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SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E4 TIMOTHY BRINKMAN SANBORN Owner of Don’s Auto Service Inc., Don’s Auto Towing and Don’s Auto Wash in Sanborn BY JOE FISHER JFISHER@NWESTIOWA.COM SANBORN—Timothy Brinkman has been under the hood since his senior year in high school. The 37-year-old was born and raised in Sanborn. After getting his foot in the door of the auto repair business while in high school, he fulfilled the dream of owning his own business in his hometown. Brinkman actually owns and operates three businesses: Don’s Auto Service Inc., Don’s Auto Towing and Don’s Auto Wash. “I do a little bit of everything,” Brinkman said. “There’s always something different to do every day.” The Sanborn resident grew up working on classic cars with his father, Rick. He started gaining more of an interest in working on automobiles when he got his driver’s license. He began drag racing at Thunder Valley Dragways in Parker, SD. During his senior year at AT A GLANCE: Age: 37 Education: Graduated from Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School in 1998. Experience: Auto mechanic at Snider’s Auto Care, 1998, 2000-06; Ron Drenkow Motors, 1998-2000; owner of Don’s Auto Service, Don’s Auto Towing and Don’s Auto Wash in Sanborn since 2006. Family: Wife, Anne; children, Summer, 17; Mason, 14. Interests: Hunting, buying and restoring classic cars with his father, watching his children’s activities. Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School in Hartley he took his growing interest and began work studying at Snider’s Auto Care in Hartley. “Then I started working there after school. When I graduated I went to Drenkow’s in Sheldon,” he said. “I enjoyed it and saw it as something to pursue.” He was at Ron Drenkow Motors 1998-2000, then he returned to Snider’s. He remained at Snider’s until 2006. “We talked about, ‘Hey, I’d be interested in buying this,’” he said. “I figured if you’re going to do it, it’d be nice to buy it and do it yourself, if it’s something you enjoy. That was always my plan was buying in there.” While he was contemplating the purchase of Snider’s, he found out Don’s Service in Sanborn was looking for new owners. He and his friend Brent Elgersma purchased the business and renamed it Don’s Auto Service in 2006. Brinkman became the sole owner in 2015. He has three full-time mechanics and two part-time secretaries. He works on vehicles while maintaining the car wash and operating the tow trucks. “Sometimes it can wrack your brain. It’s fun troubleshooting and finding the problem out, even though sometimes it can be a pain,” Brinkman chuckled. “It’s nice too when they say, ‘I’ve had it here and there and they can’t find it.’ So I’m going to make darn sure I find it. That’s the fun part.” His goals for Don’s Auto PHOTO BY JOE FISHER Service are to continue meeting the needs of a constantly changing business. “The thing is to just keep growing with the industry. Things change so much,” he said. “We’re real competitive on our price and we treat people right.” PLANNING AN EVENT? Call Hy-Vee today. We have the ability to provide the menu of your choice that will have everyone raving. Choose from our menu or have us customize one for you. We’ll take your wants and budget into consideration and make the best event ever! ■ Chicken and Ham Dinners ■ Meat and Cheese Trays ■ Vegetable and Fruit Platters ■ Salads, Desserts and Breads ■ Hot or Cold Sandwiches ■ Beverages and Coffee ® Catering SIOUX CENTER 712.722.2601 • 1951 S. Main SHELDON 712.324.2516 • 1989 Park St. business for your needs!

