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December 2014

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No time for social media.... give Scott a call This entry for the photo contest was submitted by Debbie Malenfant Clement Clarke Moore didn’t want ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ published Also known as ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas,’ the famous Christmas poem that practically invented the modern concept of Santa almost stayed in the drawer. Moore, a 19th century author and classics professor, wrote the poem for his family to celebrate Christmas in 1922, allegedly drawing inspiration for Santa from a pudgy Dutch driver who took his family on a sleigh ride. But Moore never intended for it to be made public. In fact, a close friend of Moore’s actually sent the poem to the Sentinel newspaper, where it was published anonymously. The writer felt the poem was beneath his talents, and when it was published and became a huge hit, he denied authoring it for nearly 15 years. (It was eventually included in an anthology of Moore’s work thanks to the urging of his kids.) 12 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2014

Every year, post offices across America, Canada and other parts of the world are flooded with letters from kids addressed to Santa Claus. The Canadian Post Office receives so many that some postal workers started answering the letters. As the demand increased, the postal service set up a special zip code for Santa as part of their annual “Santa Letter-writing Program” literacy initiative. The zip code? H0H0H0, of course. Monthly Music Review: Outer Banks Solo Artist By Derek Baker This entry for the photo contest was submitted by Page After Page Bookstore Graham Outten has been playing music all of his life. Quoting his parents, Outten says that “the nurses said when I was born, it sounded like I was singing (not crying).” Influenced by Jason Mraz, CCR, and other artist of the acoustic, country, and pop genres, Outten’s voice combines an affluence of pop and country that is reminiscent of a classically trained vocalist with a a flare for creative vocal techniques that would not be out of place on modern pop radio stations. Graham seems to have a gift for entertainment. While talking about playing out in the community, Outten’s face lit up. It was quite obvious that his emotional connection stems past his music and into the reaction of the audience. Having watched him play out, the way he communicates to the audience is almost a supernatural gift of emotion rarely seen in solo artists. “It’s an emotional connection for me,” said Outten. Focusing on cover songs and only a few originals, Outten takes a song’s existing emotional presence and spins a web of self-indulged sensuality that redefines the song’s existing sensitivity and allows him to create and entirely new vibe that garners a sentiment from the audience that has a resemblance to artists who do mostly original music. This past year was a large milestone in Outten’s musical career. Quitting his full time job at a real estate company, he became a full time musician, playing almost every night throughout the summer in location such as The Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kelly’s of the Outer banks, and other high profile beach locations. Outten said he hasn’t been without his struggles, though. During the winter months, businesses either close or slow down to the point that live music is not necessary or financially feasible. Whether or not Graham finds the success he is looking for, one thing is certain, his talent is exponential. His powerhouse voice and soothing guitar form a perfect unison to give him an edge that draws crowed wherever he plays. You can find Graham on Facebook. If you would like to feature your band for an article, feel free to email Derek Baker at Phone # : 252-333-7034 2012 Can Am ATV DS90. Great condition. $1500.00 333-7034 or e-mail: Albemarle Tradewinds December 2014 13