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Book Boris V. Vasiliev Astrophysics

There is the visible

There is the visible line of stars with the ratio A/Z = 3/2 at the star mass spectrum. It can be attributed to the stars, consisting of 3 2He, 6 4Be, 9 6C, etc. It is not difficult to verify at direct calculation that the reactions of neutronization and transforming of 3 2He into 3 1H and 6 4Be into 6 3Li are energetically allowed. So the nuclei 3 2He and 6 4Be should be conversed by neutronization into 3 1H and 6 3Li. The line A/Z = 3/2 of the star mass spectrum can not be formed by these nuclei. However, the reaction 9 6C + e → 9 5 B + ˜ν, (10.35) is not energetically allowed and therefore it is possible to believe that the stars of the above line mass spectrum may consist of carbon-9. The mechanism of neutronization acting in the non-degenerate dense plasma and described above in this chapter seems quite realistic. However, the last nuclear reaction of neutronization can only be considered as hypothetical possibility and requires further more careful study. 81


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