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Issue33 - March 2018

Ares Duval Antoine

Ares Duval Antoine Roullet What are some of your favorite experiences so far? One of my favourite experiences was in Mauitius a half year ago. I was there to shoot an advertissing for luxuary hotels. Such a beautiful place ! I loved getting on the other side of the world for work ! Maurician people are very welcoming and most of them can talk between 3 and 5 different langages ! And of course, I felt in love with the nature. I was very touched by the povrety out there, but still, even when they had nothing they wanted to share what they had. It was a big experience for me, either on the professional side than on the human part. What do you think of the magazine? The magazine surprised me. Those questions allow a deeper presentation of the model and makes the pictures more « alive ». I like the idea a lot ! - 56 -

Laurent Martinnoti Valéry Villard Issue 33 - March 2018 - Modellenland Magazine