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email segmentation and

email segmentation and campaign reporting. It does this by revealing new dimensions of insight about otherwise unknown B2B users. There are a wide range of thirdparty B2B insights that can improve marketing performance and reporting. Targeting against industries, departments, titles and the like are all good examples. However, even within these B2B categories, there can be broad ranges of business models, sizes and types. By combining these filters with an account-based audience strategy, marketers can be even more targeted and personalized within their fixed universe of target accounts. For example, you may want to refine your account-based targeting to only reach IT professionals within your target accounts. Going one step further, you may want to optimize your messages for both executives and midline decision makers. As you can see, leveraging programmatic technology along with ABM data enables a widerange of data-driven digital marketing use cases. Furthermore, third-party insights can help paint a richer picture of who is engaging with your marketing and demonstrating intent for your solutions. 8 | Data Driven B2B Marketing

”Today’s buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s vendors control the selling cycle. - Forrester Data Driven B2B Marketing | 9

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