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Annual Report FY2016

of safety, security,

of safety, security, place stability. and they get basement, The basement shocked. very tiny bedrooms. two "living room and Their are actually a tiny kitchen" shared with a water space and the furnace, heater breaks often. which Habitat partner families’ have monthly Our for their home, which go into a payments fund to help build more homes! revolving must have a need, be able to pay Families monthly payments, and be willing affordable partner with our organization to be to homeowners have a unique pride in their New home, which has given them a hand- Habitat not a hand-out. Families and communities up when everyone has a sturdy, safe, and thrive will be homeless. she it all, Reyna has Through she takes it to have offered, ability to pay off bills the on their future goals. kids older daughter, Her wants to go to Esperanza, when she graduates MIT she met with one of our MIT, Selection Family the youngest Amisadai, loves to be in daughter, they all started to cry. lives, said she just Esperanza play outside and be safe. can wants to give her Reyna emotional, and financial, hardships. This familial she was unable to keep her home and wound up moving into the basement worked hard to pay off all of school and has a positive the credit cards and loans of a home, which was outlook on life. that she needed after her unable to give them a When we asked them how a car accident. She has home would change their brought herself back up to financial stability. She has When Reyna and her girls been employed at her wanted to see daylight when try to cook or plug current position for a anything in the outlets of number of years. When the she woke up in the morning and wanted somewhere opportunity for overtime is warm and dry. Amisadai just wants to be in a place she carpet and insulation gets and provide for her family. wet when it rains, which freezes in the winter. The She has worked with her basement is full of black daughters the best possible mold making them chance at a good life. constantly sick. The three of them are crammed into Reyna's story is a story of how to overcome High School. To make sure she is on the right track for family has been on a rough journey and we look forward to bringing them the light at Committee members who She is always fearful from the end of the tunnel. does the MIT interviews for prospective students in one day to the next that northern Utah. It's not a hand-out. It's a hand-up. considered for a Habitat Home. nurturing place to call home. - 20 -

THE PARSONS FAMILY 141 30TH STREET OGDEN UT 84401 most of his time in a camp trailer parked in his mother's T where he does most of his homework and hobbies. This backyard. The camp trailer is ravis is a retired disabled veteran. Now that he is climbing in age, a lot of his includes wood-working, making leather goods, and disabilities are becoming more of a problem. He has had to make a tough decision to try creating handmade knives. He goes inside his mother’s and change careers into a less strenuous job. place to use the bathroom and sleep in a temporary He decided to return back to college to obtain a degree for a less physically-demanding bedroom in the basement. It is a small house with lots of career field. He set up his VA benefits and enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program stuff in it; he is not usually able to cook in the house. at Weber State University. He is currently a full- time student at Weber State University. He is One of the greatest qualities dedicated to his studies despite his hardships financially and physically. about Travis is his continual commitment to the people He would love to get a place of his own. around him. He is constantly helping others and was very However, with limited income and ADA requirements, it makes it difficult to find a low- eager to come help at our Ogden ReStore. cost solution for housing. He had sold his home and furnishings to keep He also showed the same his mother in her own home. He now spends commitment when he was

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