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Word TravELS 011 July - December 2017

ELS Events “Yes! We

ELS Events “Yes! We can.” T he 3rd Annual ELS Food Drive was a great success. Over a 4-week period, students and staff surpassed the goal of collecting 1,500 food and household items. According to the volunteer at The University of Alberta Campus Food Bank who weighed all items, the total weight came to 1,160 lbs (526 kg)! The drive kicked off with an announcement to all classes via a video from Barbara, the main organizer and coordinator of the drive. This was followed up via our weekly announcement “Simon Says” by the cutest bear on campus, Simon. (OK. GUBA is the coolest. But the cutest? That has to be Simon.) During each week of the drive, students and staff would bring in items according to the “theme” of week: canned food, dry goods, personal hygiene items, etc. The themes were coordinated with the Campus Food Bank according to the items most needed. Each class was also asked to compete with the other classes in coming up with the best team name. Jayne’s EAP 140 came up with the winning name, “Helping Hearts.” Other teams names included “Food for Free,” Empty & Filled,” and “The Crazy Canuck Crew.” Barbara’s class, Team “Eaters Without Borders” came in top as the class that made the most donations. Then came delivery day. How do you deliver over 1,500 items from the downtown campus to North Campus? We could have asked our student volunteers and staff to each take a box and ride the LRT across the North Saskatchewan River. As interesting a spectacle that could have been… (Come on! A food convoy on an LRT train? How cool is that!) The UAlberta Vehicle Pool generously lent us a van to deliver the items from our office in Enterprise Square to the Campus Food Bank, located in the Students’ Union Building (SUB) on North Campus. W o r d T r a v E L S | 4

Mark unloaded one box, the volunteer arrived to greet him, happily thanked him for the contribution and said, “that’s a lot of food,” and was about to return to his office when Mark showed him the contents of the cargo space… Surprise! Thanks to all ELS students & staff for their enthusiasm. (We are proud of you!) Thanks again to the UAlberta Vehicle Pool for their kind support. And a very special thanks to Barbara for driving the spirit of the food drive home! In fact, we couldn’t have been luckier that we had the van that day: the items filled its entire cargo space, only leaving room for Barbara and Mark (ELS office staff member and designated driver of the hour) to make the delivery. What unfolded next was in itself an interesting side story worth sharing. Upon arriving at SUB, Mark parked the van by the loading dock and texted the Food Bank Campus volunteer. As Indeed, we can. And so we did. Digital content: Visit the album 3rd Annual ELS Food Drive on our Facebook page for more photos of our food drive. W o r d T r a v E L S | 5