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HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017


HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 Well by Marie Bohl, 11a My sunshine, you must be a dreamer why else would you fly so high when it rains I wonder About you in the sky When it’s dark I need to know I must Does this lack of light belong to you or us? Lightning is your passion Fire is your love What is it like up above I’m curious Do you see me Do you know me anymore Or am I just a shadow Who stopped knocking on your door? 10 Photo by Gwendolyn Campbell, 9a

the flowers fall and then bloom late spring the leaves grow and then wither again the earth rains and the sky erupts the wind carries forget-me-nots Long Gone Anonymous by Marie Bohl, 11a HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 a promise rots under the sun an undertaking long forlorn Drawing by Artist a lie buried since I was young overgrown with grass alone too long a rose champion lychnis coronaria living in the grampian 128 miles away a scorpion caving in conspiracies empty rooms and vacancies just where my life should be cryptopine delirium dreams of mine quite wearisome I just want to go home again So Simply Put Time Was Against Me I Was Simply Too Jaded Simply Too Tired In Need Of Rest Art by Ella Jackson, 9c My Most Sincere Apologies To You 11

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