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February 2016


ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY The following is an excerpt from an address given by the author to a Protestant group in North Carolina. I want to speak, though, to one other matter that puzzles many Protestants, and that’s our relationship with the saints. To many Protestants, the affection that Orthodox people feel for the saints seems like a usurpation of the devotion we should have only for God. From this perception springs, most particularly, the Protestant anxiety about “Mary worship.” Let me speak openly about this important matter, this very serious matter. You know, when I’m having trouble, and if we’re talking; if you and I, a couple of Christians are talking; I ask you to pray for me. I say, “Joe, I’m having a tough time; pray for me, Brother.” And you will. Well, you know this is what it is with us and the saints. They’re our brothers and sisters in Christ, our loved ones who have walked this way before us, for two thousand years. These are human beings, who have struggled and stumbled and fallen and gotten up and accomplished the great task toward which we struggle, too—to be pleasing and acceptable to God, to enter into His joy. By their example, they’ve shown us that it’s possible to fight the good fight, to endure trouble and pain and suffering, and finish the race. And we believe that the saints take an active interest in our state, here. They stand before the throne of the Holy One, and they’re pure, and their prayers are pure; and we ask them for their prayers. St Paul speaks of the cloud of witnesses. Here they are, the saints of all these many centuries, and angels, who stand with us, who worship with us, who fight the darkness with us, this cloud of witnesses. Our love for the saints is not an usurpation, a stealing of our love for God; any more than our love for our earthly families is a stealing of love from God. There’s a lot of love to go around. We don’t have to parcel it out as if it were our last cup of water in a stony desert. So it’s not “Mary worship.” We venerate, we honor the saints. We worship only God. And some of the emphasis Orthodoxy places on the Virgin Mary is about making a clear point about the nature of Christ—what theologians call Christology. It’s about fighting a very dangerous ancient heresy about who Jesus is. When you come to an Orthodox church you’ll hear Mary called the “Theotokos.” This work means, literally, from the Greek, “God-bearer.” There were some heresies in the early centuries of the Church—and these re-appear from time to time; there are some contemporary denominations that have resurrected some of these old heresies—heresies that say that Jesus isn’t God. That he’s a created being. For almost two thousand years the Orthodox have called Mary “the God Bearer” to emphasize that the baby she carried in her womb and gave birth to was God, the Second Person of the Trinity. All chapters copyright © 2015 Inquiries to: by author Nick Martone, c/o St. George’s Orthodox Church, St. George’s Church Edenton, NC. P.O. Box 38, Edenton, NC. Telephone 482-2006 All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. 8 Albemarle Tradewinds February 2016

Concealed Carry and Responsibility By: Joe Forbes It was a typical Tuesday morning until the phone rang. The caller was a concealed carry instructor whose former student had just killed someone in self-defense in another city. He needed a referral to a criminal lawyer. In an instant, the shooter went from being concerned with the ordinary details of life to being terrified that he would be prosecuted for murder and locked in prison with violent criminals… This is a column I’d rather not have to write. I know that particular instructor to be responsible and competent, but the proliferation of questionable training or no training for concealed carry makes me fear getting more of these phone calls. Carrying a loaded weapon is an awesome responsibility. You are responsible for safekeeping the weapon, handling the weapon, and, if need be, using that weapon to defend yourself and your loved ones, all without doing harm to yourself or innocent bystanders. We are located in downtown Elizabeth City. Our mission is to make using tobacco a thing of the past! Come by The Vapor Station every Saturday to receive 10% off Seduce Juice when you mention this ad. There really are states where you can get a non-resident concealed carry permit online with no training or demonstration of ability whatsoever. Simply have a clean background, pay your money, and the permit comes in the mail. North Carolina law requires that the concealed carry candidate receive instruction in the law of self-defense and demonstrate proficiency with a firearm in the form of passing a shooting test at the range with a certified instructor. But I’m hearing stories of instructors fudging on class time, and some are encouraging an aggressive attitude in their students, focusing more on the student’s rights instead of the responsibilities, and risks and aftermath of carrying and using a gun. Even to those familiar with firearms, concealed carry imposes a whole new level of responsibilities. You have to be in positive control of the weapon all the time. You can’t lay your coat down (with the gun inside) around children or even adults who might pick it up not realizing it contains a weapon. You can’t absentmindedly forget it either. Then there are the added decisions that must be made if you have to actually use the weapon: Are you actually in fear for your life? Can you safely draw and fire at the threat without injuring yourself or some bystander? Where is the bullet going if you miss? Then only way to prepare for such a situation is repeated training and practice. Repeated. The state may only require an initial legal and firearms course, but you are kidding yourself if you think that’s all the training you’ll ever need. To borrow a phrase from aviation, “You may be legal, but are you proficient?” There’s a reason that every law-enforcement agency requires its officers to regularly “qualify” with a weapon, and it’s not just so they can hit their target: Every bullet that leaves the barrel, intentionally or accidentally, has a potential lawsuit or criminal prosecution attached to it. That same reasoning applies to you. You should be spending an hour on a shooting range with your weapon at least every 6 months. You should review with an instructor the laws applicable to its use at least every two years. You should have a systematic plan for carrying and storing your weapon and follow it religiously. And you should obtain insurance to cover you for legal costs and liability for the discharge of your weapon. You made a profound decision to carry the weapon. Live up to the responsibility. Albemarle Tradewinds February 2016 9