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 THE N'WEST IOWA REVIEW/SHELDON, IA E5 MIKE COULANDER SHELDON Owner of Coulander Manure Handling Inc. of rural Sheldon BY RYLAN HOWE RHOWE@NWESTIOWA.COM SHELDON—Mike Coulander doesn’t mind the smell. Really, he doesn’t. That’s a good things considering he is the owner and founder of Coulander Manure Handling, Inc. of rural Sheldon. “I’ve never had an issue with manure and the weird thing about is I actually like the smell. My wife definitely doesn’t, but yeah it’s never been an issue for me,” Coulander said. “I’ve always been around livestock as a kid and growing up, so to me it really is the smell of money.” Coulander graduated from Western Christian High School in Hull in 1997 and upon graduation worked a series of full-time jobs leading up to one at Trans Ova Genetics in Sioux Center. That was where the opportunity first arrived for his now full-time business. “Working at Trans Ova we used to handle spreading the manure ourselves,” Coulander said. “I talked to them one year about doing it myself, and that was my shoe-in in the industry. From there it was just a lot of phone calls and driving to people’s yards. We started seeing more of a need for it.” So began Coulander Manure Handling Inc. in 2008, with Trans Ova remaining one of Coulander’s biggest clients to this day. AT A GLANCE: Age: 39 Education: Graduated from Western Christian High School in Hull in 1997. Experience: Several jobs ranging from landscaping to working on a dairy farm; worked at Trans Ova Genetics near Sioux Center; started Coulander Manure Handling Inc. in 2008. Family: Wife, Jill; Alison, 16; Wyatt, 5; Tyler, 4; Haley, infant. Interests: Fishing, camping. “We started with custom application of dry manure and went from there,” Coulander said. “What we do varies a lot, some will hire us just to haul away a big pile of manure, that’s how we got started really and we still do that, but it has evolved a lot in the 10 years too.” Sometimes his clients are folks who have manure from livestock but nowhere to go with it, so Coulander Manure Handing will buy it and resell it to other area farmers who do not have livestock but would like natural fertilizer for their fields. “We fill a need there, and we’ve branched out into poultry manure as well. We do a lot more custom applications now as well as buying and selling,” Coulander said. He employs one full-time worker as well as a few parttime employees in the fall, which is the busiest season. From late August through January is basically nonstop for Coulander and his employees. “One of the reasons I think people come work for me is my wife makes meals and brings them out in the fall. I think they work for that more than anything else; they love the home cooking!” Coulander said. For the first year they had one tractor and one spreader which they ran around the clock. They quickly added a second spreader the next year. “We still have crazy hours. We probably have 100-120 hours a week in the fall,” Coulander said. “You get up at 4 a.m. to get started and basically go until you get done with a certain job, which might not be until midnight. Plus, being an owner there is always something to do — lining up scheduling, repairs on rainy days. Fall is just a blur really.” PHOTO BY RYLAN HOWE SUSAN DE YAGER HULL Partner at Tattered Treasures and furniture builder BY LANA BRADSTREAM LBRADSTREAM@NWESTIOWA.COM HULL—Creativity and desire led Hull resident Susan De Yager to make furniture and home decor. A dream led her creations to be sold at Tattered Treasures in Rock Rapids in 2015, and a partnership followed in 2016. “I remember seeing on the Tattered Treasures Facebook page that they were looking for one consignor to add to their store,” De Yager said. “I felt like it was a long shot, because the store had really cool stuff, but it was a dream so I decided to go for it. I honestly was in shock when they said they wanted to sell my items. It had always been in the back of my mind that it would be awesome to sell at their store. I just didn’t think I had a chance.” Tattered Treasures is an occasional store, meaning it is only open from time to time. De Yager said the store has eight sales every year. “We are open Thursday to Saturday when it is a sale weekend,” she said. “Between sales, I build new furniture and signs to help restock the store for the next sale.” Plenty of new merchandise can be found in Tattered Treasures during sale times, and De Yager provides such items as a 7-foot harvest table, five-drawer dressers, queen-size bunk beds and signs with inspirational quotes. “I make anything from as small as picture holders to as large as my biggest piece, which is a 24-drawer cabinet,” she said. “I’ve made kitchen tables, all of our beds, dressers, consoles, end tables — pretty much if I see it and I like it, I’ll probably build it.” De Yager draws a lot of her inspiration from pages she follows on Instagram or from stores that carry styles she enjoys. “I follow more of the modern styles, but also those that mix old and new,” she said. “I like a PHOTO BY TOM KANE AT A GLANCE: Age: 35 Residence: Hull Education: Graduated from LeMars Beauty College in 2004. Experience: Customer service representative with American State Bank in Hull for nine years; partner at Tattered Treasures and furniture builder. Family: Husband, Noah; children, Talan, 11; Ashton, 8; Mylee, 5. Interests: Going for walks, boating, gardening. little bit of both!” Most of the material used by De Yager is provided by the Hull Cooperative Association lumberyard. The rest is salvaged. She said does work on discarded wood occasionally, but she prefers working with new, because it is easier. “At the store, we all have a different style we like and I think that’s why it works so well,” De Yager said. “Mixing new and old gives it that modern or vintage feel, and I feel like our store has something to offer to every type of customer that comes through our doors.” The Tattered Treasures partner began building furniture and home decor six years ago. De Yager grew up watching her father, Arlen Hofman, tinker in his Sanborn shop, and helping him out when she could. “He could do anything, and always said to me, ‘Susan, where there’s a will, there’s a way!’” she said. “I enjoy making projects and enjoy the challenge of seeing what piece I can build next.”