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Annual Report FY2016



finally, on Saturday, May 7, 2016 chose to move on and a long, valiant, battle with this thing called life. Chad after a much-loved friend, husband, brother, father, is warrior. grandfather, the time he appeared on this earth October 8, 1969 From Ogden, UT, Chad was the celebration. Chad was in with an amazing amount of creativity, which he blessed to serve others and to brighten the world. His zest used life and love of people was evident in everything he for His contagious smile and expansive heart was a did. of strength for all those with which he associated. source was a great support to others and was a shoulder to He had a tender heart and a strong faith in God. Chad Chad extremely generous, full of kindness, compassion, was and love for everyone. Chad's motto was to service, leave things better than you found them", which "always those who were blessed to have known him. included was involved in many circles. His interests and Chad were far-reaching. Chad was a party-planning, talents sweat-lodging, joke-playing, Gospel- drum-making, play-performing, floral-arranging, Doctrine-teaching, glitter-throwing, feather-carrying, costume-designing, float-making, ceremony-leading, over-the-top- holiday-decorating, extra-miling amazing, gardening, human being. Chad was amazing working to better himself. Chad always two bachelor degrees and had had earned his master's in social recently from Our Lady of the Lake work Chad's greatest love was for University. family, which is evident to any who his the pleasure of hearing Chad had describe his wife and enthusiastically affiliate was hiring on Chad for the Our Habitat Ogden ReStore when he new passed away. We will unexpectedly him and send our condolences to miss Source: Examiner: Standard 16/05/11/Chad-Lewis-Mosher from: Picture IN LOVING MEMORY OF HABITAT RESTORE MANAGER, CHAD LEWIS MOSHER 8, 1969 ~ May 7, 2016 October Mosher showed up, jazzed things up, gave it his all Chad kids (Standard Examiner). cry on for many. his family. ices/Chad-Mosher/photo-album

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