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2018 March PASO Magazine

The Story of Us. Together, we make great things happen.

(aka Mama’s Night Out)

(aka Mama’s Night Out) By Sarah Pope It’s not ALWAYS park playdates and DIY projects! Getting away with the girls or the other half is so good for the soul; there is nothing wrong with a little recharge. But escaping away from the hustle and bustle and routines that come with three kids (or one, or two) can make it hard to do just that. This is why my closest friends and I created Birthmas — an evening we coordinate every year, months in advance, to celebrate the many birthday celebrations we missed, and of course, Christmas. Hence the term, Birth-mas. Catching up on life, as we nibble on delicious food and sip on our favorite drink, is something I look forward to all year. Our tradition begins at the Pony Club Bar — just off the Hotel Cheval’s lobby — for their local wines, appetizers, holiday atmosphere and live music. Their outdoor fire pits and large oak trees covered in twinkle lights make for a cozy setting to set the evening’s mood. We plan our reservations just right, to squeeze in their fabulous happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., right before dinner. Throughout the years, we have taken advantage of the many places that Paso Robles has to offer — Thomas Hill Organics and Cass Winery, to name a couple. But we always make our way back to the place of our very first Birthmas in 2012 — Berry Hill Bistro — in downtown Paso Robles. Their Pomegranate Martinis never disappoint and those frites with endless dipping options are so tasty! The Raspberry Chicken Panini is a dream! And did I mention they make their own pickles?! Their charming outdoor patio paired with our gorgeous Central Coast also weather makes for a fun afternoon out with the kids, and fur babies too, with kid-friendly options on the menu. So, CHEERS to an evening of good eats, drink, laughter, recharging and enjoying beautiful downtown Paso Robles. Photos by Sarah Pope 26 PASO Magazine, March 2018

By Karyl Lammers Downtown Ambassador March Ushers in Springtime! Nature’s Way of Saying “Let’s Party! ” Paso Robles was cold in January with fewer visitors than usual. Early February was the exact opposite with record breaking heat and crowds. There are always days when visitors and locals have time to stop, visit and share stories with me. Many travelers come to San Luis Obispo County to visit family and friends. Downtown Paso Robles is high on their list of “must see” places. A girl and her mom were visiting their sister/daughter late in January from Minnesota. They were enjoying the nice weather, but excited to get home for the Super Bowl. I met a lovely couple from Maryland attending a family wedding. They could not get over the heat and the fact they were so over-dressed. I enjoyed people and their stories from Brazil, Germany, Canoga Park, San Diego, Portland, Washington, New Mexico, San Luis Obispo, Templeton, Santa Monica and yes, even Paso. I keep a daily journal of people and places. These are only a few. When the streets are quiet, the shops and restaurants are crowded. The Blenders, one of the first boutiques to open in downtown is owned by a mother and daughter team, Barbara Lewin and Lori Alpert. They work side by side to provide the best fashion, Merle Norman Cosmetics and a pleasant experience to their customers. Judy Bryan helps on Thursday and when needed. Stop by 538 12th Street for a complimentary makeover and a fun shopping experience. One of Downtown’s newest shops is “Gatherings Emporium” located at 1335 Park Street where every purchase gives back to the community. Their motto is “Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-cycle and Pay It Forward.” There is something for everyone and a portion of your purchase benefits local nonprofits. I meet so many visitors from all over world, locals from all over the county and a whole lot of friends I haven’t seen for years. Every day is a new adventure on the streets of one of the favorite downtowns in America! Coming or going, the visitors Karyl meets downtown are all smiles. March 2018, PASO Magazine 27

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