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HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017


CONTENTS PUBLISHER’S NOTE by Lucy Defty, 11a VIGNETTES Grass by Paul Friedrich, 12a Road-Movies by Eli Goodman, 11a Inertia by Lucy Defty, 11a An Uncommon Collection of Thoughts by Riva Greinke, 11d POEMS Looking Glass by Marie Bohl, 11a Well by Marie Bohl, 11a Long Gone Anonymous by Marie Bohl, 11a In the Distant Distance by Marie Bohl, 11a Tired Eyes by Ailie Gieseler, 11a The Mikado by James Gromis, 9c Untitled Poetry by James Gromis, 9c ESSAYS “FAKE NEWS” by Ailie Gieseler, 11a SHORT STORIES “EXPEDITION LEADER’S LOG” by Paul Friedrich, 12a “SALEMTOWN” by Zahavah Zinn-Kirchner, 12a MASTHEAD

Publisher’s Note HAYWIRE Issue 10 Fall 2017 darker, the weather becomes exponentially by Lucy Defty, 11a “You may not control everything that happens to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by it.” -Maya Angelou There are so many things in our color palette of our magazine is a visual lives that we cannot control; Berlin grows representation of this duality. We are expressing a desire for simplicity and minimalism. During winter, worse, and stress accumulates, no matter how hard we work against it. Even as editor, I have very little control over how this magazine turns out. People make art that reflects how they haywire |ˈhāˌwīr| adjective informal erratic; out of control : her imagination went haywire. ORIGIN early 20th century (originally U.S.): from HAY + WIRE, from the use of hay-baling wire in makeshift repairs. the season of comfort and warmth, we often find ourselves rushing around buying presents, writing thank you cards, and attending the 110th holiday party. feel, they submit it to us, and we curate it. In this way, Haywire is a direct representation of opinion and one can learn a lot by simply looking at it. That is the beauty of the magazine; it shapes itself. 2017 has been a year of opposites and opposition; Abitur v. diploma, democrats v. republicans, black v. white. The Seldom do we stop, take a breath, and enjoy the smell of Glühwein and gebrannte Mandeln in the air. Stress is a growing issue not only in schools and the workplace, but leaks into our daily lives as well. Art provides a much needed escape in times of distress So while you read this magazine, I hope you sit down, unwind, and take a breath. 3

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