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July 2015

Mention this Ad and get

Mention this Ad and get a free Hot Dog when you purchase a Hot Dog. Why the Albemarle Tradewinds advertising worked for me by I’m in Florida Now Now retired in Florida and still not used to the pace. I have always had a business to run. So here are a few more thoughts. I read the Albemarle Tradewinds Magazine online for the first time last weekend, and I am really not used to it. I am old school and still prefer a paper copy. Maybe I can talk Scott and Ken into mailing me a paper copy. After reading my last article, a few things occurred to me. Ken and Scott really wanted my business to get more phone calls. I cannot say that for the other advertisers we were using. When we first started with the Albemarle Tradewinds, things did not go as I expected. I had been conditioned to advertise in a big way, or to make a big splash. I told Scott that we wanted to take out the whole center spread for my ad. He refused to do it! Then he explained why. Instead of making a big splash in one month, he suggested that my business take a smaller ad and go long term. This is the best advice I have ever had from an advertiser. He explained that people may not notice my ad if we just run it one month. But if they see it over and over for a period of time it would stick in their mind, and when they needed my services they would remember my business. Another lesson we learned was this. We ran our ad for a period two months and I could not see anything from the ad. It just seemed like we were throwing our money away. Scott suggested we employ a secret shopper to come in and mention that they saw our ad in the Albemarle Tradewinds. Something we never suspected was happening. Our employees were not asking the customers where they heard about us, on top of that, they were not reporting to me when a customer said that they saw our ad in the Albemarle Tradewinds! We quickly had a company meeting and worked that one out. Then we realized the ad was working a few weeks later. But then something else happened. We discovered that sales did not change! People were coming in but not buying. A salesperson with another advertising company suggested that maybe the ad was not reaching the right audience. So we called Scott to see what he had to say. He VOLUNTEERED to meet with my staff NO CHARGE and try to see what the problem was. After the store meeting, we had a managment meeting with Scott. We agreed that my staff did not know how to close a sale! Scott volunteered again to give my sales staff a quick 101 on closing sales. It took a couple weeks, but sales definitely started climbing. All I can say until next time, give Scott and Ken a try. They want your business to succeed. Wall Cabinets, Back Countertop with Cabintets, Hostess Station and Register Station w/ dropbox safe. Chucks Fences & Decks (252) 267-7445 Are you wanting a new fence or custom deck built? Maybe you need some remodeling done? Call Chuck today. 30 years of experience in carpentry fences and decks 30 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2015

A Summer Day By The Sea By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow After seeing a coupon on the Albemarle Tradewinds page, my wife and I decided to give the Circle II Restaurant another try. I had heard that new owners had taken over, and that they were whipping the place back into shape. We were really surprised to walk in and see Nathan behind the counter. He has worked in a few well known local restaurants as the cook, so I knew that this trip was going to be worthwhile. After a quick chat with Nathan, we ordered the Circle II burger platter, some cheese sticks, and chicken fingers; nothing fancy, just some quick food. After the disappointment we experienced last week at one of the local big chain restaurants with their greasy burger and soggy fries, I was really hoping for something better. To clarify, this was not a fast food restaurant, either. It seems as though food in Elizabeth City has become bland as of late. We were shocked at how good the food was. The burger actually tasted like a proper hamburger for a change, the fries were great, and the chicken fingers were the best I have had in a long time. Everything was fresh and tasted great. My wife even commented on how clean the place looks compared to some of the other places in town. We are already looking forward to going back next week and trying something new. They have blackboard specials, and if you like buffet food, I took a peak over there and it also looked good. The waitress that checked us out was very pleasant and professional. There are a couple places in town with semi-famous chefs that serve cold food after you have to wait for about an hour. Of course, they are the places to see and be seen. The new Circle II may not be famous yet, but if they keep fixing up great food like they do now, it will quickly become where all the locals flock to get a great meal. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (February 27, 1807 – March 24, 1882) was an American poet and educator whose works include “Paul Revere’s Ride”, The Song of Hiawatha, and Evangeline. He was also the first American to translate Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, and was one of the five Fireside Poets. The sun is set; and in his latest beams Yon little cloud of ashen gray and gold, Slowly upon the amber air unrolled, The falling mantle of the Prophet seems. From the dim headlands many a lighthouse gleams, The street-lamps of the ocean; and behold, O’erhead the banners of the night unfold; The day hath passed into the land of dreams. O summer day beside the joyous sea! O summer day so wonderful and white, So full of gladness and so full of pain! Forever and forever shalt thou be To some the gravestone of a dead delight, To some the landmark of a new domain. Picture and Biography Sources: Wikipedia “Longfellow-by Ernest Longfellow” Engraving by F. F. Stuart made after a protrait by Longfellow’s son Ernest Longfellow Longfellow was born in Portland, Maine, which was then a part of Massachusetts. He studied at Bowdoin College. After spending time in Europe he became a professor at Bowdoin and, later, at Harvard College. His first major poetry collections were Voices of the Night (1839) and Ballads and Other Poems (1841). Longfellow retired from teaching in 1854, to focus on his writing, living the remainder of his life in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a former headquarters of George Washington. He died in 1882. Longfellow wrote many lyric poems known for their musicality and often presenting stories of mythology and legend. He became the most popular American poet of his day and also had success overseas. Albemarle Tradewinds July 2015 31