’s total land area is larger than that of Paris, Boston, or Seattle - Mississauga has a beautiful waterfront, resting on the shores of Lake Ontario, as well as a thriving downtown - In addition to its urban and suburban environments, the City contains more than 2,900 hectares of municipal parks and forests - The third largest municipal transit system in Ontario uses the City’s 5,220 lane kilometres of roadways to connect residents to home, work, play, school, travel and healthcare - Mississauga is home to over 63,000 businesses of which 70 are Fortune 500 companies providing over 420,000 jobs - Mississauga has easy access to global markets as home to Canada’s largest and busiest airport, Pearson International, as well as access to seven major highways - With a population of 760,000, Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada and the 24 th largest in Canada and the United States - Mississauga is home to many cultures and faiths. 4