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Featuring Chinazom Enyi on this month's cover, Stylebeat Magazine is an urban Nigerian lifestyle digital magazine. We engage readers with captivating articles, including regular interviews with influential artists, beauticians and generally the Nigerian enterprising youth who is impacting change in the society. We also include but not limited to topics such as family, business, travel, art exhibitions, events, movies and so much more! You can also check out our website

Introduce yourself to

Introduce yourself to our esteemed readers? Who is MRS Nazee Enyi ? CHINAZOMENYI • What is she all about? How would you describe yourself (personality)? What do you do for a living? THE SOFA TALK My name is actually Chinazom Enyi, but most people call me Nazee. I am an extrovert, I love making people around me happy, I love dancing, I am basically a happy child. • How has love affected your lifestyle in general? Given that some ladies have lost hope in that aspect of life. LIGHTS UP HE MY Love affected my lifestyle positively, I have been with my husband for 11 years now. We dated for 4 years and have been married for 6. He lights up my world and always makes me laugh. We have our ups and downs but always come out of it even stronger. AND WORLD ME MAKES PAGE 08 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA LAUGH.

• How do you joggle all that you do and taking care of your home? CHINAZOM ENYI GET TO KNOW It’s not by my strength... God is definitely involved. He gives me the will and might to keep going. My husband also provides me with a very strong support system. It gets really tough sometimes to the extent that my mind starts to play tricks on me… whispering to me to give up, but with prayer and encouragement, I have learned to balance out all aspects of my life. • How many children do you have? Two beautiful children • I can’t stop gushing at this bikini bod right here, How do you do this with your type of job and being a mum? I work out at least 4 times a week and try to eat right, I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and I don’t joke with my sleep. PAGE 09 | STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA

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