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Issue33 - March 2018

- 90 - ©Brad

- 90 - ©Brad Inglis

What are some of your favorite experiences so far? One my favourite experiences must be when I went to London for the Alternative Hair show at the Royal Albert Hall! I had the chance to go there to model for a swiss hairstylist and it was so much fun meeting people from around the world. When did you start singing? I started singing in a choir at the Lausanne Conservatory and I had the chance to be part of several opera productions while with them, I had to do auditions obviously but I was lucky to be abnle to even be chosen do to the auditions as a kid. So I stayed for a couple of years with them until I got fed up of singing only classical songs with classical technique. I wanted to do more, learn more. So I just stopped taking classes and took a year of private jazz lessons to help me transition and change singing techniques. I then continued on my own! What do you think of the magazine? It's a great platform you created so thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to present myself. Where can we see you on stage? So I've actually ben asked to be the supporting act for Steven Wilson for a couple of dates of his tour! Here are the dates as a solo act + two others with my band: - Mon/Tue 5, 6th March: at Colosseum Theater, ESSEN (DE) solo act - Wed 7th March: at AFAS Live , AMSTERDAM (NED) solo act - Sat 24th March: at Hessel Espace Culturel, ORBE (CH) Donna Zed & Band - More to come...... - - Issue 33 - March 2018 - Modellenland Magazine