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Annual Report FY2016

HFHWD obtained two lots

HFHWD obtained two lots next door to each other. They are located at 129 and 141 30th Street, Ogden, Utah. The groundbreaking ceremony for both families was held on April 11th, 2017. The original plan was to build the two homes within 4 to 6 months. However, there were many obstacles In previous years, Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties took about 14 pertaining to the location of the two Habitat Homes. months to build one home for a family, with the help from volunteers and We were about 130 days out due to permits. It members of the community. wasn't until around July Since the arrival and hire of our new 2017 that we were able to Executive Director, Jeannie M. Gamble, in start construction for the Diaz Family. 2016, plans were to progress and more was to be done. In fact, it was decided to build 2 homes in less than 10 months. By July 2016, two families were selected by the Family Services Committee. This included the Diaz Family, a single mother of two children, and the Parsons Family, a retired and disabled veteran with his two dogs and family members. By luck and fortune, these two families ended up being neighbors.

to see daylight when once, open your eyes, you slogging thru the wet up, to make breakfast for floor 16-year-old and 8- your daughters, and year-old and shocked from damp, faulty electrical in the the and Davis Counties, Weber have an amazing we are the Diaz family. They and her two Reyna Through it all have years. have become a they was a young teen. Reyna 30, Reyna had her Now daughter, Esperanza, first she was only 14. Reyna when She believed she ex)-husband. marrying a wonderful man was she thought he was, man she discovered after he which He wiped them out accounts. and disappeared to financially She had to take out months. loans and maxed out payday THE DIAZ FAMILY 129 30TH STREET OGDEN UT 84401 struggled to raise Esperanza on her own until she met her (now I magine...waking up each the mold, cold from the and a few years later, they had Amisadai. morning and wishing, for Unfortunately he was not the wet basement of a rental. instead of moldy walls and feeling wet carpet under At Habitat for Humanity of became physically and verbally your feet. abusive. Imagine....finally getting family we would like to tell A few years ago he took their you about. tax return money as well as all of the money in their bank not being able to make daughters Esperanza and Mexico, leaving her penniless. anything hot because the Amisadai have been stove gives off an electrical through an unbelievable Not long after that, Reyna was shock each time journey over the last 16 in a car accident and was you touch it. unable to work for over 6 What if....Habitat for stronger more cohesive Humanity were to give a family. her credit cards to take care of hand up to help a family her medical bills and her like this one get into a Reyna's mother left when young daughters. Because of better place to live, so they the income loss as she could stop being sick from recovered from the accident,

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