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Post St.Joost 2005, Superfacial Kruisplein: A New Advanced Method

Teaching a method makes future designers independent of style or medium. Applying a design method ensures a design process that is controllable, interactive and suited for dealing with the utmost complexity. A method withstands the trap of purely aesthetic assessment of the product. A method implies an abstract level of design development that tilts the traditional understanding of graphic design as a manual, problem-solving discipline. Instead it introduces a much more advances notion of graphic design as an open minded, research-based, strategic approach to visual communication.

Travelers have to avoid

Travelers have to avoid obstacles to reach their destination. For many people the transition period will disrupt their daily routine. Normally they can walk their route blindly, without thinking. That won’t be possible during the transition period. This will lead to disorientation, alienation, discomfort, frustration, stress…discovery... DISORIENTATION particularly frustrating LOSTTIME especially stressfull

‘Ga je mee verdwalen, ik weet de weg.’ Loesje imaginationCAN CHANGE PERSPECTIVE imagination IS STATE OF MIND

Gestalt for a museum (of modern art); Adapt. 2018
Excerpt from View to the Future; Jan van Eyck Academy Design Dept., Maastricht, 1997
Counterpoint; TheExcercise...
Plates From The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, 1856
Headlights First Selection
Letter=Image, excerpt from The Triumph of Typography
We don't know him as Hazel
RietveldsHeirs 1990 Brochure. Portugese version
Identities: Rotterdam 2001, cultural capital of Europe: 5 design proposals for a house style
Die wahre Geschichte vom Minotaurus | The true history of the Minotaur
Fragrance by Form
Textile Patterns from the Fabric Attic
What do Babies look like?
L.E.W. (Light Emitting Wall); Raw installations shots and details.
Piet Zwart’s Black Limo Days Are Over…
Gerard Hadders; Sensorium, Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden, VAG Gesellschaft, ProcessProposal 1999-2000
sgOriëntatie, Ewan Lentjes & Gerard Hadders, een lezing
Gerard Hadders, Senza Parole, a miscellaneous selection, graphic design 1977-2005
De Hoftrompet, Zichtbaar maken wat niet gezien wil worden.
New Towns and the Human Species, Visual start document for the INTI website
Franco! Postzegeljaarboek 1986; Franco! Postage Stamp Yearbook 1986
Historische Uitgeverij; Beijing Book Fair 2011