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Featuring Chinazom Enyi on this month's cover, Stylebeat Magazine is an urban Nigerian lifestyle digital magazine. We engage readers with captivating articles, including regular interviews with influential artists, beauticians and generally the Nigerian enterprising youth who is impacting change in the society. We also include but not limited to topics such as family, business, travel, art exhibitions, events, movies and so much more! You can also check out our website


THE SOFA TALK CHINAZOM ENYI: • What does it feel like to move from Nigeria to Kenya? And how long did it take you to fit into the Kenyan Lifestyle? I was devastated when my husband told me about the move. I couldn’t imagine leaving my friends, family and work behind but It didn’t take me long to fit in because I put my mind to ensuring I grew my beauty brand here and of course I made friends along the way, a lot of which are my clients • In this social media age would you say the concept of “love, fulfilment and having it all as a Boss Lady” has been misunderstood? Well, generally yes. The misconception is usually around what people see as fulfillment, what their goals are. For some it’s get rich or die trying by any means necessary, for others it’s finding love and settling down to have a family and for people like me it’s doing what I love and being famous for it and still being the best mum and wife that I can possibly be. Ladies, you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. Don’t let society dictate to you. It’s all about dreaming big, setting priorities and grabbing opportunities that come your way. Your dreams are valid! STILL BEING THE ... MUM AND WIFE ... BEST PAGE 12 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

THE SOFA TALK CHINAZOM ENYI: • How supportive has your husband been towards your dreams? In the Nigerian society, some men don’t actually want their women to be goal getters or “Boss ladies” what is your take on that? My husband is my number 1 fan and biggest critic! He encourages me every single day. There is no rest for me with him around. He believes I can do anything I set my mind on. With all that belief & support, I can’t even give up. He is truly a blessing. • What is your favorite quote? And your advice to young mums like you this Valentine? If you can think it and believe it, you can do it. For the young mums, you are beautiful. Be the best you can be and look your best for you, your husband and your kids every day. • Could you give us a sneak peek at how you would be spending your Valentine’s Day, notwithstanding the fact that it’s on an Ash Wednesday? Valentine’s day is a special day just like every other day with my Husband. Every day is Valentine ’s Day for us…. That said… we will be taking a trip to a beautiful beach that weekend. The Stylebeat Mag Team can’t thank you enough for this wonderful time on the Sofa. We hope you had a swell time with us too. Thank you so much, Mrs. Nazee. PAGE 13 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

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